Our Vision

A vibrant, thriving Jewish community

today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

The Federation leads a strong

Jewish Puget Sound by serving as

a community voice, strengthening

connections to Israel and World Jewry,

and making investments in Jewish life,

for today, and the next generation.

2 | Letter from Our Leadership

3 | Investments in Jewish Life

• Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP)

• Camp Scholarships & Jewish Day School Scholarships

• Cardozo


• PJ Library ® & PJ Our Way

• Pop-Up Shabbats

5 | Israel & World Jewry

• Allocations to Israel & Overseas

• Community Israel Trip

• Local Israel Programming

• Shinshinim & Shlichim

• Teen Israel Scholarships

7 | Community Voice

• Advocacy & Government Affairs

• Jewish In Seattle Magazine


• SAFE Washington

• Special Initiative Fund Grants*

• Seattle Jewish Community Endowment Fund*

* Previously included in Investments in Jewish Life

16 | 2018 Financials at a Glance

18 | Legacy Society Donors

19 | Our Generous 2018 Donors

25 | 2018 Board, Committees, & Staff

Table of Contents

A Letter From Our Leadership

This past year has been filled with accomplishments and impact at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

A common thread that runs through everything we do for the community is creating and strengthening


Inside this annual report, we are highlighting a selection of our 2018 impacts from the three pillars of our

mission— serving as a community voice, strengthening connections with Israel and World Jewry, and making

investments in Jewish life for today and the next generation. We had great success in 2018 as we pursued our

overarching goals of ensuring Jewish continuity and connecting people to community in ways that are

authentic and meaningful.

All of the Federation’s accomplishments were made possible by YOU. By acting on the Jewish values that

we all share, you have made a difference on many levels— for individuals, families, for Jewish Puget Sound,

for Israel, and for the global Jewish community. Thank you!

Dozens of Jewish communal leaders have come together through the Federation’s Community Convening

Initiative in the past year to identify the biggest challenges facing Jewish Puget Sound and scope out

solutions in a spirit of collaboration. Relationships— some new, many strengthened —have made the

difference in the progress the initiative has made.

In its first two years, a cohort of 13 Jewish organizations (including the Federation) secured an

estimated $10.6 million in legacy gift commitments through the LIFE & LEGACY endowment-building

program the Federation is carrying out with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

Our 2018 Community Trip to Israel, an amazing experience of discovery and making new friends, was all

about strengthening relationships— with our Jewish homeland and with each other here at home.

These accomplishments and more in 2018 are a testament to a collective dedication to Jewish values— all

of us, together as a community, building on past achievements, present inspiration, and an optimistic view

of what the future holds in store.

From all of us at the Federation,

Thank You !

Nancy B. Greer, President & CEO

Sarah Boden, Board Chair

| 4

Investments in Jewish Life

Programs that invest in low-barrier,

high-impact onramps to Jewish

life and leadership development.

In 2018, the Federation awarded over 300

children with scholarships to attend

overnight camp.

“I have met some of my best

friends there (at camp). There

aren’t many Jewish kids at my

school, and it means a lot to be

with so many at camp. Thanks

so much for making this possible.”

—Erez, 2018 Camp Scholarship Recipient

Did you know that camp is a proven effective way for

children to build a strong sense of Jewish identity and get

in touch with the community?

HOW we create formative, Jewish Puget Sound experiences:

Beginning children’s Jewish journeys by bringing PJ Library & PJ Our Way books

to over 3,000 homes each month.

Building Jewish identity by awarding over 300 Jewish overnight camp

scholarships and $190,000 in scholarships to Jewish day schools.

Developing micro-communities at the neighborhood level through Pop-Up

Shabbats and PJ Library Neighborhood Song & Story Times.

Educating 20 of our community members to become communal leaders through

our Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP).

Engaging with our Jewish community through PAVE, our group for adults in their

30s and 40s, and Cardozo, our law affinity group that allows people to celebrate

their Jewish identity uniquely.

| 5

ALDP gives emerging leaders like Heather Hartley skills,

knowledge, and peer networks for taking on communal

leadership responsibilities. Heather credits ALDP for

preparing her to serve Hadassah, ADL, and Limmud Seattle.

