Home Textile Magazine January - 2019

Home Textile Magazine January - 2019

Home Textile Magazine January - 2019


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16<br />

HTE<br />

NEWS<br />

Luring a<br />

prosperous<br />

start<br />

If you are familiar with a sector magazine which attends<br />

all leading fairs of the industry around the world round<br />

the year, from Russia to China, from Frankfurt to the USA,<br />

you should go with it.<br />

2018 was a tough year for almost everybody but we were<br />

running more than ever throughout the year and we are<br />

motivated to do more in <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

We have already started a crazy run in <strong>January</strong> starting<br />

with Heimtextil-Frankfurt, to continue with Domotex-<br />

Hannover, to jump up to Cologne for IMM and pass<br />

through the border for Maison&Objet in Paris.<br />

It is a pride to see that there are 272 Turkish stands<br />

at Heimtextil Frankfurt, the world arena for the home<br />

and contract textiles industry. This huge representation<br />

displays all products used in the industry and there are<br />

a great many unique offerings from intelligent fabrics<br />

to elegant accessories used in the home and contract<br />

textiles industries and interior decoration. Offering at<br />

most competitive conditions Turkish exhibitors have a lot<br />

to say in supplying alternatives outstanding in quality and<br />

competitive in price.<br />

It is another pride that the Turkish companies can stand<br />

under the severest conditions. Turkey has gone through<br />

very difficult times recently because of some political<br />

dilemmas and consequently caused unacceptably high<br />

currency rates but the companies have always found a<br />

way to survive. These crises made them stronger and they<br />

have better and more promising future now. Going with<br />

them we feel even stronger with our 30 magazines for 30<br />

years. HTE is the one leading the way in its field as many<br />

of our other magazines do in their fields.<br />

I hope that things get better for everybody and we all<br />

enjoy a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.<br />

Group Chairman<br />

Publisher<br />

General Manager<br />

Editor<br />

Responsible<br />

Editor<br />

Advisory Board<br />

Editorial Consultants<br />

Advertising Manager<br />

Advertising Coordinator<br />

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<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

18 HTE<br />

All year<br />

circle around<br />

It is always a good thing to be dynamic, active and<br />

motivated for success no matter how severe the conditions<br />

are. It is a fact that the whole world has been going<br />

through a tough time and there are many companies<br />

struggling to survive while we are witnessing existence of<br />

thousands of successful businesses in our industry.<br />

Almost all industries are in trouble with many negative<br />

factors including financial problems, political dilemmas,<br />

raw material shortage and harsh competition conditions<br />

and the home textile industry is no exception.<br />

As pronounced often the main factor to cope with all<br />

these difficult conditions is to be distinct in one or more<br />

categories. I could list these distinctive things as building<br />

up your own brand, your own original designs, to develop<br />

your own styles and lines, to develop value added products,<br />

to make big investments in research and development<br />

to manage all above but there is one basic condition<br />

to benefit from all these distinctive values and to<br />

turn them into profit: you have to promote your company<br />

and your unique products professionally… If promotion is<br />

the number one item to be excluded at crisis times from<br />

your list of expenses, your strategies and investments<br />

will be in more trouble. If it is on the top of the list of<br />

prescription to be attached, you’ll definitely cope with<br />

the difficult conditions and even you will turn the crisis<br />

into an opportunity. The code for brighter horizons is:<br />

“Successes are right instruments of great leap urges.”<br />

Ayça Sarıoğlu | Editor<br />

ayca.sarioglu@img.com.tr<br />

I wish a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year for all!

22<br />

new<br />

EVENTS<br />

HTE<br />

All new<br />

Heimtextil opens<br />

for a successful<br />

year,<br />

session,<br />

trends<br />

and trades<br />

The tremendous<br />

show of home and<br />

contract textiles and<br />

home décor has a<br />

lot of new things in<br />

its organization…<br />

It starts many new<br />

initiations…<br />

Heimtextil is the industry’s most important global event for interior<br />

textiles, interior design and interior trends and will next<br />

be held in Frankfurt am Main from 8 to 11 <strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

With its new products and trends, it kicks off the upcoming<br />

season and gives important impulses to both exhibiting companies as<br />

professional visitors from all over the world. The first trade fair of the<br />

year for its sector, it is a climate and trend barometer for the new business<br />

year.<br />

The new Heimtextil concept from <strong>2019</strong> onwards includes a new hall<br />

structure with the addition of the new Hall 12 and excluding Hall 6,<br />

which is currently undergoing renovation.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

24<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

What you can expect at Heimtextil<br />

* Heimtextil is the season opener for new trends and textile innovations.<br />

* Here, you can find everything in one place: interior textiles, interior<br />

design and interior trends.<br />

* Nowhere else can you meet so many international trade visitors and<br />

decision-makers searching for the patterns, colors and trends of the<br />

season.<br />

* In addition to highly promising newcomers, many well-known major<br />

exhibitors will also be returning in <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

* The industry meeting place: Retailers, wholesalers, designers, furniture<br />

and bedding stores, interior decorators, interior architects,<br />

architects, hotel outfitters and many other decision makers come to<br />

Heimtextil every year in <strong>January</strong>.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

26<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

* Here you’ll find what you’re looking for: From decorative<br />

and furniture fabrics to textiles for the bedroom,<br />

bathroom and table, wallpaper and sun protection<br />

systems.<br />

* Discover the future: In the new Heimtextil Trend<br />

Space you’ll find the <strong>2019</strong>/2020 trends under the<br />

theme “Toward Utopia”.<br />

* Clear organization: With the new concept, Heimtextil<br />

once again underlines its position as the largest<br />

event in the industry. Exhibitor directories and the<br />

clear navigation system provide reliable guidance.<br />

* Big names and start-ups: In addition to big-name<br />

exhibitors, there will also be plenty of promising<br />

newcomers here in <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

* Outstanding program of events: Meet existing customers<br />

and new business partners during the day<br />

at the fair or in the evening at various after-hours<br />

events. Numerous lectures and high-caliber tours tell<br />

you what’s going on in the industry and offer important<br />

inspiration.<br />

Trend Space in Hall 3.0: Discover tomorrow’s<br />

design trends today<br />

The first port of call when it comes to interior design<br />

trends is the new Trend Space (formerly Theme Park)<br />

in Hall 3.0, which offers an overview of the latest<br />

market developments and the trends for <strong>2019</strong>/20.<br />

In cooperation with Heimtextil, international design<br />

and trend experts have analyzed the latest tendencies<br />

and prepared trend themes that will be shown<br />

in an extravagant presentation at the fair. Visit the<br />

Heimtextil Trend Space in Hall 3.0 – the highlight of<br />

the fair!<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

28<br />

HTE<br />


A full 30-active<br />

year in the<br />

packaging<br />

industry<br />

The short story of<br />

Kervan <strong>Textile</strong> Plastic<br />

Packing’s succesfull 30<br />

years in the packing<br />

industry…<br />

Starting to production and trade in the home textile<br />

packing industry in Denizli, Turkey, in 1988, Kervan<br />

<strong>Textile</strong> Plastic Packing has been carrying its business<br />

with 200 employees in its new factory that<br />

has 8000sqm indoor area since 2014 for production about<br />

1500 tons annually.<br />

Manufacturing packaging products especially for home textiles<br />

such as quilts, sleep sets, towels, sheets, underwear<br />

and toys since it was founded with mostly pvc sewed and<br />

frequency gluing technique, the firm strengthens its position<br />

in the sector for packing material production and flawless<br />

R&D activities besides its advanced technology and<br />

experienced staff.<br />

Aim is to export to all countries where textile<br />

production is<br />

Stressing that they realized customer-oriented production,<br />

Zeki Tuncel, company partner and sales manager of<br />

Kervan <strong>Textile</strong>, said, “We use materials at European reach<br />

standards since we have exporter companies among our<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

29<br />

customers. Our first priority is quality<br />

and after-sale service to accomplish<br />

long-lasting relations with our customers.<br />

With an aim to meet customer<br />

expectations at maximum level we<br />

follow up technological developments<br />

day to day in integration of company,<br />

customer and supplier, a constant<br />

investment process is carried out in<br />

order to meet every developing market<br />

demands. We design and present<br />

the best and most convenient packing<br />

products to contribute to the attraction<br />

of the products of our customers.”<br />

Rendering service to the leading<br />

brands of Turkey with its technological<br />

infrastructure, quality and regular<br />

service possibility, Kervan <strong>Textile</strong> exports<br />

50% of its production. Stating<br />

that their target market is all countries<br />

where textile production is, Tuncel<br />

highlights that they export notably to<br />

Russia and Egypt, and to Europe and<br />

to the Balkans.<br />

Aiming to grow day by day with anthropocentrism,<br />

adopted open communication,<br />

supported confidence, expert<br />

team and perfect service that is rendered<br />

to its customers and suppliers,<br />

Kervan <strong>Textile</strong> Packing always attends<br />

to Evteks Fair in İstanbul.

