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America Was Always Great

This Christmas Season All Roads Lead

to Titanic Museum Attraction’s Great

Light Way More Than 1,500 Glowing

Luminaries to Create Christmas Magic

On the All New Corner of HWY 76 and

Gretna Road Thanksgiving Weekend.

Branson, Missouri – For the last three years, the Titanic

Museum Attraction has ushered in the holiday season

with an enchanting, Luminarie’s Festival of Lights display.

This year, by popular request, this Great Light Way will

once again guide guests and visitors along a candle lit

path leading to the museum attraction’s main entrance

and the magical family adventure that awaits inside.

“The lighting of luminaries have been a glowing,

ceremonial way of welcoming the Christ Child into the

world.” says Titanic Museum Attraction President/COO &

Co-Owner, Mary Kellogg. “Our luminaries continue this

welcoming tradition and also serve as a spiritual tribute

the 2,208 men, women and children who sailed on the

RMS Titanic.”

With the beautification of Highway 76 complete, the

Titanic Museum Attraction’s luminaries are certain to add

inviting sparkle and shine to Titanic’s new gateway

corner at HWY 76 and Gretna Road. Visitors to the famed

ship-shaped attraction will find exciting, outdoor photo

opportunities as they follow the Great Light Way past a

giant iceberg to the ship’s entrance. Here they can

purchase tickets and join the special yuletide festivities

underway throughout the ship.

“Once on board, guests will experience Christmas as it

might have been celebrated on Titanic in 1912,” explains

Kellogg. “ In keeping with tradition, a lavish, turn-of-thecentury,

holiday look - both inside and outside the ship –

has been created. The Titanic crew and I can’t wait to

share it with one and all. So plan ahead and pick a date to

be part of a new season of joyful thanksgiving at the

Titanic Museum Attraction.”

Additional information, photos and tickets are available on

our web site:


or call to purchase tickets at 800-381-7670

Titanic Museum Attraction: Cedar Bay Entertainment, LLC owns

and operates the Titanic Museum Attractions in Branson, MO and

Pigeon Forge, TN. A privately owned and operated entertainment

and development company, Cedar Bay is headquartered in Branson,

MO, the site of its first Titanic Museum Attraction.


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10.10 Shameful Events in

American History

26.Ten Great Moments in

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41.It’s Actually Pretty Great To

Be A Woman In America

46.5 Reasons America Is The

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7.Why I am boycotting Google

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14.An American that Preached

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16.10 motherhood guilt trips

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18.The Problem With The

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20.What is Hannukah?

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30.Why the Founding Fathers

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32.Build the Wall

34.Priest Says…

Excommunicate 14 Catholic

Senators Who Voted Against

Late-Term Abortion Ban

38.On God's Expense Account

39.Your Sensitive Brain

42.The “least of these” are not

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43.What does it mean that the

least in the kingdom of heaven

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the families of the fallen

­ John, Lorri and staff

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God Loves you just the way you are, not the way you should be.

Because no one is as they should be.

- Brennan Manning

The American Christian Voice magazine, Memory Lock Fence, Tiki Torch

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about us

People often ask us who we are, expecting to hear the

name of a particular Christian group or religious


We are not an organization, nor do we want to be one, so we

cannot introduce ourselves with a particular name. Jesus’

disciples did not give themselves any special name either, but

were recognized as such through their message and lifestyle.

Later they were called Christians because they proclaimed

Jesus as the Christ, the Savior who came to mankind from God.

We, too, are Christians, disciples of

Jesus. We want to follow the example of

the first Christians and put what we read

in the Bible into practice in our lives. We

do not belong to any denomination or

any other kind of religious society. We are

together because each of us wants to

follow Jesus, our Lord and our God (John

20:28) and not out of any obligation to

abide by the rules and regulations of an

institution. Religion only breeds two

things; Defeat (if you’re honest) and

hypocrisy if you are not

Leslie Leylands best put it this way,

“The basis for loving our neighbors, and

for unity in Christ, is not proximity, understanding

or commonality. We are one in Christ not because

we are one in the same, but because Christ is the same. It is an

impoverished theology that mistakes unity in Christ for sameness

in Christ.”

ACV Magazine ­ Who We Are

A short version of the

history of Christianity:

Christianity started in

Palestine as a fellowship; it

moved to Greece and became

a philosophy; it moved to Italy

and became an institution; it

moved to Europe and became

a culture; it came to America

and became an enterprise.

We regard the Bible as the sole basis of Christian doctrine.

This is why we meditate on God’s word. We take the Bible

seriously as the authority for our faith and life, while also trying

to understand it within its historical and literary context, using

the mind God gave us to continuously gain a deeper

understanding of it as illuminated by the Holy Spirit. We want

to avoid both the fundamentalist and the liberal errors in their

views on the Bible since many of these positions have a zeal,

but with a lack of knowledge.

Faith, for us, is a reality which fulfills

all areas of our life and does not mean

cultivation of traditional customs.

We believe it is not about what we do

but rather, what He did.

We reject the religious notion that

we are better than the lost because we

don’t have sin in our lives. That is a clear

contradiction to God’s word and brotherly

love. We humbly accept that our short

comings are viewed differently by our

heavenly Father because we are now His

kids. Our weaknesses are covered by the

blood of Jesus. We are convinced that

unity, which God wanted to be the reality

among Christians, cannot be achieved by

the controlling human structures of authority but is only the

fruit of obedience of every single disciple towards the Holy

Scripture. We are in unity because each of us puts his own self

aside and wants to follow what God revealed in the Bible and

made recognizable for everyone.

In 1 John 3:14–16 the apostle wrote:

We know that we have passed out of death into life,

because we love the brothers. Whoever does not love

abides in death. …By this we know love, that he laid

down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives

for the brothers. We believe the weight of the entire Bible

proves evidence that God is a God of hearts and not

heads. Thus, we may error in doctrine (head knowledge)

but we must avoid transgressing heart matters (love for

all who belive in Chist as Savior while we implore them

to make Him LORD as well. We encourage the remedy

for defficiencies in our lives by heeding I Peter 4:8, “Love

covers a multitude of sins...”

* Our “About us” was adapted by our dear brothers and

sisters in Europe. While we take a different position on

some “twiggier matters” of the law we love their spirit and

understanding of the Word of God and their response to



We also have a calling to honor the Families of the Fallen

soldiers and first responders with FREE lodging, respite

and counseling through our Gold Star Family Inn here in

Branson Missouri. Their lost loved ones are “Christ types”.

They laid down their lives for the freedom of others. Our

mission statement follows on the next page.


ACV Magazine NEW Mission Statement

The American Christian Voice

magazine is published with the primary

purpose of educating the body of Christ

through informative articles (Intelligent), to

edify the body of Christ through motivating

articles of Christian faith and courage

(Inspirational), and to promote the message

that disciples of Christ are not under the

penalty of sin or condemnation of it (Fun!).

It is because of what Christ has done...

not what we do that makes us in good

standing with God. Our obedience is to

Love Him and our fellow sojourners.

Now that Christ has cloaked us with His

Righteousness, God the Father looks at us

as Sons/Daughters, no longer at enmity

with Him. We are in training now. That is

why this publication focuses on politics. If

we are to rule and reign with Jesus Christ

we should be very much interested in

implementing His guidelines now.

We are dedicated to be Kingdom

builders as we realize that our diversity

should not impede the method in which

God chooses to woo through the Holy Spirit

the lost through love. We can

err in our theological

understanding of doctrine

and dogma but love never

fails. In the law we find

death - in love we find

Liberty to obey by desire...

not compulsion.

We implore all people to

call out to God and ask Him

to fill you with His Holy

Check Out Our Website

& Call Us Today!

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Spirit. THE Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a

Person. HE will fill your heart, mind and

soul with truth; Not some man's opinion of

God. In this manner, when you see the

counterfeits, you will know it is not of your

Heavenly Father. He loves you. He is good

and only does good. He is not "out to get

you". He is out to love you. Not because of

what you do (or do not do) but because of

what Jesus has already done for you.

We encourage our readers to eschew

religion and pursue a relationship with

God through Jesus Christ as led by the

Holy Spirit, thus allowing an openmindedness

to differing opinions on

complex matters. We earnestly do not

want to over shadow the Gospel with the

truths that we have garnered in maturity.

Please be advised that the contents

of this publication often do not represent the

positions held by many of the sponsors of the

American Christian Voice (or for that matter,

the publishers).

“Chief” and Joy Friberg, ACV Patrons

with John & Lorri Sacoulas (center)

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your life. Many of our pups have champion

bloodlines, but our main goal is to produce very

loving healthy puppies that will bless your life.

they make the ACV possible!

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congrats to Doug and associates on the Ranch!

Football is like life, it requires

perseverance, self-denial, hard work,

sacrifice, dedication and respect for


-Vince Lombardi

Do you think Coach Lombardi would have tolerated

a player who refused to stand for the National

Anthem? ­ed.

Patience is not

the ability to

wait but

how you

act while

you are



Wanted for American Christian Voice magazine

Part­time, Commission­based


Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation

(888) 839.7190


The Hershel Woody Williams

Congressional Medal of Honor

Education Foundation, Inc. was

established in 2010 and is a charitable

501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization that

pursues specific endeavors and goals

through the vision of Medal of Honor

Recipient Hershel "Woody" Williams. The

Foundation encourages, with the assistance

of the American public and community

leaders, establishing permanent Gold Star

Families Memorial Monuments in

communities throughout the country and

provides scholarships to eligible Gold Star

Children. Its' purpose is to honor Gold Star

Families, relatives, and Gold Star Children

who have sacrificed a loved one in the

service of their country. Will you help?


Why I am boycotting

Google forever

I know what you are thinking.... it is

because they are a super powerful

information company that censors

conservative ideas and values. No, it is

not that. Is it because they are rated as

one of the worst tech companies in

America to work for? No, it is not that. Is

it because their search engine for images

skews unflattering images of

conservatives and puts progressives in a

better light? No, it is not that. All of that

is true and reason enough to jettison

them from our lives.

However, it is actually because of their

sales reps that harass me every day to

pay them to promote our business

through Google. Sometimes, twice a day

they interrupt my schedule because they

rotate fake nu mbers to fool my spam

filters on my cell phone. I beg them to

remove me from their list. I have talked

to the Attorney General’s office about

them, I push # 2 on my keypad to get off

the list. Then they changed it to press #9.

The last straw was when I stayed on the

robo call long enough to talk to a

humanoid. I’d explain to him my plight

and he said, “We will put you on the ‘Do

not call list’.” I said that method is not

working. I asked him if he just said that

to get rid of me and he said, “Go F***

yourself” and hung up on me. And right

now, as God and my wife, Lorri are my

witnesses, as I write this article, they just

now called me to say I am missing out on

potential customers because I am not on

the enhanced Google program!


So, that is it!! As painful as it is, we are

changing our email. (Yes, Google owns

308 E Republic Rd. • Springfield, MO • 417­882­7788


Gmail) and I am uninstalling all their

products from my phones and computers

and I must learn to stop saying I will

“Google” something. I will say instead, I

will search for it. I am testing, “Go Go

Duck” for a search engine and Mozilla

Fire Fox for a browser. I have never called

for a boycott through this publication

before. Usually I just tell our readers why

I don’t support a particular company.

However, I cannot get a restraining order

against them so...





Thank you for listening. ­ed


flip flopping for political expediency much?

Illegal immigrants are

breaking the Law

We all agree on the need to better secure

the border, and to punish employers who

choose to hire illegal immigrants. We are

a generous and welcoming people here

in the United States but those who enter

the country illegally and those who

employ them disrespect the rule of law

and they are showing disregard for those

following the law. We simply cannot

allow people to pour into the United

States undetected, undocumented,

unchecked and circumventing the line of

people who are waiting patiently,

diligently and lawfully to become

immigrants in this country.

­ a speech then­Senator Barack Obama

gave in 2005

Harry Reid ‘no sane

country’ would allow

birthright citizenship

(Alex Brandon/AP)

By Michael Brice-Saddler -

Former Democratic Senate

Minority leader, Harry M.



impassioned — even upset,

at times — when he took

the Senate floor in 1993

and declared “no sane

country” would grant

birthright citizenship to

children born on its soil to parents who

lack legal status.

The then-Nevada senator had recently

introduced the Immigration Stabilization

Act of 1993, which challenged the clause

in the 14th Amendment that grants

automatic citizenship to any child born

within U.S. borders.

“If making it easy to be an illegal alien

isn’t enough, how about offering a

reward to be an illegal immigrant. No

sane country would do that, right?” Reid,

a Democrat, asked his peers on Sept. 20,

1993. “Guess again. If you break our laws

by entering this country without

permission and give birth to a child, we

reward that child with U.S. citizenship

and guarantee a full access to all public

and social services this society provides

— and that’s a lot of services.”

Shoutout to

everyone who

got through

the day without

taking a nap.

Pulled an all

dayer today.

Bransons only 24

hour fitness center!

554 Gretna Rd

Branson, Missouri,

MO 65616

(417) 259­2192


Hershel “Woody”


Hershel “Woody” Williams was

born on a dairy farm in 1923 in

Quiet Dell, West Virginia. He

enlisted in the United States Marine Corps

and served in the Battle of Iwo Jima with

the 21st Marines, 3d

Marine Division. During

the battle, Mr. Williams

displayed “valiant

devotion to duty” and

service above self as he

“enabled his company to

reach its objective”. Mr.

