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Student Spotlight: Canyon Neundorfer ’20

October Movie Night and Tailgate

Annual Report 2017-2018

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SJ23 students Sabrina Hillye ’19 and

Lyndie Swanson ’19 signed to colleges

this month. Sabrina signed with

University of Arizona for soccer and

Lyndie signed with Houston Baptist

University for softball.

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From the President

We are God’s Letters to the World

Six years ago, during an oral report to an ethics class, one

of my college students described the many places she

called home in her life. Over the course of her 19 years,

she had lived, and attended school, in each of these

cities: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Lagos, Nigeria; Warsaw,

Poland; Auckland, New Zealand; Capetown, South Africa;

Miami, Florida; and, finally, for two whole years, Houston.

She expected to have several more “homes” before she


As she finished her report, another student asked, “So you

don’t really have a home, right, since you’re always in a

state of chaos?”

“No. No. No,” she responded quickly. “That’s not the way

I look at it. My home is never really about the place. It’s

always about the people.”

And then she said this: “The country and the city and the

house don’t define who my family is. The people close to

me define my family.”

In much the same way, our hope at St. John XXIII

College Preparatory is that our students will find a loving,

supportive, encouraging “family” on our campus. We hope

they will discover, build, and develop life-long friendships

that will encourage them to do their best, to help them

achieve great things in body, mind, and spirit while they

are here. We are proud of the family atmosphere on our


From its beginnings in 2011, our House System was

designed to enhance this sense of “home” and “family” for

our students — the sense of connectedness, camaraderie,

respect, and shared goals. Through our Houses, we

hope to strengthen, expand, encourage, and support

the loving foundations that our students bring from their

nuclear families. It is exciting to see how this works: As

our entering ninth graders are assigned to one of our five

houses, they take their place with sophomores, juniors,

and seniors who become much more than classmates and

peers – they become teammates, advisors, encouragers,

advocates, spiritual pilgrims, and friends.

Our houses become “homes” to our students. They meet

together, work together, serve together, pray together,

compete together against the other houses (academically

and athletically), and sit together during graduation and

commencement exercises.

As St. Teresa of Calcutta once said, “Love begins at home,

and it is not how much we do there, but how much love we

put into it.”

We put a lot of love into our Houses. Every year. Every


Our school was the first Catholic high school in Texas to

develop a House system – a system that was instituted

on May 13, 2011, to promote school spirit, fellowship,

spirituality, and academic achievement. During the school

year, each House is awarded points through athletic and

academic competitions, and other competitive events. At

the end of the year, one house is awarded the Roncalli Cup

in honor of our patron, Pope St. John XXIII.

Lifelong friendships are forged during these competitions,

as students encourage each other, hold each other

accountable, and support each other in their pursuit of

excellence at this level, and at the collegiate level.

Our five houses are Aquinas, Borromeo, Lisieux, Loreto,

and Neri. Each House seeks to instill St. John’s unique

charism, the Four Pillars: Excellence, Obedience, Peace,

and Renewal. More than anything, our Houses become

homes-away-from-home for our students. They become

places where we live out our school motto: To prepare our

students in mind and heart to serve God and others.

As always, it is a GREAT DAY to be a Lion!

Fr. Steve Sellers, D.Min., Ph.D.


PARARE • Winter 2018-2019 | 3

your House is

More Like


We feel like

we are a family

when we

get together.

Everyone knows

each other and

we are able to

joke around,

hang out, and

learn new things.

A house system. You may have heard that St. John XXIII

College Preparatory has one, but what does that really

mean? What does it do? Who is in charge? To answer

these questions and more, let’s go door to door and visit

each house.

Founded in 2004, St. John XXIII College Preparatory was

the first Texas school to introduce a house system in May

2011. Named after Catholic saints, St. John XXIII has five

houses: Aquinas, Borromeo, Lisieux, Loreto, and Neri.

Students are randomly assigned to a house when they

become St. John XXIII students, with the exception of

siblings or alumni children who are automatically assigned

to the house where their predecessor(s) resided. Each

house has teachers and faculty members who lend

support, guidance, and formation. The entire house system

is under the guidance of the Dean of Houses who provides

the necessary coordination, execution, and management.

