Hello and Welcome

Thank you for choosing The Bournemouth and Poole College as your preferred

place of study.

You may be a newly enrolled student, or a returning student, either way our

Student Handbook is designed to bring together lots of useful information

about college life, and signpost you to the people and services you can call

upon for help and support during your time here.

This guide has been put together with input from our current students. Being

part of our college community and understanding your responsibilities are

very important. The ‘student voice’ is your opportunity to give us your

views and feedback on how we can continuously improve. You can also get

involved in other ways such as becoming a student rep or student

ambassador, and don't forget to join our Students' Union (offering you many

benefits and discounts).

Whatever your chosen course, I am confident you will do your best and I

know that staff at The College, through inspiring teaching and learning, will

help you to develop work skills, life skills and knowledge and so help to build

a thriving local economy and community.




Section 1

Equality and Diversity/What’s

on When/Safeguarding &


Here you will find all the important

dates over the year and a list of contact

details for local and national helping


Section 2

The Student Voice

It is really important to us at The College

to listen to students and involve them in

the decision making process. This

section will show how we do this and

how you can get involved.

Section 3

Support for Students

There is a vast network of help and

support for students, which is included

in this segment of the handbook.

Should you need any assistance, advice

or guidance please refer to this section.

How to get your NUS Card and how you

can get involved.

Section 5

Getting Involved

If you want to be involved in a College

Team, or just want to try something

new, then read this section.

Section 6

On your course

All the information you need to know

about what to expect on a course at The


Section 7

Policies and Procedures

This section will tell you everything you

need to know about the policies and

procedures used in The College. This

includes Equality and Diversity, Health

and Safety, Fire and Emergency

Procedure and Shaping Behaviour and

Performance procedures

Section 4

Students’ Union

We have a very active Students’ Union

at The College. Find out what they do.


At Bournemouth and Poole College we

champion equality and diversity. For us,

equality and diversity are about being

pro-active, practical and positive.

We celebrate the fact that our students

and staff, partners and friends, are from

a variety of different social and ethnic


We promote equality

Equality is about being valued for who

and what we are. This helps us to

achieve our best without unfair

obstacles, stigma or stereotyping, or

being restricted by anyone’s

expectations of our ability.

In practice, equality means three things

for all of us:

Being able to get, in and around the

College, and complete the learning

journey, with equal ease and dignity

Having a sense of belonging and being

well looked after

Feeling the place, the programmes and

the policies have been designed with us

in mind

We value diversity

In practice, diversity mean:

Being surrounded by a variety of people –

as students and staff – so that the College

mirrors the diversity of society.

Considering everyone’s point of view –

Nothing about us without us 1

Considering everyone’s point of view –

Nothing about us without us 1

Valuing our differences as well as the

things we have in common


Slogan of the International Disability Rights






10 September



11th th Freshers’


- North


Road 10am –


12 th Nominations begin for Students’






Committee, Ambassador


posts and Student Reps



12 th SV Online Mandatory Training



th Freshers’ – Lansdowne 10 am –


12 th Fresher Fayre – Lansdowne


14 th Fresher th Mental



– North




21st Open Event 4 – 8pm


W/C th Open

25 th SU



4 – 8pm




- th Lansdowne

SU Engagement/Promotional

Week – Lansdowne



2 nd SU Engagement/Promotional Week

W/C 2

– Fulcrum

nd SU Engagement/Promotional


9 th – Fulcrum

SU Engagement/Promotional Week

W/C 9

– North th SU Engagement/Promotional



13 th – North Road

Deadline for Ambassador/SU Exec


and th Community

Rep Applications

& Social Action Day


16 th th Deadline

Online Student


Voice Training


17 th Community & Social


Action Day


20 th th Online



Park Trip

Voice Training

20 th Thorpe Park Trip

W/C 22 23 nd rd HALF October TERM - HALF TERM

W/C 29 th - Student Voice Week

30 TH th Voting SU Elections opens Ambassador

for SU Elections

Ambassador Interviews starts Interviews open


st First SV Social Zone 3 – 5pm Aimed at


1 st First SV Social Zone 3-5pm for all

7reps/Ambassadors th – 10 th Student Voice and Week Execs 10 th

Election 7- 10 th Student and Ambassadors Voice Meetings

deadline 10 th Election and Ambassadors deadline

13 14 th th Open Event 4 – 8pm

W/C 19 20 th th Student Voice Additional

Skills/Training Skills/training Week


W/C 4 th th Charity of the Year


Promotional events Event

78 th th Harry HE TERM Potter ENDS World Trip

10-14 th Relationships Awareness Week



Please note that these dates are believed

to be correct at the time of printing but

may be subject to change.