Williams’ actions,

commitment to his fellow

service members, and

heroism were recognized

on October 5, 1945, when

he received the

Congressional Medal of

Honor from President

Harry S. Truman at the

White House.

For conspicuous gallantry

and intrepidity at the risk of

his life above and beyond the

call of duty as demolition sergeant

serving with the 21st Marines, 3d Marine

Division, in action against enemy

Japanese forces on Iwo Jima, Volcano

Islands, 23 February 1945. Quick to

volunteer his services when our tanks

were maneuvering vainly to open a lane

for the infantry through the network of

reinforced concrete pillboxes, buried

mines, and black volcanic sands, Cpl.

Williams daringly went forward alone to

attempt the reduction of

devastating machinegun fire

from the unyielding

positions. Covered only by

four riflemen, he fought

desperately for four hours

under terrific enemy smallarms

fire and repeatedly

returned to his own lines to

prepare demolition charges and

obtain serviced flamethrowers,

struggling back,

frequently to the

rear of hostile

emplacements, to

wipe out one

position after


Hershel Williams



Medal of Honor

On one occasion, he daringly mounted a

pillbox to insert the nozzle of his

flamethrower through the air vent, killing

the occupants and silencing the gun; on

another he grimly charged enemy

riflemen who attempted to stop him with

bayonets and destroyed them with a

burst of flame from his weapon. His

unyielding determination

and extraordinary

heroism in the face of

ruthless enemy

resistence were directly

instrumental in

neutralizing one of the

most fanatically defended

Japanese strong points

encountered by his

regiment and aided

vitally in enabling his

company to reach its

objective. Cpl. Williams'

aggressive fighting spirit

and valiant devotion to

duty throughout this fiercely

contested action sustain and

enhance the highest

traditions of the U.S. Naval


Mr. Williams’ devotion to duty, service

members, veterans and their families

began long before that battle and before

he entered the Corps. As World War II

began, Woody came into direct contact

with families in his own community when

he delivered Western Union telegrams

informing the Gold Star families of the

death of their loved one. Woody says that

those experiences gave him a “greater

appreciation for life and an

understanding of a difference in death in

the normal world as expected in life, and

those lost serving in the military for their

country". He noted that “consideration

and recognition of the families of those

lost in war was very inadequate.” This

observation and his personal

commitment to veterans and their

families led him to help create the

Hershel Woody Williams Medal of

Honor Foundation in 2012.

The activities of this foundation allow Mr.

Williams to continue his devotion and

commitment to those who have served

and the Gold Star families who have lost

loved ones to that service above self. His

foundation is focused on honoring Gold

Star Families and their fallen Heroes by

establishing Gold Star Families Memorial

Monuments in communities in all 50

states, offering scholarships to Gold Star

Children, sponsoring outreach programs

and events, and educating communities

about Gold Star Families and the sacrifice

they have endured.

To date, Woody and his foundation are

responsible for establishing 18 Gold Star

Families Memorial Monuments across the

United States with 45 other monument

projects underway in 34 states. The

Foundation continues to grow its reach by

being involved in multiple initiatives

across the country from Manchester, NH

to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

USNS Hershel "Woody" Williams (T-ESB-4)

USNS Lewis B. Puller (T-ESB-3)- Sister

ship USNS Lewis B. Puller

Namesake: Hershel W. Williams

Builder: NASSCO – San Diego, California

Laid down: August 2, 2016

Notes: Operated by Military Sealift


General characteristics

Class and type:

Expeditionary Transfer Dock

Length: 784 feet (239 m)[1]

Aircraft carried: MH-53 and

MH-60 helicopters[1]

USNS Hershel "Woody" Williams (T-ESB-4)

is an expeditionary mobile base vessel

constructed for the United States Navy.

USNS Hershel "Woody" Williams (T­ESB­4)


Gold Star Family members and dedication participants Amy Looney

(L) and Ryan Manion (R) stand in front of The Missouri Gold Star

Families Memorial at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO

Williams began

his military

career with a

commitment to

country, service


veterans and

families. He

continues that


through his active

engagement with


communities in

recognizing and


the service and

devotion to duty

of our service

men and women.

Governor's Military Advisory Board in the

State of West Virginia.

His state legislature in West Virginia has

included him in the Hall of Fame for the

state named him a Distinguished West

Virginian in 1980 and in 2013. He is on

the “Wall of Fame” in the Civic Center in

the city of Huntington, West Virginia,

nominated and selected by the former

recipients who received this honor.

His actions have often been recognized by

our military and its highest officers,

recently the Secretary of the Navy named

T-ESB 4 (Expeditionary Sea Base Ship 4),

The $498 million contract for the vessel,

then unnamed, was awarded to the

National Steel and Shipbuilding Company

(NASSCO) in December 2014.[2] Her

name was announced as Hershel "Woody"

Williams by Secretary of the Navy Ray

Mabus on January 14, 2016, honoring

Hershel W. Williams, a World War II

Marine Corps infantryman who earned a

Medal of Honor in the Battle of Iwo

Jima.[3] Her keel was laid on August 2,

2016,[1] and shewas put onto 2018.

She will be operated by the Military

Sealift Command, and is planned to

operate in the Pacific Ocean.


Some facts about Woody:

Following the war, Woody worked for the

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for

33 years as a Veterans Service

Representative, allowing him to continue

serving veterans and their families.

Hershel Williams locking on replica

dog tags to the Memory Lock

Memorial Fence at the Gold Star

Family Inn in Branson, MO.

Woody retired after serving 20 years in

the Marine Corps and Marine Corps


He served as the Commandant of the

Veterans Nursing Home in Barboursville,

WV for nearly 10 years, helping veterans

who were often in their last years of life.

Still today, Woody serves on the

John Sacoulas presents Mr. Williams

with commemorrative T­Shirt

representing the Memory Lock

Memorial Fence Project

the USNS Hershel "Woody" Williams

mobile base sea vessel. She entered Navy

service in early 2018.

In his hometown of Fairmont, WV, the 32

million dollar Hershel “Woody” Williams

Armed Forces Reserve Center is the only

National Guard facility in the country

named after a Marine.

The VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)

Hershel “Woody” Williams Post 7048 in

Fairmont, West Virginia and the main

bridge in Barboursville, West Virginia are

named for him as well.

Woody has literally penned dozens of

Resolutions to help veterans and other

causes in West Virginia and throughout

the United States.


it’s not political... it’s spiritual

The Left’s Contempt for Middle­Class Values


When I was in graduate school, I

learned a lot about the left.

One lesson was that while most liberals

and conservatives abide by society’s

rules of order and decency, most leftists

do not feel bound to live by these same


I watched the way leftist Vietnam War

protesters treated fellow students and

professors. I watched left-wing students

make “nonnegotiable demands” of

college administrations. I saw the Black

Panthers engage in violence—including

torture and murder—and be financially

rewarded by leftists.

Today, we watch leftist mobs scream

profanities at professors and deans, and

shut down conservative and pro-Israel

speakers at colleges. We routinely

witness left-wing protesters block

highways and bridges, scream in front of

the homes of conservative business and

political leaders, and surround

conservatives’ tables at restaurants while

shouting and chanting at them.

Conservatives don’t do these things.

They don’t close highways, yell

obscenities at left-wing politicians, work

to ban left-wing speakers at colleges,

smash the windows of businesses, etc.

Why do leftists feel entitled do all

these things? Because they have

thoroughly rejected middle-class,

bourgeois, and Judeo-Christian religious


Leftists are the only source of their

values. Leftists not only believe they

know what is right—conservatives, too,

believe they are right—but they also

believe they are morally superior to all

others. Leftists are Ubermenschen—

people on such a high moral plane that

they do not consider themselves bound

by the normal conventions of civics and

decency. Leftists don’t need such

guidelines; only the non-left—the

“deplorables”—need them.

In August 2017, University of

Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax

wrote a column for the Philadelphia

Inquirer in defense of middle-class

values. She and her co-author cited a list

of behavioral norms that, as Wax put it,

“was almost universally endorsed

between the end of World War II and the


They were: “Get married before you

have children and strive to stay

married for their sake. Get the

education you need for gainful

employment, work hard, and avoid

idleness. Go the extra mile for your

employer or client. Be a patriot, ready

to serve the country. Be neighborly,

civic­minded, and charitable. Avoid

coarse language in public. Be

respectful of authority. Eschew

substance abuse and crime.”

She later wrote in The Wall Street

Journal, “The fact that the ‘bourgeois

culture’ these norms embodied has

broken down since the 1960s largely

explains today’s social pathologies—and

re-embracing that culture would go a

long way toward addressing those


For her left-wing colleagues at Penn

Law School, this list was beyond the pale.

About half of her fellow professors of

law—33 of them—condemned her in an

open letter. And Wax wrote in the

Journal, “My law school dean recently

asked me to take a leave of absence next

year and to cease teaching a mandatory

first-year course.”

The Pennsylvania chapter of the leftwing

National Lawyers Guild condemned

her for espousing bourgeois values and

questioned “whether it is appropriate for

her to continue to teach a required firstyear


As regards traditional Jewish and

Christian codes of conduct, just read the

left’s contempt for Vice President Mike

Pence’s religiosity. They fear him more

than President Donald Trump solely for

that reason.

One would think that leftists, as

sensitive as they are to sexual

harassment of women, would admire

Pence’s career-long policy of never

dining alone with a woman other than his

wife. On the contrary, they mock him for


With such high self-esteem and no

middle-class, bourgeois, or Judeo-

Christian values to guide them, many

leftists are particularly vicious people.

The opening skit of “Saturday Night

Live” this past weekend—Matt Damon’s

mockery of Judge Brett Kavanaugh—

provided a timely example.

It is unimaginable that a prominent

conservative group or individual would

feature a skit mocking Kavanaugh’s

accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Indeed, Kavanaugh noted his 10-year-old

daughter’s prayer for his accuser, and a

political cartoonist promptly drew a

cartoon with her praying that God forgive

her “angry, lying, alcoholic father for

sexually assaulting Dr. Ford.”

Is there an equally prominent

conservative public figure on the right

who has ever said “F— Obama!” on

national television just as Robert De

Niro shouted, “F— Trump!” at the recent

Tony Awards?

Now, why would De Niro feel he could

shout an obscenity at the president of the

United States with millions of young

people watching him? Because he is not

constrained by middle-class or Judeo-

Christian moral values.

In Nietzsche’s famous words, De Niro,

like other leftists, is “beyond good and

evil,” as Americans understood those

terms until the 1960s.

In 2016, at a Comedy Central roast of

actor Rob Lowe, the butt of the jokes was

Ann Coulter, not Lowe. They mostly

mocked her looks, and if there is

something crueler than publicly mocking

a woman’s looks, it’s hard to identify. For

example, “Saturday Night Live” cast

member Pete Davidson said, “Ann

Coulter, if you’re here, who’s scaring the

crows away from our crops?”

There surely are mean

conservatives—witness some of the vile

comments by anonymous conservative

commenters on the internet. And it is a

moral scandal that Ford has received


death threats.

The difference in left-wing meanness

is the meanness of known—not

anonymous—people on the left. They

don’t hide behind anonymity because

they do not feel bound by traditional

notions of civility, for which they have


Now you can understand why the left

hates Pence, a man who has, by all

accounts, led a thoroughly honorable

life. He—and other evangelical

Christians and Orthodox Jews—tries to

live by a code that is higher than him.

That ethic is what Ubermenschen

seek to destroy. They are succeeding.

­ by Dennis Prager

(417) 272-0090


17799 Missouri 13 in Branson West, and a new

location next door to the Dollar General by the

main Post Office.


We need more

immigrants to come

to the United states.

Since we have killed 55 million

Americans in the womb in the

last 45 years we have to

replace them. This is why we

have a worker shortage. Plus,

immigrants that have been

naturalized as U.S. citizens

have a much lower abortion

rate than Americans. It’s a win

- win situation. Providing that

the immigrant follows these


1) you must be here legally

2) you must learn English

3) you have not been

convicted of a felony

4) you will not hyphenate your

citizenship i.e., African-

American, Hispanic-American,

Irish-American.... to be an

American you have to assume

a new identity, otherwise we

cannot treat you as an equal.



a compilation from the sheep

nostra culpa

10 Shameful Events in American History


We corrected the scourge of slavery by

having more than 300,000 white men

losing their lives and countless wounded

to fight for the Union. Their sacrifice

resulted in the emancipation of

Americans that were descended from


The glacier slow movement of equal

rights for all minorities seemed to be

finally taken root with the spectacular

leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s

advancement of minorities in all major

aspects of American society. Academia,

politics, entertainment, business, sports

and medicine saw the rise of all

minorities to the highest levels. The new

racial tensions of today were fomented

by a neo fascist, progressive movement

to stir up hatred among Americans to

dismantle a pluralistic coexistence. This

method was highly successful until

conservative minorities realized this

insidious plot and started to buck the

tide of an almost ritualistic support of the


They also are discovering the fact that

the descendants of slaves, and the

successive waves of immigrants to the

United States, are better off here than in

their old countries.

