2018 Abbotsford Juniors Football Club Yearbook





2 0 1 8 Y E A R B O O K

P R E S I D E N T ' S M E S S A G E

This season was always going to be special with

Congratulations to our Over 30 Womens/1s team

the opening of our new clubhouse. It was truly a

on claiming the first Women's trophy for

momentous occasion and arguably the biggest


day in the history of Abbotsford Juniors Football

Club. We now have world class facility which will

Thank you to the City of Canada Bay Council, our

be used for many years to come by thousands of

sponsors, suppliers, volunteers and thank you to

Abbotsford players. This is a lasting legacy of our

my fellow executive committee team members

collective determination and efforts over the

for delivering the best year in the club's history,


both on and off the park.

We continued to grow in 2018, reaching 1,115

After 10 years on the executive committee

players and 82 teams. A new club record.

including 5 years as President, now is the perfect

Amazing, considering only eight years ago, in

time for me to activate my succession plan. I've

2010, we had 300 players. We've been

achieved everything I set out to do and have had

increasing ever since, surpassing over 1,000

an incredible journey. Congratulations to Adrian

players in the last three consecutive seasons.

Timbs on recently being appointed as my

Abbotsford is the largest club in the City of

successor. Adrian will be a great leader. I am

Canada Bay and the fourth largest club in the

delighted that I can step back and pass the baton

Canterbury District, out of 27 clubs.

onto someone as passionate about football and

Abbotsford as I am!...THANK YOU!

I'm excited to report that we have an increasing

number of girls and women playing at the club.

Gilbert Lorquet


We were proud to have four Women's teams and

15 girls teams this season.


& referees.

2 0 1 9 P R E S I D E N T ' S M E S S A G E

Dear AJFC Club Members

Gilbert has presided over a hugely transitional time

at the club where our membership has grown

On behalf of the Club’s committee, I would like to

considerably making us the 4th biggest club in the

thank and congratulate you on an outstanding

association with over 1,100 players. The opening

2018 season.

of the new amenities in April 2018 is a lasting

legacy from Gilbert’s tenure and sets us up well for

The club has a new committee for 2019 combining

the future. Gilbert was rewarded for his dedication

some wise old heads with some fresh new faces

and achievements to AJFC in 2018 by being

and this will ensure we are best placed to continue

awarded the Cec Barlow award by the Canterbury

building on recent successes and developments to

District Soccer Football Association (CDSFA).

deliver our GOAL (pun intended) of an even better

season in 2019.

Personally I would like to take this opportunity to

thank Gilbert for his unwavering contribution,

To do this we highly encourage all members to

leadership and mentoring at AJFC. Whilst we will

Volunteer some time at the club (in any way you

miss him, he’s sure to be down at Campbell Park

can), be it coaching, managing, ground officials,

cheering on his kids and others and continues to

setting up, packing away, sponsorship, age

shape football at CDSFA with his role on the

coordinators etc. The club will assist to facilitate


the learning and development of any new coaches

All the very best to all families for Christmas and

the festive period and we look forward to seeing

Sadly our president for the last 5 years Gilbert

you in Blue & Gold in 2019.

Adrian Timbs


Lorquet (committee member for 10 years) has

decided to hang up his presidential boots.






2 0 1 8 M A J O R A W A R D S

Volunteer of the Year

Adrian Timbs

Coach of the Year (U8-U17 Boys/Mixed)

Roger Vertannes, U13/1A

Coach of the Year (U8-U17 Girls)

Matthew Beggs, U13/2 Girls

Coach of the Year (U18+)

Tyron Farmer, Over 30 Women/1

Team Manager of the Year

John Smith, U14/3A

Team of the Year (U8-U17 Boys/Mixed)


Team of the Year (U8-U17 Girls)

U9/1B Girls

Team of the Year (U18+)

Over 30 Women/1


2 0 1 8 C H A M P I O N S


Over 30 Women, Div 1

Champions and Minor Premiers

Under 14, Div 3A

Champions and Minor Premiers

Over 35, Div 9

Champions and Minor Premiers

Under 18, Div 1

Champions and Minor Premiers

Under 13, Div 1


Under 16, Div 1

Under 16, Div 3

Minor Premiers

Over 35, Div 4


Minor Premiers




It’s been an excellent year for the U9/1b girls.

They fell only one game short of a second

undefeated season losing their penultimate

game 2-1 (albeit controversially). However,

more pleasing was the improvement in the girls’

skills level, ball technique, positioning and


This culminated in winning the clubs play of the

month award in June for a wonderful team goal.

In training, they worked extremely hard on

these skills and it bore fruit on the field. The

development squad training was offered to the

girls for the first time this year and a few of the

girls opted in. This proved to be a great success

and the improvement in skills was noticeable.

Above all the girls played every game with a

determined and competitive but also fair

spirit….and as always, they had lots of fun along

the way.

Overall a very pleasing and successful year.

John Encina, Coach

14 | P age



15 | P age




Now in our fifth season, with

departures and arrivals in our

playing squad, we started on

the full-field with great

excitement. This year was

literally a season of two

halves, starting in Division 1,

losing seven games in a row,

and then placed in Division 2

and winning seven games in

a row. Our results read: W–9;

D -1; L-8. But, these numbers

do not reveal the true story

of our season.

Losing builds perspective, friendship, sportsmanship and the idea

of sport as a series of incremental triumphs. The team may falter,

but teammates improve, moment by moment.

The girls took greater

satisfaction from all the hardfought

games, often losing by

one goal, than all the wins by

large margins. Teams can

lose for any number of

reasons that are often

beyond their control. It is

how players act in winning or

defeat that counts. As their

coach, I worried that losing

would reduce their passion

for the game, I was wrong.

Losing at sports can allow

children to learn from failure.

Winning is fun... Sure. But winning is not the point. Wanting to win

is the point. Not giving up is the point. Never letting up is the

point. Never being satisfied with what you've done is the point.

So, to our girls, thank you for a great season where I learnt as

much from you, as you did from me. To our parents, as always,

vocal and supportive to all the teams we played, and the decisions

we, the coaches made. To the support crew of Rob, manager of

the year in my humble opinion, and Matt, my left hand, who

assisted at training throughout the season. Thank you. Looking

forward to next year.

Jason Munday, Coach

16 | P age




Well done Kangaroos on a great 2018 football season.

Sammy, Ruby, Isaac, Moosa, Mia, Ethan, Lewis, Casper, Emilia and Juliette - congratulations!

For many in the team it was their first time playing football. Thank you to coaches Moe Said and Mark

Edwards who did a wonderful job. The team had lots of fun while learning skills and team work. The kids

were always enthusiastic and full of smiles on game day and at training. It was wonderful to see each

child improve over the season and enjoying the game each week.

Thanks again coaches and parents.

Selina Lygoyris, Team Manager

17 | P age



OVER 35/6B

This year the Dream Team was again

outstanding, consistently slotting into second

place in almost all of our games.

We had a lot of fun though and most of our

opponents were real gentlemen, with some

teams even lending us some of their players

when we were short! I don’t know if that’s quite

within the rules, so let’s keep that one to


Our weekly training nights were blissful and in

keeping with previous years we opened up our

Thursday nights training to all who want to

participate, even if they had not registered for

weekend football. We always had a great

turnout and were blessed with the presence of

many regular guns from the O35’s 1s and the

AA8’s too. Both were no match and quickly

learned why we are The Dream team.

Especially so in a comp game, if you always do

what you’ve always done, you will always get

what you always got! Some bang their heads on

the wall and refuse to change. Pleasing to see

some train that little bit harder, manage their

diet and listen and embrace guidance as

opposed to flatly rejecting any constructive


To this end of embracing change, I specifically

refer to our mighty goal keeper so aptly named

Herc! He has been consistent for many years,

but however this year he was exceptional each

and every week so much so his performance in

2018 was absolutely outstanding. This old

shapely man called Herc took his goal keeping

to another level - who said you can’t teach an

old dog new tricks, and from a coach’s

perspective - that is the meaning of success.

Thank you Herc.

Another player who for many years has been

doing the same ole same ole, but this year

worked with me from the preseason to

embrace change. And change he did.

It was especially pleasing for me to see a few of

our players embrace what this team is all about

- and that is striving for our own previous

personal best. It’s very easy to do the same ole

same ole and expect the result to change…….

18 | P age



That is Phil Gock. He lifted his game to another level and was not only instrumental in many of our fine

goals, he even scored 3 cracking goals himself, a testimony to his effort. Hats off to you Phil and a big

thank you for giving me so much pleasure this season watching you lift your game to another level.

Thank you Phil.

Tony Ciardi, Team Manager

19 | P age



UNDER 15/2

There's no more emotive

sport on the planet than

football. And there was

certainly plenty of emotion

on the field and sidelines on

show for 15/2's parents and

fans to experience and

witness. While the team

struggled to find the back of

the net, the opposition just

struggled - full stop. Our

talented young men from the

15/2s set the division

benchmark for quality

football. With great build up

from the back, dribbles, onetwos,

through-balls and

generally a commitment to

playing beautiful football, in

comparison, against

opposition generally bigger

and physically stronger

imposing their physicality

with a kick and chase style

football. This was no more

evident than in the final...

The opposition seemed to be

out playing AFL for long

periods of the game as a

strategy, long balls, fast runs

and muscling their way

through to every 50/50 ball.

