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yak bak

We have been receiving the ACV for more

than a decade and noticed you changed

the white dove with an olive branch to a

dove on fire without an olive branch...

what’s up with that?

Danny and Carol Mathers, Boise, ID

Dear Mathers, over the years we have

been led to present to our readers a

message of peace. However, we have

reached a crossroads in the world and

more specifically, the United States. We

are at war between two ideologies... dark

and light, bitter and sweet, right and

wrong. The self deification of the far left

that represents an amoral genocide

through abortion on demand is Imago Dei

without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Having said that... we are using the dove

of peace in this issue to honor and respect

the Christ child coming to the earth to

redeem His own. (The ones that know his



Having read Tim Challies article on how

to beat Facebook’s algorithm in your last

issue makes me wonder why Christians

are not abandoning FB altogether.

Bayler Campinski, Altoona, PA

Bayler, we have so much invested in

keeping up with significant people in our

lives and the building of our contacts and

timeline, it would be sad to just abandon

Facebook. However, it seems obvious that

Zuckerberg’s penchant to placate the

progressive agenda leaves us no choice.

Fortunately there are a few alternatives

cropping up that we are currently

vetting. When it shows stability and a

quality operating system we will promote

it. We are suggesting January 1, 2020 to

jettison Facebook and Google products.

This will give us time to notify all of our

contacts where we can be found and ask

that they join us.Hopefully others will do

the same.


We appreciated your story on the Ark

Encounter so we recently made the trip

and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, we

disagree with their treatment of

children and how to teach them about

it. My grandkids were lured into a

cartoon friendly exhibit only to chew

out adults for sugar coating the actual

events of the destruction of humanity. I

suppose they have a point but we

emphasize the love of God for animals

and His mercy to let mankind start over.

In any case the Ark Encounter was an

astonishing monument to a just God.

Tony and Marcy Campos, West Bend, IN


Your open comments to Whoopi

Goldberg were not very kind. You

attacked her craft (acting) in addition to

her political leanings. Also, the topic of

abortion is a little bit more complicated

than “Just don’t do it.”

Beatrice Swick, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Beatrice, if abortion is murder and by all

scientific evidence it is, then it is not

complicated at all. It is wrong. Nobody

accidently has an abortion. It is always

pre­meditated. (btw, men are complicit

since they are the most ardent encourager

of taking that life to avoid child support

payments for a few decades) A sense of

selfishness and entitlement has sanitized

manslaughter at the alter of free sex,

albeit, inconvenience.


I was a pro-life liberal. I supported

Democrats For Life. I really liked

Dennis Prager’s article in Vol. 14 No. 2

describing the difference between a

leftist and a liberal. I feel most

comfortable with liberals in every area

but abortion. I have lived in socialist

Great Britain for many years before

immigrating to the United States. I am

not a citizen yet and am not looking

forward to the voting system here in

America. I guess I will throw away my

vote by supporting the Republicans

because stopping the carnage of abortion

supercedes all other social issues for me.

If the unborn never get to experience it

and compassion is defending those with

no voice, what is the point?

Wally and Gerta Bates, Calabasas, CA


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