Events and happenings of Al Menah Shriners for December 2018 and start of 2019.

Events and happenings of Al Menah Shriners for December 2018 and start of 2019.


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VOLUME 3637 • NUMBER • NUMBER 4 10 • • (PUBLISHED MONTHLY EXCEPT JUNE & JULY) & JULY) • • NOVEMBER APRIL <strong>2018</strong> 2017<br />

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Potentate’s<br />

Message<br />

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Divan<br />

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Shriner’s<br />

International<br />

Thanksgiving<br />

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Scotish Rite<br />

Golf Tournament<br />

Page 6-7<br />

California<br />

Disaster Appeal<br />

During the Holiday Season,<br />

more than ever,<br />

our thoughts turn gratefully to<br />

those who have made our progress<br />

possible. And in this spirit,<br />

we sincerely say Thank You<br />

and Best Wishes<br />

for the Holiday Season<br />

and Happy New Year!<br />

Divan of Al Menah<br />

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Fezcast<br />

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Center News<br />

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Calendar of Events<br />

Nashville Shrine<br />

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Al Menah Al Menah Temple Temple<br />

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Desert of TennessEE<br />

P.O.Box 78545 • Nashville, TN 37207<br />

P.O.Box 78545 Phones • Nashville, 1.615.226.7766 TN 37207<br />

Phones 1.615.226.7766<br />

1.877.505.7766<br />

1.877.505.7766<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

The Publication Committee<br />

The Publication Committee<br />

The Divan/Board of Directors<br />

Potentate .................... Horace Frank Perkins Hester III<br />

The Chief Divan/Board Rabban. ..........Randy of Directors Horace Perkins Williams III<br />

otentate Assistant .................... Rabban ........... .........Randy Frank Hester Scott Williams Jones<br />

hief Rabban High Priest ........... & Prophet. Horace .......... Donny Perkins Scott Drayton IIIJones<br />

ssistant Oriental Rabban Guide ..........Randy . Vernon Donnie Williams Blackburn Drayton<br />

igh Priest Treasurer & Prophet . ....................... Scott Jones Wes Frye<br />

riental Recorder. Guide ...................Robert Donnie Drayton<br />

Daniel<br />

reasurer Editor. ........................ Maurice Wes Frye Smmith Smith<br />

ecorder ...................Robert Published monthly except June Daniel and July<br />