W/C 7 th Refreshers Week

£5K Question launched

W/C 14 th Refreshers Week

Senior Elections launched

W/C 21 st - Student Voice Week

30 th Jan – 2 nd Feb Student Voice Meetings


1 st Senior Exec Nominations Close

11-15 th Drug & Alcohol Awareness Week


W/C 19 th SU Engagement Week Event –

Cross Sites

SU Manifesto start

W/C 26 th SU Engagement Week Event –

Cross Sites


2 nd Senior Exec Manifesto 18/19 deadline

4 th Senior Exec Nominations 17/18 close

13 th Student Voice Conference

14 th Open Event 4 – 8pm

15 th Brighton Shopping Trip

W/C 19 th Student Volunteering Week

22 nd Community & Social Action day

23 SU Voting closed

29 th £5K Question End



1-5 th Equality & Diversity Awareness Week



25 th Student Voice Trip



W/C 7 th – Student Voice Week

16 th Community and Social Action Day

23 rd Water Sports Trip



13 th Open Event 4-8pm





What is Student Support?

We want you to have a positive college experience.

It is important to us that you are comfortable, healthy, happy and safe. However, if something goes

wrong, we will support you.

Our comprehensive support team provide a range of services to encourage and develop personal

wellbeing, enabling you to fulfil your potential. These services include:

Support for Looked After Children and Care leavers

Sexual Health Promotion including the CCard Scheme, providing free condoms for all students

19 plus and under

Workshops related to Wellbeing issues

Promotion of Equality and Diversity values

Support with outside agencies such as the Police or Social services


The Student Support Mentors are a first point of contact for any student who is experiencing problems.

They can often help directly or can signpost to internal and external support services. The Student

Support Mentors work closely with curriculum staff to ensure any problems are dealt with as quickly as



The Student Welfare Coaches are a team who specialise in safeguarding and can support students

directly with some of the more complex issues that may arise. They are specialists in providing support

for those experiencing things like:

Domestic abuse and violence

Physical or emotional abuse, or neglect

Sexual abuse

Concerns around radicalisation

Substance misuse



Discrimination and hate crime

When other external agencies are also involved in a student’s support plan


The Student Health Coordinator oversees medical and mental health support provision across

The College. They also promote health and wellbeing to enable students to make positive,

independent choices.

The Mental Health Coaches provide support for students who have a mental health diagnosis.

They provide individual appointments to address any issues related to mental health.

The Counsellors provide a professional service to support students in tackling personal and/or

psychological issues.


Our trained Safeguarding team support students who are at risk of harm. They are

experienced at dealing with complex, challenging and sensitive issues.

Confidentiality: We have a duty of care to take further action when we feel a person is at risk

of harm. Sometimes we will need to share information in order to safeguard effectively.


In person:

Visit our drop-in service. This operates at the Lansdowne, North Road and Fulcrum sites.

You will recognise the Student Support team by their rainbow coloured lanyards.

Through referral:

Ask a member of staff to make a referral for support.

By phone:

Call 01202 205242 and ask for to speak to a member of the Student Support team.

Via email:

Email and let us know your concern.

Social media:

We are currently developing exciting new ways to stay in contact with our students. Ask your

Personal Tutor for more information.


Text us on 07950081388 and start your message with ‘HELP’

Find out more about this and get involved in helping us to promote

these values – by contacting the Quality Department


At The College we are very keen on

listening to the views of the students

and involving them in the decision

making process

There are lots of ways in which you

can get involved, here are some of


Student Voice System

Every class elects a Student Rep. These

Reps will act as the voice for the class.

Reps will all receive training in October

to learn valuable skills in representing

the Student voice and developing your

own skills.

you can set up or take part in a Club or

Society. It really is the place to go so

take a look at

Student Reps will be given the

opportunity to talk to their class to get

views, issues and ideas from their class


Student Voice Weeks

(See calendar for dates)

Reps will then take the information

from the group Tutorial Session to their

Forum Meetings, where all the other

Reps from the same area will get

together with their Learning Managers.

Student First Website

This is the website where you can get

all the latest information on how your

views and opinions have changed the

way The College works. We are a

College that wants to put you first in

everything we do. Also you can find out

all about the Students’ Union, look at

up and coming events and find out how

Student Voice Conference

13 March 2019

Held annually, all Student Reps are

invited to this Conference. It is an allday

event (including lunch!) and

involves looking at ways in which we

can improve The College and the

student experience.

Principal’s Drop-In

The Principal runs drop-in sessions every

week, these are open to all students and

staff to attend.

Fulcrum 8.30-9.00 (Rm M6 E Block)

First working Monday of every month

8.30am – 9am

Lansdowne (Rm 111) alternate Tuesdays

8.30am – 9am and alternate Fridays 12pm-


North Road (Rm 1203) alternate Tuesdays

8.30 – 9.30am and alternate Fridays 12pm-


If you have an idea on how to

improve The College or have an

issue about something you can

send your comments to this

email address or

Txt FEEDBACK + your message

to 07950081388

If you have an idea on how to

improve The College or have an

issue about something you can

text your comments to this


Students who are related to

members of staff

From time to time it may be possible

that a student could be placed in a class

that is taught by a family member. A

family may be a parent (including step

parent or foster parent), uncle, aunt, or

grandparent although this list is not


This may place a student in a difficult

situation as this could be deemed as a

conflict of interest for the family

member as there may be accusations of

favouritism and difficulties when

dealing with behaviour issues.

