Roselyon School Prospectus 2018


A small independent nursery and prep school with exceptional pastoral care and individualised education, we have been resident in Cornwall for over 65 years and recently relocated to a wonderful new site at Churchtown Farm in Lanlivery.

A magical place... dedicated to giving children the most extraordinary and exciting education More than a good education... Welcome to Roselyon. A school which buzzes with enthusiastic children and dedicated staff, where the best of tradition meets modern practice. With a heritage that dates back to 1952, we are delighted with our recent relocation to a new home in Lanlivery. This move means all children in mid-Cornwall who could benefit from our style of education now have a chance of accessing the Roselyon effect – through enjoyment of learning, celebration of success, and a chance to shine. Ours is a learning environment where we identify and nurture the natural talent every child has within: praising, encouraging and enthusing with great care and affection. It is also a place where we work hard on the spiritual and moral guidance of the children, as well as their academic education. Our prospectus can only provide a brief introduction to life at Roselyon. We warmly invite you to visit us at our new location in Lanlivery and experience our extraordinary school for yourself. Hilary Mann, Head In return, our happy, well-rounded, confident children strive for success while not fearing failure. Their embrace of the core values of decency, kindness and consideration for others and the world around them shines through in the culture of the school. We are very proud that our children want to be high achievers and that they acquire a proper sense of right and wrong, fully prepared to move on to their next school and to succeed in life.

Inquiring minds Roselyon is widely recognised for producing outstanding educational results and these achievements have secured our position as the only ‘Sunday Times Top 100’ prep school in Cornwall in recent years. In our latest ISI Inspection, children’s attainment was rated ‘excellent’ and we are proud to have this confirmation that our children ‘attain notably high standards of literacy and numeracy, and have outstanding attitudes towards learning.’ Children in our nursery learn communication and development skills by playing, exploring and being active. This takes place both indoors and outdoors in our wonderful environment. We develop the curriculum so that it follows what the children are interested in. In Reception, or Red Class, children are introduced to more formal learning through number work, writing and reading, as well as creative and physical education. The boys and girls learn to care for each other and the environment, while making great strides forward in their knowledge and understanding of the world. From Prep I to Prep VI, children follow a curriculum which is designed to stimulate and extend. Within small classes, dedicated teaching staff and classroom assistants provide the maximum of time to each child. We believe strongly in praise and encouragement, and we ensure the children (and parents) are aware of the progress they are making. Regardless of age or ability, we constantly push our children’s boundaries and provide dynamic and responsive support for our children’s mental well-being; our Inspection report says that Roselyon ‘pupils’ social development is excellent.’ We encourage curiosity and cultivate inquiring minds which demand answers to increasingly complex questions and we are always delighted to help a child find an answer, rather than simply giving information. I only wish my child had joined Roselyon sooner

Inspiring adventures We strongly believe that a child’s learning extends far beyond the classroom. At Roselyon, we delight in taking our learning into the natural environment, to enable children to connect with their surroundings and make the most of living and growing up in such a wonderful place. To supplement and reinforce our varied curriculum, we organise regular trips and outings to places of historical and geographical interest, as well as concerts, theatres, art galleries and a variety of outdoor pursuits centres. We seize every opportunity to widen traditional learning experiences in order to develop our children’s sense of adventure and enthusiasm for knowledge. Needless to say, the children love it! Our son comes home from school every day full of new and exciting stories Roselyon’s unique location means our children can regularly learn through experiences such as Beach School and Woodland School. We even have a farm adjacent to the school, where children can discover new practical skills and responsibilities, by growing their own food and caring for animals. Our remarkable adventure activity centre is ideal for extending outdoor education opportunities, and located among our ancient woodlands and lakes is an outdoor classroom, which ensures open-air learning is never ‘rained off’.

Nurturing talents Our children enjoy and excel in very different things. Our purpose at Roselyon is to provide them with the very best opportunities to explore, experiment and succeed. We aspire to bring learning to life through art and culture, as part of the curriculum and beyond it. Roselyon is a place where artistic talent is nurtured and celebrated. With dedicated arts and music provision, children excel in expressing themselves creatively. These talents are shared through exhibitions, festivals, performances and assemblies, helping to boost confidence, improve communication skills, inspire future careers and enrich childhoods. Our sporting curriculum provides the basis on which many lessons for life are learnt. It helps our children appreciate the importance and convention of rules, as well as a sense of fair play. It teaches them to win modestly and lose graciously. Working in teams helps develop skills that they will use forever. So whether it’s fencing, swimming, cross-country, sailing or athletics, we are always delighted by our children’s enthusiasm to take part, no matter what their ability level. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a local competition or a national championship – Roselyon children always give 100%

Each child is valued for who they are and helped to be the best they can be Working together Roselyon is a community which values its families. We enjoy parents and grandparents getting involved in school life and supporting us with knowledge, skills and interest; all of this can help further enrich a child’s experience. You are always welcome in school and in addition to informal opportunities, we’ll invite you to regular parents’ meetings as well as providing termly written reports on your child’s progress. You are also invited to join the Friends of Roselyon, a group which organises a variety of events throughout the year, both fundraising and social. To further support parents, Roselyon offers a number of escorted minibus services throughout the county, with convenient stops where you can meet the bus on your way to work or from home, knowing that your child will be delivered safely to school. Should you prefer to drop off and collect your child, we offer care before school, after school and also during the holidays. Our responsibility to your child does not stop when they move on from Roselyon; we work closely with neighbouring senior schools to ensure that transitions are smooth and that children have every opportunity to progress to their first choice. Our relationship with Truro School enables entry on the recommendation of the Head, without the requirement of the entrance exam. We are confident that children leave Roselyon well-prepared academically and socially for the next stage of their education, with our core values of respect, kindness and courtesy, alongside the confidence required to continue to achieve well in life. For more information, please do visit our website – or better still, come along and experience Roselyon for yourself.

Roselyon School, Churchtown, Lanlivery, Cornwall, PL30 5BT Telephone: 01726 812110 Email: @Roselyon_School @Roselyon-Preparatory-School-Nursery Discere est vivere To learn is to live Roselyon School is a member of the Methodist Independent Schools Trust in association with Truro School. Roselyon School is a registered charity founded to provide education for children and is accredited by the Independent Schools Association. Registered charity number: 306583

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