PAVE facilitates Jewish life in Seattle by providing a framework for

Jews in their 30s and 40s. We provide a safe, inclusive space for all.

PAVE Your Way Grants allow community members to create their

own Jewish experiences.

“ALDP helped me forge my own path

and assisted me in creating my own

memories, network, and experiences

and to begin to give back to a

community that I feel has already

enriched my life.”

—Heather Hartley, ALDP Graduate

“I haven’t been to a Seder in years, and this

was an incredible experience. Thank you

for creating something so welcoming and

engaging I felt comfortable bringing my

non-Jewish partner to. We both had an

amazing time.”

—PAVE Your Way Seder Attendee

PJ Library books and Neighborhood Song & Story Times

provide engaging entry points into Jewish life— for kids, their

parents, and grandparents too! Through 61 PJ Library Get

Together Grants, Federation helped over 275 families build

Jewish community in creative, exciting ways.

“My kids love getting the books in the

mail each month, not to mention the CDs

and card games…As someone who grew

up in a mostly non-practicing Jewish

household, I am learning more about

Judaism at the same time as my children.”

—PJ Our Way mom, Seattle

Cardozo Society provides a variety of Continuing Legal

Education (CLE’s) opportunities for attorneys to explore legal

topics through a Jewish lens in addition to networking and

creating ratings for judicial candidates.

Past CLE’s Include:

• Affordable Housing: Best Practices and Community Impact

• Paid Family Leave Panel Discussion

• Why Universities Need a Definition of Anti-Semitism

• Marriage Equality in Israel and in the United States

• Legal Implications of the BDS Campaign

• Asylum 101

Did you know that Washington Supreme Court Justice Sheryl

Gordon McCloud received the 2018 L’Dor V’Dor Award?

| 6

Israel & World Jewry

Programs and direct investments that

support our connection to our Jewish

community in Israel and overseas.

In 2018, the Federation made it possible for 19

teens to go to Israel on Teen Israel Scholarships.

“My footsteps were quite literally

following the path of those who

walked before me, and what was

once just another desert became

a vibrant, living connection to my

Jewish roots.”

—Miriam, Teen Israel Scholarship Recipient

Did you know Teen Israel Scholarships are made

possible by the Federation, the Samis Foundation, and

our generous donors?

HOW we build connections to Israel & World Jewry:

Gathering, celebrating, and educating the community through Israel-focused

community events, like #NWIsraelFest and the Israel at 70 Celebration.

Hosting young emissaries who infuse Israeli life and culture in Jewish Puget Sound.

Providing financial support to Jewish organizations that help Jews in need

around the world, with a total of $618,128 allocated in 2018, including

$65,503 earmarked towards local Israel engagement programming.

Sending 19 teens on life-changing, immersive Israel experiences through our

Teen Israel Scholarships.

Supporting our Jewish homeland through Israel advocacy.

Traveling to Israel to have unforgettable experiences and make new friends

through our peer trips!

| 7

Community Trip to Israel

Our community connected 43 travelers from our local Jewish

community to Israel and its vibrant culture, to Jewish life, and

to each other.

“My message for this trip was that it was all

about relationships. Meeting with each other,

the relationship with the place, the relationship

the place has with us. What you do with it is

the question. You have an opportunity to

pour yourself into that connection and make

it richer, more important in your life.”

— David Isenberg, Creative Israel Trip Co-Chair

Helping Jews in Need Globally

Vera immigrated to Israel from Uzbekistan 19 years ago.

She receives a hot lunch every day from Leket Israel,

a food security non-profit the Federation supports

directly, thanks to our generous donors like YOU.

“Before I started receiving the hot meals,

I was responsible for buying all my own

food and cooking all my meals, which is

difficult without an income. We get one

hot meal per day, which really helps!”

—Vera, Leket Israel Recipient

| 8

Community Voice

Programs and services that support our

community organizations and community-at-large.

“The SAFE Washington program

that I attended was extremely

worthwhile. We learned practical

things to immediately enhance

our daily security needs and were

able to discuss issues surrounding

communications, Internet, facility

security, and personal safety. The

program was practical, effective,

well-presented, and eye-opening.”