Students are advised that they should:

Inform their Tutor or Learning Manager

as soon as they become aware they

have been placed in a relative’s class.

Treat yourself to Hair and Beauty treatments at a

fraction of the salon cost.

Flaunt hair & beauty price lists and offers can be

found on our college website. Facebook – Flaunt

Hair and Beauty and Twitter – Flaunthandb.

Follow us online for our latest offers

20% discount




Learning Resources Centre


Lansdowne 01202 205803

North Road 01202 205633

Text us on 07950081388 and

start your message with LRC

The LRCs offer a wide range of resources to

help with your course. These include:

• Books - search the library catalogue to

discover what we have in stock

• eBooks - access to key texts via your

computer anytime, any place

• Internet access

• Laptops for study purposes, available to

use in the LRC

• Online resources including access to reports,

journal articles, video documentaries, study

tools, newspaper and magazines

• DVDs and fiction books for relaxation

• Quiet study and group work areas

Printers, scanners and photocopiers LRC

staff offer workshops and can help you with:

• finding information for your


• using IT and electronic resources

• navigating Moodle

• writing bibliographies and referencing

To find out more about the help on offer,

either drop in, phone, text or email the LRC.


All Enquiries 01202 205317


The Student Accommodation Team organise

Homestay accommodation for students who are

new to the UK or who will be studying away from

their family home. Homestay accommodation

involves living with a local family and includes

breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday and three

meals at the weekend.

Please visit


If you have become homeless please contact

the Safeguarding Team on 07774974781

(Lansdowne), 07714851103 (North Road) or

07528364120 (Fulcrum). If you think that you

may be about to become homeless or have

other concerns about your housing situation,

please contact the Welfare Coaches on 01202

205764 or attend the Wellbeing Drop-in at The

Link/The Hub between 11.30am – 1.30pm

Monday – Friday.


The College cares about sustainability and

wants to reduce unnecessary printing.

If you want to print from a college

computer you will need go to the LRC to

collect it. If you are a new student you will

have £1 of credit pre-loaded to your account,

returning students will have their remaining

credit from last year. You can top up your

credit by browsing to The

minimum top up is £5 and will be available for

you to use within 24 hours. You will need to

enter your username and password at the

printer to receive your print. Black only

printing is charged at 4p per side and colour at

11p for both A4 and A3 paper.

Careers - Advice

and Guidance

Enquiries 01202 205312 (Poole) or 01202

205896 (Bournemouth)

Do you need help choosing your next


Not sure your course is the right one

for you?

Not sure about your career path and

what to do next?

Need help applying to University?

The professionally qualified Advice and

Guidance Team are here to help you.

We offer:

one to one career information, advice

and guidance appointments to help you

decide on your next steps

Guidance over the phone and via email

Drop in Advice and Guidance sessions

Links to other support services, courses

or training providers.

The services we provide are impartial and

confidential. If you would like to book an

appointment or want any information

or advice, contact the team by:

coming to the Link at North Road,

(Poole) or Lansdowne, (Bournemouth)

Phone on 01202 205312 (Poole)

Phone on 01202 205896


Email us at

Like us on Facebook: @BPC


Follow us on Twitter:


Take a look at Career Planning on

Moodle, where you will find career

resources to help you plan and manage

your career.

Ask about the Shadowing Scheme

(currently for 16-18 year olds)

Health and Safety

All enquiries Tel: 01202 205231

At The College everybody is responsible for

health and safety. As a part of your induction

and on-going training you will be made aware

of the specific health and safety

considerations for your area of learning.

Additional health and safety information is

available on MyBPC or by contacting the

Health and Safety Department.

What you must know:

Fire and Emergencies - make sure you know

the exit routes from College buildings and the

locations of the Fire Assembly Points. In all

classrooms there are signs displayed which

detail the Fire Assembly Point locations.

Lost Property

Bournemouth 01202 205763

Poole 01202 205627

Please take care not to leave any valuable or

personal items unattended. It is your

responsibility to ensure that you look after

personal possessions. Some areas do provide

lockers, so where possible you are advised to use


If you do find any items, then please hand them

into the nearest reception or security office. If

you have lost anything then please report it to

the Security Office.

Machinery and Equipment - Can only be used

once you have received the correct

information, instruction and training. If you are

ever in doubt about the correct use or

operation of machinery or equipment, stop and

ask a member of staff for help.

Slips, trips and falls - These are the most

common types of accidents. You need to be

aware of your learning environment and help

us by reporting any issues.

IT Support

(All Centres) 01202 205566

A team of staff provide maintenance, repair,

installation and upgrade services to all college IT

systems and networks. They are responsible for:

Advice on use of applications

Repair of all faults on college IT equipment

Maintenance of data security and integrity.

