Travel Journal May 2018


Reisebericht von Roslyn Eldar , Melbourne ( Australien ) ihres Besuchs der Muna Lübberstedt am 4. Mai 2018

We stood in the fields surrounded by forest just as my mother said. I realized

how the forest provided protection against aerial reconnaissance. Once again

it was perfect weather, with blue skies and shining sun. Hartmut explained

where the other buildings would have been. Everything apart from this bomb

shelter is gone-the prisoner barracks, the kitchen, the wash facilities, the roll

call area, the bomb production area, all gone. The production facilities were

blown up at the end of the war by the Wehrmacht to hide their crimes.

Other buildings had fallen into disrepair and were torn down before their

significance was appreciated. Just green fields that merged into surrounding

forest remain, now preserved and not to be touched. At first I was upset

there were no buildings to see but then I felt it was perfect this way. What

mattered is that I had finally arrived and I was fortunate enough to do so with

the actual


My son, David Eldar standing in the field where his great grandmother, grandmother, great

aunt and other family members had worked as slave labourers for the Nazi regime.

We walked from the air raid shelter, towards the bomb production area, a

walk the prisoners did 6 days a week, singing in German, for 8 months, from

summer August 1944, through winter, until Spring, April 1945. I walked beside

Barbara our arms linked. One of her grandsons was on her other side. Ahead of

us were Mindu with her daughter and grandson. My son David was further


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