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About Our Magazine SOWBO Magazine is the publication and news extension of our organization. The magazine uses a holistic focus (mind, body, spiritual, and financial) to reach women worldwide. We wish to share your business with other women entrepreneurs. Additionally, we want to hear your business journey of success and share it to help motivate and encourage other entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs.

About Our Magazine

SOWBO Magazine is the publication and news extension of our organization. The magazine uses a holistic focus (mind, body, spiritual, and financial) to reach women worldwide.

We wish to share your business with other women entrepreneurs. Additionally, we want to hear your business journey of success and share it to help motivate and encourage other entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs.


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Don?t Let Your Past Determine Your Future

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Image Special Events, LLC

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From t he Edit or

from the editor




As the month of October wrapped up and I reflected on

breast cancer awareness and domestic violence

awareness, the one thing that popped in my mind was

self-love. I started to reflect on what self-love really

means to us as women.

?How you love yourself is how you teach others to love


? Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

I do not think we will ever understand why a person is

diagnosed with breast cancer or why a woman ends up in

an abusive relationship, whether mental or physical.

?We can never predict who will be diagnosed or how one

will end up in an abusive relationship, nor may we

understand the causes of breast cancer or what causes

people to abuse others.?

No matter whether your situation is breast cancer or

abuse, I believe that in those tragedies, learning to love

who you are is important. We need to learn how to look in

the mirror and say, ?I love me, no matter what.?

?When a woman becomes her own best friend, life is


Self-love is something I believe every woman must learn

over time. Self-love may be different for each woman, but

the key is to find that place of inner peace and to learn

how to exhale.

Self-love is:

- Understanding what makes you happy

- Being able to remove negativity from your life

- Finding your purpose

- Being able to laugh more than you cry

?To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give

yourself heaven. Don't wait until you die. If you wait, you

die now. If you love, you live now.?

? Alan Cohen

Tonya Latney, MS, BSN, RN, CWP

Email: sowbo12@gmail.com

Twitter: @sowbo12

Instagram: sowbo12

? Diane Von Furstenberg


Three-Legged Stool

The Ideal Ret irem ent Model?

Florence Norville-Cheek, MBA


With people living longer than ever, it?s

important to make sure the money you have set

aside will last the rest of your life. While Social

Security provides a lifetime supply of income, it

may not be enough to support your desired

lifestyle. If you think you?ll need additional

income and do not have a pension, a lifetime

income annuity can be an excellent way to make

up the difference.

Florence Norville-Cheek

Have you ever heard of the ?three-legged stool?

of retirement? If you have, it probably was a

while ago. Once considered the ideal retirement

model, the three-legged stool has fallen out of

favor because one of the legs? defined benefit

pensions? is not as stable as it once was, and

the future of Social Security is often wound up in

political maneuvering in Washington. Consider

the following:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just

48% of private sector employers offer defined

contribution or defined benefit pension plans,

and only 8% offer traditional defined benefit

plans,1 thereby eliminating a guaranteed source

of lifetime income.

? Social Security benefits replace about 40% of

the average worker?s salary.2 What?s more, the

Social Security trust fund is expected to deplete

its reserves by 2034, and will be able to fund

approximately 75% of benefits after that.3

Fortunately, there are ways to reinforce the third

leg of the stool? retirement savings and other

personal assets? so that you can still enjoy a

long and fulfilling retirement. Here are two

proven funding sources you may want to

consider if you need to compensate for any


Although the primary purpose of life insurance

is to deliver death benefit protection, many

permanent life policies accumulate cash value. If

your need for protection decreases over time,

you can borrow against this cash value? tax-free

in most cases? and use the money to

supplement your retirement lifestyle. (Loans

against your policy accrue interest and decrease

the death benefit and cash value by the amount

of the outstanding loan and interest.)

While the three-legged stool of retirement may

be a bit wobbly, the good news is that a secure

future is still within reach. The main difference

these days is that you will most likely have to

build it yourself.

Florence Norville-Cheek, MBA Agent /

Regist ered Represent at ive, New York Life

Insurance Company/NYLIFE Securities 555 East

City Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, Suite 800, PA 19004

1 ?Employee Benefits Survey: Retirement

Benefits,? Bureau of Labor Statistics, March


2 ?Retirement Planner: Learn About Social

Security Programs,? Social Security.

