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Ipswich Clambake

Now Open Year ‘Round

From Russia with Gold n Light

By Stewart Lytle, Reporter


Pamper Me

Pampers You

By Stewart Lytle, Reporter


From left, Ken Siegel and Joe Ravida hold an Ipswich

Ultimate Chowder

Photo by Stewart Lytle


-- When local

playwright Stacey

April Fix was 10,

her Jewish-Russian

g r a n d m o t h e r

took her to see

the Russian Folk

Dance Festival in

Brooklyn, NY.

“I remember

being mesmerized

by the astonishing

p r e c i s i o n ,

captivated by the

whirling colorful

costumes, delighted

by the high energy

performers,” she

wrote about the


Her grandmother,

whose parents had



When Kimberly Sheppard

opened Pamper Me Laser and

Med Spa, she had been a nurse

for 21 years. Tired of the long

and draining days, she decided to

change paths to make herself and

others happy. Pamper Me Laser

and Med Spa opened on October

14th of this year. Located at 32-34

Market Street in Ipswich, it offers

Botox, fillers, skin tightening,

microneedling, hair reduction,

and, soon, IV therapy. Sheppard

described her business in simple

terms. “It’s about looking better,

feeling better for yourself.” It is

imperative to her that feeling

good doesn’t break the bank. “I

don’t have expensive rates, I’m

here to make people feel good,”

Sheppard said.

Sheppard may seem like

natural, but this wasn’t always a

dream of hers. “I went into this

because my daughter is 17 and

when she was in the sixth grade

she got diagnosed with scoliosis

and then Chiari malformation

type 2, so she needed brain

IPSWICH – As the days grow who with Joe Ravida and Jon Russia, watched

shorter and the temperatures drop, Stilianos, closed on the purchase of the show with great

the hungry residents and visitors to the Clambake last month. pride.

this town have something to cheer They hope the restaurant and its That memory of

Photos provided by Theater Workshop

about -- the Ipswich Clambake is catering services will be cooking the Russian Folk Front row (from left) Madelyn Balkus, Amelia Hanson, Alex

staying open all winter long. for New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Dance Festival and Burns. Back row (from left) Justin Miller Kalista Sicard

Other North Shore restaurants, parties. And clambakes make great her grandmother’s

particularly in Essex and Newbury, winter wedding rehearsal dinners, enthusiasm in introducing her Cossack dancers. Even the dark

offer clams and seafood year ‘round, the owners said.

heritage to young Stacey never left Russian forest becomes a character.

but in winters past in Ipswich, “Things are changing,” Siegel Fix.

There are eight dances, all new

the Clambake and other popular said.

For the 20th anniversary holiday costumes, great music and special

restaurants which specialize in There are already changes to performance of Theater Workshop effects to make Gold ‘n Light a very

clams and other seafood have the menu. They have added a few at the Newbury Elementary School, exciting show.

closed in late November or early items, including burgers and a Fix has returned to those childhood A total of 45 elementary students


child’s menu with Mac ‘n Cheese memories in producing a new will be on stage, while 25 middle

This winter for the first time the and chicken fingers. And they production, entitled Gold ‘n Light. school and high school student

new owners of the Clambake at are making improvements to the The show, which will debut this interns will be back stage. The

196 High St. will serve its clams restaurant itself.

weekend for four performances cast members are from Newbury

and more importantly its awardwinning

clam chowder seven days chowder. Siegel said his wife loves brings to life traditional Russian surrounding towns.

But they are not changing the in the school theater, blends and Elementary and other schools in

a week.

the chowder so much, she forbid folk tales, characters and images in a “I am honored to share a bit of my

“Our clam chowder tastes very him to mess with the recipe, a spectacular holiday-themed show. heritage with my community and

good in January,” said Ken Siegel,

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By Victoria Lojek, Reporter










Dr. Kenneth McWha, who joins Dr. Lydia Jeffcoat, to

offer comprehensive primary care in Newburyport.

Now accepting new patients, 978-465-0635

Proudly Welcomes....

One Wallace Bashaw Jr. Way, Suite 2003, Newburyport, MA 01950

Page December 12 - 18, 2018

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Pamper Me

Pampers You

Introducing our new

Ipswich Ultimate Chowder!

Our award-winning clam chowder

topped with delicious lobster meat

served in a bread bowl.

Now open year-round 7 days a week

196 High Street, Ipswich MA

978-356-7201 Dine-In or Take Out





Greg Szumowski

Case is #19.04 your Advertising Case #19.05 Consultant

A Public Hearing will be held at the A Public Hearing will be held at the

77 Town Wethersfield Hall Annex, 39 Central Street, St. Rowley, Town Hall Annex, MA 39 Central 01969


Thursday, December 20th, at on Thursday, December 20th, at

Telephone: 978-948-8696 (Office) 617-694-8560 (Cell)

7:05 p.m. to act on an application 7:15 p.m. to act on an application

Fax: 978-948-2564 received November 14th, ~ 2018

from received November 14th, 2018 from

RDL Properties LLC c/o Mead,

Talerman & Costa. Applicant(s) is

appealing the Inspector of Buildings

decision. The property is located at

33 Ellsworth Road in the Outlying

district and is shown on Assessors’

Map 6, Lot 29. At the public

hearing, members of the public may

ask questions and present evidence

that supports either the approval or

denial of this petition.

Chairman Donald Thurston

RDL Properties LLC c/o Mead,

Talerman & Costa. Applicant(s) is

appealing the Inspector of Buildings

decision. The property is located at

23 Ellsworth Road in the Outlying

district and is shown on Assessors’

Map 6, Lot 31. At the public

hearing, members of the public may

ask questions and present evidence

that supports either the approval or

denial of this petition.

Chairman Donald Thurston

Rowley Grange

ad Busy Fall Season




from page 1

of their


lives. They first got into Rowley Grange started its new Grange year in September. The

surgery first and then six months microneedling, which helped first event was the turkey pie supper on the 4th Wednesday. The

later she had rods put in her with the surgery scars, as well as day after the supper, the group set up its Grange competitive booth

back.” With the surgeries came acne scars. Since going through

in the Grange and Fair Museum building at the Topsfield Fair. The

the scars, and Sheppard recalled all that with her daughter,

competition had 5 participants, all of which were Granges from Essex

how hard it was on her daughter. Sheppard decided to focus on

County. Rowley Grange won first place. Several of our members are

It was difficult to get out of the her priorities. “I did this more

house while she wasn’t confident

volunteers at the Fair and two are members of the Essex Agricultural

for her,” Sheppard said. “I like

in her appearance. Thus, skin this practice because people


care became an important aspect leave happy.”

After Columbus Day, the Massachusetts State Grange met in

Milford, MA and Rowley Grange had two delegates to the State

Session. Rowley received 4th prize for its Community Service

report. There were 15 Granges that entered this contest. Rowley

Grange has placed among the top 4 for the past 20 years. Among

the community work that was recognized was the helping 2 families

during the holidays, donations to the Rowley library and C.O.A.,

sponsorship of the Wreaths Across America program, and the Sarah W.

Peabody Scholarship program for Rowley residents attending higher

education institutions. Lecturer Helen Dobbins, was recognized for

her programs that she presented at the meetings.

The end of October, Rowley Grange announced at its October

supper, that it would be making its frozen turkey pies available for the

coming holidays. Orders were accepted until the 16th of November.

Forty-nine pies were sold. A few days before Thanksgiving, a turkey

was donated, and more pies were made. These pies were given to less

fortunate residents of the Rowley community.

