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Mum s at Work Coffee Morning at Dunsilly Hot el Ant rim ,

Feat uring Noeleen Kelly, Marie Walker, Yvonne Sm yt h,

Rut h Miller Anderson, Trish Rogers, Roisin McCann, Ursula

Murphy, Briege Price, Louise Carey, Sinead Nort on




Belfast Mum of 3, Briege Price, had a

background in the finance industry many

many moons ago. but only fell back into it

after her husband was very ill.

She told me, ?He didn?t have any income

protection and we thought his work benefit

was great but he was off work for a year and

a half but six months full pay was all he had.

I then felt the pressure of only person

bringing in the money and remember saying

if only we had protected our income. This is

what made me go back and study to become

a financial adviser and ensure families

protect themselves.?

So now Briege offers one to one

consultation with individuals, couples,

families and or businesses. She looks at their

whole financial circumstance and offer the

protection where required ? from Income

Protection to Private Health to Life/ Critical

to Home Insurance. With businesses, she

offers them life cover to protect the business

,private medical insurance for employees

and much more.

Briege is passionate about her products and

services and is most proud that in her initial

first year of working under the network or

Eunisure Ltd, she has made it into the top 50

Advisers in the UK.

Her advice for the other

working mums who are

thinking of working from home

or starting a business is, ?Do

your research, become an

expert in your field, prepare to

be make changes, constantly

develop yourself and your

product and service. Be

Passionate and believe in



Net w orking Event s

for Business Mum s

- A Place to meet those you chat to online

- A Place to showcase what you do

- A Place to learn from other women

- A Relaxed and Informal place to ask for advice

- Time away from the office & home

Mum s at Work Net w orking Event

Wild Duck Inn Port glenone

The Wild Duck Inn

93 Main St reet

Port glenone

BT44 8HR

028 2582 1689


Meet ings

Event s

Bar & Rest aurant

Maghera Coffee Morning



Meet Louise Carey. An amazing member of the Mums at Work

Networking Group and Mums at Work VIP Club Member.

Louise, aged 62 years, is from Ballymena and has 2 children

and 1 grandchild.

I asked Louise how she got into business? She replied,

?I fell into it lol I had been ill for some time, suffering from

PTSD and after years of medication I wanted to take back

control and wean myself off all tablets.

So I looked at exercise, diet and lifestyle, then started with baby

steps to make changes. It was amazing to get off the

medication and feel good about myself again but when a year

of industrial action at my full time job almost put me back in

the same dark place,

I started thinking about doing something else where I wouldn?t

feel so vulnerable, bullied or intimated.

I signed up as a consultant only because I wanted

the biggest discount. I didn?t discuss or find out

anything about the business side of things as I

just wasn?t interested. After a short period of time

family and friends noticed the difference in my

skin and wanted to know what I was using and

where I bought it and could I get it for them. So I

showed them how to do what I had done, register

on line for an account, told them what I used and

left them to order what they wanted for


When I received my first cheque a few weeks

later I contacted the company to ask them why

they had sent me this money as I hadn?t returned

anything, when they told me it was my

commission, I was intrigued to say the least, I

suddenly wanted to know more about the

business and that?s when I decided to research

the company, the business opportunity and the

industry. When I found out I could just fit it in

around what I was already doing and in fact I was

already doing it, it was a no brainer for me and I

jumped in. ?

Arbonne has just been ranked as the #1 global

brand for Healthy Living Inside and Out in 2017.

It?s a 38 year old company with a Swiss heritage,

with ranges of skincare for baby through to anti

ageing and everything in between, hair and body

care, cosmetics and nutrition. All Vegan certified,

cruelty free, botanically based, banning over

2,000 nasty chemicals that are frequently used in

so many of our personal care and makeup


Louise told me, ?I just switched my brand and

now show others how to do the same, then if

they wish to earn an income I help and support

them in building an online business.?

I asked Louise what her biggest struggle is and

she explained, ?I find the biggest struggle is

overcoming people preconceived ideas of this

industry but it?s also something I completely

understand as I was that person.?

Her advice to others who want to develop a

product or service?

?You have to work from a place of integrity, be

authentic and build trust. It takes time,

commitment and patience. You need to have a

massive belief and passion in what you?re doing

and a never quit attitude.?