3 ?Status of the Social Security and Medicare

Programs: A Summary of the 2017 Annual

Reports.? U.S. Department of the Treasury.


Vanessa Jackson, Owner

The Cheesecake Lady

Telephone: 267.575.3952

Facebook @cheesecakelady.org

Inst agram @philacheesecake


Booking: m gm t @kryst algarner.com

Media Inquiries: pr@kryst algarner.com




Featured Story

Tisha Davis

Anvil, Bella + Canvas, and Next Level. I also am

proud to boast that our printers use the latest DTG

print technology. Our goal is for customers to

receive a quality product with their message with

every order.

Our cust om ers have t hree opt ions:

Meet Tisha Davis, the Principal of Image Special

Events, LLC. She recently launched a custom T-shirt

design company, Design Junkie Tees under the

umbrella of the LLC. DJT is a 100% e-commerce


Design Junkie Tees is a custom T-shirt design

company. But it?s so much more! Design Junkie Tees

is a movement. It is a vehicle for women and men to

have a voice and say whatever they're feeling and

look good too! We offer a tremendous selection of

high-quality shirts: tanktops, crop tops, short and

long sleeve T-shirts, jerseys, Polos, hoodies,

sweatshirts and even sweat pants, mugs, tote-bags,

jackets, hats, pillows, and canvas portraits! We also

make embroidered shirts. We offer a wide selection

of custom designs with options for our customers to

upload their own design or request a specific

custom design for themselves, their families, their

companies or organizations. We use the top shirt

companies to include American Apparel, Gildan,

1. Go to the online store at

www.designjunkietees.com and choose a

product they like and purchase it.

2. Send us a message on the site - they have a

picture or design they want to put on a shirt.

3. Send us a message on the site - they have an

idea for a design and they want me to create

a custom design.

I?ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. My father

and his mother were business owners so I got it

honest. I remember working the register on some

Saturdays at my grandmother and grandfather?s

bodega in Harlem. My father was a clothes

designer and a photographer. When I was a

little girl, I would hold my arms out and he

would make a dress right on me. Then, do a

photo shoot. I remember him working in the

middle of the night, drawing, sewing, and

developing prints. I was fascinated by his

talent. This is not my first entrepreneurial

venture; I've had many.


I?ve been thinking about designing T-shirts for

about two years. In addition to my bachelor?s

degree in Accounting, master?s degree in

Nonprofit Management, and certification in

Event Leadership, I have a certification in

Graphic Design and a nice loan to go with it. I?m

both analytical and creative and need to use

both skills. I don?t fare well in the corporate

box/coffin. I wanted to do something with my

talent to change my financial portrait and to

provide a vehicle in which I can help others.

Back in May or June of this year, while on

Facebook I saw an ad for Shopify. It seemed like

a great way to have an e-commerce store

without much monetary outlay. So I looked into

it and took the leap!

I realized at the on start that I didn?t know how

to run Facebook ads, didn?t know how to find

my custom audience, wasn?t clear on who I

wanted to serve, didn?t know how to create the

systems that bring in consistent income, didn?t

know anything about the print companies, the

DTG print technology or anything. So, while I

was busy spreading the word, I?ve been

learning. Reading everything in sight. Listening

to videos. Facebook has guides on how to set

up your ads. Shopify has a plethora of

information and even an academy to learn how

to do exactly what I do. Further, there are

thousands of business owners who sell shirts

and apparel. I spoke to a few of them. And

probably the most important thing I?ve done is

invest in a business coach.

Now, I create e-mails and landing pages. I

promote my business on LinkedIn every day.

LinkedIn is my friend! And I promote on

Facebook several days a week. I have a full-time

job and two small granddaughters. So, time is

critical. I account for every minute of my day. I

plan every hour ? during the workday and after

work. I schedule calls during my lunchtime.

I check my e-mails about four times a day

before 5:00 pm. I respond to customers and

inquiries with a swiftness. Customer service is

huge and I have to be available for their needs.

I also walk every day for exercise; it also allows

me to think.

