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Performance Bond is issued by a bank on behalf of its client. This acts as a surety to secure any claim by the buyer to the seller in case of any default (non-performance of the project or default in the delivery of supplying huge commodities as per the signed contract terms).
Getting performance bond from traditional sources seems to be – difficult, time-consuming, more paperwork & often ask you to provide cash collateral. But we provide Performance Bank Guarantee on your behalf from rated European Banks without obtaining any financial collateral or cash margin. Moreover, we can help you to avail the required surety bond within 48 banking hrs.
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Performance Bond /

Performance Guarantee

For Importers & Exporters OR Contractors & Developers

Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C.


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Performance Bond / Guarantee Information

Performance Bond / Guarantee Procedure

Performance Bond / Guarantee Video

Performance Bond / Guarantee Provider

Performance Bond / Guarantee


Performance Bond / Guarantee often required for

a large commodity transactions between Sellers &

Buyers or construction projects between

Contractors & Developers to ensure the

performance of deal/project. A Performance Bond

/ Guarantee is provided by a bank to give

assurance that seller/contractor completes the

project or the supply as per contract terms. It is

also known as Surety Bond or Bid Bond.

Bronze Wing Trading LLC can provide such

Bonds from European banks of international


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Performance Guarantee? Visit :


Performance Bond / Guarantee


The following steps are to avail LC from BWT:

1. Contractor/ Supplier will inform BWT of their

required PG/PB. Along with this, they should

provide the signed copy of pro forma invoice or SPA

agreement or copy of their contract deal.

2. After reviewing the information and documents

given by the contractor, BWT will update them for

approval or refusal of their PG/PB request.

Performance Bond / Guarantee


3. After the approval of LC application, the issuance

fee charges / proposal will be informed to the client.

4. Upon client’s confirmation, service agreement will

be signed between the client and BWT.

5. Once we receive the admin charges, we will block

our bank limit for the subject LC transaction.

6. The LC transaction can be concluded within 2

banking days, once we have received the requested

documents, approvals and the issuance fee charges.

Performance Bond / Guarantee


Avail Performance Bond /

Guarantee Now

Performance Bond / Guarantee





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Avail Performance Bond /

Guarantee Now

Performance Bond / Guarantee


We, Bronze Wing Trading LLC help our clients by providing

them the financial solutions they need. We as a direct provider

offer them Performance Bond / Performance Guarantee and

other financial instruments from good rated European banks.

We are in business from decades & operate worldwide.

Bronze Wing Trading is dedicated to its clients and understand

the risks involved in international trade finance. The

competition in the business world is fierce and we ensure that

our clients don’t have to face any hurdles in their transaction.

That's why we comfort our clients with below benefits;

• Our Rates are extremely Competitive

• We do not require any Collateral

• Your deal will be closed within time (24 HRS - T&Cs apply)

• Our years of experience & worldwide approach

• European banks of good repute

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