ditor ..................... www.almenahShriners.org<br />

Maurice Smith<br />


Published monthly except June and July<br />

www.almenahShriners.org<br />

*Charles Barham<br />

*John E. Patton<br />

*V. *Charles K. Stevenson Barham<br />

*John D. E. Patton Whalley<br />

*V. K. Stevenson<br />

*John D. Whalley<br />

PAST *W. *W. F. F. Hunt Hunt POTENTATES<br />

Jack Norman, Jr.<br />

*J. Pink Lawrence *Albert Jack Norman, Bennett Jr.<br />

*J. Pink Lawrence<br />

*Albert Bennett<br />

Charles Barham *Ed R. Burr<br />

*Ed R. Burr *John E. *Clyde<br />

*Clyde Patton R. Watson<br />

R. Watson<br />

V. K. Stevenson<br />

*J. Harry Murphy<br />

*J. Harry Murphy *John D. *Marshall<br />

*Marshall Whalley S. Whitley<br />

*Charles N. Rolfe *James J. White S. Whitley<br />

W. F. Hunt*Charles N. Rolfe Jack Norman, *James Jr.<br />

*Paul DeWitt<br />

*G. Cooper J. White Holt<br />

J. Pink Lawrence *E. *Paul M. DeWitt Kelly *Albert Bennett<br />

*J. *G. Coleman Cooper Holt Hayes<br />

Ed R. Burr *Joseph *E. M. Kelly Higgins *Clyde R. *Donald<br />

*J. Watson Coleman<br />

R. Dunning<br />

Hayes<br />

J. Harry Murphy *Ira *Joseph E. Parker Higgins *Marshall *J.<br />

*Donald S. P. Whitley Foster<br />

R. Dunning<br />

Charles N. *Martin<br />

*Ira Rolfe E. Parker<br />

S. Roberts *James J. *Gale<br />

*J. White P. Foster<br />

Robinson<br />

Paul DeWitt *R.<br />

*Martin<br />

C. Derivaux<br />

S. Roberts *G. Cooper *C.<br />

*Gale<br />

V. Holt Robinson<br />

Cramb<br />

E. M. Kelly *Oren<br />

*R. C.<br />

A.<br />

Derivaux<br />

Oliver *J. Coleman *J.<br />

*C.<br />

Nelson<br />

V. Hayes Cramb<br />

Bryan<br />

Joseph Higgins *Lee<br />

*Oren<br />

L.<br />

A.<br />

Gamble<br />

Oliver<br />

*Donald*Robert *J.<br />

R.<br />

Nelson<br />

Dunning Battle<br />

Bryan<br />

*Lee L. Gamble<br />

*Robert Battle<br />

Ira E. Parker *R. R. Clark<br />

*R. R. Clark<br />

*J. P. Foster *Jerry N. Tate<br />

*Jerry N. Tate<br />

Martin S. *William Roberts Raine<br />

*William Raine *Gale Robinson *Fred H. Gay, Jr.<br />

*Fred H. Gay, Jr.<br />

R. C. Derivaux *Hugh F. Smith, Jr.<br />

*Hugh F. Smith, Jr. *C. V. Cramb James A. Campbell<br />

James A. Campbell<br />

Oren A. Oliver *W. A. Bryan<br />

*W. A. Bryan *J. Nelson *Claude<br />

*Claude BryanG. G.<br />

Southall<br />

Southall<br />

Lee L. Gamble *Charles L. Cornelius<br />

*Charles L. Cornelius*Robert *W. Battle *W. B.<br />

B.<br />

Lawson<br />

Lawson<br />

R. R. Clark<br />

*W.<br />

*W.<br />

Bush<br />

Bush Herbert<br />

Herbert<br />

*Jerry N.<br />

*Gale<br />

*Gale Tate Robinson<br />

Robinson<br />

*Marshall<br />

*Marshall<br />

Hotchkiss<br />

Hotchkiss<br />

J.<br />

J.<br />

Dudley<br />

Dudley Phillips<br />

Phillips<br />

William Raine<br />

*Jess<br />

*Jess<br />

B.<br />

B.<br />

Templeton<br />

*Fred H.<br />

Hugh F. Smith, Jr. Templeton<br />

*M.<br />

Gay,<br />

*M.<br />

Norris<br />

Jr.<br />

Norris Jenkins<br />

Jenkins<br />

*T.<br />

W. A. Bryan *T.<br />

A.<br />

A.<br />

Springfield James A.<br />

Springfield<br />

*James Campbell<br />

*James F.<br />

F.<br />

Scalf,<br />

Scalf,<br />

Jr.<br />

Jr.<br />

*James<br />

Charles L. *James<br />

G.<br />

Cornelius G. Stahlman<br />

Stahlman *Claude*William G. Southall<br />

*William B.<br />

B.<br />

Jones<br />

Jones<br />

*J.<br />

W. Bush Herbert<br />

*J.<br />

Clark<br />

Clark<br />

Akers *W. B. Lawson<br />

Akers<br />

Jack<br />

Jack<br />

C.<br />

C. Phelps<br />

Phelps<br />

*R.<br />

*R.<br />

E.<br />

E.<br />

Baulch *Gale Robinson<br />

Baulch<br />

*David P. P. Brumfield Brumfield<br />

Marshall *Thomas Hotchkiss<br />

*Thomas<br />

E.<br />

E.<br />

Doss<br />

Doss<br />

J. Dudley *Zack Phillips<br />

S. S. Parrish, Parrish, Sr. Sr.<br />

Jess B. Templeton Kerbela Kerbela Temple ‘28 ‘28 *M. Norris *Robert Jenkins E. Newman<br />