Mum s at Work Founder, Sinead

Nort on, is m um of 7. Only 4

Children are now at school but

she has been running children

t o prim ary school for 18 years

and has st ill anot her 4 years t o

go. So w hat 's her t op t ips for a

sm oot h exit t o school in t he

m orning

The Rout ine begins t he night


1. Hom ew ork done

2. School Not es Answ ered

3. Lunches ready

4. Schoolbags packed

5. Shoes / coat s by t he back


6. Breakfast Bow ls ready

7. Clot hes laid out

8. Ow n To-Do List w rit t en

9. Keys som ew here handy

10. Set alarm half an hour


The real key is t o go t o bed t he

sam e t im e every night w hile

you can and t o get up half an

hour earlier t han everyone else

t o get yourself ready.

VIP Mem ber

Past Guest Speaker

One of our

Founding Mem bers


Mum of one Monika moved to

Northern Ireland from

Czestochowa in Poland in

2006. Her son Filip is in

secondary school and outside

of work and family life, Monika

devotes her time to endorsing

and building her business the

premium hair care range,


Monika had experienced

problems with hair loss and

was so amazed by Monat?s

targeted results that she joined

the company as soon as they

arrived in the UK in February

She advocates marrying your skills with your passions as a

working mother and keep learning while you work. Monika loves

exercise, particularly spinning and even trained as a Spinning


Monika says, ?My goal is to move with time and do Monat full-time.

At the moment, I?m doing it part time while I work. My mission is to

help people have hair they will love, fulfilling lives through our

exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding

business opportunity, and a culture of family, service and gratitude.

I want to help people everywhere while also securing my family

future and have permanent financial freedom.?

Instagram: @sunmoniczka

Facebook: Monika Chrzastek / makeupbymonika


My nam e is Jennifer Murray and it is m y pleasure t o

w elcom e you t o Aw aken Pot ent ial Tut oring &


I am a trained Primary School Teacher, AQE & GL Tutor, and

Mum of one based in Carrickfergus, N.I. I also hold

Diplomas in Mindfulness for children and Play Therapy.

I believe that every child has a right to discover their true

potential, both academically and in terms of their confidence

and wellbeing.

My passion is to bring together traditional learning with

Mindfulness and other techniques so your child can Awaken

the best version of themselves!

To find out how you can work with me, please call..... or

email...? . I'd love to chat with you!

Call 07791 695535

aw akenpot ent ial@out

ht t p:/ / w w akenpot ent ialt ut


Tim e Managem ent Tips

1. Make a List and have a plan

2. Split it int o 3 part s - Work / Hom e / Me

3. Keep your list achievable so you don't

avoid it

4. Do your m ost hat ed jobs first

5. Delegat e t he jobs you know you can

6. Learn t o say no m ore

7. Schedule your social m edia in advance

8. Keep t o a rout ine as m uch as you can

9. Bat ch Cook and m eal plan

10. Do your grocery shopping online

Creat ing Cont ent for your st ory

With Snapchat, Facebook and instagram all introducing the

"story" feature, we asked our members how they created

content for their story...

- Keep it real - be genuine

- Show yourself - People connect with people

- Be authentic - Don't try to be something you are not

- Use good images

- Use the platform tools provided to "jazz it up"

- Talk to the customer as though they are your friend

- Think about your brand message and tell people about it

- Share other content that you think your customers would like

- Don't sell sell sell - Customers don't like it

- Show up regularly and be consistent

- Share at different times of the day to capture different people

More Tips & Advice can be found on in our Facebook Group

Com ing in t he New Year..

St rat egies for Websit e Success

by Pat ricia Greene

Here are som e helpful t ips from t hew blog

t o point you in t he right direct ion....

More inform at ion being released in t he New Year

1. KNOW WHO your customer is ? really spend time identifying your customer,

drill it down? and if it turns out that the people you are currently serving are not

your ideal customer (as we are often selling to the wrong people), then let go of

those customers and get the ones who really want/need your service or product.

2. Get really clear on your BRAND ? what you value, what?s really important to

you, how you communicate, how you deliver your service, how you support your


3. Get really clear on WHAT YOU DO ? seriously some people are still not sure!

Get laser focused on what services or products you provide, package them up,

list them out, know they are what you can do and enjoy doing, and what your

customer needs (a little bit of research would go a long way here). The sweet

spot of any business is doing something you love, having customers who want to

buy it, and who have the money to buy it!!