Treatment of Women

The suffrage movement eventually

created a path for equal rights for women

but nearly 100 years later the pendulum

swung so far that society had to

emasculate men and empower women to

extremes and now we all suffer from the

unintended consequences of mixed

gender workplace environments. In

order to curb the sexual revolution we

had to sterilize America with a cold,

unattached attitude to the way men and

women relate to each other.

Wounded Knee

On December 29, 1890, the U.S. Army’s

7th Cavalry surrounded a band of Ghost

Dancers under Big Foot, a Lakota Sioux

chief, near Wounded Knee Creek and

demanded they surrender their

weapons. As that was happening, a fight

broke out between an Indian and a U.S.

soldier and a shot was fired, although it’s

unclear from which side. A brutal

massacre followed, in which it’s

estimated 150 Indians were killed (some

historians put this number at twice as

high), nearly half of them women and

children. The cavalry lost 25 men.

There will always be the debate on

whether or not Native Americans could

claim ownership of an entire continent

and to what degree they could lay claim

to all of it. However, we gave them

garbage wastelands and wiped out their

main source of survival by the slaughter

of the majority of all buffalo. Having said

that, the Native Americans were not able

to adapt to the western influence and

succumbed to alcohol and entitlements.


It was shameful we didn’t fight to win

and treated our soldiers like dirt.


It was shameful we didn’t fight to win

and now Trump has to “finish the job”

one way or another

Roe V. Wade

55 million Americans killed in the womb.

We let science tell women it was just

“tissue” and now science proves that the

fetus is a living human being and as it

turns out, tens of millions of men and

women still don’t have a conscience.


With a prior bombing attempt on the

twin towers, and the extremely poor

vetting of foreign visitors due to the

insanity of being “politically correct’ and

not wanting to offend, we lost 3,000

Americans in one day.

Election of Barack Obama

Election of the first person of color for

the wrong reasons. (he was as much

white as he is black... he chose to identify

with his African heritage) Despite his

rhetoric that all lives matter he publically

proclaimed he would never

want to burden his daughters

with an unwanted pregnancy.

Having no regard for the

unborn life of his grandchildren,

evidently not all lives matter. He believes

in climate change because science says it

is a fact but the same scientific

community has acknowledged human

life begins in the womb evidenced by a

beating heart before, in most cases, the

mom even knows she is with child.

His Marxist father heavenly influenced

his globalist ideology and Muslim faith.

His declaration of being a Christian was

for political expediency and an incorrect

view that salvation can be obtained

outside of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The exclusivity of Christ is a major tenent

of the Christian faith. To believe

otherwise makes one an infidel.

How we corrected it.

We elected Donald J. Trump to erase the

progression of a borderless, one world

government and the planned dismantling

of the American ideals that cost over

1,000,000 lives to protect.


If our forefathers wanted a one world

government, they would have stayed in

England as it conquered the planet and

our early martyrs to defend this new

America would not have had to spill thier


Jesus thinks

you’re the

reason for

the season



y reaching hearts and not heads

An American preached the gospel to 200 million people across the

world over for 70 years, more than any other one person in world


Christian leaders across the United

States praised the life and work of

America’s Pastor the Rev. Billy

Graham, who was laid to rest last March

in North Carolina, at the age of 99.

“Billy Graham arrived on the scene at

a time when the world was looking for

solutions—and this young, wiry, son of a

dairy farmer had the ultimate one: Jesus

Christ,” Family Research Council

President Tony Perkins said exclusively

to Breitbart News. “From the Cold War to

the civil rights movement, Billy played a

significant role in bringing

evangelicalism to the mainstream of

American life. It was a mission that

endeared him the world over.”

“He did that preaching a message that

some would call hostile or offensive

today: that Jesus loves and died for us all,”

Perkins continued. “For 99 years, his

greatest testimony was his own

faithfulness to preach and live the word

of God. Today’s evangelicals are, I believe,

the product of that example and they too

want to live out their faith in every area

of their lives.”

“Billy Graham affected millions of lives

for good and is a hero because he openly

shared his faith with all,” First Liberty

Institute Kelly Shackelford offered

exclusively to Breitbart News. “I can think

of no greater way to honor his memory

than to fight for and keep religious

freedom for all, so many more can follow

in his footsteps, blessing others.”

“Billy Graham showed what

faithfulness to God’s calling looks like in

a world full of distractions,” former

ambassador, presidential appointee, and

longtime elected official Ken Blackwell

told Breitbart News in another exclusive


“He could have run for Congress, or

parlayed his global fame into a massive

business empire that would have

brought him enormous wealth—he could

have done almost anything,” the Liberty

University professor explained. “Instead,

he felt God’s call to preach the gospel and

seek the salvation of as many people as


“So instead of pursuing wealth or

power, or spread himself in different

directions to move the needle on many

political or policy issues, he used his

unmatched platform solely to preach

Jesus Christ,” Blackwell continued.

That reference is to the gospel

Evangelical Christians believe: All human

beings are sinners who are naturally

under the judgment of a holy God. But

God loved the world so much that he sent

his Son to be born as a man, live a life of

perfect holiness and obedience to God,

revealing God’s will to humanity, then die

a brutal death on a wooden cross outside

Jerusalem around A.D. 30. Three days

later God resurrected him from the

death, after which he appeared to

hundreds of his followers. Forty days

later he ascended physically into heaven,

and he will one day return in glory as the

king of kings.

Billy Graham’s life was devoted to

preaching that any person who repents

of their sin and turns to God, placing their

faith in Jesus and what he accomplished

on the cross and in his resurrection,

receives forgiveness from God and will

spend eternity with him. He preached

that gospel to 200 million people across

the world over more than 70 years, more

than any other one man in world history.

Senior Pastor Robert Jeffress of First

Baptist Dallas said that his mother “was

saved at a Billy Graham crusade in 1954

at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas before I was

born.” He added, “Simply put, I am a

Christian today and pastor of First

Baptist Dallas because of Billy Graham.”

“When journalists ask me what Billy

Graham would say to those who have

heard the news of his passing,” Jeffress

continued, “I tell them for sure what he

would say for the message of his life was

the message

of John 3:16,

‘For God so

loved the

world that he

gave his one

and only Son,

that whoever

believes in

him shall not

perish but

have eternal


Ken Klukowski

is senior legal

editor for


News. Follow

him on


. Feed Back From Our Readers

yak bak

We have been receiving the ACV for more

than a decade and noticed you changed

the white dove with an olive branch to a

dove on fire without an olive branch...

what’s up with that?

Danny and Carol Mathers, Boise, ID

Dear Mathers, over the years we have

been led to present to our readers a

message of peace. However, we have

reached a crossroads in the world and

more specifically, the United States. We

are at war between two ideologies... dark

and light, bitter and sweet, right and

wrong. The self deification of the far left

that represents an amoral genocide

through abortion on demand is Imago Dei

without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Having said that... we are using the dove

of peace in this issue to honor and respect

the Christ child coming to the earth to

redeem His own. (The ones that know his



Having read Tim Challies article on how

to beat Facebook’s algorithm in your last

issue makes me wonder why Christians

are not abandoning FB altogether.

Bayler Campinski, Altoona, PA

Bayler, we have so much invested in

keeping up with significant people in our

lives and the building of our contacts and

timeline, it would be sad to just abandon

Facebook. However, it seems obvious that

Zuckerberg’s penchant to placate the

progressive agenda leaves us no choice.

Fortunately there are a few alternatives

cropping up that we are currently

vetting. When it shows stability and a

quality operating system we will promote

it. We are suggesting January 1, 2020 to

jettison Facebook and Google products.

This will give us time to notify all of our

contacts where we can be found and ask

that they join us.Hopefully others will do

the same.


We appreciated your story on the Ark

Encounter so we recently made the trip

and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, we

disagree with their treatment of

children and how to teach them about

it. My grandkids were lured into a

cartoon friendly exhibit only to chew

out adults for sugar coating the actual

events of the destruction of humanity. I

suppose they have a point but we

emphasize the love of God for animals

and His mercy to let mankind start over.

In any case the Ark Encounter was an

astonishing monument to a just God.

Tony and Marcy Campos, West Bend, IN


Your open comments to Whoopi

Goldberg were not very kind. You

attacked her craft (acting) in addition to

her political leanings. Also, the topic of

abortion is a little bit more complicated

than “Just don’t do it.”

Beatrice Swick, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Beatrice, if abortion is murder and by all

scientific evidence it is, then it is not

complicated at all. It is wrong. Nobody

accidently has an abortion. It is always

pre­meditated. (btw, men are complicit

since they are the most ardent encourager

of taking that life to avoid child support

payments for a few decades) A sense of

selfishness and entitlement has sanitized

manslaughter at the alter of free sex,

albeit, inconvenience.


I was a pro-life liberal. I supported

Democrats For Life. I really liked

Dennis Prager’s article in Vol. 14 No. 2

describing the difference between a

leftist and a liberal. I feel most

comfortable with liberals in every area

but abortion. I have lived in socialist

Great Britain for many years before

immigrating to the United States. I am

not a citizen yet and am not looking

forward to the voting system here in

America. I guess I will throw away my

vote by supporting the Republicans

because stopping the carnage of abortion

supercedes all other social issues for me.

If the unborn never get to experience it

and compassion is defending those with

no voice, what is the point?

Wally and Gerta Bates, Calabasas, CA


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Where the Locals Eat


homes should not be kid centered



guilt trips

to kiss



Motherhood guilt.

We’ve all been there. I’ve been

there more than my fair share.

Part of what drives me as a

mother is making sure I am 100 percent

always there for my daughters. I never

want them to think that I’ve chosen

someone else more important than they

are in my life.

But there are jobs. And careers. And

meetings. And hobbies. And friends. And

… and … and life.

Ah, yes, motherhood guilt.

So I was writing up a totally different article

when I found myself writing a list of

all the things we really should forgive

ourselves for right now that leave us with

that feeling of motherhood guilt. All

those things that keep piling layer upon

layer of guilt on top of each other.

So, we’re letting go of guilt today. All of it.

I can only list 10 here. But, you can add

your own. And by guilt I mean … Like that

time you …

Missed bedtime

Whether it’s long and tedious or sacred

and traditional, seeing our little ones

drift off to sleep with an I love you,

Mommy is often the best part of the day.

Not because the rest wasn’t good but because

those moments are always the

most precious, the ones when suddenly

everything that went wrong is done and

over and complete and we are back to

being ourselves, stripped bare and naked

of nothing but love. You went where you

needed to go. You did what you had to do.

There will be more bedtimes. Let it go.



Let’s assume you don’t yell 24/7. Let’s assume

you tried your absolute best to take

a different route. Let’s assume you were

under pressure … be it internal, time or

emotional. Let’s assume it was just a bad

moment, a bad decision. And let’s assume

most of the time your heart is in

the place of love because you wouldn’t be

here on this website in this community if

love wasn’t totally beaming from your

being. Let’s assume you’re trying to yell

less. So, assuming all of that … no guilt

needed. Let it go, Mama. Forgive.

Asked to be


For some of us, being alone to think and

dream and hear the sound of our own

breathing is as essential as water and

food. It’s how we cope with the hardest

of moments in motherhood. Taking time

to be alone, even

if it’s just 10 minutes

hiding in the

bathroom, is not

anything to fret

over. Forgive.






Our only job as

parents is to love

our kids and keep

them healthy and

breathing. This

means they need

to eat. This

means they need

food. This means

unless the cooking

fairy lives at

your house you

will need to make

dinner. And as far

as I can tell no

dinner hour ever

came at the most convenient time in any

household on earth. Kid needs to eat.

Mama needs to eat. Forgive.

Used TV to get

things done

I believe that in order to be able to completely

relax and be present as a parent

means we need to cross off those really

important/nagging things on our to-do

lists. Yes, I have multiple to-do lists! If

making sure the fundraiser forms and

the lunches get packed will help you

relax so you can play a game later, just

do it. And TV is a great tool to use when

life just won’t let up. And by life I mean


kids. Just be sure to actually make time

for a game — and anything else on

your Thinking Mother’s To-Do List.

And then once you have made this decision,

let it go. Forgive.

Went back to

work (even when someone

was sick)

There is no greater joy then being that

present, playful parent we want to be all

the time. But sometimes work just feels

good. Sometimes work is what we need,

to pay the bills, to buy groceries, to keep

the roof over our heads. Yes, even when

a child is sick and you have to go anywhere

because people’s lives depend on

you. Because your lives depend on you.

This is an easy one to let go. Forgive.

Insisted that the

kids be perfect

Sit up straight. Smile better for this picture.

Brush your hair. Change your

clothes. Wear a different coat. Don’t

make mistakes. Your goal is not to ruin

them and make them feel insecure. Your

goal is to give them the best possible

start in life. Your goal is to teach them

how the world works. Except they’ll

learn anyway, with or without our nagging

presence. Just know that your heart

has been in the right place. Perhaps it’s

time to let go of the weight it carries and

let them just be themselves. And you get

to do the same. Forgive.

Said the wrong


Anger talks. It talks really loudly. Anger

sometimes gets us to say things we don’t

mean. Just ask my daughter and she’ll

tell you this is truth. And yet it’s part of

being human. It’s part of growing up and

learning. It’s part of figuring it all out. So

you said something you regret. You said

something you wish you hadn’t. It sits in

the pit of your stomach. Say your sorry.