T. A. Springfield *Maurice Weinberger<br />

*James F. *George Scalf, Jr. Cook Cook<br />

James G. *S. Stahlman *S. N. N. Allen<br />

*William*R. *R. B. Parker Jones Graham<br />

J. Clark Akers *W. *W. B. B. Hager<br />

Jack C. Phelps H. H. Parker Toler<br />

R. E. Baulch *O. *O. Lynn Meek<br />

*David P. *R. Brumfield T. T. McNaney<br />

Thomas E. *Jack *Jack Doss Norman<br />

*Zack S. James Parrish, L. Ham Sr.<br />

erbela Temple<br />

*James ‘28<br />

J. J. Vaughn<br />

*Robert*Charles E. Newman H. H. Williams Williams<br />

*C.<br />

Maurice Weinberger<br />

*C. H. H. Smith<br />

William<br />

*George Cook<br />

D. Jones<br />

*Fred<br />

S. N. Allen<br />

C. C. Laskey<br />

John<br />

*R. Parker L.<br />

Graham<br />

Weaver, III<br />

*Ivo<br />

W. B. Hager<br />

A. A. Burton<br />

Gale<br />

H. Parker Toler<br />

B. Robinson<br />

*T.<br />

O. Lynn Meek<br />

*T. W. W. Bray, Jr.<br />

Joe<br />

*R. T. McNaney<br />

Bell<br />

*James R. Cox<br />

Ronny L. Greer<br />

Jack Norman *Paul R. R. Jarratt<br />

James L. Charles Ham<br />

E. Cardwell<br />

James J. Vaughn *J. *J. Sumpter Anderson<br />

Charles J. H. J. Franklin Williams “Jay” Scalf, III III<br />

C. H. Smith *Hugh W. Robertson<br />

William Conley D. Jones<br />

Dykes<br />

Fred C. Laskey *M. T. T. Gossett<br />

John L. Weaver, David Smith III<br />

Ivo A. Burton *Joe C. Carr<br />

Gale B. Robinson Jim Cain<br />

T. W. Bray, *James Jr. T. Hayes<br />

Joe Bell *Mike Martin<br />

James R. Cox *E. Lee Bennett<br />

Ronny L. *Johnny Greer Dudley<br />

Paul R. Jarratt *Orris E. E. Davis<br />

Charles David E. Cardwell Wantland<br />

J. Sumpter *Raymond AndersonH. Leathers J. Franklin Melvin “Jay” Meadows Scalf, III<br />

Hugh W.<br />

*Hilry<br />

Robertson<br />

H. Shaffer<br />

Conley Dykes<br />

Dennis Belford<br />

*James N. Stansell<br />

M. T. Gossett<br />

*James<br />

David<br />

N. David<br />

Smith<br />

Vaughn<br />

Stansell Carl E. Barnes<br />

Joe C. Carr<br />

Jim CainMike Van Sant<br />

James T. Hayes<br />

*Mike Martin Jeff Head<br />

E. Lee Bennett<br />

*Johnny Frank Dudley Hester<br />

Orris E. Davis<br />

David Wantland * Deceased<br />

Raymond H. Leathers Melvin Meadows<br />

Hilry H. Shaffer<br />

2<br />

* Deceased<br />

Dennis Belford<br />

*James N. David Vaughn<br />

As always, thank you for everything you do for Al<br />

Menah and our Shriners Hospitals and children!<br />

A special thank you to all the Veterans for your services<br />

to our great country. I hope everyone had a<br />

great fall season and a Happy Thanksgiving. This<br />

is a season to be thankful for what we have and not<br />

what we want.<br />

Please try to attend our Patient’s Christmas Party.<br />

This is the one time of year we get to spend<br />

time with the patients. I know it will be a great<br />

time as always!<br />

Parade season is in full swing. Make time to support<br />

your unit as we showcase our Temple during<br />

the holidays.<br />

In closing, I thank everyone for giving me the<br />

opportunity to serve on your Divan and as your Potentate<br />

in <strong>2018</strong>. But most of all, thank you for your<br />


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!<br />

Yours in faith,<br />

Horace Perkins, III<br />

Stay Humble and Kind

From the desk of...<br />


<br />


To you and your Family.<br />

It has been a Fast 12 months for<br />

Lady Beth and I as we get ready<br />

for 2019.We want to think the<br />

Nobles of Al Menah and their<br />

Ladies for the Support, Words<br />

of Wisdom, Stepping Up for the<br />

Events, and MOST OF ALL...<br />

“What can we do to HELP NEXT YEAR”.<br />

And a special THANK YOU.....to our ladies of Al Menah<br />

that worked putting the “LADIES EXTRAVAGANZA<br />

EVENT” together..... right at $6,000.00 raised for the First<br />

