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Education System: Czech Republic

2 December 2018

Justina Pluktaite

National Educational


• Compulsory school attendance

is for all children at the age

from 6 to 15 years.

• The participation rate of the

15–19 year-old pupils is about


• Upper Secondary: the

admission procedure may

include the entrance

examination. In four-year and

multi-year general

programmes, the applicants

pass the obligatory common

admission examination.

VET schools

• About 40 % of teaching time is

devoted to general education

and 60 % to vocational

technical education.

• 2016/17 - 68% of pupils started

their first grade of the upper

secondary programme leading to

Maturita examination (22% in

general programmes and 46%

in vocational programmes),

32% of pupils entered the

vocational fields completed with

the VET final examination.

• The curricula of all secondary

schools must meet the

requirements of the appropriate

educational standards approved

by the Ministry of Education,

Youth and Sports

Interesting facts

• Since 1990 establishment of

private schools was made

possible. Private schools

receive a state contribution

towards running costs and are

allowed to charge tuition fees.

• 45 min lessons

• No of students per class: 17-


• Marks: from 1 to 5 (1 – best)

• Evaluation: report at the end of

each semester

Interesting facts #2

The rate of unemployment 2017:

The average academic level of 15 years-old measured by PISA is good.

The dropout rate from this level of education is below the OECD average.


• Schools are usually funded by the

state through the budget of the

Ministry of Education, Youth and

sports and budgets of regional

authorities and municipalities.

• The funding is based mostly on

the per capita method.

• The financial means for staff

costs, textbooks and teaching

aids are allocated by the Ministry

to regional authorities.

• The operational costs and

investment of nursery, primary,

secondary and higher vocational

schools are covered by the

regional or local authorities.

• Universities are funded by the

Ministry of Education.

Finances #2

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