QuickBooks Error Code 12157 – How to Fix, Resolve


QuickBooks is the most efficient bookkeeping and accounting software around the globe. This software is the reason for making a good profit. QuickBooks Error 12157 comes under error code series that result due to connectivity issues in Windows with WinInet API. In this PDF, we are going to talk about troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code 12157. Follow the steps below to correct the error code 12157:

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps for QB Error 12157
• First of all, Close QuickBooks.
• After that Go to Internet Explorer.
• Now click on Advanced Tab.
• Click Restore Advanced Settings tab.
• Finally Close Window and check the status of your QuickBooks
• If the software performing well then restart once.

QuickBooks Desktop & Internet Explorer Configuration:
The settings of both QuickBooks Desktop and Internet Explorer should match with each other. Both applications should meet the latest stable version and checked manually.

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Intuit QuickBooks is the most lovable and famous accounting software that has been used by

the global leaders. It comprises numerous features which keeps the businessmen’s away from

the stress and tension of maintaining their business accounts. According to the survey of

QuickBooks software, it has been seen that some frequent common QB errors occur due to

the same reason. In this post today we are going to discuss about one of the frequent error

(QuickBooks Error Code 12157) that occurs in QuickBooks due to many reasons. Know all the

possible causes with quick troubleshooting steps to overcome from this error.

Common Internet Connectivity Errors

Due to the internet connective few error codes usually appears. It might be possible that

there are no specific warning messages or simply just show any of the error code given below:

QuickBooks Error Code 12045

• QB Error 12157

QuickBooks Error 12038

• QB Error Code 12037

Causes of QuickBooks Error 12157

• You can have a comprehensive selection of framework conflicts, PC registry

errors, and Active X problems

• Some Firewall program restricted setups and Internet safety applications.

• Many QuickBooks software variations released on the same year on the very

same computer system such as: QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2016 as well as

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 16.0.

• Conditional firewall software settings and web protection applications, Specific

Internet or Protection apps could appear while updating the desktop computer

software of QuickBooks.

Solution of QuickBooks Error Code 12157

Check out the following methods to remove the error codes given above. However, if you

are looking for quick help to resolve QB errors contact QuickBooks Error Support team.

Method 1: Verify the date and time in the computer

• First of all, You need to Perform a right-click on the clock in the bottom right

corner of the computer.

• Next, Choose the Adjust Date/Time.

• After that Select the Change date and time and then, enter the today’s date &


• Next, Hit the OK key.

• Now Close & reopen the QB Desktop.

• Finally, update the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Method 2: Verify the Internet Connection Settings

1. First of all, Test the secure internet connection by opening the web page of the

Chase banking.

• You wont be allowed to update the QuickBooks, if you are unable to open the

Chase banking. It is recommended for you to contact the Internet Service

Provider (ISP) for support and Help.

• If you are able to see the Chase banking page, you can proceed with the steps

given below.

2. After that just Select the Help => Internet Connection Setup.

3. Next, Choose the Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a

connection when this application accesses the Internet, & select the Next.

4. Now Select the Advanced Connection Settings.

5. Next, In the Advanced tab, select the Restore Advanced Settings

6. After that Choose OK then Done.

7. Finally, Update the QuickBooks Desktop.

Internet security or personal firewall application settings

Make sure that the internet security & personal firewall settings are configured accurately.

The Port 80 & 443 must be enabled and access must be provided to the following files:

Place the specific firewall ports according to the version of the QuickBooks Desktop:


• QBServerUtilityMgr.exe

• QBGDSPlugin.exe

• QBDBMgr.exe

• IntuitSyncManager.exe

• FileManagement.exe

• Dbmlsync.exe

• AutoBackupExe.exe

• DBManagerExe.exe

• FileMovementExe.exe

• QBCFMonitorService.exe

• QBDBMgrN.exe

• QBLaunch.exe

• QBW32.exe

Note: It might be possible that all the ports mentioned above are used for some of the

other purposes. In that scenario, a fallback port 56719 would prefer to use for

the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Troubleshoot the Technical QuickBooks Errors

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