For me having a business is critical. I?ve done a

lot of consulting and I?ve been unemployed

several times. My mortgage lender doesn?t

lower or suspend my monthly payments

because I haven?t gotten paid. It?s important to

generate a consistent income for financial

stability. Although African American women are

the most educated demographic in the United

States, we are the lowest paid. Further, almost

80% of African American families are headed by

women. So, the sad reality is if I stay on my

current job and maintain that as my only

source of income, I would struggle for the rest

of my life. For me, entrepreneurship is the

vehicle to financial independence. It?s a vehicle

to helping my daughter, paying for my

granddaughter?s dance lessons, soccer leagues,

birthday parties, Christmas gifts, vacations, hair

appointments, graduation gifts, etc. It?s a

vehicle to assist other people and women in

need. It?s a vehicle to travel and see the world.

My life depends on this, so I must grind if I want

to succeed. God gives us the power to create

wealth. I?m not doing anything that hasn?t been

done before. I?m just doing it my way and

serving my niche population in a unique way.

Hmmm, the one word that defines me: rebel. I

don?t follow the rules. I create them.

To women who want to start a business, I say

write the vision and make it plain. Don?t say I?m

going to be a business owner. Say that thing as

if it was, say I AM a business owner. Speak it!

Walk it! Eat it for dinner. Write your business

plan and work your dream. Just do it! Doesn?t

matter if it?s not perfect. You will learn as you

go along. Seek wise counsel. Meet with

business owners who are already doing what

you want to do. Go to SBA and wherever else

you have to go. You?re going to have to be

responsible. That means dropping those social

media friends who say and do things that

would compromise your reputation. The things

you do in your personal life affect your

business so be mindful of that. The road will

not be easy but is very gratifying and

worthwhile. Whether you transition to launch a

full-time business or a side hustle, it will afford

you the opportunity to accomplish your goals.

Don?t wait for an employer to define your value.

You are worth your weight in gold! Own it! Walk

in it! If you can believe it, you absolute can

achieve it!





Is Essent ial For Life

Here is the video: Masaru Emoto - Water

Tracee Sigler

Wat er ? It is Essent ial for Life

What I am about to tell you is probably nothing

new ? especially about water but how many of us

really understand the power of water. I want to

give you, the reader, and basic principles of how

water works and how influencing the water

around us can make a calmer environment.

Here is what we understand about water is?

1. Water is the main component of the Earth that

we know.

2. Water covers 75% of the earth.

3. Water also comprises 70+% of the Human


So if these statements are true, then water has a

profound effect on us and the world around us.

Vibrations or sound, heard by the eardrum or

not; has most profound effects on our

environment as well as our bodies.

The studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto are most

impressive, to say the very least and most

informative on a much higher note.


It is my hope to bring understanding to you by

simply saying this. We CAN change t he w orld

w it h t he m ost subt le pow er of w at er for t he

bet t erm ent of all hum anit y st art ing w it h

ourselves. The words we speak are powerful, so

powerful they (words and intent) change water

molecules in a glass, jar, or beaker to show these

imprints (frozen). Imagine if the water was

flowing ? how powerful is that? Unimaginable

power! Once you, the reader understands that;

what MORE POWER do we have SPEAKING

gent le t hings t o ourselves? Understanding

then this unimaginable, unlimited power as our

resource; exposing ourselves to the powerful

vibrations of this type of positivity that are all

around us; is a sudden and beginning awakening

of the consciousness. Think about that for a


That is t ruly POWERFUL t hinking! So much so

that the more positive experiences you thrive on;

the more you feel good? the higher your

vibration; connecting that consciousness, your

true intent. I can assure you that what manifests

before you is and will be truly great! A picture

speaks more than words.



Is Essent ial For Life

Instead of a negative ripple in the pond; have a

positive ripple in the pond. It starts with self, your

true self, and the nature of your thoughts and

intent (consciousness). A shift in the way you

think has profound impressions that ripple

through the molecules in your body. The pictures

above don?t lie.

I encourage you to try this change with yourself?

I am not going to tell you to that positive

intentions do not work because they do. But

would you rather live in a world of unnecessary

intentions; full of unnecessary things; or would

you rather live in a world of expected realizations.