This unique house system gives students the ability to

interact and bond in small groups, versus the entire

student body. It also provides the opportunity for each

student to grow spiritually, academically, and socially

by having students from all grade levels interacting in a

house. Houses are designed to provide pastoral care and

promote active participation in the school’s mission. It

encourages students to build strong relationships founded

on cooperation and respect and the forum helps students

develop as virtuous leaders.

The houses have specific rules and agendas that must be

followed. Each house has two faculty members who act as

Master and Assistant Master; they brainstorm the ideas the

house would like to see materialize; they are responsible

for their house captains, councils, and members; they

advocate for their house; foster community opportunities;

communicate with parents; and promote faith-building


4 | PARARE • Winter 2018-2019

The Dean of Houses oversees and manages the House

System and its structure by executing house leadership

meetings and all house events, coordinating House

competitions, creating leadership training for student

leaders, acting as a liaison between the House Leadership

Team and the Principal and Assistant Principal, managing

the House budget, and granting final approval on awarding

house points.

There are numerous house leaders. In the role of Captains,

each house has two senior students, one male and one

female. Each House Council consists of two freshmen, two

sophomores, three juniors, and three seniors, as well as the

two captains. The house councils then appoint one senior

and one junior representative to the house senate which

acts as a general committee to govern the body of the

school and meet regularly to plan various school dances

and activities. In addition to each House Council and the

House Senate, one junior or senior from each house are

selected as the advisory leader who lead their peers two

times a week in 20-minute discussions and community

builders on a virtue that the school is focusing on for that


The Houses also compete for points to win the much

coveted Roncalli Cup, named after Angelo Giuseppe

Roncalli, also known as St. John XXIII. The students can

do many things to win points for their house which range

from athletic opportunities like playing kickball and capture

the flag, or coming out to support our Lion sports teams,

to engaging in academic competitions or having the

most A’s at the end of a quarter. Other opportunities are

service oriented such as the Catholic Charities Food Drive,

or creative opportunities such as decorating the House

bulletin board and showing the most house spirit at our


As the House System is at the core of our student life

they arrange and execute many school wide events and

opportunities for students to find enjoyment with one

another. For instance, we host two dances, football game

tailgates, and SJ23 family movie night. Other things that

students enjoy participating in our school Talent Show and

Steps for Students.

Through these Houses, friendships are forged making a

house more like home.

I love the sense of family and

friendship and that everyone’s

view is valued. Also, I love our

rope that represents everyone

in our house.


Faculty House


Mrs. Steffani Rush Aquila

Dean of Houses

Dr. Roland Millare

Colors: Blue and White

Motto: Illumination,

Integrity, Intelligence

Feast Day: January 28

Mrs. Wendy Elko

Colors: Purple and White

Motto: Humility, Zeal,


Feast Day: November 4

Mrs. Elizabeth Dronet

Colors: Green and Gold

Motto: Virtus, Veritas,


Feast Day: October 1

Ms. Kristen Meneilly

Colors: Gold and Silver

Motto: Respect, Loyalty,

Wisdom, Humility

Feast Day: March 19

Mr. Jerome Llorens

Colors: Black and Red

Motto: Prayer, Service,


Feast Day: May 26

PARARE • Winter 2018-2019 | 5

The house system, Aquinas

house in particular, has

provided me and countless

other students a way to be

involved in leadership, meet

new people, and to be a part

of something bigger than

ourselves. Every student in our

house plays a role, whether

that be on the academic team,

athletic team, or even being

our house “hype-man” at

competitions. Aquinas house

truly has a place for everyone!

aquinas House


Aquinas house gave me the opportunity to find a

group of people I could be around when I didn’t

know anyone leading into high school. It was a

center of support and growth that allowed me

to meet and interact with upperclassmen that I

wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise.


6 | PARARE • Winter 2018-2019

To be in the


house means

you are in



that always

cheers you on

and is there

for you.


Borromeo House

My favorite memory was when we watched Moana in a house

meeting, it was really fun for the whole house!


