Travel Journal May 2018


Reisebericht von Roslyn Eldar , Melbourne ( Australien ) ihres Besuchs der Muna Lübberstedt am 4. Mai 2018

station. They had to work hard in an ammunition factory. Here at

Lübberstedt cemetery 4 prisoners( Fani Pavel, Etel Jezkowitz, Sari

Katz and Rexfin Weiss) found their last rest. The grave of Babczu

Bistricer is unknown.

We want to remember the Holocaust victims who were persecuted

and murdered as a part of the European population. The Nazis

wanted to attack the God of the Jews and to annihilate His people.

We want to stand up to preserve the memory of those crimes. Just

like many of the survivors want this and as Elie Wiesel has demanded

it in his book “The Forgotten”.

We Germans must not forget either what humans are capable of in

certain situations. We must remember, do soul-searching and ask

ourselves which prejudices deep inside us lead to such inhuman acts

again. Anti-Semitism and racism are still present. We must not allow

that they humiliate and destroy human lives again in our country.

Let us remember the victims in silence.


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