For most people to unlock consciousness and

understand the theories of quantum physics takes

simple concepts like water. In water we can see

ourselves ever growing, ever learning, ever rippling?

like water.

It is not my intent to give any unscientifically proven

theories here without trying them myself and

obviously conducting my own unbiased experiments.

This is how we should look at the universe with ever

wonder like a child. But back at the ranch (Earth); we

MUST first deeply understand the forces around us.

How they operate around us and in us to continue to

push our boundaries in a MOST POSITIVE and a

MOST EXCELLENT way to show our unwavering

gratitude to the Creator of our universe!

I hope you found this article refreshing. I also

hope you have a better understanding of this

basic and most important principle of water.

I drink water without fail every day. I put good

things in the water I drink, wash and cook with. In

essence, I KNOW what is in my water and the

positivity I interact with daily. Do you know what is

in your water?

Always interested in feedback, comments, and


Tracee Sigler, M.EVS., P.G.

Mobile: 505.506.6060


Supporting His



Barbershop Talk

Don't Let Your Past Det erm ine Your Fut ure

Jeerm al Sylvest er

My name is Jeermal Sylvester and I am the CEO

of Beauty 4 Ashes Inc. I work with the youth of

the Indianapolis and surrounding areas as an

Influencer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and

Mentor. The purpose of my organization is to

address the needs of youth and adults by

providing character building, life skills, and

etiquette training in hopes to prepare them for a

successful and sustainable life.

Today I want to share a story about a young

bright-eyed and vibrant boy who grew up on the

westside of Chicago without his father in a single

parent home. My life goals as a young boy was

to find out who I was, what I could excel at to

change my circumstances. After many trials and

errors, I was able to discover that I had natural a

ability to play basketball and it didn?t take long

before I was one of the BEST. It?s funny to think

back on what it was like growing up and the role

models we had. Growing up in Chicago,

Basketball was not my sport of choice. The sport

I was skilled in was Football. Every young boy in

Chicago at that time wanted to be like the late

great Chicago Bear Walter ?Sweetness? Payton.

Growing up in Chicago I saw a lot of violence,

drugs, gangs, and death. Because of this I

needed something and someone to believe in to

help get me through the tough days. Like a lot of

kids back then and even today, I dealt with living

in a broken home, struggling in school, absentee

father, while trying to survive day to day.

Growing up in Chicago in the area where I lived

there weren?t many options for me or my future.

Life was tough, and my surroundings were not

meant for a promising future. I had two choices,

either be a statistical victim of my environment

or change the narrative by raising a standard for

myself and change my environment.

Life continued as I knew it. In the conditions me

and my family were facing, I found solace in the

game of basketball. While drugs and violence

increased in my neighborhood daily my mother

knew she had to do something for me to have a

chance at life. As most concerned mothers

would do when faced with these options, she

sent me to South Bend, Indiana to live with a

family member in hopes for a better future for

me. Not fond of the change, I was very resentful

and was not responsive because the move

landed me on the south-east side of South Bend,

Indiana a far cry from home. While South Bend

wasn?t Chicago, the south-east side or the ?hood?

as we called it had some of the same obstacles I

faced back home.

I ended up attending James Whitcomb Riley High

School located in South Bend, Indiana. It was

there where my talent of basketball was

discovered. It didn?t take long for me to get

noticed all over the city and eventually the

country. From the years 1988 to 1990, I excelled

in basketball which allowed me to separate

myself from the rest of the pact. Making several

all-star teams, breaking records, and outplaying

my competition. I was ultimately chosen as one

of twelve players to be on the prestigious

Indiana All-Star team. Next to being named Mr.

Indiana this is one of the highest honors a player

can receive in the state of Indiana for Basketball.

This opportunity opened several doors for me to

garner attention from several Division 1 schools.

I eventually accept a full ride scholarship to

attend Ball State University in Muncie Indiana.