Write a note. Burn what you said in a

bonfire and send it out into the universe

to become star dust. And then … forgive.

Didn’t cook dinner

There is this unwritten rule now for

moms to fill their day with teaching

their kids new things. This unwritten

rule sends children to kindergarten

where they will always be far ahead of

their class — and bored. So that day you

didn’t teach your baby how to read or

didn’t do a Matisse art project, it’s OK.

They will be OK. They will be just fine.

Let it go. Forgive.

Were really


You were on your phone during that period

of time at the park today. And it was

your first and only break you had all day.

Maybe all week because your partner is

out of town, or your a single parent. And

while absolutely being present is awesome

and wonderful sometimes it’s just

not possible. Because fears and worries

take over. So, for this one time, write

yourself a little permission slip that says

this: I am sometimes distracted. I am always

human. I forgive myself.

Just because we forgive ourselves for

these motherhood guilt trips doesn’t

mean we can’t still improve on them. In

fact, it’s always a balance to keep maintaining

a life and a home and raising a

family. We may never have the perfect

scenario and that’s OK. Life is messy. Life

isn’t always fair. Life is a constant stream

of one decision after another.

And our children need to know this.




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jesus should be the center, then the parents

The Problem With The Child-Centered Home

she opened my bedroom

door, reminding her I

was on an important call

and didn’t want to be interrupted.

But she ignored my attempt to quiet her

and asked the question loudly as if MY

ONE FINGER in the air meant nothing.

I pointed again, more forcefully. My 7

year old kept right on talking.

Even my most threatening face didn’t

stop her.

BY KRISTEN WELCHIheld up a finger when

This must be really important, I thought.

I said excuse me to the professional on

the receiver, covered the mouthpiece and

whispered through gritted teeth, “WHAT


She took a tiny step backward and said,

“I don’t know what to do. I’m bored.”

Y’all, It was nearly a poltergeist moment

for me.

“Go play. Give me 5 more minutes,”

I said seething.

“But mom, I need you to tell me

what to do.”

The rest of the phone call occurred

with me sitting on the

closed toilet behind a locked


And then, a few years ago, we started to

shift to a Jesus-centered home. Instead of

child worship, where we bowed to every

whim and demand from our kids, we refocused

and prioritized our lives. My children

didn’t stop being important. We

didn’t stop loving them unconditionally

or stop meeting their needs. We just

stopped trying to fix every problem and

giving in to every desire.

Teaching our kids how to serve turned

our home right-side up. It’s never too

early to start or too late to try. We started

by picking a few things off this list: 100

Ways to Make a Difference As a Family.

Listen, humans are naturally self-centered.

We want what we

want. Our kids are no


If we build our home

around their every

want, they will let us.

And it may seem easier

because kids

who always


When we center our homes around the

wants and demands of our kids, we are

actually hurting them, not helping.

Here are five risks of a child-centered


1. It gives kids the false security that the

world is about them- We can build our

world around our kids, but the world

won’t return the favor. Sooner or later-in

school or at a first job, they will discover

life isn’t always fair and they can’t always

get out of sticky situations.

2. It puts a strain on our marriage-it’s

easy to put children in front of spouses

and when we put kids at the center of the

home, things get out of balance, including

our marriages.

3. It reinforces selfishness-kids don’t

need to be taught selfishness. “Mine” is

usually one of their first words. But constantly

letting the world revolve around

their demand and wishes, only reinforces


4. It puts a responsibility and pressure

on children they weren’t meant to carry.

Kids weren’t designed to carry the burden

of getting their way all the time. Not

only is it unhealthy, I believe kids want

restrictions and guidelines. It’s another

way we show them how much we love


5. It makes them a challenge outside of

home (school, church, etc). Enough said.

When I hung up a few minutes later,

I kept thinking about my daughter’s

words. I need you to tell me what

to do.

I’m not a stranger to a child-centered

home. For years, we let our kids determine

restaurants we ate at, we gave them

ample choices, we backed down from

consequences, we centered our lives

around their extracurricular activities,

we added fun kid stuff to every weekend

so they wouldn’t be bored, and when

they asked us what they were supposed

to do for fun, we told them. Some days,

we still reap the effects of it.


Until they don’t get what they want.

And then watch out.





My greatest calling is being a mom. I love

my children and I’m grateful for them.

But that doesn’t mean they are the sun

and I should orbit around them in submission.

Refocusing our homes, centering them

around Christ instead of our children

isn’t easy. It takes consistent, hard work.

And when our kids are begging for us to

tell them what to do, we should hide in

the bathroom. Or give them time to answer

their own question.

Oh, and I found the perfect thing for my

daughter to do. Her room has never

looked better.

Kristen is author of ‘Raising Grateful Kids

in an Entitled World’ available, like this

magazine, at all Barnes and Nobles Bookstores.


we serve a God of miracles

Ask the Rabbi - What is Hanukkah?


Hanukkah, alternately called the “Feast of

Dedication” and the “Festival of Lights”, is

the best know and least known of the

Jewish holidays. Yeshua (Jesus) Himself

celebrated Hanukkah as told in John 10:22-

23. Tradition demands that we recount the

story of the menorah at the Holy Temple,

how is stayed lit for eight days with only

one day’s supply of oil. Unfortunately, the

events leading up to this miracle are often


Hanukkah is not mentioned in the bible as

we know it, but is in the apocryphal books

of the Macabees. The story begins in 336

BC when Alexander the Great conquered

the Persian Empire, which included Judea

(Israel). The Jews and Alexander had a

good association; Alexander allowed and

encouraged Judaism to flourish, even

sponsoring many sacrifices in the Temple.

After the death of Alexander, Judea fell

under the rule of the Ptolemies of

Alexandria. The Jewish people were

heavily influenced by the Hellenistic

culture of the day and began to

assimilate into the Greek society. It

was during this time that an

unstable madman named Antiochus

Epiphanes came into power and enacted a

number of anti-Jewish decrees.

Outraged, a ragtag group of villagers

elected Judah the Macabee to lead the

battle that would soon be coming. Judah

who was known as “the Hammer” and the

rebels did not have to wait long before

Antiochus mobilized his troop and attacked

the little group. Miraculously the little

band of warriors prevailed and defeated

the mighty Greek army.

When the time came to relight the menorah

only one jar of pure, undefiled holy oil

could be found; it would take eight days for

more oil to be obtained. The High Priest,

determined to rededicate the Temple, lit

God in his love desires to

predestine (elect and save) all

people to be together with him

forever but he does not force

anybody to have a relationship

with Him.

the menorah even if it was to last only one

day. Miraculously the menorah remained

lit for the entire eight days until a new

supply of holy oil arrived.

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The gospel that is

beautiful and

transforming to

God’s people is

ugly and odious to

those who are not

his people. The

gospel that so

satisfies those who

believe it revolts

those who reject it.

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a few of hundreds of awesome examples

Great Moments in American History


History is made through the

actions of men and women. In

studying the past, it is the

historian’s job to avoid the provincialism

of the present by understanding that

events might have developed differently

if people had made different choices at

certain pivotal moments. Nothing is

inevitable. At the same time, history

provides examples of great courage and

virtue on the part of men and women.

Though such actions may not have

altered the course of history in any direct

way, they have surely inspired those who

have heard of them. Below are such great

moments in American history, listed in

chronological order.

Robert Carter frees his slaves (1791)

Motivated by the egalitarianism of his

religious beliefs—a combination of

Baptist and Swedenborgian theology—

Robert Carter III of Virginia in 1791

quietly issued his “Deed of Gift,” which

provided for the gradual emancipation of

his 452 slaves. Carter took this dramatic

step at great personal cost. He alienated

his sons, whose inheritance was greatly

reduced, and angered many of his

neighbors, slaveholding and nonslaveholding

alike, by not only freeing so

many blacks at once but also by throwing

many of his white tenants off his land in

order to give the newly-freed slaves

property on which to make livings.

Though there were many smaller

individual emancipations in the United

States both before and after, the scale of

Carter’s act was without precedent.

Unlike others who sought secular

immortality in everlasting fame among

later generations, Carter wanted to be

forgotten. He mandated that his grave be

unmarked (it remains so), and his great

act of emancipation was unaccompanied

by the sort of flowery rhetoric meant to

preserve his name to posterity.

Andrew Carnegie gives away his

fortune (1901) ­ Born in 1835 to a

working-class family in Scotland, Andrew

Carnegie came to the United States when

he was thirteen years old. Settling in the

Pittsburgh area, he worked first in a

cotton mill and then as a telegraph

operator for a railroad company. After the

Civil War, Carnegie entered the iron and

steel industries, where he made his

fortune. In 1901, he sold his business

interests to J.P Morgan for some $500

million and proceeded to begin giving

away most of his fortune through

philanthropic efforts.

“Man must have no idol and the

amassing of wealth is one of the worst

species of idolatry,” Carnegie opined early

in his career as an

industrialist. “No idol

is more debasing than

the worship of

money!” An avid

reader, Carnegie

funded the creation of

more than 2,800 public

libraries and many

schools. As he wrote in

a memo: It is the mind

that makes the body

rich. There is no class so pitiably

wretched as that which possesses money

and nothing else. Money can only be the

useful drudge of things immeasurably

higher than itself. Exalted beyond this, as

it sometimes is, it remains Caliban still

and still plays the beast. My aspirations

take a higher flight. Mine be it to have

contributed to the enlightenment and the

joys of the mind, to the things of the

spirit, to all that tends to bring into the

lives of the toilers of Pittsburgh

sweetness and light. I hold this the

noblest possible use of wealth.

Carnegie also funded hospitals,

scientific endeavors, museums, music

halls, and efforts to resolve international

conflicts, in addition to many other

projects. In his book, The Gospel of

Wealth and Other Timely Essays (1901),

he acknowledged the importance of the

concentration of wealth in advancing the

good of society, but he pointedly urged

his wealthy peers to limit their wealth

and to give their excess to building of

community and the helping of the poor:

“The man who dies thus rich dies

disgraced.” By the end of his life, Andrew

Carnegie had given away ninety percent

of his fortune (about $350 million) and

had set an example for other wealthy

philanthropists to follow.

Jesse Owens shows up Hitler at the

Olympics (1936) ­ The city of Berlin was

the site of the 1936 Olympics, and

German leader Adolf Hitler hoped to

showcase the supposed superiority of the

Aryan race by having his athletes win as

many medals as possible. But he was

disappointed by the outstanding

performance of African-American athlete

Jesse Owens, who took home four gold

medals in trackand-field

for the



feat certainly


Hitler and


American pride.

James Watson

(b. 1928) ­ The

American born James Watson was

obsessed with bird-watching in his

childhood. In 1947, at the age of 15 he

graduated from the University of Chicago.

He received his Ph.D. in Zoology from

Indiana University in 1950. Then he

joined Cavendish laboratories where he

worked together with Francis Crick to

ascertain DNA structure.

In 1953, when they created the model

of DNA double helix, it was regarded as

an enormous achievement in fields of

molecular genetics and biochemistry. For

their work Crick, Watson, and Maurice

Wilkins were awarded the Nobel Prize in

1962. Before becoming director of Cold

Spring Harbor Laboratory New York in

1968, Watson taught at Harvard and

CalTech. In 1988, as an

acknowledgement of his scientific glory

and his administrative capabilities, he

was appointed appointment as the head

of the Human Genome Project at the NIH.

John F. Kennedy challenges America to

land on the moon (1961)

When John F. Kennedy assumed the

presidency in 1961, the American people

had begun to fear that the Soviet Union

was surpassing the United States in the

all-important “space race.” In 1957, the


Soviets had launched the first man-made

satellite, Sputnik, and a mere few months

after Kennedy’s inauguration, a Russian

cosmonaut became the first man to orbit

the Earth.

Kennedy responded by declaring in a

speech before Congress in May 1961 that

“this nation should commit itself to

achieving the goal, before this decade is

out, of landing a man on the Moon and

returning him safely to the Earth.”

Kennedy continued the push to surpass

the Soviets in the space race when he

gave a memorable speech at Rice

University the following year:

Why, some say, the moon? Why choose this

as our goal? And they may well ask why

climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years

ago, fly the Atlantic?… We choose to go to

the moon. We choose to go to the moon in

this decade and do the other things, not

because they are easy, but because they

are hard, because that goal will serve to

organize and measure the best of our

energies and skills, because that challenge

is one that we are willing to accept, one we

are unwilling to postpone, and one which

we intend to win….

Kennedy’s challenge inspired the

American people and, though he did not

live to see it, the ultimate success of the

nation’s space program in landing a man

on the moon boosted American

confidence at a time when the Vietnam

War was simultaneously sapping it and

indeed threatening to break asunder the

bonds of American society.

Ronald Reagan determines to defeat

the “Evil Empire” (1981)

In his long-range view of events, Ronald

Reagan displayed the conservative’s

appreciation for history and the

conservative’s rejection of the

provincialism of the present. This

approach to history was most evident in

the American president’s attitude toward

the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

“The West will not contain Communism;

it will transcend Communism,” he boldly

declared at Notre Dame University in

1981. “We will not bother to denounce it,

we’ll dismiss it as a sad, bizarre chapter

in human history whose last pages are

even now being written.” In March of

1983, he famously labeled the Soviet

Union an “evil empire,” warning an

audience of Christian evangelicals:

So, I urge you to speak out

against those who would place the

United States in a position of military

and moral inferiority. You know, I’ve

always believed that old Screwtape

reserved his best efforts for those of

you in the church. So, in your

discussions of the nuclear freeze

proposals, I urge you to beware the

temptation of pride—the temptation

of blithely declaring yourselves above

it all and label both sides equally at

fault, to ignore the facts of history and the

aggressive impulses of an evil empire, to

simply call the arms race a giant

misunderstanding and thereby remove

yourself from the struggle between right

and wrong and good and evil.