However, after their first

goal, followed a more settled

period. With their goal in

hand and more confidence,

they settled in to try to play

their game, but our boys

quickly exploited through an

equaliser. We then went

ahead, and started to dream

we had it, only to concede

from a corner at the far post

(Man! I Hate that unmarked

far post!!) ...

Now into Golden Goal period

and locked at 2-2; the dream

was still alive, and we had

the first and best chance to

end it. However, the shot

went high and wide, and we

conceded shortly after at the

other end with what we had

to admit was a pretty good

goal :-(

As a spectator, you'd

perceive 15/2s as a keen

football loving group of

young men who play for

enjoyment, to learn and

continually develop their skill

as a priority without

compromise. There was no

giving in or even a hint of

temptation to fall into the

long ball game, unless for a

beautifully placed switching

long-pass after drawing in a

busload of opposition


On occasion, talent turned

curse and we'd ignore a

chance shot from outside the

box, instead opting to mosey

through, for an

almost romantic-like "walk

the ball home through the

front door" and into the net.

Though this did tend to win

us some penalties in doing


Toward the latter part of the

season, we endured the loss

of a number of key players

through injury, the team

stepped up however through

an increased work-rate and a

greater level of commitment

to each other. In addition, a

few first season new-comers

fully integrated and found

their peak form at just the

right time.

During the season, we also

witnessed differing

opposition coaching styles,

ranging from screaming or

arm waving and spinning

coaches, to rude/obnoxious

and threatening coaches, -

who all demanded

commitment and respect in

their own way. Myself,

as either coach, parent or

bystander have witnessed

20 | P age



some incredibly shocking and

disturbing displays by

coaches who at the same

time demand complete cooperation

and respect. Yet

the other day, I overheard a

conversation that has stuck

in my mind. A man was

telling a younger person "you

owe respect to your elders",

while a third much older man

upon overhearing this

stated, "that's not

correct. You only owe

courtesy to your elders, but

even elders must earn your


15/2s Coach Keith Walker,

has not only earned the

respect of team and parents,

but also their admiration.

There's no doubting Keith is

a fabulous coach, but he is

also an absolute gentleman

who leads by example and

demonstrates important

leadership values we all want

for our for boys, including;

courtesy, composure,

respect and also fairness. But

like another well respected

gentleman (Bruce Wayne)

who needs his crime busting

mate (Robin), Coach Keith

has Adrian who has things

calmly running like clockwork.

Thank you Keith and Adrian

for all your valued

commitment to the team.


Thank you 15/2's for the

fabulous football! You ought

to be very proud for all

you've achieved this year,

and ultimately finishing

runners up to winners who

were very nearly undefeated

and only beaten just once all

season by you.

With all the entertainment,

friendships you'd come to

expect from a club, and high

standard of football on-show

by the 15/2's this season, I

for one will certainly miss


What will I look forward to

now on Sundays? I reckon go

to church and pray for the

2019 season to hurry up


Marcelo Valadas, U15/2

Parent and Volunteer

21 | P age




The 2017 season was such a great one that this

year we had many of the team (plus extra

friends) wishing to play again. As a result, we

decided to form two teams (the Pythons and

the Wallabies). As we all trained together it was

no mean feat organising 21 kids into activities

and drills to keep them occupied, improving and

most importantly having fun. Our coaches

Adam and Rod were brilliant in running the

show and we were fortunate enough to have

many helpers who joined in to assist when


The girls: Ava, Ayla, Azariah, Charlotte, Frankie,

Gabrielle, Harper and Zoe played with such

enthusiasm and energy and I'm sure we will all

remember their post goal celebrations of

cartwheels and handstands and sheer

excitement for a long time to come!

The boys: Augustus, Harry, Jack, James, Joshua,

Lincoln, Riley, Sam, Tomas K, Tomas P, Will,

Zachary and Zaquin were bounding with

enthusiasm every week and always looked

forward to each training session and match day.

They continued to improve throughout the

season, and again their excitement was

infectious particularly after scoring some

amazing goals.

Thank you once again to all the parents for all

your support and assistance and to Sally and

Rod for organising our team rosters. Hope 2019

is just as memorable!

Belinda Perkovic, U7 Pythons and Wallabies

Team Manager

22 | P age




As the dust settles it’s hard

to believe that another

season has come and gone.

The beginning of the year

saw me coach the team for

the third time and it was

quick to see the

improvement in the girls

from the previous season.

While we may have lost a

couple of players in the off

season, we gained Paris, Liv

and Isabella who all settled in

well and contributed greatly

to the squad, particularly

seeing it was their first year

of playing weekend football.

Throughout the season it was

great to see the progressive

development of the girls,

getting better defensively, in

their positioning and in

always looking to try and

make a pass rather than just

giving the ball away. This

allowed us to create several

chances in every game but

our lack of confidence in

front of goal meant we

couldn’t put some teams


The end of the normal

competition saw us qualify

for the semis for a second

year in a row. However, we

were again unable to

progress beyond the elimination round, losing out in the last

minutes of the game. All said and done the girls fought valiantly

and deserved to get a better result. Even though we all felt we

could have gone further, I believe the team had another good

year, enjoying the camaraderie, friendships and teamwork that

football brings.

As in every year I need to thank all the parents, families and

friends for the support they provide week in and out and in a spirit

that reflects the values of AJFC, which definitely makes it easy for

me as a coach. A big thanks to Corrado for taking over while I was

away (though his results almost caused my ousting!) as well as

Steven and Chris who were also always available to help out

whenever needed. Also, to Jasmin, our new team manager this

year who ensured that all ran smoothly while we got to

concentrate on the fun bits!

Finally, thank you to all the girls who have always shown their

passion both at training and in the game, wanting to learn and to

compete every week. With regards to the best player and most

improved it was a very difficult decision this year with so many to

choose from in both categories.

George Markakis, Coach

23 | P age




It was so great to have a number of new players

join our team this year. At an age where many

girls are giving away sport, it was terrific to have

a group of girls embrace the game and form a

tight camaraderie.

The weekly results were not always reflective of

the great football played by the girls. We

pushed most of the opposing teams and were

unfortunate on some occasions to come away

without the win. The standard of football was

high, even when their self-belief wavered. Most

importantly the girls always turned up to

training and games with a smile.

Thank you to Gary and Maurice for your

patients and for all of your coaching efforts.

Rebecca Van Reyk, Team Manager


Well done to the U7 Goannas on a great season

this year!

It was our pleasure to coach and manage the

team! Most of the kids had played together last

season but our new players slotted in so well!

We encouraged our team with an opportunity to

learn and to develop, but to continue to have fun

in a happy positive environment.

Overall, the team gained a good understanding

of the game and how to pass and interact with

their teammates. Each individual player’s skillset

improved as the season continued. The players

desire and determination to learn and progress

was rewarding to watch.

There was some strong development over the

season with some super exciting games that

24 | P age



were played! There were some tight matches

and some that we fought hard to win! The team

had lots of fun and interacted really well

together. This was evident both on the training

pitch and on game day where they played and

laughed with one another.

Thank you to the parents for attending the

weekly training sessions (even on some freezing

cold evenings) and for their help and assistance

wherever possible on game days.

We wish the Goannas all the best with their

soccer pathway ahead!

Helen La Rossa, Team Manager

David La Rossa & Robert Di Cosmo, Coaches

25 | P age




The 2018 season has been one of the most

exciting seasons we have ever experienced.

We started the year well, then had a slump

midway through, but by pure guts and

determination with a never give up attitude, the

boys picked themselves up to win the last 8

games in a row to finish 3 rd on the ladder!

We made it through the semis and qualified for

the Grand Final, only to be beaten 1-0 in the

last 30 seconds of extra time! An amazing

achievement by our boys, having played for the

first time on a full-size field and competing in a

competition with points, as well as making it

through to the Grand Final!

We are all so proud of them!

Bill Alexiou, Coach

26 | P age



UNDER 11/1

What a year to reflect on! 2018 saw a core group of players returning, supplemented by a number of

additions who were drawn to the club, as word had spread through the Canterbury Association of

Abbotsford's commitment to player development, underpinned by solid core values.

The group demonstrated its commitment by returning from the off-season for a concentrated block of

pre-season training starting in early January. This was critical to both the team and individuals’

development, working on the fundamental player skills and familiarising themselves with the team’s

shape, system and philosophy of playing a possession-based style of football. This involved always

looking to play out from the back, whilst adopting an aggressive pressing style when out of possession.

The fruit from the team’s early start to training was evident throughout the season in a number of eyecatching

displays of free-flowing football. Also notable throughout was the team spirit, togetherness and

friendship of the playing group, as the boys chased seemingly lost causes to come back to get a result

when other teams would have given up the ghost long before.

27 | P age



The team travelled to

compete in the Kanga Cup in

the July school holidays, an

annual tournament in

Canberra which draws teams

from across Australia and

overseas. It was a fantastic

experience for both players,

coaches and their families

alike. In a strong field, the

boys acquitted themselves

admirably. They bowed out

in the quarter finals after

suffering just one defeat at

the group stage, narrowly

losing 2-1 to the eventual

winners, Shellharbour. The

boys will be definitely be

back next year!

“the Abbotsford Way” - a relentless desire to win the ball back

when out of possession, coupled with pace, movement, quick

passing and a ruthlessness in front of goal when we had the ball.

All of the boys’ hard work,

dedication and commitment

came to fruition when we

played Marrickville at the

end of the season.