—Jonathan Greene, Dir. of Ops., Hillel UW

HOW we support our community organizations &


Advocating for our community at the Washington State Legislature on issues

that matter to Jewish Puget Sound.

Convening our Jewish community to address issues together, create solutions,

and review outcomes.

Encouraging innovation and supporting Jewish organizations through

29 Special Initiatives Fund Grants.

Engaging our community through sharing compelling stories in our award-winning

magazine, Jewish In Seattle.

Providing real-time communications, preparedness resources, trainings,

and security grants application assistance to over 100 Jewish organizations in

Washington through SAFE Washington, a Mark Bloome initiative.

Securing the future of our Jewish legacy with the LIFE & LEGACY endowment

building program.

| 9

Your Federation Advocacy at Work

In 2018, the Federation’s advocacy in the Washington State

Legislature and Congress supported organizations that serve

our community.

A few examples of your impact:

$60 Million For Non-Profit Security Grants.

For federal Non-Profit Security Grants, up

$60 Million

$8 Million


71 percent from 2017.

To fully fund the Temporary Assistance for

Needy Families (TANF) grant.

$100,000 for Holocaust Center for Humanity’s

online encyclopedia of Holocaust education


$100,000 for the Anti-Defamation League’s

No Place for Hate® anti-bias education program.

LIFE & LEGACY is an endowment-building program the Federation

carries out in partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

Together with a cohort of regional Jewish organizations, we are

ensuring a secure future for programs, services, and congregations.

In 2018, an estimated $10.6 million was secured for community


“Looking into the eager faces of our Sunday

School students and realizing that they are

the ones to carry our legacy of tradition

to the next generation inspires me. Our

LIFE & LEGACY program will ensure that

future generations will provide continuity.”

—Charles Shelan, Temple Beth Hatfiloh

A More Cohesive Community

Led by the Federation, Jewish organizational leaders are

working through the Community Convening Initiative, a

structured, collaborative process to address the goal to

create a more cohesive community.

“I appreciate the manner in which everyone

came to the table and everyone committed

to better understanding and building trust.”

—Amy Lavin, CEO, Stroum Jewish Community Center

The Community Convening Initiatives:

1. Create a cohesive newcomers initiative.

2. Establish a vibrant Jewish Community Relations Council.

3. Launch a substantial civil discourse initiative.

4. Convene heads of major Jewish organizations regularly.

5. Develop a leadership pipeline for communal institutions.

6. Create greater inter-organizational understanding and


7. Grow a robust Jewish adult education program.

| 10

Special Initiatives Fund

Ignition Grants encourage fresh thinking about serving the community by

funding new, pilot, or one-time projects.

2018 Special Ignition Grant Recipients

Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath— L’Chaim: To Life After Cancer

Camp Solomon Schechter— Bachutz haGan (Outside the Garden Project)

Hillel of Western Washington University— Northwest Regional Hillel Retreat

Holocaust Center for Humanity— Customized Trunks for Jewish Students

Holocaust Center for Humanity— Yom Hashoah Outreach Project

Jewish Family Service— Project DVORA: Trauma-Informed Therapy for Children

Jewish Family Service— Project DVORA: Legal Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Jewish Graduate Student Initiative— JGSI Seattle Expansion Project

Jewish Prisoner Services International— The Jewish Calendar Correspondence Course

Kavana Cooperative— Immersive Spirituality at Kavana

StandWithUs Northwest— A Weekend of Advocacy: College Students Standing for Israel

Stroum Jewish Community Center— B’Yachad

Temple Beth Am— Mimouna: A Muslim and Jewish Interfaith Celebration

Temple Beth El— Pierce County Interfaith Choral Festival: “Getting to Know You”

“With support from grants, donors, foundations, and the

Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, we hired a full-time

attorney to work with Project DVORA’s domestic violence

survivors.” —Liz Coleclough, Director of Jewish Family Service Project DVORA

| 11

Special Initiatives Fund

Small Agency Sustainability Grants are a vital source of unrestricted support

for small Jewish organizations that have limited resources.