During my time playing at Ball State University I

was able to once again separate myself from the

rest of the pact by making the All-Freshman

Team. I was also named 1st Team All

Mid-American Conference my junior and senior

season. During my four years at Ball State I went

through quite a few major ups and

heart-breaking downs. Those challenges had me

wondering if things would be the same or if it

would cause me to go back to the hard life I once

knew. While I was ready to go to college. I would

have to say that I wasn?t prepared there to be or

stay in college. Because of this, I made some

very costly decisions that would change my life.

Nothing would be costlier than what I had to

face during my senior year. I will admit that I

made some pretty dumb decision during my first

three years in college but there was one decision

that would change the course of my life. I

remember it like it was yesterday because on

December 15, 1993, I was in the NCAA News for

being ranked 27 th nationally in scoring points. I

was feeling good about myself and my chances

to be drafted into the NBA. But? December 19,

1993; four days later while in practice I let my

emotions get the best of me. While I was happy

about my national ranking, I felt horrible

because we were getting our butts kicked. I was

used to winning all the time so losing was new to

me and out of my frustration I punched my

teammate. We had just got a new coach and he

was very upset with me. He his senior captain

averaging twenty-four points and seven

rebounds a game could throw it all away. It

happened fast and before I knew it, I went from

being team captain and leading scorer to kicked

off the team for disciplinary reasons. Once again,

another self-inflicted wound that placed my

dream of playing professional basketball was

now in jeopardy. Thank God for community

activist like the late Charles E. Martin Sr. (RIP) for

advocating for me to be returned to school and

ultimately back on the team. Whew? thank God

for second chances and the ability of others to

overlook my faults to allow me to purse my

dream of becoming a professional basketball

player. I put all my eggs in one basket believing I

would make it to the NBA Draft like a lot of guys

from the hood think. That dream was beginning

to look a lot like a nightmare for me. I found

myself in a very low place and I was angry.

When you mix depression and anger together

it?s a recipe for disaster. You would think that I

had learned my lesson by now wouldn?t you?

Nope? a few months later, I was in the gym

playing ball with some friends trying to clear my

head. The problem was that no one knew but

me that I was a ticking time bomb. While we

were playing I attempted to dunk the basketball

for my friends and the student who was very

competitive down the court and fouled me to

prevent me from dunking. We had words, I told

him to ?Chill out before I get hurt because I?m on

the school basketball team.? The game continues

and I got another fast break. As I was going to

attempt another dunk, the same student comes

down and undercuts me. Now we have a

problem because I am on ten and he has no clue

that I am not in a good place mentally. I shoved

him and said, ?Man I told you to chill out? and he

says ?I don?t care who you are I?m not just going

to let you score.? While shaking my head I began

to think to myself, here we go again. My

tolerance for what I perceived as disrespect

would be tested and once again. Without

hesitation I did it again? wham I punched the

student. Not fully realizing what I had done and

the potential consequences of my actions, I

continued to play ball as if nothing happened. I

finished out the season, but it didn?t turn out as I

planned. Because of my bad decisions, not only

did my play suffer but so did my academics.

Here I was this angry young man that didn?t

know up from down. I was trying to balance

going to the NBA and maintaining my grades

while not really knowing what the outcome

would be from me punching the second student.

I did what most immature and scared kids

would do? I ran. I had my cousin pick me up in

the middle of the night without any notice I

disappeared. I was so afraid that I would get

locked up for my actions. I left school in the


middle of night and never looked back. The

problem with that was not only did I forfeit my

scholarship, I also left a full load of classes on my

records. Because I didn?t withdraw from any of

the classes, this caused me to fail every class I

was enrolled in at the time. Instead of

graduating in June my decisions forced me to

leave school without fulfilling my degree

completion requirements due to my ignorance

and fear.

Now I am at home and I don?t have a plan, nor

do I know what I am going to do as far as

basketball was concern. I reached out to a few

people to try to see what was going on. I was

paranoid that they were still looking for me

which led me to cut all lines of communication

off from the University and my former

teammates. I know what you?re thinking? it

doesn?t look good for this kid. Guess what? For a

little over a year thing?s were bad. Luckily, I had a

good enough senior season that a few agents

were still willing to work with me and got invited

to an overseas camp. I took full advantage of the

opportunity and was able to secure a contract to

play overseas in Bordeaux, France for Basketball

in 1995. I ended up leading the league in scoring

and due to my skills and abilities, I was able to

get another offer to play in Tucuman, Argentina.