Marrickville had blazed a trail

through the division, arriving

unbeaten at Campbell Park in

late July. In a game that

brought all the elements

together, the boys

deservedly triumphed 3-2 in

a display that encapsulated

The boys were a joy to coach this year, showing a willingness to

listen and learn and push themselves in applying new skills and

concepts in a game situation. They were a credit to the club in the

way they played the game, demonstrating respect to opposition,

officials and teammates alike. Above all, they always played with a

smile on their faces and this was reflected in the way they played

throughout the season. Boys you should be very proud of

yourselves and we look forward to watching your continued

progress next year.

Brent Howells and Jolyon Roderick, Coaches

28 | P age



UNDER 13/3

We can look back on season 2018 as another exciting and successful season with lots of positives and

near misses. After coming third in the regular season, unfortunately we came up a little short in our title

defense that saw us lose in extra time in the grand final qualifier. The boys enjoyed a 10-game winning

streak during the season and only lost 3 games all year.

The year was highlighted by many magic moments but probably none more than our defender Julian

Patane’s 35-meter strike in extra time that hit the roof of the net to snatch victory in our first semi final.

What a strike, and the instant jubilation and euphoria we all felt for Julian was quickly followed by

concern and sorrow as we finally saw him gingerly emerge from the bottom of the stacks on pile that

had quickly formed. Indeed, Julian provided many highlight reel moments and gained a reputation

throughout the year of scoring long range goals. His 5-goal haul for the year all came from strikes

outside the 20-yard box which is no mean feat.

Other special mentions in our team go to Vincent Daly, Nelson Cheng and Dean Alexakis who were

consistent all year and pivotal to the team’s leadership and success.

29 | P age



Our boys showed great fight and sportsmanship

throughout the year and made us parents all

proud. They continue to play the game with

great passion and fun and with a great attitude.

Our thanks go out to the Abbotsford club for

once again providing a great environment for

our kids to play football. The parents would also

like to sincerely thank our father/son coach

combination Anthony and Daniel for devoting

their time and making training fun for the boys.

They did a wonderful job guiding the team to

the semi finals and we look forward to next


Chris Alexakis, Team Manager

30 | P age



UNDER 10/4

The boys U10/4 team have had a cracking season. Led by their

enthusiastic coach George and supported by able assistants Joe

and Jim, the boys moved up a division – the only junior AJFC team

to be promoted this season.

Ryan D, another new

member has brought

excellent ball skills and poise

to the team. Our defence

was reinforced by rock-solid

defenders Janos F and Max L,

with persistent Nicholas D

supporting and a lightening

quick and agile Roman C

finding gaps.

Our goal keeper, William W

with cat-like reflexes leapt,

dived and punched away

attacking shots that came his


In a remarkable season, the boys won 16 of their 18 matches, with

just one draw and one loss. An impressive 103 goals were scored

and just 25 goals conceded. And every player managed to score a

goal! A particularly memorable moment was when Jayden R, one

of our new players and a resolute defender, scored his first goal

for the team – and the 100th team goal for the season.

The boys kept the goals coming all season. Speedy Alex O racing

down the right wing, Kit C on the left wing, Arion K at centre-mid

striking at goal or passing through to striker Jack L to finish.

It was a pleasure to be

involved with such a great

bunch of kids and supportive


Clare Wendt, Team Manager

31 | P age




The U7 Taipans were grateful

to our head coach, James

Antifiliotis for taking on the

task of coaching a very

energetic and enthusiastic

group of boys. They have had

a great season developing

skills, friendships and

learning to play as a team.

Special mention goes to the

U6/U7 age group

coordinator and our assistant

coach/referee Juanita

Rudman who helped keep

the team running smoothly.

The boys are already looking

forward to next season. A

few can't wait that long and

will investigate summer

soccer options!

A big thank you to all the

volunteers at the club for

your time and assistance in

managing the club and in

particular the minis


Michelle Gaskin, Team


32 | P age




The 2018 season was the

greatest year for Woman’s

football in the history of the

AJFC. 6 years after

introducing Women's

Football to the AJFC, this

team has secured all the

titles in Women's Football,

winning the Over 30 Division

1 Women's Grand Final, after

claiming the undefeated

minor Premiership.

Mary Sattout, Yvonne Shehata, Mariana Sousa, Sarah Barlow,

Clare Beech, Veronica Porras, Silje Reiten, Kristen Weber.

Coached by Tyron Farmer.

Managed by Kylie Farmer.

Our goal this year was to beat last year’s efforts and make the final

series. We managed to achieve so much more. We became

undefeated Minor Premiers thus qualifying for the NSW Champion

of Champions competition and winning the Grand Final against last

year’s winner Leichhardt Saints and taking to Campbell Park for

the very first time, the Eileen Potter Cup.

What was the winning formula? We had so many strong key

players. Our defensive line was tough, fast and adaptable. Our

midfielders played an attacking and defensive role seamlessly,

they were super fit and worked extremely hard. The Strikers were

phenomenal scoring an incredible 86 goals. Our Goalkeeper

Juliette Flowers, a team favourite, has developed into a quality

keeper who has dedicated herself to her goalkeeping role and has

kept the team on the winning side with some excellent saves and

conceding only 10 goals for the season!!!

A superb season for this

wonderful team. We fielded

18 returning players and 1

new recruit. The 2018

Abbotsford FC Woman’s over

30’s Division 1 team for 2018


Nicole Collins, Nicole

Caryofyllis, Nicole Marrone,

Kylie Farmer, Juliette

Flowers, Vanessa Hadley,

Ellisa Mamas, Anna Mangos,

Cherie Marantz, Chrissy

McDonald, Grace O’Neill,

Our Coach Tyron once again encouraged a style of possessionbased

football that suited the team. A very strong pressing in

defence game which rolled into a total possession passing game,

and absolute quality finishes that demolished opposition teams

early in the game.

33 | P age



Once again, we cannot praise

our Captain enough! Chrissie

is not only an incredible

midfielder, but she is a

champion on and off the


Congratulations to Clare Beech and Grace O’Neill. Clare is a

talented defensive player that leads our back line like a Queen.

Clare has scored four goals, takes a quality corner kick and is just a

top chick! A highlight that comes to mind was when Clare showed

up late and explained, “sorry I’m late, I just ran a half marathon”,

and then went on and scored a goal from the back line and played

an incredible game.

Grace takes home our Golden Boot Award in addition to Player of

the Season. Grace is a fast, skilful and determined player, scoring

an incredible 42 goals for the year. Grace returned from

retirement this year to be our only new recruit. Grace was a

perfect fit for this team on the football pitch and in the middle of

celebratory drinks. Clare and Grace, congratulations on an amazing

season, you fully deserve this award.

The team’s pre-game huddle

is when Chrissie shines, some

last-minute words of advice,

whether it is strategising or

just some persuasive words,

the team never want to let

her down. Also, a big thanks

to Vice Captain Kristen

Weber, who has stepped into

the Captain’s chair when

required. Kristen is also a

brilliant midfielder turned

striker who has notched 21

goals with her foot, or her

head. Kristen was voted the

Players Player Award by the


Our Most Improved player this year is the incredible Mary Sattout.

Mary has developed into an almighty defender, super-fast and

talented. Mary also was awarded our MVP for the final series; she

was instrumental in stopping our opposition from scoring on so

many occasions.

The 2018 ‘Player of the

Season’ had to go to two

players this year. We just

could not split them!

34 | P age



To summarize, being part of

the Abbotsford FC over 30s

Wolves is not just about the

football. We have created a

strong culture which has

developed from our social

times off the pitch. We have

created amazing memories with such a fantastic team. From farm

stays, Tree Tops Adventure Park, dinners, Sydney Swans games,

end of year footy cruises, the fabulous Cherie’s 50th birthday, we

have partied and drunk our way through the 2018 season. Thank

you again to our gorgeous families and our crazy friends who rock

up each week to support us.


Tyron Farmer, Coach and Kylie Farmer, Team Manager

35 | P age




A team with a passionate and fun group of girls

and an equally excellent group of parents and

spectators is such a great way to spend the


Whilst we were initially challenged with four

girls that had never played and we were also

placed in division 1, we quickly realised the

strengths in our players, which enabled us to

develop them into their playing positions.

Our 'Player of the Season' - Maggie Stafford not

only always had a positive attitude to the game

but improved every week, playing impressively

in both defence and goal keeping. Our 'Most

Improved Player', came from one of our

newcomers, Kristen Maguire, who found her

place in our team in defence and we can't

imagine ever being without her and her sister

Stephanie who were both new to the game.

We scored some great goals during the season

from our forwards Nicoletta and Paris.

Our midfielders, Stamatia, Sienna H, Lilly ran

tirelessly, and Stephanie, Sophia and Gemma

even managed to score a few goals. We had a

solid defence with Kristen, Maggie, Evie and

Sienna F and some show stopping goalkeeping

by Evie, Sophia, Maggie and Sienna H.

All the girls had a wonderful season, learning

new skills and playing and developing as a team.

We would especially like to thank our coaches

Michael Bartolo and Nick Athanasopoulos for

their positivity and tireless efforts.

Felicity Athanassiou, Team Manager

36 | P age




Under 16/1 Girls had another successful and enjoyable season where we made the semi-finals. The

strong friendships continue to grow amongst the girls along with the team spirit and enthusiasm.

A big thank you to Steve Zantides for helping with coaching duties and also for his support on match

days and Maria Canclini for managing the team and keeping us all organised and recharged at half-time

with oranges and snakes.

It was again a pleasure to coach such a talented group of players as they always make me proud on

game day giving their all.