However, students must take responsibility

for back up of all their own coursework data

Monitoring all IT usage

Please note that any student abusing the

network or Internet will be subject to disciplinary



All Enquiries 01202 205676

The Cafeterias at North Road, Fulcrum

Centre and Lansdowne are the ideal place

to meet up with friends and enjoy a wide

range of refreshments. Hot food, snacks,

salads and sandwiches are available at all

our sites.

The North Road site has the main cafeteria and

three outlet options which cater for quick snack

service, with a great range of Coffee, Tea and cold

drink selection. We also have a branded Lounge

Barista Coffee bar for your grab and go options.

The Lansdowne site also has a main Cafeteria

and Crofts a deli style outlet, which delivers

a range of hot and cold food with Bean to

Cup Coffee options and an assortment of

teas and cold drinks. This site also has The

Cage which is a branded grab and go coffee

and snack options.

The Lansdowne, North Road and Fulcrum

sites are open 5 days a week. There is an

early evening service at North Road and the

Lansdowne site. We also provide on all

sites in the main cafeteria a free

breakfast snack and drink option to

all students between 8am and

8.45am.Options details can be found

on the counters during the morning

service. For students who access the

college meal support entitlement you can

access this at all the cafeteria outlets. The

cafeteria also operates a loyalty card system

for hot drinks on the counters during

the morning service. For students who

access the college meal support entitlement

you can access this at all the cafeteria outlets.

The cafeteria also operates a loyalty card

system for hot drinks.

College Meal Support

A free college meal up to the value of £3.30

is available for students who are 16-18 years

old who meet the published criteria. For

more information, go to The Link.


All Enquiries:

01202 205627 (North Road, Poole)

01202 205763 (Lansdowne, Bournemouth)

Emergency No: 222

(NR and Lansdowne only from internal


Whilst we do our best to ensure that The

College is a safe place for you to be, we

need you to assist us in this. If you have

any concerns about any of the following

then please tell the nearest member of

staff or report it to the Security Office.

Violent or threatening behaviour

Suspicious people on site

Deliberate damage to college or

personal property

Drug abuse

Are things going well?

Is something not quite right?

I’d love to know what you think ……

Drop In

Fulcrum: (Rm M6, E Block) first working Monday of

every month 8.30-9.00am

Lansdowne: (Rm 111) alternate Tuesdays 8.30-9.00am

and alternate Fridays 12-12.30pm

North Road (Rm 1203) alternate Tuesdays 8.30-9.00am

and alternate Fridays 12.00-12.30pm.

Text me

079500 81388 and start your text with


Email me


Bournemouth and Poole

College Students’ Union

Students’ Union (BPCSU)

Tel: 01202 205737

Text: ‘BPCSU’ to 07950081388


The Students’ Union is run by students, for

students! We are here to look after your

needs by representing you, organising

events and activities, running clubs and

societies and offering support.

Totum – powered by NUS Extra

One of the most important things you will

need as a student is an NUS Extra Card! For

just £12 you can get hundreds of discounts

in shops and services around the world, now

with ISIC for Free! Get some great discounts

with brands including; Amazon, McDonalds.

Odeon and Co-operative to name a few. You

can get your NUS Extra Card online at or from the SU team on site. Find

us at the Hub.

BPCSU Volunteering

Throughout the year there are loads of

volunteering opportunities from the SU for

you to get involved in. From workshops,

conservation work and much more, join us

during Student volunteering Week and our

Community and Social Action days.

Students Union Activities

Don’t forget that The Students’

Union organise loads of

activities over the year. Check

out the dates for these on the

calendar and at

If there is any activity you want

to do that is not being arranged

by The College talk to the

Students’ Union and they’ll do

what they can to make it


Social Spaces

Students have access to common rooms

where you can chill out and relax. They

each have loads of great facilities! These are

located at Lansdowne and North Road sites.


The SU arrange tons of events and trips

each year at great, subsidised prices. When

we are not going to places like Thorpe Park,

we’ll be arranging on site events that are

completely free. With an even bigger

discount for NUS Extra Card holders.


The SU is affiliated to The National Union of

Students (NUS), which represents students

nationally and lobbies Parliament on

student affairs.

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies have something for all

tastes, meet new people who share your

interests or you can start a club or society

with our help. A full list of current clubs, as

well as all the info you need for starting

your own, can be found on the website

BPCSU Exec Committee Elections

Do you have what it takes to be president?

Your Students’ Union needs you! If you think that you’ve got what it takes to organise a massive

party or maybe you’re passionate for welfare or fundraising get involved! Whatever your reason,

step up and be a part of the Students’ Union Exec team. The requirements are simple – Be

passionate! Be reliable! But most importantly be prepared to represent students and Get


Being part of the exec team earns you UCAS points and looks

brilliant on your CV, you will gain so many valuable skills along with

training throughout the year.

Interested? All you have to do is look at the Exec roles for

each Election and think about which one would suits you

best! When you have chosen the role you would like to

apply for pick up a nomination form from The Hub

or online at where you will also be

able to find out more information about each role.

Make a

difference to

the college,

and yourself!

Do you want to get more involved in college life?