30<br />

HTE<br />

FOCUS<br />

As a world brand<br />

Turkish home<br />

textiles houses<br />

all segments and<br />

qualities<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

32<br />

HTE<br />

FOCUS<br />

Almost all kinds of home textiles are produced<br />

in Turkey and may be listed by export value<br />

as follows: towels, bed sheets, bed spreads,<br />

curtains, blankets, pillows, quilts, cushions,<br />

eiderdowns, table linens, tulle, lace, goblen, flander, aubusson,<br />

wall hangings and sleeping bags.<br />

The Turkish home textile industry is one of the world<br />

leaders with its wide range of products and superior<br />

quality in home textile production, especially in the production<br />

of towels, bed sheets and covers, curtains, tulle,<br />

embroidery, guipure and quilt covers. Turkey has the<br />

largest machine park for the production of both embroidery<br />

and guipure in the world. Europe’s largest factory<br />

The Turkish home textile<br />

industry is one of the world<br />

leaders with its wide range of<br />

products and superior quality<br />

in home textile production,<br />

especially in the production of<br />

towels, bed sheets and covers,<br />

curtains, tulle, embroidery,<br />

guipure and quilt covers.<br />

producing quilt covers is in Turkey. The Turkish home textile<br />

industry has also acquired the latest technology with a<br />

high production capacity, a highly skilled labor pool, and<br />

design and fashion capabilities. In addition, the industry has<br />

managed to reduce the cost of production below the world<br />

average while it has increased the quality of its products.<br />

Therefore, with a huge production capacity, high quality and<br />

strong competitiveness, Turkey was the world’s third supplier<br />

of bed sheets, fourth supplier of towels and bathrobes<br />

and fifth supplier of bedspreads in 2016.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

34<br />

HTE<br />

FOCUS<br />

“Feel the touchy feature of Turkish<br />

towels”<br />

In Turkey, the towel sector has traditional roots<br />

and its towels are known as “Turkish Towels”<br />

worldwide. Today the Turkish towel sector has<br />

competitive power in international markets in<br />

terms of jacquard and embroidery technologies.<br />

Lace, which is commonly used in many<br />

textile applications, especially in home textiles,<br />

is originally a Turkish handicraft. It is an embroidery<br />

art reaching back to the mid 1500s<br />

and crowned by the labor of Turkish women.<br />

It is an outstanding handicraft with its traditional<br />

taste and motifs in different colors and<br />

lines, which are now reflected in modern home<br />

decoration. Turkish home textile producers<br />

are mainly located in Istanbul, Denizli, Bursa,<br />

Tekirdag, Izmir, Gaziantep, Kayseri and Usak.<br />

Towel and bathrobe producers are concentrated<br />

in Denizli and Bursa, voile producers<br />

in Istanbul and Bursa, and blanket producers<br />

in Usak. Many of the producers in these cities<br />

have integrated their production process from<br />

yarn and fabric production to product design,<br />

dying, finishing and sewing in order to obtain<br />

the best quality in every stage of production.<br />

Denizli is the manufacturing center of toweling<br />

sector. Over 190 companies in Denizli manufacture<br />

cotton towels and bathrobes. Such a man-<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

36 ufacturing facility on one product group in the<br />

HTE<br />

same area is a success story and a good example<br />

of the cluster development. In Denizli, towels and<br />

bathrobes are manufactured from Aegean cotton<br />

which is the finest cotton in the world. These<br />

towels and bathrobes are well known throughout<br />

the world with their extraordinary softness,<br />

absorbency and warmth. Their extraordinary pile<br />

thickness and density give towels and bathrobes<br />

these superior features. In addition, the more<br />

these towels and bathrobes are washed, the softer<br />

and more absorbent they become, contrary to<br />

the ordinary products. That’s why Denizli on its<br />

own has a major share in world’s cotton towel<br />

and bathrobe exports. About 90% of these products<br />

are exported to all over the world. “Turkish<br />

Towels and Bathrobes”, especially the ones from<br />

Denizli, are not used only at homes, but also presented<br />

by 5 or 4 star hotels in all over the world<br />

as a quality service sign.<br />

FOCUS<br />

“Bursa leads the way”<br />

Bursa is one of the most important manufactur-<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

38<br />

HTE<br />

FOCUS<br />

ing centers in the textile field in the world and it<br />

is mostly concentrated on the manufacturing of<br />

curtains, curtaining and upholstery fabrics, decoration<br />

fabrics, bedding products, towels and<br />

bathrobes as well as other textiles.<br />

Besides large-scale firms, there are many small<br />

and medium sized companies scattered all<br />

around the country. In the rural areas around<br />

some cities like Denizli, Mugla and Kastamonu,<br />

the production of traditional fabrics is still widespread,<br />

and recently they have been used in<br />

the production of home textiles. One of these<br />

traditional fabrics having worldwide fame is<br />

the “Buldan Fabric”, from the Buldan province<br />

of Denizli. With its characteristic designs, it is<br />

unique and carries the heritage of the past into<br />

the present as it is woven on traditional hand<br />

looms. This fabric, which has a completely natural<br />

look and basic textile characteristic due to its<br />

being made of pure cotton, is widely used both<br />

in traditional and modern home decoration.<br />

Another traditional fabric is “Selalmaz Çemberi”<br />

which takes its name from Selalmaz, a region<br />

in Kastamonu. This fabric is also obtained from<br />

pure cotton yarn and woven on hand looms. It is<br />

a very thin fabric like tulle. It is a difficult fabric<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

40<br />

FOCUS<br />

HTE<br />

to weave that one can only weave one meter per day. Due<br />

to its outstanding originality it is used widely in-home decoration<br />

as well as in clothing. “Azdavay Çemberi” is another<br />

famous fabric woven in Azdavay, a town of Kastamonu. It<br />

is made from linen or pure cotton and it is a very original<br />

hand woven fabric. This fabric like Selalmaz Çemberi, is<br />

woven loose or dense. It is used widely in home decoration<br />

and clothing production. Since all of these traditional<br />

fabrics are natural, made of pure cotton or linen without<br />

using any chemical dyes, they are environment friendly.<br />

Therefore, there is considerable demand for home textiles<br />

made of these fabrics in international markets.<br />

Today the Turkish home textile industry is aware of the<br />

trend in international markets towards the increasing demand<br />

for healthier and more environmentally friendly products<br />

and quickly adapts itself to developments in legal and<br />

technical regulations. Many manufacturers in the sector are<br />

able to produce with quality and environment management<br />

systems, e.g. ISO 9000 series. Additionally, some companies<br />

in the home textile sector have private Eco labels.<br />

In a rapidly changing world, the home decoration field is<br />

very sensitive to all changes. That’s why the creation of<br />

collections with innovative and modern designs and motifs<br />

in addition to the quality of the product is essential. Turkish<br />

home textile manufacturers are very conscious about fashion<br />

creation and design, which enables them to gain a<br />

special place in international markets. New and modern<br />

designs and unique motifs, all created by Turkish designers,<br />

keep a finger on the pulse of world home decoration<br />

fashion and meet most tastes and preferences.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