Lady Project in 2019. Also to Noble Maurice Smith taking<br />

the time to put our <strong>SHRINER</strong> together. To our Office<br />

Staff, The Divan and the <strong>2018</strong> Potentate Staff for keeping<br />

Our Shrine moving forward this past year. ...AND... to<br />

Imperial Sir.Jim Cain and Lady Patsy for taking a little of<br />

Al Menah with them with all of their travel.<br />

May the Love of the Season shine bright within Your<br />

Heart Year Round.<br />

Nobles of AlMenah...THANK YOU and MERRY<br />


Chief Rabban<br />

Randy Williams<br />



We are in the middle of Christmas<br />

parades and it is great to see<br />

everyone out on the parade routes<br />

having fun and spreading holiday<br />

cheer. Al Menah representation<br />

at our local parades is one of<br />

the best ways to bring awesome<br />

attention to our fraternity and our<br />

hospitals.<br />

We hope everyone can attend the<br />

Patients’ Christmas Party at Al Menah Shrine Center<br />

on December 9th. This event is a great way to see the<br />

miracles this awesome fraternity has the capability to<br />

perform for our kids. Keep the good work up nobles!<br />

Kim and I plan to attend as many of the unit and<br />

club Christmas Parties as possible; however, there is no<br />

way to make them all. We wish each and every one of<br />

you a Very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous<br />

New Year!<br />

Assistant Rabban<br />

Scott Jones<br />


<br />

I suspect this will be the last time you<br />

will be dazzled with the wisdom<br />

and charm emanating from the<br />

office of High Priest & No Profit,<br />

especially since a Clown will be<br />

taking over next year! Looking<br />

back at the perilous trail of debris<br />

and garbage I have spread this<br />

year, I find a few pearls of wisdom<br />

have managed to survive and I now<br />

leave you to ponder: I heard it said to never trust a<br />

fart, if you do be sure to bring a change of clothes;<br />

dealing with drama queens is like wrestling with a<br />

pig—you get crap all over you and the pig likes it;<br />

how many women does it take to change a throwback<br />

Shriner from Dickson? just one—his sister, mother-inlaw<br />

and ex-wife; clowns are more annoying than dune<br />

buggies; whipped cream tastes better than shaving<br />

cream, according to Jingles.<br />

These, along with other fond memories of this<br />

year, will soon be circling the drain moving into the<br />

history of our proud fraternity. Remember during the<br />

holidays to say kind things about your family and<br />

friends whether you believe it or not, since it makes<br />

them feel good inside. Be kind to animals and Clowns<br />

since ORIENTAL at least GUIDE the animals <br />

have feelings and love you<br />

unconditionally.<br />

Have a beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year.<br />

High Priest and Prophet<br />

Donnie Drayton<br />


It’s hard to believe it’s already<br />

December. This is always a busy<br />

month full of Christmas parades,<br />

and traveling to visit family for<br />

the holidays. So please be safe<br />

in your travels and enjoy time<br />

spent with your families.<br />

As always, thank you for what you<br />

do each day for Al Menah and<br />

Shriners Hospitals.<br />

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.<br />

Oriental Guide<br />

Vernon Blackburn<br />


Dear Nobles,<br />

During this season of thanksgiving, Imperial Potentate Jim Cain would like to<br />

express his appreciation and gratitude for your dedication to both Shriners<br />

International and Shriners Hospitals for Children®.<br />

Know that your efforts make a real difference in countless lives around the<br />

globe.<br />

Click the photo below to access this special message from Imperial Sir Jim Cain.<br />

