Travel Journal May 2018


Reisebericht von Roslyn Eldar , Melbourne ( Australien ) ihres Besuchs der Muna Lübberstedt am 4. Mai 2018

Arbeitskreis Muna Lubberstedt

The voluntary association “MUNA Lübberstedt” was formed in 1992.

It saved the former factory grounds from oblivion. Its aim is to raise

awareness of this aspect of Germany´s history so that such

devastating errors will not be repeated. I have great admiration for

this group whose members devote so much of their free time to this

task voluntarily.

Among its original members were Volrad Kluge, (now deceased)

Barbara Hillmann & Erdwig Kramer.. In 1996 they published the

book “Muna Lubberstedt” that documents all the events

surrounding this area during World War 11. The members travelled

to Israel, Warsaw and other countries, several times, to interview

former prisoners. Thorsten Gajewi and Rudiger Kahrs provided

valuable research for the book.

In 1997, the Association identified the names of the 12 forced

labourers buried in the communal grave in Lubberstedt cemetery. It

redesigned the grave and arranged for two headstones to be erected

and engraved with their names so they have their dignity again.

In 2010, the Association, led by Erdwig Kramer, obtained a permit,

after great effort, to do monthly tours of the factory grounds for the

public .The tours commenced in 2012

In 2016 the Association made a 30 minute documentary film about

the area that can be shown at schools as part of education about the


Over the years committed and historically aware Germans have

joined this voluntary group including Hartmut Oberstech who joined

in March 2017. Hartmut is now 2 nd in charge.

The Association plans to erect a Commemorative Plaque on the

grounds of the former factory site in the near future.


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