42<br />

HTE<br />

FOCUS<br />

“Big export potential”<br />

Besides meeting domestic demand<br />

in Turkey, the Turkish home<br />

textile sector with its high potential in<br />

the export market and its wide range of<br />

products and superior quality is an important<br />

export earner for the country. The sector exports<br />

about 60% of its production.<br />

With its fashion products, the advanced technology of production<br />

and quality of products, Turkey has been increasing<br />

her share in the main markets, especially in the European<br />

market. Therefore, prominent world suppliers have started<br />

to cooperate with Turkish manufacturers for joint production<br />

in the home textile field.<br />

The main export products in 2017 were towels, bathrobes,<br />

dressing gowns, bed linens, furnishing and curtain fabrics,<br />

and bed spreads. The European countries are the most important<br />

markets for Turkey’s home textile exports. A large<br />

quantity of home textiles is exported to Germany. The other<br />

main markets are USA, Bulgaria, France, the U.K., Italy and<br />

the Netherlands.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

48<br />

HTE<br />


Feel the comfy with<br />

Raifogullari Tekstil products<br />

The company takes<br />

firm steps forward<br />

in the home textile<br />

industry and increases<br />

its towel and fabric<br />

processing capacity day<br />

by day.<br />

Operating in the home textile industry with a wide range<br />

of products Raifogullari <strong>Textile</strong> Company has a remarkable<br />

success story. We asked the details of the story to Memet<br />

Zahir Celik, chairman of the board of the company:<br />

Please introduce your company to our readers in<br />

brief.<br />

Our activity started on textile and food business in 1995. We<br />

have currently been continuing our production in our new<br />

factory of 20,000sqm outdoor area. Our firm has different<br />

departments such as planning, cutting, sewing pocket and<br />

shipping. Using the most up-to-date technologies we have<br />

been responding the demands of our customers with most<br />

reliable and high standard quality home textile products.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

49<br />

Memet Zahir Celik, chairman of the board<br />

What does your product portfolio include?<br />

We produce all kinds of home textile products and mainly<br />

towels, bathrobes, bedclothes, kitchen textiles, kids’ group<br />

and others depending on demands.<br />

What can you say about your customer satisfaction<br />

policy?<br />

It is our main principle. Aiming at maximum customer satisfaction<br />

we offer quality products of serial production. This<br />

is the main reason why we render services to world famous<br />

brands.<br />

Which countries do you export?<br />

We export our products to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Israel<br />

and Morocco.<br />

What are your main goals?<br />

We will stand and keep our position in the world textile<br />

arena, we will contribute to the national economy and we<br />

will provide more employment. We also have textile machinery<br />

manufacturing supported by Tubitak. These machines<br />

include full automatic towel length sewing machine,<br />

full automatic towel length cutting machine, full automatic<br />

towel cross cutting machine, full automatic fabric overlock<br />

length sewing machine, full automatic fabric cross cutting<br />

machine, and full automatic sheet 4-side sewing machine.<br />

Furthermore, we want to export %30 of our products to<br />


50<br />

HTE<br />


Anything you would like<br />

especially to highlight?<br />

Our country has been exporting to<br />

many countries of the world and it<br />

is number one supplier of Europe in<br />

this sector. In order to stimulate the<br />

supply, demand and employment<br />

the most important requirement of<br />

this industry is definitely raw materials.<br />

Our country has very appropriate<br />

land conditions on this geography.<br />

But this issue was underestimated<br />

caused by wrong agricultural land<br />

policies. We have been importing major<br />

part of our raw material requirements.<br />

This case naturally raises the<br />

cost rates. This, in its turn, puts us<br />

in difficult situation under the harsh<br />

global competition conditions.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

56<br />


HTE<br />

Betires <strong>Home</strong><br />

brand of Erem<br />

Tekstil keeps<br />

the leading<br />

position in its<br />

field<br />

Aydemir:<br />

“We develop<br />

our designs with<br />

pleasure and we inject<br />

our souls into the heart<br />

of our products. That’s<br />

why people love them”<br />

As a respectful name in the home textile industry Erem <strong>Textile</strong><br />

Company has been designing and producing knitted blankets,<br />

knitted coach covers, decorative pillows, knitted covers, etc. for<br />

domestic and foreign markets. We spoke with Bahtiyar Aydemir,<br />

proprietor of the company about their operations.<br />

Please inform us about your company’s history?<br />

Erem <strong>Textile</strong> was established in 1985 as a textile company<br />

than reorganized in 2002, when we decided to build our<br />

brand Betires <strong>Home</strong> by combining our knowledge and expertise<br />

in yarn, fabric and knitting businesses. Once we would<br />

determine our targets by consulting to our workers in textile<br />

business. Now we proved our ability to other firms in abroad<br />

of becoming a successful company in our field of expertise.<br />

We now develop our own designs by having joys and inject<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

our souls into the heart of our products.<br />

57<br />

How large is your production capacity and<br />

your product line?<br />

We produce knitted blankets, knitted coach<br />

covers, decorative pillows, knitted covers for baby<br />

thermoses.<br />

Will you give us information about your<br />

factory?<br />

We have a factory in Ikitelli, Istanbul. We design<br />

our products by our own team and produce the<br />

products in this facility. We can also design customized<br />

products in line with the order of our<br />

customers.<br />

What is your target markets and export activities?<br />

Will you inform us about your activities in fairs and<br />

exhibition?<br />

We sell our products in export markets including<br />

France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Slovenia,<br />

Russia, Moldavia, Georgia, the USA. We targeted to<br />

every possible market in abroad.<br />

Do you participate in international fairs?<br />

We participate in fairs held both in the country and<br />

abroad. Evteks held in Turkey is important for us.<br />

We have hosted our visitors at our booth in this<br />

fair.<br />

Do you have any other point to talk about?<br />

We want to develop more new products to increase<br />

the added value rate of our products. We seek<br />

more valuable varieties and products.

62<br />

HTE<br />


Export is the only way out for<br />

Armes <strong>Home</strong><br />

Armes <strong>Home</strong> has more than 30 years of experience in the home textile sector<br />

and takes the attention with its various product portfolio.<br />

Armes <strong>Home</strong> has made a name for itself in the national<br />

and international arena with its high quality<br />

and powerful investments in home textile. Armes<br />

<strong>Home</strong> produces alue-added designs in the field of<br />

home textiles. Armes <strong>Home</strong> company representative Ugur<br />

Ozdemir answered our questions about the companies at<br />

<strong>Home</strong>&Tex fair.<br />

Can you tell us about the establishment of your<br />

company?<br />

Our company was founded by Ibrahim Ozdemir and Semra<br />

Ozdemir as a family business in Bursa city center in 1985.<br />

Our company worked as Ozgur Ceyiz between the years<br />

1985 and 2010 and from time to time it engaged in production<br />

for other companies as a subcontractor. In 2010<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

63<br />

we took a radical decision to take action to<br />

build our own brand. As Armes <strong>Home</strong>, we<br />

continue our services in the sector.<br />

What do you have in your product<br />

range?<br />

We produce pique sets, blankets and bathrobe<br />

sets, bedspreads and mats. We produce<br />

800 units per day.<br />

Armes <strong>Home</strong> company representative Ugur Ozdemir<br />

What are the basic principles of<br />

Armes <strong>Home</strong>?<br />

Our basic principles in our relationships<br />

with our customers are to give importance<br />

to health, hygiene and always to carry the<br />

quality up and to ensure customer satisfaction.<br />

Which countries do you export your<br />

products?<br />

We sell 50% of our products to domestic<br />

markets and 50% to the markets abroad. We<br />

export mainly to Arabic countries, Algeria,<br />

Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Russia, Germany and<br />

Netherlands.<br />

Can you tell us about the fairs which<br />

Armes <strong>Home</strong> participates?<br />

We have been at Evteks and <strong>Home</strong>&Tex<br />

fairs in Turkey. We take place as a visitor at<br />

home textile exhibitions organized abroad.

66<br />


Entema offers excellent<br />

solutions for textile and carpet<br />

manufacturing<br />

HTE<br />

Angora Carpet contributes to the industry by emphasizing on customer<br />

satisfaction, quality and sustainable innovation. Having distinguished<br />

products and production methods, Angora keeps its struggle to overcome<br />

the growing hardships in the market. The company has recently adopted the<br />

finishing technology used in the textile industry to carpet manufacturing.<br />

Senol Ocak, Factory Manager of Angora Carpet said<br />

that recent project is the result of R&D activities<br />

that were carried out by their experienced team, and<br />

their cooperation with Entema Machinery company which<br />

has been representing our country successfully in domestic<br />

and foreign markets. He said also that the completion<br />

of Swell Soft brand, a new generation finishing machinery<br />

by combining the years long experiences of Angora carpet<br />

with Entema which is the producer of fabric finishing<br />

machinery that has been patented internationally, that is<br />

supported by high level of software and having special<br />

hardware in carpet processing. Named Swell Soft, the new<br />

carpet finishing machinery has been operational since<br />

May 2018.<br />

Contributions of the machine on production<br />

development activities<br />

Mentioning about the rising quality of present products<br />

of the company after R&D studies carried out by Angora,<br />

Mr. Ocak said, “With this machine we got important advantages<br />

in economics of business. The result obtained<br />

at the end of development process by applying steam and<br />

heat on the carpets with mentioned international patented<br />

technology has paved the way for new ideas and techniques<br />

for finishing process of carpets. Swell Soft carpet<br />

finishing machine has contributed much to our research<br />

and development activities.”<br />

“The project is labor and environment friendly, safe and<br />

practical. A serious amount of energy savings is obtained<br />

and proven by the measurements done by our development<br />

team when compared to conventional methods and<br />

systems. Sound tests have shown that its noise level was<br />

under safety limits and the machinery has a self-cleaning<br />

function that also saves time and reduces losses,” he said.<br />

Omer Gokcan: “There will be more R&D studies<br />

and joint development projects”<br />

Omer Gökcan, General Manager of Entema Machine, on<br />

the other hand, expressed his satisfaction about the joint<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