Happy Thanksgiving!<br />

https://t.e2ma.net/click/s7ucgb/4wyhmrb/g6thyo<br />


Make note of this future event<br />

Scottish Rite Golf Tournament<br />

October 10, 2019 @Noon<br />

Nashboro Golf Club<br />

1101 Nashboro Blvd.<br />

Nashville, TN 37217<br />

$75.00 per player<br />

Registration:<br />

Name: _____________________<br />

Name: _____________________<br />

Name: _____________________<br />

$300.00 per team<br />

Masonic/Scottish Rite<br />

Members<br />

and<br />

Nonmembers<br />


Name: _____________________<br />

Contacts:<br />

Nashboro Golf Club<br />

(615) 367-2311<br />

Barry Eldridge<br />

(615) 481-5000<br />

barryski1@aol.com<br />

25 Harbor Cove Drive<br />

Old Hickory, TN 37138<br />

HOLE SPONSORS NEEDED - $100.00<br />


Dear Fellow Nobles,<br />

Over the last few months, your incredible outpouring of support and prayers for your brothers<br />

and their families impacted by the series of hurricanes has been nothing short of inspiring. I am<br />

extremely proud to represent this great brotherhood. Through your generous support of the<br />

ongoing relief efforts of the Masonic Service Association of North America (MSA), each of you<br />

has exemplified the Masonic tenet of brotherly love. Your gifts, compassion and concern for<br />

your brothers is the epitome of our theme, “Together We Can.”<br />

Our call to service must continue.<br />

Although hurricane season is ending, our work is not done. We must now focus our attention<br />

on the West Coast, where wildfires are currently ravaging and destroying communities in both<br />

Northern and Southern California. The Grand Master of California, M. W. Stuart Wright, has<br />

filed a disaster appeal with the MSA in hopes of obtaining help for his Masons who are valiantly<br />

coping with this disastrous situation. We have learned that members of both Al Malaikah<br />

Shriners (Los Angeles) and Ben Ali Shriners (Sacramento) have also been affected. Additionally,<br />

we know that several nobles live in Paradise, a particularly hard hit area, and, so far, all of them<br />

have not been accounted for. At this point, we do not know the full extent of the situation<br />

throughout the area, as the fires continue to burn.<br />

I have spoken to M. W. Wright and offered the full support of Shriners International during<br />

this time of crisis. I also let him know I would bring attention to this appeal. I am once again<br />

asking you to assist our brothers. Your support and assistance is critically important.<br />

The MSA continues to be our best way to provide assistance; the organization implements<br />

separate disaster relief appeals for each geographic area and Masonic Grand Lodge making such<br />

requests, so that the ongoing assistance efforts may continue. All donations received through<br />

these appeals will be transferred directly to the respective Grand Lodge for distribution to those<br />

in need.<br />

How to help masons and nobles affected by the fires:<br />

Make a check payable to “MSA Disaster Relief Fund” and send them to:<br />

Masonic Service Association<br />

3905 National Drive, Suite 280<br />

Burtonsville, MD 20866<br />

Please write on the memo portion of the check, “California Disaster Appeal”<br />

Click here to donate via PayPal or credit card.<br />

Contributions to Masonic Service Association of North America are tax-deductible to the extent<br />

allowed by law.<br />

The leadership of Shriners International remains in contact with the affected Grand Lodges<br />

and the Potentates of the temples impacted by the fires, and asks that you continue to keep your<br />

fellow brothers and nobles in your thoughts and prayers.<br />

I thank and commend everyone who has already contributed to these efforts. The number of<br />

our worthy brothers and their families who are in distress has again increased, and we must<br />

continue to share our concern and compassion and offer every assistance possible to our<br />

