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guilt trips

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Motherhood guilt.

We’ve all been there. I’ve been

there more than my fair share.

Part of what drives me as a

mother is making sure I am 100 percent

always there for my daughters. I never

want them to think that I’ve chosen

someone else more important than they

are in my life.

But there are jobs. And careers. And

meetings. And hobbies. And friends. And

… and … and life.

Ah, yes, motherhood guilt.

So I was writing up a totally different article

when I found myself writing a list of

all the things we really should forgive

ourselves for right now that leave us with

that feeling of motherhood guilt. All

those things that keep piling layer upon

layer of guilt on top of each other.

So, we’re letting go of guilt today. All of it.

I can only list 10 here. But, you can add

your own. And by guilt I mean … Like that

time you …

Missed bedtime

Whether it’s long and tedious or sacred

and traditional, seeing our little ones

drift off to sleep with an I love you,

Mommy is often the best part of the day.

Not because the rest wasn’t good but because

those moments are always the

most precious, the ones when suddenly

everything that went wrong is done and

over and complete and we are back to

being ourselves, stripped bare and naked

of nothing but love. You went where you

needed to go. You did what you had to do.

There will be more bedtimes. Let it go.



Let’s assume you don’t yell 24/7. Let’s assume

you tried your absolute best to take

a different route. Let’s assume you were

under pressure … be it internal, time or

emotional. Let’s assume it was just a bad

moment, a bad decision. And let’s assume

most of the time your heart is in

the place of love because you wouldn’t be

here on this website in this community if

love wasn’t totally beaming from your

being. Let’s assume you’re trying to yell

less. So, assuming all of that … no guilt

needed. Let it go, Mama. Forgive.

Asked to be


For some of us, being alone to think and

dream and hear the sound of our own

breathing is as essential as water and

food. It’s how we cope with the hardest

of moments in motherhood. Taking time

to be alone, even

if it’s just 10 minutes

hiding in the

bathroom, is not

anything to fret

over. Forgive.






Our only job as

parents is to love

our kids and keep

them healthy and

breathing. This

means they need

to eat. This

means they need

food. This means

unless the cooking

fairy lives at

your house you

will need to make

dinner. And as far

as I can tell no

dinner hour ever

came at the most convenient time in any

household on earth. Kid needs to eat.

Mama needs to eat. Forgive.

Used TV to get

things done

I believe that in order to be able to completely

relax and be present as a parent

means we need to cross off those really

important/nagging things on our to-do

lists. Yes, I have multiple to-do lists! If

making sure the fundraiser forms and

the lunches get packed will help you

relax so you can play a game later, just

do it. And TV is a great tool to use when

life just won’t let up. And by life I mean


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