Style Magazine: January 2019

Of all the months, January seems the most appropriate one to shake things up—it is a “new” year, after all. Here at Style, we definitely welcomed the spirit of change, which you’ll find in our new and (we think) improved design, content, and cover. Since the company’s inception over a decade ago, we’ve had separate publications for each of our markets—El Dorado County; Folsom, El Dorado Hills; and Placer County—and finally decided to merge into one bigger, and better, magazine. As we continue to make improvements, I’d love to hear your comments, concerns, opinions, and ideas; this magazine is near and dear to me, so I promise to take them to heart. Coincidentally, this month’s feature is all about new things to see, eat, drink, and do this year—easy ways to add some spice to your life without traveling far. From recently opened (and soon-to-open) restaurants, retail stores, gyms, museums, and even an aquarium, there’s a whole bevy of new businesses on the block just waiting to be discovered. Still seeking inspiration on ways to break out of your routine rut? How about introducing one of the 10 super-good superfoods that come recommended from area health pros (page 22), booking a European river cruise that takes you through four countries in 12 days (page 94), adding a fresh paint of color to your abode in one of the year’s hottest hues (page 88), or getting crafty in the kitchen with a new recipe (page 108)? However you decide to step out of your comfort zone in 2019, do it with vim and vigor, but most importantly: Just do it. Happy New Year!

Of all the months, January seems the most appropriate one to shake things up—it is a “new” year, after all. Here at Style, we definitely welcomed the spirit of change, which you’ll find in our new and (we think) improved design, content, and cover. Since the company’s inception over a decade ago, we’ve had separate publications for each of our markets—El Dorado County; Folsom, El Dorado Hills; and Placer County—and finally decided to merge into one bigger, and better, magazine. As we continue to make improvements, I’d love to hear your comments, concerns, opinions, and ideas; this magazine is near and dear to me, so I promise to take them to heart.
Coincidentally, this month’s feature is all about new things to see, eat, drink, and do this year—easy ways to add some spice to your life without traveling far. From recently opened (and soon-to-open) restaurants, retail stores, gyms, museums, and even an aquarium, there’s a whole bevy of new businesses on the block just waiting to be discovered.
Still seeking inspiration on ways to break out of your routine rut? How about introducing one of the 10 super-good superfoods that come recommended from area health pros (page 22), booking a European river cruise that takes you through four countries in 12 days (page 94), adding a fresh paint of color to your abode in one of the year’s hottest hues (page 88), or getting crafty in the kitchen with a new recipe (page 108)?
However you decide to step out of your comfort zone in 2019, do it with vim and vigor, but most importantly: Just do it. Happy New Year!


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JANUARY <strong>2019</strong><br />

M A G A Z I N E<br />

in<br />


A HURRY<br />




75 +<br />

New Things to<br />

See, Eat, Drink,<br />

and Do This Year<br />


PLUS<br />



Vitality<br />


To explain<br />

the difference<br />

between<br />

Spare Time<br />

Sports Clubs<br />

and ordinary<br />

gyms would take<br />

45 Years.

is now<br />


Established 1985<br />

(916) 638-7001<br />


Established 1989<br />

(916) 782-2600<br />

FOLSOM<br />

Established 1998<br />

(916) 983-9180<br />

We’ve changed our name and<br />

expanded our offerings, but<br />

you can still rely on the quality<br />

service, expert instruction and<br />

family-friendly environment<br />

you have come to expect.<br />

EL DORADO hillS<br />

Established 2005<br />

(916) 933-4929<br />

plus 4 other convenient locations<br />

Rio del Oro Sports Club Established 1973 (Sacramento) • Natomas Sports Club Established 1990 (Sacramento)<br />

Laguna Creek Sports Club Established 1993 (Elk Grove) • Diamond Hills Sports Club & Spa Established 2008 (Oakley)<br />


SAVE UP TO $ 40 /MO.<br />

Receive a limited edition Spare Time Sports Club T-Shirt<br />

in celebration of our new beginning... and yours!<br />

Still The Best Part of Your Day!<br />

Visit sparetimesportsclubs.com<br />

Offer good through 1/31/19 and is a first-visit joining incentive. Savings is in the form of a monthly dues credit for 6 consecutive months. Monthly savings<br />

varies per location. See club for details. Can not have been a member in the past 6 months to be eligible. Some restrictions may apply.

| contents |<br />

75<br />

<strong>2019</strong> Bucket List<br />

In the spirit of the “new” year, we present 75+<br />

“new” things to see, eat, drink, & do in <strong>2019</strong>—<br />

places that have recently opened or are slated<br />

to open in the next 365 days. Make it your<br />

mission to go everywhere, and try everything,<br />

on the list.<br />

94<br />

Cruise Control<br />

Prague to Paris<br />

6 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Photo andreykr - Fotolia.


JANUARY <strong>2019</strong><br />



STYLE-0119-PAGES 1 COVER.indd 3<br />

12/18/18 6:32 PM<br />

| contents |<br />

JANUARY<strong>2019</strong><br />

24 53 102 60<br />



ARTS &<br />


EAT & DRINK<br />

MORE<br />

16 WHAT’S UP<br />

News Around Town<br />

20 GET TO KNOW<br />

Marlon Morgan<br />

46 CALENDAR<br />

25+ Things to Do This Month<br />


Laura Harling<br />

98 FOODIE FIND<br />

New Glory Eatery & Taproom<br />

100 THE HOT LIST<br />

Healthy in a Hurry<br />

10 EDITOR’S NOTE<br />

14 ONLINE<br />

Find More on the Web This<br />

Month<br />

22 THE 10 SPOT<br />

Foods to Eat This Year<br />


Sly Park Jenkinson Lake Loop<br />


26 CAUSE & EFFECT<br />

Count on Kids<br />

28 OUTTAKES<br />

Event Pics<br />


Brisas Do Sul<br />


108 TASTE<br />

4 Souper Recipes<br />

112 SIP ON THIS<br />

6 Must-Make Smoothies<br />

56 KEEP IT LOCAL<br />

10 New Year’s Resolutions<br />

You Can Buy<br />

60 KEEP IT LOCAL<br />

Q&A with Local Companies<br />


7 Mental Health Myths<br />

72 IN HISTORY<br />

The Rebirth of Prairie City<br />

88 HOME DESIGN<br />

Hot Hues for <strong>2019</strong><br />

114 LAST LOOK<br />

Where We Live<br />


34 66<br />

HEALTH<br />

&FITNESS<br />

TOP AREA<br />


91<br />


P R O F E S S I O N A L S<br />



JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> FOOD | HOME | COMMUNITY | EVENTS | ARTS | LIFE<br />


M A G A Z I N E<br />

in<br />


A HURRY<br />

75 +<br />

New Things to<br />

See, Eat, Drink,<br />

and Do This Year<br />

PLUS<br />




Poke Bowl at Fishology Poké Bar in<br />

Folsom, from The Hot List: Healthy<br />

in a Hurry on page 100. Photo by<br />

Dante Fontana.<br />

8 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| editor’s letter |<br />

S<br />

tudies show that 40<br />

percent of human’s<br />

daily activities are<br />

performed each day<br />

in the same way. If<br />

you’re anything like<br />

me, you have a set wake-up time, take the<br />

same route to work, and have a regular<br />

repertoire of meals that you prepare (or<br />

purchase) day in, day out. Though some<br />

structure definitely has its benefits,<br />

monotony can also lead to boredom or<br />

feeling stuck and stagnant. Alternatively—and from my experience—trying something new,<br />

whether it be big (traveling out of the country) or small (signing up for a new workout), elicits<br />

excitement, stimulates creativity, and forces growth. And if whatever you’re trying for the first<br />

time ends up being a total disaster, fret not—you’ll at least have a good story to tell and will<br />

certainly make your own life story much more interesting.<br />

Of all the months, <strong>January</strong> seems the most appropriate one to shake things up—it is a “new”<br />

year, after all. Here at <strong>Style</strong>, we definitely welcomed the spirit of change, which you’ll find in<br />

our new and (we think) improved design, content, and cover. Since the company’s inception<br />

over a decade ago, we’ve had separate publications for each of<br />

our markets—El Dorado County; Folsom, El Dorado Hills; and<br />

“Stop being<br />

Placer County—and finally decided to merge into one bigger,<br />

afraid of and better, magazine. As we continue to make improvements,<br />

I’d love to hear your comments, concerns, opinions, and ideas;<br />

what could this magazine is near and dear to me, so I promise to take them<br />

to heart.<br />

go wrong<br />

Coincidentally, this month’s feature is all about new things<br />

and think of to see, eat, drink, and do this year—easy ways to add some spice<br />

to your life without traveling far. From recently opened (and<br />

what could go soon-to-open) restaurants, retail stores, gyms, museums, and<br />

even an aquarium, there’s a whole bevy of new businesses on<br />

right.”<br />

the block just waiting to be discovered.<br />

—Unknown Still seeking inspiration on ways to break out of your<br />

routine rut? How about introducing one of the 10 super-good<br />

superfoods that come recommended from area health pros (page 22), booking a European<br />

river cruise that takes you through four countries in 12 days (page 94), adding a fresh paint of<br />

color to your abode in one of the year’s hottest hues (page 88), or getting crafty in the kitchen<br />

with a new recipe (page 108)?<br />

However you decide to step out of your comfort zone in <strong>2019</strong>, do it with vim and vigor, but<br />

most importantly: Just do it. Happy New Year!<br />

— Megan // megan@stylemg.com<br />

@meggoeggowaffle<br />

10 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



SUN JAN 13<br />




SUN JAN 13<br />



WED JAN 16<br />


<strong>2019</strong> SOUTHERN<br />


THU JAN 17<br />


OF OZ<br />


FRI-SUN JAN 18-20<br />



TUE-SAT JAN 22-26<br />


WED JAN 30<br />



BALLET<br />


WED FEB 6; 2 PM & 7 PM<br />


THU FEB 7; 7:30 PM<br />

Two distinct programs mark the <strong>2019</strong><br />

return of Russian National Ballet<br />

Theatre to Folsom. On Wednesday,<br />

the company of 50 exquisite dancers<br />

will twice perform Cinderella, a<br />

full-length ballet in two acts, with<br />

music by Prokofiev. On Thursday the<br />

company performs a Gala Program,<br />

with excerpts from the world’s<br />

greatest ballets with music by<br />

Tchaikovsky, Saint-Säens, Prokofiev,<br />

and more. Under the artistic direction<br />

of Elena Radchenko, a principal<br />

dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet.<br />

916-608-6888<br />


JANUARY <strong>2019</strong><br />


Terence P. Carroll, Wendy L. Sipple<br />


Debra Linn, 916-988-9888 x114<br />


Megan Wiskus<br />


Tara Mendanha<br />


Ashleigh Gruenwald, Alyssa Mielke, Alesandra Velez<br />


Jerrie Beard, Heather L. Becker, Amber Foster, Linda<br />

Holderness, Kourtney Jason, Kerrie L. Kelly,<br />

Sharon Penny, Emily Peter, Lorn Randall, Julie Ryan<br />


Gary Zsigo<br />


Ray Burgess, George Kenton<br />


Dante Fontana<br />


Menka Belgal<br />

Justin Buettner, 916.220.0159,<br />

justinbuettner@hotmail.com,<br />

Tom Paniagua<br />


Ken White, Ixystems<br />


Jami Areia, 916.988.9888 x112<br />

Bettie Grijalva, 916.223.3364<br />

Reg Holliday, 916.337.5107<br />

Joanne Kilmartin, 916.607.9360<br />

Debbie Newell-Juhos/Newell & Associates, 916.365.3537<br />

Meredith Santos, 916.202.8235<br />

Lisa Warner/Warner Enterprises, 530.306.2011<br />


Sabrina Gonzalez, 916.988.9888 x116<br />


Aimee Carroll<br />


Kathleen Hurt<br />


Cathy Carmichael<br />


Jarrod Carroll<br />

Printed on recycled paper.<br />

Please recycle this magazine.<br />


FOLSOM, CA 95630<br />

TEL 916.988.9888 • FAX 916.596.2100<br />

©<strong>2019</strong> by <strong>Style</strong> Media Group. All rights reserved. STYLE is a registered<br />

trademark of <strong>Style</strong> Media Group. Material in this magazine may not be<br />

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and all submissions to STYLE become the property of <strong>Style</strong> Media Group and<br />

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Subscriptions to STYLE are available. Contact info@stylemg.com for more<br />

information.<br />

12 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong>

WHAT’S<br />

YOUR GO-TO<br />

WORKOUT?<br />

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions.<br />

Asian Cuisine: Delicious, Fresh and Healthful Since 2700 B.C.<br />

“Get up, grab a generous pour of<br />

wine, and return to my computer—<br />

it’s at least 100 steps!”<br />

—Wendy Sipple<br />

“I’m loving—actually I’m borderline<br />

obsessed with—Orangetheory<br />

Fitness right now. I love the<br />

interval intensity, the diversity of<br />

exercises—treadmill, rowing,<br />

weight floor—and the instructors!<br />

These workouts have provided the<br />

best results for me in years.”<br />

—Meredith Santos<br />

F A T'S<br />



2585 Iron Point Road<br />

Folsom 916-983-1133<br />

fatsbistro.com<br />

1500 Eureka Road<br />

Roseville 916-787-3287<br />

Cashew Chicken<br />

“A brisk walk. It's free and happens<br />

to be great exercise for me AND<br />

my dog. It's also a good way to get<br />

some fresh air, appreciate where I<br />

live, and ponder life!”<br />

—Tara Mendanha<br />

“A fun run with some great music!”<br />

—Alesandra Velez<br />

“I like to keep it simple with jogging.<br />

There’s nothing better than getting<br />

outside and getting some fresh air<br />

in your lungs. No fancy machines,<br />

no waiting for your turn, just put on<br />

your shoes and go! And the best<br />

part is you can pretty much do it all<br />

year long.”<br />

—Gary Zsigo<br />



Rosacea | Tattoos | Wrinkles<br />

Brown Spots | Hair Removal<br />

Clear and Brilliant ®<br />



Botox ® | Fillers | Kybella ®<br />

Ultherapy ® Skin Tightening<br />


Facials | Peels | Waxing<br />

DermaSweep<br />



“Vinyasa yoga. Not only do I work<br />

up a great sweat, but it forces me<br />

to focus on my breath, tune into<br />

my body, and tune out my (mostly<br />

crazy) thoughts. It’s omazing!”<br />

—Megan Wiskus<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 13<br />


2009-2018<br />




| online |<br />


Find More on the<br />

Web This Month<br />

20 UNDER 20<br />

Do you know a stellar teen<br />

who lives locally, goes beyond<br />

what’s expected, and inspires<br />

all who cross their path? We're<br />

looking to highlight not just the<br />

best students academically<br />

but also those that excel in<br />

athletics, art, drama, and<br />

philanthropy. Email info@<br />

stylemg.com with your<br />

nomination’s name and<br />

tell us why they’re such an<br />

all-star. 20 Under 20 will<br />

be featured in an upcoming<br />

issue. Hurry, the deadline is<br />

<strong>January</strong> 14!<br />

2018 Stellar Teen Kelley Renner<br />

Voted Favorite Dentist<br />

in El Dorado Hills 11 Years!<br />

RISE & SHINE<br />

New York Times best-selling author (Girl, Wash Your<br />

Face), motivational speaker, mother of four, and CCO/<br />

co-founder/blogger of The Chic Site, Rachel Hollis, is<br />

a household name these days. <strong>Style</strong> had the chance to<br />

attend her sold-out conference, RISE, where women<br />

from every walk of<br />

life came together to<br />

be inspired, supported,<br />

and enveloped in<br />

community. Head to<br />

the web now to read<br />

all about our experience,<br />

takeaways, and<br />

how you can watch<br />

her documentary,<br />

Made for More, at a<br />

theater near you this<br />

month.<br />

Stellar Teen photo by Dante Fontana. Rise & Shine photo by Brenna McGowen.<br />

14 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong>

FOLSOM<br />



Photo by Diana Estrada<br />


Attention budding photographers! Send us a photo of<br />

anything that represents “Where We Live”—a local park,<br />

body of water, sunrise or sunset, winter landscape, local<br />

dish you love, etc.—and tell us why, in 20 words or less,<br />

this photo says it all. Our favorite pics will appear in an<br />

upcoming issue; each month’s featured photographer<br />

will also win a gift card to a local business. Send your<br />

submissions to info@stylemg.com. Ready, set, SNAP!<br />





Our photos are the most important possessions we<br />

have. They help us celebrate, remember, and honor<br />

who we are, what we have accomplished, and who<br />

we’ve impacted along our journey. Yet most of us don’t<br />

have a plan when it comes to putting our beloved<br />

images in one cohesive place. We asked Melinda Hollis<br />

of Outside the Box and Judy Bujold of Captured<br />

Moments, both based locally, for their top “Photo<br />

Organization Tips,” so you can turn your snapshots into<br />

forever memories.<br />



/stylemg<br />

/stylemediagroup<br />

/stylemediagroup<br />

/stylemags<br />


Go to stylemg.com and click on the “Digital Editions” icon<br />

at the very top to find an archived collection of the print<br />

magazines.<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 15

| community matters |<br />

American River Conservancy<br />

What’s Up?<br />


American River Conservancy is offering a number of hikes<br />

and other programs this month, including a family-friendly exploration<br />

walk down to the riverside on <strong>January</strong> 5 from 10:30 a.m. to noon. See all<br />

the events at arconservancy.org/events and reserve a spot by emailing<br />

julie@arconservancy.org or calling 530-621-1224...Calling all artists: Blue<br />

Line Arts is looking for pieces to be<br />

featured at their annual Lottery for<br />

the Arts. The event is considered<br />

a unique experience to connect<br />

artists with collectors who value<br />

their work. The deadline is February<br />

1, and more info can be found at<br />

bluelinearts.org/call-to-artists...The<br />

Placerville Senior Center is offering<br />

four new day trips through its El Dorado County Senior Activities<br />

program. The first one, Monet: The Late Years at de Young Museum,<br />

is February 20. Each ticket is $89 and includes bus transportation,<br />

tour tickets, and gratuities. For more info, call 530-621-6255...Women’s<br />

Fund El Dorado, a collective giving organization that pools funds to<br />

enhance the quality of life, is open to all for a donation of $200 a year<br />

or more. The fund is planning on awarding a record $100,000 in grants<br />

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

16 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

Artist rendering of Chinese Heritage Museum<br />

to nonprofit agencies serving the western<br />

slope of El Dorado County this year. To get<br />

involved, visit womensfundeldorado.org...<br />

Folsom—once the second largest Chinese<br />

community in California—is getting a<br />

Chinese Heritage Museum. The hope is<br />

that by 2021, the Folsom Historical Society<br />

will have restored the Howard Sr. and Mabel<br />

Chan house at 917 Sutter Street to tell the<br />

story of Chinese who lived in 19th-century<br />

California. In addition, it will emphasize<br />

the vital role the Chinese played in the<br />

development of Folsom......Healthgrades, an<br />

online resource for hospital and physician<br />

information, recognized critical care at<br />

Dignity Health Mercy Hospital of Folsom<br />

as among the top 10 percent in the nation.<br />

For the seventh year in a row, it received the<br />

Critical Care Excellence Award, something<br />

no other Sacramento-area hospital has<br />

achieved. Mercy Hospital also received<br />

three Five-Star Recipient Awards for the<br />

treatment of sepsis, respiratory failure,<br />

and pancreatitis...A private indoor cycling<br />

studio showroom has opened in Roseville’s<br />

Westfield Galleria. Peloton, the well-known<br />

stationary bike manufacturer, allows<br />

at-home cyclists to access live-streamed<br />

cycling classes. Now, customers can try<br />

out their stationary bikes and treadmills<br />

in the showroom...The El Dorado County<br />

Placerville’s Marshall Medical<br />

Center opened an opioid<br />

addiction clinic called<br />

Marshall CARES (Clinically<br />

Assisted Recovery and<br />

Education Services), which<br />

allows residents to receive<br />

opioid addiction treatment for<br />

little to no cost. The center is<br />

one block away from the main<br />

medical center at 1045 Marshall<br />

Way in Placerville.<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 17<br />

Transit Authority reported<br />

a record 24,256 boardings<br />

onto the Apple Farms<br />

Shuttle service this past<br />

October. Every Saturday<br />

and Sunday, residents<br />

were able to take a free<br />

ride to Apple Hill's most<br />

popular orchards, ranches,<br />

wineries, and family<br />

attractions, which helped<br />

with traffic congestion...<br />

Antelope Creek donation<br />

Students at Antelope Creek<br />

Elementary School in Rocklin received a surprise $10,000 donation from<br />

Burlington Stores, Inc. last November at a school assembly. In partnership<br />

with adoptaclassroom.org, the Roseville Burlington store provided the<br />


CARPET<br />



2009 • 2010 • 2011<br />

2012 • 2013 • 2014<br />

2015 • 2016 • 2017<br />

2018<br />

$<br />

30<br />

OFF<br />

10 %<br />

OFF<br />

$<br />

30<br />

OFF<br />


OR<br />


AREA RUG<br />





Carpet• Tile & Grout • Hardwood • Upholstery<br />



Call Today For Your<br />


916 933-7807<br />

www.CartersCarpet.com<br />

NEW & IMPROVED! Now Carpets Dry BEFORE We Leave!*<br />

*ask for details<br />

TILE & GROUT<br />

OR<br />


*MIN. 300 SQ. FT ask for details<br />

Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

Min. charge applies<br />

Area Rugs Cleaned Off-Site.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

10 %<br />

$<br />

40<br />

OFF<br />

PET ODOR<br />


Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

OFF service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

81 916 933-7807 81<br />

81<br />


Please present coupon at time of service. No coupon redemptions<br />

after work is completed. No coupon refunds mailed. Not good with<br />

any other offer. Call today!. 916 933-7807.<br />



Min. 1000 SQ FT OR<br />

$25 OFF Min. 750 SQ FT.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

2006-2013<br />

2012<br />

2006-2013<br />

81<br />


| community matters |<br />

donation to help pay for new supplies<br />

in each teacher’s classroom and aid<br />

students in need...The service learning<br />

clubs by Hands4Hope are on nine local<br />

campuses from Folsom to Placerville,<br />

including five middle schools and four<br />

high schools. The nonprofit, youthdriven<br />

organization offers education<br />

in service learning and community<br />

engagement opportunities. If you know<br />

a child in grades K-12 who would like<br />

to get involved, visit hands4hopeyouth.<br />

org...Taylor Morrison Homes closed on<br />

its first home in the new Folsom Ranch<br />

development in November. The Azure<br />

and Dakota developments are the first<br />

of around 10,000 homes that will be<br />

built within Folsom Ranch, a masterplanned<br />

community that has just begun.<br />

The first family of many has moved in<br />

and will be a vital part of the growing<br />

neighborhood...Take your unflocked<br />

Christmas trees to one of Roseville’s<br />

Christmas tree drop-off sites (Maidu<br />

Park, Mahany Park, or Saugstad Park)<br />

from <strong>January</strong> 5-6 or 12-13 to be recycled.<br />

Roseville Boy Scouts of America will<br />

also pick up trees as a community service<br />

and fundraiser; residents living in the<br />

Coleen Johnson receives the Personnel Administrative<br />

Services Steering Committee’s Star Award<br />

Harris Center at Folsom Lake<br />

College sold its one-millionth ticket in<br />

December! Since opening in February<br />

2011, the Center has had over 2,900<br />

events and 4,000 facility uses. With<br />

a new ticketing system and website<br />

coming next month, the venue is sure to<br />

continue to impress the community for<br />

years to come.<br />

coverage area can place their trees curbside before 10 a.m. on <strong>January</strong> 5 or 6. Donations<br />

are appreciated (make check payable to “Boy Scouts of America” in an envelope and tape<br />

it to your front door or securely to your porch). For more info, visit rsvlboyscouts.weebly.<br />

com...Coleen Johnson, the executive director of personnel services at the El Dorado<br />

County Office of Education (EDCOE) was honored with an annual award recognizing<br />

contributions to county offices of education, leadership within their committee, and<br />

service to students in California. The California County Superintendents Educational<br />

Services Association presented the Personnel Administrative Services Steering<br />

Committee’s Star Award to Johnson, who began her career in education in 1992 as a<br />

teacher before moving onto administration...The Roseville Utility Exploration Center<br />

is offering various Green Gardening Workshops this month, including “Pruning with<br />

Purpose” on <strong>January</strong> 12 and 22 and “Fruit Tree Care” on <strong>January</strong> 19. Pre-registration<br />

is required; the fee is $6 for Roseville residents/$8 for non-residents. To sign up, visit<br />

roseville.ca.us/gardeningworkshops...Folsom residents now have the option of texting 911<br />

in times of crisis. The new Text-to-911 service allows public safety dispatch centers to<br />

receive and respond to mobile messages from citizens within Sacramento County. The<br />

service is to be used for situations where it’s too dangerous to call 911 or if individuals<br />

have hearing or speech impairments...BrightStar Care of Roseville, which<br />

offers medical and non-medical home care to clients like children who are<br />

sick and seniors who need help with daily life activities, was distinguished<br />

at BrightStar Care’s national conference as the 2018 Franchisee of the Year.<br />

Owner and entrepreneur Ignacio Cespedes continuously offers the very best<br />

embodiment of the company with impressive sales and a successful franchise...<br />

The annual Turkey Drive held by Friends of Folsom resulted in a record<br />

number of turkeys donated to feed local families. Friends of Folsom President<br />

Jeff Garcia said that the group surpassed its initial goal of raising enough<br />

money to purchase 5,000 turkeys and was able to feed almost 6,500 families<br />

on Thanksgiving...Carly Starr, a woman raised in Rocklin, recently curated a<br />

highly popular exhibit at the California Automobile Museum called Hitting<br />

the Road: Road Trippin’ Through the Years. The show is full of vintage cars<br />

ranging from the 1950s to 1970s and is open until February 25...Vancouver-based<br />

company Indochino—where customers can get fitted for a custom-made<br />

suit before receiving the garments within three weeks through the mail—is<br />

coming to Roseville's Westfield Galleria early<br />

this year. A full suit costs $399-$499, and the<br />

company also sells various other professional<br />

wear...Congrats to the Folsom High School<br />

football team for winning their fourth CIF<br />

State Division 1-AA State Championship since<br />

2010. The team defeated Cathedral Catholic of<br />

San Diego 21-14 at Cerritos College in overtime.<br />

The win marks the first back-to-back state<br />

championship in Folsom High School's history...<br />

That’s all for now, but check back next month<br />

California Automobile Museum<br />

for <strong>Style</strong>’s Love Issue!<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