Joseph Marando, Coach

37 | P age




This soccer season has been exciting and fun for

the under 8 division 6 team. It was fabulous to

see the boy’s skills continue to build upon and

develop from last year’s base and some new

exciting faces. Watching the boys come

together and play as a team has been a great

achievement and a testament to their

willingness to work hard.

It’s been fascinating to watch the boys grasp

the true concept of soccer by playing in specific

positions, their confidence levels grow, and

ongoing friendships continue to develop. Win or

lose the boys displayed great sportsmanship

throughout the season and individual skills

shone through. The boys understood their own

individual skill sets more and grew into their

roles throughout the season. This was evident

in their behaviours towards each other and

working more as a team as the season

progressed. The highlight of the season was

showing consideration and empathy via their

willingness to share players with the other team

when winning by a large margin to ensure

everyone had fun playing together.

They did their parents proud and always

represented Abbotsford Juniors admirably at all

their games. All the boys are looking forward to

next season already!

Steve Makhoul, Coach & Eireann O’Brien,

Team Manager

38 | P age




The U8 Div 9 team began the season with two loses and two draws from the first four games. However,

the team developed and improved under the fantastic guidance from our coach, Dean, and were

unbeaten in the final nine games of the season. All up, we had nine wins, four draws, and four loses -

which is a marvellous reflection of the way Dean has developed the confidence and skill of our players.

All up, the team scored 40 goals (with 28 scored against them) across 17 matches. The individual

improvement of each player throughout the season has been marked, and the way the team bonded

together to produce flowing football was great fun to watch.

Renee Geelen, Team Manager

39 | P age




The 2018 season couldn’t

start early enough for the

players returning from 2017

season but with some explayers

not returning the

team was left scrambling for

players to fill the playing

roster as the season kicked

off. Super coach, Gary

Stewart, patched a team

together for the first 4 games

short on players but an

abundance of enthusiasm

and with the strike power of

Xabi Marnell and Matthew

Hansford-Taylor, Ben Stewart

running his heart out in the

midfield and Cameron and

Favian shutting down any

sign of attack we went

undefeated in our first 4


By round 5 the roster was

bolstered by the addition of

Aiden Iliadis and Jett

Halmarick which gave the

team some experienced

options upfront whilst the

addition of Ethan Carini

strengthened our defensive

wall. With our team now

complete we went on to win

5 of our next 6 games only going down to Balmain A when we

were short of players on Mother’s Day (Who’s idea was it to

schedule a game at 12pm on Mother’s Day?).

At the half way point in the season the team was finding it’s

rhythm with the versatile Kyrylo Shtamburg solid in attack and

defence, Patrick Cavell and Riccardo Botter never giving up in

defence, Oscar Page always eager to please, Luca Cordaro very

reliable in his maiden season as goalie and Tadhg Donnellan using

his speed in the back and midfield to get the team out of trouble.

Every player knew their job and turned up ready to play and

motivated to compete at their best of their ability.

The team went on to feature in the semi finals only to be knocked

out with 2-1 loss. A disappointing result on the day but a great

season enjoyed by all and an additional bit of motivation to return

next year to improve on this season.

Daniel Cordaro, Team Manager

40 | P age




The Under 14/1 Girls are a

delightful and varied bunch

of girls. We had a very

enjoyable season with all

players making steady and

substantial improvements in

their skills. Some of our

players had never before

played formal soccer when

we started the season, whilst

other players had played for

six or seven previous

seasons. The girls also came

from a variety of schools:

some were in Year 7, others

in Year 9.

Despite their disparate

backgrounds, the team

quickly developed a great

team spirit and a lovely,

supportive dynamic. Training

sessions were slightly

difficult only because the

continual convivial chatter

got in the way of serious skill

development (and the

instructions required to

support this!).

In terms of results, during

the round games we had

nine wins, three draws and

two losses (to eventual

winners Enfield). At the end

of the rounds we were equal

second on points but third in

terms of goal difference. The

semi-final against Balmain

was a harrowing game of

close chances, even in extra

time. A 0-0 draw was the

final result and penalties

ensued. It was heartbreaking

to lose on penalties

after such a promising

season and being genuine

contenders. There is always

next year!

Major thanks to our highly

cheerful and effect manager

Midori Field for keeping

everyone organised, for

stand-in coaches Ross

Angelatos and Gilbert

Lorquet. And also, to Darryl

Gardam who was always

ready to help out with gear

wrangling, setup and

training. Thanks also to the

parents for their great

support over the season,

especially to the Vaile family

who win (again) the award

for most excellent orange


We really hope to keep all

the team together for next

season. So, practice and stay

fit over the summer and we

hope to see you all next


Christopher Dey, Coach

41 | P age




The BBC season kicked off months earlier with preparation for the FFA cup where wins against Sydney

Rangers and Southern Shire took us to the 5th round which would end our dreams with state league

side Dunbar Rovers claiming victory. Weeks later our season kicked off which saw us play excellent

football at times, dominating possession and leading the attack with the Golden Boot winner Anthony

Foti who would finish the season with a record 31 goals in 16 league matches.

We finished the season in 3rd place, only to be deducted points for poor discipline which was very

disappointing to see. It was a season of “what if’s” as we truly would have been the team no one

wanted to verse in the finals as we were too potent in attack and played fantastic football. Big Signings

already made for season 19. Can’t wait!!!

Peter Petrino, Coach

42 | P age




The 2018 season was one filled with plenty of magic, fantasy and beers. While it was complete with all

of the ingredients for success from the mighty Abbotsford AA9; unfortunately, we were unable to snag

the top spot (so 3rd will have to do). Perhaps we were just lacking that killer instinct in the final third,

or a bit of individual brilliance in the mid, perhaps we needed to give 110% in defence. Either way,

football is a game of two halves, and we will be back next year to do it all again!

Thanks to the club, and everyone families for all their support!

43 | P age



UNDER 21/2

Initially U21/3 now U21/2 after the competition

split, is a newly formed team which Mark

Alberga put together from his school mates and

a few additional players that approached the

club looking for a team.

From my experience with U18/1 in 2017, I could

see after a month of training that U21/2 had all

the makings of an excellent team with a hunger

to make it to the top of the league ladder which

they achieved a few weeks ago. I said to the

coaches it would be great for the team to move

up from Div. 3 to Div. 2 this season and possibly

up to Div. 1 next year and Coach Paolo Canu

said nodding, “It’s possible!”

As the team manager, I loved to be part of the

team to witness the team spirit. Hearing the

banter between the players and coaches on the

WhatsApp. The team have a great deal of

respect for the coaches and vice versa. It was

great to have team bonding dinners at the start,

mid, during World Cup and last Sunday after

our semi-final win. Also loved the camaraderie

in the team where if one member is down, they

would all be down and how player Adam

Calautti said “when you put your head down

George. I just want to die. Keep your head up

mate.” So, touching that they cared for each

other to pick each other up.

The coaches asked the team if their goal was to

play socially or to win the league. They could

help them with either choice. The team decided

they wanted to go all the way and win the

Grand Final.

It hasn’t been easy for the team and coaches. It

started with a team of players with mixed skill

levels and drive. One player was let go,

unfortunately much-loved Salvador Giusti was

injured with ACL tear early in the season and

Leo Di Bella left after 7 weeks. However overall,

the team was well set up with Paolo Canu as

main coach, Adam Castiglione and Angelo Canu

as assistant coaches, the video guy Dom who

captured all the games, WhatsApp for

communication, awesome group of players and

me. Captain Dylan Lee and Vice Mark Alberga

were selected. What was missing was a goal

keeper. Thankfully after 3 months of begging,

Mark was able to secure Philip Salah Beck as

goalkeeper and the team was complete.

What this trio of coaches Paolo, Adam and

Angelo did for these players is phenomenal. We

take our hats off to these guys and thank you

for all your team building efforts. The whole

season the coaches were committed to hand

down their skills and to make this team reach

their highest potential. Week after week they

came at 6pm prepare with drills, strategy, field

2 set up ready to train front and centre of the

club house at Campbell Park. They set the

expectation that players needed to be at

training by 6.15pm ready to play at 6.30pm.

Training finished when the light went out each

44 | P age



Thursday just after 9pm. Paolo and Adam

worked on fitness, strategy and ball skills with

the whole team. Meanwhile Angelo worked

with the defensive players Brandon Boden,

Lorenzo Mazzu, Jordan Carrozza, Adam Calautti

and later Marcus Ingegneri -teaching them what

their role was and how they should work with

the goal keeper. This gave the team their basic

skills and strength to block the opposing goals.

Throughout the season the team has lacked

confidence. They managed to beat or draw with

the hard teams achieving: 8 wins, 7 draws and

only one loss against Burwood A. The coaches

worked on this with team bonding and lots of

talks encouraging the team that, “the wins will

come”. The team tallied: 48 goals for and 28

against them including Grand Final.

There was a period where they would mostly

draw every game. I called this “being polite”

where we would only score if the other team

scored. This resulted in the team getting its first

blast in round 9 from assistant coach Angelo

that rocked the team, some parents were

upset, and field officials complained it was not

warranted. Angelo had decided to step down as

coach, but I would not have it. There was no

bad language merely stating the facts that they

needed to pull their socks up if they wanted to

achieve their goal to go all the way to Grand

Final. This was exactly what the team needed

to start a 6-week winning streak with one game

reaching 8 - 0 against Burwood D.