The first week in November, members of Rowley Grange put a

display in the Rowley Library case on the Wreaths Across America

project. The display gave a history of the WAA program, the

program’s purpose, and donation forms for those who wished to

purchase wreaths for a Veteran’s grave. The first week in December,

the WAA caravan will head to Arlington National Cemetery to meet

volunteers who will place the wreaths on the graves. This year WAA

has been given permission from the French government to place

wreaths on the stones of American soldiers who died in the fighting

in Normandy.

The Grange was able to assist two local families with Thanksgiving

dinner. Pine Grove School nurse, Deborah Blanchette, assists the

Grange in locating families in need. Complete Thanksgiving dinners

with a turkey, stuffing mix, veggies and dessert were given to these


November has turned out to be a challenging month. The highwater

table in the ground has left water in some buildings’ basements.

Rowley Grange Hall was amongst those buildings. The building was

moved to its location at 29 Central St. in 1904. Up until this fall,

there has never been more than a couple of inches in the cellar, even

after heavy rainfalls. When the water level in the basement reached

8” the Rowley Fire Dept. was called to help with their sump pumps.

Fortunately, the Rowley Fire Dept. was able to help. Unfortunately,

the Grange had to call them for help 2 more times as they were unable

to find the location of where the water was coming from. A sump

pump was purchased and set up in the cellar. Two Grange members

monitor the pump on a daily basis. The Grange continues to try and

locate the source of the water. It appears that some excavating will

need to be done to solve this problem.

Rowley Grange had its last supper for the 2018 season on November

28th. Homemade fish chowder, clam chowder, and lentil soup were

offered. Homemade herb and plain biscuits were served along with

Dutch apple cake and ice cream. The supper was a sellout. The next

supper will not be until the 4th Wednesday in March, 2019.

The winter holidays are just around the corner, and there are gifts

and holiday dinners to be made. Plans for the new year need to

be made, and fundraising plans for the hall restoration activated.

Meetings are being held in a downstairs room at the Grange Hall

this winter.

The Rowley Grange is looking for people who would like to

become members. The more people we have, the more we can do.

A family organization, we offer membership to ages 5 - 14 (Junior

Grange) and membership to community Grange ages 14 and up.

There are many different projects members can choose from and use

their talents to benefit the community and the Grange. If you are

interested in membership, email, and an

application will be sent out. The next meeting will be a Christmas

gathering at one of our member’s homes.

December 12 - 18, 2018 Page 3

Continued from page 1

students. I believe this is how you

create understanding that leads to

peace,” she wrote about the show.

For her, making Gold ‘N Light

re-kindled her awareness and

appreciation of her grandmother.

She was the first American-born

child to her immigrant family which

came to America seeking freedom

and prosperity.

Her parents arrived at Ellis Island

and settled in lower Manhattan. They

were very poor and very determined.

Yiddish was spoken in her childhood

home, Fix wrote of her family.

“I have memories of early

mornings sitting in her tiny kitchen

in Brooklyn, as she poured a little bit

of black coffee into my mug of milk

making me feel so grown-up. As I

sipped my ‘coffee’ she talked to me

about politics, music, theater, and

language as she danced in front of

the kitchen sink.”

In college, Fix discovered the stage

for herself and trained to become a

director. As an adult, she fell in love

with children’s theater and has been

writing, directing and producing

Photo by Stewart Lytle

Ipswich Clambake

Continued from page 1

popular dish the restaurant has

been cooking since the Clambake

first opened 42 years ago.

And there’s no reason to, Ravida

said. The Clambake’s original

chowder recipe has won a string of

awards through the years, including

the top prize in the Ipswich Clam

Festival three times in the last five


The chowder is even being

showcased as a signature dish – the

Ipswich Ultimate Chowder. The

chowder is ladled into a bread bowl

and topped with lobster meat.

Siegel, Ravida and Stilianos

are veterans of the food business,

chalking up a total of about 120

years of experience. Most recently

they worked together owning

Popeye’s Fried Chicken franchises.

Siegel has also been the head of a

liquor company, an expertise he

plans to bring to the Clambake

once it gets its beer and wine


Ravida, who started his food

career at Kelley’s Roast Beef, has

From Russia with Gold n Light

plays for children for more than two


Fix said the production quality of

the Theater Workshop performances

is always high, but this show is “very

high,” she said.

She described Gold ‘N Light as

a “holiday fusion folk tale.” The

characters, stories from Russian folk

tales have been remixed into a new

fairy tale.

The story is about Anya, a young

Jewish peasant girl, who is too

poor to give or receive presents for

Hanukkah, and a spoiled young

Queen Tatianna, who offers gold

to anyone who can achieve the

impossible task of bringing her a

basket of spring-time flowers in the


The search for the flowers brings

them to a magical forest, populated

with fantastic spirits and spells.

Anya’s father is turned into a bear.

They encounter twirling Matryoshka

dolls, Kalinka folk dancers and

stormy winged spirits.

“The show is so good everyone

who sees it will want to tell everyone

they know to see it,” Fix said. “We

have really upped our game. I am

proud of how hard everyone has


Performances are scheduled for

Thursday, Dec. 13, Friday, Dec. 14,

Saturday, Dec. 15 and Sunday, Dec.

16. All performances are at 7 p.m.,

except Sunday, which will be at 1


The Newbury Elementary School

is 63 Hanover St. Tickets are $15

reserved and $25 front row. The

additional $10 is allocated to a

scholarship fund.

Children in kindergarten to sixth

grade may attend the Saturday

performance for $5.

Theater Workshop, an enrichment

program of the non-profit Workshop

Arts Inc., is celebrating its 20th year

of professional children’s theater with

a fundraising program -- $20 for 20

years. Patrons are encouraged to

contribute $20 this year to support

the program on its website: www.

This Workshop Arts program

is supported in part by Cultural

Council grants from Newbury,

Salisbury and Rowley.

Ipswich Clambake Now Open Year ‘Round

been working at the clambake

for about a year. “The concept

(of the Clambake) was good,” he

said. “We just needed to polish it

up a bit and bring in more good

people to add to those who already

worked here.”

The restaurant seats 24 inside

and 22 outside. In the summer like

other clam houses, there can be a

wait to be served. The new owners

are working with the cook staff to

streamline the flow to decrease the


In its first weeks, the Clambake

is doing well, Ravida said. It had an

87 percent better sales last weekend

over the same weekend last year.

The reason, Siegel said, is that the

Clambake has been a favorite of the

locals as much as the tourists. He

said the word-of-mouth and social

media publicity have worked well.

A 70-year-old woman came in

Saturday for clams after tasting

them for the first time when the

restaurant catered her last birthday

party. A New York couple during

their trip to New England fell in

love with the Clambake’s fried


The restaurant has two

catering companies, including a

white tablecloth service, called

HarborLight Catering.

According to the HarborLight

Catering web site, it was formed

“to take your elegant event to the

next level. Our professional, welltrained

staff is ready to make your

next event one to remember.”

The catering service is proud

of its roots in seafood, but the

HarborLight menu also includes

non-seafood options prime rib

beef, pork, chicken and roasted

turkey. The catering services also

serves a full bar menu, its menu


During the winter, the Clambake

will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sea View Retreat

-Since 1954

An extended Care Community

Come in for a visit and compare!


•Private & Semi-Private Rooms

with Baths and Beautiful Views

• Medicare/ Medicaid certified

• Social Services-Speech,

Physical, Occupational, &

Massage Therapies

• Full Activity Program

• and much more...


The Town Common Party Trays

daily. In The the summer, North the Shore’s closing Largest Independent Community 978-465-2225


time is extended to 8 p.m. during

the week and 9 p.m. on Friday and 257 Low St . Newburyport

Saturday nights.