18 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

I want Dad to:<br />

❒✓have friends<br />

❒ ✓laugh<br />

❒✓eat well<br />

❒✓join in activities<br />

❒✓feel secure<br />

eskaton.org<br />

Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park<br />

Assisted Living<br />

530-675-4024<br />

License # 097001275<br />

Eskaton Lodge Gold River<br />

Assisted Living, Pre-Memory<br />

and Memory Care<br />

916-900-1677<br />

License # 347001241<br />

Eskaton Monroe Lodge<br />

Independent Living with Services<br />

Land Park<br />

916-265-0266<br />

Eskaton FountainWood Lodge<br />

Assisted Living and Memory Care<br />

Orangevale<br />

916-900-1680<br />

License # 347003574<br />

Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay<br />

Independent Living with Services<br />

and Assisted Living<br />

916-245-1166<br />

License # 317005628<br />

Eskaton Village Roseville<br />

Multi-Level Community<br />

916-432-5058<br />

License # 315002052<br />

Eskaton Village Carmichael<br />

Continuing Care Community (CCRC)<br />

916-485-2597<br />

License # 340313383 | COA # 202<br />

Eskaton Village Placerville<br />

Multi-Level Community<br />

530-206-3470<br />

License # 097005046

| community matters |<br />


Marlon Morgan, MA, LPCC<br />

Roseville resident Marlon Morgan knows a thing or<br />

two about the challenges facing kids in today’s<br />

public school system. When he was just nine years<br />

old, his father tragically passed away, leaving his<br />

mother to raise him. They often had to move due<br />

to her career as a nurse, and Morgan still remembers<br />

how difficult it was to concentrate on school during such<br />

tumultuous times. He later found solace in high school sports,<br />

mainly due to the steady guidance of Greg Benzel, his varsity<br />

coach. “I saw how important it was for kids to have a positive<br />

role model in their lives,” Morgan<br />

“I saw how<br />

important it was<br />

for kids to have<br />

a positive role<br />

model in their<br />

lives.”<br />

reflects.<br />

Once becoming a licensed<br />

school counselor, Morgan was<br />

dismayed to discover a lack<br />

of sufficient mental health<br />

resources available to kids.<br />

From there, Wellness Together<br />

(wellnesstogether.org) was born,<br />

a nonprofit that provides public<br />

school districts all over California<br />

with therapists and other mental<br />

health services. From <strong>January</strong> 22-23, the organization is hosting<br />

the third annual California Student Mental Wellness Conference<br />

at the Sacramento Convention Center, with former U.S. Secretary of<br />

Education John B. King serving as keynote speaker.<br />

Morgan has also helped to develop student mental health and wellness policy<br />

recommendations for the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction<br />

and the California Legislature. For his efforts, he’s received special recognition<br />

from U.S. Congress, the California State Senate, and the California State<br />

Assembly. “What happens outside the classroom affects what goes on inside,” he<br />

attests, adding, “We have a responsibility to make sure students feel emotionally<br />

safe and supported.” —Amber Foster<br />

Q&A<br />

What advice would you<br />

give to your younger<br />

self?<br />

Everything is going to be okay.<br />

What comes to you naturally?<br />

Seeing the bigger picture<br />

and keeping perspective in<br />

challenging situations—finding a<br />

solution.<br />

What’s your biggest pet<br />

peeve?<br />

Lack of empathy.<br />

Biggest life inspirations?<br />

My spiritual connection<br />

gives me hope.<br />

What are you most proud<br />

of?<br />

My son.<br />

Best words of wisdom you’ve<br />

received?<br />

The depth and breadth of our personal<br />

connections is what makes for a<br />

meaningful and satisfying life.<br />

What’s next?<br />

Continuing to increase access to mental<br />

health services to every student in<br />

California.<br />

AUTHOR/<br />

WRITER<br />

Donald Miller<br />


Häagen-Dazs’ Chocolate<br />

Peanut Butter Ice Cream<br />


MEMORY<br />

Wedding Day at Old<br />

St. Mary’s Chapel<br />

MOVIE<br />

Won’t You Be My<br />

Neighbor?<br />



BAND<br />

Ben Howard<br />



High Hand Nursery<br />

SAYING<br />

“It is easier to build strong children than to<br />

repair broken men.”—Frederick Douglass<br />

Photos by Dante Fontana.<br />

20 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Concerts at Harris Center at Folsom Lake College, Folsom<br />

Tickets @ harriscenter.net. More info at carrera-productions.com<br />


One of the most successful adult<br />

contemporary artists of all time!<br />

5x GRAMMY WINNER — Academy<br />

Award and Golden Globe recipient.<br />

“Never Be The Same,”<br />

“Ride Like The Wind,”<br />

“Arthur’s Theme,”<br />

and “Sailing.”<br />

<strong>January</strong> 5 Show 8:00 pm $50, $65, $78<br />

with THE STONE FOXES<br />

Rich Robinson, guitarist and co-founding member<br />

of The Black Crowes, together with two key members<br />

of Crowes fame, Marc Ford and Sven Pipien,<br />

and newcomers Joe Magistro on drums,<br />

Matt Slocum on keys, and lead singer John Hogg<br />

will be digging deep into old Crowes catalogue,<br />

plus songs from their new album, great covers, and more.<br />

<strong>January</strong> 12 Show 8:00 pm $30, $40, $50<br />


Apr 11 SPECIAL EFX ALL-STARS featuring Chieli Minucci

| community matters |<br />

the<br />

10<br />

spot<br />

Foods<br />

to Eat<br />

This Year<br />

By Tara Mendanha<br />

Forget fashion trends—<br />

food trends are where it’s<br />

at. We asked the experts,<br />

and here’s what they<br />

suggest you should be<br />

eating to feel and be your<br />

best this year. Cheers to a<br />

healthy and happy <strong>2019</strong>!<br />

Pictured: Northstar 1952<br />

Refrigerator, available at Sierra<br />

Hearth & Home in Jackson,<br />

sierrahearthandhome.net<br />

Fibrous foods never go out of<br />

style! Most of us don’t eat enough<br />

fiber, and it’s incredibly important<br />

for our gut (makes the intestines<br />

function better, cleans the colon,<br />

and reduces constipation),<br />

microbiome (microorganisms that<br />

protect against germs and break<br />

down food to release energy),<br />

cardiovascular, and immune<br />

health. So pack in those veggies,<br />

fruits, legumes, and whole grains<br />

whenever and wherever you can.<br />

Adaptogenic herbs are classified<br />

as adaptogens, meaning they can<br />

“adapt” their function based on our<br />

body’s specific needs. When we<br />

adapt to our environment, we’re<br />

able to better handle whatever<br />

life throws at us. Experience an<br />

increase in energy and clarity from<br />

adaptogenic mushrooms like chaga<br />

and reishi or try mushroom coffees<br />

that are a tasty and beneficial<br />

alternative to the average cup of<br />

joe.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> should also be the year you<br />

discover the benefits of bittertasting<br />

foods. Greens like<br />

arugula, mustard, collard, endive,<br />

and spinach all add great flavors to<br />

soups, salads, and sandwiches. The<br />

bitter elements of foods have health<br />

benefits, too—they’re stimulating to<br />

the appetite and strengthening to<br />

your digestion.<br />

Omega-3 fatty acids are important<br />

for cardiovascular, neurological,<br />

and dermatological health, and<br />

a standard American diet is<br />

deficient in them. It’s best to obtain<br />

healthy fats through your diet via<br />

high omega-3, low mercury<br />

seafood. The Environmental<br />

Working Group’s best choices<br />

for safe and healthy seafood are<br />

salmon, sardines, mussels, rainbow<br />

trout, and Atlantic mackerel.<br />

In addition to serving as another<br />

source of omega-3 fatty acids,<br />

tree nuts (almonds, pecans,<br />

cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, and<br />

pistachios) are also a great source<br />

of both monounsaturated and<br />

polyunsaturated fats, plant sterols,<br />

and fiber—all of which can help<br />

improve cholesterol levels. They<br />

also contain protein, vitamins, and<br />

minerals and have been shown to<br />

aid in maintaining a healthy weight.<br />

Originating in Eastern Europe and<br />

Southwest Asia, kefir, a fermented<br />

drink made by adding kefir grains<br />

to milk, is becoming increasingly<br />

popular in the states—due to its<br />

rich probiotic content. It contains up<br />

to 61 different strains of bacteria,<br />

which is more than most yogurt. It<br />

also has antibacterial properties,<br />

improves bone health, and improves<br />

allergy symptoms…so drink up!<br />

Here’s a mouthwatering one:<br />

spices. Get out of your comfort<br />

zone and add some spice to your<br />

life (and meals) with wonders<br />

such as ginger, turmeric,<br />

coriander, and cumin to<br />

replace the need for all that<br />

sugar and sodium in most dishes.<br />

These spices and aromatics also<br />

have a satiety effect that will leave<br />

you feeling full faster.<br />

Dark, leafy greens (spinach,<br />

watercress, beet greens, etc.)<br />

provide antioxidant properties that<br />

activate immune cells and promote<br />

cardiovascular health. Green<br />

cruciferous vegetables (Brussels<br />

sprouts, kale, cabbage, bok choy,<br />

and collard greens) protect against<br />

DNA damage, destroy cancerous<br />

cells, and may even prevent cells<br />

from becoming cancerous. Tip:<br />

Broccoli sprouts are packed with<br />

sulforaphane—thought to boost the<br />

body’s immune system and protect<br />

against cancer.<br />

Sourdough bread can be a good<br />

grain choice since it’s made with a<br />

probiotic. The end product—after<br />

the bread is made—produces<br />

lactic acid, which helps make the<br />

nutrients we consume be more<br />

digestible and absorbable. It’s also<br />

better tolerated by people who are<br />

sensitive to gluten (hooray!).<br />

Beans are the bee’s knees. A<br />

source of protein and fiber, they’re<br />

also low in fat and sodium, have no<br />

cholesterol, and can decrease the<br />

risk of diabetes. Fun fact: Beans are<br />

the only food group found in all five<br />

of the Blue Zones, i.e. areas in the<br />

world where people reach age 100<br />

at 10 times the average rate in the<br />

world. What’s more, they’re equally<br />

good for the environment, since<br />

they use a fraction of the planet’s<br />

resources when compared to beef.<br />

Special thanks to the following contributors:<br />

Shideh Chinichian, MD, family medicine physician, Mercy Medical<br />

Group, El Dorado Hills; Amy Triplett, RD, and Kari Holmstedt,<br />

RD, Clinical Outpatient Dietitians, Marshall Medical Center,<br />

Placerville; Rachael Dardano, CEO and Owner, Internal Wisdom,<br />

Folsom; Kathryn Boulter, ND, Resident Doctor, Revolutions<br />

Naturopathic, Folsom, and Dawn Alden, ND, Resident Doctor,<br />

Revolutions Nauropathic, Roseville; Michael Jacobs, Grocery<br />

Buyer, Sunrise Natural Foods, Roseville; and Rosane Oliveira,<br />

DVM, PhD, Director, Integrative Medicine Program, Institute for<br />

Population Health Improvement, University of California Davis<br />

Fridge photo by Menka Belgal. Greens photo ©Elenathewise - stock.adobe.com.<br />

22 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| community matters |<br />

ask the experts<br />



GETTING THERE: Take Highway 50 East, exit Sly Park Road, and head south for<br />

about five miles. Main entrance is on the left.<br />

DISTANCE: 8.5 miles (9.5 for the equestrian trail); 629 feet in elevation gain.<br />

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Moderate.<br />

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Dog-friendly (must be leashed); horseback riding and<br />

mountain biking allowed; parking is $10; open year-round.<br />

FUEL UP: Sly Park Resort (4782 Sly Park Road, Pollock Pines) offers ice, drinks,<br />

snacks, and gas, and features the Knot Hole Grill where you can enjoy a preor<br />

post-hike sandwich, burger, hot dog, cocktail, and more.<br />

WHY WE LOVE IT: Fairly shaded; multiple park entrances; Park Creek Waterfall<br />

can be easily accessed from the main entrance; Trail Run at Sly Park is an annual<br />

event in November offering a 5K, 10K, 8.5-mile, half marathon, 18-mile,<br />

and 50K route.<br />

TRAIL NOTES: Wear shoes with traction, dress in layers, bring extra water and<br />

snacks, and, as always, pack out what you pack in.<br />

Remember to keep to the right and that horses<br />

Do you have a<br />

favorite trail in<br />

the region you’d like<br />

to see featured? Tell<br />

us all about it at info@<br />

stylemg.com.<br />


have the right of way over mountain bikers and hikers,<br />

and hikers have the right of way over mountain<br />

bikers.<br />

For more information, visit jenkinsonlake.com,<br />

slyparkresort.com, and tctruns.com.<br />

Q: What are the latest trends in<br />

eyeglasses?<br />

A: Individual expression! When<br />

opticians meet with you, they should<br />

evaluate your prescription and learn<br />

about the interesting facets of your<br />

personality and character, ultimately<br />

guiding you to find a pair with the best<br />

overall wardrobe and style fit. Your daily<br />

activities, lifestyle, and level of passion<br />

for imposing your own personal style<br />

statement are all important elements to<br />

consider when finding a perfect pair of<br />

eyeglasses. Remember: Life’s too short to<br />

wear boring glasses. Be fabulous!<br />

— Davette Fournier and Sandra Fritz<br />

Co-Owners, EyeChicks, 3755 Taylor Road<br />

Loomis, 916-489-1110, eyechicks.com<br />

Q: What are the most important<br />

questions to ask before buying a<br />

home?<br />

A: The home buying/selling process can<br />

be stressful at times. To keep things as<br />

smooth as possible, here are a couple<br />

key questions to keep in mind when<br />

purchasing a home:<br />

• How are the schools in the area?<br />

• What is the average cost of utilities?<br />

• How old is the HVAC and roof?<br />

• Have any inspections been<br />

completed?<br />

• Have there been any major repairs or<br />

upgrades?<br />

• Why are they moving?<br />

• What other home sales in the area<br />

support the price?<br />

—Ricky O’Neal and Brian Martell<br />

Martell | O’Neal – Keller Williams Realty<br />

2295 Iron Point Road, Suite 160, Folsom,<br />

916-235-7045, martelloneal.com<br />

Sly Park Jenkinson Loop Trail photo by Christian Francisco. Ask the Expert photo ©Masson - stock.adobe.com.<br />

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Expires 6/19

| community matters |<br />


Count<br />

on Kids<br />

Committed to Community Service<br />


How do we take children from "me" to "we"? The answer is the heart of Count on Kids, a<br />

new El Dorado Hills-based nonprofit whose mission is to inspire young people to become socially<br />

conscious adults through community service. "We provide kids with opportunities to go out and<br />

make a difference," says founder Kelli Plevyak. "When children do things to help the community,<br />

they feel empowered to make a difference and gain more confidence in themselves." Unlike most<br />

youth service groups, Count on Kids encourages participation from infants and toddlers, as well<br />

as adolescents through early college age. "Kids are capable at a very young age," Plevyak says. If<br />

they can’t yet take part, she says, they benefit from having the involvement modeled.<br />

Since its founding last June, Count on Kids has put together care kits for Mustard Seed School<br />

for homeless children, helped clean up Brown’s Ravine for Folsom’s Community Service Day,<br />

cleaned play structures at a local park, assembled backpacks with essentials and made holiday<br />

cards for children housed in a shelter, supplemented a local school’s curriculum, and raised<br />

money for various charities. This year, the organization has lined up an even more ambitious<br />

roster:<br />

SENIORS AND SMALLS WORKSHOPS Each month, children under 13 will work with seniors in<br />

a day care center to complete a charitable project, such as decorating cat carriers for the SPCA.<br />

Seniors enjoy the little ones, and the kids learn to view older people as engaging and fun.<br />

SUPERHEROES CLEAN UP THE TOWN Once a month, the kids will dress in costume, or capes<br />

the organization provides, and clean local parks and open spaces.<br />

COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS The organization will perform varied acts of service<br />

that benefit the community.<br />

IN-SCHOOL COMMUNITY SERVICE CURRICULUM Count on Kids will supplement classwork<br />

with studies of nonprofits that relate to the curriculum’s theme. At the end of each lesson, they’ll<br />

create a project to benefit one of the nonprofits. Last year, the kids paired a study of California<br />

farm animals with information about an animal sanctuary in Marin County. An outreach to needy<br />

schools in Africa also developed under this program.<br />

KINDNESS CAMPS These week-long camps will engage youth using different daily themes,<br />

such as random acts of kindness, caring for the environment, and bonding with elders. Upcoming<br />

26 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

camps are planned for summer and winter breaks.<br />

LEADERS IN TRAINING For middle school ages and<br />

up, Count on Kids’ board members and community<br />

leaders will mentor young people to plan and execute<br />

their own community project. The steps will include<br />

marketing, recruiting volunteers, managing the<br />

project, and raising and budgeting money. "At the<br />

end," Plevyak says, "it will be 100 percent their success,<br />

which, to me, is huge."<br />

Count on Kids is not a membership organization—<br />

there are no dues, anyone can participate, and board<br />

members are all volunteers. Additionally, all services<br />

and programs (except for Kindness Camps) are free.<br />

countonkids.org<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 27

| community matters |<br />

Outtakes<br />


Blue Line Arts, Roseville<br />

SEPTEMBER 29<br />

This annual fundraiser featured live music by<br />

Analog Jazz, food, and plenty of poker. Proceeds<br />

benefited Blue Line Arts, a nonprofit that celebrates<br />

and supports the local art scene via exhibits,<br />

events, and education.<br />


1 2 3<br />


@the Grounds, Roseville<br />

SEPTEMBER 29<br />

4 5 6<br />

Over 1,400 individuals and their pets attended this<br />

free, family- and Fido-friendly event. Activities—<br />

such as Doggie and Me Yoga, face painting, a<br />

costume contest for people and their dogs, a<br />

pet-trick contest, and K9 demonstrations by<br />

the Roseville Police Department—took place<br />

throughout the day. Food truck fare, more than 40<br />

craft breweries, polka music, and 55 vendor booths<br />

were also part of the fun.<br />


7<br />

1. Jane Theuer and Bella<br />

2. Courtnie Engman<br />

3. Lucas Frost<br />

4. Roseville Police Officer Gage Lawley and K9 Eros<br />

5. Tina Sixt and Finn (Best Couple Costume)<br />

6. Liz Gainer and DJ Niles (Best Canine Costume)<br />

7. Rayne Evans<br />

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Esthetic Reflections<br />

In Dentistry

| community matters |<br />

Outtakes<br />

1<br />

2<br />


Lake Natoma Inn, Folsom<br />

NOVEMBER 3<br />

Friends of NICU's annual fundraiser raised over<br />

$52,000 and was attended by more than 200 guests.<br />

The evening included wine tasting, dinner, silent<br />

and live auctions, dancing, and casino games. All<br />

of the donations will go directly toward Friends of<br />

NICU's gas card program and temporary housing<br />

solution to ensure families can bond and take care<br />

of their sick babies.<br />

3<br />

5<br />


1. Dina and Matt Cochrane<br />

2. Greg Cohen and Carolyn Getman with Mona and Tony<br />

Wartell<br />

3. Jennifer, Mike, and Beth Harrison<br />

4. Tiffany Bevan, Tim Purkis, Krishelle Tanner, Elanie Purkis,<br />

and Amy Singh with Ryan and Matthew Purkis<br />

5. Amy Veteto and Elanie Purkis<br />

6. Tim Purkis<br />

6<br />

4<br />

1<br />

2<br />



Apple Mountain Golf Resort, Camino<br />

OCTOBER 16<br />

At this 14th annual fundraiser, over $26,000 was<br />

raised to support Hope House’s mission to change<br />

lives and break the cycle of homelessness through<br />

empowerment, encouragement, and love. In<br />

addition to a day on the links, golfers enjoyed a<br />

barbecue lunch, silent auction, and awards.<br />

3 4<br />

5<br />


1. Kyle Bowen, Jim Botts, John Loera, and Tim Fulton<br />

2. Peter Neukirchner and Jim Angus<br />

3. Carmie Gousetis and TaNelle Forgy<br />

4. Jim Roache and Wendy Baisley-Roache with Sharee and<br />

Jim Price<br />

5. Paul Getchel, Darryl Keck, and Alan Silar<br />

30 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


| community matters |<br />

Outtakes<br />

1<br />

2<br />


El Dorado County Fair & Event Center<br />

Placerville<br />

OCTOBER 25-28<br />

This one-of-a-kind celebration featured three<br />

nights of live concerts from over two-dozen bands,<br />

roving performers, late-night halls, and costumed<br />

performers, in addition to food, drinks, camping,<br />

yoga, crafts, and pumpkin carving.<br />


3<br />

5<br />

1. Caden and Kyle<br />

2. Ella<br />

3. Jon and Katara<br />

4. Makenna and Madison<br />

5. Van<br />

6. Vincent<br />

6<br />

4<br />

1<br />

2<br />



Pioneer Village, Folsom<br />

SEPTEMBER 29<br />

Volunteers helped the Folsom History Museum on<br />

a number of projects, including repairing picnic<br />

tables and benches, tree trimming, installing<br />

new drinking fountains, and general clean up.<br />

Volunteers were treated to breakfast pastries and<br />

pizza for all their hard work.<br />

3<br />

4 5<br />


1. Phil Rotherham and Anderson Tate<br />

2. Carol Tullis<br />

3. Justin Ferrell<br />

4. Larry and Daniel Phelps<br />

5. Valerie McMiller<br />

6. Margo and Sumner Howes<br />

6<br />

32 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

If you know of any events happening in the area, or have photos you<br />

would like to share with us, please submit them to info@stylemg.com.<br />

for more outtakes photos, visit stylemg.com.

Since 1987, award-winning Mikuni Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar<br />

has been dedicated to serving uncompromisingly fresh sushi<br />

in an extraordinary dining experience.<br />

Fair Oaks • Folsom • Roseville on Eureka Rd. • Kaizen at The Fountains • Midtown Sacramento • Arden Fair • Elk Grove • Davis • Concord<br />






899 Embarcadero Drive, Suite 1 // El Dorado Hills<br />

916-790-5352 // chereedunbarmd.com<br />

TOP AREA<br />


Advances in medicine happen at an astonishing speed,<br />

and thankfully, our community has professional, highquality<br />

health care providers who are helping to drive<br />

these medical advances forward. The accomplished<br />

medical professionals on the pages that follow have<br />

made an impact through education, leadership,<br />

innovation, and genuinely caring for their patients. <strong>Style</strong><br />

invites you to celebrate them for their achievements in<br />

medicine and in the community.<br />

Dr. Cheree Dunbar specializes in helping patients both<br />

look and feel younger through hormone optimization<br />

and aesthetic procedures. She offers a variety of aesthetic<br />

services including Botox and dermal fillers along<br />

with procedures that reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin<br />

tone, and provide tightening and lifting. In addition, she offers body<br />

contouring treatments using SculpSure and Exilis Ultra 360.<br />

She is a certified BioTE hormone pellet provider and also offers<br />

other bioidentical hormone replacement options such as topical<br />

and injectable hormones. Her office offers a relaxed and friendly<br />

atmosphere where patient satisfactions is always a top priority.<br />

34 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags





CELIA REMY, M.D.P.C.<br />


8735 Sierra College, Ste. 200 // Roseville // 916-797-1131<br />

740 Oak Avenue Pkwy., Ste. 100 // Folsom // 916-508-8640<br />

VitalityMedicalLaserandSkin.com<br />

Doctor Remy and her staff sincerely thank our patients for<br />

the honor of voting Vitality #1 Favorite Med Spa, and<br />

Favorite Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures 8 years in a<br />

row!<br />

Dr. Remy’s philosophy: “What matters most to me, is that we bring<br />

the best of ourselves and our industry forward to our patients. My<br />

staff and I must be extremely well educated and trained, we must<br />

never compromise the patients’ best interest, never lose sight of our<br />

integrity and always be accountable for treatment outcomes. We owe<br />

our patients’ no less, as they have honored us, by entrusting us with<br />

their care.”<br />

Dr. Remy is an executive board member for the CACS, a faculty educator<br />

and speaker in advanced techniques for facial & body sculpting, as well as<br />

RF and laser technologies. Vitality has been involved in clinical studies, has<br />

improved protocols for RF technologies, and provided data to the FDA. She<br />

was chosen as one of the top 100 injectors of facial fillers nation wide.<br />

Vitality combines the fields of Regenerative, Stem Cell and Aesthetic<br />

Medicine. This combination has enhanced our cosmetic procedure<br />

results, and opened the door for multi-center stem cell clinical trails.<br />

Those stem cell studies showed that greater than 95% of patient's saw<br />

significant improvement in joint pain, autoimmune disorders, COPD and<br />

Diabetic neuropathy. So exciting!<br />

Our services offered at Vitality:<br />

Liposuction & Autologous fat transfer<br />

Stem Cell & PRP procedures<br />

Skin tightening - face, neck and body, RF & plasma energy<br />

Facial sculpting<br />

Genital rejuvenation & Bladder leakage treatments<br />

O-shot, P-shot<br />

Complimentary consultations<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 35






959 Reserve Dr. // Roseville // 916-782-8638 // www.toftfacialsurgery.com<br />

Dr. Kenneth M. Toft is a highly respected authority in facial<br />

plastic surgery. He trained at Stanford University, and<br />

then followed as a Clinical Instructor in Facial Plastic and<br />

Reconstructive Surgery at UCLA. Dr. Toft has a reputation<br />

for using the most modern surgical techniques that give patients natural<br />

appearing results with a quick recovery. He minimizes the signs of<br />

surgery so his patients look refreshed, youthful and balanced. Dr. Toft<br />

and staff are approachable, caring and strong patient advocates.<br />

Dr. Toft also offers a variety of non-surgical procedures including<br />

Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse, Dysport, and<br />

Photofacials. New additions to the office include Fractional Laser<br />

Treatments and the latest medical esthetician services on the market.<br />

These services include Image Chemical Peels, Dermasweep treatments<br />

and customized corrective facials. If you are considering any facial<br />

plastic procedure, make an appointment with the facial plastic surgeon<br />

with a reputation for excellence, Dr. Kenneth M. Toft.<br />

36 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags






1004 Fowler Way, Ste. 1 // Placerville<br />

530-626-8003 // www.IntegrativeMedicineInsights.com<br />

Announcing an Alternative to Assembly Line Medicine,<br />

"Integrative Medicine Insights."<br />

We stop the conveyor belt and take the time needed for<br />

your optimum health and wellness.<br />

Do you have ongoing, unresolved medical problems? Do you<br />

feel that you are simply rushed through the system and that your<br />

symptoms and complaints are not really heard, acknowledged or<br />

appreciated? Imagine medical office visits where you can actually<br />

sit down and talk with your physician without feeling rushed. Where<br />

you discuss how stress, diet, sleep deprivation, undernutrition or<br />

other factors may be affecting your various medical problems—and<br />

what we can do about it. Imagine taking the time to discuss the<br />

root causes of your medical conditions and not simply put band<br />

aids or pills on problems. Imagine how unhurried appointments,<br />

frequent phone visits, e-mails and more can save your valuable time<br />

while providing you the medically-guided information so otherwise<br />

impossible to secure. This is not a dream; this is exactly what we're<br />

offering and we do this without billing your health insurance. Most<br />

office visits, services, labs and procedures in the office are covered<br />

by an affordable monthly patient subscription fee.<br />

We combine the best of holistic and allopathic medicine and Dr.<br />

Barley is uniquely qualified to deliver this care. He is certified in<br />

Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine since<br />

1993. He is certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute for<br />

Functional Medicine since 2016. He is an award winning teaching<br />

faculty at Methodist Hospital of Sacramento, Family Medicine<br />

Residency Program since 1996 and is a Mentoring Instructor for the<br />

Institute of Functional<br />

Medicine.<br />

We invite you to call<br />

our office and become<br />

a new patient. Space is<br />

limited and the practice<br />

is near capacity. Please<br />

call our office at 530-<br />

626-8003 and visit our website at www.IntegrativeMedicineInsights.<br />

com. We look forward to joining you on your journey to personalized<br />

primary care.<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 37







2510 Douglas Blvd. Suite 200 // Roseville<br />

916-773-1191<br />

2621 Capitol Ave., Suite B // Sacramento<br />

916-551-1999<br />

hendricksforhealth.com<br />

With so many weight loss businesses<br />

opening and shortly closing their<br />

doors, why, you may ask, is The<br />

Hendricks Method still going strong<br />

for patient’s weight loss and overall health goals for<br />

nearly 30 years?<br />

Because we don’t succumb to anyone else’s pre-set<br />

program and we understand there is no “One Size<br />

Fits All” plan. We help you understand the metabolic<br />

roles foods, supplements, and obesity medications play<br />

in the diet and the best combinations for successful<br />

weight loss, eliminating diabetes, obesity, and other<br />

harmful diseases. After wading through the muck, the<br />

myths, and hearsay, we have learned what works and<br />

what doesn’t for long-term success.<br />

It is not a short-term plan but one that becomes a way<br />

of life, the very way the Hendricks family eats and<br />

lives everyday.<br />

Contact Hendricks For Health today and schedule<br />

a free consultation with one of our experienced<br />

medical practitioners in our Roseville or Midtown<br />

Sac location.<br />




Manuel Doblado, M.D., Sahar Stephens M.D., Michael J. Murray, M.D., Laurie P. Lovely, M.D. and John E. Gould, M.D.<br />