Despite criticism of his confrontational

attitude from all sides of the political

spectrum, Reagan’s resoluteness finally

compelled Soviet leader Mikhail

Gorbachev to accept an agreement to

reduce the two countries’ nuclear

stockpiles and exposed the moral,

economic, and political rot that infested

the heart of Soviet Communism. Less

than three years after Reagan left office,

the Soviet Union was dissolved. As Jan

Ruml, a former Czech dissident, put it

after the Velvet Revolution in

Czechoslovakia: “The fact that someone

out there called communism by its

proper name and actually did something

to promote freedom and democracy

helped us a great deal. Ronald Reagan

was the man instrumental in bringing

down communism.”

Post-Reagan paleo-conservatism has

largely adopted a pacifist attitude toward

war and conflict and cringes at the notion

of going abroad “in search of monsters to

destroy.” Yet, like it or not, there are

ideologies, religions, and countries that

seek to destroy the West, and to

acknowledge such realities does not

entail embracing schemes to make the

world safe for democracy. Nor does it

make one a “neo-con,” but in fact it makes

one a conservative, who in the spirit of

J.R.R. Tolkien, recognizes that “there is

some good in this world, and it’s worth

fighting for.”

African American develops first cell

phone On July 6th, 1971, Henry T.

Sampson invented the “gamma-electric

cell”, which pertains to Nuclear Reactor

use. According to Dr. Sampson, the

Gamma Electric Cell, patented July 6,

1971, Patent No. 3,591,860 produces

stable high-voltage output and current to

detect radiation in the ground. April 3rd,

1973, Motorola engineer Marty Cooper

placed the first

public call

from a


according to

the Verge. In



Cooper called

Joel Engel —

head of rival



Bell Labs — saying “Joel, this is Marty. I’m

calling you from a cell phone, a real

handheld portable cell phone.” The call

was placed on a Motorola DynaTAC

8000x, which weighed 2.5 pounds, a far

cry from today’s 4-ounce handsets.

Group of Americans instrumental in

developing the Internet (Al Gore is not

among them) - MIT developers and

associates - J.C.R. Licklider, Ivan

Sutherland, Bob Taylor, Lawrence G.

Roberts, Leonard Kleinrock, Thomas

Merrill, Frank Heart, Bob Kahn

Howard Frank, Doug Engelbart,

Elizabeth Feinler, Glen Culler, and

Burton Fried allowed users to finally

develop applications.

You could name all the men and

women that contributed, to radio,

television. motion pictures, medical

achievements, acadania, theolgical giants

like Billy Graham and the list would

never end. Americans have contributed

more to modern history than every other

nation combined.


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america is the providence of God

Remembering the Beginning

Iwas born in a country that has laid a

foundation of principles based on

Providence. Providence was a word

that the founding fathers used for God.

They looked to Him and to the Scriptures

to initiate the groundwork that would

endure and endure it has. In spite of all the

moves the opposition has taken to

neutralize its intent and strength.

Due to the Providence of God, this nation is

blessed. We are told in Scripture, that

whoever honors God is honored by Him. It

is founded on Judeo-Christian ethics, and

the Constitution is unique in all the world.

It is respected by other nations and, in fact,

is looked upon to solve other nations

unique problems. We are an honorable

people who have supported the world with

finances, warriors, missionaries, and even

a home for the United Nations.

James Madison said, “The future and

success of America is not in this

constitution but in the laws of God upon

which this constitution is founded.

The founding fathers recognized that God

is the first cause of all things. They based

their document on His infinite power and


We have overcome many issues on our own

soil, that could have sunk most nations.

There have been many attempts to fracture

and discount the Constitution, but it still

stands along with the Declaration of

Independence which grants our people life,

liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The

Declaration was written in direct response

to the tyranny of the King of England. It is

enlightening to read it.

People, the world over, desire to become

citizens of this great nation. Sane laws have

been set up to invite them to become

citizens. Citizenship is not attained by


The Republic of the United States of

America is designed to be an orderly form

of government where the supreme power

is in our elected representatives and an

elected president and not a monarch.

Today, with all of our conflict and

disagreements, we are still a free nation.

We have a duly elected president and

congress. We have a Supreme Court. The

balance of powers is in


It is a privilege to be born into this great

nation. It is a responsibility to maintain it

by voting and running for office to uphold

the Constitution.

Since the beginning, there have been

differences of opinion but most often with

civility. Today, we need to return to civility.

We will never all agree on laws and

direction, but we can do so with open

hearts and minds. May Providence, the God

of first cause, guide and direct this country

through the rough waters of politics and

culture so we may continue with the

writing of history of this great nation.

In the 60’s we forgot our God given

heritage. May we commit as a people to

look back and remember why we are free.

Senior staff writer, Kathy O’Neill

Why the Founding Fathers

Were Probably Smarter

Than We Are

WASHINGTON—It's important to

remember that the first president, George

Washington, joined a remarkable group

steeped in an education and faith that

helped create this free, prosperous,

powerful nation. It's sad today's students

aren't learning the true forces behind these


Trying to catch up young people on the

wonderful things they don't know about

our founding fathers is author Jenny Cote's


She said of these men, "They studied

ancient civilizations, and I don't mean just

like AP History and dates and facts. They

studied how governments work. They

studied ancient Rome, ancient Greece. They

studied philosophy, how men thought."

Cote wrote The Voice, the Revolution and the

Key to better connect our younger

generation with America's founders.

"My life's purpose is to get kids excited

about history and make them fall in love

with it," she said. "You have to make history

fun, you have to make it personal, and you

have to make kids care. Well how do you

make them care? You make it relevant to


In this newest book of hers, Cote uses

talking animals to help the future leaders

when they're children. One is a young

Benjamin Franklin reading in-depth

about ancient leaders' character, virtues

and vices in a book many adults might find

hard to understand.

"'Plutarch's Lives:' Benjamin Franklin, 11

years old, that was his favorite book. Have

you read; Plutarch's Lives?; I just read it to

write this book, and it's pretty


Young George Washington wrote in longhand

110 principles put together by Jesuits

about how to live right and be a gentleman.

"What 12-year-old today do you think

would take the time to have a journal and

to hand-write out rules of civility and civil

discourse?" Cote asked. "He wrote down

these principles so he would learn them.

And our founding father, the head of them

all, George Washington, this was ingrained

in him young."

She added, "All of the founding fathers were

raised to be respectful, good citizens."

They Learned All About Greece, Rome,

Right and Wrong

In a recent commentary for CNSNews.com,

Cote wrote, "Seeds of knowledge and

understanding were planted in these mere

children so they knew how a healthy

government should operate to serve its

people, and how its people should in turn

conduct themselves. They studied the

mistakes of mighty empires like Rome and

the intellectuals of Greece, learning what

went wrong. They clearly understood their

God-given natural rights and their longheld

rights and responsibilities as proud

Englishmen. And that's why they valued

freedom and liberty. They learned from

history how precious freedom truly is, and

how vigilant a people must remain to hang

onto it."

Colonial society at that time was pretty

much based on the lessons and literature

of Christianity, which imbued good

students with morals, virtues and civility.

"Children were learning their ABC's based

on Bible characters," Cote said. "Learning

not to take the Lord's name in vain, for

example, and to love your school and

respect others. They were learning all these

general principles in their classrooms."



hopefully the pedulum will swing back

As Cote put it, "And my grandmother

always said 'what goes into the first of life

goes throughout all of life.'"

'There is a Just God Who Presides...'

Today's public schools not only don't teach

out of the Bible, they don't teach how

important Christianity was to the founding

fathers. Or they maybe just suggest

founders like Washington were deists,

believing only in a distant, uninvolved God.

Yet Washington stated after surviving a

battle where his coat was punctured by

numerous bullets and two horses were

shot dead beneath him, "I was saved by the

miraculous care of Providence that saved

me beyond human expectation."

Patrick Henry — the man who shouted

"Give me liberty or give me death" — also

stated, "There is a just God who presides

over the destinies of nations."

As a young man, Patrick Henry was right

in the middle of the First Great Awakening

and the battle for greater religious liberty

in the colonies.

"The war for religious freedom was

happening under his own roof," Cote said,

explaining that Henry's father and uncle

were Anglicans in Virginia's state church.

"However, his mother Sarah was a bit of a

rebel, and she went with this new Great

Awakening dissenter movement."

She would take her son to hear evangelists

preach in this first national revival, the first

event to unite all the colonies. Many of

these preachers were illegal because they

weren't part of the official state church.

"Patrick Henry saw early on this struggle

for religious freedom. When he grew up

and became a lawyer, he had a heart for

Baptist ministers. He would represent

them for free when they were thrown in

prison for preaching the Word of God. And

he would anonymously pay their bail to get

them out."

How One Voice can Change the World

Listening to these fiery preachers during

the First Great Awakening helped form

Henry into the mighty orator eventually

labeled the Voice of the Revolution. His

voice for freedom and stand against the

high taxes of the Stamp Act helped ignite

the Revolution.

"A decade before we even declared

independence, he was the first one to speak

up against tyranny," Cote explained.

She added, "That's when Sam Adams and

the boys in the Sons of Liberty said, 'Look

at these guys in Virginia. We need to be that

bold.' So, isn't it amazing how one voice

speaking up for liberty against tyranny can

change the world?"

Henry and Adams joined many bold leaders

educated for just that moment in time.

Cote said in their younger years, "They

were learning who are the heroes of

history, what they did right, what they did

wrong. What governments worked, what

governments did not. They learned

mankind over time. So as they grew, they

were inspired and encouraged. And they

knew, 'okay this didn't work in the past.

Let's make something new that we can try

that's never been tried before.'"

'They Could Smell a Tyrant Coming

3,000 Miles Away'

But most important of all, Cote explained,

"They understood that liberty was

precious. Because it had been oppressed

over the centuries and they studied it. And

so because they studied what worked in

history, they could smell a tyrant coming

3,000 miles away. And they were ready."

Still, they weren't hotheads. As King

George III oppressed them more and more,

they tried for peaceful solutions.

Cote called it, "A decade working with the

king, saying, 'Hey, let's work this out here.'

And they tried diplomacy, they tried

negotiation, they tried laying their case

before the king and Parliament. They did all

that they could do before they finally had

to take drastic measures."

Cote said of Thomas Jefferson, "He did say

revolution is good every now and then, but

done right. It doesn't mean you go right to

the guns."

He, too, like many of his fellow

revolutionaries had studied the political

and philosophical masters.

Such as, Cote pointed out, "Montesqiueu,

Locke: in fact Jefferson would have read

many of the words that he penned and used

right in our Declaration of Independence."

Study the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Though she certainly admires the founders,

Cote in her books doesn't shy away from

their failures and shortcomings, like Patrick

Henry owning slaves.

"I'm showing his struggle with slavery. Like

where he says, 'It is a lamentable evil. I

cannot justify if. I cannot believe I'm a

Christian, yet I do this. There's no excuse.'"

But the author finds it horrible that schools

are shying away from teaching the great

and good stories of America's first decades

and its founders just because of their dark


Skipping the Founding, Revolution

and Civil War

"To the point where I heard recently," Cote

exclaimed, "some school curriculums are

going to start teaching in 1866. 'Oh, let's

just skip over the whole founding of our

nation. Because it's too painful.' And this is

the danger in that: Santayana said 'those

who don't remember their history are

doomed to repeat it.'"

She argued, "You need to show all the

history: the good, the bad and the ugly. And,

yup, the dark side of it. But don't throw

away the good, because that is what we're

missing here in today's culture."

Along with the National Park Service, Cote

holds Patriot Camps with kids and asked

past students what will happen if children

don't learn their nation's history.

She recounted, "They said 'we'll lose our

future.' And I said 'whose responsibility is

it to keep telling the stories of our history?'

And you know what they said? 'It's ours.'

So, if kids are willing to own it, let's just

teach it to them."

Alpha­Griddle Solution

from page 37



strong fences make good neighbors

Build the Wall

Can America solve its illegal immigration

problem both justly and humanely? Yes,

but it requires first building a border

wall. Washington Post columnist and

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Charles

Krauthammer explains why.

Every sensible immigration policy

has two objectives: 1) to regain

control of our borders so that we

decide who enters; and 2) to find a

humane way to deal with the 11 million

illegal immigrants who now live among


Start with the second. For both practical

and moral reasons, America cannot and

will not and should not expel 11 million

people. That leaves us with two choices:

ignore them or figure out a way to

legalize them. Ignoring them hasn’t

worked. But there is also a huge problem

with legalization: it creates an irresistible

incentive for new illegal immigrants to


We say, of course, that this will be the

very last, very final, never-again, we'renot-kidding-this-time

amnesty. And

everyone knows it's phony. That’s what

was said in 1986, when we passed the

Simpson­Mazzoli immigration reform. It

turned out to be the largest legalization

program in American history -- nearly 3

million people got permanent residency.