PARARE • Winter 2018-2019 | 7

loreto House

Loreto makes me happy to be a

part of because we dedicate a

lot of time to talking about things

that we can learn and grow to


The house system is like being

a part of a family. Sometimes

there are days where you love

being together and sometimes

you lose a game and that is

hard, but you always know that

you have other students and

teachers who care about you.

8 | PARARE • Winter 2018-2019

Lisieux House

We feel like we are a family when we get together.

Everyone knows each other and we are able to joke

“around, hang out, and learn new things.

PARARE • Winter 2018-2019 | 9

We have learned to join in

unity to accomplish winning

a competition, or putting

on a dance, or having great

house meetings.

Neri House

It means a community that

forms irreplaceable bonds!

We are united together as

students but also a SJ23


10 | PARARE • Winter 2018-2019

Canyon honoring his grandmother with the offrenda he made in her memory.



canyon neundorfer ‘20

fast Facts

Class of 2020

House of Neri and Advisory leader

Swim Team Member

Cross Country Team Member and Captain

College Plans include the Coastguard Academy

At St. John XXIII, we pride ourselves on being a family of many

who work, pray, and grow in God’s grace. A great blessing to our

campus is Canyon, a junior who has an interesting family history

of which he is very proud. His grandmother was born in a Poland

village. At only 16 years of age, his grandmother became a slave

for a German family. His grandfather played on a semi-professional

soccer team and often played against Karol Józef Wojtyla, who we

now know as Pope John Paul II.

His grandparents met, married, and moved to America where they

settled and raised a family in Ohio. Canyon has fond memories of his

grandmother’s cooking, especially potato pancakes, perogies, and

kielbasa. His grandmother was fluent in six languages and one of

her favorite things to say was, “You be kidding.”

When Pope John Paul II was shot May 13, 1981, his grandfather

also was shot the same day in an attempted robbery. Thankfully, the

Pope and his grandfather survived the senseless attacks.

Canyon and his parents live in Bellville. His dog’s name is Gypsy, a

loveable and large 150-pound English Mastiff. There is even a story

about how Gypsy entered their lives. When Gypsy was a puppy,

she was bitten by a snake and Canyon’s mother, a veterinarian, was

called in to save her life. Gypsy’s owner was so thankful that she

gifted the pup to the Neundorfer family.

Canyon has a knack for math and science and intends to study

naval architecture at the Coastguard Academy in New Haven,

Connecticut. We are certain that wherever his path leads, he will be


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12 | PARARE • Winter 2018-2019



St. John XXIII


PARARE • Winter 2018-2019 | 13

Annual report



Tuition and Fees Income

Less Tuition Assistance Awarded

Athletics Income

Advancement Income

Other Income









Instructional and Student Programs Expense

General Administrative Expense

Advancement Expense

Facilities and Technology

Interest and Depreciation

Other Expense











14 | PARARE • Winter 2018-2019

Thank You

For Your Support

We thank the following 2017-2018 St. John XXIII donors for contributions that provided assistance to our Annual Fund,

Tuition Assistance Program, Capital gifts, and Co-Curricular Sponsorships.