This opened the door for me to play in

Singapore. In Singapore I would lead the team in

scoring and rebounding. Based on my skills on

the court, one of the players on another team

asked me if I wanted to play in Taiwan. My

answer was ?YES and how much does the job

pay?? the guy said ?$100,000 dollars? I was

floored! I asked him again and he repeated

himself ?$100,000 dollars?. I was so excited and

felt overwhelmed with joy because this was

enough money to change me and my family

lives. I finally felt like my professional career was

well on its way. I signed a contract for $100,000

to play in Taiwan and things were going well.

Nope? once again my life would take another

turn for the worst. While waiting to go back

overseas to keep myself in shape, I played in a

Pro Basketball league in Benton Harbor,

Michigan. It was here that I would break my

kneecap ultimately ending my playing career just

two weeks before it was time for to report to

Taiwan. Once again, my life was in shambles but

this time it would be the hardest thing I would

ever have to endure. All I ever wanted to do was

play basketball and now that was taken away

from me. I was in state of shock and unbelief, I

worked so hard. Now I must push the stop

button on all that I had worked for and once

again I had to figure out? WHAT?S NEXT?

Here I was with a girlfriend whom I had two

children with and she was pregnant with our

third child, yet I wasn?t bringing in any INCOME!

Now my back was against the wall and my head

is spinning because I had to figure out

something to do to take care of my kids. After

my injury I had to decide what would become of

my life after basketball? I began to think about

what I could do that would bring me the joy and

satisfaction I felt playing basketball. Lo and

behold while I was chasing my hoop dream at

Ball State, I took some Secondary Ed. and

Criminal Justice classes that I really liked. I had

no idea that those classes. The fact that my

academic advisor Linda Hall noticed that my

smile was brighter and had a pep in my step

whenever I was working with kids. I found my

niche in working with young people and it was

without a doubt the only thing that gave me the

same joy that I had when I was played

basketball. Having the opportunity to help youth

that had or were going through the same things

that I did growing up gave me a sense of

fulfillment and self-worth. It was at this time that

I started my career in human services working

with adolescent boys and girls. I never missed

the opportunity to stress that your

demographics doesn?t determine your destiny. I

also stressed the importance of getting a college

diploma. I was a model of what the persistent

pursuit of your potential should look like

because the reality is that nothing is over until

you say it?s over. I didn?t get my degree before I


left Ball State in 1994, I knew my background

and the challenges I faced as a youth equipped

me with the skills to communicate with the

youth who had experienced the same things. My

passion, hard-work and ability to be a team

player allows me to be an asset to any

organization and I don?t take that responsibility

lightly. I am a firm believer that you can

accomplish anything you want to in life as long

you are willing to do the work. In my job as a

Youth Recruitment & Business Engagement

Manager as well as my business of speaking and

coaching, I always share my story. I want to show

people that when you don?t take advantage of

the opportunities presented to you, they can

sometimes have a long-term effect on your life. I

often catch myself laughing when I think of some

of the conversations I have had with the youth

and adults I have worked with because as they

would share their issues with me, I often found

myself saying guess what? ?ME TOO?!

That is where the name Mr. Me Too was created.