Christmas at Agway

Christmas Trees

Live Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Kissing Balls

Custom Wreaths

Gift Ideas

Bird Feeders


Gift Certificates

Danvers Farm and Home

Danvers Agway Feeds

9 Wenham St., Danvers, MA 01923

(978) 774-1069 . 978-774-1086

Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-4, Sun 10-2

The Town Co

The North Shore’s Largest Independent Co

New Dining Room

Full Bar

Italian Deli & Marketplace

Take out

Grab & Go

Old Fashioned Trees

Live Dwarf Blue Spruce


Custom Bows

978-948-8696 • • adver


Wood Pellets


Envi Blocks &

Hot Bricks

Big Daddy’s

Bait ’N Tackle

Ice Fishing


In Stock!

Senior Moments

Page 4 December 12 - 18, 2018

Community Calendar

To place an non-profit organization’s event in the Community Calendar for FREE, call 978-948-8696 or e-mail:

Classified Ads



Confused by that device that was

supposed to change your life? Need help

0 Lunt Street, Byfield, newburylibrary.

Community Calendar Continues . . .

org/events. No registration required.

Call 978-462-6162

Weekly Community Newspaper

Senior Care for Peace of Mind.

• Meal Preparation

• Errands

• Assistance with Mobility

• Friendly Companionship

• Respite Care for Families

• Light Housekeeping

• Bathing Assistance

• Alzheimer/Dementia Care

• Up to 24 Hour Care

• Medication Reminders


Contact your Advertising

Consultant today!

P: 978-948-8696 • F: 978-948-2564

with word processing & spreadsheets,

internet browsing, and email? Not sure

how to safely store your documents,

photos and music? Bring your questions

and device for one on one assistance

from Mike Olson every Wednesday

from 12-2pm, Newbury Town Library,




College visits can be extremely exciting!

After all, you’ll be shown the beautifully

landscaped quad, the spacious “model”

dorm room, and the extensive meal

selections in the dining hall. But how

can you really test drive a college to

make sure that it is a great fit for you?

What kinds of questions should you

ask and what else should you do in

addition to taking the official tour? The

Boxford Library in Boxford, MA will

be sponsoring a free workshop for 9th-

12th grade students and their parents on

Wednesday, December 12th from 6:30

– 8:00 pm presented by Boxford resident

Marie Lucca, President of Crimson

College Consulting (

Come learn some tips on how to make

the most of your campus visits.



Holy Family Hospital December Job

Fair on December 13, 2018, 10 a.m.

to 3 p.m. at Holy Family Hospital-

Auditorium, 70 East St., Methuen, MA.

Nursing (all areas- RNs, CNAs, PCAs),

surgical services, sterile processing,

behavioral health, radiological services,

physical therapy, occupational therapy.

On-site interviews for open positions.

Bring up-to-date resume, current

MA license (if applicable), relevant

certifications, printed online job

application, and a “can-do” positive

attitude. Job applications available at the

fair. For more information, please call

Human Resources at 978-687-0156,

ext. 2494.



Local a cappella trio Jingle Belles Rock

will perform at Wingate Residences at

Haverhill on Friday, Dec. 14 at 2:30

p.m. The group will put a unique twist

on your favorite holiday songs with a

hint of sass and fun. This event is free and

open to the public, but space is limited.

For more information or to RSVP, call

978-912-9250. Wingate Residences at

Haverhill is located at 10 Residences

Way (GPS address: 182 North Ave.)



Unitarian Church, 26 Pleasant Street,

Newburyport, MA, Friday Dec. 14th

5-9:30pm and Saturday Dec. 15th 10-

4pm. Two floors of Local fine crafts

fill the Unitarian Church Parish Hall,

creating a marketplace of original gifts

for holiday giving. To view participating

artists go to: holidaycraftfair.blogspot.

com Email:

We are open for “Invitation Night”

on Friday and all day Saturday both

weekends! Shop local for original art!

This event is free and open to the public


The Crane Estate will open Friday

evenings for special holiday tours.

Guests will enjoy live holiday music, a

cash bar, light appetizers, the Castle Hill

gift shop, and self-guided tours. Guides

will be stationed in each room to receive

visitors and answer questions. Trustees

members will receive 10% off in the

shop. On Friday, December 14 choral

group and sea chantiers Three Sheets to

the Wind will perform holiday favorites.

Friday, December 14, 5 – 8PM. Castle

Hill on the Crane Estate, 290 Argilla

Rd., Ipswich. Trustees Member Adult:

$10. Trustees Member Child: $5. Adult:

$20. Child/Senior: $10. Tickets are

available at the door or in advance at


2 different design options will be

available for the embroidery class, all

materials supplied. Helen D’Amato will

help you create beautiful greetings cards

that you will treasure. Come and join

the fun -Thursday, December 13th @ 1

PM – Cost $5. Register early limited

spaces: 978-462-2412.



Is it time to get a check-up on your

driving fitness? Kelly Crotty from

Constellations Health Care will

discuss “Driving fitness evaluations”.

self-assessments tool to help identify

potential challenges, a comprehensive

driving evaluation - with an occupational

therapy driving rehabilitation specialist.

Come learn more about the process

and start a conversation about checking

your safety - Thursday, December 13th

at 1:00PM.This presentation will take

place after Chef Kirk. Please call to sign

up at 978-462-2412.


See Page 5




See Sunday, December 16th


Holiday Gift Wrapping Fundraiser on

Saturday, December 15th 10:00 – 3:00

at Triton High School. Drop-off &

Pick-up inside the high school entrance.

Benefitting Triton Music & Arts

Students. Sponsored by Rowley Realty


See Page 5



Unitarian Church, 26 Pleasant Street,

Newburyport, MA, Friday Dec. 14th

5-9:30pm and Saturday Dec. 15th 10-

4pm. Two floors of Local fine crafts

fill the Unitarian Church Parish Hall,

December 12 - 18, 2018 Page

creating a marketplace of original gifts

for holiday giving. To view participating

artists go to: holidaycraftfair.blogspot.

com Email:

We are open for “Invitation Night”

on Friday and all day Saturday both

weekends! Shop local for original

art! This event is free and open to the



“The Christmas In New England”

Concert Tour will kick off its 15th

season this December. This one of a

kind Christmas show features a seasonal

blend of traditional, contemporary, and

original Christmas Music performed

with acoustic instruments and vocals.

The cast of performers include some of

the most talented musicians, vocalists

and songwriters in the New England

region: Amy Gallatin, Karen Lincoln

Wilber, Dave Dick, Roger Williams,

Ken Taylor, Krissy Dick, Bob Dick &

Rick Lang. Saturday December 15th,

Belleville Congregational Church, 300

High Street, Newburyport. 7:30 PM

(doors open at 6:45 PM). Tickets: $15

at the door (general admission only)


shop and dine enjoy a stroll around town

and help determine the “People’s Choice

Award” for the window decorating

contest! A free weekend for the whole

family to enjoy! Link: https://members.

site Facebook: https://www.facebook.



See Page 5



Enjoy some particularly wonderful

winter wildlife-themed films on the big

screen in the comfort of the refuge visitor

center’s awesome auditorium…for

FREE! See for yourself the cinematic

experience created by our state-of-theart

laser projector, with surround sound!

The following films will be shown on

the following dates. No preregistration;

simply show up! Snowbound, Animals

in Winter – Sunday, December 16th

@ 1:30 p.m.: The coldest and snowiest

places on earth pose a challenge to

anyone visiting such locations as the

Arctic Circle or Antarctica, but what

about the year-round animal population?

(Approximately 1 hour) Parker River

National Wildlife Refuge; Phone: (978)




he Town Common

On December 15th and 16th

Amesbury’s beautiful and historic

Market Square will be the center of a CANDLELIGHT CHOIR

two day winter celebration. The town The Candlelight Choir of the First

will be full of excitement and fun to Religious Society UU in Newburyport

ring in the season with carolers, ice with singers from the community for

omplete sculpture demonstrations, Effective horse drawn Community our 93rd annual Candlelight Outreach!