1130 Conroy Ln., #100 // Roseville<br />

1111 Exposition Blvd., #200 // Sacramento<br />

916-773-2229 // NCFMC.com<br />

At Northern California Fertility<br />

Medical Center (NCFMC), our<br />

vision is your future family. If<br />

you are experiencing difficulty<br />

becoming pregnant, we offer a full range<br />

of infertility services including in vitro<br />

fertilization, egg donation, egg freezing,<br />

preimplantation genetic diagnosis, artificial<br />

insemination, gestational surrogacy and<br />

vasectomy reversal. We are proud of our high<br />

success rates and are committed to providing<br />

the highest quality care.<br />

Individualized care from one of our four<br />

board certified reproductive endocrinology<br />

and infertility specialists and one male fertility<br />

specialist is our trademark. You are not alone in<br />

pursuing your dream of a family.<br />

NCFMC has helped create more families than<br />

all other fertility centers in the region. Since<br />

1992, our physicians, Dr. Laurie Lovely, Dr.<br />

John Gould, Dr. Michael Murray, Dr. Manuel<br />

Doblado and Dr. Sahar Stephens have helped<br />

create thousands of families. At NCFMC,<br />

we offer advanced treatments catered to your<br />

specific needs with life changing results.<br />

For more information visit our website at www.<br />

NCFMC.com.<br />

38 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags







1420 Blue Oaks Blvd. Suite 100 // Roseville<br />

916-771-2062 // www.DrAlmonte.com<br />

Dr. Arnold Almonte is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

whose practice is dedicated to cosmetic surgery of the face.<br />

It is his goal to provide the highest quality in patient care,<br />

with a strong emphasis on patient safety. He is a gifted and<br />

compassionate surgeon, as well as a true artist. What sets him apart is<br />

that he is one of the only plastic surgeons who performs facial surgery<br />

completely under local anesthesia. This significantly reduces the risk of<br />

cosmetic surgery, while still keeping you very comfortable.<br />

The Almonte Center offers a wide variety of facial cosmetic<br />

procedures including the A-Lift (Dr. Almonte's signature lower<br />

face and neck lift), Upper and Lower Eyelid surgery, Brow Lifts,<br />

Fat Transfers, Laser Neck Liposuction, Earlobe Repairs and Mole<br />

Removals as well as Renuvion Skin Resurfacing (formerly known<br />

as J-Plasma), which Dr. Almonte has been performing since its<br />

introduction in Northern California. Some of the most popular nonsurgical<br />

treatments include Botox, Dermal Fillers, Micro-Needling,<br />

PRP for Hair Restoration and much more.<br />

Dr. Almonte is a member of the following prestigious organizations:<br />

the American Osteopathic Association, the American College of Osteopathic<br />

Surgeons, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, the Osteopathic Physicians<br />

and Surgeons of California, and the Greater Sacramento Osteopathic Medical<br />

Association. His business affiliations include the Placer Business Network,<br />

the Better Business Bureau, and the Roseville Chamber of Commerce. He has<br />

achieved Top Doctor status on www.realself.com, the World's #1 site<br />

for Cosmetic Surgery reviews.<br />

In his spare time Dr. Almonte enjoys spending time with his wife<br />

and three daughters. His interests include running, hiking, traveling,<br />

cooking, playing the piano, and watching professional sports. His<br />

favorite team is the 49ers.<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 39





Insiyah Darugar, David No, Stacy Williams<br />


192 Blue Ravine Road // Folsom<br />

916-983-3373 // www.norcaldermatology.com<br />

David No, MD, PhD<br />

Dr. David No is a board certified dermatologist. Born<br />

and raised in Southern California, he attended UC<br />

Berkeley and graduated with highest honors with a major<br />

in molecular biology. Following his undergraduate studies, he was<br />

enrolled in the Medical Scientist Training Program at UC San Diego,<br />

ultimately obtaining two doctoral degrees, a PhD in Biomedical<br />

Sciences and a MD. His thesis research focused on the functionality<br />

of the retinoid (Retin A) receptor. After graduation, he performed his<br />

residency training at the combined dermatology residency program<br />

at Harvard Medical School. After completion of his residency, he<br />

returned to his native California to complete a fellowship in laser and<br />

cosmetic dermatology. Following his fellowship, he started his practice<br />

in Folsom, California. Since the onset of his practice, Dr. No has been<br />

committed to treating each of his patients with the most effective care<br />

possible, whether it is for skin cancer or for skin aging. Along with<br />

medical dermatology, Dr. No specializes in cosmetic dermatology<br />

performing the latest procedures including lasers and injectional skin<br />

treatments. Dr. No is married with two sons, and in his free time, he<br />

enjoys exercising, exploring foodie hot spots, and traveling.<br />

Insiyah Darugar, FNP, MSN<br />

Insiyah is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Her role<br />

in dermatology began after being accepted into a prestigious<br />

Dermatology Fellowship Program sponsored by Lahey Clinic and<br />

affiliated with Harvard Medical Dermatology Residency Program.<br />

Insiyah has traveled to 29 countries; ideal trips includes adventure,<br />

nature, and cultural. A few travel highlights have been climbing<br />

Mt.Kilimanjaro coupled with an African safari, trekking the<br />

Salkantay glacier trail to Machu Picchu, and a recent trip to<br />

Morrocco with her husband and 4 year old son. As soon as she feels<br />

her son is ready, she would love to introduce him to trekking trips.<br />

Stacy Williams, MPAS, PA-C<br />

Stacy graduated from the Jefferson College of Health Sciences<br />

Physician Assistant Program and went on to earn her Masters of<br />

Physician Assistant studies from the University of Nebraska. Stacy<br />

completed additional dermatology training within the Society of<br />

Dermatology Physicians Assistants and attends annual<br />

dermatology programs to stay abreast of current trends.<br />

Outside of work, Stacy stays busy with her husband,<br />

children and enjoying the outdoors. She is an avid foodie,<br />

and welcomes any great restaurant recommendations from<br />

her patients.<br />

40 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags






9285 Sierra College Blvd. // Roseville<br />

916-784-3376 (DERM)<br />

placerdermatology.com<br />

Dr. Artur Henke, a board certified dermatologist,<br />

has extensive experience in medical, surgical,<br />

and cosmetic dermatology. He trained at UC<br />

Davis Medical Center, where he was Chief<br />

Resident. Dr. Henke has been a Northern California<br />

resident for 35 years. In 2008, he realized his dream of<br />

building Placer Dermatology & Skin Care Center, a state<br />

of the art dermatology practice in Roseville, California.<br />

Dr. Henke volunteers as Assistant Clinical Professor at UC<br />

Davis, and is an active member of several medical societies,<br />

including the American Academy of Dermatology.<br />

Dr. Henke specializes in the recognition and management<br />

of all types of skin cancer including melanoma, as well as,<br />

pre-cancers, benign skin growths, acne, skin infections,<br />

and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Dr. Henke<br />

performs surgery on all areas of the body and offers<br />

cosmetic procedures such as Botox. By addressing your skin<br />

condition in a timely and expert manner, Dr. Henke can<br />

alleviate many symptoms and prevent complications. Dr.<br />

Henke looks forward to providing you with his expert care<br />

while addressing your entire family’s dermatologic needs in<br />

a comfortable and friendly environment.<br />

Dr. Henke and his wife, along with their two children<br />

are active members of the community and enjoy living in<br />

the area. Thank you for voting Dr. Henke as one of the<br />

Best Dermatologists for eight years in a row and as a Best<br />

Medical Practice for the 2nd year in a row!<br />





508 Gibson Dr., Ste 290 // Roseville<br />

916-781-4300<br />

bogardhealth.com<br />

Dr. Bogard has a long history in the health<br />

field. From an RN to a nurse anesthetist<br />

to an anesthesiologist, she spent almost<br />

40 years in the operating room. She was<br />

exposed to critical care, trauma, obstetrics, lots of on<br />

call hours and sleepless nights. As she entered her 50's<br />

she found her own health starting to decline and sought<br />

out a healthy aging physician. After experiencing the<br />

benefits she sought out the fellowship of regenerative<br />

and healthy aging through the American Academy of<br />

Anti-Aging Medicine.<br />

She opened an office in 2014 and continues to grow<br />

and expand her knowledge into this evolving field of<br />

medicine. Rather than prescribing medications and<br />

bandaging diseases she looks for the "root causes" and<br />

integrates each system in the body together. She also<br />

looks at environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors<br />

which result in "dis-ease". Her continued and expanding<br />

practice utilizes bioidentical hormone replacement,<br />

thyroid and adrenal optimization, GI healing, testing for<br />

heavy metals and IV nutrition and chelation, advanced<br />

lipid testing, and advanced blood sugar testing.<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 41






1535 Eureka Rd. // Roseville<br />

916-773-3376<br />

granitebaydermatology.com<br />

Granite Bay Dermatology and<br />

Laser Center is a broadbased<br />

dermatology practice<br />

which encompasses all skin<br />

related issues including the diagnosis<br />

and treatment of medical conditions of<br />

the skin, surgical dermatology, cosmetic<br />

dermatology, and laser surgery. We are<br />

dedicated to providing our patients with a<br />

lifetime of healthy and beautiful skin.<br />

Dr. Hearth is a board-certified<br />

dermatologist who is trained to treat all<br />

medical skin conditions. Additionally,<br />

Dr. Hearth is an expert in cosmetic<br />

dermatology and laser surgery, having the<br />

distinction of completing a fellowship in<br />

these fields at UC San Francisco Medical<br />

Center. He has also been on clinical<br />

faculty in the departments of dermatology<br />

at Vanderbilt University and UCSF<br />

medical centers. As a result, Dr. Hearth<br />

has the unique training and expertise to<br />

superbly care for all of your skin’s needs.<br />

In his spare time, Dr. Hearth enjoys<br />

traveling and spending time with family<br />

and friends.<br />


230 Blue Ravine Road // Folsom<br />

254 Gibson Drive // Roseville<br />

916-351-9355 // revolutionsdocs.com<br />


We appreciate all of the referrals over the last 9<br />

years and we are very proud to have earned<br />

your votes for; #2 Best Doctor in Folsom,<br />

Michele Raithel, ND, #2 Best Medical Practice<br />

in Folsom and El Dorado Hills, and #2 Best Medical Practice in<br />

Roseville and Granite Bay. We don't answer to your insurance<br />

company, we answer to you. With a set hourly billing rate, you<br />

can choose whether to get right to the point or to delve into the<br />

details of your diagnosis and treatment plans. Our doctors<br />

explain how your body works so you can make the choices to<br />

achieve your health goals. We are experts in natural medicine<br />

and how it can complement or interfere with pharmaceutical<br />

medicines. We have many more tools to treat disease and<br />

maximize wellness from nutrition and exercise, to supplements<br />

and botanical medicines, to intravenous and pharmaceutical<br />

medicines. Our toolbox is much bigger to help you achieve your<br />

health goals. We use the latest in modern laboratory testing from<br />

nutritional testing to genetic variants and we are experts in<br />

preventive medicine. We won't wait until your lab values fall out<br />

of the reference range. Making changes earlier can mean all the<br />

difference to achieving your health goals. We believe in a lasting<br />

doctor-patient relationship that inspires you to take charge of<br />

your health. If you are you ready to be in charge of your own<br />

health, give us a call at 916-351-9355 to get started.<br />

42 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags






1641 Creekside Dr., Ste 100 // Folsom // 916-984-4242 // nuancecs.com<br />

Dr. Ken Sumida and the staff at Nuance Cosmetic<br />

Surgery aim to improve your natural appearance and<br />

reverse some signs of aging. Nuance offers surgical and<br />

non-surgical procedures, including face lifts, eyelid lifts,<br />

breast enhancements and tummy tucks, Dysport, restylane, and<br />

chemical peels. If you’re not sure if cosmetic surgery is for you,<br />

Dr. Sumida offers complimentary cosmetic consultations allowing<br />

patients to explore the various methods of looking younger. Dr.<br />

Sumida encourages first time patients to seek out a number of<br />

plastic surgeons so they can find the one where they feel most<br />

comfortable. Dr. Sumida guarantees personal attention to all of<br />

his patients. “From the time you pick up the phone to schedule<br />

an appointment, you will be treated like a precious patient,” he<br />

says. “We try to schedule our patients with ample time for their<br />

consultations. We want to answer all of their questions so that they<br />

do not feel rushed.” Give Dr. Sumida and Nuance a call today!<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 43

Arts & Entertainment<br />

Plus<br />

25+ THINGS TO DO<br />




Can’t Take My Eyes<br />

Off You!<br />

They were just four guys from<br />

Jersey, until they sang their very<br />

first note. They had a sound<br />

nobody had ever heard before<br />

but while their harmonies were<br />

perfect on stage, off stage it was<br />

a different story. Go behind<br />

the music and inside the story<br />

of Frankie Valli and the Four<br />

Seasons in this Tony Awardwinning,<br />

true life musical.<br />

Jersey Boys<br />

<strong>January</strong> 22-26<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

Photo by Joan Marcus.<br />

44 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

*Restrictions may apply.<br />

Please call for details.<br />

<strong>2019</strong> MMTIP LLC<br />

All rights reserved.

| arts & entertainment |<br />

Wild and Scenic Film Festival<br />

1<br />


<strong>January</strong> is National Hot Tea Month<br />


By Ashleigh Gruenwald and Alyssa Mielke<br />

Folsom Historic District’s<br />

Magical Ice Rink. Lace up your<br />

skates and indulge in some<br />

nostalgic winter fun with family<br />

and friends at this seasonal ice<br />

rink. Open daily from 10 a.m. to<br />

9:30 p.m. folsomicerink.com<br />

(THROUGH 21)<br />

Tibetan Monks of Gaden<br />

Shartse. Five Tibetan monks<br />

of Gaden Shartse Monastery<br />

return to El Dorado County<br />

for two weeks of colorful<br />

events, including workshops,<br />

ceremonies, talks on the culture<br />

and history of Tibet and Tibetan<br />

Buddhism, and daily work on a<br />

“sand mandala”—an exquisite<br />

symbolic "painting" made by the<br />

monks using colored grains of<br />

sand. facebook.com/pvilletibet<br />

(THROUGH 12)<br />

5 New Year’s Duathlon and 5K<br />

Run/Walk. Compete in Total<br />

Body Fitness’ two-mile foot and<br />

6.5-mile bike race or 5K run/walk<br />

beginning and ending at Granite<br />

Beach at Folsom Lake. Proceeds<br />

support Maria & Joseph’s Ministry<br />

for the Poor. The 5K starts at 8<br />

a.m., and the duathlon starts at<br />

9 a.m. totalbodyfitness.com/site/<br />

race/ny-duathlon-<strong>2019</strong><br />

Mosaic Mural Workshop for<br />

Women Veterans. Blue Line Arts<br />

invites all women veterans to<br />

create a lasting, public mosaic<br />

mural as a group. Local mosaic<br />

artist Jennifer McGuire leads the<br />



1 New Year’s Day<br />

21 Martin Luther<br />

King Jr. Day<br />

free two-day workshop from 10<br />

a.m. to 3 p.m. both days. Female<br />

veterans are welcome to sign up<br />

for each workshop in the threepart<br />

series. bluelinearts.org/<br />

event/mosaic-mural-workshopfor-women-veterans<br />

(THROUGH 6; ALSO 12-13 & 19-20)<br />

New Year's Duathlon and 5K Run/Walk<br />

Wild and Scenic Film Festival photo by Josh Miller Photography. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organzations.<br />

46 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| arts & entertainment |<br />

Cronan Ranch Hike. Donna<br />

Orth is leading this 10.7-mile,<br />

moderately trafficked out-andback<br />

hike along the West Ridge<br />

Trail to Satan's Cesspool. Wellbehaved,<br />

fit dogs on leashes<br />

are welcome. Contact American<br />

River Conservancy to sign up<br />

and for the meeting location<br />

(Pilot Hill area). arconservancy.<br />

org/events<br />

13<br />

An Evening with<br />

Branford<br />

Marsalis. Don’t<br />

miss this<br />

performance<br />

6 Fox Whole Family Foundation<br />

Bowling Classic. Sacramento<br />

Kings’ point guard De’Aaron Fox<br />

and his teammates are hosting<br />

a fundraiser in honor of his<br />

mother, a breast cancer survivor,<br />

at Strikes Unlimited in Rocklin.<br />

Check in begins at 3 p.m.;<br />

event fee includes two hours of<br />

bowling, a T-shirt, goody bag,<br />

group photo, and refreshments.<br />

foxwholefamilyfoundationbowl.<br />

com<br />

10 Kids Helping Kids Presents<br />

Signature Gala Concert and<br />

Silent Auction. This annual<br />

event includes a musical<br />

performance by Ben Rector<br />

and a premium silent auction.<br />

All proceeds benefit Kids<br />

Helping Kids, a local nonprofit<br />

that’s entirely run by high<br />

school juniors and seniors<br />

and dedicated to investing in<br />

the lives of children in need.<br />

The silent auction begins at 6<br />

p.m. and the concert at 7 p.m.<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

11 Keyboard Conversations<br />

with Jeffery Siegel. Head to<br />

the Harris Center at 7:30 p.m.<br />

for a unique performance by<br />

internationally acclaimed pianist<br />

Jeffery Siegel, who leads an<br />

engaging conversation about<br />

music as he performs, ultimately<br />

enriching the listening<br />

experience. harriscenter.net<br />

12 Dream BIGGER Vision Board<br />

Party. Equipping U 4 Excellence<br />

is hosting this party, where all<br />

women 18 years and older are<br />

invited to set goals and craft<br />

a vision board for a successful<br />

<strong>2019</strong>. The registration fee<br />

helps purchase school supplies<br />

for local classrooms and<br />

Fox Whole Family Foundation Bowling Classic<br />

includes refreshments, a vision<br />

board, materials, and a goody<br />

bag. Meet at 706 Atlantic<br />

Street in Roseville at 10 a.m.<br />

equippingufully.com/events<br />

The Magpie Salute with The<br />

Stone Foxes. This exciting new<br />

band brings Rich Robinson,<br />

the guitarist and co-founding<br />

member of The Black Crowes,<br />

together with two key<br />

members of Crowes fame—<br />

guitarist Marc Ford and bassist<br />

Sven Pipien—alongside<br />

drummer Joe Magistro,<br />

keyboardist Matt<br />

Slocum, and lead<br />

singer John Hogg for<br />

a jam-filled concert<br />

at the Harris Center.<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

The Magpie Salute with The Stone Foxes<br />

by jazz<br />

great and<br />

saxophonist<br />

Branford Marsalis—<br />

who has toured with Sting,<br />

collaborated with the Grateful<br />

Dead and Bruce Hornsby,<br />

served as musical director of<br />

The Tonight Show, and hosted<br />

NPR's Jazz Set—alongside<br />

pianist Joey Calderazzo, bassist<br />

Eric Revis, and drummer Justin<br />

Faulkner. harriscenter.net<br />

15<br />

An Evening with David<br />

Sedaris. With sardonic<br />

wit and incisive<br />

social critiques,<br />

David Sedaris<br />

has become<br />

one of America’s<br />

preeminent humor<br />

writers. He’s the<br />

master of satire and one<br />

of today’s most observant<br />

writers addressing the human<br />

condition, especially apparent<br />

in his latest book Calypso.<br />

Listen to him live at the Harris<br />

Center at 7:30 p.m. harriscenter.<br />

net<br />

17<br />

Wild and Scenic Film<br />

Festival. Don’t miss over 100<br />

environmental and activist<br />

film screenings—including 10<br />

world premieres—along with<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organzations.<br />

48 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Art and Wine with Something MORE<br />

DINING<br />





activist workshops, music, art, and opportunities to meet filmmakers<br />

and special guests throughout historic Nevada City and Grass Valley.<br />

wildandscenicfilmfestival.org<br />

(THROUGH 21)<br />

18 Unleashed. This two-day conference connects high school and middle<br />

school students from all over Northern California to learn with each other,<br />

worship, and find God’s unique calling at Thrive Bayside at 4 p.m. Friday<br />

and 7:30 a.m. Saturday. The event is geared toward inspiring students to<br />

unleash compassion where there is suffering and kindness where there is<br />

selfishness. thriveconference.org/unleashed<br />

(THROUGH 19)<br />

The Wizard of Oz. The entire family will be<br />

captivated as they travel down the Yellow<br />

Brick Road and beyond with Dorothy, Toto,<br />

and their friends the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man,<br />

and Scarecrow in this lavish production<br />

featuring breathtaking special effects, dazzling<br />

choreography, and classic songs. Show times vary.<br />

harriscenter.net<br />

(THROUGH 20)<br />


Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organzations.<br />

19 Folsom Lake Lions Club Crab Feed. Head to the Folsom Community<br />

Center at 6 p.m. and enjoy cracked crab, shrimp, salad, pasta, bread,<br />

dessert, and no-host cocktails. Proceeds support the club’s various<br />

causes, including Folsom Vision Project and the Folsom Public Library.<br />

folsomlionscrabfeed.com<br />

Coconut Club. Oak Ridge High School Music Boosters is hosting their annual<br />

dinner and auctions (silent and live) from 7-10 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.) at<br />

Holy Trinity Parish where guests will spend an elegant evening taking a step<br />

back in time to a 1940s nightclub. oakridgemusic.org<br />

Art and Wine with Something MORE. From 6-9 p.m. in the main building at<br />

the El Dorado County Fairgrounds, Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises<br />

(MORE) invites you to enjoy some of the best local art, food, wine, and<br />

microbrews, plus raffles and auctions. Proceeds benefit adults with<br />

developmental disabilities. morerehab.org/events<br />

NOW OPEN<br />

Osteria Moto<br />

Burgerim<br />

Evergreen Home Loans<br />


Panda Express<br />

ThinCI, Inc.<br />



JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 49

| arts & entertainment |<br />

are allowed. Start time is 10 a.m.<br />

totalbodyfitness.com/site/race/<br />

dirty-duathlon-<strong>2019</strong><br />

Folsom Jazz Festival. Don’t miss<br />

the largest jazz competition<br />

in California, where over 100<br />

middle school and high school<br />

jazz bands, vocal jazz choirs, and<br />

jazz combos from California and<br />

Nevada compete at Folsom High<br />

School and Rolling Hills Church.<br />

folsommusic.org<br />

Gold Discovery Day. From 10<br />

a.m. to 2 p.m., celebrate Marshall<br />

Gold Discovery State Historic<br />

Park with interactive activities,<br />

gold panning, guest speakers,<br />

Junie B. Jones The Musical.<br />

Everyone’s favorite “almost sixyear-old”<br />

has a lot of change<br />

going on: She’s starting first<br />

grade, her best friend doesn’t<br />

want to be her best friend<br />

anymore, she makes a new<br />

friend named Herb, and she may<br />

need glasses. Show times vary.<br />

rosevilletheatreartsacademy.<br />

com<br />

(THROUGH 27)<br />

21<br />

March<br />

for the<br />

Dream.<br />

Celebrate<br />

diversity<br />

and honor Martin Luther King<br />

Jr.’s work on the national holiday<br />

named after him. The 4.6-<br />

mile walk to the Sacramento<br />

Convention Center sends the<br />

message that “hope lives.” Meet<br />

at Sacramento City College’s<br />

Hughes Stadium before the<br />

march starts at 9:15 a.m., and<br />

then stay for the Diversity Expo<br />

with music, spoken word, and<br />

more. marchforthedream.org<br />

22<br />

Jersey Boys. They were<br />

just four guys from<br />

Jersey, until they sang<br />

their very first note. They had a<br />

sound nobody had ever heard<br />

Tap Into a Cold One<br />

before but while their harmonies<br />

were perfect on stage, off<br />

stage it was a different story.<br />

Go behind the music and<br />

inside the story of Frankie Valli<br />

and the Four Seasons in this<br />

Tony Award-winning, true life<br />

musical. harriscenter.net<br />

(ALSO 23-26)<br />

26<br />

Dirty Duathlon. Participate in<br />

this run-bike-run (two-mile run,<br />

six-mile bike ride, and two-mile<br />

run) along Folsom’s scenic trails.<br />

Each athlete will get a Total<br />

Body Fitness racing beanie,<br />

athlete goodie bag, post-race<br />

meal, and massage. Relay teams<br />

of one cyclist and one runner<br />

and live music at this annual<br />

commemoration of the discovery<br />

of gold. visit-eldorado.com/event/<br />

gold-discovery-day<br />

Tap Into a Cold One. This kick-off<br />

to Folsom Beer Week from 4-7<br />

p.m. at the Palladio at Broadstone<br />

includes unlimited tastings from<br />

40-plus breweries, fire pits, food<br />

trucks, and a DJ. tapfolsom.com<br />

27<br />

All Abilities Party. iFLY in<br />

Roseville is offering a unique<br />

program custom-designed for<br />

those with physical and cognitive<br />

challenges to experience the<br />

dream of flight from 4-7 p.m. The<br />

fee includes a training session,<br />

flight gear, two flights, a digital<br />

video, and assistance by trained<br />

instructors. 916-836-4359<br />

Marshall Gold<br />

Discovery Day<br />


9 A Chocolate Affair. Celebrating their 21st anniversary, Soroptimist<br />

International of Placerville is presenting a fun-filled evening of wine,<br />

beer, and chocolate tasting from 6-9:30 p.m. at the El Dorado County<br />

Fairgrounds. Proceeds benefit local educational scholarships, awards, and<br />

other community service projects. chocolate-affair.com<br />

16 Diamonds and Pearls White Night. The Purple Dove is hosting its<br />

second annual fundraising gala to raise awareness of opioid dependency<br />

and the need for rehabilitation facilities. Funds raised at The Falls Event<br />

Center in Roseville will go toward operating expenses of the Purple Dove<br />

Opioid Treatment Center. The show by Prince tribute band, When Doves<br />

Cry, starts at 8 p.m. thepurpledove.com/events<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organzations.<br />

50 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore.<br />

Leave your everyday worries behind.<br />

Enjoy our <strong>January</strong> Spa Sampler<br />

to kick off a healthier you for<br />

the new year!<br />

Sampler includes the following 25-minute<br />

treatments for $118 ($150 regular price):<br />

• Deep Cleansing Facial<br />

• Rejuvenation Focus Massage<br />

• Healthy Express Manicure<br />

Children’s Play Center available • Open to general public • Club members receive preferred spa pricing<br />

916.933.8905<br />

www.asantespaedh.com • 530 Post Court • El Dorado Hills<br />

Specials must be booked and received between 1/1/19 through 1/31/18. Valid Monday thru Friday only. Not valid on Nail Services. Specials cannot be combined with any other special or discount and please mention the special<br />

at the time of booking. Additional restrictions may apply.




