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December 2018 Issue #7



2015 & 2018

Cover Art: Dominika Radzik

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Thomas Schofield as

Suma as

Lauren Barton as

Question: What do you think

of your husband in the film,

The Administrator?

Lauren: He was a bit bossy and he only likes being

called his name.

Question: What is your

favourite character?

Lauren: Tiddles and Agent J

Question: What’s the best film in the trilogy?

Lauren: The Last Circle

James Schofield as

#Osborne won the

Harrison cup for

the second time

at the Shine Media

Awards 2018 in

London. I thought

we had lost but at

the end we won

the main prize.

Totally awesome,

Dude! We won a

Cup and £1000.

We had lunch too.

By Cody, Osborne College

By Thomas 10BD


On the fourth of October Osborne

School had Red, White and Blue

day. Year 7, 8 and 9 took part on

the obstacle course. All the

teachers dressed up as Army men

and women.

Year 10 pupils helped with setting

up outside at lunchtime. The

school had a picnic and all the

tables were out and there was


The cafe was selling cake. Next the

Army marched from the field to the

bottom of the stairs. They said a

World War 1 poem ‘Flanders field’

next the head teacher said another


On Monday we arrived at Wales for a field

trip for the week. We did some activity's

and we got in different groups for different

stuff like hiking, rock climbing and caving.

Day #1 - My group and I went to a canal river

for canoeing, then some people went for a


Day #2 - The next day I woke we had breakfast

then we got ready for our day. We got ready

for rock climbing. We climbed rocks and stuff.

Then when we got back we played a game

called bat catch the moth.

Day #3 - we went for a hike on the mountain on

the top.

We sang at Naomi House

Open day. We sang lots of

songs. There was lots to do

at the open day. We helped

raise lots and lots of money.

Dyspraxia is a disorder

were you find

doing simple stuff like

throwing and

catching a ball hard.

Some people with

dyspraxia may or may

not forget somethings

like if there given a list of

stuff to do with it being

written down on paper.

Most people may one

forget stuff and have a

good memory so well

done If you do.

FACT: Some children with autism can

have trouble handling loud noses different

tastes and textures. I don’t like the smell of

eggs, bacon and I Sometimes feel sick. I

don’t like the smell of pancakes.

What do I do if

I fall in a river?

Shout for

help &

keep calm!

What do I do if I see

people getting


What should I do if

I’m in town and I’m lost?

Go to a shop

and ask


to help you

find your

way. Phone


Go & stop

them or go

and get help

What would it be like to be homeless?

By Zak M, 10BD

Some people are not as lucky as some people in this world. Most

people have homes, most people can go to school, most people

have clean water and most people have nice food. However, one

in 200 people are homeless. What would it be like to have no


Some people in parts of the world don’t have all of this. Some people don’t

have homes, food and horrifyingly some people can’t even have an education

and the right to go to school. They don’t have a nice life. They should not have

to suffer without food and water. It is a horrible life for some people.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have no home or to be one

of the 100s of people that don’t live as nicely. Have any of you thought what it

would be like to live for a week in a cardboard box?

About 2 percent of the world’s population are homeless which is equal to

149,159,928 homeless people in the world. That is many people isn’t it?

Some facts about homeless you should think about

25 percent of homeless people are children

Many people are homeless because they cannot afford to pay rent

Only 7 percent of homeless people are sleeping on the streets

Nearly a quarter of homeless people in the United States are venters

So when your parents say to you cannot have something and you say you do

not like some food then think about those people and think you’re lucky.

How can we help? Raise awareness about homeless people, raise money and

if you see a homeless person think about them as a person.

Check out this website for more information about homelessness:


The top 7


play button


This is a cut

crease. This is

like the best one

you can get for

people eyes.

This is different

eye shapes for

people who have

those eyes.

If you want to

know fashion

then you need

to know your

body type.

I’ve got a passion

for lots of tech and

Apple stuff. I love

Apple products

from the unboxing

and first

impressions and

the use of apps

and all the fiddling

and all the

settings. I like

looking at the

capability of the


Step 2

Step 1

Step 4

First go to google

& type in scratch

Once you’re there

click the create


Then click on the paint brush

To create your own sprite

Step 5

Step 3

Step 6

Then you must

delete the

Scratch cat


Much better using darker

colors is important

For lighting effects me like you

can use this technique to make

Some awesome sprites

Experiment with the colors and start

drawing a head body and arms with any

colors I am going to choose red for now.


Please tick √












0-2 Ticks

Not a fan of Sport

3-4 Ticks

A fan of the burn!

4-5 Ticks

Sports fan supreme

6+ Ticks

Sports legend

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