Forest School Year 3 Newsletter Week 5

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Year 3: Survival

Week 5:

Week 5 started very cold, the filed was covered with frost.

By the time we set off the

frost had started to go.

In a survival situation you need to know what

direction you are moving in.

Dr Collins showed the

children how to make

a compass with a

needle and piece of


The children learnt

how to use a compass.

The children noticed

that North always

stayed in the same


We had a snack and were

safe around the fire.

The compass only

worked if it was held

as though it was

resting on an

invisible table.

In a survival situation if you are feeling a bit low singing can

raise your spirits.

We sang London’s burning as a ‘round’. We found it

helped to concentrate on the words by shutting our

eyes or putting a finger in one ear.

The last challenge was to build a den.

We saw a good use of


… and a good use of

sticks. Here they are

supporting a branch to

keep it out of the

children’s way.

Some of the children were

concerned about the trees

because of the brown leaves. But

it was OK the trees were just

like trees in winter.

Hannah noticed that

the new Beech trees

had lots of tiny

spiders on them.

Why? We would have

to try and find out.

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