Vol 1 Iss 4

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Leadership in B&W

Volume 1, Issue 4, December 2018

Is the Bible real? Is it accurate? Is it true?

Is the Bible Real, Accurate,

& True?

I remember as a kid living on our farm in Victoria, Texas

often wondering about God. There was a single tree in a

field a couple hundred yards from our house and I used

to go and sit under that tree for what seemed like hours

and wonder about life and God. Through the Catholic

church we attended, I was exposed to God frequently and

I would go and sit under that tree and wonder about what

I didn’t understand. Later, as a teenager, I would wonder

to myself if the authors of the Bible were legitimate?

I hope the following excerpt from my upcoming book,

Effective & Enduring Leadership … We Will be Great!, is

helpful to you.

Consider the following facts about the Bible (most taken from an online article titled, How Accurate is the Bible, found

at https://bible.org/article/how-accurate-bible):

A~ There are approximately 14,000 ancient manuscripts supporting the text of our current day


B~ Jewish scribes took extreme care in preserving the quality and accuracy of Biblical

manuscripts. So much so, that they far exceed the quality of other ancient non-biblical


C~ The Dead Sea Scrolls, which pre-date most ancient Biblical manuscripts by over

1,000 years authenticate the accuracy of the other more recent manuscripts.

D~ The Bible includes many eye witness accounts of the life of Jesus and they all

tell the same story … they support each other.

E~ The writings of many other ancient non-christian authors also referenced and verified the

events depicted in our Bible.

F~ Archeological findings have confirmed hundreds of Biblical statements and events. In fact,

as I am writing this in 2016, archaeologists have uncovered a church in Nevsehir, Turkey from

around 500 A.D. In this church they have discovered many pictures depicting Jesus'

ascension into Heaven, His casting out demons, His crucifixion, His miracles, and the

apostles and prophets like Moses and Elijah. In another recent finding, archaeologists

believe they have found the burial slab of Jesus! This further validates the Bible and the life

of Jesus.

G~ Accomplished secular archaeologists such as William F. Albright, Nelson Glueck, and G.

Ernest Wright developed a great respect for the historical accuracy of the Bible as a result of

their findings.

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Leadership in B&W

page 2

H~ Archaeologists now believe they have found the

remains of the Egyptian army who died when

the Red Sea closed in on them in the Exodus.

Beti News, 10/13/15,


I~ In the summer of 2017, The Christian Post

reports that a "New Archaeological Find

Confirms Biblical Account of the Babylonian

Conquest of Jerusalem". This discovery dates

back to the 6th century BC.

In conclusion of the first question about

Doing the Right Thing: Is it Biblically


The book, Lead Like Jesus, encourages us to

have a more long-range perspective on our

decisions and to invoke the Holy Spirit into

our thoughts and actions, “What does seeking

J~ Eric Metaxas, in an article in The Christian

Post on November 3, 2017, reports that

archaeologists have now found what they believe

is the biblical vineyard of Naboth as

referenced in 1 Kings 21, further validating the

authenticity of the Bible.

K~ "Research conducted at Jerusalem’s Church of

the Holy Sepulchre, which many people

believe to be the tomb of Jesus, appeared to

confirm that the remains of a limestone cave

enshrined in the area were remnants of the

Christ’s tomb." as reported by Conservative

Tribune, www.conservativetribune.com, on

December 1, 2017.

L- Archaeologists believe they have now found the

ash covered remains of the Biblical cities

of Sodom and Gomorah.

M- This list only scratches the surface of evidence

supporting the Christian Bible.

In conclusion, YES the Bible is real, accurate, and


Now continuing our subject from the last issue of Do

the Right Thing ….


Or provide feedback, send an email to:


first the kingdom of God mean in terms of our

leadership decisions? It means bringing an

eternal perspective into the realm of practical,

day-to-day leadership decisions that effects

better results and relationships. It means

revising the way we see people, situations, and

priorities to the way God sees them, and

inviting the Holy Spirit into our relationships

to infuse into our thoughts and actions two key

elements of leading like Jesus— forgiveness

and grace.”

Michael R. Bianchi is the author of


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