2018 Small Agency Sustainability Grant Recipients

Camp Gan Israel Seattle

Chabad Jewish Russian Center

Chabad of Olympia— Jewish Discovery Center

Community Synagogue of South King County

Congregation Beth Hatikvah

Havurat Ee Shalom (Vashon Havurah)

Hebrew Free Loan Association (HFLA) of Washington State

Hillel of Western Washington University

Limmud Seattle

Seattle Jewish Chorale

Temple Beth Israel Congregation

“The Small Agency Sustainability Grant helps to pay staff

salaries and stretch our loan funds. HFLA loans directly

improve lives in our community by providing a bridge

from financial desperation to safety and directly

improves the health of the whole Jewish community.”

—Maura Roberts, Executive Director of Hebrew Free Loan Association, Washington State

| 12

Special Initiatives Fund

Women’s Endowment Fund Grants, awarded every two years, support

non-profit organizations that provide important social and educational

programs for women and girls, locally and in Israel.

2017-2018 Women’s Endowment Fund Grant Recipients

Aluma for Social Involvement for Jewish Identity— Likratech: Giving at-risk teen

girls tools and confidence to excel in their IDF service and chart their own course

into adulthood.

Nishmant Ethiopian Women (N.E.W.): Empowering marginalized Ethiopian-Israeli

women with tools and skills to earn college degrees and compete in the Israeli

job market.

Jewish Family Service— Project DVORA: Providing education and counseling on

domestic violence while remaining sensitive to cultural norms that may prevent

women from seeking help.

Washington State Jewish Historical Society: Curating a digital exhibit of 50

extraordinary Jewish women’s stories in Washington State.

“What makes the program so special is the personal

guidance that these girls receive. That is what motivates

them to serve and helps them focus on where they can

contribute the most.”

—Avivit Cohen, Guidance Counselor, Dolev High School for Girls

| 13


PJ Library

Community Trip to Israel

Jewish Community Lobby Day in Olympia

PRIDE Shabbat

Cardozo L’dor V’dor honors Washington

Supreme Court Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud


An Evening with SEI



ALDP Graduation

LIFE & LEGACY Year 2 Celebration

Israel at 70


Lion of Judah

Pop-Up Shabbat

Annual Meeting Award Recipients

Alyssa Bobman & Nathan Wasserman (Jack J & Charlotte Spitzer Young

Leadership Award), Pamela Lavitt (Pamela Waechter z”l Jewish Communal

Professional Award), Lisa Brashem (Dr. Charles & Lillian Kaplan Board

Chair’s Award for Outstanding Service).

Endowment Honor Roll

The Seattle Jewish Community Endowment Fund partners with our donors and with local Jewish organizations to achieve

their financial goals and give voice to their highest philanthropic values and priorities. The following are funds that were part

of the Seattle Jewish Community Endowment Fund as of June 30, 2018. New Funds are denoted with an *.


Congregation Beth Shalom —Capital

Congregation Beth Shalom —Endowment

Congregation Beth Shalom—Ernest R. Stiefel

Leadership Development Fund

Congregation Beth Shalom—

Jill Cohen and Rik Katz Hospitality

Endowment Fund

Congregation Beth Shalom—Marcy Migdal Fund

Congregation Ezra Bessaroth

Endowment Fund

Herzl-Ner Tamid Endowment Fund*

Hillel Foundation for Jewish Life at the U.W.