FRI–SUN FEB 15–17<br />

Kinky Boots is Broadway’s huge-hearted, high-heeled hit! With songs by<br />

Grammy ® and Tony ® Award-winning pop icon Cyndi Lauper, this joyous<br />

musical celebration is about the friendships we discover, and the belief that<br />

you can change the world when you change your mind. Inspired by true events,<br />

Kinky Boots takes you from a gentlemen’s shoe factory in Northampton to the<br />

glamorous catwalks of Milan.<br />

EVITA<br />


THU–SAT FEB 21–23<br />

Eva Peron enthralled a nation and enchanted the world. Her story unfolds<br />

in Evita, the Tony ® Award-winning Best Musical, a high flying theatrical<br />

experience adored the world over. From the geniuses behind Jesus Christ<br />

Superstar and Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Evita captures<br />

musical gold with its Grammy ® Award-winning score combining Latin music,<br />

pop, jazz and musical theatre styles.<br />



THU-SUN MAR 21–24<br />

The Tony ® Award-winning Best Musical, Monty Python’s Spamalot, begins its<br />

search for the Holy Grail in the Fall of 2018. This outrageous musical comedy<br />

is lovingly ripped off from the film classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail with a<br />

book by Eric Idle and music and lyrics by the Grammy ® Award-winning team of<br />

Mr. Idle and John Du Prez, Spamalot tells the tale of King Arthur and his Knights<br />

of the Round Table as they embark on their quest for the Holy Grail. Flying cows,<br />

killer rabbits, taunting Frenchmen, and show-stopping musical numbers are<br />

just a few of the reasons audiences worldwide are eating up Spamalot!<br />


FRI-SUN APR 5–7<br />

OMG! Based on the beloved movie, Legally Blonde–The Musical is a journey from<br />

the sorority house to the halls of justice. Elle Woods appears to have it all, until<br />

her boyfriend dumps her to attend Harvard Law. Determined to get him back,<br />

Elle uses her ingenuity and charm to get into Harvard too, tackling stereotypes,<br />

snobbery and scandal along the way. Driven by memorable songs and explosive<br />

dances. Legally Blonde - The Musical warms the heart, “a high-energy… hymn to<br />

the glories of girlishness” (New York Times)<br />

916-608-6888<br />


| arts & entertainment |<br />

Spotlight on<br />

Laura<br />

Harling<br />


Photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 53

| arts & entertainment |<br />

HLB: You've had quite the professional<br />

background. How did you discover your<br />

artistic calling?<br />

LH: I started out making mud sculptures as<br />

a child and have sculpted in many mediums<br />

since. After getting a degree in fine art and a<br />

teaching credential from Sacramento State, I<br />

honed my skills using a variety of techniques<br />

and materials. My various jobs—blackjack<br />

dealer, high-rise window cleaner, janitor, clerk,<br />

dispatcher, and teacher for the California<br />

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation—<br />

allowed me to meet many different kinds of<br />

people and offered inspiration for my art.<br />

High Speed Jerry<br />

HLB: What is it about sculpting that captures<br />

your interest most?<br />

LH: I love working with my hands, the 3D<br />

nature of the medium, and how you can walk<br />

around a sculpture.<br />

Award-winning sculptor Laura Harling specializes in works<br />

of political and social satire. Using a variety of materials—<br />

toothpicks, broom straw, coat hangers, and even human<br />

hair—she creates prominent figures of government officials, current and<br />

past presidents, and famous icons like Elvis, Princess Diana, and Oprah<br />

Winfrey. The artist gains inspiration for her intricate sculptures from a<br />

lifelong interest in news and politics, as well as a varied work history.<br />

Growing up in nearby Woodland, Harling has called El Dorado Hills home<br />

for the past 42 years and loves the area’s natural beauty and thriving art<br />

culture. Her words of wisdom for aspiring artists? “Just do it, keep doing<br />

it, and have fun.”<br />

(above left) The Goddess Martha<br />

(above right) The Huge Surprise<br />

(right) Gavin Takes a Selfie<br />

HLB: What political and social change<br />

or conversation do you hope your work<br />

contributes to?<br />

LH: My parents were involved in politics and<br />

got me interested. As a state janitor, I cleaned<br />

Governor Jerry Brown’s apartment. Observing<br />

his ascetic lifestyle inspired me to create my<br />

first political sculpture. I like to hope that my<br />

sculptures make people stop and think about<br />

our society and the way we treat each other and<br />

the environment.<br />

HLB: In your opinion, why is art so valuable<br />

and necessary, especially in today’s world?<br />

LH: Americans today seem to have very rigidly<br />

defined mindsets. I believe art can help people<br />

be more open-minded and make them feel<br />

better. When people feel better, they act better.<br />

HLB: How do you overcome artist’s block?<br />

LH: I watch the news, visit art galleries and<br />

museums, and travel.<br />

HLB: What is one of your favorite pieces and<br />

why?<br />

LH: I’ve refined my techniques over the years<br />

and seem to like the most recent one the<br />

best—Gavin Takes a Selfie. I’m also fond of my<br />

sculptures of Jerry Brown. Overall, I like the<br />

pieces that make me smile.<br />

HLB: What’s in store for the future?<br />

LH: I want to continue sculpting for as long as I<br />

can and have a show for all of my 50-plus pieces.<br />

lauraharling.com<br />

Top three photos by Dante Fontana. Bottom three artwork images courtesy of Laura Harling.<br />

54 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags


| keep it local |<br />

SWAG<br />

FRESH<br />

10<br />






Oxygen Pillow, $145 at European Sleep<br />

Design, 6660 Folsom-Auburn Road, Suite 5,<br />

Folsom. 916-989-8909, sleepdesign.com<br />

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

56 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags



Bucket Boss Rear Guard Tool<br />

Sheath, $14.98 at Bushnell<br />

Gardens Nursery, 5255 Douglas<br />

Boulevard, Granite Bay. 916-791-<br />

4199, bushnellgardens.com<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />



HEALTH<br />

Food. Exercise. Sleep. Journal.<br />

from kikki.K, $14.95 at Paper<br />

Source, 1198 Roseville Parkway,<br />

Suite 150, Roseville. 916-789-<br />

1950, papersource.com<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 57

| keep it local |<br />


PetSafe Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly Dog Toy,<br />

$6.88 at Togs for Dogs and Cats Too!, 330 Green<br />

Valley Road, El Dorado Hills. 916-939-3884,<br />

togsfordogsandcatstoo.com<br />


Blue Q Coin Purse, $5 each at Panic & Swoon<br />

General Store, 430 Main Street, Placerville. 530-<br />

303-8175. panicandswoon.co<br />



Drop-In Art Studio, $7.50 per person,<br />

per hour at ReCreate, 8417 Washington<br />

Boulevard, Suite 135, Roseville. 916-749-3717<br />

recreate.org<br />


Volunteer at Placer SPCA’s Adoption & Education<br />

Center, $25 (includes mandatory volunteer<br />

orientation class, T-shirt, name badge, and training<br />

materials), 200 Tahoe Avenue, Roseville. 916-872-<br />

6174, placerspca.org/volunteer-home/volunteer<br />

Note: Orientation classes are on <strong>January</strong> 3 & 5.<br />



Fly Me to the Moon<br />

Manicure, $30 (includes<br />

nail shaping, cuticle<br />

grooming, hand mask, hot<br />

towel wrap, sugar scrub,<br />

hand massage, paraffin<br />

hot wax, and choice of<br />

polish) at Mimi’s Nails,<br />

199 Blue Ravine Road,<br />

Folsom. 916-467-7796,<br />

cometomiminails.com<br />

Release Your Inner Artist photo ©Дарья Колпакова - stock.adobe.com. Give Back photo ©miguelsango - stock.adobe.com. Treat Yourself photo<br />

©efetova - stock.adobe.com. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

58 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Your Skin Matters!<br />




Sage and Palo Santo Smudging<br />

Kits, $19-$29 (sizes and colors<br />

vary) at Serenity Spa | Soul<br />

Yoga, 3984 Douglas Boulevard,<br />

Suite 150, Roseville, 916-797-<br />

8550; 350 Palladio Parkway,<br />

Suite 1975, Folsom, 916-542-7363,<br />

serenityspaonline.com<br />

Rosacea Long term results Psoriasis Acne<br />

of clay facial for<br />

Anti-Aging<br />

(8 treatments)<br />

free consultation<br />

(18 years usage)<br />

CALL TODAY: 916.988.4973<br />

All natural clay facials can be used on all skin types and can be used<br />

by radiation and chemotherapy patients with beautiful and therapeutic results!<br />

the<br />


Tigers ‘ Eye<br />

—Nearly All Insurance Accepted—<br />

skin care<br />

8016 Folsom-Auburn Rd., Folsom<br />

www.tigerseyeskincare.com<br />

916.988.4973<br />

Owner,<br />

Myriam Liberman<br />

TTE-<strong>Style</strong>-0119-X6.indd 1<br />

12/18/18 10:49 AM<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />



Adulting: How to Become a<br />

Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish)<br />

Steps by Kelly Williams Brown,<br />

$15.99 at Face in a Book, 4359<br />

Town Center Boulevard, Suite<br />

113, El Dorado Hills. 916-941-9401,<br />

getyourfaceinabook.com<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 59

| keep it local |<br />

Introducing<br />



Chef Stephanie<br />

ORANGEVALE, 415-810-2433, CHEF-<br />


[Stephanie Hibbert]<br />


Personal chef services, private dinner<br />

parties, and custom weekly meal plans.<br />


PROFESSION: Besides the joy of feeding<br />

people, I love helping my clients create the<br />

space to make memories in.<br />


“no-drama policy.”<br />

FIRST JOB: McDonalds—the beginning of my<br />

culinary journey.<br />

FAVORITE FOOD: Peak-of-season heirloom<br />

tomatoes.<br />

LAST BIG PURCHASE: A beautiful house<br />

in Orangevale with an awesome woodsy<br />

backyard.<br />


Hiking, swimming, at the farmers’ market, or<br />

attending a Giants game.<br />

I LOVE LIVING HERE, BECAUSE: I’m close to<br />

amazing farms that provide the ingredients<br />

for my menus, and the friendly people!<br />

60 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

We understand women.<br />

From adolescence<br />

through the child<br />

bearing years,<br />

menopause and beyond,<br />

your health needs are<br />

ever changing.<br />

Gynecology Services<br />

Obstetric Care<br />

Baby Friendly ®<br />

Designated Birth Center<br />

da Vinci Robotic-<br />

Assisted Surgery<br />

Outpatient Hysterectomy<br />

Procedures<br />

Christine Cambridge, MD<br />

Robert Carter, MD<br />

Michele Cherry, DO<br />

Timna Hughes, MD<br />

Kenneth Nelson, MD<br />

Evgenia Polosina, MD<br />

Kate Sullivan, FNP<br />

Alicia Tobin Williams, MD<br />

www.marshalldoctors.org<br />


530-672-7060<br />



| keep it local |<br />

Joy Arnold<br />


CAMERON PARK, 916-380-2599,<br />


[Joy Arnold]<br />


Yoga classes, private therapeutic<br />

yoga, yoga nidra, workshops, reiki,<br />

holistic nutrition, and health coaching.<br />

I also offer an online studio where<br />

members have access to a vast library<br />

of classes, meditations, short videos<br />

on nutrition, and more.<br />


YOUR PROFESSION: Being a part of<br />

someone’s healing journey. It's an<br />

honor to witness!<br />


call my space my “stoffice” because<br />

it's part office, part studio.<br />

FIRST JOB: Receptionist at a hair salon<br />

in Cupertino. I was there for nine<br />

years.<br />

FAVORITE FOOD: Dark chocolate.<br />

LAST BIG PURCHASE: Furniture and<br />

equipment for my stoffice.<br />


FIND ME: Outside or playing with my<br />

four dogs.<br />


beautiful!<br />

Moss Hair Salon + Spa<br />

4067 CAVITT STALLMAN ROAD, SUITE 100, GRANITE BAY, 916-918-8018,<br />


[Kabra Steinberg]<br />

SERVICES OR PRODUCTS YOU OFFER: We’re a luxury salon, spa, and dry<br />

bar that offers cuts, color, and extensions, as well as skin care treatments,<br />

microblading, lash extensions, waxing, and custom airbrush tanning. We not<br />

only carry UNITE but are one of 15 salons in the state to carry Virtue Labs.<br />


encouraging women through the confidence that good hair gives.<br />

FUN FACT ABOUT YOUR COMPANY: My husband and I built the space,<br />

literally, with our two hands in three months (after about a decade of me<br />

dreaming about it); also Moss is my maiden name—I don’t just have a plant<br />

affinity.<br />

FIRST JOB: In-N-Out Burger, and I still eat there weekly!<br />

LAST BIG PURCHASE: This salon. We opened a few months ago and fully<br />

funded it ourselves.<br />

WHEN I’M NOT WORKING, YOU CAN FIND ME: At Life Time Athletic—letting<br />

my two toddlers get their wiggles out while momma has some me time.<br />

I LOVE LIVING HERE, BECAUSE: It’s so family-focused. The community and<br />

support around children are mind-blowing; being so close to Tahoe doesn’t<br />

hurt either.<br />

62 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />


In fact, our Introducing and Eat & Drink section reviews are not paid advertisements. If you’d like your business<br />

profiled, please email Megan Wiskus at megan@stylemg.com. Once we determine when your business will be<br />

featured, we will contact you to schedule a time to come out and take a photograph. Thank you!

M usic<br />

Institute<br />

We<br />

Teach<br />

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Mind<br />

Matters<br />

7 Mental Health Myths<br />


One in five Americans experience a diagnosable mental health<br />

problem every year, according to the National Alliance on Mental<br />

Illness (NAMI). But, according to Dr. Stephanie Parmely, a psychologist<br />

at Mercy Medical Group in Folsom, “You can’t always tell if someone has a mental<br />

illness just by looking at them. In fact, it’s surprising to know how many people<br />

[struggle with it].” And though it’s more common than you think, mental illness<br />

is still stigmatized in today’s culture. With the help of local<br />

experts, we’ve cleared up some of the most common<br />

misconceptions.<br />

MYTH 1 People with a mental illness are<br />

typically violent.<br />

The truth is that people with a mental illness are more<br />

likely to be victims of violence than to perpetrate<br />

violence, says Othman Alami, MD, a psychiatrist at<br />

Kaiser Permanente in Roseville. “Studies have shown<br />

that people with severe mental illnesses are more than<br />

10 times at risk of being victims of violent crimes than<br />

the general population,” he says. Only three to five<br />

percent of violent acts can be attributed to people with<br />

a serious mental illness. The media perpetrates this<br />

misconception, because psychiatric patients are often<br />

portrayed as incompetent, dangerous, and impulsive.<br />

MYTH 2 Those with mental illness are<br />

unable to work.<br />

Some patients with psychiatric<br />

disabilities may require some<br />

accommodations but only a small<br />

minority are completely unable<br />

to work. In fact, most individuals<br />

with psychiatric conditions can<br />

and do work effectively, Dr. Alami<br />

says. “Working can be therapeutic in<br />

that it provides the person with the<br />

opportunity to feel like they’re an<br />

active member of society by making<br />

a difference in the lives of others and<br />

generating an income,” he says.<br />

MYTH 3 Addiction is not a real illness.<br />

Addiction is as much of an<br />

illness as type 2 diabetes or asthma, Dr. Parmely says.<br />

“These diseases share a genetic component and an<br />

environmental/lifestyle component,” she says. “The<br />

earlier a person starts using a substance, the more likely<br />

they are to have an addiction.”<br />

MYTH 4 Depression is just feeling sad,<br />

and it will pass on its own.<br />

Sadness is one of the symptoms of depression, but<br />

they’re not the same thing, says Amy Barnhorst, MD, vice<br />

chair of community mental health in the Department<br />

of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UC Davis, and<br />

medical director of the Sacramento County Mental<br />

Health Treatment. “Sadness is a normal human emotion<br />

and usually subsides with time,” she says. “Depression<br />

includes having a sad mood for weeks, along with<br />

changes in sleep and appetite, loss of ability to feel<br />

pleasure, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness,<br />

and sometimes thoughts of suicide.” Depression can<br />

start out as sadness in response to a loss or a difficult<br />

time, but it can affect a person’s ability to function<br />

in their everyday life. “If you start to feel like you can<br />

barely get out of bed for days at a time, you’re unable to<br />

Photo ©Choat - stock.adobe.com.<br />

64 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

get your work done, nothing seems enjoyable, or you don’t want to live<br />

anymore, these are signs of something more serious than sadness,” she<br />

says.<br />

Photo ©freshidea - stock.adobe.com.<br />

LOCAL<br />


Hope Counseling Center,<br />

100 Iron Point Circle, Suite<br />

134, Folsom; 1528 Eureka<br />

Road, Suite 101, Roseville,<br />

916-780-1059, hopecounselingcenter.org<br />

NAMI El Dorado<br />

County, PO Box 393, El<br />

Dorado, 530-306-4101,<br />

namieldoradocounty.org<br />

NAMI Placer County, PO<br />

Box 7706, Auburn, 916-554-<br />

0554, namipc.org<br />

New Morning Youth &<br />

Family Services, 6765 Green<br />

Valley Road, Placerville, 530-<br />

622-5551, newmorningyfs.<br />

org<br />

The Place Within, 720<br />

Sunrise Avenue, Suite<br />

D-212, Roseville, 916-772-<br />

6158; 991 Lincoln Way,<br />

Auburn, 530-748-9554,<br />

theplacewithincounseling.<br />

com; 530 Plaza Drive, Suite<br />

130, Folsom, 916-799-1644,<br />

theplacewithinfolsom.com<br />

WellSpace Health/<br />

Roseville Community<br />

Health Center, 5 Medical<br />

Plaza Drive, Suite 170, 916-<br />

737-5555, wellspacehealth.<br />

org/location/rosevillecommunity-health-center<br />

Wellness Together, 5701<br />

Lonetree Boulevard, Suite<br />

210, Rocklin, 877-412-8031,<br />

wellnesstogether.org<br />

For emergency services,<br />

call 911 or go to the nearest<br />

hospital.<br />

MYTH 5 You can never recover from mental illness.<br />

Mental illness can improve with treatment and<br />

lifestyle changes, Dr. Parmely says, though there are<br />

more severe mental illnesses that require long-term<br />

treatment—like medication or therapy—forever.<br />

With that said, a lot of mental health problems can<br />

be managed to the point where they’re not a burden<br />

in day-to-day life. “Sometimes this means managing<br />

with short-term medication and other times through<br />

short-term therapy that teaches coping skills and<br />

awareness of pitfalls to prevent backsliding,” she<br />

shares. “Patients are then equipped with the skills<br />

to self-manage their condition. Every patient is<br />

different, so it’s really about building a plan with<br />

your psychologist that’s right for you.”<br />

MYTH 6 Treatment will not help.<br />

NAMI reports that<br />

depression is the<br />

leading cause for<br />

disability claims<br />

in the U.S., and 96<br />

percent of people<br />

who commit<br />

suicide have<br />

shown signs of an<br />

underlying mental<br />

health issue or<br />

illness. “Not getting<br />

treatment is what does not work,” says Kayle Torres,<br />

MA, LMFT, in Roseville. “Seeing a therapist when<br />

noticing the first signs of a mental illness can prevent<br />

the longer-term effects and consequences of not<br />

getting treatment.”<br />

MYTH 7 If you feel better, you’re<br />

cured.<br />

The goal for anyone struggling with mental illness or<br />

symptoms is to identify what is causing, triggering,<br />

or contributing to their symptoms, says Ashlee<br />

Janzen, MS, LMFT, in Roseville. The second step is to<br />

learn ways to cope and manage symptoms that are<br />

impairing a person’s function. Many times during the<br />

treatment process, someone may notice a decrease<br />

in symptoms and feel good. However, if they haven’t<br />

gotten to the root, those symptoms are likely to<br />

return—sometimes with more intensity. “The word<br />

‘cure’ is a very strong word to use around mental<br />

illness,” she says. “Many people must continue<br />

managing their mental illness with learned coping<br />

skills. This doesn’t ‘cure’ them, but it can minimize<br />

the impact the symptoms have on someone’s life.”<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 65





220 Blue Ravine Rd. // Folsom<br />

916-467-7677 // truenorthcycle.com<br />

HEALTH<br />

&FITNESS<br />

P R O F E S S I O N A L S<br />

Every new year is marked by thousands of people swearing off their vices<br />

and vowing to “turn over a new leaf” where their personal fitness, health, and<br />

well-being are concerned, and <strong>Style</strong> readers are no different! That is why we're<br />

proud to profile the best health and fitness professionals the region has to offer.<br />

Whether you’re looking to take better care of your skin, get back to that fitness<br />

regimen, or just want to be healthier overall, the professionals featured here are<br />

an excellent place to find your new beginning this year!<br />

TrueNorth Cycle and Barre<br />

Studio offers two distinct types<br />

of workouts. Our Spin classes<br />

energize your entire body<br />

during a 45-60 minute workout driven by<br />

the beat of the music. TrueBarre offers<br />

a total body workout that burns calories<br />

and builds lean muscle utilizing low<br />

impact movements and isometric holds.<br />

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your pet<br />

• compounding for pain management,<br />

hormone therapy for both men and women,<br />

pediatric applications and many other<br />

specialties<br />

We pride ourselves on honoring our customers,<br />

and our continued commitment is to provide<br />

you with the personal, prompt and professional<br />

service you deserve.<br />





820 Wales Dr., Ste. 3, Folsom | 916-984-9222 | www.icpfolsom.com<br />

66 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

Innovative Compounding Pharmacy-<strong>Style</strong>-Jan <strong>2019</strong>-X2.indd 1<br />

12/18/18 9:26 AM



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68 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags




Folsom // 916-355-1250<br />

El Dorado Hills // 916-933-1221<br />

Shingle Springs // 530-677-5092<br />

www.eldoradopt.com // www.folsomwellness.com<br />

David K. Thomas, PT, MPA<br />

El Dorado Physical Therapy facilities offer a staff of<br />

PT’s, hand specialist’s, PTA’s and ATC’s. Our goal is<br />

to provide world class physical therapy and sports<br />

medicine for individuals of all ages and abilities. Manual<br />

therapy is the cornerstone of our care. The human touch is<br />

an essential ingredient to our evaluations, care plans, and<br />

treatment guidelines. Patients respond positively to our handson<br />

assessment and treatment, and they become strong, active<br />

participants in achieving their own recovery.<br />

Folsom Wellness & Sports Conditioning is our medically<br />

oriented gym catering to a very diverse clientele from athletes<br />

to beginners.<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 69




8445 Sierra College Blvd., Ste. A<br />

Roseville<br />

916-224-2828 // fitbodybytiara.com<br />


1420 E. Roseville Pkwy. // Roseville<br />

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El Dorado Hills<br />

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The Little Black Dress Project<br />

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FABULOUS, look AMAZING, & have the<br />

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Dress. I made it easy to follow to fit right<br />

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Remedy Rx Pharmacy we are<br />

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The best local community pharmacy<br />

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Do you want to live a long,<br />

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Do you crave a “built for you” program<br />

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Welcome to KrickFit – A unique<br />

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HOUSE<br />

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Bring down the house with the gift of fitness<br />

www.houseridecycling.com<br />

Rocky Ridge Town Center<br />

2030 Douglas Blvd #38, Roseville<br />

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Got Aches & Pains? Need more sleep? Dealing<br />

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| in history |<br />

Out<br />

of the<br />

Rubble<br />

The Rebirth of<br />

Prairie City<br />


72 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />

L<br />

ong before Highway 50 ran through Rancho Cordova and Folsom,<br />

long before Intel, Kaiser, and the Folsom Premium Outlets, there was<br />

a bustling gold rush town by the name of Prairie City. Its streets were<br />

lined with houses, hotels, stores, saloons, and gambling halls. But, by the<br />

mid 1880s, all was gone except a heap of stones about three feet high<br />

that was part of the foundation of the Prairie City Hotel. At the turn of the century, even<br />

that reminder had crumbled. Today the town is memorialized by California Historical<br />

Landmark #464, located near Folsom High School at the intersection of Prairie City<br />

Road and Highway 50.<br />

According to an account in the May 26, 1922, Sacramento Union, the town of Prairie<br />

City once boasted a population of 10,000 and was a “mecca for every type of humanity<br />

and the scene of many a killing.” It’s more likely there were no more than a couple<br />

thousand souls living there at any one time.<br />

The town was located a few miles south of Folsom along the road to Michigan Bar<br />

and served as a central point for mining operations in the area. Miners scrambling up<br />

ravines and gulches in search of gold provisioned expeditions there. As the placer gold<br />

played out, miners moved on and the town eventually vanished.<br />

Bucket-line dredging arrived in Folsom in 1898 bringing a resurgence of mining<br />

activity to the area. Massive dredging platforms, many operated by the Natomas<br />

Company, dredged from the town of Folsom along the south side of the<br />

American River to Fair Oaks, through the town of Natomas to Nimbus and west<br />

to present day Mather Air Force Base. The dredged area was about 10 miles long<br />

and up to seven miles wide. The total output in gold when operations ceased in<br />

1962 was estimated at $125 million. Piles of cobble can still be seen around Lake<br />

Natoma and along Highway 50.<br />

Deemed unsuitable for building, the tailing strewn area was purchased by<br />

Aerojet General Corporation in the early 1960s to test M-1 rocket engines—<br />

which were initially supposed to help astronauts get to the moon—for the U.S.<br />

Federal Government. Funding for that project dried up, but Aerojet continued<br />

to test and burn solid and liquid rocket fuels and other chemicals on the<br />

property. Hazardous waste from these operations can still be found in the soil<br />

and groundwater of Area 40, a 75-acre zone east of Prairie City Road, south of<br />

Highway 50 and north of White Rock Road. Removal of these toxic chemicals,<br />

funded by Aerojet, is scheduled for completion in 2022.<br />

In 1972, Aerojet leased 435 acres to Roy and Mary<br />

McGill, and a motorcycle riding and competition facility,<br />

known as McGill’s Cycle Park, soon sprang up. The McGills<br />

sold the facility to Sacramento County in 1975, and another<br />

401 acres was added to the park in 1976. The county<br />

managed the park until 1989 when it was turned over to<br />

the Off Highway Vehicle Division and became an official<br />

California State Park in 1990.<br />

Today, Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area—<br />

sited 20 miles east of Downtown Sacramento and three<br />

miles south of Highway 50—has brought life back to the<br />

area once frequented by the gold seekers. Thousands of<br />

adventure seekers continue to embody the original spirit<br />

of the pioneers and miners seeking fortune. The park<br />

features trails and tracks for go-carts, motocross, ATVs, and 4x4s.<br />

The park’s Environmental Training Center provides education on safe<br />

and environmentally responsible off-highway practices. Prairie City SVRA<br />

also hosts over 100 special events each year, including Hangtown, which is<br />

watched by people from all over the world. The Department of Parks and<br />

Recreation is working to protect and preserve many natural resources in<br />

the park, as well as keep opportunities available for off-highway use.<br />


sacbee.com/news/local/article213489014.html<br />

explore.museumca.org/goldrush/dist-folsom.html<br />

ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=1221<br />

Sacramento Union, Volume 110, Number 137, 7 <strong>January</strong> 1906<br />

Sacramento Union, Volume 226, Number 26003, 26 May 1922<br />

Natomas Gold Dredge photo courtesy of the California Department of Conservation. Prairie City State Vehicular Recreation Area photo by Ray Bouknight. Historic Prairie City photo courtesy of Folsom Historical Society. California Historical Landmark<br />

#464 photo courtesy of Mark Heringer.