Then after the World Cup the team were

blocked and drawing again. Luckily when push

came to shove, they won the second semi-final

to settle the score with Enfield. 21/2 ended the

game a 2 all draw and came down to a win 3 -1

on penalties and make it to play the Grand


The Grand Final was held at Henley Park against

Burwood A the only team they lost to this

season. First half we were down 1-0. Early in

the game our goalkeeper was kneed below the

ribs, his head crashes to the ground and the

game stops for what feels like an eternity,

striker Luke Iskandar takes goalkeeper position.

The striker George Elhindi comes back with the

tie 1-1 in the second half. In extra time Philip

comes back as goalkeeper but was not the same

after his concussion. Neither team scores, so we

go to penalties. Our strikers’ Marco Agliozzo,

Jonathan Salvatore, Mark Alberga, Dylan Lee

lined up and goal keepers are at the ready. It’s 4

- 3 and we can almost taste the win

unfortunately we miss the last penalty and with

no saves the rest is history! Burwood A win the

Grand Final 5-4. 21/2 were awarded runners up

for 2018.

Well done team, they listened to coaches,

improved their skills and became best mates.

They put in their best efforts and that is all we

can ask.

Thank you to all the supporters who came to

the games and cheered for the team. There

were many nail-biting moments and

celebrations along the way. Look forward to

seeing you all in 2019.

Ninett Alberga, Proud Team Manager

45 | P age



UNDER 11/3

The majority of the team came together at the start of the season

from two separate teams with a few new players. All of the boys

were enthusiastic and a pleasure to coach and manage, the boys

came together as a team quite quickly and it showed in their

results, of the 18 matches they won 12, drew 3 and lost 3. A total

of 54 goals scored for the season and only conceded 28. In 11 of

the games the team conceded 1 or less goals thanks to the strong

defensive unit and great goal keeping. The team also scored in

every match except the final match, in 14 of the games scoring

more than 1 goal. The camaraderie and teamwork amongst the

group was outstanding throughout the year, the boys worked hard

for each other and never gave up.

Player review:

Tomas Zuluaga: Tomi had a solid year in defence and was one of

the reasons we conceded 1 or less goals in half of our games, Tomi

has excellent timing on his challenges and rarely lets attaching

players past.

Jake Ciregna: Jake had a

consistent year, moving

between midfield and attack

and was our second highest

goal scorer with 12 goals,

and he scored in 9 games

which made him a constant

threat. He also

has many assists for his team

mates, Jake has great skills

with the ball, he is able to

drive the ball forward taking

on defences and is also able

to shoot from long range.

Jake also happy to take the

goalkeeper gloves when

required to fill in and did so

very well. Jake was one of

only three players to play

every match.


Monteleone: Michael

has had an excellent season,

spending most of the season

in central defence, Michael’s

has great football awareness

and his anticipation for the

game and never say die

attitude was one of the

reasons the team developed

one of the best defensive

units in the competition. He

occasionally moved

46 | P age



into midfield and was able to push the team forward working well

with his team mates. For has dedication and hard work Michael

was voted this year’s Players Player award by the team.

Franke Ninkovic-Symington: Frankie was one of our stand out

players of the season, he spent most of the year as wing defence

and was instrumental in the teams great defensive record, Frankie

is always composed and seems to have so much time, he always

fought hard for the ball and rarely lost it, he was often last man

stopping opposition attaching moves, as was rarely beaten.

Frankie was awarded our Coaches and Managers award for his

wonderful attitude.

Marco Costa: Marco started

the season in defence and

was an exceptional defender

rarely letting attacks through

the rear line; he has great

ball skills and speed. The

later part of the season he

moved forward into attack

and proved to be just as

effective scoring 5 goals in 3

matches, his speed and

intensity on the ball made

him a constant threat. Marco

was one of only three players

to play every match.

Christian Steel: Christian spend most of the season in midfield and

would also drop back to assist the defence when required, he was

also able to push into attack and scored 4 goals for the year.

Christian’s greatest asset is his intensity at the ball, regardless of

how many players were around him he rarely left a contest

without the ball at his feet, his game was always entertaining to


Sam Hepburn: Sam took on

the difficult job of goalkeeper

and did it extremely well,

Sam’s height and reach

enabled him to cover the

goal well, he made some

exceptional reflex saves

during the season. Sam had 2

clean sheets for the year and

was an integral part of our

successful year.

47 | P age



Mathew Maiese : Mathew played most of the season moving

between midfield and attach, he scored 5 goals for the year

making him a threat up forward, his great kicking ability meant he

could shoot from long range, he was also one of the main corner

takers, his height and size also made him a threat in the box, he

scored our only headed goal from a corner for the year. His main

role was in midfield where his poise on the ball and great kicking

allowed him to set up forward attacks.

Toby Denton: Toby has an exceptional ability to run and run and

run, his work in midfield was one of the reasons the team was so

successful, he was also able to move back into defence to assist

with opposition team’s better players, he was also able to move

forward scoring 3 goals for the season.

Paris Oikonomou: Paris has exceptional ball skills, he constantly

tormented teams from the left wing or midfield and was one our

main attacking weapons, he has the ability to run with the ball and

take on players, and usually got past them, he scored 4 goals for the

season but made countless assists with his strong runs forward.

Julian Mantle: Julian had an exceptional year, he has great skills

with the ball, he has good speed and game awareness which made

him a good user of the ball in

midfield and a constant

threat forward, his 13 goals,

9 of his favoured left foot,

made him the team’s top

scorer for the season. Julian

was one of only three players

to play every match.

Guerau Casado

Ayats: Guerau, had a great

start to the year scoring a

hat-trick in our first game, he

was a constant threat up

forward with his speed and

great ball skills, in the 10

game that he played Guerau

scored 7 goals, unfortunately

for the team his family

moved away midway

through the season.

Logan Brodie: In only his

second year playing Logan

moved between attack and

defence, he proved to have

great defensive skills as well

as going forward and scoring

goals, Logan scored a few

times he went forward,

unfortunately we lost him

midway through the season

due to other sporting

commitments. Look out for

his name in Ice Hockey

Sean Mantle, Coach

48 | P age



UNDER 13/1

On 13th February, at our first official training session, coach Roger Vertannes said to the team, 'Boys, we

came third last year. Do you want to win this year?' The boys looked somewhat bemused and the

response was a muffled 'Yeah'. Then Rog said to the boys in a louder voice, 'Boys, I said, do you want to

win this year?' This time the response was raised to medium volume 'Yes'. Rog then retorted in a loud,

strong voice, 'Boys, ..........I can't hear you. I saidddd .......... Do - You - Want - To - WIN - This – Year?’, to

which the response was a rousing ' YESSSSSSSSS!'.

And so began the journey. Training nights with painstaking drills across the full FFA curriculum for this

age, fitness workouts, school and/or development squad training, cross training with other sports, trial

matches and grueling Sunday club matches.

It was a wonderful journey which culminated in a hard fought, nail biting, 1-0 Grand Final win. Win, lose

or draw, we are so proud of the boys in the team. Team first we say. Many thanks to Rog, Rob, Joh and

all the parents for their wonderful contribution to the team. Now to do it all again.

Mark Aldridge, Assistant Coach

49 | P age



OVER 35/9

Winning the Grand Final on Saturday and

becoming premiers is the best summary of our

season. As always, a few departures and new

acquisitions and a couple of players returning

gave us a squad of 22 but with inevitable injury

and unavailability we rarely had more than 16

available and regularly a lot less than that.

Similarly, Marc Iacono, a very good player who

suffered significant injury early in the season

when putting the team ahead of himself and

who got back to great form but ended up

having to miss the GF, exemplified what being a

good team man is all about.

And our team reporter, part-time keeper David

Sullivan, continued producing his very

entertaining match reports as he has for many

years (but not suitable for general

publication). Needless to say, the win on

Saturday was the best possible way to finish a

very good season (and we celebrated

accordingly well into the night).

Ironically the Grand Final was probably the first

time all season we were at full strength. I think

our team is what O35 football, particularly in

the lower divisions, should be about: a very

competitive unit keen to win, but always with

team spirit and camaraderie the priority.

We had an eclectic group and players ranging in

age from 39 to 70. Seventy-year-old Adrian

Herbert is an inspiration. Still a very fit and

capable footballer but also the ultimate team

and club man, always offering to stand down if

we had too many, but whether playing or not,

coming to games to help with paperwork and

setting and undressing fields and making life

much easier for the rest of us.

Thanks as always to club president Gilbert, and

all office bearers and volunteers, for making

AJFC run so efficiently and for making life so

easy for the rest of us.

Darryn Kelly, Team Manager

50 | P age




The Abbotsford Under 8 Girls have developed in to a fine footballing team over the season and the girls

have shown determination, team work and enthusiasm in all of the games they played. For many of

these girls it’s the first time they have played football against other teams, and for some it was the first

time they have learnt to kick a ball. Our emphasis from the beginning was to have fun and build the girls

interest and love in football which appears to have worked. The coaches have been delighted to train

them and help them learn a little about football, and we (as coaches) have learnt to herd cats. The girls

are hopefully excited about coming back next year and doing it all again.

Neil Bassett, Assistant Coach

51 | P age



UNDER 10/6

Don’t be the best on the team…… aspire to be the best for the team!

What a great year it has been! The team was a combination of two teams who had never played

together, but quickly took to the field as if they had been playing childhood soccer in the backyard. They

all came with a broad range of skills and ability. We came out strong working as a team, playing our

positions and most of all having fun.