Could you represent our College and help at all sorts of events?

Do you want the power to improve the course?

Would you recommend The College?

Could you be the figurehead of your curriculum area?

If that sounds like YOU …. then why not apply to become a Student

Ambassador! We are looking for Ambassadors, in return you will receive:

A great training programme

Benefits and rewards throughout the year

Meet lots of people

Promote our College (SU events, Open events and more)

Use your influence to make college life event better

Help with staff interviews and recruitment

Get involved with lesson observations

….. plus tons more opportunities to improve your skills and CV!

For details on how to get involved, pop in to talk to the SU team at

The Hub either Lansdowne or North Road, or visit the website:

Get Involved!

And lots more …


All Enquiries 01202 205572

The musical life of The

College is incredibly varied and

exciting ranging from the

production of CD recordings in our

very own recording studios to

concerts with full-sized orchestras.

How Can I be Involved?

There are lots of ways in which you

can get involved in the musical

side of college. If you play an

instrument, if you can sing, if you

play in a band and want to get

more involved contact us. For

more information on all

performing opportunities available

contact Music on 01202 205572.

Do you play in a band?

Did you know that you can book

rehearsal rooms and recording

studios at a special student

discount rate? These are located

at our fabulous new music centre

at North Road.

Enquiries to 01202 205383

Performing Arts

Including Dance and

Production Arts

In our renowned Jellicoe Theatre

we produce 25+ shows per year

ranging from Contemporary Dance,

Variety, Musical Theatre and

Contemporary and Classical plays.

As a student at The College you are

entitled to discount rates on all


If you wish to hire the Jellicoe or

Dance studio for your own

rehearsals please enquire about

our student rate!

If you have an interest in the

Performing Arts or for more

information on working in the

Performing Arts Industry, or about

any of our courses call one of the

team on 01202 205468 or to see

any of our amazing shows (and ask

about our reduced rates) call the

box office on 01202 205720.

All enquiries please contact

01202 205468.

Want to take part in Sport

Competitively, socially or keep fit?


Only £30 full membership!

Also open to the public.

Brand new facilities! New spin studio, changing rooms including new showers, and lots of new equipment!

The Fit Rooms offer a range of different activities: PT sessions, group PT sessions, nutritional advice, circuits, spinning,

yoga, boot camps!

For further information email Sam Brown, Sports Development Officer

Want to play or compete in another sport not


Want to start up a team?


Want to become a sports coach?

Are you a qualified official?


Opportunities to represent the college in the following sports as listed below:

Football, female and male



Table Tennis


Interested in competing in any of these sports, or you play another sport and

want to represent the college contact Sam Brown, Sports Development



There are also FREE sports sessions put on for students that are not aimed at

competing, classed as alternative, these are listed below.

Table Tennis


Rock climbing




For more info on these alternative sports, contact Sam Brown, Sports

Development Officer

Information on College sport is also posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Like Bournemouth Poole college sports

On your course …

Contact with


Under 18s - At College we value the

support and input of parents and

carers. We know that a majority of

students will have no objection to

parents being involved but recognise

that for a few this may not be

appropriate or against their wishes. If

you do not wish The College to contact

your parents or carers then you need to

inform your Learning Manager in

writing. Unless we are advised

otherwise we will keep your parents

and carers informed as to your

progress in college. This will include

parents’ evenings and notification of

disciplinaries etc.

This policy will apply to all students

under the age of 18 at the start of their

programme and will continue until

their programme ends even if they

attain their 18 th birthday before this

date; unless of course you informed us

otherwise, in writing as outlined


Drugs and Alcohol

It is unacceptable for any student to

bring onto college premises any

alcohol or illegal substance, drugs of

associated paraphernalia. If you are

found in possession of any of these

you will be dealt with in accordance

with The College Disciplinary Policy

and the police informed where

appropriate. If you appear to be

under the influence of drugs or

alcohol you will be asked to leave the

college premises, as you may pose a

health and safety risk to yourself or

other students.


Information that you share with

college staff will be treated as

confidential and will normally only be

shared with other people with your

permission. Where The College

believes it is in your best interests you

will always be encouraged to give this

permission. There are some

exceptions to the confidentiality rule

and these are contained within the full

policy. Any information shared with

College Counsellors cannot be shared

with any other staff without your


The Wellbeing team will share

information to support learning as


My bpc

Mybpc is the college intranet that allows you to access myMoodle, emails, college

information, events and myPortal. Features includes an events calendar, easy access to

documents, LRC information and forums. This is a key resource to keep you up to date with

what’s going on at The College. Make sure you use it or you may find that you missed out!


Your myMoodle account is accessed from the icon on mybpc (college intranet). This gives

you access to the Moodle VLE (virtual learning environment).

This is where all the course information, learning materials, assignments and learning

activities can be found. Your tutor will provide an induction into mybpc and myMoodle at

the beginning of your course. User guidances are available on mybpc or from your tutor.


Your myPortal account is accessed from the icon on mybpc (college intranet). This area gives

you access to your ILP (Individual Learning Plan) and Markbook.

