Boat Hire in Melbourne With No License Required!


Planning to go for shipping in Port Phillip Bay? Consider opting for boat hire at Bluey's Boat House. You require no license or experience while hiring a boat form us. Inquire today!

Boat Hire in Melbourne With

No License Required!

Contemplating on the sun and the Port Phillip Bay area for a vacation or

weekend getaway? You definitely need a boat hire in Melbourne. Also, if you

are not willing to take a public group tour and are interested in creating your

own itinerary, a private boat may be the solution to it. Boat hire is the easiest

way to relish all the advantages of sailing out on the water, without actually

owning one.

Most of the boat hire company will provide you with all the necessary

shipping gear and will also guide you to the best spots. You can even take a

large group along with you and make a real event of it. There are several

advantages associated with boat hire service. Let’s take a look:

• They are highly affordable and cheap as compared to buying one.

Boats depreciate and lose value over the time. Thus, it’s better to rent it

when need it

Boats require lots of maintenance which can go heavy on your pocket

• Renting a boat leaves you with plenty of options to choose from

Bluey’s Boat Hire has over 100 years of history in providing boat hire services

in Melbourne for locals and tourists. Ranging from sturdy classic boats to top

of the range extreme boats, we have the largest fleet of boat hire in Victoria.

You don’t need a boat license or experience while hiring our classic and

extreme boats. Well, we also have options for people with boat license willing

to have a ride on faster boats. We have a team of high-experienced and skilled

boating and fishing enthusiasts who will more than happy to provide you with

free tips and advice.

The Mordialloc Bay is known for the variety of fish species, especially for Big

Red Snapper. We work with an aim to deliver you an unforgettable fishing

experience and thus we ensure to deck our boat with Kiosk refreshments, bait

and tackle.

We function from the Famous Five Reefs. If you are a fishing enthusiast, the

morning would be a great time for you, as water is usually calmer and the

fishes are hungrier at this time of the day. It is highly recommended to make

the advanced bookings to get the boat of your choice and to avoid

disappointment on the busy days. You can even change the dates, if there is

any change in the plan. No advanced fees required.

Get in touch with us at 03 9580 2902 to make the bookings or for any other


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