Service on

carriage rides, an outdoor skating rink,

an outdoor movie, gift wrapping, and

December 16 in the evening. Contact

Rich Spicer, Interim Music Director,

of course a visit from Santa! While you, 978-465-0602




Please join Mayor Donna Holaday,

EOEEA Sec. Jay Ash and Louis P.

Minicucci, Jr. of Minco Development

Corporation to celebrate the

groundbreaking for One Boston Way,

the first Smart Growth development in

Newburyport, One Boston Way – 76

rental units, including 19 “affordable”

units. Monday, December 17th,

8:30am at Metzy’s Cantina, 5 Boston

Way, Newburyport (Metzy’s is in the

former MBTA terminal building on

the west side of the train track) nbpt@ 978-687-6200



“Literary InQueeries: NPL’s LGBTQ+

Book Group for Everyone” is the

Newburyport Public Library’s newest

book group! We meet at Commune (33

Pleasant Street) on the third Wednesday

of the month. We welcome all adults

who are interested in reading fiction

and non-fiction books with LGBTQ+

themes. Our first meeting will be

December 19th at 7pm. We will be

discussing “Orphan#8” by Kim van

Alkemade. Please contact our Reference

staff at 978-465-4428 x242 if you want

help requesting the book.

ndent Newspaper Serving North Shore of Mass & Coastal NH


It will pay to shop Ipswich Ford




The experience, the know-how, and caring

attitude needed to address YOUR dental needs.

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Route 133, Rowley


105 County Road

Route 1A & Route 133

Ipswich, MA

The TTS Players will present Broadways

favorite hit musical Annie Jr. at the Byfield

Community Arts Center on Dec. 7 & 14 at

7pm and Dec. 8, 9, 15, 16 at 2pm

The show’s running time is about an hour

perfect for young audiences and features all

the great songs that made it famous! “Tomorrow,”

“Maybe,” “Easy Street,” “NYC”

and “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a

Smile” performed by TTS players (Ages 6-16)

Please come and enjoy these storied

characters Daddy Warbucks, Grace Farrell,

Rooster, Lily and of course Miss Hannigan

and all the orphans including everybody’s

favorite Annie! This is a great way to get

into the holiday spirit whilst supporting our

TTS youth theater kids and the families we


For tickets reservations please email Pick up and Pay at

the window on show date. For more information

call Mike Fay at (978) 476-6053 or

please visit our web site at www.tts-players.

com “Like” us on Facebook TTS Players

Gregory 2012Der Bogosian, Publisher’s 2002 Representative 2015

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105 County Road . Route 1A & Route 133 . Ipswich, MA . 978-356-2916

Community Connections

Page 6 December 12 - 18, 2018

We'll keep you warm this season!



at Wolf Hill!

Fully Seasoned and Kiln Dried Firewood

In Stock Now!

104 Eastern Ave.

Gloucester, Ma 01930

(978) 281-4480

Call today for more information

or to schedule a delivery!

60 Turnpike Rd.

Ipswich, Ma 01938

(978) 356-6342

Salisbury, Ma 01952

88 Elm Street

(978) 465-3542



Sold Single Family Homes

Sponsored By:

Business Spotlight

Real Estate • For Sale

Winter is Here!

Sports • Sports • Sports

By John McCarthy, Rowley Realty

Currently it’s 28 degrees out. such a good idea, as we are still in a their experience, find out how well

Ugh. Winter is definitely here. Pets, sellers’ market Animals, and faced with very they know Plus the area and what kind

As most of us know the real estate low inventory.

of sales volume they have. Feel free

market is in what typically is a slower If you do decided to sell soon, to ask for, and talk to, references.