This is where you will find records from your one to one Progress Reviews, Subject Reviews

from your Lecturers and academic feedback.

Student logins and Email

As a student enrolled at college you are

entitled to a login to The College

network which gives you access to

applications including: Microsoft Office,

on-line learning materials, the Internet

and printing. Your email address will be:

You can get your login details from your

tutor or at Learning Resource Centres

provided you have your College ID card.


All Enquiries 01202 205340 or 01202

205485 or

Your tutor is responsible for ensuring

that you are entered for the right

examinations. If, however, you have

any queries and your tutor is unable to

help, then please call Exams

on 01202 205340 (Lansdowne) or

01202 205485 (North Road) or email

us on

If in the past you have had special

exam arrangements – eg. extra time,

reader or scribe – please make sure

you tell your tutor and contact the

Learning Support team at the earliest

opportunity. You can find Learning

Support at Lansdowne (Room 94) and

at North Road (within the LRC),

alternatively you can email or call

01202 205956. If you do not let us

know about your additional needs you

may risk having to sit your exams

without special arrangements.


Appeals concerning assessment

decisions and examinations must

firstly be discussed with your assessor,

Course tutor, or Learning Manager,

who will advise you of the correct

procedure to follow. If they are unable

to help or you have problems getting

in touch with them, please contact

Quality Department on 205650 or

email the Quality Assurance Manager



You are expected to attend all lectures

and tutorials detailed on your timetable

unless you have an authorised absence.

If your attendance becomes

unsatisfactory your Personal Tutor will

need to speak to you and also let your

parents know. Please ensure that if you

are off sick you phone (01202 205444)

to let us know.

An authorised absence would include:

Medical appointment

Carer responsibilities

(these should be the

exception not the rule)

Religious holiday

University open day or


Work experience

(unwaged) as an integral

part of the course

Significant extra-curricular

activity e.g. Drama, Music,

Sport or Volunteering -

normally for regional or

national level and only as an


Probation meeting


Severe disruption to transport

e.g. rail strike

Driving test (not lesson)

Rep meeting

Some absence may not reasonably be

expected to be known about in

advance. In these cases you should

contact us to let us know as soon as

possible as you can. Examples may


Family emergency

Transport problems that could

not have been foreseen in

advance (it is reasonable to

expect a student to walk 3 miles)

The following examples are not

acceptable reasons to miss



Part or full-time work that

is not part of the course of


Leisure activities

Birthdays or similar activities



Driving lessons


As a student at The College you will

have plenty of opportunity to pursue

your interests, extend your studies and

try out new experiences. We call this

‘enrichment’. This will include various

activities undertaken in your tutor

group, as part of your course, through

the Students’ Union and various cross-

College activities and events.

The College is committed to make your

time with us as full and interesting as

possible and through the enrichment

program we hope you discover some

things about yourself that you never

knew existed!

The Enrichment Programme includes:

College events covering themes

such as Diversity, Health and

Fitness etc.

Visiting speakers to talk about a

wide variety of topics

Visits and trips, day trips and

some longer trips in the UK and


Work experience, many courses

offer work experience as part of

the learning process

Team Building to help you bond

and work successfully together

Other activities including events

organised by the Students’ Union.

The Use of Mobile Phones

in the College

Students are reminded that mobile

phones must be switched off during

classroom activities – including the

LRC’s, IT Centres, laboratories,

workshops, salon etc and under no

circumstances can they be taken into

an examination.

Mobile phones with cameras must not

be used to take any photographic or

video image of any students or

members of staff without their express

permission. Where permission is

given, images must not be published in

any form, unless permission is also

given for that purpose.

Any breach of the above regulations

will be dealt with under the Student

Referral and Disciplinary Procedure

and the appropriate action will be



Poole 01202 205601

Bournemouth 01202 205769

There is no parking available at The

Lansdowne site and parking on the

roads is severely restricted in the

surrounding areas and there can be a

charge. For information on student

travel please visit our website


Students at North Road will be

required to register their car to park in

the student car park. Application forms

will be available from Reception and

access to the car park will be issued to

students meeting the criteria.

Welcome to The BASE

How can you use it?

The BASE is here to help you find an Apprenticeship, become more

employable, secure useful work experience and generally help you into your


Here’s how the BASE works:

The BASE has centres at North Road and Lansdowne and is open

throughout the College day

BASE staff will be around to help with any queries

We can take a look at your CV, or book you in for a session with our

Employability Coach to get you interview ready

You can come in and browse the jobs boards with our latest

Apprenticeship vacancies as well as full and part time work


Register with great websites to help your search for an apprenticeship

such as:

Find an Apprenticeship –

Sometimes, we may be closed because we are interviewing candidates for


If so, you can contact us via

or call us on 01202 205500

Alternatively you can connect with us on social media.

So, if you want an Apprenticeship, or just want to be as well prepared as you

can for work, drop in, get in touch or connect with the BASE team now.