There was no enforcement. We now have

11 million new illegal immigrants in our


The irony of this whole debate, which

bitterly splits the country, is that there is

a silver bullet that would not just solve

the problem, but also create a national

consensus behind it.

A vast number of Americans who oppose

legalization and fear new waves of

immigration would change their minds if

we could radically reduce new -- i.e.,

future -- illegal immigration.

And we can.

First, build a barrier. Call it a wall. Call it

a fence. Call it what you will. Add cameras

and sensors. Add drones. Beef up the

patrols. All that matters is that we regain

control of the border.

Fences work. The triple fence outside San

Diego led to a 90 percent reduction in

infiltration. Israel’s border fence with the

West Bank produced a similar decline.

Even holier-than-thou Europeans have

conceded the point: Hungary, Macedonia,

Bulgaria, Austria,

Greece, Spain – why,

even Norway -- have

all started building

border fences to stem

the tide of Middle

Eastern refugees.

Then enforce two

other measures: a

national E-Verify

system that makes it

just about impossible

to work if you are here

illegally, and a

functioning visa

tracking system, since 40% of illegal

immigrants are visa overstays.

The wall/fence will, of course, be ugly. So

are the concrete barriers to keep truck

bombs from driving into the White

House. Sometimes function has to

supersede form.

And don't tell me that this

is our Berlin Wall. When

you build a wall to keep

people in, that's a prison.

When you build a wall to

keep people out, that's an

expression of sovereignty.

Of course, no barrier will be foolproof.

But it doesn't have to be. It simply has to

reduce the river to a manageable trickle.

Once we do, everything becomes possible

-- including dealing with our 11 million

illegal immigrants.

So, let’s fix that. Track the visas, do E-

Verify, build the damn barrier. It’s

ridiculous to say that it can’t be done.

And who would certify that the border is

back in our control? I would have a

neutral party, perhaps a commission of

retired jurists, issue the judgment. Once

they do, we legalize the 11 million,

granting them the right to stay and work


We can’t give them citizenship. That’s a

bridge too far. You don’t get to join the

political destiny of the country by

entering it illegally. But any children born

here would be American -- which means

that over time the issue resolves itself.

The American people are legitimately

angry at the price American society has

paid due to illegal immigration. But they

are also a generous people. Once they are

assured that we do indeed control our

borders, that anger will abate. A national

consensus will emerge.

Radical border control, followed by

radical legalization. No mushy

compromise. A solution requires two acts

of national will: putting up a wall (along

with E-Verify and visa tracking) and

absorbing those who broke our laws to

come to America.

This is not a compromise meant to

appease both sides without achieving

anything. It’s not some piece of hybrid

legislation that arbitrarily divides illegals

into those with five-year-old "roots" in

America and those without – or some

such mischief-making nonsense.

If we do it right, not only will we solve the

problem, we will get it done as one


I’m Charles Krauthammer for Prager




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a great start

Priest Says… Excommunicate 14 Catholic Senators

Who Voted Against Late­Term Abortion Ban


ACatholic priest, earlier this year, called on

bishops to excommunicate the 14 Catholicidentifying

U.S. senators who voted against

banning late-term abortions. He is also

calling on priests to deny the Catholic proabortion

senators Holy Communion.

“Today is the day for their bishops to issue a formal statement

acknowledging that these men and women have publicly

denied their Catholic faith, and if not formally, then have

informally excommunicated themselves,” Fr. Dwight

Longenecker wrote in a past blog post.

Many bishops often refuse to publicly correct pro-abortion

politicians who say they are Catholic. Of these, a small number

prefer to be more “pastoral,” handling the matter in private.

But Fr. Longenecker wasted no time on this premise, pointing

out the reality of the infraction committed by public figures

identifying themselves as Catholic when they publicly support


“So fourteen Catholic senators voted for this barbaric,

inhumane practice to still be legal in the United States and

thereby assured its continuation,” Fr. Longenecker stated.

Fr. Longenecker called on Catholic media to publish their names

and to “publish the horror that they have enabled by their vote.”

He also stated that “every Catholic college, university, institute

of learning, newspaper, and website should publish the names

of the Catholic senators who voted for late-term abortion, and

circulate their names as widely as possible.”

He included links to the official vote roll call and public record

of the senators’ identifying as Catholic, as well as a chart

containing their district, diocese, and bishop.

“Since their offense is public, it should be acknowledged

publicly and their pastors should publicly rebuke them and

deny them access to the sacraments,” he said, adding that if

Church hierarchy does not do so, then Catholics should make

their concerns known via the most effective channel — the

collection basket.

“If the bishops and priests do not do this,” Fr. Longenecker

added, “the faithful in their parishes and dioceses should rise

up and blizzard them with letters, emails, and the one thing that

will really make them sit up and take notice: withholding their


Longenecker, pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in

Greenville, S.C., wrote about the fact that 46 of 97 members of

the U.S. Senate voted January 29 against ending debate on the

Pain­Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and the result of

that was the Senate not being allowed to vote on the bill, and

the senators in effect voting against the ban.

The bill’s premise is based upon the scientifically established

fact an unborn child can feel pain at 20 weeks.

One of two proposed bills up for a possible vote to coincide with

the annual March for Life, it was not perfect, allowing

exceptions for babies conceived in rape or incest. It was

regarded by some as feel-good legislation timed for the annual

March when pro-life advocates and media would be paying

attention. Despite its shortcomings, the bill would have banned

most late-term abortions, a brutal and inhumane practice.

Pope Benedict took the position that pro

abortion Catholic politicians excommunicate

themselves. His successor holds a different

position. Here is the Word of God on the matter:

King James Version - And if he shall neglect to hear them, (in this

case, regarding a patent endorsement of genocide) tell it unto the

church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee

as an heathen man and a publican. Matthew 18:17

Fr. Longenecker remained vocal on social media about his call

to name the 14 Catholic pro-abortion voting senators, making

numerous posts.

“USCCB website acknowledged Monday’s Senate vote in favor

of late-term abortion was ‘appalling’,” he tweeted Thursday,

February 1, “but fails to name and condemn Catholic senators

who voted for dismemberment of unborn babies. That article


most protestant leaders wouldn’t have the guts

now gone from website. Essentially —

silence from the USCCB.”

The USCCB responded that its statement

was still available on the conference

website, but did not address the

substance of



“CRUX, National

Catholic Reporter,

and America Mag

— leading

Catholic online

journals still all

silent about the

Senate vote and

no comment on

the Catholic

senators who

voted for lateterm


he tweeted that

same day. “Does

silence indicate consent?”

“I expect the bishops of ‘The Fourteen’

will say, ‘It is better that I have a quiet

word with them in private about this

matter’,” Longenecker tweeted as well.

“No. Their vote was a formal, public

action in favor of late term abortion.

Public crime demands a public


He used the #namethefourteen hashtag

in all his posts related to the defense of

human life.

“Neonatologist says, ‘Babies at 20 weeks

gestation do feel pain’,” he quoted with a

link to an article from The Federalist.

Longenecker also shared the Catholic

World Report column on the matter by

canon lawyer Ed Peters, wherein Peters

termed the senators The Bloody 14.

One of his posts showed that North

Dakota Democrat Sen. Heidi Heitkamp

— who is among the Catholic pro-abort

14 — was also one who high-fived New

York Democrat Chuck Schumer upon

the Pain-Capable Unborn Child

Protection Act’s defeat.

Bishop David Kagan of Bismarck, N.D.,

took heat in October 2012 after a letter

to the diocese’s parishes regarding the

forthcoming election was leaked. The

letter had discussed the non-negotiable

issues of life and marriage, and asked

Catholics to consider the Church’s

teaching on those issues when voting.

Some regarded the letter as telling people

not to vote for Heitkamp, who was

running for the Senate.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield,

Ill., had previously upheld the decision of

one of his priests to deny Holy

Communion to Democratic Sen. Dick

Durbin, one of the Catholic pro-abortion


Providence, R.I., Bishop Thomas Tobin

was critical of Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine

during the 2016 election because of

Kaine’s support for abortion, same-sex

marriage, same-sex adoption, and

women’s ordination. Tobin also publicly

rebuked Democrat Congressman Patrick

Kennedy for Kennedy’s support for


The names of the 14 Catholic senators

who voted against the 20-week abortion

ban are:

Maria Cantwell — Washington; Susan

Collins — Maine; Dick Durbin —

Illinois; Kirsten Gillibrand — New York;

Heidi Heitkamp — North Dakota; Tim

Kaine — Virginia; Patrick Leahy —

Vermont; Ed Markey — Massachusetts;

Catherine Cortez Masto — Nevada;

Claire McCaskill — Missouri; Bob

Menendez — New Jersey; Lisa

Murkowski — Alaska; Patty Murray —

Washington; Jack Reed — Rhode Island.

Italics denotes that the senator lost their

seat in the 2018 mid term elections.


Pro ­abortion former politician, Hillary

Clinton, claims to be a Christian and often

gives her Methodist affiliation the credit

on her political positions. On deliberate

human extermination (abortion) she says

it might not be compatible with her

denomination as a whole but God is the

only judge on such matters. Of course, this

a false narrative since the Word of God

instructs us to call her out and

disfellowship her as disciple of Christ.

At least Chuck Schumer hides underneath

his flaming, liberal, Jewish yamilke.

Ironically, the most famous Jew ever to

walk the earth was pro life. Hmmmmm.





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1 Divide

6 A spinning toy

(2 wds.)

10 Omelette need

14 Uneven

15 Mongolian desert

16 Helen of __

17 Chest

18 Little Mermaid's


19 Tiny body part

20 Excuse

22 Hot beverages

24 Samuel's mentor

25 Marry secretly

27 Perilous

29 NT book before


32 Genetic code

33 Winter hazard

34 Dapper

37 American state

41 KJV pronoun

43 Constellation

44 Plague of Egypt

45 Male children

46 Electronic mail

48 Day of the week


49 Cooking tool

51 Morning star

54 What's


56 Large religion

57 Reverence

58 Last word of a


60 Fundamental


64 Love

66 Pixies

68 Debonair

69 Leg joint

70 Flightless birds

71 Tapestry

72 Shriek

73 Satiate

74 Spools


1 Southeast by east

2 Proximo abbr.

3 Misplace

4 Chemical


5 Sacred building

6 Maturity

7 Cake

8 Off-Broadway


9 Borders English


10 And so forth

11 Biblical word for


12 Gosh!

13 Monetary unit

21 Small city

23 Transgression

26 Hymn of praise

28 First king of Israel

29 Wallops

30 Reverberate

31 Was

35 British drink

36 Labors

38 Row

39 Land


40 Successor

42 Catch sight of


46 Love your __

47 Calm

50 Wing

52 Roman emperor

53 Contaminated

54 Unclean animals

55 Word written on

the wall (Daniel)

56 Data

57 Alcoholic

59 Austin novel

61 Biblical weed

62 Elliptical

63 Loch __ monster

65 Conger

67 South southeast


Use your compass directions to find the correct locations for

the missing letters of the alphabet. When you have completed

the grid, see if you can discover the hidden city, country, river

or mountain.


North or south means any location along the same column.

East or west means any location along the same row.


A is south of J: B is west of H

C is east of S and south of M

D is west of I and north of S

F is north of S: G is south of H

I is north of E and west of H

K is west of A: L is east of U

M is east of X: N is west of T

O is east of J: P is east of S

Q is west of E and south of Y

R is north of S and west of G

U is north of E: W is south of U

V is east of K and west of W

X is north of V and west of I

Y is east of D and south of J

Z is south of O

Alpha­Griddle Answers

on page 31

CrossWord Answers

on page 47


default to God’s intimacy

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On God's Expense Account

Anna Broadway’s wote an article for

Christianity Today and it really hit home

for me. And it’s not just because she’s

writing about singleness, as I often do.

It’s because she’s writing about trusting

God completely in the midst of

singleness—which I find very, very hard

to do.

Anna has found a whole new level of trust

during a trip around the world to study

and write about what singleness looks

like among Christians in different

countries, all while living off her

savings. She writes:

Initially, I had

a hard



to the lack

of basic

amenities in



water shut-offs,

power cuts, pothole

ridden roads,

and even a thriving

rat population in one house where I

stayed. By now, however, I’m

starting to see that, if I let it,

this short-term lack of

security can teach me greater

dependence on God. The truth is, I take

not one breath—let alone one bite—but

that he provides it. How easily I forget


Early into the trip, I freaked out one night

when I learned I couldn’t get

a Eurail pass in time

to spare me the



ticket it

would have

covered. But as I sat

there, trying not to panic, I

seemed to hear God saying, “You’re on

my expense account.”

I was a little in awe after reading all this.

Okay, I was a lot in awe. I tend to hang on

like grim death to my necessities, not to

mention my comforts. Singleness has

aggravated the tendency, but it’s not just

about singleness. It’s a tendency I was

born with. Fear is my default reaction.

I’ve stayed in some places much longer

than I should have because I was too

afraid to leave—afraid I couldn’t find

something better, afraid I couldn’t take

care of myself. Afraid God wouldn’t take

care of me.