4. PLAN ? Get a business or marketing plan together! Plan it out, write it down.

then write it down again? so you keep reminding yourself about it and tweaking

it as you go along. And it doesn?t have to be a 50 page document full of graphs

and charts and scary excel tables. But some effort into the planning will go a very

long way. Otherwise you will do the ?spray and pray?method, firing something

out and hoping it will stick in your customers mind!

5. SET GOALS & MEASURE, track, record, evaluate, revisit over and over again.

Know what a conversion is and how to measure it. Set targets and have a firm

commitment to meet them. Don?t shy away from this.

CONTACT PATRICIA: patricia@thewebclub.

Mum s at Work Recognit ion Aw ards

The Mums at Work first Recognition Awards was held at

the Tullyglass House Hotel on Thursday 6th December


We had planned a 4 course dinner for lone working

business woman and small business owners who

normally would not have a Xmas Company dinner dance.

We held the recognition awards to recognize those active

members of the Mums at Work Community.

We had 12 awards for those members how the others

had engaged with, built professional relationships with

and watched improve and grow, and to those who

provided the most value in the group

Thank you to our Sponsors

Event Sponsor

Event Sponsor

Drinks Recept ion Sponsored by

Ent ert ainm ent Sponsored by

Most Inspirat ional Mem ber Aw ard

Sinead has brought together a very large group of women who where lost into a

collective positive supportive group."

"Sinead 'turns up' every day with inspirational quotes and debate topics. She

offers lots of ideas and gives of her knowledge without fail. She is a super

woman looking after her kids and running her business as well as keeps MAW

going. A real powerhouse and lovely lady with it. It's been a pleasure watch her

grow as well over the past year. Well done!"

"She could inspire anyone to feel they could conquer the world"

"Without doubt her endless energy, enthusiasm and commitment to this group.

Her vision was clear and she has carefully - and gracefully (not an easy thing in

the online world) curated a wonderful online community of supportive women. I

love the fact that it spills into the real world too and we get to connect in


Most Inspirat ional

Mem ber Finalist s


Ruth Miller-Anderson (The Swan Doctor)

Cliodhna Fullen (Cliodhna Fullen blog))

Joanie O?Hanlon (Joanie O'Hanlon)

Belinda O?Neill (Be Inspired To Be)

Alanna Dubh (Your Life Your Way)

Caroline Corpas-Neale (The Blue Giant Book)

Emma Doherty (Elite - Aesthetic Treatment Clinic)

Vanessa Ledgewood (Farrah Boutique)

Marie Nancarrow (Titanic Denim)

Christina Dickson (Christina Dickson - Norwex)

Meta Auden (Spectra Sensory Clothing)

Trish O?Hara (The Acupuncture Loft)

Shauna Gibson (Love the Body You're In )

Rosalyn Byrne (Rosalyn Byrne Makeup)

Louise Carey (Louise Carey)

Caroline Victoria (Caroline Hamill Design)

Majella Colhoun (Transforming People Academy)

Naomi Palmer (Blooming Kids NI)

Winners prize sponsored by

St art up of t he Year

Louise Morrow

Jasmine & Lily Floral Wreaths

Winners prize sponsored by

Best Guest Speaker

Brigid Duggan

BD Consultancy

Winners prize sponsored by

Transformation of the Year

Ciara Moore - Calm

Winners Prize sponsored by

Business with Most Growth

Catriona Corrigan

Divine Photography

Winners Prize Sponsored by

Most Humourous Member of the Year

Sharon McCrea

Sweet Escape Products

Winners Prize Sponsored by

A Chiropractic Touch

Most Glamourous Member of the Year

Denize McKeown

My Glamourous Friend

Winners Prize Sponsored by

Most Ent husiast ic Salesw om an

Briege Price

Price Insurance

Prize Sponsored by

Most Original Product

Trish Rogers

Trish Rogers Originals

Prize Sponsored by

Best Live Video

Briege Price

Price Insurance

Winners Prize Sponsored by

Blooper of t he Year

Sinead Nort on

Winners Prize Sponsored by

Maureen Thom pson

Best Dressed on t he Night

Olga McAt eer

McAt eer Solut ions

Winners Prize Sponsored by

St yle by Iris

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