period; between Thanksgiving and Health you will want to do & everything Fitness

in Once you have someone lined up

the end of winter, whenever that

leaves us. Home sales during the

winter are traditionally a bit slower

than the crazy spring and summer

months. Many sellers feel that

this is a terrific time to take their

home off the market or wait until

the Spring to sell. This may not be



Winner of the 2018 Best of the Best Moving Company

USDOT #654172 | MC # 310830 | MA. DPU # 30442

Address, Town Description DOM List Price Sold For Orig Price

59 West St, Georgetown 8 room, 4 bed, 2f 0h bath Cape 19 $299,000 $265,000 $325,000

8 California Ln, Amesbury 6 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Colonial 21 $280,000 $277,500 $280,000

17 Locust St, Merrimac 7 room, 3 bed, 1f 1h bath Colonial 164 $319,900 $310,000 $319,900

146 Topsfield Rd, Ipswich 6 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 6 $329,900 $360,000 $329,900

53 Rabbit Rd, Salisbury 6 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Colonial 120 $299,900 $290,000 $329,900

5 Beech Ln, Amesbury 4 room, 2 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 27 $339,900 $342,400 $339,900

3 Prospect Hill, Merrimac 7 room, 2 bed, 1f 1h bath Victorian 19 $359,900 $359,900 $359,900

1 Sawyer St, Merrimac 7 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Farmhouse 17 $364,777 $370,000 $364,777

192 School St, Groveland 5 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 7 $370,000 $390,000 $370,000

17 Clinton St, Amesbury 4 room, 2 bed, 2f 0h bath Ranch 20 $374,900 $380,000 $374,900

33 Broadway Ave, Ipswich 8 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Colonial 21 $379,000 $380,000 $379,000

3 Park St, Salisbury 8 room, 4 bed, 1f 1h bath Colonial 50 $379,900 $370,000 $379,900

155 Linebrook Rd, Ipswich 4 room, 2 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 18 $385,000 $388,000 $385,000

19 Red Oak Acres, Merrimac 6 room, 3 bed, 1f 1h bath Cape 16 $385,000 $392,000 $385,000

20 Belmont St, Amesbury 8 room, 3 bed, 1f 1h bath Colonial 25 $389,900 $389,900 $389,900

8 Paradise Rd, Ipswich 7 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 35 $389,000 $380,000 $399,000

20 Bradford Loop, Georgetown 7 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 39 $399,900 $382,500 $399,900

137 Depot Rd, Boxford 5 room, 3 bed, 1f 0h bath Ranch 24 $420,000 $420,000 $420,000

221 Elm St, Amesbury 11 room, 4 bed, 2f 1h bath Victorian 23 $428,000 $425,000 $428,000

38 Lorenzo Ave, Hamilton 7 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Cape 22 $450,000 $448,000 $450,000

26 Manning St, Ipswich 7 room, 3 bed, 1f 1h bath Colonial 18 $459,000 $509,000 $459,000

7 Newbury Rd, Ipswich 6 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Ranch 55 $415,900 $403,000 $469,900

105 West Main St, Georgetown 9 room, 4 bed, 3f 0h bath Colonial 19 $479,900 $490,000 $479,900

348 Main St, Groveland 6 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Colonial 60 $475,000 $450,000 $489,000

285 Center St, Groveland 7 room, 3 bed, 1f 1h bath Cape 112 $469,000 $460,000 $524,900

6 Pinewood Rd, Amesbury 10 room, 4 bed, 2f 2h bath Colonial 23 $525,000 $525,000 $525,000

6 Farnham Rd, Georgetown 8 room, 4 bed, 2f 0h bath Split Entry 74 $499,900 $490,000 $549,900

11 Maple St, Amesbury 8 room, 4 bed, 2f 1h bath Colonial 29 $549,900 $545,000 $549,900

8 Sycamore Ln, Salisbury 5 room, 3 bed, 2f 1h bath Cape 161 $559,900 $559,900 $559,900

321 Center St, Groveland 8 room, 4 bed, 2f 1h bath Cape 9 $585,900 $575,000 $585,900

7 49th St, Newbury 6 room, 3 bed, 2f 0h bath Cape 125 $560,000 $550,000 $595,000

202 Main St, Rowley 8 room, 4 bed, 3f 1h bath Colonial 107 $548,500 $550,000 $638,500

47 Merrimac St, Amesbury 5 room, 3 bed, 2f 1h bath Colonial 44 $650,000 $650,000 $650,000

40 Wood St, Groveland 9 room, 4 bed, 2f 1h bath Colonial 3 $675,000 $705,000 $675,000

25 Basin Front Dr, Newbury 7 room, 4 bed, 1f 0h bath Other 163 $679,000 $650,000 $724,300

743 Bay Rd, Hamilton 9 room, 3 bed, 3f 0h bath Ranch 26 $815,000 $815,000 $815,000

7 Ivy Ln, Newbury 6 room, 3 bed, 1f 1h bath Cottage 25 $825,000 $812,000 $825,000

7A Archelaus Hill, West Newbury 8 room, 4 bed, 2f 1h bath Colonial 37 $850,000 $900,896.50 $850,000

186 High St, Newburyport 12 room, 5 bed, 3f 1h bath Colonial 243 $988,000 $900,000 $988,000

50 Choate Ln, Ipswich 9 room, 4 bed, 3f 1h bath Contemporary 15 $1,290,000 $1,185,000 $1,290,000

9-11 Lakeman’s Ln, Ipswich 14 room, 5 bed, 4f 1h bath Cape 147 $1,075,000 $1,110,000 $1,450,000

Single Family Listings: 40 Avg. Liv.Area SqFt: 2,174.15 Avg. List$: $525,494 Avg. List$/SqFt: $262

Avg. DOM: 54.23 Avg. DTO: 34.73 Avg. Sale$: $522,250 Avg. Sale$/SqFt: $261

2018 MLS Property Information Network, Inc.

your power to attract would-be

homebuyers. One of the first things

you should do is examine, and, if

needed, repair any major systems.

If you’re unaware of any, you may

want to hire a professional home

inspector. I know that usually only

buyers hire a home inspector after

the house goes under agreement

but you might as well save yourself

any surprises down the road and

find out what will come up. Once

the structural systems are repaired

or given the thumbs-up, then you

should turn to appearance.

And when it comes to appearance

there are many things to consider,


• Curb appeal. In other words,

the way your house looks from

the street - the roof’s condition,

do you need paint, are the leaves

picked up or has the driveway been


• Get rid of clutter. If you have

too much furniture put some

it away (not in another room!)

or into storage. Fewer pieces of

furniture will make the room seem

larger and more open. Often times

people have difficulty visualizing

their furniture in your home so

make it easier on them. A fresh

coat of paint inside a room can do

wonders, but try to keep the colors


• Talk to a professional. Talk

with a REALTOR®. Ask about

you can follow his or her additional

recommendations and begin the

final phase of preparation before

your house goes on the market.

Finally, you should set a

competitive price. I have

written a number of articles on

comparable sales and how to get

to the right price. When you hire

a REALTOR® he/she will begin

by conducting a market analysis

of your house and give you an

estimate of the fair market value

based on how much similar homes

in your neighborhood are selling

for. Your REALTOR® should be

able to explain to you why he/she

thinks your home is priced the way

it is. Whatever price you decide

on should be easy as the local real

estate market should dictate what

it should sell for.

Enjoy the winter, the real estate

market is still strong and there are

plenty of buyers out there looking

for a place to call home.

I would like to wish everyone a

Happy Holiday and very Merry


If you have any questions about

this article, real estate in general or

are looking to buy or sell a home

please contact me, John McCarthy

at Rowley Realty, 165 Main St.,

Rowley, MA 01969, Phone: 978

948-2758, Cell 978 835-2573 or

via email at john@rowleyrealestate.


Letters To The Editor

December 12 - 18, 2018 Page 7

Community Announcements

AMESBURY - The Market Street Baptist Church invites the public to attend the Christmas Eve Pageant & Family

Candlelight Service on Monday, December 24th from 5:00-6:00 pm in the church 37 Market St. The Nativity

Story is presented in pageant form Community along with hymns of celebration of Christ’s Connections

birth and is suitable for all ages. The

sanctuary is accessible by elevator.


GEORGETOWN – A new Walking Club continues to meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 a.m. at the Georgetown

Senior Community Center. The Walking Business Club is funded with a competitive Spotlight

grant recently awarded to the Georgetown

Council on Aging (COA) through a grant to the Massachusetts Associations of Councils on Aging by Blue Cross

Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Led by a COA volunteer walking group leader, easy outdoor walking routes are planned

Real Estate • For Sale


starting from the Sale Georgetown Senior Community Center. Indoor routes will be planned for inclement weather.

An endurance exercise, walking can improve cardiovascular health and the circulatory system and delay or prevent

many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. For more

information and to register for the program, please call the COA at 978-352-


Sports • Sports • Sports

Discover the Latest, Non-Medication Treatment Program

Pets, Animals, Plus Relieve Chronic Pain Today


NEWBURYPORT - For several years, the River Valley Charter School

in Newburyport has had a relationship with the Bura Primary School in

Newburyport’s Sister City, Bura, Kenya. RVCS students have benefitted from

the knowledge that the exchange has brought to them, as members of the

sister city organization and three teachers from Bura have visited the school to

talk about Kenya, the Bura community and schools. RVCS students learned

Health & Fitness •

that while primary school in Kenya is free, some students, especially those

who are orphans, are unable to purchase the $25 uniforms and so are unable

to attend school. The RVCS students decided they could help. In 2016, they

sold drawings and paintings they had created at an art show held at Café

di Siena in downtown Newburyport, with proceeds donated to the uniform

project. In 2017, they collected several suitcases full of school supplies which

accompanied a team of 4 GNBA members who went to Bura. Miguel Nye,

an RVCS student whose mother, Katie Nye, is a member of the Greater

Newburyport/Bura Alliance, Newburyport’s sister city organization, has had

the opportunity to travel to Bura twice to visit the school and plant trees

that his RVCS classmates purchased. He brought school supplies donated

by his classmates, shared videos made by RVCS students, and returned with

letters from Bura Primary students introducing themselves and telling about

their lives. This month, students are holding a craft sale at the school, with

proceeds to go to GNBA’s education programs. The holiday sale which is

for River Valley students and their families will include student made crafts

such as pottery and jewelry, as well as drawings and paintings. RVCS first to

third graders have created a poster soliciting donations to the Bura project. It

reads: “Children helping children – Our children are raising money to help

children in Bura, Kenya. Please help us help them. Cash or checks made out

to the Greater Newburyport/Bura Alliance only –Drop off or mail to Colleen

and Emily’s classroom, River Valley School, 2 Perry Way, Newburyport, MA



ROWLEY – Upcoming events at the Rowley Public Library, 141 Main St,

Rowley: DEC 20th 4:30-6:30pm POLAR EXPRESS Family Movie Night -

Come celebrate the season with our annual magical showing of Polar Express.

Cozy up with snacks and hot cocoa. Families are encouraged to come in their

pajamas. This program is designed for families of all ages. To register come to

library or call us at: 978-948-2850. DEC 27th 11-3pm Holiday Thank You

Card Drop-In. Take some time to thank your family and friends this holiday

season. Drop in anytime between 11am & 3pm to create your own holiday

thank you cards. We will provide all the supplies you need to make your cards

shine. Designed for children of all ages. No registration necessary.