Dana Abbott

Lisa Albano

Amazing Grace Hospice

Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

Obinna and Joann Azuike

Paul and Tara Bailey

Michael and Barbara Baudler

Scott and Gina Bergeron

James and Tina Blaschke

Reverend Warren S. and Kathleen Blick

Christine Boles

Matthew and Leigh Ann Boucher

Robyn Boyle

Michael Brennan

Meredith Brennan

Jane Buckner

Mark Camiolo

Michael and Jacquelyn Campise

Timothy Caruthers

Marco and Pamela Castilla

William and Wendy Cheong

Gerald and Giselda Chomer

Walter and Renee Cooney

Don and Andria Craig

Christ the King Catholic School, NC

Steven and Susan Crockett

Loran Cunningham

Corinne S. Danna

John and Kelli DeGeeter

Glen and Sheri DeMois

Erik and Kelli Diers

Carl and Mary DiMaiti

Don McGill Toyota of Katy

Martin and Cindy Doublesin

Ramon and Suzanne Echevarria

Billie Ellis

Charles and Ana England

Finnegan Auto Group

Jesse and Tracy Frazier

Peter and Kathy Gandolfo

Juan Garica and Susana Morelos

David and Maria Ginebra

Jack and Fran Gleeson

Joseph and Krista Goethals

Rob and Kim Gorski

Mabel Gowen

Donald and Lisa Guedry

Kenneth and Michelle Guidry

Bob and Tracy Henry

Holy Family High School, CO

Scott Irvine and Fran Vallejo


J. Wilson & Associates, Inc.

Kenneth and Joanna Jasek

Clay and Donna Jeansonne

Lionel and Christina Johnston

Richard and Rosalie Kessler

Knights of Columbus Council 11343

Knights of Columbus Council 12955

Michael and Julie Koch

William and Ana Kopf

Susie Kramer

Doug and Ramona Krenek

David and Suzanne Krusleski

Kenneth and Tracy LaPaul

Janet Lee

Jeffrey and Joy Lee

Mark and Susan Loyd

The Lubrizol Foundation

Laurie Lynch

David and Michelle Magallanez

Lawrence and Sherry Martin

Justin Matias

Clifton and Constance McDerby

William and Valcia McDonald

Frank and Adele Mensik

Wesley and Jean Meyers

Edward and Pam Michna

John and Jean Miles

M2K Motorsports

James and Jennifer Mondy

Philip and Joan Morabito

Mark and Andrea Murray

Keith and Amie Myers

Anne Neeson

William and Becky Neeson

Dale and Loui Nijoka

Terence and Ronda O’Connor

Patrick and Lillie O’Quinn

Maria Oakum

Wilson Oelkers

Janeen Paprocki

Wayne and Dianne Paprocki

Timothy and Margaret Parmenter

Tom and Norma Petrosewicz

Karen Phelan

Les and Rocio Phelps

Jeff and Elaine Polzer

Pope John XXIII High School, NJ

Pope John XXIII High School, MA

Jonathan and Rachel Prejean

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Gilbert and Kerstin Ramon

Richmond Rage

Ron and Peg Riesmeyer

Wayne and Susan Roy

St. John Vianney Catholic Church

St. Jude Catholic School

St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church

St. Pius X High School, MO

Richard and Eleanor Scalzitti

Scanlan Foundation

Schmidt Funeral Home

Richard and Susan Schmitt

Dean and Judy Schnitzler

Sandra Seeber

Reverend Steve and Dixie Sellers

Christopher and Jacqueline Shugart

John and Betty Sierra

Daniel Simmons

Thomas and Leslie Simmons

Soccer Depot, Inc.

Charles and Carol Stephens

Baptista and Rosa Sumbe

Greg and Sheila Sutton

David and Elizabeth Thompson

Jay and Lisa Thorseth

Katie To, DDS

Sherry Tucker

Gerry and Jesse Tupaz

Eric and Kimberly Upchurch

Adrian and Missy Vuyk

Mark and Cindy Wall

Nicole Warren

Raye White

Kent and Janelle Williams

Michael and Dana Winland

Robert and Margaret Woodrum

Mark and Jennifer Wrzyszczynski

Reverend William L. Young

Please consider joining these donors. Make a gift to the 2018-2019 Annual Campaign. Donations are accepted

online at under the “support tab” or by check (1800 W. Grand Parkway N. Katy, TX 77449). For more

information about the advancement programs at St. John XXIII, contact Keith Myers, Executive Director of Advancement,

281.693.1000. Thank you for your support!

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sj23 By the Numbers




5 880 440

Million awarded in tuition

assistance since 2004

SJ23 Alumni

Current Students


Hours of works of mercy

completed by the class of 2018

4 23 40

SJ23 graduates

are seminarians

Student Organizations

Members of the

Marching Band


Median Cumulative GPA

Class of 2019

15 60 3

Varsity Sports Teams

Faculty Members

Perfect Scores Various

SAT Sections

6 5 14 47,000

Class of 2019 Merit


Texas Music Scholars

AP Courses Offered

Average Collage

Scholarship offered to

each student in the

Class of 2018


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