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Saumya Giri : is an airhostess working with one of the leading international airline in Delhi. She became an

independent escort in Delhi after working for the airline for more than 3 years. Today if you search for

best escort in delhi. Saumya Giri will rank number 1 escort in Delhi. Saumya doesn’t work for any escort agency

in Delhi. She is an independent escort in Delhi.

After running an independent escort service for more than an year in Delhi. She has started a fleet of escort

service in Delhi. With her connection in airline industry both airhostess and ground staff girls. She has created a

fleet of more than 90 airhostess and ground staff girls who are among the most beautiful escort girls in Delhi.

Saumya personally interviewed every girl in her fleet. All these girls go through a rigorous training, which is

personally monitored by Saumya before they are hired as a Escorts in Delhi.

The girls who score more than 90% in their training period of 3 months are eventually moved into the pool of

the escorts in Delhi. Delhi is a cosmetic city. There are people from all parts of the country. Different people have

different taste. Someone from South India will look for escorts in Delhi with big eyes and dusky skin. Where as a

guy from north India has more inclination towards fair skin escort girls in Delhi. A guy from east India will look for

northeastern girl. Where as people from west India look for brown skin girls. Saumya giri looks for all these

qualities before finalizing the girls who will qualify to be escort girl in Delhi.

Saumya takes her profession with at most rigor. She has been an independent escort in delhi for more than 3

years. She knows the challenges of the profession and knows the pule of the escorts service industry. She has

different categories of escort service:

VIP escorts in Delhi

Airhostess escorts in Delhi

Punjabi escorts in Delhi

Northeaster escorts in Delhi

Sindi escorts in Delhi

South Indian escorts in Delhi

Bengali escorts in Delhi

College escorts in Delhi

VIP scorts in Delhi

These escorts selection criteria are based on certain parameters. First and foremost is they will only cater to 3

customers in a month. Their height should be more than 5 feet and 10 inches. Their figure should be 36/26/36.

These escorts should know Hindi and English fluently. These are the 7 star escorts in Delhi. The best that anyone

can get.

Airhostess Escorts in Delhi

These girls are selected from the airline industry and when ever they have a stop over at Delhi they work for

Saumya Giri. All these airhostess escorts in Delhi are from India and from different parts of the world. But please

be rest assured, these girls are airhostess.

Punjabi Escorts in Delhi -

All these girls are Punjabi, some of them are from Delhi and some of them are from Punjab. But all these girls

who work as escorts in Delhi have a Punjabi heritage.

North eastern Escorts in Delhi -

All these girls are from north east, Thailand, Japan, China, Philippines. We keep these girls in north eastern

category as they have a oriental look. These are the most fond of north eastern escorts in Delhi.

Sindhi Escorts in Delhi -

These girls are from Mumbai and Pakistan. All of them are from influential Sindhi families of Mumbai and some of

them are from Sindh Pakistan. They are here on valid work permits. These are the best Sindhi escorts in Delhi.

South Indian Escorts in Delhi

Saumya has travelled extensively through South of India to cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and

Hyderabad. Before selecting them for the escorts service in Delhi. These girls were personally interviewed by

Saumya. All these escorts girls have big beautiful eyes. These girls wear traditional sari while working as escorts

in Delhi. If you are looking for escorts in Sari then you should go for south Indian escorts in Delhi through


Bengali Escorts in Delhi

All our Bengali escorts are selected from Bengal and Dhaka. Soumya has selected to cater to our East Indian

men who are looking for Bengali escorts in Delhi.

College Escorts in Delhi

These escorts are aged between 18-21 and are from the repeated colleges of Delhi. Most of these escorts are

from women college. Saumya has gone through campus to campus in every part of delhi before selecting them

as escorts in Delhi for Saumya Giri.

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