ROWLEY – The Rowley Public Library is currently hosting the landscapes

of Teri Canelle. She is most passionate about painting in the tonalist style,

where paint is applied in layers of dark tones, muted hues and touches of light

to create atmospheric, luminous effects. A native of western Pennsylvania, Teri

Canelle has lived most of her adult life in coastal New England and currently

lives in Byfield, Massachusetts. She is affiliated with Cleo Gallery in Kemare,

Ireland, Eventide Gallery in Essex, and Somerset Interiors in Hamilton, and

is a member of the Rockport Art Association. The display will be up through

January at the Rowley Public Library, 141 Main Street in Rowley. For more

information, call 978-948-2850.



in! This year’s prizes are the most valuable so far! We have over $2600 in

baskets waiting for a winner. 2018 is all about the teens, with baskets filled

with Dungeons and Dragons, Magic The Gathering, Manga & Anime, Harry

Potter, and a huge basket of Young Adult Graphic Novels. Local Honey,

Children’s Art Supplies, Legos, Winnie the Pooh, Institution for Savings, Bird

Watching, and of course, the Gift Card Tree and more! Come see all 18

prizes and enter to win a basket for yourself or a friend. The drawing will be

December 15th @ 1pm in the Library Meeting Room. You don’t need to be

present to win. Raffle tickets are available at the Rowley Public Library at

141 Main Street, Rowley. The Friends thank everyone who donated a basket

to the event. Stop in to check out all the baskets. For more information, call

the library at 978-948-2850.


If you suffer from one or all of these symptoms:

Numbness / burning pain

• Diabetic nerve pain

• Leg cramping

• Sharp, electric-like pain

• Pain when you stand or walk

• Difficulty sleeping

You may be a candidate for our Exclusive Neuropathy Treatment Program

used by thousands of patients across the country

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$49 Consult, Exam & One Treatment Session

Learn how my exclusive Neuropathy Reversal

Treatment Program can help you feel better!

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Flexible Treatment Programs Available!

• Some programs require as little as 8 office visits

• Little or no travel for some programs

My name is Dr. Christopher Cordima, D.C.

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pain, stabilize their condition and regain their health.

I have created a revolutionary treatment program for

patients with Neuropathy using the most advanced non -

surgical, drug free medical technologies available toda y !

We use state-of-the-art testing and treatments that gets you out of pain faster and

helps to give you LONG LASTING RESULTS!

“My Neurologist is amazed, I had severe neuropathy and have been in the healthcare

industry for over 40 years, so I was skeptical. Now my meds have been cut, my pain is

gone and my Neurologist is amazed!” -Mickey R.

“Feeling is back without meds, I was on multiple meds, couldn’t sleep and had a pain

level of 9. Now I am at 2 and the feeling is back without meds!“ -Mary H.

Dr. Christopher Cordima, D.C.

690 Broadway

Somerville, MA 02144

(617) 629-2600

Northern Essex Fuel Corp.

Automatic Delivery

24 Hour Burner Service



per gallon

100 gallon min

Prices subject to change.


Page 8 December 12 - 18, 2018




Consultation to Project Completion

. Carpentry . Masonry . Landscaping . Roofing . Basements . Water Entry

. All Phases of Construction . Commercial/Residential

. All Maintenance Work . OVER 25 YEARS of

All Types of Restorations

. Free Initial Consultation . Project Management “In the Field” Experience


All Types of Property Repairs

Vincent A. Iafrate, G.C. (617)835-3550




Consultation to Project Completion

. Carpentry . Masonry . Landscaping . Roofing . Basements . Water Entry

. All Phases of Construction . Commercial/Residential

. All Maintenance Work . All Types of Restorations

. Free Initial Consultation . Project Management


All Types of Property Repairs


RE/MAX Partners



“In the Field” Experience

(c) 2018 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Buy a Home for Christmas


42 Day Avenue, Hamilton, MA

Open House

Sunday, December 16, 2018


Vincent A. Iafrate, G.C. (617)835-3550

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Your Arian penchant for

impatience shows, as you consider passing a problem-prone

project on to someone else. Best advice: Stay with it and work out

those snarls yourself.

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Even patient Bovines can be

frustrated when carefully made plans go awry. But crank up that

“stick-to-it-ivity” you do so well, and you’ll soon find that your

schedule is back in sync.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Your aspect favors using more

resourceful means in dealing with a workplace situation. Some

discreet checking around could help shed light on the root cause of the problem.

CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You show an unusually strong streak of stubbornness in rejecting suggestions

from friends and/or family members early in the week. But you become more receptive by the week’s end.

LEO (July 23 to August 22) The Big Cat might find a gentler approach more effective when dealing with

those who resist needed changes. Remember, the word “persuasion”

starts with the sound “purr.”

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) A disappointing experience with

someone you felt you could trust can be painful. But there just might be

more to this situation than you’re aware of. Press for an explanation.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Changing your views about

something you believe in isn’t easy. But you might reconsider as the facts

come in. Keep your mind open, even if you’re uneasy about what you

might learn.

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) You might have to do some

serious shifting of gears to get your project back on track. But cheer up.

Your hard work starts to produce some positive results by the week’s


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) An unsettling mood

at the start of the week soon lifts and gives way to a more positive attitude

as you find fun and friendship beginning to dominate your aspect.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A delay in firming up

holiday plans could work to your advantage. Use this time to scout out

possibilities that might be more in line with what those close to you

would prefer.

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Some people might question

some of the new friends you’ve welcomed into your life. But your ability

to see beyond the obvious helps you recognize how special they are.

PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Financial matters can be especially

tricky this week. It’s best to follow a conservative investment path for

now, and wait for a more fortuitous time to take a bolder approach.

BORN THIS WEEK: Your warmth, your humor and your genuine

concern for others make you someone people love to keep close to their



A Home For the Holidays!

Imagine a crackling fire in the spacious living room,

while smells of cooking delicacies come from the

eat-in, updated kitchen. Sparkling hardwood floors

throughout, new bathroom and heated sunroom/

family room. How about walking your child to the

elementary school at the end of the street, playing

in the spacious back yard, and enjoying the quiet

of the side street? Park your car out of the snow

this year in the oversized garage and make plans

to finish the large basement.

Holiday special of $449,000

Santa says: Don’t miss this one

Sake &




Cider & Vinegar





of home


brewing and


wine making

Lafayette Rd, Hampton, supplies!

603-601-2548 ~

42o 49’N 070o 49’W


12 Wed 2:29 7.36 2:39 8.11 8:30 1.20 9:05 0.34 7:04 4:09

13 Thurs 3:16 7.30 3:27 7.86 9:19 1.31 9:53 0.51 7:05 4:09

14 Fri 4:05 7.28 4:19 7.63 10:12 1.38 10:42 0.66 7:06 4:09

15 Sat 4:56 7.33 5:12 7.43 11:06 1.36 11:33 0.77 7:06 4:09

16 Sun 5:48 7.46 6:07 7.31 12:02 1.25 xx xx 7:07 4:10

17 Mon 6:40 7.68 7:03 7.29 12:24 0.82 12:57 1.01 7:08 4:10

18 Tues 7:30 7.98 7:57 7.37 1:15 0.81 1:51 0.67 7:08 4:10

19 Wed 8:19 8.35 8:48 7.53 2:04 0.72 2:42 0.26 7:09 4:11

20 Thurs 9:06 8.75 9:37 7.74 2:52 0.57 3:31 -0.19 7:10 4:11

December 12 - 18, 2018 Page 9

Health & Wellness


Gravity is precise in nature,

governed by laws and formulas;

it does not respond to individual

circumstances or objectives. It’s easy

because it always works. Clinical

dentistry, on the other hand, is

science for sure, but an inexact

science at best. Inexact science

requires the skill of an artist to

create a consistent and predictable

result since it is not a matter of an

equation, hence the “Art and Science

of Dentistry.” This inexactness is

something that dentists struggle

with daily.