916-597-1461<br />

www.smiletimedental.com<br />

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75+ New Things<br />

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s<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

Happy New Year! Want to live your best life? We’re here to help with<br />

everything that’s new, coming soon, and cutting edge. New parks,<br />

new trails, new wineries and breweries, new gyms, and of course,<br />

new restaurants. And since there’s no such thing as too many new<br />

restaurants, you’ll just have to accept your destiny: You will be eating<br />

like a king every day of the year. (And in what may be the best twist of<br />

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eat, drink, see, experience, and enjoy the next 365 days!<br />

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75+ New Things<br />

FOOD & DRINK<br />

This year promises healthy vibrations<br />

with Vibe Health Bar’s third location in<br />

Folsom’s Broadstone Marketplace (next<br />

to Noodles & Company). The “one-stop<br />

health shop” serves açaí bowls, wraps,<br />

salads, superfood smoothies, coldpressed<br />

juices and wellness shots, craft<br />

coffee, and more! Follow @vibehealthbar<br />

and @drinkliquidology on Facebook and<br />

Instagram for promotions, giveaways,<br />

and more. 2770 East Bidwell Street,<br />

Suite 500, Folsom, 916-990-5367,<br />

vibehealthbar.com<br />

Tacos? We say mas! Mas Taco Bar’s<br />

second location is coming to Folsom’s<br />

Palladio this spring with an exciting take<br />

on traditional tacos (including brunch!).<br />

We recommend staying on the edge of<br />

your seat until opening day. 450 Palladio<br />

Parkway, Suite 201, Folsom, mastacobar.<br />

com<br />

En route to or from Folsom Lake, fuel<br />

up at Limon È Sal Taqueria & Bar,<br />

newly opened this past October. With<br />

a daily happy hour from 3-6 p.m. that<br />

includes $5 margaritas, quesadillas,<br />

and tacos, plus light, bright environs,<br />

you can’t go wrong! 6693 Folsom-<br />

Auburn Road, Folsom, 916-294-7084,<br />

limonesalrestaurant.com<br />

Popular food truck Authentic Street<br />

Taco recently put down roots in El<br />

Dorado Hills. Their first brick and mortar<br />

is now open for business…and tacos! 875<br />

Embarcadero Drive, El Dorado Hills,<br />

916-749-8059, authenticstreettaco.com<br />

TOP: Vibe Health Bar<br />

LEFT: Mas Taco Bar<br />

ABOVE: Flakos Takos<br />

Flakos Takos has arrived in Cameron<br />

Park. The popular taqueria has three<br />

locations in Elk Grove, Lodi, and<br />

Downtown Sacramento, and the new<br />

Cameron Park outpost has already<br />

proven to be popular. Swing by for their<br />

weekend brunch (bottomless mimosas<br />

are $12 with entrée!) or avail of their<br />

regular menu that boasts a baconwrapped<br />

shrimp taco, bigger-than-yourface<br />

burritos, carne asada fries, mulitas,<br />

and more. 3326 Coach Lane, Cameron<br />

Park, 530-558-4177, flakostakos.com<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

76 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Newly opened in August, Rocklin’s<br />

Taqueria Roberto is serving traditional,<br />

delicious Mexican fare (including tacos,<br />

of course!). Pro tip: Everyone’s talking<br />

about the breakfast burritos. 3071<br />

Stanford Ranch Road, Suite 1, Rocklin,<br />

916-824-2111<br />

Taqueria Garibaldi in Roseville opened<br />

in October and they’re already winning<br />

local hearts with their great (big)<br />

burritos, tacos, impressive salsa bar, and<br />

fresh-squeezed juices. Cozy up at their<br />

bar with a draft beer or margarita and<br />

while away the weekend watching sports<br />

on their big-screen TV. 10000 Fairway<br />

Drive, Suite 110, Roseville, 916-783-2443<br />

LEFT: Burgerim<br />

BELOW: Broderick Roadhouse<br />

Coming soon: mouthwatering burgers.<br />

Location: your belly. Broderick<br />

Roadhouse—the beloved Sacramento<br />

burger joint that began as a food truck<br />

and has since expanded with a handful<br />

of brick and mortars—is bringing their<br />

famous Johnny Cash burger to Folsom<br />

this year. The best part? They cater to<br />

carnivores and vegans, so everyone<br />

leaves pleased. 185 Placerville Road,<br />

Folsom, broderickroadhouse.com<br />

Giddy up! Iron Horse Tavern is<br />

branching out from Downtown<br />

Sacramento with a new location in<br />

Folsom’s Palladio this fall. Expect<br />

epic brunches (biscuits and beignets,<br />

oh my), burgers, beers, and all the<br />

mouthwatering fare you can handle.<br />

ironhorsetavern.net<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

One of life’s underrated pleasures is a<br />

burger that fits in your mouth. Burgerim<br />

has added two new additions—one in<br />

the El Dorado Hills Town Center and<br />

another in Folsom—where they serve<br />

customizable “sensibly sized” gourmet<br />

burgers. Oh, and their Party Box is literally<br />

a crowd-pleaser (16 burgers with up to<br />

four of your favorites)! 4540 Post Street,<br />

Suite 290, El Dorado Hills, 916-941-9101;<br />

1880 Prairie City Road, Suite 100, Folsom,<br />

916-358-9075, burgerim.com<br />

Folsom’s Corner Tavern & Grill, brought<br />

to you by the owners of Dominick’s<br />

Italian Market & Deli in Granite Bay, is<br />

officially open and serving up great<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 77

75+ New Things<br />

burgers, creative salads, delicious entrées, and the<br />

best pizza (of course). You wanna be where everybody<br />

knows Dominick’s name. 700 Glenn Drive, Suite 170,<br />

Folsom, 916-467-7800, cornertaverngrill.com<br />

The historic Sheepherder’s Inn in Rancho Cordova<br />

reopened this past summer as Magnolia House and<br />

includes an exciting new restaurant with a classy<br />

speakeasy vibe that highlights the building’s historic<br />

origins. Post-dining, check out the adjacent card room<br />

that offers games like pai gow, baccarat, and blackjack.<br />

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 11275 Folsom<br />

Boulevard, Rancho Cordova, 916-476-6114<br />

Mouths are watering in anticipation of Buckhorn<br />

BBQ at Folsom’s Palladio. The best news? It’ll be<br />

home to Buckhorn’s first ever “Barbecue Brunch”<br />

on weekends from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Patrons can also<br />

expect a full-service bar with craft cocktails on draft, a<br />

“Fire Bar” where you can order rotating seasonal items<br />

that are cooked over a live fire grill, and Buckhorn<br />

staples like meat platters, tri-tip sandwiches, burgers,<br />

and salads. 250 Palladio Parkway, Suite 1339, Folsom,<br />

916-292-9739, facebook.com/buckhornfolsom<br />

Discover modern twists on American classics<br />

like burgers, sandwiches, and steaks at Eureka!,<br />

the California eatery coming to Roseville this<br />

spring at the Highland Village Center, right by the<br />

Westfield Galleria. 234 Gibson Drive, Roseville,<br />

eurekarestaurantgroup.com<br />

The only thing better than fried chicken is more fried<br />

chicken. Kiki’s Chicken Place has two new locations:<br />

one in Rocklin (opened August 2018) and another in<br />

Folsom (opened November 2018). It’s a fried paradise<br />

of wings, tenders, smothered fries, and chicken &<br />

waffles, with family meals and combo deals galore.<br />

5050 Rocklin Road, Suite 1 & 2, Rocklin, 916-259-<br />

2949; 313 Iron Point Road, Folsom, 916-294-0052,<br />

kikischicken.com<br />

Placer County farmers’ market regulars, The Natural<br />

Trading Company, have opened a new community<br />

market and deli in downtown Auburn’s Central<br />

Square. Along with farm-fresh produce, they sell<br />

sandwiches, organic juices, smoothies, natural<br />

foods, and bulk items, with an impressive salad bar<br />

to boot. 937 Lincoln Way, Auburn, 530-820-3210,<br />

naturaltradingco.com<br />

Osteria Moto has officially parked their cool Italian<br />

scooter in the El Dorado Hills Town Center. With a<br />

down-to-earth approach to Italian country cuisine,<br />

they serve up simple, uncomplicated Italian dishes<br />

with fresh ingredients sourced from local farms and<br />

TOP: Buckhorn BBQ<br />

ABOVE: Eureka!<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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BELOW LEFT: Side Burn BBQ and Brew<br />

BELOW RIGHT: Hwy 50 Brewery<br />

regional farmers’ markets in a casual setting.<br />

4364 Town Center Boulevard, Suite 124, El<br />

Dorado Hills, 916-573-6200, eatatmoto.com<br />

If it’s a taste of the old country you crave,<br />

Trattoria Da Gino’s authentic Italian<br />

cuisine could be just what mama ordered in<br />

Roseville. The husband-and-wife team has<br />

plans to dish out plates of homemade pasta,<br />

sausage, pizza, and more, with an extensive<br />

wine selection. 1465 Eureka Road, Suite 100,<br />

Roseville<br />

Some local Dickey’s BBQ Pit franchisee<br />

locations have undergone a facelift and a<br />

name change: They’re now Side Burn BBQ<br />

and Brew, serving barbecue and brews with<br />

a local flavor. Folsom and Auburn had soft<br />

openings in November, with Rocklin and<br />

Rancho Cordova hot on their heels. 1016<br />

Riley Street, Suite 4 & 5, Folsom, 916-550-<br />

9525; 11875 Willow Creek Drive, Auburn,<br />

530-878-5052; 5406 Crossings Drive, Suite<br />

104, Rocklin, 916-652-7239; 2320 Sunrise<br />

Boulevard, Rancho Cordova, 916-858-8195,<br />

sideburnbbq.com<br />

Folsom’s Zaap Thai House is bringing the heat<br />

and the flavor in <strong>2019</strong>. They had their grand<br />

opening last fall and are serving up delicious<br />

Thai cuisine, with weekday lunch specials and<br />

mouthwatering entrées like mango curry. 1750<br />

Prairie City Road, Suite 150 Folsom, 916-467-<br />

7449, zaapthaihouse.com<br />

ZPizza’s popular taproom and pizza<br />

concept should be open for business<br />

in Folsom now and plans for a future<br />

Roseville location are also in the works<br />

(opening date TBD). Expect a huge range<br />

of customizable pies with flavorful<br />

toppings, vegan and gluten-free options,<br />

and self-pour craft beers on tap. Stay<br />

z-tuned! 1840 Prairie City Road, Folsom;<br />

711 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Suite 160,<br />

Roseville, zpizza.com<br />

Life is a highway AND a brewery at the<br />

new Hwy 50 Brewery in Camino. From<br />

the owners of Nello Olivo Winery and<br />

co-founder/brewer Gary Ritz comes<br />

rotating taps of great beer (clean, wellbalanced<br />

English-inspired ales), brickoven<br />

pizzas, live music, and picturesque<br />

views from the outdoor patio. Plus, their<br />

taproom is seriously friendly: dogs, U.S.<br />

veterans ($1 off pints year-round), and<br />

craft beer enthusiasts are all welcome.<br />

3544 Carson Road, Camino, 530-556-<br />

5060, hwy50brewery.com<br />

Downtown Roseville’s Goose Port Public<br />

House has the motto “Be Nice or Go<br />

Home.” Craft beers, sports, and elevated<br />

pub food in a family-friendly atmosphere<br />

are all on the menu. You know, it might<br />

pay for some of us to be a little nicer<br />

this year…316 Vernon Street, Roseville,<br />

gooseport.com<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 79

75+ New Things<br />

New Glory Eatery & Taproom opened in Granite Bay’s Quarry Ponds Town<br />

Center in October, and their excellent beer is bringing all the boys (and girls) to<br />

the yard. And the eatery? The menu includes a Beautiful Brussels Pizza (with<br />

beer-infused dough), a Croque Monsieur sandwich (see page 98 to read all about<br />

it), and Fried Avocado Street Tacos. Can’t talk. Drooling. 5540 Douglas Boulevard,<br />

Suite 140 & 150, Granite Bay, 916-872-1721, newglorybeer.com/eatery<br />

Auburn Alehouse has a spinoff and it’s way better than Joanie Loves Chachi. The<br />

Annex Tap Room & Provisions launched in November just steps away, offering<br />

great beer (of course), wine, cocktails, shareable eats like poutine, and next-level<br />

dough-sorcery from their custom pizza oven. Stromboli, you guys, stromboli.<br />

103 Sacramento Street, Auburn, 530-537-2895<br />

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander: Blue Goose Fruit Shed’s<br />

new Gander Taphouse is expected to open any day now. With 30 craft beer<br />

taps, small plates, live entertainment, plenty of seating inside and out, plus<br />

shuffleboard and games, bring the gaggle for a family-friendly night out! 3550<br />

Taylor Road, Loomis<br />

Winemaker Paul Sobon has been producing award-winning Amador wines<br />

since 1983 and has now launched Paul J. Wines, offering small-lot, high-end red<br />

varietals and blends. The gorgeous new Plymouth tasting room is dog-friendly<br />

and offers bocce ball, wines by the glass, and plenty of seating so you can soak<br />

it all in (the view and the wines). 10775 Shenandoah Road, Plymouth, 209-304-<br />

4235, pauljwines.com<br />

Mediterranean Vineyards launched its tasting room in September 2018,<br />

offering varietals from countries like France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.<br />

Translation: delicious wines. Add regular live music, craft workshops, bocce<br />

ball, and killer views, and you have the recipe for wine tasting success. 7449<br />

Fairplay Road, Somerset, 530-497-0175, medivineyards.com<br />

TOP: New Glory Eatery & Taproom<br />

ABOVE RIGHT: Paul J. Wines<br />

ABOVE LEFT: Mediterranean Vineyards<br />

El Dorado County’s “Fork in the Road” will<br />

showcase hidden culinary gems throughout<br />

the month of <strong>January</strong> with special offers and<br />

delectable deals to celebrate California Restaurant<br />

Month. Check out the website for deals and<br />

participating locations. visit-eldorado.com/forkin-the-road<br />

Dutch Mafia, mount up! Dutch Bros Coffee<br />

is coming to Folsom this year and are setting<br />

up shop in the Walmart Center on Riley Street.<br />

Finally, Folsomites can discover what the buzz is<br />

all about (there are currently eight locations in<br />

the greater Sacramento area). dutchbros.com<br />

Get a taste of the sweet life at Dolce Vita Caffè,<br />

Folsom’s newest Italian-inspired bistro that serves<br />

a delectable array of sandwiches, salads, sweet<br />

and savory pastries (most baked fresh daily by<br />

Mediterranean Vineyards photo by Russ Reyes. Paul J Wines photo by Michelle Marrone. New Glory Eatery & Taproom photo by Dante Fontana.<br />

80 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

co-owner Joseph Husary), cakes, desserts,<br />

and Italian coffee. Stay tuned for imported<br />

Italian products like olive oil, coffee<br />

beans, and more. Bon appetit! 1008 Riley<br />

Street, Suite 2, Folsom, 916-467-7679<br />

great local beer and wine. What’s more,<br />

they even have a drive through for a<br />

quick pick-me-up.<br />

3389 Mira Loma Drive, Suite 2, Cameron<br />

Park, 530-350-7492, bluelotus.cafe<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

TOP LEFT: Dutch Bros Coffee<br />

TOP RIGHT: Citizen Grind<br />

ABOVE LEFT: Brissa & Co.<br />

Citizen Vine is now pouring coffee<br />

as well, with the August 2018 launch<br />

of Citizen Grind—a veteran-owned<br />

craft coffee bar and café—in Lincoln.<br />

Enjoy great java (courtesy of Roseville’s<br />

Mast Coffee) with killer latte foam<br />

art, delicious breakfast sammies<br />

(we’re drooling over the Sous Vide<br />

Egg Jar offering with smoked bacon<br />

and Gruyère), gourmet grilled cheese<br />

sandwiches (pesto, tomato, and melty<br />

mozzarella is an ingredient match made<br />

in heaven), bowls, salads, and more.<br />

825 Twelve Bridges Drive, Suite 65,<br />

Lincoln, 916-409-2101, facebook.com/<br />

citizengrindcoffee<br />

Cameron Park’s Blue Lotus Café opened<br />

last September and serves up local<br />

Temple Coffee, breakfast sandwiches<br />

and pastries, salads, smoothies, wraps,<br />

Shorty’s Donuts on “Donut Friday,” and<br />

Who’s your huckleberry? Huckleberry’s<br />

opened a new location in Roseville in<br />

last September with their Southern<br />

take on all things breakfast, lunch, and<br />

Southern—think Cajun omelet, beignets,<br />

sweet tea, fried okra, and grits, as well<br />

as traditional breakfast and lunch<br />

favorites. 10000 Fairway Drive, Suite 170,<br />

Roseville, 916-771-7017 huckleberrys.org<br />

Brissa & Co.—a Mexican market,<br />

kitchen, and bakery, and Carmelita’s<br />

Mexican Restaurant’s sister location—is<br />

expected to open any day now in Folsom.<br />

Expect Carmelita’s classic dishes, plus<br />

fusion creations, sweet treats like pan<br />

dulce, tres leches cake, and pineapple<br />

empanadas from the bakery; coffee<br />

specialties like café de olla; plus candy,<br />

handmade goods, and even dresses from<br />

the market. 409 Natoma Street, Folsom,<br />

916-791-3733, facebook.com/brissaandco<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 81

75+ New Things<br />

FAR LEFT: Cardio Drumming<br />

TOP MIDDLE: KrickFit<br />

BOTTOM MIDDLE: Paratus Academy<br />

ABOVE: We Rock the Spectrum<br />


Folsom is gonna make you sweat in<br />

<strong>2019</strong>. Not one but three fitness centers<br />

are coming to the Folsom Square<br />

shopping center. Boutique fitness outfit<br />

Fitness Academy is now open with<br />

boot camp-style workouts and smaller<br />

class sizes for all levels (1012 East<br />

Bidwell Street, Suite 600, 916-790-8972,<br />

fitnessacademyfolsom.com). In addition,<br />

Crunch Fitness is bringing (judgementfree)<br />

pain, high-intensity training, lifting,<br />

cardio, and group fitness classes in early<br />

<strong>2019</strong> to a location near Target (1010 East<br />

Bidwell Street, 916-527-1190, crunch.<br />

com). And, a UFC gym is expected to also<br />

join that space this year (details to come).<br />

Bottom line: The entire population of<br />

Folsom will have buns of steel by 2020.<br />

Unleash your inner Sheila E. or Neil Peart<br />

in <strong>2019</strong> and get into Cardio Drumming<br />

courtesy of Folsom Parks and Recreation.<br />

This latest fitness sensation is an easy,<br />

high-energy, full-body workout: Pound on<br />

a yoga ball with drumsticks to the beat<br />

of your favorite ’80s, ’90s, and current<br />

hit songs. It’ll leave you smiling, singing,<br />

sweating, and feeling great! Open to ages<br />

15+, the class can easily be modified for<br />

all fitness levels. Must bring own yoga ball<br />

and an 18-gallon tub. Classes are Thursday<br />

from 7-8 p.m. at 48 Natoma Street and<br />

Friday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Andy<br />

Morin Sports Complex (66 Clarksville<br />

Road). 916-461-6601<br />

“Siri: Send me a fitness guardian angel,<br />

but make it science.” New personal<br />

training studio KrickFit brings you oneon-one<br />

holistic lifestyle coaching, married<br />

with assessment-based functional<br />

training and high-level trainers with<br />

a personalized approach. Science and<br />

measurable data are where it starts, and<br />

it ends with lifelong lifestyle changes.<br />

4810 Golden Foothill Parkway, Unit 2, El<br />

Dorado Hills, 415-707-9912, krickfit.com<br />

Learn the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo<br />

from real-life champion Art Vega at his<br />

brand new Paratus Academy in Rancho<br />

Cordova, opened since September. Classes<br />

for all levels are available for kids as young<br />

as four and all the way up to as fit as you<br />

feel. Learn self-defense and get fit while<br />

you’re doing it! 3350 Mather Field Road,<br />

Rancho Cordova, 650-815-6246 paratusacademy.com<br />

Described as a place where parents<br />

won’t have to say, “I’m sorry,” Placerville’s<br />

We Rock the Spectrum is a new gym<br />

that specializes in serving special-needs<br />

children. The space features uniquely<br />

designed sensory equipment that<br />

encourages children of all ability levels<br />

to play with and learn from each other.<br />

1412 Broadway, Placerville, 530-748-3862,<br />

werockthespectrumplacerville.com<br />

Prepare to get fit or pampered (or both!)<br />

at the new VillaSport Athletic Club and<br />

Spa, coming to Roseville this spring. You’ll<br />

find resort-style amenities like indoor<br />

and outdoor recreation pools and lap<br />

pools, a fitness center, day spa, cafés,<br />

social clubs, and more, as well as great<br />

amenities, activities, and kids’ programs.<br />

291 Conference Center Drive, Roseville,<br />

916-672-1557, villasport.com/roseville<br />

Feel the burn at Hard Exercise Works<br />

(HEW for short), now open in Rocklin.<br />

*Harness your inner superhero and in<br />

five weeks you’ll be flipping truck tires,<br />

climbing ropes, and doing pull ups like<br />

the Hulk and Wonder Woman.<br />

*Superhuman superpowers not<br />

guaranteed. 6506 Lonetree Boulevard,<br />

Suite 107, Rocklin, 916-701-9304,<br />

hewrocklin.com<br />

Bigger and better is the mantra for<br />

Anytime Fitness in Penryn: Their bigger<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

82 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

TOP LEFT: VillaSport Athletic Club<br />

RIGHT: Hangtown Range<br />

ABOVE LEFT: Oak Parkway Trail<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

and better location could be completed<br />

as early as February. The 4,600-square-foot<br />

complex will give much-needed space<br />

for more amenities, additional staff, new<br />

equipment, and expanded fitness and<br />

weight areas. We feel a hashtag coming<br />

on: #Gains<strong>2019</strong>. In the meantime, the<br />

current location on Penryn Road is<br />

fully operational. 3226 Boyington Road,<br />

Penryn, 916-660-0700, anytimefitness.<br />

com/gyms/1783/penryn-ca-95663<br />

New to Placerville, Hangtown Range<br />

partners with Mosquito Creek Outfitters<br />

and brings sport firearm shooting and<br />

archery to interested men, women, and<br />

children who would like to participate in<br />

the sport in a friendly place that provides<br />

safety and proficient training at all levels.<br />

1540 Broadway, Placerville, 530-497-5443,<br />

hangtownrange.com<br />

Lincoln’s California Bike Pickers opened<br />

in 2018, and they’ve already settled into<br />

their role as the friendly neighborhood<br />

bike shop. With new bikes, used bikes,<br />

and electric bikes, you’ll find something<br />

on two wheels to suit your needs, and<br />

their service and know-how takes the<br />

worry out of repairs. Come by for a<br />

chat and get to know Lincoln’s cycling<br />

community! 69 Lincoln Boulevard,<br />

Suite I, Lincoln, 916-299-3020,<br />

californiabikepickers.com<br />

Awake Yoga & Meditation Sanctuary<br />

in El Dorado Hills opened in November<br />

and incorporates all aspects of yoga,<br />

including classes for a variety of ages<br />

and experience levels, with special<br />

prenatal and kids’ yoga series. The nonheated<br />

studio (students learn to harness<br />

heat from within) also offers open hours<br />

when classes aren’t going on so yogis can<br />

practice or meditate on their own. 2201<br />

Francisco Drive, Suite 130, El Dorado<br />

Hills, 916-461-3377, awakeyogaedh.com<br />

Placerville’s Fan Chiropractic &<br />

Reflexology had their grand opening this<br />

past October. In addition to adjustment<br />

services, they offer a holistic approach<br />

to healing that includes infrared light<br />

therapy, supplement consultations, and<br />

more, plus a family wellness program<br />

for affordable treatment. Can we say<br />

it’s cracking good? 7559 Green Valley<br />

Road, Suite A, Placerville, 530-303-3518,<br />

fanchiropractic.com<br />

Folsom’s new Oak Parkway Trail—which<br />

will connect to the Johnny Cash Trail<br />

near East Natoma Street and Prison<br />

Road via a tunnel directly under East<br />

Natoma Street—is scheduled to open for<br />

public use this spring, providing a safe<br />

passage between both trails for cyclists<br />

and pedestrians. folsom.ca.us/parks/<br />

parks_n_trails/default.asp<br />

Work to open the Sunset Whitney<br />

Recreation Area (the former Rocklin<br />

Golf Club) to the public remains ongoing<br />

in <strong>2019</strong> while funding and an overall<br />

master plan are determined. Public<br />

meetings will be held over the coming<br />

months to resolve these and related<br />

matters, and your voice is needed!<br />

Attend and provide feedback and keep<br />

an eye out for upcoming volunteer and<br />

fundraising opportunities to help turn<br />

the dream of a beautiful park into a<br />

reality. rocklin.ca.us/sunset-whitneyrecreation-area<br />

Big plans are afoot in <strong>2019</strong>, as the El<br />

Dorado Hills CSD begins their plans to<br />

make Bass Lake Park the largest park<br />

and recreational project in the area,<br />

ultimately spanning over 200 acres,<br />

thanks to a recent purchase of a 142-<br />

acre parcel from Rescue Union School<br />

District. Initial plans for the area include<br />

a disc golf course, a trail system, and<br />

sport fields. Stay tuned for exciting<br />

developments! eldoradohillscsd.org<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 83

75+ New Things<br />


Take a dive into SeaQuest Folsom,<br />

which opened at Folsom’s Palladio this<br />

past November. Families and kids of<br />

all ages can get acquainted with fun<br />

animals from five continents including<br />

Asian small-clawed otters, giant sulcata<br />

tortoises, and exotic birds. Dare to explore<br />

the walk-in aviaries or even snorkel in<br />

the premier swim tank filled with reef<br />

sharks, stingrays, and more! 430 Palladio<br />

Parkway, Suite 1801, Folsom, 800-484-<br />

9745, folsom.visitseaquest.com<br />

Warm up your bowling/dart-throwing/<br />

pizza-holding arm: Round 1 Bowling<br />

and Amusement is coming to Roseville’s<br />

Westfield Galleria this year. They’ll go into<br />

the former Sears location, bringing with<br />

them up to 20 bowling lanes, karaoke<br />

rooms, hundreds of arcade amusements,<br />

billiards, darts, and ping pong, plus beer,<br />

wine, and all the pizza you can handle.<br />

round1usa.com<br />

Exploring the cosmos, killing zombies,<br />

slaying orcs, slashing beats: Being there<br />

is half the fun, right? Roseville’s Heroes<br />

Virtual Reality Adventures opened<br />

this past June and is your gateway to<br />

virtual reality gaming fun. Choose<br />

from hugely popular VR games (hello,<br />

Beat Saber), and experiences (Google<br />

Earth). Bring a group, go solo, or join<br />

a league or social night! 1801 Taylor<br />

Road, Suite 130, Roseville 916-772-4376,<br />

heroesvradventures.com<br />

TOP: Heroes Virtual Reality Adventures<br />

ABOVE: SeaQuest Folsom<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

84 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Love puzzles and locked rooms? There’s probably an escape room just for<br />

you. Here’s a rundown of the latest and greatest. Exodus Escape Adventures<br />

(opened February 2018) offers historical heroes with a twist (311 East Bidwell<br />

Street, Folsom, 916-634-5100, exodusescapeadventures.com); Escape Folsom<br />

(opened in March 2018) has a bonus creepy ambience from its 160-year-old<br />

surrounds and even boasts a restaurant (727 Traders Lane, Folsom, 916-790-<br />

8740, escapefolsom.com); JAR Studios (opened in June 2018) has a nuclear<br />

fallout theme for added end-of-the-world adrenaline (2725 Dawes Street,<br />

Rancho Cordova, 916-821-4793, escapejar.com).<br />

If you build it, they will come. Kevin Costner can have his little baseball<br />

stadium, but we all know that Sephora is where cosmetic dreams come true,<br />

and they truly did this past November when they opened a new temple—<br />

oops, I mean location—at Folsom’s Palladio. 280 Palladio Parkway, Suite 901,<br />

Folsom, 916-817-8386, sephora.com<br />

Acid wash jeans, floral backpacks, crocheted cardigans…goodbye 1992, hello<br />

Forever 21. The ’90s nostalgia infusion in retail form is now open in Folsom’s<br />

Palladio. 350 Palladio Parkway, Suite 1941, 916-850-8765, Folsom, forever21.com<br />

Ch-ch-changes…Lincoln’s Hi-Tones Record Store moved into their new<br />

Downtown Roseville locale this past September. It’s like a classic album<br />

reissue with previously unreleased bonus tracks—everything you love is still<br />

there, and now there’s something new to enjoy. It’s the place to go for hardto-find<br />

music and collectibles: new and used vinyl, CDs, and cassettes, plus<br />

comic books, T-shirts, and more. 244 Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-864-3386,<br />

hitonesrecordstore.com<br />

Gold Rush Museum photo courtesy of Placer County. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