Bournemouth & Poole College

Policies and Procedures

Stuff to know … and to make your time here

inclusive and enjoyable

Student Guide to Equality &


The College promotes equality and


We are proud of the diversity of our

College community. This diversity

makes the College more interesting,

varied and creative. We are all

entitled to the same respect, dignity

and consideration.

At Bournemouth & Poole College the

aim is:

Being able to get to, into and

around the College and

complete the learning journey

with equal ease and dignity

Having a sense of belonging and

being well looked after

Feeling the place, the

programme and the policies

have been designed with

everyone in mind.

Hints on respect, dignity and


We don’t believe in stereotypes

We do not bully or

humiliate others

We have zero tolerance on

racism and homophobia

We respect each other’s dignity

We listen to other people’s

points of view

We stand up for each other

Remember – if in doubt, check

it out

College Policy

The College does not tolerate any behaviour which makes another person or group of

people feel unhappy, uncomfortable or unsafe. Every full-time and part-time student is

responsible for making sure they or their friends, do not behave in ways that cause

others to feel unhappy, uncomfortable or unsafe.

This means that we do not tolerate:

Physical assault or any unwanted physical contact – eg kicking, biting, hitting,

suggestive touching etc.

Verbal assault – insults, swearing, disrespectful language


Pornographic or other offensive pin-ups displayed publicly

Racist, sexist; homophobic or diablist jokes, looks or gestures

Racist, sexist; homophobic or diablist graffiti or other written or computer

generated material

Intimidation, including over the internet or by text

Racist clothing eg swastikas on jackets or caps

Any allegations of any of the above will be thoroughly investigated and, where

appropriate, will lead to disciplinary action:

- This also includes students on work placements. Bullying is gross misconduct and, if

proven, can lead to suspension and/or expulsion – which means that you will be

asked to leave The College.

Any student who experiences discrimination, racism, bullying or harassment outside the

College premises is strongly advised to report the incident(s) to Dorset Police.

Students who experience any incidents of discrimination, racism, sexism, disablism,

bullying and harassment within The College should report it as soon as possible to their

personal tutor or any member of Student Services who will treat the matter in strict

confidence until an investigation has begun. (Please see the Students Complaints


If you are not sure about any of the above and need advice, please contact the

Wellbeing Team at Student Services or the Students’ Union.

College Emergency Procedure

First Aid – Tel: 222

Qualified first aiders are available on all College Sites

First aiders for Lansdowne and North Road Campuses are contacted by calling Ext

222 on the internal telephone system or at Reception

For the Fulcrum Site, please report to the Office.

Please only call First Aiders for genuine situations. We are unable to provide any

pain killers.

First aid boxes are available throughout College premises and are all clearly signed.

Any accident and incidents must be reported. Accident/Incident report forms are

available from Reception or from the administration office of your Curriculum area.


What we value

At Bournemouth and Poole College we pride ourselves on treating everyone with equal dignity

and respect, but if we get it wrong or fall below the high standard we set ourselves, we want you

to tell us so we can put things right. Complaints can be made by telephoning Quality Dept on

01202 205471 or email: OR in person at the main reception at either North

Road or Lansdowne.

Our full Complaints Policy can be found at the following link:


The College Code

Our expectations of behaviour: your responsibilities and rights

The aim of the College Code is to give our students the opportunity to develop the behaviours and attitudes

that will hold you in good stead in your future workplace. Putting them into practice from day one will give

you the best possible chance of success both while you are here and later in your career and life. For this

reason, at the College we behave and treat others as we would in a professional environment and we

expect high standards of behaviour from all our students and staff.

These expectations of behaviour are clearly set out from the moment you join the College and are there so

that everyone has the opportunity to learn, to do the best they can and to feel safe and supported. The

expectations apply to all students – not just in classrooms but in all areas of the College. Any member of

College staff can challenge your behaviour and ask you to identify yourself by showing them your ID card.

We expect you to take personal responsibility for your own success.

This means that you:

• Attend all your classes on time

Wear your College ID at all times

• Arrive ready to learn and with the right uniform and equipment

• Meet your deadlines

• Take an active part in lessons and do your fair share of group work

• Cooperate and communicate with staff and other students

• Act as if you are in a professional working environment

• Keep a healthy balance between your work, study and social commitments

We expect you to take responsibility for your impact on others’ success.