Jewish Day School—Endowment

Kol Ami Legacy Fund*

Washington State Jewish Historical Society

Wexler Family Music Endowment Fund*


Aaron L. and Edith Dichter

Donor Advised Fund

ABC Pacific Donor Advised Fund

Adler Family Donor Advised Fund

Ari Grashin “It’s OK” Memorial Fund

Barri Rind Donor Advised Fund

Ben Bridge Family Donor Advised Fund

Cohen/Simon Family Fund

David and Karen Tarica

Donor Advised Fund

David R. Rind Donor Advised Fund

Dean and Gwenn Polik

Donor Advised Fund

Dolin and Madsen Donor Advised Fund

Don and Deanne Etsekson

Donor Advised Fund

Donald and Patricia Esfeld Donor

Advised Fund

FKB & PB Donor Advised Fund*

Gesher Fund

Greer Ross Donor Advised Fund

Hal and Inge Marcus Donor Advised Fund

Harry and Elsie Weiner

Donor Advised Fund

Harvey Rosen Donor Advised Fund

Harvey S. and Judy G. Poll

Donor Advised Fund

Henry and Mila Eisenhardt

Donor Advised Fund

Hermine R. Pruzan Memorial Fund

HMB Donor Advised Fund

Jack and Dorothy Muscatel

Donor Advised Fund

Jack, Frieda, and Roosevelt Steinberg

Donor Advised Fund

Jan Simon Donor Advised Fund

Jay Goldberg Memorial Fund

JCA Donor Advised Fund

Joan and Morrie Alhadeff Memorial Fund

Jordan Sloan Donor Advised Fund

Joshua Sloan Donor Advised Fund

Kerry Donner Donor Advised Fund

Krasik-Geiger Family Donor Advised Fund

Lawrence and Ann Nieder

Donor Advised Fund

Louis and Bayla Treiger Donor Advised Fund

Louis and Emma Ostroff Memorial Fund

Lucy and Herb Pruzan Donor Advised Fund

Mark Litt Family Donor Advised Fund

Mary Kleinberg Donor Advised Fund

Michael David Spektor and Wendy Shultz

Spektor Family Donor Advised Fund

Nathan and Judy Ross Donor Advised Fund

Pamela and Michael Chozen Seattle

Donor Advised Fund

Pearl and Bernie Brotman

Donor Advised Fund

Rachel and Nissim Altabet Memorial Fund

| 16

Raymond and Jeannette Galante

Donor Advised Fund

Reiter Family Donor Advised Fund

Richard and Dianne Arensberg

Donor Advised Fund

Richard and Julie Simon Coppersmith

Family Fund

Ritt Family Donor Advised Fund

Robert and Bonnie Cape

Donor Advised Fund

Robert L. Richmond Donor Advised Fund

Robin and Sid Shapiro

Donor Advised Fund

Ron H. Steinberg Memorial Fund

Sandy and Henry Friedman

Donor Advised Fund

Seattle Zimberoff Fund*

Sidney Z. Jaffe Memorial Fund

Simon Weinstein Donor Advised Fund

Spring Family Fund

Sussman Family Donor Advised Fund

Terry and Erica Posner

Donor Advised Fund

Torah Aura Donor Advised Fund

Wexler Family Fund*

William B. Donner Donor Advised Fund

Yaffa Chudnow Donor Advised Fund


Becky Benaroya LOJE Fund

Eileen Gilman LOJE

Fannie Feinberg LOJE Fund

Gail Bereny LOJE Fund

Hermine Pruzan LOJE Fund

Joyce Benezra LOJE Fund

Lillian Kaplan LOJE

Paula Rose LOJE Fund

Anonymous (1)