TOP TO BOTTOM: Exodus Escape Adventures, Hi-Tones Record Store,<br />

Gold Rush Museum<br />

Fashionistas, assemble! The region’s first Tory Burch store has arrived at<br />

Roseville’s Westfield Galleria. And in answer to the question already forming<br />

in your mind: Yes, you DO need those flats, that purse, and that incredible<br />

shirtdress. 1151 Galleria Boulevard, Roseville, 916-771-8149, toryburch.com<br />

Auburn’s Gold Rush Museum had its grand reopening this past August<br />

and…okay, let’s just get this out of the way: eureka! The upgrades are<br />

gorgeous—there’s even an indoor panning stream. Here’s our pro tip: The<br />

19th century “Twitter Wall” is hilarious and totes worth your time. The best<br />

part? Admission is free. 601 Lincoln Way, Auburn, 530-889-6506, placer.<br />

ca.gov/departments/facility/parks/parks-content/museums/gold-countrymuseum<br />

Last year, Folsom Premium Outlets added two huge names in fashion that<br />

will exponentially improve your <strong>2019</strong> wardrobe. Kate Spade’s iconic, stylish,<br />

expressive collection—from purses to dresses, stationery to shoes—is<br />

now yours for a song (13000 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 806, 916-357-5243,<br />

katespade.com/stores/en/folsom-premium-outlets). And Project Runway fans<br />

won’t find any “Crazy Disco Turkeys” or “Tin Man Hershey’s Kisses” (Google<br />

it) at the Michael Kors Outlet (13000 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 1006, Folsom,<br />

916-357-5223, michaelkors.com/us/ca/folsom/13000-folsom-blvd.html)—just<br />

all of his fabulously stylish designs at a fraction of the normal retail price.<br />

We love Macy's, and Macy’s loves Roseville. The Westfield Galleria location<br />

received a well-deserved makeover and an upgrade in the past few months,<br />

with new lighting, revamped fitting rooms, and even personal “style<br />

advisers.” Coming in February, they’ll add a Taste Bar on the first level,<br />

which, among other things, will serve Peet’s Coffee. 1197 Galleria Boulevard,<br />

Roseville, 916-771-3333, macys.com<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 85

75+ New Things<br />

More good food, fresh produce, and<br />

friendly service are coming to Campus<br />

Oaks Roseville (behind HP Campus) this<br />

spring when Nugget Markets opens.<br />

Other potential tenants include Ace<br />

Hardware, 24 Hour Fitness, Mod Pizza,<br />

and Starbucks, to name just a few.<br />

nuggetmarket.com<br />

Don’t save that beautiful diva voice<br />

for the car on your drive home from<br />

work; get some professional singing<br />

lessons and be your best Whitney<br />

in <strong>2019</strong>. Rocklin’s The Professional<br />

Voice has opened a new location in<br />

Folsom and here’s the great news: The<br />

first class is free! See? The universe<br />

is telling you to sing. 705 East Bidwell<br />

Street, Suite 10, Folsom, 916-261-1146,<br />

professionalvoiceonline.com<br />

Study hard, do your homework, and<br />

one day you’ll shred on stage in front<br />

of screaming fans. That’s the School of<br />

Rock way, coming soon to Roseville.<br />

Lessons combine one-on-one instruction<br />

with group band practice. The school<br />

is open to kids ages 4-18, and even<br />

adults! (Check out their camps, too!) 228<br />

Vernon Street, Roseville, 916-500-7625,<br />

locations.schoolofrock.com/roseville<br />

New to Placerville’s Main Street is<br />

Artistic Beads & Studio, offering not<br />

only beads and jewelry-making supplies<br />

but jewelry-making classes and an<br />

open studio. Learn wire wrapping, bead<br />

stringing, and exotic techniques like<br />

tambour beading, or make earrings and<br />

bracelets. 617 A Main Street, Placerville,<br />

530-363-2475, artisticbeadsstudio.com<br />

Free your mind, and your art will follow.<br />

Placerville’s first expressive arts studio,<br />

Athena Art Spa opened last year and<br />

is uniquely focused on the process of<br />

creation rather than the finished product.<br />

Check out their exciting workshops in<br />

everything from writing and painting to<br />

textiles (even altar making!) and much<br />

more. 1234 Broadway, Placerville, 530-320-<br />

7118 athenaartspa.com<br />

The list of reasons to stay overnight in<br />

Apple Hill just got longer: Ponderosa<br />

Ridge, a bed-and-breakfast nestled on<br />

11 acres (including a three-acre apple<br />

orchard!) opened this past summer. Guests<br />

enjoy a scratch-made country breakfast<br />

and fresh-cooked baked goods every day,<br />

ABOVE: The Professional Voice<br />

LEFT: School of Rock<br />

BELOW LEFT: Ponderosa Ridge<br />

plus comfortable rooms perfectly designed<br />

for you to relax, unwind, and forget, well,<br />

everything. The only downside is leaving.<br />

2360 Union Ridge Road, Placerville, 530-<br />

344-9220, ponderosaridgebnb.com<br />

Mama needs a new pair of shoes!<br />

Construction is well underway on two<br />

new casinos coming to the region:<br />

Harrah's Northern California Casino<br />

(4650 Coal Mine Road, Ione, facebook.<br />

com/harrahsnorcal) is opening in<br />

Amador County near Ione and will be<br />

developed, owned, and operated by<br />

the Buena Vista Rancheria of Me-Wuk<br />

Indians; and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino<br />

(3317 Forty Mile Road, Wheatland,<br />

hardrockhotelsacramento.com) is<br />

coming to Wheatland near the Toyota<br />

Amphitheater this fall, partnering with the<br />

tribe formerly known as Estom Yumeka<br />

Maidu tribe of the Enterprise Rancheria.<br />

June 8 marks the 150th anniversary<br />

of the Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Farm<br />

Colony, the first Japanese colony in the<br />

U.S. and birthplace of the first Japanese-<br />

American. Don’t miss American River<br />

Conservancy’s WakamatsuFest150 from<br />

June 6-9 at the farm with Japanese and<br />

Japanese-American food, art, music,<br />

performances, and more. arconservancy.<br />

org/wakafest150<br />

The Professional Voice photo by Bstep Photography. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

86 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

| home design |<br />

True<br />

Colors<br />

Hot Hues for <strong>2019</strong><br />


While ringing in the New Year,<br />

all of our favorite paint<br />

companies have announced<br />

their color of the year or #COTY. The<br />

palette may be all over the board, but<br />

the theme remains rooted in a feeling of<br />

"getting away from it all" with a shiny twist.<br />

Cavern Clay<br />

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

88 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags





2802 MALLARD LN.<br />


www.drmcdonald.com<br />

(530)626-8440<br />

Board Certified in<br />

Treatment and<br />

Management of Ocular<br />

Diseases. Member of<br />

Both American and<br />

California Optometric<br />


| home design |<br />

Blueprint<br />

Cavern Clay<br />

Sherwin-Williams touts Cavern<br />

Clay as their <strong>2019</strong> shade, while<br />

Dunn-Edwards features Spice<br />

of Life. Benjamin Moore goes<br />

subtle with Metropolitan, while<br />

Behr and Pittsburg Paints jump<br />

to the other end of the spectrum<br />

with Blueprint and Night Watch<br />

respectively.<br />

All the while, Pantone (the authority of a unified<br />

color language that reinforces the things we buy, wear,<br />

and make) is taking a cue from consumer electronics<br />

and fashion to add a whole new slew of colors called<br />

Metallic Shimmers. Consisting of 200 tints—ranging<br />

from traditional silvers and golds to bolder shades<br />

like purple sequin and blue diode—Metallic Shimmers<br />

is meant as a reference point for anyone developing<br />

products or adding accents to their home.<br />

Fast Company says, "Whether it's a rose gold iPhone<br />

Spice of Life<br />

in your hand, a pair of cherry-red Beats on your ears,<br />

or something like the matte-black Echo in your home, Pantone has watched<br />

the metallic finishes of our gadgets impact the design world at large." Pantone<br />

believes its metallic swatches can be an anchor in the design process and<br />

universally inspire home design and the products inside of it.<br />

The colors named by paint companies can surely serve as a pillar or color<br />

splash to the home, while metallics can accent and add interest.<br />

Benjamin Moore's Metropolitan choice is in response to those who want<br />

a break from the noise and chaos of the world. The result is a light shifting,<br />

Shimmers of Metallic<br />

Spice of Life<br />

Metropolitan<br />

Blueprint<br />

Night Watch<br />

contemplative gray that allows one to rest and reset.<br />

Earthy, warm tones like Sherwin-Williams' Cavern<br />

Clay and Dunn-Edwards' Spice of Life also echo the<br />

cocooning effect we’re all seeking. At first blush, the<br />

colors seem striking, but once painted on the walls,<br />

they create a warm, calming effect.<br />

With tech-saturated homeowners struggling to<br />

remain grounded, organics come to mind, inspiring<br />

Behr's and Pittsburg Paints' selections of Blueprint<br />

and Night Watch. A serene sea blue and a midnight<br />

green hue reflect the meditative perks of immersing<br />

oneself in nature.<br />

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet in your<br />

abode with a little shimmer to keep it interesting,<br />

<strong>2019</strong> is going to be the year for you! How will you<br />

use #COTY in your home?<br />

Spice of Life photos by Bethany Nauert fro Dunn-Edwards; other photos courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

90 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Stylish, Comfortable, Reliable, Functional<br />

Create an inviting space for friends and family to gather round with Flexsteel’s stylish selection of living<br />

rooms available at Naturwood Home Furnishings. Your Flexsteel living room will be a thing of beauty and<br />

an affordable investment in quality. Come browse Naturwood and bring style and comfort home.<br />

12125 Folsom Blvd.<br />

Rancho Cordova<br />

916-351-0227<br />

www.naturwood.com<br />

Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm<br />

Sat 10am – 6pm<br />

Sun 11am – 6pm

Sacramento’s Best<br />

Marvin Showroom!<br />

1717 Bell Street<br />

Sacramento, CA 95825<br />

916-915-5103<br />

www.windowanddoorshop.com<br />



916.369.6518<br />

Our 34rd Year<br />

in Business<br />

54 NARI Awards<br />

Proven to be the best…<br />

always a great value!<br />

Lic # 659954

Your Trees Deserve<br />

Acorn Quality Care<br />

NOW is the time to have<br />

an Acorn Arboricultural CERTIFIED<br />

ARBORIST inspect and prune for<br />

beautiful, healthy trees!<br />

We wanted<br />

a business<br />

we could wrap<br />

our arms around!<br />

• Insect & Disease Control<br />

• Tree & Shrub Pruning & Removal<br />

• Stump Grinding<br />

• Cabling & Bracing<br />

• Planting All Sizes of Trees & Shrubs<br />

• Fertilization<br />

• Certified Arborist Services<br />

Every tree is a family tree!<br />

Roseville, CA 95678 • www.787tree.com<br />

lic#953007<br />

For All Your Tree Care Needs:<br />

916-787-8733<br />

Acorn Arboricultural Services Inc.

| escape |<br />

Photo © Oleksiy Mark/fotolia.com.<br />

94 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Cruise Control<br />

Prague<br />

to Paris<br />


Paris photo © andreykr - Fotolia.<br />

Anew year is the<br />

perfect time to<br />

plan adventures to<br />

places both near and far. If<br />

you’re seeking something<br />

off the beaten travel path,<br />

something a little outside<br />

the norm, we have the<br />

vacation for you.<br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 95

| escape |<br />

Think iconic rivers, luminous ports, culturally and historically significant cities, legendary<br />

Rieslings, and mouthwatering cuisine. Now, connect the dots and imagine seeing all the above<br />

with your partner or family for the first time together (or, if you’ve conquered Europe before,<br />

seeing them in a completely new way).<br />

While the typical ocean cruise carries thousands<br />

of passengers, Viking River Cruises is not your typical<br />


CRUISE NAME: Cities of Light<br />

LENGTH: 12 days<br />


Czech Republic, Germany,<br />

Luxembourg, and France<br />

PRICE: $2,999+<br />


complimentary shore<br />

excursion in every port<br />

of call; Wi-Fi; visits to<br />

UNESCO sites; enrichment<br />

lectures and destination<br />

performances; beer, wine,<br />

and soft drinks with<br />

onboard lunch and dinner;<br />

24-hour specialty coffees,<br />

teas, and bottled water;<br />

port taxes and fees; ground<br />

transfers with Viking Air<br />

purchase<br />

<strong>2019</strong> DEPARTURE DATES:<br />

April 17, May 1, June 5, June<br />

10, August 14, August 21,<br />

September 4, September 25,<br />

October 9, and November 13<br />

seafaring experience. Their European ships have<br />

fewer than 200 passengers, making for an intimate,<br />

luxurious, all-inclusive journey that begins the<br />

moment you step on board.<br />

This particular trip, the 12-day “Cities of Light”<br />

voyage, starts in Prague—one of Eastern Europe’s<br />

great cities—a young, clean, vibrant metropolis with<br />

architecture to spin your head, restaurants that satisfy<br />

every foodie, and unforgettable sights and history. A<br />

couple days exploring the city while staying at a firstclass<br />

hotel is the perfect prescription to overcome a<br />

little jet lag.<br />

After traveling to the Bavarian city of Nuremberg<br />

and touring the ruins of Zeppelin Field, the Nazi<br />

parade grounds of the 1930s, and the Palace of Justice,<br />

the venerable vestige of the Nuremberg Trials—you’ll<br />

take a short bus ride to Bamberg, Germany, where you<br />

can enjoy a short walking tour, rich in history. And,<br />

yes, a sampling of their rauchbier (smoked beer) that<br />

the city is known for.<br />

Next, it’s time to board your boat. Traveling rivers is<br />

much like, well, skimming glass. In fact, it’s so smooth<br />

a ride that you’ll wonder if you’re moving half the time.<br />

Immediately upon entering the ship, you’ll feel<br />

like a queen. Luxury appointments at every turn and<br />

a surprising, welcome feel of autonomy. After checking<br />

into your stateroom, enjoy a glass of wine on the top<br />

deck before your first culinary experience on board.<br />

While typical cruise ship cuisine might best be<br />

compared to dining at a quality chain restaurant,<br />

midday meals on Viking are more akin to a finer country club (sans the clacking of golf<br />

shoes). What’s more, service is impeccable and plentiful, but not overbearing. Dinner is<br />

intimate and elegant, and both lunch and dinner offer specially selected wines and beers<br />

to pair with your meal. The best part? The aforementioned adult beverages are included in<br />

the cruise’s cost. So, go ahead, enjoy a glass of wine with lunch—you’re on vacation!<br />

Like all of Europe, history abounds, and the tours and excursions offered on Viking<br />

are plentiful, fun, leisurely, and totally at your discretion. If you’d rather relax onboard<br />

one day? Go right ahead. With the ship almost empty for hours, it may be just the R&R<br />

that the doctor ordered.<br />

Each day, Viking Daily is available in the lobby—a publication detailing the day’s weather,<br />

excursions, things to see and do in the towns you’ll be visiting, and a brief history on them.<br />

Once docked, Viking’s local tour guides are knowledgeable and entertaining, though certain<br />

days might call for independent exploration at your own pace.<br />

The cruise portion ends after being on board for six nights and visiting the<br />

aforementioned cities plus Würzburg, Heidelberg, Mainz, Cochem, Bernkastel, and<br />

Trier (all in Germany). Unlike departures from big cruise ships—where the crew works<br />

to maintain order and safety—this departure has the air of friends and family saying<br />

“goodbye for now.”<br />

After disembarking, travel to Luxembourg where, at the Luxembourg American Cemetery,<br />

you can pay homage to the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives during the World War II<br />

Battle of the Bulge. A few hours in a luxury motor coach finds you in Paris: the City of Light.<br />

Being the last leg of the trip with Viking,<br />

they’re there to make the transition from<br />

ship to hotel as seamless and relaxing as<br />

possible.<br />

Wind down by taking in the sights of<br />

this beautiful city. Strolling the streets,<br />

enjoying a glass of wine at a street-side<br />

café, and discovering the most delicious<br />

croque monsieur on the planet (go to<br />

Le Petit Cler—you will not regret it!) is<br />

simply divine.<br />

As the final morning of your trip<br />

arrives, the Viking ground crew—stationed<br />

at your hotel—ensure another smooth<br />

departure; facilitating each passenger’s<br />

travel needs as they head home.<br />

Think beyond the beach this year. A<br />

Viking River Cruise is an adventure that’ll<br />

make <strong>2019</strong> your best, most adventurous,<br />

year yet.<br />

Photos courtesy of Viking River Cruises.<br />

96 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />


| eat & drink |<br />



WE LOVE…<br />

HWY 50 BREWERY<br />

3544 Carson Road, Suite 20<br />

Camino<br />

530-556-5060,<br />

hwy50brewery.com<br />



209 Main Street, Placerville<br />

530-601-4420<br />

jackrussellbrewery.com<br />


4810 Granite Drive, Suite 1A<br />

Rocklin<br />

916-251-7502<br />

kathrinsbiergarten.com<br />



3640 Taylor Road, Suite C, Loomis<br />

916-824-1527<br />

lbbpub.com<br />



13407 Folsom Boulevard, Suite D<br />

Folsom<br />

916-357-5250<br />

outofboundsbrewing.com/<br />

folsom<br />

New Glory Eatery & Taproom // If you’ve never eaten food that was so good you said words improper to say in<br />

public, New Glory Eatery & Taproom can help. Not that I want you to say anything offensive, but when I took a bite of their Croque<br />

Monsieur, a few questionable words came out of my otherwise pure mouth. Picture a warm sandwich with béchamel (a French<br />

sauce that’ll change your life), fire-smoked ham, Gruyère, and chives on country white bread. C’est délicieux! Throw in Parmesan<br />

Truffle Fries and a pint of Mild Statesman Ale and you have la perfection! If you’re a fan of chicken strips, you’ve never had<br />

any like the ones they serve here. Beer-brined in their Ubahdank IPA, they’re trés moist and flavorful. Julien, the owner—who<br />

happens to be from France (hence my attempt at writing in French)—and his staff pride themselves on cleverly naming their beers,<br />

whose colorful cans are a talking point too. Mouth Party (Northeastern DIPA), Hopochondriac (West Coast DIPA), Gummy Worms<br />

(chewy pale ale), and Wakey Wakey (oatmeal coffee porter) were just a few of the 20-plus rotating taps available on my visit. As far<br />

as food, there’s something for everyone at this family-friendly taproom. And here’s a little secret that our server, Ben, let us in on. If<br />

you order the Papas and Chorizo pizza, add an egg, and it will magically turn into breakfast. À votre santé and bon appétit! (Cheers<br />

and enjoy your meal.) 5540 Douglas Boulevard, Suite 140 & 150, Granite Bay, 916-872-1721, newglorybeer.com/eatery — Julie Ryan<br />



155 Placerville Drive, Placerville<br />

530-295-9166<br />

placervillebrewingco.com<br />


552 Pleasant Valley Road<br />

Diamond Springs<br />

530-344-7442<br />

solidgroundbrewing.com<br />


240 Vernon Street, Roseville<br />

916-786-6665<br />

monkscellar.com<br />

Note: All of these places brew their<br />

own beer.<br />

98 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags<br />



GUIDE<br />



www.stylesavingsguide.com www.stylesavingsguide.com<br />



Start early on your New Year’s Resolution<br />



916.988.9111 jbmedwell.com<br />

6611 Folsom-Auburn Rd. #F • Folsom<br />




• Botox<br />

• Juvederm<br />

• Safe & effective FDA approved<br />

appetite suppressants<br />

• B-12 & Lipoplex injections<br />

• Electronic body fat analysis<br />

• Cholesterol Testing<br />

• Testosterone Injections<br />

for Men<br />

Voted a Best<br />

Weight Loss<br />

Center!<br />

$<br />

20 OFF<br />


Must bring in this ad. Expires 2/28/19.<br />

www.stylesavingsguide.com www.stylesavingsguide.com<br />



www.stylesavingsguide.com www.stylesavingsguide.com<br />

4<br />



The_Social_Rescue_Blogging_Social_Media_Marketing_Help-FB-Cover-With Tags.indd 1<br />

12/17/18 7:11 PM

Real therapy<br />

for real life.<br />

www.MassageHeights.com<br />

18 Licensed Therapists<br />

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff<br />

Folsom in the Palladio<br />

230 Palladio Parkway<br />

Open 7 days - Extended Hours<br />

Relaxing Spa Atmosphere<br />

Roseville in Nugget Plaza<br />

761 Pleasant Grove Blvd.<br />

* Through Feb 28, <strong>2019</strong>

www.stylesavingsguide.com www.stylesavingsguide.com<br />

6<br />

Bringing Grout & Tile Back To Life

www.stylesavingsguide.com www.stylesavingsguide.com<br />


www.stylesavingsguide.com www.stylesavingsguide.com<br />






Local Chicago Hot Spot! Serving up<br />

Roseville's favorite signature Chicago<br />

pizzas, Italian beef and “Vienna” dogs,<br />

pastas, and sandwiches that offer high<br />

quality, value and flavor. Dine-in with<br />

your family and watch your favorite<br />

sporting events. Join us for NFL Ticket.<br />

Online ordering and carry out available.<br />

Closed Mondays.<br />

Rosati's<br />

5140 Foothills Blvd., #110<br />

Roseville, CA<br />

916-797-7492<br />

myrosatisroseville.com<br />

Great Food and Drink meet at Bricks!<br />

Gourmet crafted burgers, satisfying<br />

salads and hearty dishes will be sure<br />

to delight all appetites! Bring friends<br />

and family to dine in our uniquely<br />

casual atmosphere, or relax at the<br />

bar with a cocktail and a savory<br />

appetizer!<br />

Bricks Eats & Drinks<br />

482 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-344-7757<br />

www.bricksonmainstreet.com<br />



The Independent presents an<br />

outstanding American fusion menu<br />

and a top-tier full bar. The scratch<br />

kitchen uses only the freshest, finest<br />

ingredients creating exceptional grill<br />

and seafood entrées. The bar prides<br />

itself on artisanal cocktails, freshsqueezed<br />

juices and house-made<br />

mixers. Beautiful outdoor patio!<br />

The Independent<br />

Restaurant and Bar<br />

629 Main Street, Placerville<br />

530-344-7645<br />

independentplacerville.com<br />

Cascada is your Main Street<br />

Placerville destination for the finest<br />

Mexican Cuisine and Best Cocktails.<br />

Stop by and take in the Bell Tower<br />

views while enjoying an authentic<br />

south of the border delight and a<br />

handcrafted cocktail! See why we<br />

are consistently voted a favorite by<br />

<strong>Style</strong> readers.<br />

Cascada Restaurant & Cantina<br />

384 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-344-7757<br />

cascadainplacerville.com<br />



Kobe Sushi & Fusion is a family<br />

owned establishment dedicated<br />

to quality Japanese, Korean, and<br />

fusion food. Escape the cold with<br />

our new winter hot pot specials:<br />

spicy soondubu and earthy sukiyaki.<br />

Traditional sushi or modern fusion<br />

tacos, our menu is sure to please.<br />

Kobe Sushi & Fusion<br />

3300 Coach Lane<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-9210<br />

kobecameronpark.com<br />

Celebrating their 12th year in business,<br />

Heyday Café has been voted Best<br />

Overall Restaurant, Best Salad Place,<br />

Best Casual Restaurant and Best<br />

Wine Bar! Heyday Café presents fresh<br />

California cuisine with international<br />

influences. Lunch 7 days and dinner 6<br />

nights a week. Pouring over 40 wines!<br />

Reservations are encouraged.<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-626-9700<br />

heydaycafe.com<br />


BAKERY<br />

HUNGRY? Welcome to Casa Ramos,<br />

enjoy the RAMOS family recipes.<br />

Ranging from authentic classics like<br />

carne asada, chicken mole, and Borrego<br />

(lamb shank) to Mexican-American<br />

favorites like nachos, chimichangas<br />

and oversized burritos! Whichever dish<br />

chosen, you will leave satisfied!<br />

Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant<br />

6840 Green Leaf Dr.<br />

Placerville<br />

530-622-2303<br />

www.casaramos.net<br />

Winner for Best Bakery Sacramento-<br />

A-List 2017 and 2016 and Readers<br />

Choice Best Bakery. Unique scratch<br />

bakery/deli specializing in Greek,<br />

Italian, Hungarian and Romanian<br />

Cuisine. Gluten-free and some<br />

vegan options! Take-out/Dine-in.<br />

Amazing!<br />

Farmer's Delicatessen and Bakery<br />

3952 Cambridge Rd.<br />

Cameron Park<br />

530-672-6800<br />

farmersdeli.net<br />

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Healthy<br />

in a Hurry<br />

We define “healthy in a hurry” as a certain meal or dish<br />

that’s good for you and quick to get. Toss in the possibility<br />

of said meal being actually yummy and voila(!)— we end<br />

up with the perfect-in-every-way options below.<br />

“The Salad Bar at Whole<br />

Foods is literally what you<br />

make it. The combinations<br />

are endless, and you<br />

can’t go wrong. If you do,<br />

then it’s your own fault!<br />

With greens galore, vast<br />

veggies (fresh or roasted),<br />

power-packed proteins,<br />

and dressing options for<br />

all, you can’t miss this<br />

guilt-free option. The best<br />

part? There’s no waiting for<br />

someone else to prepare<br />

it, which means it goes<br />

straight from the box to<br />

your belly. Here’s a pro tip:<br />

Skip the heavy hard-boiled<br />

eggs and beans and get<br />

your dressing on the side<br />

to save money on weight!”<br />

wholefoodsmarket.com<br />

Cielo Acai Café<br />

Fishology Poke Bar<br />

Zest Kitchen<br />

“I’m always looking for a<br />

non-caffeinated way to<br />

add some pep in my step,<br />

so when I found Cielo Acai<br />

Café in Roseville, I was<br />

thrilled at the prospect of<br />

filling up my tank without<br />

the post-coffee crash.<br />

Their "Build Your Own”<br />

Acai Bowl allows me<br />

a choice of three basic<br />

toppings (granola is usually<br />

a staple, along with peanut<br />

butter and bananas) on a<br />

traditional acai bowl. It’s<br />

fresh, fun, fast, and gives<br />

me the extra energy to<br />

finish my day! What more<br />

could I ask for?” cieloacai.<br />

com<br />

“The Chipotle Tacos at<br />

Zest Kitchen in Rocklin<br />

are my ‘healthy in a hurry’<br />

option. The quick pickme-up<br />

contains three<br />

organic corn tortillas<br />

loaded with chipotle<br />

chickpeas, lime-cilantro<br />

Whole Foods<br />

cabbage slaw, a cashew<br />

lime sour crème, and<br />

fresh cilantro on top. I<br />

sometimes add avocado<br />

when I’m feeling indulgent,<br />

too. The plant-based plate<br />

is crisp, colorful, and<br />

exactly what I need most<br />

days.” zestvegankitchen.<br />

com<br />

“I’ve recently embarked<br />

on a hard-core fitness<br />

regime that requires me<br />

to load up on protein<br />

and other good stuff. No<br />

more potato chips for me!<br />

ProTrain Food for Fitness<br />

in Carmichael allows me<br />

to go in and grab a premade<br />

salad that provides<br />

the perfect food fuel. Their<br />

Greek Salad with Chicken<br />

packs a punch with<br />

romaine lettuce, herbed<br />

roasted chicken, feta<br />

cheese, kalamata olives,<br />

ProTrain Food for Fitness<br />

red onions, tomatoes, and<br />

cucumbers in a red wine<br />

vinaigrette. They also<br />

offer weekly subscription<br />

meal plans (offerings run<br />

the gamut from breakfast<br />

burritos to braised beef<br />

sirloin tips) and delivery<br />

within the region.”<br />

protrainf3.com<br />

“The Regular Bowl at<br />

Fishology Poke Bar in<br />

Folsom is healthy alright,<br />

but I also just love me<br />

some poké. In fact, I need<br />

my brown rice, salmon,<br />

onions, ginger, garlic ponzu<br />

sauce, masago, crab salad,<br />

cucumbers, avocado,<br />

and edamame fix at least<br />

twice a week. With every<br />

chopstick-full, you can<br />

taste the freshness and<br />

love put into each bowl.<br />

Eating lunch out doesn’t<br />

make me feel guilty any<br />

more; and, if anything, it<br />

keeps me away from the<br />

deep-fried, fatty stuff.”<br />

fishologypokebar.com<br />

“I could never quit<br />

sandwiches cold turkey<br />

and move solely to salads,<br />

no matter how healthy I’m<br />

trying to be. It’s just not<br />

in my DNA. The Turkey<br />

Sandwich at Main Street<br />

Melters in Placerville<br />

strikes the perfect<br />

balance between healthy<br />

and indulgent. The cold<br />

sandwich (I like it on their<br />

marble rye bread) comes<br />

with a creative mixture of<br />

Main Street Melters<br />

creamy avocado, havarti,<br />

artichoke hearts, spinach,<br />

red onions, and tomatoes<br />

and is equal parts good and<br />

great.” mainstreetmelters.<br />

com<br />

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CAFÉ<br />

CAFÉ<br />

We specialize in European inspired<br />

Breakfast Pastries, Crepes, and<br />

Desserts! Everything is made in house<br />

by our exceptional culinary team. Join<br />

us for lunch and try one of our savory<br />

Crepes or sandwiches made with only<br />

the best quality ingredients.<br />

Bring this ad in for 10% off your order!<br />

Offer valid until 1-31-19.<br />

Julian’s Patisserie & Cafe<br />

6610 Folsom Auburn Rd., Ste. 7<br />

Folsom, CA<br />

916-936-4735<br />

www.julianscafe.com<br />

Offering delicious home made fresh<br />

food and the best coffee and espresso<br />

in the area. Start your day with our<br />

breakfast specialties, warm cinnamon<br />

rolls, delectable coffee cakes, fresh<br />

muffins, delightful scones and cookies. Sit<br />

outside on the patio for lunch, and enjoy<br />

our creative salads, sandwiches and soup.<br />

Come enjoy our great patio!<br />

Coffee Republic<br />

6610 Folsom-Auburn Rd.<br />

Folsom, CA<br />

916-987-8001<br />

www.coffeerepublicfolsom.com<br />



Icing on the Cupcake offers a wide<br />

variety of cupcake flavors including<br />

gluten free and vegan options<br />

available every day at our three retail<br />

locations. We also offer other sweet<br />

treats baked fresh daily including<br />

brownies, pies, and cookie sandwiches<br />

using the finest quality ingredients.<br />

Icing on the Cupcake<br />

6839 Lonetree Blvd.<br />

Rocklin<br />

916-303-4333<br />

www.icingonthecupcake.com<br />

Executive Chef Michael Liu unites<br />

traditional Japanese cuisine with unique<br />

and contemporary offerings by bringing<br />

you the very best in tasty ingredients<br />

from the ocean & land to your plate.<br />

Tuesday-Sunday 11am-2pm enjoy our All<br />

You Can Eat (AYCE) menu. It has proven<br />

an unmatched offering enthusiastically<br />

received by our customers.<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., #107<br />