I am able to relate to youth and adults alike by

letting them know that I have gone through the

same things and I overcame the obstacle? so

can YOU. My slogan is ?I?ve been there, I?ve done

that, now let me help you get H.Y.P.E.D (Helping

You Pursue Excellence Daily) I let them know that

anyone that wants to be a part of this life

changing movement can do it and get H.Y.P.E.D. I

have failed repeatedly in my life and made bad

decision after bad decision, but one thing is

certain I never gave up. In basketball, in life, and

even in my educational endeavors I didn?t quit. I

applied for a Division I Degree Completion

scholarship to complete my degree and by the

grace of God I received the award. If you recall a

little way back I said that it isn?t over until you say

it?s over and because I am committed to the

people I serve I stopped making excuses. I went

back to school after 24 years and completed my

requirements to graduate while I worked a

full-time job maintaining a 4.0 GPA both

semesters. I am the epitome of what mind over

matter truly means because against the odds I

fought through and finished what I started. Who

would have ever thought that a former

three-time college dropout (94, 05, 11) and

three-time suspended from his college

basketball team could turn it all around to

become a college graduate. If you don?t mind, it

DON?T MATTER! There is nothing more powerful

than a made-up mind. I have had many

opportunities to speak to the youth all over the

world and conducted workshops as well as

seminars reflecting on this very important

subject on being mentally tough no matter the


Humbly submitted,

Jeermal Mr. ?Me Too? Sylvester

Jeerm al Sylvest er

Yout h Recruit m ent & Business Engagem ent



jsylvest er@em ployindy.org


Author's Spotlight

Tanisha Car ter

Mor e Than A Conquer or !

My name is Tanisha Carter. I would like to take

the time to introduce myself to you and share a

little about myself.

I am 35 years old and a native of Philadelphia.

As an infant, I was severely burned in a fatal house

fire where I suffered 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree

burns over 98% of my body, resulting in facial and

body disfigurement. Surpassing all of the

statistical odds of someone sustaining injuries so

grave, I am blessed to have lived to share my

testimony. Throughout my life, what helped me

find my authenticity and strength to cope with the

suffering and hardships experienced, was having a

deeper sense of self and purpose.

I received a Masters Degree from Chestnut Hill

College in Clinical counseling psychology. My field

related experience includes: In 2012, interning at

Eagleville Hospital on the female Co-occurring

unit, counseling inpatients with dual diagnoses. I

then instructed classes for those suffering from

addiction, focusing on self esteem and

empowerment. In 2013, I facilitated a parenting

education group for mothers housed in a shelter

program called Interfaith Hospitality Network of

the Northwest. In 2015, I worked as an Outcome

Specialist for the Community Umbrella Agency 6,

Tabor Community Partners, working to reunify

children and families with active DHS involvement.

I attended a 13 week Parent Action Network (PAN)

facilitator training course through DHS, becoming

certified as a PAN group facilitator. I was also

recognized by DHS for my outstanding work as an

Outcome Specialist.

As an undergrad, I co-founded a nonprofit

organization for burn survivors, where I

discovered my passion for helping people. My

greatest passion is sharing my story as an

inspirational/ motivational speaker. I have been

sharing my story since the age of 11. I was a

featured guest on both the Maury Pouvich Show,

and Dr. Drew Lapinsky and have traveled

internationally sharing my story.

With the countless struggles and adversities I

have faced, including years in foster care, and

trauma related to a parent?s addiction to drugs

and alcohol, I remained determined to live in my

purpose. As an adult I have struggled financially

because of constant employment discrimination;

lack of support and resources, which resulted in

experiencing chronic homelessness with my 3

boys. What many would consider hardships; I saw

the difficult events in my life as experiences

necessary to understand and walk in my purpose.

Holding on to my spirituality to see me through

hard and unjust times, encouraged me to never

lose sight of why my life had been spared; which is

to be a model of hope and strength for others.

I am currently working on stating Authentic

Gems a support group for youth ages 4 to 17, and

will be conducting a 9 week summer program with

the Village, a residential facility for young at risk

girls. I am also so pleased to announce that I am

now an author of my first book, an autobiography

entitled ?More Than A Conqueror: Confessions of

A True Testimony, is available now.



Be encouraged and inspired by the thought

provoking writings of these Authors.





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Transition For Change

Colena Br ow n, Licensed Pr ofessional Counselor (LPC)

I See Love

I n The Mirror!

We hear the term ?self -love? all the time, almost

everywhere we turn. However, how many of us

have never stopped to really examine what

self-love means to us? In this examination, we

would first have need to have a very clear

definition of what love is. ?Love,? is a word that is

frequently used? and, in my opinion, miss used?