project they made with Angora. He emphasized on the<br />

positive approach and financial supports provided by<br />

Ersoy Siveydinli, the proprietor of Angora and the knowledge<br />

and experience of its experienced staff. Pointing out<br />

that such an important project emerged as a result of the<br />

cooperation by two companies which accomplished big<br />

successes in their own areas, Gökcan said, “As a cooperative<br />

action of these two successful companies such<br />

an important project was realized. Offered by Swell Soft<br />

project, the new methods that were developed during the<br />

process to contribute to the solutions for the problems<br />

encountered in the carpet industry and to respond awaiting<br />

needs of the sector, have opened new horizons for<br />

the carpet industry. With the power and motivation originating<br />

from this successful experiment, we will continue<br />

our joint efforts on R&D for developing new projects in<br />

the future. We are determined to gain new earnings for<br />

the carpet and carpet machinery sector and will be more<br />

effective in presenting our country in the world markets.”<br />


70<br />

HTE<br />


Successful<br />

presentation<br />

of your<br />

brand is one<br />

step ahead<br />

with Plasmat<br />

Basım<br />

Color charts, folders,<br />

book charts and plastic<br />

packages… Sample cards<br />

and packages that reflect<br />

your corporate image<br />

contribute to your success.<br />

What do you think about<br />

listening carefully works of<br />

Plasmat Basım, a company<br />

known for its professional<br />

services in the color chart<br />

and printing sector?<br />

The sustainable success of Plasmat Basım, who has been serving<br />

for building their corporate identities for 21 years, is an<br />

example for most other companies and a helpful guide for<br />

companies. Ahmet Aydin answered our questions on the eve<br />

of Heimtextil, Domotex, IMM and IMOB fairs.<br />

How long is your company active and what kinds of<br />

services do you offer to the industries?<br />

Our company was established in 1997 and keeps on running<br />

successfully in its way. We serve our customers in their needs<br />

to have samples of their products that they want to show their<br />

prospective buyers.<br />

What product groups do you have? Will you mention<br />

about your production facility and its capacity?<br />

Sample cards, folders, book sample cards, sample books, pvc<br />

plastic packages and sample preparation are our main varieties.<br />

We can prepare 250,000 pieces of sample cards per<br />

month and our products are sold and exported to 650 brands<br />

in 30 countries.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

71<br />

first impression about the products they offered for sale.<br />

Those cards that can not represent the brand of the company<br />

well have negative impact on the sales efforts of the<br />

company.<br />

Companies in the textile industries are raising<br />

their budget for sample card orders in recent<br />

years. What is the rationale of their move?<br />

What are the industries that your company serves?<br />

Most of our customers are producers of tulle, draperies,<br />

zebra roller blind and upholstery fabric. Besides, we are<br />

ready to serve every company who wants to have produced<br />

their product samples.<br />

You serve to companies in different sectors.<br />

Dynamism is important in your field of activities.<br />

Would you mention about your investments on<br />

R&D and other innovations you made in your<br />

company?<br />

We have developed time saving and practical products by<br />

considering the needs of our customers for better packaging.<br />

In our production line are offset printing, serigraph<br />

presses, leaf printing, cellophane, UV lacquer, emboss<br />

printing and cutting machines.<br />

What can you say about the effects of good<br />

appearance or bad appearance sample cards on<br />

sales?<br />

Sampling process including sample cards are the tools for<br />

Increasing competition of new entries in the markets and<br />

the growing number of new products launched for fashion<br />

has increased the activities for efficient display of the products.<br />

Which fairs do you participate in both in the<br />

country and in abroad?<br />

We are participating in almost all textile fairs held in the<br />

country and in the world either as visitors or exhibitors.<br />

What do you want to say about your exports?<br />

Since our establishment, quality and customer satisfaction<br />

have been our corporate policy. Developing the best product<br />

that will represent the brand, durability of the products,<br />

timely delivery of the orders, and the minimum reclamation<br />

of the products are our main factors behind our success in<br />

export markets.<br />

What are your firm’s short, medium and long-term<br />

targets?<br />

Our target is to offer better quality services than those we<br />

gave last year and become a preferred firm in our field.<br />

Besides, we also want to increase our exports in the African<br />


74<br />


HTE<br />

Depar Deri stands for<br />

artificial leather<br />

Depar Deri number one<br />

imitation leather company<br />

in Turkey, has taken its<br />

place among top three firm<br />

in its field in Europe by<br />

emphasizing on quality,<br />

customer satisfaction and<br />

customer service.<br />

Depar Leather, addressing all sectors which use artificial<br />

leather, is one of the world’s leading brands in<br />

the field and continues to work with its more than<br />

40 years of experience. Gokhan Kececi, Chairman<br />

of the Board of Depar Deri, has started his words by saying,<br />

“We owe our success to the perfect service we provide to<br />

our customers and our emphasis on quality.” We made an<br />

exclusive Gokhan Kececi about the developments in the<br />

brand structure.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

75<br />

Would you give us some information about your<br />

products, production capacity and the sectors<br />

that you serve to?<br />

We have polyurethane PVC vinyl coating, coagula and flock<br />

lines for production. We produce a wide range of products<br />

to be used in the production of footwear, slippers, bags,<br />

dresses, upholstery, auto accessories and agendas. We can<br />

produce 500,000 meters of imitation leather, 200,000 meters<br />

of flock products totaling 700,000 meters per month.<br />

What are the sources of your raw material needs?<br />

95 percent of our raw materials are imported from Europe<br />

and far eastern countries; the rest 5 percent are sourced<br />

from domestic market.<br />

Do you have custom designed products?<br />

Our team of designers composed of eight people has been<br />

developing new patterns and varieties. Besides, we make<br />

custom made designs for individuals or firms.<br />

Would you please mention about your export<br />

activities? What is the share of exports in your<br />

sales?<br />

40 percent of our products are exported, 60 % is offered<br />

to domestic market. England, Spain, Germany, France,<br />

Greece, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Holland are our major<br />

export markets. As a result of our activities in domestic and<br />

international fairs our network of markets is expanding year<br />

after year.<br />

Gokhan Kececi, Chairman of the Board of Depar Deri

76<br />

HTE<br />


What would you like to say about your R&D<br />

activities?<br />

We are aware of the impact of the technology and quality<br />

products on the power of companies. We empower<br />

our professional team in our two R&D laboratories that<br />

we have with the certificates we got where physical<br />

and chemical specifications are tested. We have several<br />

certificates of ISO 9001that ensures the hygiene of<br />

production. Recently we succeeded to apply the formulation<br />

of fire fighter application for the first time in the<br />

world developed by our R&D team.<br />

What do you do for the contract business<br />

segment of the market?<br />

As seen in the most other sectors we, as Depar Leather,<br />

have several products addressing to the needs of hospitals,<br />

hotels, airports, train stations and automotive<br />

products. We supply variety of items from mouse pads<br />

to notebook covers, floor coverings, coaches, stools,<br />

up to the bed heads of famous hotel chains made of<br />

imitation leather.<br />

Which fairs do you participate in the country<br />

and in the world?<br />

<strong>Home</strong>&Tex, Aysaf, and Boatshow are the domestic fairs<br />

that we participate in. In foreign countries we participate<br />

in Paris Text World, ITA in America, Index in Qatar,<br />

Paperworld in Frankfurt, Interzum in Cologne, and in<br />

DubaiFair. We consider to participate in Lineapelle in<br />

Italy in <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

77<br />

What is your opinion about the<br />

imitation leather sector?<br />

Imitation leather industry in the world<br />

is in recession while textile products<br />

similar to leather gain share in the<br />

markets. So, imitation leather industry<br />

lives its nirvana. Leather industry depends<br />

on the raw material supply, that<br />

is petroleum. The industry will keep its<br />

position as long as the oil reserves are<br />

active.<br />

How do you see the position of<br />

your company in the sector you<br />

have been?<br />

Established in 1980, we are the first<br />

company that has the first polyurethane<br />

production line in Turkey. We<br />

also had started several innovations in<br />

the sector. Though our volume is not<br />

so high, we are one of the top companies<br />

in terms of product quality. Our<br />

exports to Europe and the brands that<br />

we have business prove our success.<br />

In order to keep our position we emphasize<br />

on quality, customer satisfaction<br />

and customer services.