Folsom<br />

916-985-7778<br />

www.hisuisushi.com<br />

FRENCH<br />

THAI<br />

Combining the flavors of France and<br />

the Mediterranean regions with an<br />

emphasis on quality, fresh seasonal<br />

and locally-grown ingredients.<br />

The perfect location for private<br />

dining, special events, wedding<br />

celebrations and corporate dinners/<br />

presentations.<br />

La Provence Restaurant<br />

& Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Place<br />

Roseville, CA<br />

916-789-2002<br />

www.laprovenceroseville.com<br />

As one customer said, "The best Thai<br />

food we've ever eaten." Let us serve you<br />

Monday-Sunday. Enjoy indoor dining<br />

or our lake view patio in our beautiful<br />

Town Center location. We serve<br />

traditional Thai food in an authentic<br />

Thai setting. We offer convenient online<br />

ordering. Readers’ Choice Award winner<br />

13 consecutive years.<br />

Chantara Thai Cuisine<br />

4361 Town Center Blvd., Ste. 110<br />

El Dorado Hills, CA<br />

916-939-0389<br />



At Visconti’s Ristorante, we are honored<br />

to cook for you as we cook for our own<br />

family. We are proud to use only the<br />

freshest ingredients, and imported<br />

meat, cheese, and wine.<br />

We welcome you and look forward to<br />

serving you!<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 700<br />

Folsom, CA<br />

916-983-5181<br />

viscontisristorante.com<br />

A Family of Candy Makers since 1963.<br />

With 3 generations of candy makers,<br />

Snooks continues the tradition of<br />

producing the finest freshly made<br />

confections on site in Historic<br />

Folsom. Come visit us or shop online!<br />

Snooks Chocolate Factory<br />

731 Sutter Street<br />

Historic Folsom, CA<br />

916-985-0620<br />

www.snookscandies.com<br />

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For those who have never experienced<br />

dining in a Brazilian steakhouse or<br />

churrascaria—the time has come. You’ve<br />

probably eaten all-you-can-eat sushi or had a<br />

seafood or breakfast buffet—so why not AYCE<br />

beef, chicken, and pork?<br />

It’s not necessary to be familiar with<br />

terms like churrascaria and rodízio, but<br />

after a visit to Brisas Do Sul in Folsom’s<br />

Palladio, you might want to be. If you visit<br />

when they’re not too busy, you may be<br />

fortunate enough to have General Manager<br />

Anna give you a history of not only their<br />

big, new, and beautiful restaurant, but also<br />

the history of the Brazillian steakhouse<br />

revolution here in America.<br />










Brisas Do Sul<br />

A Meat-Eater’s Mecca<br />


Anna guided me through the protocols<br />

of rodízio-style dining including their famed<br />

Farmer’s Table. There’s no misnomer here—<br />

the area is filled with fruits, vegetables, salads,<br />

cheeses, and charcuterie. If you’re a foodie<br />

(or a vegetarian), there’s a seemingly endless<br />

bevy of tantalizing treats—from Brazilian<br />

classics like chickpea salad, hearts of palm,<br />

malagueta peppers, roasted vegetables,<br />

feijoada (black bean stew), and farofa (a<br />

toasted cassava mixture), to an amazing array<br />

of salads and sides, like salami, manchego,<br />

and smoked salmon with capers, red onions,<br />

and dill sauce. Assorted sliced fruit, including<br />

papaya and pineapple, are strategically<br />

added because of their digestion-enhancing<br />

properties. And if that’s not enough, there are<br />

warming stations with rice, collard greens,<br />

and fricassee (braised chicken simmered in<br />

a rich, hearty sauce). In short, the Farmer’s<br />

Table could readily fulfill the lunch or dinner<br />

102 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

desires of most folks without venturing forth onto the<br />

meaty main event.<br />

Which brings me to Brisa’s pride and joy: roasted meat<br />

on a skewer. On my lunch-hour visit, there were seven<br />

different preparations parading past me (during dinner,<br />

the offerings increase to 15) by a “gaucho.” A carnivore’s<br />

carnival of flame-roasted proteins stacked on a sword, and all you have<br />

to do is make sure your personal card is turned green side up. With your<br />

card in position, your gaucho will entice you with portions of Brazillian<br />

linguisa sausage, bacon-wrapped chicken, garlic steak, parmesan pork,<br />

top sirloin, roasted leg of chicken, and more. Except the linguisa, the<br />

meats are simply seasoned with just sea salt and pepper, allowing each<br />

one’s natural flavor and quality to shine. The magic here is in the open<br />

fire, roasting process—indoor barbecue taken to the next level.<br />

Each table also comes with gluten-free cheese bread, mashed<br />

potatoes and chimichurri sauce to complement your meat, and fried<br />

plantains as a palate cleanser.<br />

Founder Emanuel Peres, co-founder Luciano Lima, and of course,<br />

GM Anna have created a convivial, authentic dining experience that<br />

begs to be shared with loved ones—so, by all means, come and enjoy.<br />

Brisas Do Sol, 380 Palladio Parkway, Suite 305, Folsom, 916-883-2747, brisasdosul.com<br />

HOURS: 3-9 p.m. (Sunday), 11<br />

a.m.-2 p.m.; 4-9 p.m. (Monday-<br />

Thursday), 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; 4-10<br />

p.m. (Friday), noon-10 p.m.<br />

(Saturday)<br />

TRY THIS: Full Rodízio (includes<br />

endless trips to the Farmer’s<br />

Table and hand-carved meats),<br />

Brisas Farmers Fish, Brazilian<br />

Flan, Caipirinha, Brisas Cocktail<br />

Camarão<br />

DRINKS: Full bar; beer, wine, and<br />

specialty cocktails<br />

TAB: $$$<br />

HEADS-UP: Happy Hour (Monday-<br />

Friday from 4-7 p.m.) includes à<br />

la carte food specials, half-price<br />

cocktails, and more; 1,200-square<br />

foot banquet room seats up to 50;<br />

vegan and gluten-free options;<br />

children 8-12 are half price and<br />

0-7 are free with paying adult;<br />

seven cuts of meat are available<br />

at lunch and 15 at dinner<br />

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Restaurant Listings<br />

Featuring restaurants and eateries in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, and beyond.<br />


= Outdoor Seating<br />

= Full Bar<br />

= Beer & Wine Only<br />

= Happy Hour<br />


36 Handles<br />

1010 White Rock Rd., 916-941-3606. Irish. Healthy and<br />

authentic Irish-inspired pub grub with regularly<br />

rotating taps and weekly specials and events.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant<br />

1121 White Rock Rd., 916-941-8787. Afghan. Since 2003,<br />

Bamiyan has been serving delicious Afghan<br />

cuisine, including ashak, mantoo and bolani.<br />

Vegan options. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Casa Ramos<br />

2023 Vine St., Ste. 200, 916-939-0900. Mexican. The<br />

Ramos family serves up traditional Mexican fare<br />

as well as heart-healthy dishes and vegetarian<br />

options. L/D $$<br />

Cascada<br />

2222 Francisco Dr., 916-934-0800. Mexican. There’s<br />

no better way to spice up dinner than sipping a<br />

margarita alongside Cascada’s complimentary<br />

and oh-so creamy bean dip, chips, and salsa.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Chantara Thai<br />

4361 Town Center Blvd., 916-939-0389. Thai. From<br />

classic Thai curries and noodle dishes to unique<br />

specialties, you can find it all at this authentic<br />

restaurant. L/D $$<br />

Relish Burger Bar<br />

1000 White Rock Rd., 916-933-3111. American. Stop<br />

by to enjoy delicious-tasting burgers, salads,<br />

loaded nachos, beer-battered onion rings, and<br />

more at one of El Dorado Hills’ finest burger<br />

joints. Spacious patio and weekly events. L/D<br />

$$ <br />

Selland’s Market Café<br />

4370 Town Center Blvd., 916-932-5025. Café/Bakery.<br />

Seasonal, healthy, and house-made menu<br />

items including eclectic sandwiches and hearty<br />

entrées and sides, leafy green salads, pizzas, and<br />

delectable desserts. Sunday brunch. L/D $$<br />

Sienna Restaurant<br />

3909 Park Dr., 916-941-9694. American. This awardwinning<br />

restaurant’s specialties include woodfired<br />

pizzas, fresh fish, hand-cut steaks, and a<br />

large selection of appetizers. Friday lunch and<br />

Sunday brunch. $$ D <br />

Sky Sushi<br />

3907 Park Dr., 916-941-6311. Japanese. Since 2005,<br />

Sky Sushi has been serving fresh and tasty rolls<br />

at reasonable prices. Located in La Borgata, it<br />

offers stylish environs and artistically presented<br />

plates. L/D $$<br />

Umi Sushi<br />

1121 White Rock Rd., Ste. 105, 916-586-9444. Japanese.<br />

The super fresh fish and pretty presentation will<br />

please both your appetite and eyes. A non-sushi<br />

menu (like delicious bento boxes and udon) is<br />

offered as well. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Windplay Deli**<br />

5003 Windplay Dr., Ste. 1, 916-933-9099. Deli. Located<br />

in a business park, Windplay Deli is a great place<br />

to stop by on your lunch hour. Operated by<br />

the owners themselves, they strive to create<br />

sandwiches to your preference by accommodating<br />

all palates. Closed weekends. B/L $<br />

FOLSOM<br />

Bacchus House Bistro<br />

1004 East Bidwell St., Ste. 100, 916-984-7500. New American.<br />

One of Folsom’s most praiseworthy eateries—thanks<br />

to extensive wine offerings and seasonal, globally<br />

influenced dishes that utilize fresh fare from local<br />

farms. Closed Monday. L/D $$ <br />

Back Bistro<br />

230 Palladio Pkwy., Ste. 1201, 916-986-9100. New<br />

American. Relaxed, polished eatery with<br />

small plates, eclectic American entrées, and a<br />

wraparound wine bar. L/D $$<br />

Brisas Do Sul<br />

380 Palladio Pkwy., Ste. 305, 916-883-2747. Brazilian.<br />

A fine-dining restaurant where you can indulge<br />

and experience Southern Brazil’s inspirational<br />

food, culture, and traditions via fresh-cut, handcarved<br />

meats and an expansive (and vegetarianfriendly)<br />

“Farmer’s Table.” L/D $$$ <br />

Chicago Fire<br />

310 Palladio Pkwy., Ste. 701, 916-984-0140. Pizza.<br />

Offering a variety of menu items inspired by the<br />

Windy City, from meaty Italian beef sandwiches<br />

and a “Chicago Dog” to the deepest and<br />

cheesiest pizza in town. L/D $$ <br />

Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill <br />

2791 East Bidwell St., Ste. 100B, 916-597-1008. Mexican.<br />

Costa Vida is awash with the flavors of coastal<br />

Mexico. Inspired by nautical vibes and healthy<br />

living, choose from burritos, tacos, nachos,<br />

salads, and quesadillas, to name a few—and<br />

customize your creation from there. L/D $<br />

Curry Club Indian Bistro<br />

196 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 130, 916-353-0855. Indian.<br />

Dive into authentic Indian cuisine at this local<br />

favorite. Avail of their lunch buffet where you<br />

can sample multiple dishes for a fraction of the<br />

price. Regulars go gaga for their vindaloo, palak<br />

paneer, and butter chicken. L/D $$<br />

Dominick’s NY Pizza & Deli <br />

187 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-351-0900. Pizza/Deli. New<br />

York- and Sicilian-style pizza, paninis, hero subs<br />

(both hot and cold), pastas, and more—all made<br />

using locally sourced produce and Boar’s Head<br />

deli meats and cheeses. L/D $$ <br />

Dos Coyotes <br />

13885 Folsom Blvd., Ste. 100, 916-351-9750. Mexican.<br />

Dos Coyotes offers an eclectic spin on<br />

Southwestern dishes at affordable prices<br />

and prides themselves on using fresh, local<br />

ingredients. Vegan options. L/D $ <br />

Fat’s Asia Bistro**<br />

2585 Iron Point Rd., 916-983-1133. Asian/Fusion/<br />

Chinese/Seafood. Named the region’s favorite<br />

Asian restaurant for more than 10 years in a row,<br />

Fat’s specializes in handmade dim sum, banana<br />

cream pie (Frank Fat’s recipe), and other highquality<br />

dishes. L/D $$ <br />

FLB Entertainment Center<br />

511 East Bidwell St., 916-983-4411. American. Bowling,<br />

a casino, and sports bar are just part of the fun<br />

that awaits at FLB Entertainment Center. They<br />

also offer a full grill with veggie-packed salads<br />

and wraps, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and<br />

breakfast items. Late-night dining. B/L/D $$ <br />

Folsom Tap House <br />

25005 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 140., 916-292-5711.<br />

American. Choices abound at Folsom Tap House!<br />

Their extensive menu allows guests to choose<br />

from draft and bottled beers, and their food<br />

menu has options that’ll pair perfectly with<br />

whatever pint you pick. L/D $$<br />

Hacienda Del Rio<br />

702 Sutter St., Ste. M, 916-351-1800. Mexican. Since<br />

1979, Hacienda has been dishing up authentic<br />

Mexican favorites like Fajitas Del Rio and Chimi<br />

Especial, alongside chips, spicy green salsa, and<br />

handcrafted margaritas. Weekend brunch and<br />

spacious patio. L/D $$<br />

Hasu Teriyaki & Sushi<br />

25075 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 120, 916-983-7777. Japanese.<br />

Enjoy the delicious food, friendly service, and<br />

cozy atmosphere at Hasu. The menu features<br />

a wide variety of traditional Japanese dishes<br />

guaranteed to please. Vegan options. Closed<br />

Tuesday. L/D$<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 107, 916-985-7778. Japanese.<br />

Combining traditional Japanese cuisine with a<br />

creative and contemporary flair, Hisui focuses<br />

on serving food made using fresh, healthy<br />

ingredients. Closed Monday. L/D $$ <br />

India House<br />

2776 East Bidwell St., Ste. 300, 916-817-4356. Indian.<br />

Whether you prefer your food spicy, mild, or<br />

somewhere in between, India House has you<br />

covered. Favorites include the chicken tikka<br />

masala, aloo gobi, and butter naan. Closed<br />

Monday. L/D $$<br />

Julian's Pâtisserie and Café<br />

6610 Folsom Auburn Rd., Ste. 7, 916-936-4735. Bakery/Café.<br />

Julian's pâtisserie is full of European treats, creative<br />

crêpes (both sweet and savory), and more—all of<br />

which are made from scratch with nothing but the<br />

finest ingredients. Closed Tuesday. B/L $<br />

104 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Karen’s Bakery and Café<br />

705 Gold Lake Dr., Ste. 340, 916-985-2665. Bakery/Café.<br />

Bakery items are based on European traditions<br />

and feature seasonal ingredients with a creative<br />

approach. The picturesque patio is perfect for<br />

catching up with friends over coffee or lunch.<br />

Closed Sunday. B/L $$ <br />

<br />

La Bou Bakery and Café<br />

404 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 600. 916-983-3885, Bakery/<br />

Café. Freshness, quality, and taste are just a<br />

few of the things found in La Bou's buttery<br />

croissants, espresso drinks, muffins, soups,<br />

salads, and sandwiches. B/L $ <br />

Land Ocean New American Grill<br />

2720 East Bidwell St., 916-983-7000. New American.<br />

Land Ocean offers distinctive menus that<br />

include hand-cut steaks, wood-fired rotisserie,<br />

fresh seafood, and delectable desserts.<br />

Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

La Rosa Blanca<br />

402 Natoma St., 916-673-9085. Mexican. You’re part<br />

of the family at La Rosa Blanca. From fajitas and<br />

tostadas to tortas, soups, and salads, you can<br />

expect great-tasting food, generous portions,<br />

and a festive environment. L/D $ <br />

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar<br />

300 Palladio Pkwy., Folsom, 916-378-4660. American.<br />

Enjoy a sizeable, seasonal menu full of eclectic,<br />

gastropub-style offerings that include salads, bowls,<br />

burgers, pastas, desserts, and even an impressive<br />

kids’ menu. Weekend brunch. L/D $$ <br />

Lotus 8<br />

199 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 100. 916-351-9278. Chinese.<br />

This eatery serves authentic Chinese food with<br />

a modern twist, such as orange chicken that<br />

manages to be both saucy yet incredibly crispy<br />

at the same time. Lunch dishes come with soup<br />

and your choice of chow mein or fried rice. L/D<br />

$$ <br />

Lucille's Coffee Hops & Vine<br />

25055 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste 100., 916-294-7472. Café/<br />

Bakery/American. Lucille's serves delicious<br />

breakfast and pastry items from local bakeries,<br />

plus more satiating dishes to go with their<br />

carefully selected craft beers and fine wines.<br />

B/L $<br />

Mel's Diner<br />

13399 Folsom Blvd., 916-985-7337, American.<br />

Whether morning, noon, or night, step into<br />

yesteryear at this local diner that serves all-<br />

American family favorites like country fried<br />

steak, burgers, fried chicken, milkshakes, and<br />

more. B/L/D $$<br />

Mexquite Mexican Cuisine and Tequila Lounge**<br />

25095 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-984-8607. Mexican.<br />

Mexquite provides mouthwatering Mexican<br />

cuisine, plus a lively interior and spacious, dogfriendly<br />

outdoor patio. Patrons particularly love<br />

their ceviche, margaritas, and carnitas. Weekend<br />

brunch. L/D $$ <br />

Mikuni<br />

185 Placerville Rd., Ste. 100, Folsom, 916-934-5250.<br />

Japanese. In addition to sushi, traditional Japanese<br />

dishes, and modern twists on classics, Mikuni offers<br />

a gluten-free menu, party platters, and happy hour<br />

specials—all made using great attention to detail<br />

and fresh ingredients. L/D $$ <br />

Mylapore<br />

1760 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 160., 916-985-3500. Indian.<br />

With South Indian roots, Mylapore serves fresh,<br />

healthy, scratch-made food that’s entirely<br />

vegetarian. Their breakfast, daily specials, and<br />

dosa happy hour are not to be missed. B/L/D<br />

$$<br />

<br />

Nicholson’s MusiCafe<br />

632 East Bidwell St., 916-984-3020. Cafe/Bakery.<br />

Indulge in a chai tea latte, fresh-made pastry<br />

from nearby BJ Cinnamon, breakfast sandwich,<br />

or salad while listening to live tunes at this haven<br />

for local musicians. Closed Sunday. B/L $<br />

Pronto’s New York Pizzeria<br />

299 Iron Point Rd., 916-608-0720. Italian. You haven’t<br />

experienced true New York-style pizza in<br />

Folsom unless you’ve tried a slice at Pronto’s.<br />

Serving pies of all sizes and flavors, it’s easy to<br />

have it your way. Not a fan of pizza? Pronto’s<br />

also makes pastas like baked ziti and eggplant<br />

parmigiana. L/D $$<br />

Rock-N-Fire<br />

1010 Riley St., Ste. 4, 916-673-9474. Pizza/American/<br />

Mexican. Ever heard of a burger bowl? Try it at<br />

this unique eatery that serves up flavor-packed<br />

fare—including custom-built (and signature)<br />

pizzas, burgers and said burger bowls, salads,<br />

nachos, tacos, and more—with speedy, friendly<br />

service at affordable prices. L/D $$<br />

Ruchi Indian Cuisine<br />

601 East Bidwell St., 916-983-2871. Indian. Ruchi’s<br />

accommodating menu has a variety of North<br />

and South Indian dishes, including a lengthy list<br />

of vegetarian entrées, as well as a lunch buffet<br />

and weekly specials. L/D $$<br />

Rudy’s Hideaway<br />

12303 Folsom Blvd., 916-351-0606. Seafood/Steakhouse.<br />

Rudy’s is a seafood-lover’s delight and features<br />

a mouthwatering selection of nautical noshes<br />

plus melt-in-your-mouth steaks and lunch<br />

specials. L/D $$ <br />

Sacramento Pizza Company<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 500, 916-673-9754. Pizza.<br />

Choose your crust, sauce, cheese, meats, and<br />

unlimited toppings at this pizza lover’s paradise.<br />

The locally sourced ingredients and scratchmade<br />

dough results in pie perfection. Vegan<br />

cheese and gluten-free crust available. L/D $ <br />

Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar<br />

9611 Greenback Ln., 916-989-6711. Seafood/American.<br />

Expect the freshest of seafood (flown in or<br />

delivered daily from around the world) served<br />

by a well-trained, knowledgeable staff in a<br />

comfortable atmosphere at this Folsom area<br />

favorite. Full gluten-free menu. L/D $$$ <br />

Shogun Hibachi Grill & Sushi<br />

1870 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 600, 916-985-9588. Japanese. This<br />

modern hibachi restaurant brings new meaning to<br />

“dinner and a show,” thanks to a personal chef who<br />

will deftly chop, slice, and fly your meal over and<br />

above the grill and onto your plate. L/D $$<br />

Strings Italian Café<br />

25035 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 120, 916-983-8815.<br />

Italian. Strings has been serving enjoyable<br />

and affordable Italian dishes in a relaxed<br />

atmosphere for the past 10 years. Enjoy one of<br />

their lunch specials any day between 11 a.m. and<br />

4 p.m. or avail of their party trays. L/D $$<br />

Suishin Sushi**<br />

194 Blue Ravine Rd., 916-985-8885. Japanese.<br />

Suishin uses the freshest ingredients, including<br />

novelties like quail eggs, uni, and ponzu. The<br />

modern, hip atmosphere leaves you at ease<br />

as you consume your fish, one roll at a time.<br />

Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Sunny Garden Restaurant <br />

25085 Blue Ravine Rd., Ste. 150, 916-983-8882. Chinese.<br />

Sunny Garden prides themselves on using fresh<br />

ingredients in a traditional way and offering<br />

large portions at affordable prices. L/D $<br />

Sutter Street Taqueria<br />

727 Sutter St., 916-293-8952. Mexican. Sutter Street<br />

Taqueria brings the unique flavors of San<br />

Francisco’s Mission District taquerias to Folsom<br />

with a side of friendly service. Whether ordering<br />

a burrito, taco, quesadilla, or nachos, you can<br />

expect fresh ingredients, mouthwatering meats,<br />

and affordable prices. B/L/D $ <br />

Teriyaki To Go!<br />

614 East Bidwell St., 916-983-5560. Japanese. Teriyaki<br />

To Go is an ordinary eatery with extraordinary<br />

taste. Some may like the consistent tang of the<br />

teriyaki sauce that adds a punch of flavor, while<br />

others enjoy the pan-fried noodles. Either way,<br />

you’re sure to enjoy your meal. L/D $$ <br />

Thai Paradise<br />

2770 East Bidwell St., 916-984-8988. Thai. Modern<br />

environs, authentic cuisine made with love, and<br />

daily specials all make this eatery a paradise.<br />

Voted the best Thai food in town by locals for<br />

several years. L/D $$ <br />

The River Thai Cuisine<br />

424 East Bidwell St., 916-983-7388. Thai. Friendly<br />

service and deliciously authentic Thai food<br />

are waiting for you at The River Thai Cuisine.<br />

Established in 2015, this family-owned restaurant<br />

will satisfy your Thai food cravings. L/D $$ <br />

JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | stylemg.com 105

| eat & drink |<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante<br />

2700 East Bidwell St., Ste. 700, 916-983-5181. Italian.<br />

For the past two decades, the award-winning<br />

Visconti’s Ristorante has given the community<br />

a taste of Italy with their authentic dishes,<br />

romantic setting, and traditional music. L/D $$<br />

The Waffle Experience<br />

13405 Folsom Blvd., Ste. 950, 916-805-5938.<br />

American. This aptly named eatery is indeed<br />

an experience. Everything is made fresh daily<br />

resulting in a bill of fare that’s as flavorful as it is<br />

eclectic. B/L $$ <br />

Zaap Thai House<br />

1750 Prairie City Rd., Ste. 150, 916-355-882. Thai. Take<br />

in the relaxing atmosphere, top-notch customer<br />

service, and authentic Thai fare at Zaap. Dishes<br />

include pad Thai, beef larb salad, mango curry,<br />

and Thai iced tea—all at reasonable prices. L/D<br />

$$ <br />


Allez!<br />

4242 Fowler Ln., Ste. 101, Diamond Springs, 530-<br />

621-1160. French. Savor French café classics like<br />

baguette sandwiches on fresh-baked bread,<br />

crêpes, stews, pastas, and a to-die-for seafood<br />

paella. Enjoy your order in their rustically<br />

elegant dining room or to go. B/L/D $$ <br />

Bene Ristorante Italiano<br />

423 Main St., Placerville, 530-303-3415. Italian/Pizza.<br />

Enjoy a taste of Naples in Downtown Placerville<br />

as you savor Neapolitan-style pizza with all of<br />

your favorite toppings, fresh-made salads, or<br />

savory pasta dishes. L/D $$ <br />

Bricks <br />

482 Main St., Placerville, 530-303-3480. New American.<br />

If you’re looking for a friendly, unpretentious<br />

dining destination with local brews and good<br />

eats, look no further than the aptly named<br />

Bricks. Lamb lovers will go gaga for the Bo Peep<br />

Burger, but their steaks, sandwiches, salads, and<br />

desserts are all winners too. L/D $$ <br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main St., Placerville, 530-626-9700. New American.<br />