I am currently treating a patient

who presented with a bunch

of broken teeth. The patient is

frustrated because these teeth have

been “fixed” numerous times over

the past few years. His previous

dentist had tried to bond things

here and there to keep the cost

down for the patient but they just

kept breaking. The patient, an

engineer, said that he even tried

giving the dentist suggestions to

make things “stronger”. Those

suggestions only led to more failure.

Brighter Smiles...

Predictable dentistry often requires

doing things that you would rather

not do.

I recently heard an ad on the

radio with a famous actor talking

about colon cancer screening. He

describes that having a colonoscopy

after age 50 is huge in finding and

treating early changes that lead to

colon cancer. Most people don’t

want to have a colonoscopy, but

also don’t want to get colon cancer,

so there is a dilemma. These actions

have now become inconsistent with

the desired outcome, much like the

patient I just described. He doesn’t

want to have a complete exam and

map out a precise treatment plan

that will ensure a more predictable

result, but he wants to save his


We have come to a fork in the

road. If you don’t want to get colon

cancer you get screened and treat

any early signs of problems to help

avoid the cancer. If you want to

risk getting colon cancer, you don’t

get screened. If this dental patient

doesn’t want to lose his teeth, he

should get a complete exam and

address the issues in a more logical

and predictable manner. If he wants

to risk losing teeth, he can keep

putting band-aids on the teeth,

but they may not hold up as he has

already experienced.

Dentists often struggle with

patients whose actions are

Define the Objective

inconsistent with what they

want from dental treatment. It is

important for dentists to listen to

people to know what they want. A

patient who says she doesn’t want

to do a crown on a tooth has not

said she would not do crown. She

is saying she doesn’t want to do it,

would rather not spend the money

to do it, she won’t enjoy doing it,

and she will want it to be over as

quickly as possible. What does she

want the outcome to be?

Too many disappointments

have occurred because a dentist

compromised treatment and the

result was not what the patient

expected. The dentist and the

patient need to be very clear on

compromise. The patient must

understand that, if there is failure,

it is most likely the result of the

decision not to do the more ideal

treatment. The dentist needs to

thoroughly explain to the patient

the risks and benefits of any

treatment they are doing so that

everyone is on the same page.

Dr. St. Clair maintains a private

dental practice in Rowley and

Newburyport dedicated to healthcentered

family dentistry. If there are

certain topics you would like to see

written about or questions you have

please email them to him at jpstclair@ You can view all

previously written columns at www.

Time to Cash Those Old Savings Bonds?

Did you stash away savings bonds

years ago? Do you know what

they’re worth now?

While savings bonds used to be a

great way to put money aside for the

future, with the different interest

rates and dates of maturity, it’s all

too easy to forget they’re there.

Paper bonds haven’t been issued for

years; they’ve all gone electronic.

But if you have paper bonds from

long ago, there’s a good chance

they’ve matured. A few things to


-- Paper bonds can add interest

over and above the face value

until they’re finally mature, which

is usually 30 years. If your paper

Senior Scene

bonds are very old, they could be

worth much more than face value.

-- Cashing in the oldest bonds

first is a mistake. They might still

be earning great interest.

-- If you cash in a bond on the

wrong day, you might be giving up

six months of interest.

-- Since you pay federal taxes on

the interest, cashing in too many

at once can have tax consequences

you might not expect.

If you have paper savings bonds,

your best bet is

It has loads of information to help

you get the most cash out of your

bonds, plus a complimentary bond

calculator. If you set up an account,

it will track your bonds and give

you their current values.

Perhaps its best feature is that it

tells you the next time interest will

be added. The last thing you want

to do is cash in one right before

the interest is posted. And it will

warn you what interest you need to

report on your taxes before you cash

them in.

If you have paper bonds that you

want to convert to electronic, you

can do that too. Ask at your bank.

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Danvers Farm & Home

Seasoned Firewood

Coal, Wood Pellets, Fire Blocks

Delivery available


Dr. Laura anne Potvin, P.C.




Dr. nYLa LaMBert

Dr. KatHLeen Horn

Dr. CatHLeen DouCette




What do you

look for in a dentist?

Our office provides individual attention

based on each patient’s specific unique needs.

All Phases of Dental Care Including:

• Grinding/Clenching/TMJ Therapy

• Sleep Apnea/Snoring Treatment

Learn More:

Please call our office to schedule

Contact your advertising consultant today....

a comlimentary 30-minute consultation.

77 Wethersfield Street, Rowley, MA 01969

151 Central Street, Rowley | 978-948-2030


Give peace a chance


CBD can help; the jittery, the stressed out,

the hurting, and the sleep deprived. But

tranquility isn’t just a state of mind, CBD helps

calm the body too. Check out our unique gift

packages for all the “lively” people on your

holiday list.

We make shopping relaxing and

shipping easy. Call or stop in today.

8 Central Street • Ipswich, MA 01938

978.356.3493 •

CBD is non-psychoactive and can’t get you “high”.

Page 10 December 12 - 18, 2018




The Town



December 12 - 18, 2018 Page 11



Classified Ads


Pure S o y C a n d l e S

Holiday Candles

1, 495 & I95. Furnished, Private replaced, gutters cleaned, repaired

dipped SELLING Pine Cones


Yard. $1500/month Plus Utilities. or replaced, clean outs and clean Saturdays 12-4p

ITEMS WANTED Community – Wanted Call 978-465-2283 Calendar ups of Continues all kinds. General masonry,

all brick work, chimney work,

. . natural . organic Scents 6 ashley rd, rowley

by Pratt Coin and Hobby in WEST NEWBURY OFFICE

walkways, etc. (cell) 978-376-4214, COINS

Georgetown. U.S. Coins, silver, gold,


SPACE - Two Offices. $700/

(home) 978-374-6187

Topsfield Village

foreign world money. Old pocket month. Call 978-465-2283

Shopping Center

watches, wrist watches, costume



30 Main St

jewelry and post cards. Wheat


Turn your travel dreams into reality

pennies, Pre-1958 - 2 1/2 cents each.



OPPORTUNITY Over 400 rockin’

roll albums from 50s, 60s, and Lacroix and I want to be your travel

with my help. My name is Kristy


Call Peter Pratt 70s. Like new condition.



WANTED – Wanted

advisor (at no cost to you). I am


1-800-870-4086 or

or $400/set or trade for gold/silver/ by Pratt Coin NOT and order hobby taker. in I am a world

coins. Call Peter 978-352-2234 Georgetown. traveler. u.S. Coins, Let my silver, many gold, travel experiences

money. and certifications Old pocket benefit you.


foreign world


HOURS VARY, PLAYER PIANO ROLLS watches, - 300 wrist Land, watches, sea or river costume travel, I am here

PLEASE CALL FIRST rolls in original labeled boxes. All

jewelry and to post assist. cards. I have Wheat traveled throughout

the US, including Hawaii

types of music: Ragtime, Jazz,

WANTED TO BUY Classical $200 Call 978-729-8071

pennies, Pre-1958 - 2 1/2 cents each.

and Alaska, Northern Europe, the Pure S o y C a n d l e S

Holiday Candles

dipped Pine Cones

Gold Scrap, Gold Coins,




Caribbean, APPRAISAL Israel, South Africa,



Antique Post Cards SAILBOAT FOR SALE, 24-foot Saturdays 12-4p

Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, the

Sterling Silver by the Troy oz. fiberglass Precision, sailboat on

Mediterranean, a River Cruise and

Silver Coins pre-1965

trailer – needs some work, motor, 1-800-870-4086 Call Peter Pratt

many ocean cruises. or

natural organic Scents 6 ashley rd, rowley

I host an

.999 Silver Bars by the oz.

cushions, and wood pieces well

ocean cruise each year. Call me at

stored: Work on it this winter, sail 978-352-2234

US Silver Dollars

603 382 3596 or email me kristy@

by June, Best offer, call 603-926-

Wartime Nickels 1942-1945


SundAy S



US Clad Half Dollars 1965-1969

t h Ru t h E h O L I d Ay S !