It takes a special level of trust—the kind

I’ve very rarely achieved—to believe that

even if everything does fall through, even

if we’re without resources or support,

even if we find ourselves in the kind of

dire straits that too many people in this

world are living in right now, God will

still be taking care of us.

I wish I could say that reading

Anna’s piece flipped a switch in

my head and my heart and that

I’m never going to be afraid

again. Unfortunately, fear is not quite

that easy to conquer. But I can say that it’s

making me think deeply about what it

truly means to trust God and how I can

start stepping out in faith more

confidently. Give it a read; it just might do

the same for you.

Gina Dalfonzo

Associate Editor, Christianity Today


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Your Sensitive Brain

Your brain is sensitive . . . Literally.

Your brain's sole function is to receive and

interpret the sensory information from

your 5 . . . well actually 6 senses and then

send messages to the different parts of

your body telling what to do.

Eyes (vision) . . . Ears (auditory) . . . Nose

(smelling or olfactory) . . . Tongue (taste) .

. . Skin (touch)


Proprioceptors (joint position sense).

Haven't heard of that one. . . Have ya?

Your proprioceptors are nerve sensors

located in and around joints that tell the

brain the position of joints and the amount

of tension in the muscles. Proprioceptors

are what allow you to stand with your

hands extended to your sides, close your

eyes and touch your nose.

You know . . . Pass a sobriety test

on the side of the road.

Well here is the thing about

those proprioceptors:

1. If a joint, especially a

joint in the spine is not

functioning correctly (has

lost normal alignment

and mobility), that

joint's propioceptors send

a "bad" message to the


3841 S.




2. If a joint is not moved enough through

a full range of motion, like what happens

to the spinal joints when you sit all day at

work, then your proprioceptors will send

"bad" signals to the brain.

3. If the BRAIN continues to get these

"bad" signals from your joints . . . it will

eventually start sending "bad" information

to your body.

Side Note: At this point I would like to

remind you that your brain is

responsible for coordinating all of the

various functions that keep you upright

and functioning. So having a brain that

sends out "bad" information is . . . BAD!

So what do you do about this "improper

proprioceptor input to the brain?"

I am so HAPPY that you asked.

Here it is . . .

You have to MOVE!

Go for a walk . . . do yoga . . . stretch . . . do


You have to move your bones.

And if a joint in your spine

gets stuck . . . you gotta

call your chiropractor to

un-stick it because if you

don't, that joint will send

bad information to your

brain . . . which will screw

up your brain . . . and then

your brain will send bad info

to your body . . . then your body

stops functioning properly . . . I

The Shrine of

the Holy Spirit

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think you get the point!

How do you know if a joint is stuck?

It can be difficult to tell on your own. If you

have difficulty turning your head or can

bend one way more than the other way,

you might have a joint dysfunction. And of

course, if you have any pain or discomfort

when moving a joint, YOU HAVE JOINT


At the end of the day, only a chiropractor

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joint dysfunctions.

That bad info could manifest in many

different ways: back pain, neck pain,

headaches, knee pain, indigestion, high

blood pressure, constipation, etc.

You see . . . a back problem isn't just a back


A BACK problem causes a BRAIN problem

. . . a back problem is a HEALTH PROBLEM.

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Socialism has no moral

justification whatsoever; poor

people are not morally

superior to rich people, nor are

they owed anything by rich

people simply because of their

lack of success. Charity is not a

socialist concept ­ it is a

religious one, an

acknowledgment of God’s

sovereignty over property, a

sovereignty the Left utterly


­Ben Shapiro

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It’s Actually Pretty Great To Be

A Woman In America

The confluence of Brett

Kavanaugh’s confirmation and

the one-year anniversary of Me

Too is inspiring a markedly, if expectedly,

intense wave of negativity about

women’s stature in America.

The confirmation of Justice Brett

Kavanaugh has spurred a fresh round of

conspiracy-mongering about the

oppressive American patriarchy. That’s to

be expected.

Perhaps the most frustrating feature of

contemporary feminism is its persistent

negativity. Everything is cast as proof

women face significant, inescapable daily

oppression in this country. Bafflingly, the

freedoms we enjoy were actually hardearned

by earlier iterations of the

women’s movement. In other words, they

can’t bring themselves to celebrate their

own successes.

Me Too, by contrast, was initially focused

on exposing a problem that was more

pervasive than people understood. But

that was back when it was divorced from

the partisan feminist movement, which

regularly blows problems out of

proportion as a political strategy.

Now, the confluence of Kavanaugh’s

confirmation and the one-year

anniversary of Me Too is inspiring a

markedly, if expectedly, intense wave of

negativity about women’s stature in

America. To be clear, there’s good reason

to be concerned about sexual harassment

in the workplace, and powerful men

abusing their power to abuse women.

But there’s also good reason to be joyful

about the incredible privilege of being a

woman in this country, especially with

the perspective of history, and the

oppression women still face in other

parts of the world.

Of course, every cause built on the

mission of advancing a community will

necessarily dwell where there’s room for

improvement. But the feminist

movement’s overwhelming negativity

lacks perspective, and risks infecting

younger generations with the same dark


persuading them

their lives are far

worse than they

truly are.

A song that went

ultra-viral on

Twitter in light of

the Kavanaugh controversy illustrates

this well. The lyrics were clearly written

in response to President Trump’s

assertion that it’s “a scary time for young


“I can’t walk to my car late at night while

on the phone, I can’t open up my

windows when I’m home alone, I can’t go

to the bar without a chaperone, I can’t

wear a miniskirt if it’s the only one I own.

I can’t use public transportation after

7:00 p.m., I can’t be brutally honest when

you slide into my DMs, I can’t go to the

club just to dance with my friends, and I

can’t ever leave my drink unattended,”

the singer laments.

This is the self-fulfilling prophecy of

contemporary feminism. Women can

safely do almost everything the song

claims they can’t, with rare (albeit still

unacceptable) exceptions. And these

sentiments only make us take for granted

the freedoms we have, like wearing

miniskirts or going to clubs or taking

issue with dudes who say creepy things

on social media.

Those are freedoms the women’s

movement fought for and won. It may not

be wise to leave drinks unattended or

walk to your car late at night on the

phone (for men or for women). But when

feminists project the message that

women are unsafe to clap back at social

media creeps or wear miniskirts, they

help make that perception reality.

There’s a line in the song that actually

goes, “I can’t be taken seriously if I’m

holding back tears, I can’t ever speak

earnestly about these fears.”

It’s a sad irony. Even in penning a song

entirely devoted to “speaking earnestly”

about those fears, the singer does not feel

like society permits her candor. To the

contrary, less than two days after the

video was uploaded, it got tens of

thousands of retweets, and was boosted

by celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Alyssa

Milano, and Patricia Arquette.

Not only can you speak earnestly about

sexism in America, it’s often incentivized

and rewarded. That hasn’t been true for

women in many other moments in

history, and isn’t currently true for many

women around the world who don’t

enjoy the freedom of speech we have in

this country.

Christina Hoff Sommers often uses a line

that has stuck with me: “American

women, especially college-educated

women, are the freest and most selfdetermining

in human history.”

“By any reasonable measure, American

women are among the safest, freest,

healthiest, best educated, and

opportunity-rich women in the world,”

Sommers said in August. Contemporary

feminism’s fatal flaw is a dogged refusal

to acknowledge that.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing

energy on correcting lingering elements

of sexism in society. But let’s not allow

ourselves to persuade girls out of

enjoying the incredible freedoms earlier

generations secured for women through

so much sacrifice in this country. Only by

recognizing our many freedoms will we

enable ourselves to close those

remaining gaps.

Emily Jashinsky is culture editor at The

Federalist. You can follow her on Twitter

@emilyjashinsky .




digging deeper

The “least of these” are not the poor but the Christian baker, photographer, and florist


Afew years ago, during the panel

discussion at the Poverty Summit,

I noticed a repeated biblical

allusion to the “least of these” (Matt.

25:40, 46). I think every speaker on the

panel—including President Obama—

used the phrase “least of these” to refer

to our fellow citizens who live in poverty

and who need help. This is how the

phrase is commonly understood, and so

it wasn’t a surprise to hear the panelists

speak this way. The phrase stood out to

me because I recently delivered a sermon

to my church on this very text from

Matthew’s Gospel

It turns out that the panelists’ use of

this phrase is a classic case of right

doctrine, wrong text. Yes, the Bible

teaches about our obligation to care for

the poor (e.g., Prov. 19:17). But contrary

to popular belief, “the least of these” in

Matthew 25:40 is not talking generically

about our obligation to care for the poor

and needy. We know this because the

terms “least of these” and “my brothers”

appear elsewhere in Matthew’s gospel,

and in each case the terms specifically

refer to Jesus’ disciples who have been

sent out into the world to preach the


For example, do you remember what

Jesus said when his mother and brothers

came to visit him?

“Who is My mother and who are My

brothers?” And stretching out His hand

toward His disciples, He said, “Behold, My

mother and My brothers! For whoever

does the will of My Father who is in

heaven, he is My brother and sister and

mother” (Matthew 12:48-50).

In this text, “brothers” is not a generic

description of people created in the

image of God. Jesus reserves the term

“brothers” for those who are his

disciples—those who believe and obey

his word. And what are these ”brothers”

doing? They are preaching Jesus’


In Matthew 10:7, Jesus sends his

disciples out to preach the gospel of “the

kingdom of heaven.” They are supposed

to preach from house to house. They are

supposed to give a greeting of peace to

anyone who receives them. They are to

shake the dust off their feet when

someone does not receive them. Why?

Because when people receive Jesus’

messengers, it’s a sign that they are

receiving Jesus’ message. When people

reject Jesus’ messengers, it’s a sign that

they are rejecting Jesus’ message. Jesus

says it this way:

He who receives you receives Me, and

he who receives Me receives Him who

sent Me… And whoever in the name of a

disciple gives to one of these little ones

[cf. ‘the least of these’ in 25:40, 45] even

a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to

you he shall not lose his reward

(Matthew 10:40-42).

Likewise, in Matthew 18, Jesus refers

to his disciples three times as “little ones”

(vv. 6, 10, 14) with a term closely related

to “the least of these” in Matthew 25:40,

46. So when Jesus talks about feeding,

clothing, and caring for the “least of

these” in Matthew 25:40, he’s talking

about his disciples. And he’s saying that

if you mistreat them, it’s like mistreating

him–which should be no surprise to us

because we are his body. Anyone who

rejects Jesus’ disciples by mistreating

them is rejecting Jesus. In short, how you

treat Jesus’ disciples reveals how you

treat Jesus. How you have received Jesus’

messengers shows how you have

received Jesus’ message. Your works will

reveal whether you have believed the

gospel or not. And your works will bear

witness either for you or against you at

the judgment.

In Matthew 7:21-23, Jesus says, 21 Not

everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will

enter the kingdom of heaven; but he who

does the will of My Father who is in

heaven. 22 Many will say to Me on that

day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in

Your name, and in Your name cast out

demons, and in Your name perform many

miracles?’ 23 And then I will declare to

them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me,

you who practice lawlessness.’

As far as Jesus is concerned, it is your

works, not your words, that reveal who

you really are. And that is why at the final

judgment, your works will be brought in.

And they will either bear witness that

you have experienced the grace of God.

Or they will not. And God will assign your

place in eternity based on whether or not

you have received the grace of Christ.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I

like Christ. I just don’t like Christians.”

Jesus says that if you don’t like his

disciples—if you reject them—you are

rejecting Him. There is no version of

Christianity that allows you to follow

Christ while mistreating His body. And it

won’t matter how much you profess your

love for Christ if you reject and mistreat

his body. What you do with Christ’s

people will tell everything that needs to

be told about you at the judgment.

This text is not about poor people

generally. It’s about Christians getting the

door slammed in their face while

sharing the gospel with a

neighbor. It’s about the

baker/florist/photographer who

is being mistreated for bearing

faithful witness to Christ. It’s

about disciples of Jesus having

their heads cut off by Islamic

radicals. In other words, it’s

about any disciple of Jesus who

was ever mistreated in the name

of Jesus. This text shows us that

Jesus will judge those who show

contempt for the gospel by

mistreating gospel-bearers.

In the last day, all the people

who thought they could get away

with mistreating Jesus’ brothers

and sisters are going to come face

to face with reality. They are

going to come face to face with

their judge. And they are going to

find out what justice is. And they

won’t be taunting or mocking.

They are going to be crying out for the

mountains to fall on them to shield them

from the Lamb of God come in judgment

(Rev. 6:16-17). But there won’t be a

mountain big enough or a hole deep

enough for them to hide in. Jesus will

arise as a dread champion for his people.

And he will close the mouths of the

scoffers and the persecutors once and for


These are the cosmic realities

indicated by the “least of these.” I doubt

that many of the people at the Poverty

Summit were thinking in these terms. But

these are the terms that we all need to

reckon with because they are the terms

of scripture. In the last day, the world will

see that the wrong side of history will be

to the left of Jesus. And what side you

stand on will be determined by how you

treated “the least of these.”

The good news is that Jesus offers


mercy even to his enemies. If you have

been at odds with the “least of these,”

there is time to get this right. Jesus died

to pay the penalty for our sins, and he has

been raised from the dead to offer us

eternal life. We receive this gift of

salvation simply by repenting from sin

and trusting in Christ. That invitation of

mercy is open to everyone reading this—

including those who have mistreated the

least of these.