brethren.<br />

Please donate today.<br />

Yours in the faith,<br />

6<br />

Jim Cain<br />

Imperial Potentate

Ways to Help<br />

Supporting Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati<br />

Helping Children.<br />

Protecting Childhood.<br />

Your gift makes a difference.<br />

Every day at Shriners Hospitals for Children ® – Cincinnati<br />

we are helping children and protecting their childhood.<br />

Expert physicians, surgeons, therapists and other medical<br />

staff help children live the fullest lives possible. Our<br />

innovative research and outstanding teaching programs<br />

help us carry our mission even further. Our dedication<br />

helps expand the worldwide body of medical<br />

knowledge and improve the quality of life for people<br />

around the world.<br />

The Cincinnati Shriners Hospital treats children with<br />

pediatric burns as well as many non-burn conditions.<br />

All care and services are provided in a family-centered<br />

environment, regardless of the patient or families’ ability<br />

to pay.<br />

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Shriners Hospitals<br />

for Children – Cincinnati relies on the generosity of<br />

donors to continue improving the lives of children.<br />

There are many ways to support our mission:<br />

• Unrestricted cash donations<br />

• A gift in honor or in memory of a loved one<br />

• A charitable bequest in your will<br />

• Gifts of appreciated assets or real estate<br />

• Other planned giving opportunities such<br />

as Charitable Gift Annuities or Charitable<br />

Remainder Trusts<br />

• Adopting a room in our Family Care Unit<br />

• Text the word LOVE to 80100 to make a<br />

$25.00 donation<br />

For more information, call the development office at<br />

513-872-6029.<br />

If you know of a child we can help, email<br />

helpachild@shrinenet.org or call:<br />

Burn Services at 866-947-7840<br />

Non-Burn Services at 855-206-2096<br />

Thank you for your support of<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati.<br />