Our late team addition of Bronte (alias “Brian” on game day) really set a level for the boys to follow. She

never held back and really gave the other teams something to contend with. It was great to see that at

this age group we still have mixed teams playing.

We started off with all the players wanting to dictate to the coaches where they thought they should be

playing. It became obvious during training and the early games, where each player’s strengths were.

There were debates, but in the end, everyone agreed to a single phrase - “we play you where you are at

your best”.

52 | P age



We started playing a 3-2-3 formation (as most of the other teams in the competition played) which

worked well. Half way through the season, we thought we would try something a little different, which

proved to be a success. We started playing a 2-3-3 formation, providing a stronger defensive line when

we were down players or playing without reserves.

Our season turned when some players started to drop through injuries (all caused off the field),

extended holidays and the simple cold. It was a regular occurrence for the team to be playing without

anyone on the reserve bench. At times, we were only playing with seven players on the field including

the goal keeper. However, the team soldiered on, kept their heads high and gave it their best. They are

to be commended on never giving up and showing true sportsmanship!

The focus throughout the season had been built around the philosophy of core fitness and “playing as a

team”. We could not be successful if we did not control and pass the ball. It was all about creating the

opportunity for the team to score, not actually being the player who put the ball into the back of the

net. The team upheld the core values of the club and played in true spirit of the game, with passion,

energy, sportsmanship, but above all, enjoyment.

53 | P age



It was very rewarding as Coaches to watch the

excellent individual and team performances.

Seeing the team learn new skills, watching their

confidence soar, witnessing the camaraderie

and watching friendships grow has been a great


When choosing the Player of the Season and

the Most Improved Player, we thought long and

hard. Every member of the team gave it

everything they had week in, week out, and

should all be equally congratulated on the

dedication and above and beyond attitude they

all displayed. It is always difficult when you

need to pick the awards (especially when you

coach your son (s) in the team).

Sam’s fitness and ball skills greatly improved

throughout the season.

Player of the Season: Wow, this was the hardest

decision to make when there were a number of

outstanding players in the team. In the end,

Luca Di Cosmo takes player of the season. From

scoring from a corner, scoring off a penalty,

setting up the goal and giving it everything he

had each week. Luca was consistently skilful,

energetic, hardworking and most importantly a

team player. His “Luca Special” kick-offs have

become legendary.

A big thank you to all the parents for their

support each week, whether it be turning up at

training on cold nights, cheering from the side

line, bringing the oranges and most of all,

encouraging the team to be the best that they

can be!

Congratulations to all the players on their

efforts throughout the year, there have been

many highlights both at an individual and team


Most Improved Player: Sam Nixon (also known

as “the Canon”). From the commencement of

the season, it was evident that the level of

fitness in the team was low, especially when

there were no reserves. Sam took a leadership

role in our team, playing centre defence. He

controlled the line and worked really well with

the goal keeper. He has a great kick and more

importantly, was running from left to right to

ensure he covered any gaps in the back line.

It was a pleasure to coach the team this year.

We hope that the team will continue to develop

their skills and most importantly enjoy their

time with Abbotsford for many years to come.

Finally, we would like to thank our Team

Manager, Scott Nixon, for his support

throughout the season and in keeping the team

organised - it’s much appreciated!

Mick Terry, Coach and Darren Muter, Assistant


54 | P age



55 | P age




After playing intra-club during the U7’s season

and working on developing their skills during

the preseason the U8/3’s were extremely

excited to test themselves against other clubs in

the association. In fact, the most popular

question during the course of the season was

“Who do we play next week?” More

disconcerting was when this question was asked

during the coaches’ half time address!

seeing the improvement of everyone,

witnessing friendships develop and grow and of

course the end-of-season Team vs

“Unbeatables” (Parents) game.

The introduction of a goalkeeper and set

positions took some getting used to however

these were enthusiastically embraced as the

team learnt the importance of passing, space

and tackling. After a series of very close losses,

some larger ones, a win and a couple of draws

the kids never dropped their heads or lost the

desire to learn and play football. The resilience

displayed during the first half of the season was

amazing, and this determination payed off in

the second half of the year which saw the team

regularly winning and drawing games. The

parents witnessed great goals, wonderful saves

and fantastic last-ditch tackles. Some of the

highlights of the year included Aydin winning

play of the month for his goal against Earlwood,

Throughout the course of the season Adam,

Arthur, Aydin, Joe, Nicco, Nick, Thomas, Tuscan

and Zella represented AJFC with distinction by

always showing respect to the referees and

opposition, playing fairly and having fun as they

learnt the great game of football together. Bring

on next year!

Matthew Stafford, Coach

56 | P age




What a great season the girls had, it was a great

pleasure to share it with them. Throughout the

season an overall great performance was

displayed by the girls with some strong

individual performances and some brilliant

team work.

The girls won the majority of their games, only

recording three narrow losses for the entire

season. The most pleasing thing about the girl’s

success was the spirit in which the girls played,

they showed great sportsmanship throughout

the year.

Above anything else it was so great to see that

every player tried their best whether that be at

training or on game day. It has been a pleasure

to coach and manage this team throughout the

year especially watching the fun and enjoyment

the girls got from being part of this team.

Finally, I would like to thank all the parents who

helped out throughout the year at training or

on game day, it was much appreciated.

Well Done Girls!!!

The support and passion they showed each and

every week was a real highlight both at training

and on game day. It was this determination that

made for a successful year.

Guy Sciacchitano, Coach and Daniel Trad, Team


57 | P age




What a fun year, with a great team! The boys played their best all

season and took the change to new rules, playing positions and

locations from Under 7s to Under 8s with great enthusiasm. They

performed well at training and at each Saturday game. It was

challenging and also exciting to play against external teams and on

different fields.

Once the boys got into a rhythm, they were able to really

strengthen their defence against the other teams. This was evident

as we progressed through the season, with the boys really

improving their game, the scores becoming much tighter and some

well-deserved wins. Towards the end of the season, it was obvious

how well the boys were working together, with strong defences

showing and great viewing for all on the sidelines!

It has been really rewarding watching them improve their ball skills

and strategy in each game. It was particularly fun having the goal

keeper position introduced. The boys were all happy and excited

to take their turn and rotate this position.

Overall, it has been a season

where all the boys put in

such a great effort and

honed their skills, focusing

on their strengths. They

learned to work well

together, were reliable and

had fun along the way. It has

been a pleasure managing

and coaching such a great

team of boys! Well done


Daniel Trad, Coach and Lisa

Ettorre, Team Manager

58 | P age




The 2018 U7 Dingoes merged a small group of U6 Possum’s from 2017 and an eager bunch of first

timers to the game.

Our coach, Grant Andrews brought his passion, patience and an engaging range of training drills to our

Tuesday night sessions, keeping the team focused and having fun while they learnt the basics and

developed as a unit. Grant’s efforts were greatly appreciated by the players and parents alike.

Gameday coaching, team management and refereeing was handled by Paul Martin, with Cam Wilson,

Annie Hathaway and Lara Angell all helping to make the year run smoothly. Shout out to Paul Martin

and Rodd Point Fruit & Veg for providing the “magical” half-time oranges that fueled the weekly second

half surge from the Dingoes!

The whole team enjoyed their games, playing every round with excitement and good sportsmanship. As

the season progressed, all players’ skills in attack, defence and support play improved greatly. The

Dingoes scored plenty of fine goals and made many last-ditch defensive saves during the season, to the

delight of the players, parents and supporters.

Dingoes Team: Aaliyah Severino, Annalee Lemura, Austin Wilson, David Mammedov, Elvis Gou, Indira

Andrews, Jamie Cosmetatos, Oliver Hathaway, Oliver Martin, Rafael Angell, Rafael Barton.

Coach: Grant Andrews

Paul Martin, Team Manager

59 | P age




What a fantastic season of learning about the game and how to

work together as a team. The Dragon Girls, ably led by Rob and

Timo as joint coaches, put in a great effort throughout the season

with an almost equal number of wins, losses and draws.

Congratulations to the team for showing team spirit, respect and

fairness throughout the ups and downs. Thanks to Tamara and Ray

who kept things running smoothly behind the scenes and all of the

parents who pitched in whenever needed. Each of the girls

contributed and utilised their strengths and skills over the season

to build a great team from scratch:

Aria – a fleet footed midfielder who proved invaluable in both

attack and defence. Very good ball control skills and a mean boot

which will score many goals in years to come.

Emily – a sharp shooting

sniper from deep. Emily

displayed a brilliant ability to

find the back of the net and

reveled in leading the team

with her goal scoring ability.

Erin – a bubble of energy

doing damage in all areas of

the field. Erin was a

wonderful late addition to

the team who fitted into the

squad seamlessly. Has a big

future in football.

Eva – a midfield attacker who

displays incredible ball

control and brilliant passing

attributes. Scored some

crucial goals in big games,

leading the Dragons Girls to

victory on more than one

occasion. Also contributed

admirably as a keeper.

Brianna – a true team player who led from the front. Lethal in

attack, displaying wonderful skills with the ball. Suited to the

midfield but can roam anywhere on the field and make a big


Lara – a defensive specialist

who grew more confident

with the ball with each game.

Was sorely missed when she

was on loan to Italian club

Juventus mid-season. A great

team player who should be

proud of her contribution.

Mia – a great addition to the

Dragons Girls. Mia excelled

as a defensive specialist and

60 | P age



showed uncompromising determination in stopping the

opposition. A true terror on the field without fear.