in today?s society. As we examine self-love, I think

we need to be clear on how and why we respond

to certain stimulus in the way we do. I have a met

several people whose definition of self-love was a

bit skewed. Not to get too clinical, however,but I?d

like to share information about recognizing trauma

in your life, most commonly especially trauma in

your early childhood. This trauma is usually goes

unrecognized and goes unresolved. However, left

in this unresolved space, trauma , shows up in our

definition of self-love. I?m not going use the

precious time that we have to talk about what

kinds of trauma might influence trauma could

possibly look like in a person?s definition of

self-love; I will just talk about what I perceive

believe a healthy sense of self-love should look


Readers, you can decide how close or how distant

you are from what I think a healthy sense of

self-love looks like. With a healthy level of self-love,

you have the ability to introspectively assess your

life. Introspection, deals with looking inside

yourself for your answers, and determining

whether then you are being defined by external

influences. When self-love is in place, you are

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur sadipscing elitr.

comfortable with your face, your hips, the length

and color of your hair, and what the scale says. For

anything that you are not comfortable with, you

are ready to make the changes that are with in

your ability to change. You eat right;, you exercise;,

if you are in school, you study to make good

grades; if you?re at work, you, love what you do for

a living. If you are not happy with what you do for

a living; you sit and figure it out; then you go after

what you are passionate about. You are not driven

by money, instead, you are driven by your

commitment to what you can do for others, and

you are excited that someone is paying you for

that. Self-love allows you to relax in the truth of

who you are, without having to have anyone else

to sign off on it. Once we are able to recognize our

childhood traumas and work on resolving them,

the purity of self-love emerges. As we continue to

mature, we realize that words are just

that? ,words. We learn to pay attention to

behavior, because it?s in our behavior is where

self-esteem and /self-love lives.

Remember, there is professional support available,

that can help you better understand your level of

self-love. With this start, you can bring begin to

work on resolving the unresolved trauma and

begin fostering a healthier sense of self/ and

increased self-love.

Contact information for Colena:





2 0 1 8


Preservation is the power to reserve oneself

through continuous growth. We as women must

learn to save something for ourselves so that we

are strong enough to enjoy the rewards of our

struggles of success. I am Bridgette Martin-Holmes

and I am a giver. My passion is people especially

women. "Why especially women?", because life

passes through a woman first no matter who you

are. So women must continuously be learners,

inventors and providers. So as a woman I must be

my sistas keeper through my works.



M usic Spo t l ig ht

Patrice And The Show





Andrea M. Smith, the process coach

As the new year approaches, some are still not sure

of what they want to do . The ideas are there even

the desire is there, however, they just can't seem to

move. Why? They've been gripped by the "STUCK


What is the "STUCK PLACE". The stuck place is where

dreams and visions go to die. If you are not careful,

you can become immobilized even paralyzed by your

own fears. Self-sabotage is common in the stuck

place, because your own thoughts become a weapon

against you. The only way to get out of the stuck

place is to simply make a decision. to move. Making

a mental shift represents a move., putting forth an

idea is a move, write down the 3 most important

goals you would like to achieve is a move. You don't

need to have a complete strategy, just set something

in motion that gets you started, that provokes you to

take one step, then another, and then another.

2019 can and will be one your best years yet. Here

are 3 things you can do to get out of the stuck place

and hit the ground running in 2019.

- Acknow ledgem ent w here you are

- Ident ify w hat has you st uck and how it is

show ing up in your life.

- Creat e a sim ple plan of act ion t hat m oves

you forw ard.

Your moment is awaiting your arrival! It?s waiting

for you to embrace it! A wrong turn or bad

decision have not disqualified you. What you

have been created to do and the lives that will

be changed are waiting for you. Get up, regroup,

and get focused.

I held myself hostage in the stuck place because of

being too analytical. Over thinking and over analyzing

cost me time, opportunities and resources. And when

I found out that part of my reasoning for being this

way was rooted in fear, I better understood, how to

look at a situation, review the pros and cons, make a

decision, and be settled with the decisions I made.

t he process coach

w w w.andream sm it h.com

Andrea M. Smith, is Personal Development Expert,

Speaker & Coach, who empowers others through the

promotion of self-love and personal development. As

The Process Coach she helps others to walk out their

process and move forward in confidence towards

their purpose. She believes it is not the validation of

others you should crave, just give yourself the

permission to succeed.



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2. Visualize your dream

3. Write your dream down

4. Set long term & short term goals with deadline/target dates

5. Connect with like-minded people

6. Start your Business Binder

7. Anticipate the changes that may need to change to reach

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