82<br />


HTE<br />

MK Kartela represents your products<br />

with its unique swatch cards<br />

MK Kartela transform<br />

your prospects into<br />

buyers and very project<br />

MK Kartela make<br />

is custom so that you<br />

get the perfect product<br />

for your brand.<br />

MK Kartela’s Owner<br />

Mürvet Kutlu has a successful<br />

story in supplying<br />

swatch cards for<br />

almost two decades.<br />

She outlines her story:<br />

Mürvet Kutlu<br />

“I entered textile business<br />

as a swatch provider. Earlier I have been serving as ad<br />

agency. Started to making swatches for our client, a textile<br />

company, I personally saw a great potential in this field.<br />

There were numerous businesses doing this work personally<br />

or with small staffs. I decided to establish a structured<br />

company aiming high level of customer satisfaction. As<br />

an ad person, I believe the importance of having a brand<br />

name, so I decided to get a share in a fast growing niche<br />

in the market. My business officially started in mid 2012 to<br />

produce swatches for the textile sector. We design and produce<br />

both printed swatch cases and sorted samples, and<br />

we offer competitive prices for our services.”<br />

“We aimed to be a leader in our niche”<br />

We may produce every kind of product sample services for<br />

textile industry, including headings, books for cards, catalogues<br />

for roller and zebra curtains, folders, and complementary<br />

products such as pvcs, pattern cards, packaging<br />

materials, design and printing services. With our service<br />

and quality policies, production capacities and customer<br />

satisfaction we aimed to be a leader in our niche. Besides<br />

special productions, our monthly capacity for productions<br />

is 100 thousand pieces. We deliver orders as promised.<br />

“Our aim is to increase the number of export<br />

markets”<br />

Share of domestic sales is 80 % and exports accounts for<br />

20 %. We have exports to Dubai, Iran, Bulgaria and Egypt.<br />

We keep our growth successfully. We are aware of the importance<br />

of customer satisfaction and professional services<br />

in expanding our sales. Our aim is to increase the number<br />

of export markets and volumes of production. Our clients<br />

prefer us because we save their time by offering time saving<br />

solutions for our customers.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

84<br />


HTE<br />

Awaken in a morning full of<br />

love with Cottonbox in the<br />

New Year!<br />

Living its joy to meet<br />

a New Year with its<br />

customers Cottonbox<br />

carries the traditional red<br />

color of the New Year<br />

on its special designed<br />

product “Santa Gri”<br />

on mattresses. It adorns<br />

the mattresses of those<br />

who want to be awaken<br />

under warm and soft<br />

linens on the first day of<br />

the year.<br />

In addition to its rich collections, Cottonbox<br />

tries to be distinguished by special designs.<br />

This time it prepared a new linen<br />

line named “Santa Gri” that combines the<br />

traditional colors of the new year, the red with<br />

grey color that is so adaptable to every ambient.<br />

The set is two sided and it has minimal<br />

lines and plaid patterns on one side, and<br />

snowflakes on the other.<br />

Having the natural characteristics of cotton,<br />

it lays the foundations for healthy and quality<br />

sleep with its hundred percent cotton texture.<br />

Having high level of permeability fabric, the<br />

body heat is kept in balance. Printing and dyeing<br />

processes are up to the European standards,<br />

so, it does not contain any hazardous<br />

chemicals. Cottonbox keeps adding beauty in<br />

homes with its designs and qualities.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

86<br />


HTE<br />

Winter<br />

chicness to<br />

bedrooms by<br />

Valeron<br />

Valeron, an excellent<br />

brand of home textiles,<br />

welcomes the winter<br />

season with its bedlinen<br />

and bed covers that are<br />

prepared with the inspiration of<br />

season trends. Elegant embroideries<br />

in the collection bring<br />

simplicity and chicness to the<br />

bedrooms.<br />

One of the leading brands of the<br />

world, Valeron simply reflects<br />

trends of the season with its<br />

bedlinen and coverlet sets that<br />

take part in its collection without<br />

compromising on quality.<br />

The collection of Valeron was<br />

designed based upon traditional<br />

chicness. The collection takes<br />

part in the bedrooms as a representative<br />

of grace.<br />

Reflecting colors of the season,<br />

Valeron brings together geometric<br />

patterns with the shabby<br />

chic bedrooms. Making a difference<br />

with its quality and texture,<br />

Valeron manages both it protects<br />

its luxury image for years<br />

and adds an esthetic breathe<br />

with embroidered and printed<br />

details to living spaces.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

90<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

Flame retardant textiles, essential for<br />

contract and residence textiles<br />

Flame-retardant textile products go through many processing steps<br />

that contribute to their overall chemical footprints and sometimes<br />

the final chemical residues remaining in the finished product.<br />

Fire is one of the most destructive forces on the planet.<br />

Fires are hard to fight and often impossible to<br />

control, and in many cases they end up with loss<br />

of human life, injury, and damage properties. Many<br />

industries have been working for a long time to develop<br />

products, methods, and processes to fight against fire and<br />

to limit the hazards and threats from fire, e.g., sprinkler systems,<br />

fire extinguishing systems, and smoke and fire detection<br />

devices.<br />

The field of flame retardancy has witnessed rigorous development<br />

in the area of new technologies, products and materials<br />

to meet the challenge and needs of ever changing<br />

safety regulations and cope with the changing requirements<br />

of everyday use.<br />

What are flame-retardants (FRs)?<br />

Flame-retardants are chemicals that are added or applied to<br />

materials in order to slow or prevent the start or growth of<br />

fire. They are chemical compounds added to or otherwise<br />

incorporated into plastic compounds to provide varying degrees<br />

of flammability protection. FRs give the victims of fire<br />

more time to escape, limit the loss of life and injury, and<br />

protect property. World brands such as Trevira, Lenzing,<br />

Clariant, Sateri International, etc. have been constantly innovating<br />

materials and solutions to complement the best<br />

textiles for fighting with fire.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

92<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

Flame retardants (FR) are chemical<br />

compounds added to or otherwise incorporated<br />

into plastic compounds to<br />

provide varying degrees of flammability<br />

protection.<br />

Where are flame-retardants<br />

used?<br />

Flame-retardants have been used in<br />

many consumer and industrial products<br />

since the 1970s, to decrease the<br />

ability of materials to ignite. Flame retardants<br />

are often added or applied to<br />

the following products:<br />

Furnishings, such as foam, upholstery,<br />

mattresses, carpets, curtains,<br />

and fabric blinds. Electronics and<br />

electrical devices, such as computers,<br />

laptops, phones, televisions,<br />

household appliances, and wires and<br />

cables. Building and construction materials,<br />

including electrical wires and<br />

cables, and insulation materials, such<br />

as polystyrene and polyurethane insulation<br />

foams.<br />

Transportation products, such as<br />

seats, seat covers and fillings, bumpers,<br />

overhead compartments, and<br />

other parts of automobiles, airplanes,<br />

and trains.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

EVTEKS - CNR<br />

Hall 1 F 13<br />

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi<br />

Denizli / Turkey<br />

Tel : +90 258 269 17 84<br />

Fax : +90 258 269 17 87<br />

www.oguzlartekstil.com.tr<br />


94<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

Many flame retardants have been removed from the market<br />

or are no longer produced. However, because they do<br />

not easily break down, they can remain persistent in the<br />

environment for years.<br />

Flame-retardant finishes provide textiles with an important<br />

performance characteristic. Protection of consumers<br />

from unsafe fabric is only one area where flame retardancy<br />

is needed. Firefighters and emergency personnel require<br />

protection from flames as they go about their duties. Floor<br />

coverings, upholstery and drapery also need protection,<br />

especially when used in public buildings. The military and<br />

the airline industry have multiple needs for flame-retardant<br />

textiles.<br />

The requirements for a commercially successful flame-retardant<br />

textile product have been given as meeting flammability<br />

requirements: having little or no adverse effect<br />

on the textile’s physical properties; retaining the textile’s<br />

aesthetics and physiological properties; being produced by<br />

a simple process with conventional equipment and inexpensive<br />

chemicals; and being durable to repeated home<br />

launderings, tumble dryings and dry cleaning. It has been<br />

possible to meet these requirements for many textile products<br />

since before 1983 and our society enjoys a safer environment<br />

as a result.<br />

Progress is continuing in this field and recent reviews have<br />

highlighted advances in the understanding and chemistry<br />

of flame-retardants, but progress has been relatively slow<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