Becky and Jack Benaroya PACE Fund

Charles Kaplan PACE Fund

Gerson M. Goldman PACE Fund

Herman and Zelda Feinberg PACE Fund

Jack and Eleanor Berg PACE Fund

John Friedmann PACE Fund

Leonard and Helen Tall

Memorial PACE Fund

Lillian and Victor Calderon PACE Fund

Melville and Sylvia Oseran Pace Fund

Miriam Morgan PACE Fund

Muriel Bach Diamond PACE Fund

Perpetual Annual Campaign Fund

Philip Kaplan PACE Fund

Robert and Barbara Bridge PACE

Samuel and Harriet LeBid

Memorial PACE Fund

Stanley A. and Iris A. Sigel PACE Fund

The Milton and Pauline Hecht PACE

William C. Hardman PACE Fund


Alexander Muss Scholarship Fund

Althea Stroum Woman of Distinction

Award Tribute Fund

Anna and Leo Zafran Memorial Fund

for UJA Israel

Atlas Scholarship Fund

Berol-Shindell Hillel Scholarship Fund

Bertha and Samuel Green

Memorial Fund

Birulin Family Scholarship Fund

Bob and Bobbi Bridge Jewish Teachers

Endowment Fund

Charles and Lillian Kaplan

Scholarship Fund

Charles D. and Doris L. Alhadeff

Memorial Fund

Danz Philanthropic Fund

Edna C. Simon Memorial Fund

Edward Stern Family Fund

Flash Family Camp Scholarship Fund

Hal Marcus Designated Fund*

Holocaust Memorial Fund

Ike Alhadeff Memorial Fund

Kaplan Community Service Award Fund

Kol Ami Growth Fund*

Merle P. Griff and Nadine Griff Mack

Memorial Fund

Meta Rosenbaum Memorial Fund

Moe and Myra Dinner Memorial Fund

NCJW Julie Feuerberg Memorial Fund

NCJW Seattle Section Joyce and

Raymond Benezra Scholarship Fund

Pam Waechter z”l Memorial Fund

PJ Library Seattle Endowment Fund

Samis Endowment

Challenge Fund for JDS

Sara and Max Efron Memorial Fund

Schaerf Memorial Fund

Seattle Hebrew Academy

Endowment Challenge Fund

Seattle Hebrew Academy

Endowment Fund

Spitzer Young Leadership Award Fund

Stanley A. and Iris A. Sigel Memorial

Philanthropic Fund

Stephen A. Kreynes Memorial Fund

The Max and Gussie Stusser

Memorial Fund

Washington State Holocaust

Educational Endowment Fund

Women’s Endowment Fund

of the Seattle Jewish Community


David and Cathy Habib Foundation

Jewish Day School

Supporting Foundation

Samuel Israel Foundation


C.A.B. Federation Endowment Fund

Contingency Fund

Emergency Capital Needs Fund

Federation Endowment Fund

Milk and Honey Endowment Fund

Special Initiatives Fund

| 17

2018 Federation & Endowment Impact

Federation Initiatives (49%) Grants (33%)

$3,650,896 $2,477,371



Development (10%)


Federation Initiatives $3,650,896

Grants $2,477,371

Development $779,947

Administration $591,702

Total: $7,499,916

Total based on expenditures of Fiscal Year 2018

Administration (8%)


The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. To review audited financial statements and Form 990 tax returns, please visit www.jewishinseattle.org/financials

| 18

2018 Federation Initiatives

Investments in Jewish Life (36%)


Community Voice (32%)




Investments in Jewish Life $1,324,417

Community Voice $1,169,061

Israel & World Jewry $1,157,418

Total: $3,650,896

Total based on 2019 allocations of Fiscal Year 2018 revenue

Israel & World Jewry (32%)


The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. To review audited financial statements and Form 990 tax returns, please visit www.jewishinseattle.org/financials

| 19

Legacy Society

The Federation is grateful for all the generous donors who are remembering the Jewish Federation with a gift in their will, trust,

retirement account, life insurance policy, or through other legacy giving vehicles. Together, we are securing our Jewish future for

generations to come. Those with an * are donors to Lion of Judah Endowment Funds.

LIFE & LEGACY is an endowment-building program carried out in partnership between the Federation and the Harold Grinspoon

Foundation. In partnership with our cohort regional organizations, we are ensuring that the programs, congregations, and services

that sustain our community today continue for Jewish tomorrows.

Jack Alhadeff

Mark and Ruth Balter

Richard and Joyce Baskin

Jacquie Bayley

Rebecca and Jack Benaroya

Joyce Benezra

Shelley* and Larry Bensussen

Sanford Bernbaum, Jr.

Carl and Joann Bianco

Sarah G. Boden

Marvin and Lisa Brashem

Bobbi and Bob Bridge

Jon and Justice Bobbe Bridge, ret.