Ways to Serve<br />

If an individual or group would like to become involved<br />

in a service project, here are some suggestions:<br />

Donate Snacks<br />

The kids really enjoy pre-packaged, store bought<br />

snacks like Goldfish, Oreos, chips, pretzels and<br />

mini candy bars. Please, no peanuts or peanut butter.<br />

Collect Pop Tabs<br />

Pop tabs are taken to a local recycling plant. The<br />

money generated is used to buy needed items for our<br />

patients.<br />

Volunteer<br />

For more information about current volunteer<br />

opportunities, please contact Victoria Keehnen at:<br />

vkeehnen@shrinenet.org or 513-872-6137.<br />

Cash Donations<br />

Your unrestricted cash donations have the<br />

greatest impact on every child we treat.<br />

Please make checks payable to:<br />

Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati<br />

Attn: Donor Development<br />

3229 Burnet Ave.<br />

Cincinnati, OH 45229<br />

Corporate Giving and Fundraisers<br />

Facilitating a corporate gift, matching gift, workplace<br />

giving program, or special event fundraiser will lend<br />

valuable support to our hospital.<br />

For more information about how your donation can<br />

make a difference, please contact:<br />

Donor Development<br />

513-872-6029<br />




CeNter<br />

NeWS<br />

Clowns<br />

<strong>2018</strong> is drawing to a close and it was a<br />

fantastic, busy year for clowning! The<br />

Fabulous Al Menah Clowns showed<br />

the world how “fabulous” we are with<br />

hundreds of dress outs. We put smiles<br />

on thousands of faces with numerous<br />

parades, hospital trip, State Fair appearances,<br />

paper sale and the Circus.<br />

Veterans Day and Christmas parades<br />

were plentiful in November and December,<br />

and we’re looking forward to a small<br />

break at the beginning of the New Year.<br />

The Al Menah Clowns would like<br />

to give a big “Thank you!” to Frank<br />

“Froggy” Wilson and Lady Valerie for a<br />

wonderful year as Captain and First Lady.<br />

Their leadership, guidance and caring<br />

ensured us a fun, successful year and that<br />

is what continues to keep us focused on<br />

working for our Shrine children and our<br />

hospitals.<br />

As always, thank you to all of you for<br />

what you do to support our children’s<br />

hospitals. Please keep those that are sick<br />

and unable to attend our events in your<br />

prayers.<br />

Keep on Clowning!<br />

Jim “Snips” Lee<br />

Secretary<br />

Director’s Staff<br />

What an exciting month. Turkeys have<br />

been gobbled up, money donated at the<br />

auction, and the Lady’s extravaganza has<br />

had another great fundraising event.<br />

The Director’s Staff are very proud of<br />

all the hard work our Directorette’s do<br />

in supporting us and cannot<br />

thank them enough.<br />

We are also very proud of<br />

10<br />

Eddie Hill who did a fantastic job of<br />

organizing all the golf hackers for the<br />

Directors Golf Tournament again this<br />

year and was very pleased to present a<br />

check to Potentate Horace Perkins for<br />

$10,406.00<br />

As we move forward, at the October<br />

meeting Brent Stadterman was elected<br />

Secretary again, we really appreciate it<br />

Brent.<br />

We had two nominations for Lieutenant,<br />

Joe Anderson and Mike Villines<br />

Jr. Be sure to attend the November meeting<br />

and vote.<br />

Our last stated meeting for the year will<br />

be in November as the meeting in December<br />

will be our Christmas Dinner.<br />

The Christmas Dinner will commence<br />

with cocktails at 6:00pm and dinner at<br />

7:00pm at the Al Menah Temple.<br />

Please note these dates, plan to attend,<br />

and help out as needed.<br />

Fred Lysak<br />

Lt Directors Staff<br />

Legion of Honor<br />

The Legion of Honor had another great<br />

month in November. The LOH participated<br />

in the Hendersonville and<br />

Murfreesboro parades. The Legion was<br />

met with enthusiastic crowds and warm<br />

greetings for being Armed Forces veterans.<br />

The Unit will support Al Menah’s<br />

participation in the remaining Christmas<br />

Parades.<br />

The LOH continues to grow, as we<br />

added two new members, one of whom<br />

was the second Reserve member. Noble<br />

Long is a trumpet player, and he adds a<br />

sense of flair to the LOH presentation of<br />

colors.<br />

The LOH updated our Constitution<br />

and Bylaws for the first time in 46 years.<br />

The current Commander and Past Commander<br />

will present the updated documents<br />

to the Divan in Jan., 2019 for their<br />

final approval.<br />

The perfunctory aspects of approving<br />

a new Budget was done. and the following<br />

officers for 2019 were elected:<br />

Commander - Wayne Steele<br />

Vice Commander - Steve Singleton<br />

Lieutenant Commander - Jason Robinson<br />

Adjutant - Art De Vooght<br />

Finance Officer - Gene Ornes<br />

Acting Past Commander - Roy Lindsey<br />

The Unit will have its XMAS Party<br />

on December 15th at Al Menah, with the<br />