96<br />

and the advances quite minor and specialized. Two excellent<br />

reviews have appeared and should be required reading<br />

HTE<br />

for those wishing to have a comprehensive understanding<br />

of treatment with flame-retardant finishes. This chapter will<br />

cover the same ground in a much more general way.<br />

EVENTS<br />

How are people exposed to flame-retardants?<br />

People can be exposed to flame retardants through a variety<br />

of ways, including diet; consumer products in the home,<br />

car, airplane, and workplace; and house dust.<br />

These chemicals can get into the air, water, and soil during<br />

manufacture. Chemicals can leak from products into dust<br />

and into the air.<br />

Dust can get on hands and food and then into the mouth<br />

when food is eaten.<br />

What are some of the potential health effects<br />

associated with flame-retardants?<br />

Although flame retardants can offer benefits when they are<br />

added to some products, a growing body of evidence shows<br />

that many of these chemicals are associated with adverse<br />

health effects in animals and humans, including endocrine<br />

and thyroid disruption, impacts to the immune system, reproductive<br />

toxicity, cancer, and adverse effects on fetal and<br />

child development and neurologic function.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

98<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

Who is most vulnerable?<br />

Children may be particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects<br />

of these chemicals, because their brain and other<br />

organs are still developing. Hand-to-mouth behavior and<br />

proximity to the floor increases the potential of children<br />

to be exposed to flame retardants. Researchers have<br />

found that children have higher concentrations of flame<br />

retardants in their bodies than adults.<br />

The Trevira CS case<br />

Researches into the causes of fire show that unsuitable textiles<br />

can contribute considerably towards a fire spreading.<br />

National and international standards regulate protection<br />

against fire. Flame retardant Trevira CS textiles meet the<br />

important international standards on fire safety, because<br />

they consist of fibers and yarns with “built-in safety”.<br />

Trevira checks all Trevira CS fabrics for their flame retardancy.<br />

This means that users can always be sure they<br />

are dealing with fabrics that conform to the important<br />

Regulations on fire safety worldwide.<br />

A comparative fire test shows the speed at which a blaze<br />

can spread in a room with conventional textiles – and alternatively,<br />

that it is possible to avoid the risk of fire with<br />

flame retardant Trevira CS textiles. Today Trevira CS materials,<br />

however, are not being used the world over solely<br />

because of regulations on preventative fire safety, but<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

100<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

also in contexts where it is only the design of the textiles<br />

that counts.<br />

Constantly undergoing further development, Trevira fiber<br />

and filament technology enables fabric manufacturers to<br />

continue introducing innovative products onto the market.<br />

The materials impress with their fresh effects, special<br />

structures and pleasant handle.<br />

As a result, Trevira fibers and yarns constitute not only<br />

the basis for the functionality of the textiles, they also ensure<br />

that the makers are in a position to establish trends<br />

internationally.<br />

How Trevira CS works<br />

Comfort and safety, the two most important requirements<br />

in home textiles were first successfully combined in 1980:<br />

with flame retardant Trevira fibers and yarns.<br />

<strong>Textile</strong>s made from these fibers and yarns bear the trademark<br />

Trevira CS and are permanently flame retardant.<br />

Unlike fabrics that receive a surface treatment at a later<br />

stage, Trevira CS textiles offer long-term security.<br />

This small but decisive difference results from the<br />

chemical structure of the polyester fibre. In the shape<br />

of a comonomer – a phosphor-organic compound,<br />

where the flame retardant properties are firmly anchored<br />

in the fibre. It is not possible for external<br />

influences to affect them.<br />

Fibres given an additional flame protection<br />

finish (right) can lose the protection<br />

as a result of wear, age or frequent<br />

washing. Flame retardant Trevira fibres<br />

(left) are inherently flame retardant.<br />

For this reason materials made<br />

from these fibres and filament yarns are<br />

likewise permanently flame retardant.This is a n<br />

important argument from the ecological aspect as well.<br />

Apart from their environmentally friendly manufacture materials<br />

in Trevira CS require no additional fire protection<br />

treatment, such as normally combustible materials need.<br />

Treatments of this kind are harmful to the environment.<br />

Flame retardant Trevira fibres and filaments are, furthermore,<br />

certified to Oekotex 100 Standard. In comparative<br />

terms only very slight amounts of toxic fumes develop in<br />

the event of a fire. This is particularly important, since<br />

in a fire the danger of suffocation from smoke fumes is<br />

greater than the risk of injury from flames.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

102<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

Spring<br />

in home<br />

textiles<br />

begins<br />

with<br />

EVTsEKS<br />

in April<br />

The 24th EVTEKS organized with the reflections of spring<br />

and nature is getting ready to welcome 2018 with the<br />

April Effect, where the designs of the upcoming season<br />

and innovative products from around the world in home<br />

textiles will unite with the visitors.<br />

Every year in April with the motto ‘April Effect’ will be<br />

home to the awakening in nature and the reflections of<br />

spring evoking freshness, innovation, rebirth and reunification<br />

in home textiles and designs.<br />

EVTEKS April will present innovative designs inspired<br />

by nature in the home textiles sector, especially for the<br />

upcoming season. The exhibition organized by Istanbul<br />

Trade Fairs company within CNR Holding in collaboration<br />

with the Turkish <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> Industrialists’ and<br />

Businessmen’s Association (TETSİAD) for 25 years,<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

103<br />

EVTEKS April framed with freshness, innovation, awakening,<br />

and reunification themes will unite over 1,000<br />

brands from 120 countries with 150,000 visitors, The<br />

exhibition, where the feel of spring touches every detail,<br />

will be influential throughout the world.<br />

The world congregates at EVTEKS to supply home<br />

textiles<br />

EVTEKS, the most significant home textiles fair in<br />

Turkey, the 4th largest exporter country in the world,<br />

stands out as a platform to supply products to many<br />

countries, primarily the European countries. The fair will<br />

welcome procurement delegates from around the world,<br />

where, while B2B bilateral business talks and networking<br />

meetings will be held, the latest designs of the season<br />

will also be showcased.

104 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

Furniture<br />

Istanbul<br />

generates<br />

great trade<br />

The furniture industry, one<br />

of the locomotive sectors<br />

for exports in Turkey, met<br />

at CNR Expo Istanbul,<br />

6-11 November 2018.<br />

Foreign visitors showed a<br />

profound interest in the<br />

exhibition where the trade<br />

volume reportedly exceeded<br />

UD$ 1 billion with the<br />

participation of VIP<br />

procurement committees<br />

and visitors from 85<br />

countries.<br />

Furniture Istanbul organized by CNR Holding company<br />

Pozitif Fairs in collaboration with the Turkish<br />

Furniture Manufacturers Association (MOSDER) have<br />

gathered the leading furniture brands in Turkey under<br />

the same roof at CNR Expo on 6-11 November 2018.<br />

The exhibition hosted VIP procurement committees and visitors<br />

from 85 countries including the target markets of the<br />

industry such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and the<br />

United Arab Emirates, as well as the leading representatives<br />

of the furniture industry such as Italy, Germany, Austria,<br />

and Switzerland.<br />

Two separate groups of procurement committees were<br />

invited to increase the foreign trade power of the Turkish<br />

furniture industry. VIP procurement committees from 14<br />

countries including Ethiopia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Morocco,<br />

Russia, Libya, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Belgium,<br />

Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Ukraine, and Bahrain in the first<br />

group were hosted within the scope of the International<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