Zane and Melissa Brown

Celie* and Dr. Zane Brown

Paul Burstein and Florence Katz Burstein

Ernest Cassirer

David and Julie Chivo

Linda Clifton

David Cohen

Andrew Cohen and James Packman

Theodore and Barbara Daniels

Jim DiPeso

Susan and Lonnie Edelheit

David and Julie Ellenhorn

Daniel Farber

Carla Frank

Jeannette* and Ray Galante

Steven and Victoria Garfinkle

Garnet Gibbons

Eileen Gilman

Lori Gradinger and Ann Marie Smith

Nancy B. Greer and David J. Ross

Sheryl and Alan Goldberg

Berthe and Stanley Habib

Roy A. Hamrick

Roberta Hyman

Jocelyn and Scott Isaacs

Albert M. Israel

Ronald Leibsohn

Francine Loeb

Dan and Alicia Lowen

Debra G. Mailman

Isaac Morgensztern

Susan Morgensztern

Jon and Naomi Newman

Tina* and Michael Novick

T.J. and Karen Parry

Moss Patashnik and Dr. Margaret Hall

Dean and Gwenn Polik

Terry and Erica Posner

Meagan Joy Prince

Herb and Lucy Pruzan

Ann Marie z”l and Sonny Putter

Marvin and Mary-Lynne Reiner

Elizabeth and Lorne Richmond

Rachel M. Rosenman

Neil Ross and Lisbeth Davis

Corey Salka and Lisa Orlick-Salka

Faye Sarkowsky

Iantha* and Stanley Sidell

Lynne and Bradley Smith

Rob and Kathleen Spitzer

Carol Starin

Ernest z”l and Doris Stiefel

Pauline Stern

Mark and Sheryl Stiefel

Louis and Bayla Treiger

Dr. Paul Weiden and Bev Linkletter

Elaine and Michael Weinstein

Devorah and Ron Weinstein

Elaine and Douglas Weisfield

Anonymous (16)

