Travel Journal May 2018


Reisebericht von Roslyn Eldar , Melbourne ( Australien ) ihres Besuchs der Muna Lübberstedt am 4. Mai 2018

Map of Germany showing the journey of my family from Tacova ( Tesco) to Auschwitz -Birkenau

concentration camp ,then to Lubberstedt ammunition factory and finally Liberation in Plon.

Courtesy of historian Karsten Dolger from his article “From Auschwitz to Plon” 3 November 2017

The tour of Muna Lubbertsedt was over and we were taken to Lubberstedt

cemetery .

Lubberstdt cemetery

In Lubberstedt cemetery we visited the communal grave of 4 of the

Jewish female prisoners who died in Lubberstedt . They are buried

together with 8 Russian Prisoners of War. Originally these 12 bodies

were in separate, unmarked graves but in 1989 the Axstedt local

authorities moved them to the current communal grave and marked

it with a Memorial stone. In 1997 the Lubberstedt voluntary group

added 2 headstones, listing the names of the deceased prisoners.

As we stood around this gravesite, Erdwig Kramer said a

heartfelt prayer:

At the end of August 1944, 500 Jewish women who came from

Auschwitz were discharged from cattle cars at Lübberstedt railway


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