105<br />

The number of foreign buyers increased by 80% reaching 5<br />

thousand 906. This is a very significant increase in shaping<br />

the future of the exhibition. Quality, branding, and design<br />

have come to the forefront to expand to new markets for<br />

the furniture industry. Furniture Istanbul has been a very<br />

important exhibition regarding design. We wanted to show<br />

the success of Turkish furniture to the world. The feedback<br />

from both the exhibitors and the visitors shows that we<br />

have succeeded.”<br />

Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) project by the<br />

Ministry of Trade. CNR Holding organized the second group<br />

hosting procurement committees from 15 countries under<br />

the Hosted Buyer Program.<br />

Indispensable platform for us$ 10 billion target<br />

Ceyda Erem, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of CNR<br />

Holding, stated that they had been relentlessly organizing<br />

furniture exhibitions for 15 years to support the export<br />

and trade volume of the furniture industry. She added that<br />

the ‘Hosted Buyer B2B Matchmaking Program’ of Furniture<br />

Istanbul visited by over 700 higher purchasing power foreign<br />

company representatives significantly contributed to<br />

the exports of the Turkish furniture industry. Eren continued<br />

saying, “We believe that Furniture Istanbul realized with the<br />

participation of brands adding significant value to the industry<br />

will be an indispensable platform to reach US$ 10 billion<br />

targets by 2023. This year, we hosted 74 thousand 358 visitors<br />

in our exhibition area of 80 thousand square meters.<br />

Furniture industry continues to grow<br />

Stating that they aimed to become the biggest furniture<br />

exhibition in Eurasia with Furniture Istanbul MOSDER<br />

Chairman Nuri Öztaşkın said, “Furniture Istanbul bringing<br />

together the most influential players of the furniture industry<br />

under one roof is the most well-established trade fair of<br />

the industry. Furniture Istanbul, carrying the international<br />

position of our sector even higher, is gaining momentum<br />

every year with the aim of becoming the biggest furniture<br />

exhibition in Eurasia. Our exhibition showcased the new<br />

season products of our country’s leading furniture brands<br />

on 6-11 November this year.”<br />

Famous designers participated<br />

Furniture Istanbul organized with a design and innovation-oriented<br />

approach hosted the world’s leading designers.<br />

Finnish designer Markku Piri, who was bestowed the

106 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

Pro Finlandia medal by the President of Finland in 2017<br />

and was granted the Grand Prize of The Finnish Culture<br />

Foundation as “a maker of visual magic” in 2018, was<br />

one of the most remarkable guests. Ten internationally<br />

recognized designers Ludovica SERAFINI, Federico<br />


Giuliano CAPPELETTI from Italy, Jorge HERRERA, Teresa<br />

SAPEY, and Francesca HEATHCOTE from Spain, Sara<br />

GARANTY from Sweden gave presentations on the designs<br />

of the future at the Design Stories seminar event.<br />

Stating that he had been in Turkey for ten years having<br />

different experiences, the Italian designer Federico<br />

Delrosso said, “To me, luxury means to be in touch with<br />

the world. Everything is somehow linked to the architect<br />

and emotions. Specialized lights are part of the area in<br />

where we live. Exceeding limits is very important in design.<br />

I need to feel motivated to do this job. Istanbul<br />

and New York are very special cities for me. They look<br />

very different but share the same dynamics. I love cities<br />

where I can get inspired. There are teenagers here.<br />

What we do must reflect modern times.”<br />

Noting that he was delighted to be in Turkey, the Finnish<br />

designer Markku Piri added, “I work as an artist and designer.<br />

Without colors, I’d go crazy; I love colors. Here I<br />

also saw works expressing Turkish handicraft in a mixture<br />

of traditional and European styles. The Finnish people<br />

have a special relationship with nature. Every object<br />

in the world has its essence. People are also a part of<br />

this nature.”<br />

Swedish designer Sara Garanty said, “We live in a continually<br />

changing world. The technology era we live<br />

in has a massive impact on us. We saw the effects of<br />

technology at the furniture exhibition. Colors are also<br />

very relevant to where you are from. In some countries,<br />

some colors evoke other interpretations. They vary according<br />

to the cultural background, age, place of birth.<br />

The world we live in is affecting our mood.”<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

108 HTE<br />


Tanka Casting & Machine<br />

– outstanding in quality,<br />

competitive in price<br />

Starting beam production on demands coming from<br />

companies and solving their problems in supplying<br />

beams, the company worked with strong firms such<br />

as Akfil, Bozkurt Hosiery and Mensucat Santral. Tanka<br />

Casting&Machine has a sales network spread the whole<br />

world.<br />

Producing in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone, the firm<br />

realizes its beam and aluminum through its main manufacturing<br />

line. The company satisfies the aluminum casting<br />

needs of the companies in Germany, France, Belgium<br />

and Spain. Stating that they owe their production stability<br />

to their quality, Doğan Tanka, Business Manager of Tanka<br />

Casting&Machine said, “We meet the needs of the firms all<br />

over the world. We produce as much as our expertise and<br />

focus point permit rather than increasing our product range.<br />

Thus, we remove the risk of making mistakes and reducing<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

109<br />

Beginning as a small<br />

company with aluminum<br />

casting production in 1948,<br />

Tanka Casting & Machine<br />

now studiously supplies<br />

aluminum casting needs of<br />

machine producers in a lot<br />

of part of the world.<br />

“Our firm adopts 3 main principles for itself since it foundation.<br />

These are having the latest-technology production<br />

line, attaining good quality and service and attractive and<br />

on-premises sales. We strictly work to maintain these principles.<br />

Founded as a family business our company will continue<br />

its way with this vision attained by its 3rd generation.”<br />

Tanka in national and international fairs<br />

The company attend to national and international shows to<br />

expand its market share and always to be dynamic. Besides,<br />

it visits firms at home and abroad to see and evaluate their<br />

demands on-premises. Tanka Machine attends to ITM and<br />

ITMA shows. The company takes part in smaller scale domestic<br />

and international fairs, as well.<br />

the quality. We spare our time and economic resources for<br />

R&D activity which is essential for quality. We reach quality<br />

level capable of worldwide competition for even more.”<br />

3 main principles in production: “Modernity,<br />

quality and consumer satisfaction”<br />

Adopting to needs of modern age and making quick, mass<br />

and quality production through its electronic production<br />

line, Tanka Casting&Machine is a beam vehicle supplier<br />

for textile companies in Turkey and neighboring countries.<br />

Doğan Tanka underlined their 3 main principles and continued:

112 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

Pantone Announces the Color of<br />

the Year <strong>2019</strong>: PANTONE ® 16-<br />

1546 Living Coral<br />

Life affirming coral hue<br />

energizes and enlivens<br />

with a softer edge<br />

CARLSTADT, N.J., December 6, 2018 – Pantone, provider<br />

of professional color standards and digital solutions for the<br />

design industry, today announced PANTONE 16-1546 Living<br />

Coral as the Pantone Color of the Year <strong>2019</strong>, an animating<br />

and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone.<br />

We get energy from nature. Just as coral reefs are a source<br />

of sustenance and shelter to sea life, vibrant yet mellow<br />

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral embraces us with warmth<br />

and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our<br />

continually shifting environment.<br />

In reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social<br />

media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking<br />

authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection<br />

and intimacy. Sociable and spirited, the engaging<br />

nature of PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral welcomes and encourages<br />

lighthearted activity. Symbolizing our innate need<br />

for optimism and joyful pursuits, PANTONE 16-1546 Living<br />

Coral embodies our desire for playful expression.<br />

Representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living<br />

Coral is a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings<br />

and at the same time, displays a lively presence<br />

within social media. “Color is an equalizing lens through<br />

which we experience our natural and digital realities and this<br />

is particularly true for Living Coral,” said Leatrice Eiseman,<br />

Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “With consumers<br />

craving human interaction and social connection,<br />

the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by the<br />

convivial Pantone Living Coral hit a responsive chord.”<br />

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral emits the desired, familiar<br />

and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious,<br />

yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the<br />

sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the<br />

eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and<br />

chromatic ecosystem, PANTONE Living Coral is evocative of<br />

how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope<br />

of color.<br />

“Color enhances and influences the way we experience<br />

life,” said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone<br />

Color Institute. “As a shade that affirms life through a dual<br />

role of energizing and nourishing, PANTONE 16-1546 Living<br />

Coral reinforces how colors can embody our collective experience<br />

and reflect what is taking place in our global culture<br />

at a moment in time.”<br />

In Social Media<br />

An organic shade, Living Coral is striking in digital mediums,<br />

evoking the same inspirational feeling ignited by our natural<br />

surroundings. Living Coral’s vibrancy and buoyancy captivates<br />

our attention in social media and digital design.<br />

In Fashion and Accessories<br />

Living Coral inspires experimentation and playful expression<br />

in both men’s and women’s street and runway styles.<br />

The warm shade suggests comfort and positivity in simple<br />

color stories, but becomes more explorative and effervescent<br />

in patterns, textures and even monochrome looks. An<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