This means that you:

Help to create a positive and supportive learning environment

• Keep the College building and grounds clean and tidy: use the bins; don’t spit; clean up after


• Look after the College property and equipment

• Smoke only in designated areas (this includes e-cigarettes)

• Keep noise and disturbances in and around classrooms to a minimum

• Turn your mobile phone off (or to silent) and put it away during class

• Don’t eat food in class and consume drinks in IT rooms

• Be polite and don’t use language that can offend others

• Never bully or discriminate against others

• Never be violent, aggressive or intimidate others

Act responsibly: never putting yourself or others at risk

• Act safely and sensibly

• Follow instructions from staff regarding health and safety procedures

• Keep walkways, doorways and stairwells clear from obstruction

• Drive safely in and around the College grounds

Your rights: you can expect that:

• You learn

• You will receive useful and regular feedback about your progress and be set challenging

targets to improve

• You will be treated politely, with respect and in a way that recognises and values your

differences and achievements

• Any poor behaviour, in or out of the classroom, that affects your learning will be

consistently challenged and dealt with

• You will receive positive encouragement and support to achieve your best

• You will be listened to and the College will act on what you tell us

• You will have a wide range of opportunities to try new experiences and learn new skills

Zero tolerance

It is important to be aware that we operate a zero tolerance policy to the following behaviours. We

will take immediate action should any student be found to have engaged in any of these actions and in

serious cases this could lead to temporary or permanent exclusion:

• Bullying or harassment whether this is in person or using any form of communication


• Any form of discrimination, including making racist, sexist, homophobic or other

derogatory comments

• Putting young people or vulnerable adults at risk, whether this is physically, sexually or


• Plagiarising, copying others’ work or cheating

• Bringing illegal drugs or alcohol onto the premises or coming into College under the

influence of either

• Being violent, vandalising or engaging in any criminal activity

Be aware of and follow all the College policies and procedures

There are a number of policies and procedures for you to be aware of, understand and follow. These

cover things like drug and alcohol use, bullying and harassment. The College Code links closely to the

disciplinary process and it is important you are aware of how it works. In many cases the College is

required by law to uphold these policies. It is your responsibility to read and follow them. The policies

and procedures are available on MyBPC.

With your help we can make sure our College is a place where everyone can aspire, achieve and


• If you have any questions about the College Code or policies, you should talk to your


• If you are concerned about the behaviour of another student or a member of staff, talk to

your tutor

• In particular, if you are harassed or intimidated by anyone you must report it to a

member of staff as soon as possible

The College takes the safeguarding agenda very seriously and will follow the appropriate procedures for

identifying and reporting abuse and for dealing with allegations against staff.

• To promote effective liaison with other agencies in order to work together for the protection of all


• To support students' learning in ways which will ensure they feel safe and confident.

• To take account of and inform policy in related areas such as bullying, behaviour and e-safety.


• All students and parents / carers will be made aware of what the college policy is on bullying and

harassment and what they should do if this occurs. Students and parents / carers should be assured

that they will be supported and listened to when bullying and harassment is reported.

• All staff will have an understanding of what bullying and harassment is, and what The College’s Antibullying

and Harassment Policy states. Staff need to know how to deal promptly and effectively

with incidents and allegations of bullying or harassment.

• No-one deserves to be a victim of bullying. Individuals who are bullying others need to learn

different ways of behaving. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect. This college

recognises its responsibility to respond to these issues to ensure a positive learning environment

for all.

• All staff when applying this policy must ensure that students are not discriminated against or

disadvantaged as a result of their race, religion, gender or disability. Any such circumstances that

may arise must be brought to the attention of the College Equality and Diversity Officer.

Guidelines for Students

1 If you feel you are being bullied or harassed, TELL SOMEONE. This may be, in the first instance, your tutor

or lecturer, your personal advisor, someone in Student Services or any other member of staff.

2 Oncea member of staff has been alerted they will inform a senior member of staff who will talk to you

about the incident. The alleged bully / harasser will be interviewed separately by their Personal Tutor.

You will be listened to sympathetically and your concerns taken seriously and all allegations will be

thoroughly investigated.

3 If there is a case to answer, the next step may be the College Disciplinary Procedure.

4 In certain circumstances The College may feel it necessary to involve your parents / carers.

5 At all stages in the above procedure you may bring along someone of your choice for support.

6 Confidential counselling sessions are available for both the bullied and the bully to help individuals to

move forward in a more positive and confident way

Health & Safety

ALL ENQUIRIES: 01202 205231

At The College everybody is responsible for health and safety. As a part of your induction and ongoing

training you will be made aware of the specific health and safety considerations for your

area of learning. Additional health and safety information is available on MyBPC or by contacting

the Health and Safety Department.

What you must know:

Fire and Emergencies - make sure you know the exit routes from College buildings and the

locations of the Fire Assembly Points. In all classrooms there are signs displayed which detail the

Fire Assembly Point locations.

Machinery and Equipment - Can only be used once you have received the correct information,

instruction and training. If you are ever in doubt about the correct use or operation of machinery

or equipment, stop and ask a member of staff for help.

Slips, trips and falls - These are the most common types of accidents. You need to be aware of

your learning environment and help us by reporting any issues.

Site rules and awareness

Please be respectful to your fellow students and The College staff. Help us maintained a safe

environment, please note that the following activities are not permitted on College premises:

* All types of balls games

* Use of skate boards or hover boards

* Unacceptable behaviour

* Spitting and bad language

Be aware that smoking is permitted in designated areas only and this includes the use of electronic


Bicycle Safety - There are a number of bicycle sheds provided for students. To help keep your

bicycle safe make sure you have a high quality lock and always lock the frame and one wheel.

Please be respectful to pedestrians and other road users.

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