Thank you for patronizing my store this past year.



SEABROOK, NH - 1700 Colonial,

Please stop by for a free magnet calendar “2019”

55 Centennial St, 6 Bedroom

WAntEd tO buy

Remote Controlled Vehicles includes 2 bedroom apartment, Gold Scrap, Gold Coins, Post Cards

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

ESTES Rockets & Supplies, seperate utilities, 3 out Sterling buildings Silver......$15 per troy oz.

Plastic & Wood Models / Supplies including garage. $275K Silver Call 978- Coins pre1965....$11 per $1

Now Selling Gold & Sterling Silver Jewelry

Autos, Trucks, Planes, Ships, 241-5286

.999 Silver bars.............$18 per oz.

Large Selection of Beautiful, Unique, Vintage

X-Acto Sets, Paints

uS Silver dollars............$17 • Public Skating each

& Much More

978-948-8696 • • advertise@thetowncommon.c

HELP WANTEDWartime nickels 1942-1945....$0.75 • Learn to Skate ea

Bracelets, Rings, Turquoise, & Earings


• Figure Skating


uS Clad half dollars 1965-1969....$2.00 ea

Pratt Hobby Shop • 20 East Main St. • Georgetown, MA.


• Youth Hockey • 800-870-4086 • 978-352-2234

WANTED - Rowley based



barbershop - Friendly

• SuPPLIES Adult Hockey

20 E Main St, Georgetown, MA

• Stick Practice

Mon-Fri 8:30a-6p, Sat 10a-5p Family Atmosphere - Very Remote Busy Controlled Vehicles

• Ice Rentals & Parties


Phone 978-352-2234 - On Rt. 1 - Please call Rocco EstEs at Rockets • Pro-Shop & Supplies,

(978) 948-2555 Plastic & Wood Models / Supplies

Housekeeping / Laundry / Kitchen

SERVICES Autos, trucks, Planes, Open Ships Year & more Round If you are a motivated, enthusiastic individual looking

PineCars &

derby Supplies

for long term employment, we are a match!


wn, Lawn, Garden Lawn, Garden & Snow Equipment Equipment

Graf Skating Rink


X-Acto Sets, Paints & More

Apply in person, call, or email:

Sales Sales and 28 Low St

Service - Repairs & Additions. Interior/ MEtAL 978-948-2552


401 401 Main 401 Main Street (Rt. (Rt. 1A) 1A) Exterior Painting. Fully Insured.



Sea View Retreat 50 Mansion Drive, Rowley, MA 01969 EOE

Rowley, Rowley, MA 01969 30 years experience. Free Estimates.

(978) (978) 948-2723

Excellent Referrals. 978-465-2283 20 E Main St, Georgetown, MA


Mon-Fri 8:30a-6p, Sat 10a-5p

Classified Form

CARPET CLEANING Phone ON 978-352-2234

Use this form to submit your classified entry


Serving Collectors and Investors

for 40 years. Home or office visits

anytime. Free appraisals. No


978-255-1127 or


Antiques Flea Market held the first

Wednesday of each month from

October 3 to April 3 at the Dover

Elks Hall, 282 Durham Rd., Rte.

108 Dover, NH (exit 7 off Rte.

16, 1.7 miles south on Rte. 108

on left). Features 35 dealers that

offer Fun and Funky Antiques and

Vintage Goods. Catered (207) 396-



OCEAN FRONT Winter Rental

- Off Street Parking. Close to Rte

LOCATION - W/W Cleaning

$50/Room, Area Rugs $50/each.

Min. charge $100. Call Bob at

Yankee Carpet: 978-887-5043

Gary’s Just Stuff – MECHANICAL


Repaired! Generators, Outboards,

Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Tune

ups, etc., pick-up and delivery available,

Call Gary at (978) 376-4214


Repairs & Installation, Painting,

Wallpapering, Kitchen & Bath,

Cabinets & Tile, Many years experience,

I don’t mind small jobs,

Local professional, Trustworthy,

Call me for free estimate - (781)



RIOR, smoke and water damage

ceilings stain killed, repaired, or

replaced, carpentry interior-exterior

repairs, windows repaired and

The Town Common

SPECIAL OFFER: 20 Words for 4 Weeks - $30 00 *SAVE $10 00 !

Prepaid Consecutive Ads, 75¢ for each additional word.

Circle A Category

Contact your advertising consultant today....

For Sale • Wanted • Services • Free • Child Care Needed/Avail. • Rental

Auto • Boat • Help Wanted • Animals • Yard Sale • Rental • Other _______


Classified Ads must be paid for prior to publication. No billing options exist for classifieds. Cash, Checks,

or Credit Cards Accepted. Checks made payable to: The Town Common DEADLINE: Wed. at 5PM

for the following week.

77 Wethersfield Street, Rowley, MA 01969



Weekly Community Newspaper

Contact your Advertising

Cost per issue: $10.00 per issue / 20 words or less. (25 cents for each additional word.) or


1___________ Consultant 2___________ today! 3___________ 4___________

5___________ 6___________ 7___________ 8___________





• F: 978-948-2564

11___________ 12___________

13___________ 14___________ 15___________ 16___________


18___________ 19___________ 20___________

21___________ 22___________ 23___________ 24___________

Name:____________________________ Address:_____________________________

Town:_____________________ State:_________ Zip:__________

Tel. #:________________________ Email: __________________________________

Number of Issues or Dates:_______________________________

Credit Card Type: __MC __Visa __ Amex __Dscvr

Credit Card # ______________________________ Expiration Date _____/_____

Mail To: The Town Common, 77 Wethersfi eld St., Rowley, MA 01969

or e-mail the above information to:

Page 12 December 12 - 18, 2018

Rowley Realty is proud to be your local Realtor® for more than 40 years.

This past year we had over $13 Million in sales

in the North Shore communities we serve!

Following are the properties we have sold so far in 2018:

74 Saunders Lane, Rowley

12 Leslie Terrace, Rowley

76 Kittery Avenue, Rowley

84 Weldon Farm Road, Rowley

25 School Street, Rowley

10 Brook Street, Rowley

115 Kittery Avenue, Rowley

38 Dodge Road, Rowley

61 Kathleen Circle, Rowley

43 Wethersfield Street, Rowley

17 Wilkes Road, Rowley

116 Daniels Road, Rowley

70 Wethersfield Street, Rowley

535 Haverhill Street #4, Rowley

870 Haverhill Street, #21A, Rowley

8 Longmeadow Drive #16, Rowley

7 Twin Hills Farm Road, #3, Rowley

7 Acorn Way, Georgetown

11 Horsemint Circle, Georgetown

6 Pimpernel Circle #29, Georgetown

479 Kingsbury Avenue, Haverhill

411 Linebrook Road, Ipswich

60 Merrimac Street, #901, Amesbury

Pauline White and John McCarthy appreciate the opportunity to serve you,

and look forward to continue to provide outstanding service in the coming year.

If you are thinking of selling or buying in Rowley or the surrounding communities,

please call our office at (978) 948-2758, or visit our website at

Warm wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy and peaceful

Holiday Season from all of us at Rowley Realty!

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