Travel Journal May 2018


Reisebericht von Roslyn Eldar , Melbourne ( Australien ) ihres Besuchs der Muna Lübberstedt am 4. Mai 2018

Our return trip to Hamburg took 3 hours due to peak hour traffic.

MIndu’s daughter, Nicola and her grandson, Alex, immediately went

to the airport to return to the UK. Barbara Lorber and her family

were leaving for Israel very early the next morning.

That left Mindu, David and myself. It was still Mindu‘s birthday so we

went to a restaurant to celebrate in style , in stark contrast to the

day’s events. We ended the meal with a mini cake and sparklers. I

cannot imagine how Mindu was really feeling and how strange it

would be for her to re- visit this part of her past.

Mindu Hornick celebrating her 89th birthday with David and myself. 4th May, 2018,

Hamburg, Germany

The next day there was an article in the local newspaper Osterholzer

Kreisblatt” about our tour of Muna .In it the journalist quoted Mindu

who said “it is hard for us to come here and every thought of the

time tears open the scars again. “ . The article went on to say that

the women give the talks to warn that such a thing should not

happen again. Also, they wanted to show their families the place that

had done them harm but had been their salvation.


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