This intimate, bistro-style restaurant in a rustic<br />

chic space serves modern American cuisine<br />

(thin-crust pizzas, creative entrées, and artisan<br />

salads) and pours over 45 local, regional, and<br />

international wines. L/D $$ <br />

Papa Gianni’s Ristorante<br />

3450 Palmer Dr., Cameron Park, 530-672-2333. Italian.<br />

For over two decades, this family-owned eatery<br />

has been serving traditional, scratch-made<br />

recipes from Southern Italy, including favorites<br />

like chicken Parmesan, gnocchi alla vodka,<br />

and out-of-this-world desserts. It’s the ideal<br />

destination to celebrate a special occasion or<br />

grab takeout. L/D $$ <br />

Snooty Frog**<br />

3300 Coach Ln., Ste. E3, Cameron Park, 530-677-9025.<br />

Steakhouse/Seafood. There’s nothing snooty<br />

about Snooty Frog. It’s cozy but romantic, the<br />

food offerings—from steaks and seafood to<br />

pastas and rotating specials—are scrumptious,<br />

and their martinis are buzzworthy. D $$$<br />

Sweetie Pie’s<br />

577 Main St., Placerville, 530-642-0128. Bakery/Cafe.<br />

Ambiance isn’t the only inviting thing at Sweetie<br />

Pie’s. Service is done with a smile, and the menu<br />

features ample choices for breakfast—from<br />

traditional scrambles, omelettes, waffles, and<br />

pancakes to specialty dishes, such as chile<br />

relleno casserole and huevos rancheros—plus<br />

lunch offerings. B/L $$ <br />

Thai Unique<br />

1160 Broadway, Placerville, 530-621-9559. Thai.<br />

Indulge your senses in fresh, flavorful dishes<br />

like khao soi, duck curry, and tod mun kao pod<br />

while experiencing Thai cuisine that is indeed<br />

unique. L/D $$ <br />

The Farm Table<br />

311 Main St., Placerville, 530-295-8140. American. For<br />

those who enjoy locally sourced, farm-fresh<br />

fare, and plates that change based on what can<br />

be picked, The Farm Table might become your<br />

home away from home. L/D $$ <br />

The Breakroom<br />

4131 South Shingle Rd., Ste. 7, Shingle Springs, 530-<br />

763-6761. American. This full-service restaurant<br />

offers delicious American food (juicy burgers,<br />

French dip, salads, mac & cheese, etc.) and<br />

entertainment for the whole family, from pool<br />

tables, dart boards, and an arcade to cards and<br />

dice. Sunday brunch. L/D $$ <br />

The Independent<br />

629 Main St., Placerville, 530-344-7645. New American.<br />

Step into an urban dining establishment in the<br />

heart of Placerville and savor American fusion<br />

favorites and creatively mixed cocktails using<br />

fresh-squeezed juices. L/D $$<br />

Tom’s Burger & Frosty<br />

567 Placerville Dr., Placerville, 530-295-8199.<br />

American. Enjoy freshly grilled burgers, piping<br />

hot fries, and thick milkshakes that you and the<br />

whole family will love at this no-frills dining<br />

destination. L/D $<br />

Wally’s Pizza Bar<br />

4079 Cameron Park Dr., Cameron Park, 530-677-<br />

5205. Pizza/American. This family-owned and<br />

operated eatery crafts gourmet pizzas, pastas<br />

aplenty, and high-quality breakfast dishes. Their<br />

happy hour is one of the best in town. Weekend<br />

brunch. L/D $$<br />


Bar 101 Eats & Drinks<br />

101 Main St., Roseville, 916-774-0505, American.<br />

Sometimes you just want a comfortable<br />

neighborhood place to hang out and get some<br />

good food and drinks. If Historic Roseville is<br />

your destination, look no further than Bar 101.<br />

The menu features traditional bar fare, a bevy of<br />

burgers and sandwiches, street tacos, and more.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Broderick’s Roadhouse<br />

1516 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-771-2722. American. If<br />

it’s unique burgers you seek, this is the place.<br />

How about a bison, lamb, duck, vegetarian,<br />

or boar patty, if you’re bored with beef? Their<br />

specialty fries and boozy milkshakes are not to<br />

be missed either. Vegan options. L/D $$<br />

Ciao Restaurant<br />

1410 East Roseville Pkwy., Roseville, 916-782-0404.<br />

Italian. With bread and pasta made fresh daily<br />

in-house, you can rest assured that Ciao is<br />

Italian dining at its finest. Expect authentic<br />

entrées like Amatriciana, featuring melt-inyour-mouth<br />

smoked pork belly, savory tomato<br />

sugo, red chile, spaghetti di la casa; and a locally<br />

sourced, roasted half chicken with rich herb jus.<br />

L/D $$<br />

Fat’s Asia Bistro**<br />

1500 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-787-3287, Asian/Fusion/<br />

Chinese/Seafood. Named the region’s favorite<br />

Asian restaurant for more than 10 years in a row,<br />

Fat’s specializes in handmade dim sum, banana<br />

cream pie (Frank Fat’s recipe), and other highquality<br />

dishes. L/D $$ <br />

Flame & Fire<br />

963 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Ste. 100, Roseville, 916-790-<br />

5750. Brazilian. The perfectly cooked, handcarved<br />

meats at Flame & Fire are worthy of the<br />

fanfare and dramatic presentation, but the side<br />

dishes and expansive salad bar are equally as<br />

impressive. Weekend lunch. D $$$<br />

Four Sisters Café<br />

9050 Fairway Dr., Ste. 165, Roseville, 916-797-0770.<br />

American/Café. Mango-stuffed French toast,<br />

eggs benedicts, thick-sliced bacon (cured and<br />

smoked in-house), homemade soups, specialty<br />

salads, and sandwiches are just a sampling of<br />

Four Sister’s mouthwatering menu. B/L $$<br />

House of Oliver<br />

3992 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-773-9463.<br />

New American. This upscale, down-to-earth<br />

wine lounge treats customers to not only<br />

seasonal, scratch-made fare but one of the<br />

happiest hours in town, live music every Friday<br />

and Saturday night, an impressive wine list<br />

(plus wine flights), and space for private events.<br />

Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Il Fornaio<br />

1179 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 118, Roseville, 916-788-1200.<br />

Italian. Using the freshest ingredients and<br />

traditional cooking techniques, Il Fornaio creates<br />

high-quality Italian food paired with great wines<br />

and cocktails in a beautiful setting. L/D $$<br />

La Huaca<br />

9213 Sierra College Blvd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-771-<br />

2558. Peruvian. La Huaca makes Peruvian cuisine<br />

accessible for all palates with their colorful,<br />

flavor-packed, and elegantly presented plates that<br />

run the gamut from ceviches and lomo saltado to<br />

empanadas and pisco sours. L/D $$<br />

La Provence Restaurant & Terrace<br />

110 Diamond Creek Pl., Roseville, 916-789-2002.<br />

French/Mediterranean. Dining at La Provence is<br />

akin to being in a little French villa. Topped with<br />

their consistently delicious food and wine, cozy<br />

fireplace, and twinkle-lit patio, and you have the<br />

recipe for a memorable meal. Saturday brunch.<br />

Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Land Ocean New American Grill<br />

1151 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 241, 916-407-5640. New<br />

American. Land Ocean offers distinctive<br />

menus that include hand-cut steaks, woodfired<br />

rotisserie, fresh seafood, and delectable<br />

desserts. Weekend brunch. L/D $$<br />

106 stylemg.com | JANUARY <strong>2019</strong> | /stylemg /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemags

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar<br />

238 Gibson Dr., Roseville, 916-727-6321. American.<br />

Enjoy a sizeable, seasonal menu full of eclectic,<br />

gastropub-style offerings that include salads,<br />

bowls, burgers, pastas, desserts, and even an<br />

impressive kids’ menu. Weekend brunch. L/D<br />

$$<br />

Mehfil Indian Restaurant<br />

1605 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, 916-791-1199. Indian. Casual<br />

eatery with a lunch buffet offering Indian food<br />

favorites and many vegetarian options. L/D $<br />

Mikuni<br />

1017 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 160, Roseville, 916-780-2119.<br />

Japanese. In addition to sushi, traditional<br />

Japanese dishes, and modern twists on classics,<br />

Mikuni offers a gluten-free menu, party platters,<br />

and happy hour specials—all made using great<br />

attention to detail and fresh ingredients. L/D<br />

$$<br />

Tang’s Sushi<br />

1426 Blue Oaks Blvd., Ste. 100, Roseville, 916-781-0807.<br />

Japanese. With so many inventive eats and<br />

modern environs to boot, Tang’s has mastered<br />

the art of Japanese fare with flair. The chef is<br />

happy to customize orders and create off-menu<br />

items. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Thai Basil<br />

1613 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, 916-782-8424. Thai. This<br />

cheerful, long-established eatery serves up an<br />

array of Thai favorites in a light-filled, compact<br />

space. L/D $$<br />

ingredients, large portions, fair prices, and the<br />

Italian tradition of first-name friendliness. A<br />

decade later and his dream is alive and well in<br />

Granite Bay. L/D $$<br />

Farmhaus<br />

8230 Auburn Folsom Rd., Granite Bay, 916-772-<br />

3276. New American. This fresh, seasonal eatery<br />

tucked off Auburn Folsom Road is a feast for<br />

the senses. The house-like building pumps out<br />

plates that morph with the months. On balmy<br />

days, their picturesque patio is a must. Closed<br />

Monday. L/D $$<br />

Hawks<br />

5530 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, 916-791-6200. New<br />

American. Refined, high-end American cuisine,<br />

including tasting menus, in a stylish, modern<br />

dining room and bar. Brunch on the second<br />

Sunday each month; lunch weekdays; Closed<br />

Monday. L/D $$$<br />

My Thai Kitchen<br />

1465 Eureka Rd., Ste. 140, Roseville, 916-781-7811.<br />

Thai. Enjoy authentic, fresh-made fare in an<br />

open-concept kitchen at My Thai Kitchen while<br />

receiving prompt, professional, and friendly<br />

service. L/D $$<br />

Ninja Sushi & Teriyaki<br />

238 Vernon St., Roseville, 916-784-3441. Japanese.<br />

Modern and hip environs are just a taste of what<br />

awaits at Ninja Sushi. Regulars rave about their<br />

eclectic and lengthy list of sushi rolls, inventive<br />

appetizers, and complimentary miso soup and<br />

ice cream. L/D $$<br />

Paul Martin’s American Grill**<br />

1455 Eureka Rd., Roseville, 916-783-3600. New<br />

American. Enjoy classic American fare in<br />

a sophisticated, convivial setting whose<br />

seating options include an energetic bar with<br />

communal tables and plush seating, intimate<br />

booths and tables, and an expansive outdoor<br />

patio. L/D $$<br />

Range Kitchen & Tap<br />

1420 E, Roseville Pkwy., Ste. 160, Roseville, 916- 865-<br />

4317. New American. Range Kitchen & Tap’s menu<br />

is designed for sharing and socializing, with a<br />

focus on serving locally sourced and seasonal<br />

comfort food like bison meatball sliders, fried<br />

chicken, and pizza. Closed Sunday. L/D $$<br />

Rosati’s<br />

5140 Foothills Blvd., Ste. 110, Roseville, 916-797-7492, Pizza/<br />

Italian. Rosati’s still provides the same signature<br />

pizzas, Italian beef sandwiches, pastas, and salads<br />

that they first became famous for in Chicago circa<br />

1964. The family-friendly, sports pub atmosphere<br />

only adds to the charm. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Ruth’s Chris Steak House<br />

1185 Galleria Blvd., Ste. P-120, Roseville, 916-780-6910.<br />

Steak/Seafood. Sizzling plates and an awardwinning<br />

wine list are a perfect pairing for any<br />

occasion. Experience Ruth’s Chris elegant<br />

setting for a romantic dinner, business meeting,<br />

or private party. D $$$<br />

Sienna Restaurant<br />

1480 Eureka Rd., 916-771-4700. American. This awardwinning<br />

restaurant’s specialties include woodfired<br />

pizzas, fresh fish, hand-cut steaks, and a<br />

large selection of appetizers. Weekend brunch.<br />

$$ L/D<br />

The Monk’s Cellar<br />

240 Vernon St., Roseville, 916-786-6665. American.<br />

The Monk’s Cellar has brought a little bit of<br />

Belgium to Downtown Roseville, with their<br />

community-focused brewery and restaurant<br />

that serves fine artisanal beer and creative<br />

dishes. L/D $$<br />

The Place<br />

221 Vernon St., Roseville. 916-742-5447. Italian. Cozy<br />

Italian restaurant and bar that specializes in<br />

artisanal, wood-fired pizzas, paninis, pastas, and<br />

more. Closed Monday. L/D $$<br />

Zocalo<br />

1182 Roseville Pkwy., Ste. 110, Roseville, 916-788-<br />

0303. Mexican. Elegant restaurant and bar with<br />

modern Mexican dishes, classic margaritas, and<br />

Sunday brunch. Avail of their monthly chef’s<br />

dinner or private party room. L/D $$<br />


Dominick’s Italian Market & Deli**<br />

8621 Auburn Folsom Rd., Granite Bay, 916-<br />

786-3355. Italian. Namesake Dominick’s<br />

dream was to have a unique place that would<br />

provide customers with the finest and freshest<br />

New Glory Brewery & Taproom<br />

5540 Douglas Blvd., Ste. 140 & 150, Granite Bay, 916-<br />

872-1721. American. Delicious food (sandwiches,<br />

pizzas, salads, shareables, and burgers),<br />

beautiful brews, and a spacious patio await at<br />

New Glory’s latest venture in Granite Bay. L/D<br />

$$<br />

Vaiano Trattoria<br />

7160 Douglas Blvd., Granite Bay, 916-780-0888.<br />

Italian. Offering traditional Tuscan cuisine and<br />

other Italian favorites, Vaiano Trattoria prides<br />

themselves on preparing simple dishes that are<br />

made to order with the freshest of ingredients.<br />

Lunch served weekdays. L/D $$<br />


Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que<br />

6628 Lonetree Blvd., Rocklin, 916-780-7427. American.<br />

Serving slow-cooked meats and other Southernstyle<br />

eats that the whole family will love,<br />

Lucille’s is a Rocklin favorite for a reason. L/D<br />

$$<br />

Pottery World Café<br />

4419 Granite Dr., Rocklin, 916-624-8080. American/<br />

Café. With brioche French toast and buttery<br />

Belgian waffles, in addition to an extensive<br />

lunch menu, and a high tea the second<br />

Thursday of every month, this café is the prime<br />

place to take out-of-towners. Their patio is one<br />

of the region’s best, too. B/L $$<br />

The Chef’s Table<br />

6843 Lonetree Blvd., Ste. 103, Rocklin, 916-771-5656.<br />

New American. The namesake chefs here pride<br />

themselves on using local ingredients that are<br />

carefully handled, lovingly prepared, and joyfully<br />

served to you for your culinary enjoyment.<br />

Closed Sunday and Monday. L/D $$<br />

Venita Rhea’s**<br />

4415 Granite Dr., Rocklin, 916-624-2697. American. If<br />

you’re looking for a delicious breakfast to start<br />

off your day, Venita Rhea’s is the place to be.<br />

From benedicts, scrambles, and sandwiches to<br />

soups, salads, and bottomless mimosas, you’ll<br />

find all your favorites. B/L $$<br />


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4<br />

| eat & drink |<br />

SOUPER<br />


In honor of National<br />

Soup Month, we<br />

asked local chefs for<br />

their most requested<br />

recipes. Keep warm<br />

(and healthy) this<br />

winter by slurping<br />

down these soulsatisfying<br />

favorites.<br />




Submitted by Pottery World Café, 4419 Granite Drive, Rocklin,<br />

916-624-8080, potteryworld.com/pottery-world-cafe<br />

2 tbsp. olive oil<br />

2 medium red onions, diced<br />

1 medium eggplant, diced<br />

2 medium red bell peppers,<br />

diced<br />

4 garlic cloves, finely chopped<br />

2 medium zucchinis, diced<br />

1 can (28 oz.) organic diced<br />

tomatoes<br />

4 cups organic vegetable broth<br />

2 tsp. herbs de Provence<br />

Salt & pepper, to taste<br />

Fresh basil, chiffonade<br />


3 cups fat-free milk<br />

1 cup water<br />

1 tsp. kosher salt, to taste<br />

1/8 tsp. freshly ground black<br />

pepper<br />

1 cup quick-cooking polenta<br />

1/4 cup fresh Parmigianino-<br />

Reggiano, grated<br />

Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Cook onions,<br />

stirring until soft. Add eggplant, peppers, and garlic. Cook over low<br />

heat, covered, approximately 20 minutes or until soft. Add zucchini,<br />

canned tomatoes, and vegetable broth; simmer, covered, until<br />

vegetables are tender. Add herbs de Provence and salt & pepper.<br />

Prepare polenta. Bring milk, water, salt, and black pepper to a boil over<br />

medium heat. Slowly stir in polenta. Cook 5 minutes or until thick,<br />

stirring frequently. Stir in cheese.<br />

Place polenta in a bowl and add soup around it. Top with fresh basil.<br />

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Submitted by Garden of Eat’n, 1228 Galleria Boulevard, Suite<br />

130, Roseville, 916-771-0630; 1850 Grass Valley Highway, Suite<br />

320, Auburn, 530-885-4500, gardenofeatn.net<br />


Submitted by Farmer's Delicatessen & Bakery, 3952 Cambridge<br />

Road, Cameron Park, 530-672-6800, farmersdeli.net<br />

1 whole organic chicken, at least 3 lbs. or more<br />

2 large yellow onions, peeled and left whole<br />

10 fresh or dried bay leaves<br />

30 black peppercorns<br />

2 cups carrots, cubed<br />

2 cups celery, cubed<br />

Fresh Italian flatleaf parsley, finely chopped, to garnish<br />

Scallions, thinly sliced, to garnish<br />

Salt & pepper, to taste<br />

Rinse your chicken and place in a large pot. Cover with enough<br />

water so it’s one inch above the meat. Add onions, peppercorns, and<br />

bay leaf. Bring to a boil and lower heat to simmer for at least 2 hours,<br />

covered.<br />

Remove chicken. Once cool enough to handle, remove all bones and<br />

skin (can be used later to make another small batch or stock) and<br />

keep meat separate from broth until ready to serve.<br />

Pour liquid through a sieve and put back into the pot. Discard cooked<br />

onion, bay leaves, and peppercorns. Place carrots and celery in liquid<br />

and simmer for 20 minutes, just until vegetables are cooked.<br />

Place selected pieces of chicken in a bowl, and ladle broth with<br />

vegetables over meat. Sprinkle fresh parsley and scallions on top and<br />

add salt and pepper to taste.<br />

Serve with whatever starch (rice, pasta, millet, etc.) you desire.<br />

3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil<br />

1 (14 oz.) can diced tomatoes<br />

2 stalks celery, finely chopped<br />

2 carrots, shredded<br />

1 red bell pepper, chopped<br />

1 green bell pepper, chopped<br />

1 yellow onion, finely chopped<br />

*Mediterranean spice blend (1 tbsp. ground cumin, 1 tbsp. parsley, 1<br />

tbsp. ground turmeric, 1 tbsp. ground cinnamon, 1 1/2 tsp. coriander,<br />

salt & pepper, to taste)<br />

4 cups reduced-sodium chicken or vegetable broth, or water; add<br />

more as needed<br />

1 1/2 cups red lentils<br />

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped<br />

1 tomato, chopped<br />

1 (8 oz.) can tomato paste<br />

1/4 of a red cabbage, chopped<br />

1/2 cup baby spinach<br />

8 oz. cooked basmati rice in saffron<br />

6 tbsp. cilantro leaves, coarsely chopped, to garnish<br />

In a heavy soup pan, heat extra virgin oil over medium heat. Add<br />

diced tomatoes, celery, carrots, green and red bell peppers, and<br />

onions. Stir for about 10 minutes until onions and celery are tender<br />

and soft. Sprinkle in Mediterranean spice blend; keep stirring for 1-2<br />

minutes.<br />

Add chicken broth or vegetable broth and, or water. One by one, add<br />

lentils, garlic, tomatoes (both fresh and paste), and cabbage. Turn heat<br />

down to medium and let simmer for about 30-35 minutes.<br />

After bringing the liquid to a boil, add spinach and saffron basmati<br />

rice (cooked in separate rice cooker) for 5 minutes. Garnish with<br />

chopped cilantro.<br />

*Mix all of the spices together before adding to the soup (they mix<br />

more evenly when dry).<br />

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Submitted by Thai Paradise, 2770 East Bidwell<br />

Street, Suite 100, Folsom, 916-984-8988,<br />

thaiparadisefolsom.com<br />

1 (14 oz.) can coconut milk<br />

4 oz. water<br />

4 pieces galangal<br />

3 kaffir lime leaves<br />

4, one-inch pieces of<br />

lemongrass<br />

14 oz. chicken breast, sliced<br />

1 cup white mushrooms,<br />

quartered<br />

4 tbsp. lime juice<br />

1 tbsp. palm sugar<br />

1 pinch of salt<br />

1 tbsp. red onion, sliced<br />

1 tbsp. green onion, sliced<br />

1 tbsp. tamarind juice<br />

1 tbsp. fresh cilantro, to<br />

garnish<br />

Combine coconut milk,<br />

water, galangal, kaffir lime<br />

leaves, and lemongrass in a<br />

medium saucepan and bring<br />

to a boil over high heat. Add<br />

chicken, mushrooms, lime<br />

juice, palm sugar, salt, red and<br />

green onions, and tamarind.<br />

Reduce heat and simmer<br />

until chicken is firm, about<br />

3 minutes. Garnish with<br />

cilantro.<br />

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| eat & drink |<br />

Healthy Start<br />


“The new year is a time of renewal. As people set goals for weight loss or selfimprovement,<br />

smoothies are a great way to cleanse the digestive tract and nourish the body,”<br />

says Brigette Faieta, herbalist and owner of The Argonaut Farm to Fork Café in Coloma. And<br />

we couldn’t agree more. The recipes below are as delicious as they are nutritious. Simply add<br />

all the ingredients, blend till smooth, and enjoy! —compiled by Ashleigh Gruenwald<br />







Submitted by VIBE<br />

HEALTH BAR, locations in<br />

Folsom and Sacramento,<br />

liquidologybar.com<br />

Somewhere between a<br />

blueberry milkshake and a<br />

banana smoothie, this drink’s<br />

bevy of healthy ingredients<br />

and dreamy texture will keep<br />

your tummy full and happy<br />

all day.<br />

1 cup cold almond milk<br />

1 cup frozen berry trio<br />

1 cup frozen banana<br />

1 tbsp. raw flaxseeds<br />

*1 tbsp. collagen protein<br />

1 tbsp. almond butter<br />

2-4 ice cubes, optional<br />

*Make it vegan by subbing<br />

with hemp protein.<br />

DID YOU<br />

KNOW? Flaxseeds are<br />

a good source of plant-based<br />

fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.<br />

Submitted by PRESSED<br />

JUICERY, 1182 Roseville<br />

Parkway, Suite 145,<br />

Roseville, 916-781-2030,<br />

pressedjuicery.com<br />

Loaded with hemp protein,<br />

mood-boosting superfood<br />

mucuna powder, warming<br />

spices, and Pressed Juicery’s<br />

vanilla almond milk, this<br />

smoothie supplies a solid<br />

dose of nutrition you can drink<br />

down daily.<br />

1, 16 oz. bottle of Pressed<br />

Juicery’s vanilla almond milk<br />

or your choice of any nut milk<br />

1 frozen banana<br />

1 tbsp. hemp protein<br />

1-2 tbsp. coconut manna or<br />

coconut butter<br />

1 tbsp. mucuna powder<br />

1/2 tsp. dried ginger<br />

1/2 tsp. nutmeg<br />

1/8 tsp. clove<br />

Sweetener, if desired (stevia)<br />

Submitted by CIELO AÇAÍ<br />

CAFÉ, 1611 Lead Hill<br />

Boulevard, Roseville, 916-<br />

297-7951, cieloacai.com<br />

Chock-full of antioxidants,<br />

vitamins, and plenty of<br />

protein, this beverage can<br />

be enjoyed in the morning or<br />

as a midday snack to keep<br />

your tummy full and energy<br />

levels high.<br />

1 pack frozen açaí pulp<br />

1 frozen banana<br />

1/4 cup blueberries<br />

1 scoop hemp or pea protein<br />

powder<br />

1-2 tbsp. almond butter<br />

1 tsp. cinnamon<br />

Sweetener, if desired (agave,<br />

stevia, cane sugar)<br />

1/2 cup almond milk<br />

1 handful ice cubes<br />

Submitted by THE<br />


FORK CAFÉ, 331 State Hwy<br />

49, Coloma, 530-626-7345,<br />

argonautcafe.com<br />

The ingredients in this<br />

smoothie offer weight loss<br />

benefits, antioxidants,<br />

vitamins, and minerals; what’s<br />

more, it’s rich in fiber and<br />

fatty acids.<br />

1 grapefruit, peeled<br />

1 lemon, peeled<br />

1 cup filtered water<br />

2 kale leaves<br />

3 tbsp. chia seeds<br />

1 tbsp. flaxseeds<br />

1 tbsp. pumpkin seeds<br />

1 tbsp. raw honey<br />

Dash of organic cayenne<br />

pepper or ginger root<br />

Submitted by RAW 101<br />

JUICE BAR, 701 Pleasant<br />

Grove Boulevard, Suite<br />

100, Roseville, 916-882-<br />

5842, raw101juicebar.com<br />

This smoothie is full of plantbased<br />

protein, magnesium,<br />

iron, and vitamins A, C,<br />

K, and B2. Utilizing dates<br />

as a sweetener, instead<br />

of processed sugar, is a<br />

great way to add even<br />

more nutrients, fiber, and<br />

antioxidants while improving<br />

digestion.<br />

2 medium frozen bananas<br />

2 large dates<br />

8 oz. cashew or almond milk<br />

2 cups spinach<br />

2 tbsp. vegan protein powder<br />

1 tbsp. maca powder<br />

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder<br />

2 tbsp. chia seeds<br />

Submitted by FARM FRESH<br />

JUICE COMPANY, 2351<br />

Sunset Boulevard, Suite<br />

160, Rocklin, 916-259-1443,<br />

farmfreshjuicecompany.<br />

com<br />

Loaded with powerpacked<br />

nutrients and high<br />

in antioxidants, sipping<br />

on this will improve your<br />

energy levels and immune<br />

system, balance hormones<br />

and enhance mental<br />

clarity—leaving you fueled<br />

up, focused, and ready to<br />

conquer your day.<br />

1/2 cup mango<br />

1/2 cup pineapple<br />

1 frozen banana<br />

1 tsp. maca powder<br />

1 tsp. chia seeds<br />

1/2 tsp. ginger<br />

1/2 tsp. cinnamon<br />

1/2 tsp. turmeric<br />

1 tbsp. coconut oil<br />

1 1/4 cup almond milk<br />

1/4 cup coconut water<br />

Pressed Juicery photo by Alle Weil. Cielo photo by Dante Fontana. Argonaut photo by Debbie Cunningham.


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opportunities to take a break<br />

and enjoy our neighbors.”<br />

Photo by Doug Miller<br />


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