Natasha – an all-round menace on the pitch. Whether it was

bowling over her opposition or scooting past her opposite number,

Natasha was a force to be reckoned with. Passionate, lively and

possessing a brilliant kick.

Riley – always eager to guard

the goals and displayed catlike

skills in defending her

net. Pretty in pink, but skillful

in blue – Riley showed plenty

of class with the ball and

displayed excellent


Zoe – with a will to win like

no-one else, Zoe led from the

front. A superb shot at goal

whose skills dribbling the ball

improved each week. Also

possessed a hard-edged

defensive attitude. One of

the hardest workers on the

pitch. A huge future in the

sport should she continue on

this progression.

Tamara Scenna, Team


61 | P age




Wow what an amazing first season for the U6

possums! Byron, Benji, Charlie, Luca, Jacob,

Hudson, Felix, Lachlan and Gabriel.

The possums have developed and come so far

from their first training session and game, they

have grown in skills, confidence, a love of the

game and most importantly built friendships.

Their smiling faces when kicking the ball says it

all! I have enjoyed being able to be part of the

team as coach, we have focused on fun first and

had lots of joy, and laughter.

The boys are just brilliant! I look forward to

watching the possums build on this fantastic

start next year. It’s has been a real team effort

from everyone - kids and parents. Thank you to

all from setting up, joining in and your

support. Thank you Abbotsford for a wonderful


Joy-Ann Brewer, Coach

62 | P age




A great season for all the players – showing a willingness to learn, desire to win but always with a

respect for the opposition.

A good league where nearly all games were close and competitive – we ended with a healthy record

too! (9 wins, 2 draws, 6 losses).

David Joyce, Coach

63 | P age




2018 for the Girls U11 Division 2 team started as a year of change

with the team welcoming three new players (Elise Borozan, Kirsty

Boyd and Jacinta Luca Donato) who joined the core playing group

from last year. The team was fortunate to have 13 girls keen to

play, meaning that player rotation was to be a feature of the

season. With a new coach finding his way, the team started slowly

with a draw and 3 losses. All these games were competitive affairs

with teams producing plenty of goals. The highlight during this

period was a hat-trick by Evie Halliday in a 3-5 losing effort against


The team work and

development through the

year showed and with it,

results came. The team

going on an unbeaten in a

run of 10 matches through

the middle of the season

topped off with 5 wins.

Particularly pleasing was the

team’s never say die attitude

with the majority of games

featuring come from behind

goals to either draw or win in

the last minutes of the game.

Slowly the team started to combine together as a team and with a

resolute defence led by Nicola Lacomba combined with

goalkeepers, Abigail Williamson and Elise Borozan, opposition

teams found it increasingly difficult to score. Games during this

period were typified by end to end action with breakouts lead by

the team’s midfield of Rose Halliday, Kiara Pantalone and Jacinta

providing numerous opportunities on goal for the team’s forwards,

Summer Hadfield, Addison Bridle and Zoe Dracos.

Highlights for the year were

many. Rose’s hat-trick

against Punchbowl to match

her cousin Evie’s effort the

week before. Elise’s worldcup

worthy goalkeeping save

from a last-minute corner to

earn the team a 0-0 draw

with Enfield.

With a full team this year, the adaptability of team players, Evie

Halliday, Keilani Wirihana, Kirsty Boyd and Makayla Bartholomew

showed through as they moved from position to position across

the park, allowing other team members well-earned breaks on the

bench while providing fresh challenges for oppositions teams.

64 | P age



Standout games from Kiara and Kirsty playing in midfield with great ball control with runs from deep to

turn defence into attack. Goals from Keilani, Jacinta, Rose, Kirsty, Kiara and Summer with great support

play by Addison to create open space in forward line. Abigail’s goalkeeping efforts facing down both a

penalty kick and point-blank shot on goal in two different games against a quality Balmain A side. And

finally, the team’s first ever goals from corner set pieces, ably finished by Zoe and Kirsty!

Girls - you can all be very proud of your efforts in 2018 with may opposition coaches rightly praising your

teamwork, spirit and play as providing the most competitive games their teams played over the entire

season. For Tina, Vicki and I, it has been a pleasure to work with you all. I’ve learnt a lot and I hope you

have too. Go the Mighty Ravens for 2019!

Chris Williamson, Coach

65 | P age




It has been an incredibly rewarding season for the under 9 girls 1A or as they named themselves the

PYTHON CATS! These girls have improved throughout the season, playing respectfully, showing new

skills of passing and ball control. This is thanks to our extraordinary coaches in Mark Szcerbicki and

Charles (Chas) Summerfield who have coached these girls for 2 years. The Python Cats love training, love

Sunday games, love their coaches and love their fellow team mates. They are all looking forward to the

2019 season!

Kate Romaniuk, Team Manager

66 | P age




Well it was not the best start

to the season with only 8

players registered, no coach

and no manager when Kelvin

Wilson very bravely chose to

volunteer for his role of

coach for the U14/3A's whilst

also managing the U10/8's.

This was closely followed by

John Smith volunteering for

role of manager. The

question was would we be

able to field a team and

participate as the deadline

was fast approaching. This is

where the club came to the

fore helping and guiding

Kelvin and I through the

necessary steps and directing

players where interested to


Pre-Season training came

and went, and we managed

to get a few training sessions

in with sometimes more balls

present than players.

However, optimism was

high, and we went into the

first game of the season with

high spirits. Reality however

set in after this game in

which we tried but were

overwhelmed 3-0 by

Concord, this was quickly

followed by another defeat

at the hands of Marrickville


The good thing was that this

gave us a chance to review

the players, have a look at

the system and start adding

some new players into the

team. We then went into our

next game v Burwood with

renewed vigour, however on

an extremely windy day we

went into half-time 3-0 down

against the wind. The lads

however scored early in the

second half and then again

to make it 3-2.

From a corner we scored

directly but the referee

wrongly disallowed it. The

resultant corner was cleared,

and Burwood ran up the

other end and scored to

make it 4-2 and we got one

back to make it 4-3.

Three games, three defeats

but on the bright side we had

players who were keen,

hungry to learn and with skill

and a great attitude. This

game was a turning point.

We then faced Marrickville A

and scored our first victory of

the season 4-2 - it was as if

we had won the grand final

and it suddenly gave us all

renewed belief that we could

have a competitive season.

We ended the season

undefeated from that

moment with 12 victories

and three draws and we won

the minor premiership which

was a testament to these

group of lads who worked

together as a team all

season, battled hard in every

game and never knew when

they were beaten.

In the first semi-final

however, we tasted our first

defeat since those first three

games, losing 7-1 to

Burwood but quickly

bounced back in the second

semi-final to beat

Marrickville B whom we had

lost 4-0 and drawn 1-1

during the regular season in

a very tight game.

And so we faced Burwood in

the grand final - would it be a

chance to take back some

pride and win the game. We

prepared well with extra

training on the Thursday as

well as our Tuesday session

and then faced up to

opponents who were on a

high after beating us two

weeks previously.

67 | P age



The lads absolutely rose to

the occasion and had a

fantastic first half in which

we took the lead through our

top scorer Ameer Refai

before two goals gave the

advantage back to Burwood.

The lads tried and tried but

to no avail until the last

minute of the 5 extra

minutes Joshua Smith was

fouled for a penalty. It was

the last kick of the game -

would Ameer be able to

score? He slotted it in and

the players erupted in a

major celebration - game


The extra time period came

and went without any

further score and we were

down to penalties - Ameer,

Joachim, Joshua and Cooper

all scored to add the

championship to the minor

premiership - a storybook season which will be hard to beat.

We’d like to thank the parents and club for all of their support

which as we all know is a huge benefit and to Kelvin and Damiano

for their drive and passion. Last but by certainly no means least I

would like to thank the players - these guys never knew they were

beaten and defied the odds to have a breakthrough season -


John Smith, Coach

68 | P age




We had a group of boys’ that haven't played together before, so we had a slow beginning with all the

boy's trying to get into the flow. After a few games of them getting used to their positions and working

as a team we noticed a huge improvement in all the boy's and with a few wins to follow.

By the end of the season we can now see that all the boys can play with confidence and in all positions

on the field.

Laz Giannichronis, Coach

69 | P age



UNDER 10/8

What a great team of boys, full of energy,

optimism and passion both on and off the field.

It was a pleasure to work with Dorota our

manager and the parents, who regularly

stepped up to help out at training and the set

up on game days.

gave their all, both at the game and at training.

It has been great to be involved especially

watching the boys have fun and to see their

skills develop over the season.

While we had a mixed bag of results, when all

the players were available, we played like the

true champions they are. It was difficult to

nominate a best player or most improved but

there were a couple of boys who have been

recognised for their great attitudes, attendance

and consistent performance.

The boys had an enthusiastic and passionate

support squad of parents who were vocal and

supportive of both teams on the field. It was a

pleasure to be involved with such a great group

of kids and parents, the sportsmanship and

caring nature of the boys and parents has been

wonderful to see.

While we were a mixed team of experience and

capabilities, every player tried their best and

Well done boys, on behalf of Dorota and myself

we’d like to say it’s been a pleasure and thanks

for letting us be involved.

Onwards and upwards!

Kelvin Wilson Coach, Dorota Czyz-Paterlini

Team Manager

70 | P age




Firstly, big thank you goes to the parents who drive the kids to training and matches, but the most

important people to thank are our players.