installation of the elected Officers.<br />

Respectfully Submitted<br />

Art De Vooght<br />

Commander <strong>2018</strong><br />

Motor Corps<br />

The Circus has come and gone for another<br />

year. I think everything went well<br />

and Thanksgiving with all the turkey and<br />

trimmings has come and gone and Christmas<br />

Holidays are just around the corner!<br />

With that, we find ourselves once again at<br />

the end of another year ~ a time to reflect<br />

on the good, the bad and the ugly. To<br />

ponder the positives as well as the negatives<br />

and learn from those. I ask myself,<br />

“as a Mason and a Shriner, what can I do<br />

to be a better Noble and what can I help<br />

you do”. I challenge each of you to ask<br />

yourselves the same question.<br />

We look forward to a new year at Al<br />

Menah in 2019, as well as in the Motor<br />

Corps.<br />

Congratulations to the 2019 Motor Corps<br />

Officers:<br />

Captain – Leighton Bush, Jr.<br />

Adjutant – John Dean<br />

Secretary/Treasurer – Barry Molasy P.C.<br />

Recording Secretary – Terry Posey P.C.<br />

Parliamentarian – Gary Graf<br />

Journalist – Phil (Fat Rabbit) Parman P.C.<br />

Historian & Chaplain –<br />

Frank Hester P.P., P.C.<br />

Lieutenants -<br />

Classic Cars - Gary Graf<br />

Dune Buggies - Kyle Mason<br />

Life Members / John Anderson<br />

Motorcycles / Tommy Stevenson<br />

Regards,<br />

Fat Rabbit, <strong>2018</strong> Journalist

Shrine Club News<br />

Williamson County Shrine Club<br />

Many thanks to outgoing Potentate Perkins<br />

and his Divan. We appreciate all the<br />

hard work. You have done a great job this<br />

year and we appreciate it. Also, thanks<br />

to outgoing WCSC President Bill Jager<br />

and our Officers. You have also done a<br />

great job. Let’s get behind out incoming<br />

Potentate / Divan / our incoming President<br />

/ WCSC Officers and make 2019 the<br />

best year yet!<br />

Thanks to WCSC for your great work<br />

on the Paper Sale and Plaque Sale. We<br />

still have time left to get more Plaque<br />

Sales in! Have you renewed your<br />

Plaque? Have you sold one?<br />

We meet on the third Thursday of the<br />

Month at our new meeting location, the<br />

Sportsman’s Grille in Cool Springs. Come<br />

on out, we would love to have you with us.<br />

Remember to pray for our leaders,<br />

our Doctors / Nurses at the Shrine Hospitals<br />

and our Military who are fighting to<br />

ensure our freedom.<br />

Butch Mayes<br />

WCSC Ambassador<br />



Dec. 8 Cookeville Christmas parade TBA<br />

Granville Christmas parade<br />

2:00 PM<br />

Hartsville Christmas parade<br />

10:00 AM<br />

Dec. 9 Patients Christmas party<br />

Dec 18 Stated Meeting - Election<br />

Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve party<br />

The Nashville Shrine Club Luncheon<br />

The Nashville Shrine Club Luncheon has a new meeting location:<br />

Santa Fe Cattle Co.<br />

2520 Music Valley Dr.<br />

Nashville, TN 37214<br />

Meetings are every Wednesday at 11:00am. Come out and enjoy the fellowship and fun!<br />


Paper Sale Donation from Kroger<br />

On Monday, 7/18 Potentate Jeff Head and members of the Williamson<br />

County Shrine Club were with Kroger Management at their Belle<br />

Meade store where they presented a $1,000.00 to us for the Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children. The Kroger Manager was an acquaintance of<br />

Scotty and Teresa Travis who put this together for the Al Menah Shrine<br />

Hospitals for Children Paper Sale.<br />

This is a portion of a message from Phyllis Berry, wife of this<br />

Kroger Store Manager, Michael Berry.<br />

Let me tell you, our son was a Shrine Hospital patient<br />

and we are forever grateful The experience was an<br />

awakening in humanity. The care was phenomenal. The<br />

friendship my family made. The support from the men in<br />

your fraternity was phenomenal. We thank you for all you<br />

and your members do for children across the country.<br />

Sincerely<br />

Phyllis Berry<br />

Fraternally,<br />

Butch Mayes, WCSC<br />



NOTICe:<br />

ALL communications<br />

for the Shriner<br />

should be sent to<br />

editor.amsc@gmail.com<br />


Nobles Nobles Visited By Visited By<br />

The Black The Camel Black Camel Nobles Visited By<br />

The Black Camel<br />

George Gianika<br />

Nashville, TN<br />

8/25/23 – 11/10/18<br />

James E. Thompson<br />

Nashville, TN<br />

6/15/39 – 10/29/18<br />

Tandy W. Wilson III<br />

Columbus, MS<br />

11/25/22 – 11/12/18<br />

Nonprofit<br />



Organization<br />

U.S. POSTAGE<br />

A.A.O.N.M.S. A.A.O.N.M.S.<br />

A.A.O.N.M.S. PAID<br />


P. O. Box 78545 P. O. Box 78545 Nashville, TN<br />

1354 BRICK CHURCH PIKE Permit No. 1731<br />

NASHVILLE, TN 37207NASHVILLE, P. O. Box 78545<br />

TN 37207<br />

NASHVILLE, TN 37207<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />

www.almenahshriners.<br />

www.almenahshriners.org<br />

DEADLINE FOR JANUARY 2019 <strong>SHRINER</strong> IS <strong>DECEMBER</strong> 21 ST

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