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AUGUST 2018 / Vol: 5 / Issue: 4

Dear Doctor

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We know you are busy. It is always reassuring that the trust and faith of

hundreds of patients in your healing touch keeps you busy in this noble

profession. In the hectic practice, it’s quite natural that you might miss

out on some of the latest developments in emerging medicine. In this era

of innovation, medical science is getting redefined almost by the day. Old

technologies are being replaced by the new in the blink of an eye. Robots

and artificial intelligence are taking over a good part of the procedures,

while genomics and molecular science unveil the mysteries of life further.

We are fortunate to have such breakthroughs as they help specialists like

you rise above the expectations of today’s informed patient.

Similarly, it is also a time when India is witnessing revolutionary growth in

healthcare industry, especially in the private sector, wherein an increasing

number of doctors are taking up multiple roles of clinician, researcher and

entrepreneur. This requires expansion of your focus to a wider canvas. In

this context, it becomes important how a busy professional like you can

keep pace with these latest developments in a quick and easy way.

At Future Medicine, which is conceived and crafted by a team of senior

journalists, scientists and doctors, our aim is to help you do just that. We

are equipped to bring you the latest from the science of care from across

the world in an interesting and convenient way, supplemented by the best

of views and analyses from the masters in each field. We present you this

specialised knowledge vehicle that plugs you into the emerging world of

care seamlessly. Come, let’s join hands in this information journey.

CH Unnikrishnan

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