Our boys and girl who choose to represent Abbotsford under 6s Wombats, proudly wear their uniforms

every weekend representing the club and our community.

For some in the Wombats they are kicking a ball for the very first time and they have all come together

well to work & play as a team at both training days & especially game days. They have all bonded well,

developing and strengthening their basic running, passing and coordination skills.

Mostly it was all about having fun, making friends and enjoying the game of soccer. We look forward to

coming together next year to working harder at building a great team.

John Pante, Coach

71 | P age




We are the wooden spooners but in the second

half of this season we had some real nail bitters.

The boys have improved so much as the season

gone on. Although disappointed that we didn’t

win a couple of those close ones the boys’

attitude has remained positive. They have

continued to support each other & back each

other up. They are playing with their mates &

enjoying the playing the game.

Thank you to you & all the volunteers at the

club for all your hard work this year.

Brenda Smith, Team Manager

72 | P age




It was an exciting season of soccer for the

U9/D9 this year!

The boy’s skills and team work improved so

much in such a short time together.

After suffering a couple of big losses at the

beginning of the season, the boys were able to

turn things around and play some really

competitive soccer and managed some

convincing wins.

The boys turned up each week and gave their

best, showing their commitment to the team,

the game and their coach. We were fortunate

to have a supportive group of parents whose

time and commitment as volunteers helped the

season run smoothly and their efforts were

much appreciated.

Kim Field, Team Manager

73 | P age




What a great year for the

essentially new team of

Abbotsford Under 11Girls/1A

Wolverine team! We have 5

new players to the team.

After a slow start with

getting the team together

and then playing together as

a team, we have had great

success with only 4 losses

mainly at the beginning of

the season. Our new-tosoccer

players, Lilly and

Lauren, are playing like they

have played for years and

have simply fitted into their

roles on the field. Lilly

Wright, in particular, is all

over the ball in the backs,

and that is why she is our

Most Improved Player this

year. Lauren had a great

season in the centre and ran

down the ball Our other recruits (previously from Russell Lea) -

Charlotte, Madeline and Saskia - have slotted in with the rest of

the players like they have always played together.

Our other backs this year - Gabi, Alessa, Charlotte and Eve - did

such a great job in defence. They have big kicks and worked well

together to change the play from defence to attack. Our regular

midfielder - Kaari - is fantastic in controlling the play and passing to

her team mates. Our regular forward - Rhi - always attacks the

opposition with a smile and great positional play. Kitri, Lilly, Madi

and Saskia are our great utility players in any position and a great

support to their team mates.

Our Player of the Season for 2018 (by a nearly a unanimous vote

by parents and players) is Kitri Irving who scored a whopping 25+

goals this season.

And the best thing about managing and coaching this team is the

help from the others (player's parents and siblings) who are always

will to chip in and set up the field, co-coach the girls (thanks Rohan

and Dean), and the assistant managers (Holly, Elizabeth and

Hannah). The U11G/1A is just one big happy soccer family.

Joanne Ling, Team Manager and John Ellen, Coach

74 | P age




We had a team of eight to begin with: Alfie, Archie, Charlie, Cristian, Josh, Kalan, Leo and Sam who were

excellent at attending their coaching sessions on Tuesday evenings and of course on Game Day.

Valentino joined a week later – it helped that he knew most of the team. Vale was a great rock at the

back and an excellent tackler!

It was clear to see that we had a really hard-working bunch of boys, all of whom tried their best to help

each other. We tried to mix it up each week so that Alfie (our star player) was on one team one week

and on another the next week. This really helped the boys with their confidence.

Only a couple of games throughout the season ended up in a draw or defeat and of course, this is hard

to take for six-year olds but I emphasised to the boys that to be a good winner you have to be gracious

in defeat. Arun joined the Crocs towards the end of the season. Despite never playing before, he hit the

ground running and got stuck in.

There were some great highlights – Alfie’s nimble footwork and his numerous goals of course, Sam and

Kalan’s work rate and fearlessness, Archie’s ball control and his ability to be everywhere, Josh’s defence

and mean right foot, Arun’s tackling, Valentino’s enthusiasm and dribbling skills, Charlie and Leo’s

graceful passing and Cristian’s eye for goal. Towards the tail-end of the season, you could really start to

see the boys passing and moving which made me very proud. Some of the boys who hadn’t played much

at all prior to the season (Josh & Sam in particular) had made the biggest improvements and have the

makings of excellent players, which made it all worthwhile for me as a coach.

We also made a habit of bringing some fun to training and bye days with the regular kids vs adults

games which the boys very much looked forward to.

Big thanks to all of the parents who brought the kids to training every week and created such a great

team spirit, supporting them on the sidelines each Saturday morning. It was great to see old

acquaintances and make new friends and gel over our shared love of the game. Thanks especially to

Pete (Leo’s dad) for helping out with coaching.

Fiona Ackland, Team Manager

75 | P age



OVER 45/2

Having won the Championship in 2017 and now

promoted to Div 2, this year started with much

promise and excitement. Led ably by John

Calcara and with the return of two quality

players, Damiano Nigro and Emmanuel Ziino,

the team was feeling very buoyant. However,

the year could not have started any worse, with

a Bye and three losses to have us behind the

eight ball all year.

The hangover from last year’s celebrations was

finally over by round 9 and with some

purposeful training sessions we managed to

muster some great wins over the quality teams

in the competition. This was highlighted by our

7-1, 4 -1, 4 - 3 victories over top 4 teams. Our

problem was our inconsistency and our narrow

defeats by solitary goals, which ultimately cost

us a semi-final berth.

The team had some purple patches this season

with some outstanding starts to games. We

managed to start games on fire shown by our 4-

0 start over Ashfield Pirates by the 18th minute

and a 3-0 start over Belmore after only 10

minutes. However, games are 90 minutes, and

this will be an area which we will need to rectify

for next season.

Some memorable moments throughout the

year include Peter Biviano’s overhead scissors

kick at Pratten Park (ala. Gareth Bale) and his

classy outside flick goals as well as his set piece

rocket verses Inter Lions. Roger Vertannes’

world class hat-trick verses Leichhardt Tigers

was also very special and will live long in our

memories. This particular match was our most

gutsy performance of the year. In a must-win

game against a highly favoured team, we had

our backs against the wall with no substitutes,

yet showed loads of character and won in a


Tony Cittadino’s tireless work in the middle and

his many goals and assists was another feature

of the season. Tony Mura, at attacking MF, also

showed his class with an ability to hold and

change the tempo of the game, whenever

needed. Gino Pitronaci (‘the train’) and Rolando

(‘Ronaldo’) Serdoz, had solid seasons while

David Harding and Nick Kalimeris are still

pressing for that title of ‘super sub’.

Emmanuel Diamantis and Ossie Pisanu had

limited opportunities due to operations early in

the season but showed great support for the

team. Tony Oliviera, Mel Cassisi, Tony Giunta

and John Cistulli deserve a mention for their

effort, durability and strong work ethic in

playing most minutes in every game this season

.... a monumental feat in this age group! There

were a few controversies throughout the year

but in the main a good, fun year was had by all!!

John Cistulli, Team Manager

76 | P age




A terrific year for the bellicose U6 Bilbies.

We have completed a huge season with an U6 team of athletes fit enough for the CrossFit World Titles.

We make special mention below to each of our regular attendees and teammates who all performed

with distinction.

§ Monique started the year with her light-hearted dancing in her tutu at training and developed

into a fast and ready defender and midfielder.

§ Annabel is the consummate defender with a big kick who moves between all positions and takes

on the biggest strikers with ease.

§ Jack has been an energetic and regular player each week who scored an amazing double midseason

against one of our toughest opponents.

§ William has developed a turn of speed and skill during the season that foreshadows serious

talent to come.

§ Luca may be the youngest but what he lacks in age he more than makes up for in spirit and

determination when tackling the big kids and scoring goals.

§ Rapha has arguably the biggest kick in the game (although Annabel and Marlon may have

something to say about that) and his dribbling and tackling skills saw him score impressive goals

at the end of the season.

§ Benjamin has demonstrated a willingness to compete at the highest levels of the game sprinting

with ease to get away from his bigger opponents definitely showing glimpses of that Brazilian


§ Tommy is the fast-paced dribbling and goal scoring aficionado with an eye firmly fixed on

Manchester United next season.

§ Marlon is that rock solid defender with a big boot saving countless gaols during the season.

§ Finally, we have the top goal scorer James, whose skill is only surpassed by his dissatisfaction in

his own results with his catch cry “I want to be Modric!” (undisputedly the number 1 player in

the world today).

An enormous thankyou to the manager Linda, special mention to parents Dane, Scott and Jeff who

substituted for the unreal Bilbies coach during the season and our loyal band of devotees.

We will all miss playing together and thank you again for being supportive of one another and the fun


Dom Velcic, Coach

77 | P age




This year, the U13/2 Girls team was made up of

a mix of experienced players, and players who

had never touched a football. From the very

first game, they worked cohesively together to

understand each other’s strengths and areas

that needed development. The season taught

us that 'Football does not create character, it

reveals it'

The team had a great season, always putting

100% effort into both their game and

their comradeship. Their efforts were rewarded

by finishing second on the table, and, making it

all the way to the grand final. While a win was

not meant to be, the girls put on an excellent

show of the spirit, determination and good

sportsmanship that got them there in the first


Our group of young ladies should be extremely

proud of their achievement this year!

Jacqueline Davis, Team Manager

78 | P age



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