“Even though I was once a blasphemer

and a persecutor and a violent man, I was

shown mercy because I acted in ignorance

and unbelief. The grace of our Lord was

poured out on me abundantly, along with

the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.

Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves

full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the

world to save sinners– of whom I am the

worst. But for that very reason I was

shown mercy so that in me, the worst of

sinners, Christ Jesus might display his

immense patience as an example for those

who would believe in him and receive

eternal life.”

­1 Timothy 1:13­16


from the editor

Is this just semantics? Is it not something

to get passionate about? If the preceding

article is true in its assessment it is a GAME

CHANGER! I work with what both

Christians and non­Christians (Obama)

believe are “the least of these” every single

day. They are poor (only in their minds),

disenfranchised (poor self image), down

on their luck (consequences of poor life

decisions) and elicit the sympathies of

many a tender­hearted person,

ESPECIALLY Christians who believe

erroneoulsy that they are the ones Jesus

said if you assist them, you did it to Him

personally. The truth is the majority of

them are charlatans that siphon off

billions of dollars from the Kingdom of

heaven. Satan has brilliantly decived the

Body of Christ on this issue and has been

quite successful at it. This is why so many

Christian Ministries

are struggling

financially. The

resources that are

meant for them are

squandered on the

world’s least of

these. Of cou rse,

being poor in

America means still

owning a cell

pnone, having air

conditioning and

all the food you

could consume.

Most of these

bottom feeders

know enough

scripture to fool

true believers into

thinking they are

disciples of Christ.


Believe me. While we cannot judge them

we are instructed to be fruit inspectors.

When their financial resources are

consumed on alcohol, drugs and tobacco,

Christians are not obligated to enable

them to continue that lifestyle.

There are a myriad of secular charities

that can waste their resources on them.

Let the secular take care of the secular. We

are told to shake the dust from our feet

and move on from those who reject the

gospel and we are also told not to throw

our pearls among swine and we are also

instructed that if a man does not work he

shall not eat.

However if a man cannot work that is a

different story. It occurs to me that if he is

physically able to beg he can do many

forms of work. I have learned from

interviewing them that it just does not pay

as much as begging. Christians are the

worst offenders. Because of our incorrect

view of the least of these we have become

an easy mark.

We are supposed to assist the poor but

in its proper context. Jesus didn’t say much

about the poor except that we would have

them with us always.

What does it mean that the

least in the kingdom of

heaven is greater than John

the Baptist?

Jesus spoke using many traits of

ordinary language, and forcing an

interpretation on the passage that does

not take into account the ordinary ways

that language is used and people

communicate ideas only leaves people

with twisted conclusions.

Here Jesus is not making a point about

John so much as he is making a point

about the significance of being included

in the Kingdom of heaven. There is a

comparison being made about relative

significance, but this has nothing to do

with passing judgement on John as being

in or out of the kingdom. In fact we have

every reason to believe that he was

himself included in it.

Basically, you're asking the wrong

question. It's not a matter of what John

the Baptist lacked or that made the other

disciples great. In fact the point of the

passage is exactly the opposite of that:

the success or failure, greatness or

smallness of our lives from an earthly

view has exactly no bearing on our status

in the Kingdom.

The point about John the Baptist was

simply that although he played a very

special role history -- a role itself foretold

as one who would prepare the way at the

coming of the Messiah -- this did not

make him special in the Kingdom

because that placement is dependent on

the work of the Son of Man, not that of

John. What greater honor could a man

have than to be the immediate herald of

the greatest event in all of history? And

yet that honor and distinction is shown

as insignificant compared to the honor

that we are all given as believers grafted

into God's family being made coinheritors

with Christ in His kingdom.

All this verse shows us is that any

earthly rankings in honor are utterly

irrelevant when it comes to our

membership in the Kingdom.




this image represents hope for all

The Cross is


It's been a long time in the making --

nearly a decade --

Kerry Brown says the 218-foot tall cross

can be seen for miles.

KY3 viewers might remember the story

from 6 years ago when we first reported

it. Then, Brown said he had a God-sized

dream of building a cross, but he also had

to do some God-sized fundraising first...

more than 3-million dollars. Now,

construction of the cross is fully funded.

Brown is still raising money, though, for

the landscaping and walkways around

the cross.

"There's a reason this cross

is being built in literally the geographic

center of the country," Brown said. He

wants it to be people's center-- a life with

Jesus Christ. "I've been ten years involved

with this, and now we have a


Each of the 22 bolts are 7 feet

long into the ground­­ set to

hold a firm foundation... what

Brown says is a life foundation.

"I believe that there are a lot of people

that are going to be driving down the

road, and they are going to see the cross,

and they are going to have an encounter

one on one with the Lord. They're going

to want to pull over and we do want to

minister to those people and help them

come into the Kingdom," Brown said.

"But the major purpose I see is maturing

the saint, or

perfecting the saint-

- someone who is

already in the

Kingdom-- for the

work of the


Locals are anxious

to see it take shape-

- in a time when this

community-- and

everyone, could use

a little hope.

"It's exciting... Just

something to look

up to and admire," said Branson area

resident Linda Bowman. "Salvation,

Christianity, faith and hope."

"Sometimes we can be a little bit remiss,

because we don't pass on Christ-- we

don't pass on the encounters he has on a

daily basis with us that make all of those

other things in life possible," said Brown.

Developers hope to have it open by

Easter 2019 so people can come to the

cross to celebrate the resurrection.

Brown has a vision for fundraising.

“We have 200 million professing

Christians in the U.S.,” he said, “and if

congregations donated $1 per member,

we would have enough to build and

operate the cross. Pastors need to know

that we are not pulling from their flock or

to take the tithe.”

Brown sees the cross as an interactive

tool to tell the story of Jesus.

“We want it to touch and reach hearts to

help people see the great love He has for

us. We want this to be a place of

encounter to help people know God.”

More information about the cross is

available at www.imagesatthecross.org.

If you'd like to donate, or learn more about

the ongoing project, visit Images at the

Cross on Facebook.


ussia is also a world super power... what have they done for it?

5 Reasons America Is The Greatest Nation in History


“Reg: All right, but apart from the

sanitation, medicine, education, wine,

public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh

water system and public health, what

have the Romans ever done for us?

Attendee: Brought peace?

Reg: Oh, peace - shut up!

Reg: There is not one of us who would

not gladly suffer death to rid this country

of the Romans once and for all.

Dissenter: Uh, well, one.

Reg: Oh, yeah, yeah, there's one. But

otherwise, we're solid.” – The Life of Brian

That scene from The Life of Brian always

reminds me of what America has to put

up with. We do more for the world than

any other 10 nations combined and then

all we hear is endless complaining that

we’re not saving the world the right way.

Maybe instead of whining so much about

how lousy America is, more people

should appreciate everything we’ve


1) We saved the world from tyranny

three times: Granted, we didn’t win WWI,

WWII and the Cold War all by ourselves,

but we were the biggest factor in all three

wars. In WWI, the conflict had bogged

down into a stalemate before the

Germans stupidly got us involved by

trying to get Mexico to attack us. In

WWII, both the British and Russians

played a crucial role, but neither could

have fought back effectively or even held

out against the Germans without our

incredible industrial base supplying their

armies. Oh, and the Cold War? Western

Europe had no more chance against the

Evil Empire without us than the Rebels

did against the Empire without Luke

Skywalker. We broke the Soviet Union

and the world’s a better place for it.

Speaking of which…

2) We’re first at spreading freedom

and democracy and there is no second:

People who hate America do all sorts of

wacky backflips to deny the truth, but

America is the world’s oldest continuous

republic and we’ve been spreading the

word about what a great system of

government it is ever since. We haven’t

just been talking either. Germany, Japan

and South Korea are all free people today

because of the United States.

Breaking the Soviet Union freed tens of

millions from tyranny. What did we do

when we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan?

We set up free

republics. The number

of people who’ve

moved from tyranny to

freedom because of the

United States is in the

hundreds of millions.

That brings up another


3) We do more to

prevent war and create

world stability than

anyone else: It’s often

noted that America is

willing and able to use

its military power, but

that’s because there

are only about three

“good-guy” nations

that can fight and two

of them, Britain and

Israel, don’t have the

strength to project

force abroad without


So, if the bad guys are on the move, who

you gonna call? Belgium? Sweden?

France? Ha, ha, ha! You could call Russia

and China, but if there are bad guys

making a move, at best they’re going to

be neutral and at worst, they’re siding

with them. Oh, and the United Nations?

Please….all it does is ask if Britain and

America are willing to do all the real

fighting while other nations send token

forces. Want to know why the Soviet

Union didn’t invade Western Europe? It

didn’t want to take on the U.S. Why didn’t

Saddam Hussein end up keeping Kuwait

and then start scarfing up other nations?

We kicked his @ss.

Know why there hasn’t been another war

between North and South Korea since

the fifties? America is on the scene. Do

you wonder why there hasn’t been a war

between China and either Taiwan and

Japan in the last fifty years? America is

the answer. We also rebuilt Western

Europe with the Marshall Plan, we dish

out more foreign aid than anyone and we

send food all over the world. If you’re in

trouble, you want America to show up,

Yes, Ira Hamilton Hayes was a Native American who

and helped raise the flag at Iwo Jima.

which brings up another interesting


4) We aren’t using our vast power for

conquest: We have a nuclear arsenal, the

best military in the world and we’re

capable of projecting force anywhere on

the planet in a very short period of time.

Yet, as Colin Powell said,

"We have gone forth from our shores

repeatedly over the last hundred years

and we’ve done this as recently as the

last year in Afghanistan and put

wonderful young men and women at


isk, many of whom have lost their lives,

and we have asked for nothing except

enough ground to bury them in, and

otherwise we have returned home to live

our own lives in peace."

Both Canada and Mexico share a border

with the United States and yet neither of

them has a serious military. If we wanted

to say, invade Canada, what could it do

about it? Throw hockey pucks at us? Yet,

nobody is living in fear because that’s not

what America does. Some ill-informed

idiots claimed America was invading Iraq

for the oil and Afghanistan for…what, I

don’t know – rocks and sand? What else

is there in that pesthole? Yet, we

didn’t even take the money needed

to cover our expenses from those


We didn’t invade Europe after

WWII; we used the Marshall Plan*

to help it rebuild. Before the United

States, great powers almost

universally menaced their

neighbors and took what they

wanted from them by force.

America hasn’t done that since

Mexico made the terrible mistake of

attacking us after Texas chose to

join our nation. Ask yourself if

China, Russia and the colonial

powers in Europe would do the

same if they had our military power

today. Of course, we’re not just a

great nation militarily, we are a

great nation because…

fought 5) Our economy, technological

advantage and soft power are

unsurpassed in human history:

Wanting the same prosperity that the

American people have helped turn the

citizens of the Soviet Union against their

government masters. That prosperity

and a tradition of Christian giving has

helped make the United States the

world’s most generous nation.

Technologically, we landed a man on the

moon** and not only is our military head

and shoulders better than anyone else,

we invented the Internet. If you need

lifesaving surgery, we’re still the place

you want to be (and we will continue to

be long term if we get rid of Obamacare).

If you want to say your nation is

technologically superior to America, then

go bring back the flag we left on the

moon in 1969 first.

Our culture and products are

omnipresent across the world as well.

Right now, there’s probably some guy in

a backward nation wearing a Yankees

jersey and typing, “I hate America,” on his

Microsoft browser before he goes to

McDonald’s and then heads to the

theater to watch the new Avengers


Nations like Britain and Rome had a

tremendous impact on the nations they

conquered, but even without trying,

America’s influence extends to the

farthest reaches of the globe. The only

people who care what’s happening in

Switzerland tomorrow are the Swiss, but

when America sneezes, the whole world

catches a cold.


* The Marshall Plan ­ 1947

Marshall Plan SigningConsidered by some

to be the noblest undertaking in American

history, and by others to be a waste of the

$12,000,000,000 that was eventually

spent on the plan, the European recovery

program had three objectives. George

Marshall, Secretary of State under

President Harry Truman, designed the

program to promote European

production, bolster European currency,

and facilitate trade after the devastating

effects of World War II. The purpose was

to help Europe recover as a healthy

trading partner and ally, and to repel the

Communist threat from Eastern Europe

and the Soviet Union. Marshall laid the

groundwork for a revitalized Europe and

the establishment of the North Atlantic

Treaty Organization. He received the

Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.

** Armstrong walks on the moon ­1969

Moon­Walk... The moment seemed to

generate memorable quotations. When

Apollo 11, the first manned lunar mission,

made contact with the surface of the

moon, there was “The Eagle has landed.”

When Neil Armstrong became the first

man to set foot on the moon, he said,

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant

leap for mankind.” But the quotations

didn’t end there. Frank Borman later was

quoted by U.N. Secretary General U Thant

as saying, “We saw the earth the size of a

quarter and we recognized that there

really is one world. We are all brothers.” A

favorite Armstrong quote is, “I believe the

good Lord gave us a finite number of

heartbeats and I’ll be damned if I’m going

to use up mine running up and down a


Despite that unbelivable achievment a

Christian astronaut named Col. James

Irwin stated that, “man walking on the

moon cannot compare to Jesus Christ

walking on the earth.”

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