Things You Need To Know About Getting Cosmetic An Eye Lift Surgery


Cosmetic reasons are the most common reason for this surgery. It's also useful in improving sight in aged people whose drooping upper eyelids obstruct their vision.
An eye lift will not remove dark circles under the eyes, or other facial wrinkles. It often includes various procedures including laser resurfacing, forehead lifts, or filler injections.
Let’s explore more about eyelid surgery with James Daniel Carpenter.

Things You Need To

Know About Getting

Cosmetic An Eye Lift


According to the eye and cosmetic surgeon Dr. James Daniel

Carpenter, a Blepharoplasty or "eye lift" is one of the

easiest, safest, and most effective procedures to consider

for cosmetic surgery. While talking with someone, you

generally look at their eyes—not their mouth, nose, or

other areas often targeted for cosmetic surgery. In case

your upper eyelids look saggy, that can make you look old,

tired, and not engaging. Therefore, getting surgery of that

redundant skin on the upper lids can make a big difference.


There are actually several types of eye lifts

The term "eye lift," mainly refers to a surgery of the upper eyelid. The surgery involves

removing excess skin, and maybe a little fat or muscle as well.

The other, less-common type of eye lift involves the lower lid or the area below your eye. Even

with this surgery, the big bags under your eyes can be easily removed. By going inside between

the eyeball and eyelid and eye and manipulating or moving fat. And the doctors just take out

every bit of that fat. However then people—when got older—would have a dull look below

their eyes. So according to experts, now it's more about redistributing that fat.

All of these are outpatient


For an upper eyelid lift, the surgery basically

involves local anesthetic either with or without

some local sedation, however, never with general


Your surgeon will mark the portion of your eyelid

he intends to remove. And then, using surgical

cutting devices, he'll trim away that skin and

close the opening with stitches. In case you're

having under-eye bags removed, there may not

even involve a visible cut. However, if the surgery

is performed on your lower lids, that procedure

is more complex and requires sedation.

All this process may also include lasering lids to

improve the quality of the scar, and to remove

signs of aging and sun damage, James Daniel

Carpenter says. For under-eye bags, your surgeon

may also vaccinate fillers to smooth the areas.

Normally recovery is quick

For an upper eyelid lift, the swelling and mark

tend to be minimal. Most people could drive

themselves home after the surgery, though

experts never recommend that.

Some people experience more bruising and

swelling than others, however, that typically

decreases after a couple days. "The stitches come

out after 3 to 5 days, and by day 6th you can apply

makeup and it will look natural as always."

During the first 24 hours, you'll need to ice your

eyes frequently to keep the swelling down. A

doctor may recommend you to apply topical

lubricants or drops for the next few days or ask

you to take antibiotics in order to prevent

infection. And you have to follow these


Final Words

So, according to expert surgeon James

Daniel Carpenter, these are the few things

that you must know about getting

cosmetic an eye lift surgery.

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