| 20

2018 Federation Board of Directors

Board Chair

Sarah Boden

Executive Committee

Sarah Boden

Dan Lowen,

Immediate Past Board Chair

Lisa Brashem, Vice Chair

David Chivo, Vice Chair

Hal Jackson, Vice Chair

Linda Clifton, Secretary

Eric Hasson, Treasurer

At-Large Members

Celie Brown

Jonathan Dunn

Susan Edelheit

Jennifer Fisch

Leisa Goldberg

Jocelyn Isaacs

Debra Mailman

Ken Rudee

Corey Salka

Diane Sigel-Steinman

Brad Smith

Rabbinic Organization


Rabbi Moshe Kletenik

Rabbi Aaron Meyer

Ex-Officio Members

Shelley Bensussen

Robin Boehler

Ray Galante

Eileen Gilman

Ron Leibsohn

Frankie Loeb

Gerald Ostroff

Herb Pruzan

Lucy Pruzan

Michele Rosen

Iantha Sidell

Michael Spektor

Rob Spitzer

| 21

2018 Federation Committees


Ken Rudee, Chair

Andrew Cohen

David Stiefel

Eric Hasson

Nolan Newman

Board Development

Dan Lowen, Chair

Sarah Boden, Board Chair

Brad Smith

Jocelyn Isaacs

Jonathan Dunn

Camp Scholarships

Lisa Brashem, Chair

Bobbi Bridge

Jason Kintzer

Moss Patashnik

Beth Silverstein

Cardozo Advisory Group

Aric Bomsztyk, Co-Chair

Barry Wallis, Co-Chair

Julia Abelev

Sara Berkenwald

Steven Block

Hon. Bill Bowman

Geoffrey Burg

Daniel Ehrlich

Jeff Goldman

Jenna Goltermann

Aaron Kiviat

Ralph Maimon

Hoda Mezistrano

Lucas Michels

Sharon Perlin

Hon. Steve Rosen

Craig Sternberg

Miriam Swedlow

Dan Swedlow

Hon. Anthony Wartnik

Community Relations

Linda Clifton, Chair

Ron Leibsohn, Vice Chair

Sarah Boden, Board Chair

David Ellenhorn

Leisa Goldberg

Phil Roberts

Corey Salka

Joe Schocken

Michael Spektor

Robert Spitzer

Carol Stockton

Donor Engager Team

Mark Stiefel, Lead

Sarah Boden, Board Chair

Andrew Cohen

Jennifer Fisch

Leisa Goldberg

Jocelyn Isaacs

Stuart Kaufman

Ron Leibsohn

Dan Lowen

Lucy Pruzan

Arny Reich

Iantha Sidell

Rob Spitzer

| 22

Fiscal Managment

Eric Hasson, Chair

Carl Bianco

Sarah Constantine

Alexa Huggins

Jocelyn Isaacs

Howard Lowen

Ken Rudee

David Stiefel


Peter Horvitz, Chair

Eric Hasson, Treasurer

Jack Almo

Roy Hamrick

Larry Katz

Darcy MacLaren

Herbert Pruzan

Kelly Sweet

Israel & World Jewry

David Chivo, Chair

Sarah Boden, Board Chair

Carolyn Hathaway

Lorna Isenberg

Debra Mailman

Gabe Scherzer

Phil Stein

Diane Sigel-Steinman

David Witus

Jeremy Wood

Israel Scholarships

Bruce Nahon, Chair

Alex Babadzhnov

Melanie Field

Nancy Highiet Morse

Jewish Puget Sound

Lisa Brashem, Co-Chair

Hal Jackson, Co-Chair

Jonathan Dunn

Susan Edelheit

Jennifer Fisch

Jocelyn Isaacs

Jewish In Seattle Magazine

Marilyn Corets, Chair

Celie Brown

Linda Clifton

Peter Horvitz

Naomi Newman


Dan Lowen, Chair

Sarah Boden, Board Chair

Rabbi Dana Benson

Annie Jacobson

Melanie Miller

Jonathan Schwartz


Aaron Imlah

Marla Dunn

Orly Feldman

Melissa Moxley

Alec Sullivan


Sarah Boden, Board Chair

Dan Lowen,

Immediate Past Board Chair

Carl Bianco

Planned Giving

Diane Sigel-Steinman, Chair

David Stiefel

Janet Gray

Special Initiatives Fund

Susan Edelheit, Chair

Ilene Bernik

Tamar Boden

Elice Ellenhorn

Lisa Fein

Howie Klein

Diane Sigel-Steinman

Kathleen Spitzer


David Habib, Chair

Erez Ben-Ari

Marshall Brumer

Paul Nacamuli

| 23

2018 Federation Staff

Office of the Executive

Nancy B. Greer,

President & CEO

Cindy Bockelman,

Executive Assistant & HR Coordinator

Aliza Mossman,

Administrative & HR Assistant


Karen Parry,

Development Director

Lynn Feldhammer,

Development Officer

Rachel Rosenman,

LIFE & LEGACY Manager & Development Officer

Miriam Goldstein,

Development Ops. & Database Administrator

Nicole Tordella,

Development Ops. Coordinator

| 24


Rabbi Samuel Klein,

Director of Jewish Engagement

Jenna Hanauer,

PAVE & Young Adult Leadership Program Manager

Ariel Lapson,

Israel & World Jewry Program Manager

Craig Mathews,

Events Manager

Claire Baskett,

Child & Young Engagement Associate

Steven Leonti,

Office & Engagement Coordinator

Finance & Adminstration

Jean Callahan,

Director of Finance

Andrew Chadick,

Director of IT, Building Ops., & Community Security

Cheryl Tedrow,

Senior Endowment Accountant

Sarah Constantine,

Senior General Ledger Accountant

Jordan Kroger,

Accounts Payable Accountant

Austin Barwick-Davis,

Accounts Receivable Accountant

Government & Community Affairs

Maxima Patashnik,

Director of Government & Community Relations

Cassie Garvin,

Government Affairs & Community Relations Associate

Marketing & Communications

Tovah Bigeleisen,

Marketing & Communications Manager

Jim DiPeso,

Editor & Writer

Kari Singsaas,

Marketing & Communications Associate

Endowment & Planned Giving

Caitlin Roth,

Endowment & Planned Giving Associate

Federation Staff as of November 2018

Special Thanks to Our 2018 Sponsors








BFY Food Group

The Bellettini

Clark Nuber P.S.

Crossroads Bellevue

Dennis B. Goldstein & Associates, P.S.

Greenbaum Home Furnishings


Holocaust Center for Humanity

Pacific Office Automation

Sprague Israel Giles, Inc.

Swifty Printing

Temple De Hirsch Sinai

United Insurance Brokers



Camp Solomon Schechter

Congregation Beth Shalom

Congregation Kol Ami

Eastern European Counseling Center

Friendship Circle

Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation

Hillel at UW

Jconnect Seattle

Jewish Day School

Jewish Family Service

Kline Galland Center

Northwest Yeshiva High School

Stroum Jewish Community Center

Temple Beth El

URJ Camp Kalsman

UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies

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