114 appealing accent shade, PANTONE Living Coral provides a<br />

HTE<br />

striking contrast across the color spectrum.<br />

EVENTS<br />

In Beauty<br />

As a life-affirming hue that complements all skin tones,<br />

PANTONE Living Coral brings natural color to beauty in<br />

blush, eye and lip. Uninhibited, playful looks are also emboldened<br />

by Living Coral, which, as the center of a kaleidoscope<br />

of color, encourages experimentation in beauty with<br />

palettes, textures, shimmers and sheens.<br />

In Product Design<br />

Living Coral is naturally suited for product across all ages<br />

and genders. Materials with texture and convivial colors<br />

such as PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral appeal to our desire<br />

for products exhibiting humanizing and heartening characteristics.<br />

In Interior Décor and Furnishings<br />

When used as a bold statement in settings and décor, Living<br />

Coral fosters immersive experiences such as pop-up installations<br />

and interactive spaces, tied to a playful spirit. As a<br />

color linked to tactility and human connection, PANTONE<br />

Living Coral in shag rugs, cozy blankets and lush upholsteries<br />

create a warm, comforting and nurturing feeling in the<br />

home. With its ebullient nature, PANTONE Living Coral adds<br />

a dramatic pop of color to any room setting whether in decorative<br />

accessories, tabletop, or on the wall.<br />

In Packaging Design<br />

Living Coral is naturally ideal for packaging applications.<br />

Warm and welcoming, this life affirming shade invites us to<br />

reach out and touch.<br />

•PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet (2018)<br />

•PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery (2017)<br />

•PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity and PANTONE 13-1520 Rose<br />

Quartz (2016)<br />

•PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala (2015)<br />

•PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid (2014)<br />

•PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald (2013)<br />

•PANTONE 17-1463 Tangerine Tango (2012)<br />

•PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle (2011)<br />

•PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise (2010)<br />

•PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa (2009)<br />

•PANTONE 18-3943 Blue Iris (2008)<br />

•PANTONE 19-1557 Chili Pepper (2007)<br />

•PANTONE 13-1106 Sand Dollar (2006)<br />

•PANTONE 15-5217 Blue Turquoise (2005)<br />

•PANTONE 17-1456 Tigerlily (2004)<br />

•PANTONE 14-4811 Aqua Sky (2003)<br />

•PANTONE 19-1664 True Red (2002)<br />

•PANTONE 17-2031 Fuchsia Rose (2001)<br />

•PANTONE 15-4020 Cerulean (2000)<br />

The color selected as our Pantone Color of the Year <strong>2019</strong><br />

was taken from the Pantone Fashion, <strong>Home</strong> + Interiors Color<br />

System, the most widely used and recognized color standards<br />

system for fashion, textile, home, and interior design.<br />

Pantone Color of the year<br />

The Color of the Year selection process requires thoughtful<br />

consideration and trend analysis. To arrive at the selection<br />

each year, Pantone’s color experts at the Pantone Color<br />

Institute comb the world looking for new color influences.<br />

This can include the entertainment industry and films in production,<br />

traveling art collections and new artists, fashion,<br />

all areas of design, popular travel destinations, as well as<br />

new lifestyles, playstyles, and socio-economic conditions.<br />

Influences may also stem from new technologies, materials,<br />

textures, and effects that impact color, relevant social<br />

media platforms and even up-coming sporting events that<br />

capture worldwide attention. For 20 years, Pantone’s Color<br />

of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing<br />

decisions in multiple industries, including fashion,<br />

home furnishings, and industrial design, as well as product,<br />

packaging and graphic design. Past selections for Color of<br />

the Year include:<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

120 HTE<br />

TRENDS<br />

Turkey’s first fashion<br />

trend forecasting<br />

and analytics<br />

agency is about to<br />

shape the industry<br />

Aiming to<br />

offer highquality<br />

services in<br />

fashion trend<br />

forecasting and<br />

analysis in<br />

Turkey, Gona<br />

Trend is the first<br />

agency established<br />

within Altınbas<br />

University Incubation<br />

Centre as well as<br />

the first professional<br />

institution to provide<br />

fashion trend-related<br />

services.<br />

Altınbaş University Incubation Centre provides support<br />

to start-ups with bright business ideas or projects.<br />

The first start-up of AU Incubation Centre has recently<br />

started its operations. The founder of Gona Trend, Gonca<br />

Gül Özer has a lot to say about this first agency to operate<br />

in fashion trend forecasting and design, “We launched<br />

our agency in 2017 through a KOSGEB (Small and Medium<br />

Enterprises Development Organization of Turkey) support.<br />

This idea has first originated from an ambition to meet the<br />

needs of fashion industry especially in terms of trend forecasting<br />

and analytics. Combining my expertise in the field<br />

of fashion with my business partner Prof Dr. Ahmet Mete<br />

Çilingirtürk’s deep knowledge of statistics, we set out to<br />

create this fashion trend forecasting agency. The main driving<br />

factor that led us to pursue this dream was the absence<br />

of a professional agency offering trend forecasting services<br />

in Turkey despite the fact that our British and French counterparts<br />

such as WGSN, Trend Union, and NellyRodi are<br />

dominating the international fashion forecasting industry.<br />

Our mission, as an agency, is to achieve a permanent and<br />

institutional structure and become a strong research and<br />

consulting company specialized in fashion trend analytics<br />

in Turkey, with high capability to offer services to the key<br />

actors of the fashion industry.”<br />

Working with a science centre brings great<br />

advantages<br />

Pointing out the advantages of working with Altınbaş<br />

University Incubation Centre, Özer said, “Among the reasons<br />

why a number of companies choose to work with<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

122 HTE<br />

TRENDS<br />

incubation centres is that they can have easy access to<br />

University-offered mentoring as well as entrepreneurial and<br />

R&D consulting services, opportunity to meet with angel<br />

investors, and work in rent-free office spaces but most importantly<br />

strong scientific and technical infrastructure that<br />

Business Incubation Centres can provide to start-ups.”<br />

“We are the first and only Turkish Agency to<br />

operate in fashion forecasting”<br />

Explaining the specifics of fashion forecasting, Özen added,<br />

“We focus on current and upcoming fashion trends by<br />

closely monitoring the latest news and updates on fashion<br />

world as well as on society while interpreting these trends<br />

based on latest economic developments in business world<br />

in order to predict future fashion trends. Our initial goal is<br />

to reveal the impacts of customer behaviour and economic<br />

trends on creative trends and pick out the ones that may<br />

potentially become rising trends. The most important thing<br />

we cannot afford to overlook at this stage is to be able to<br />

set trends to determine customer buying trends that have<br />

the capability to set great number of people into motion. In<br />

other words, our job is to monitor current trends in women’s’<br />

clothing, men’s clothing and accessories, and identify<br />

new trends; predict all aspects of fashion needed for fashion<br />

creation and design, including different types of fibres,<br />

fabrics, silhouettes, patterns, colours, fashion details and<br />

life styles; forecast when consumers would be ready to embrace<br />

a new trend at which market level and for what price<br />

(statistical methods and databases are used at this stage),<br />

and ensure our forecasts to help fashion companies have<br />

advantages over their competitors by receiving prior knowledge<br />

of upcoming trends. I would also like to underline the<br />

fact that we are a pioneer agency since we are the first and<br />

currently only Turkish agency to operate in fashion trend<br />

forecasting.”<br />

Gonca Gül Özer, The founder of Gona Trend<br />

Predicting the right trend is key<br />

Stating, “Purchasing professional trend consulting services<br />

costs less than in-house training of a fashion trend analyst<br />

and can help companies make money directly”, Özen also<br />

expressed that wrong trend forecasting would do more<br />

harm to companies than good, but with the right forecasting<br />

techniques and methods, we can ensure that companies<br />

are protected from any potential harm. In this context, it is<br />

of utmost importance to make accurate and spot-on trend<br />

predictions for all decision-making processes including design,<br />

manufacturing, sales and marketing.<br />

Currently pursuing her second master’s degree in Fashion<br />

Design from Altınbaş University, Gonca Gül Özer aims to<br />

collaborate with AU School of Fine Arts and Design faculty<br />

but especially with AU School of Engineering and Natural<br />

Sciences for the development of a new software to predict<br />

the latest fashion trends.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

124 HTE<br />


<strong>Textile</strong> Trends with<br />

Valdese Weavers<br />

In industry, textile companies<br />

look to designers or stylists to see,<br />

understand, and capture current<br />

and future trends in color and<br />

pattern. A designer must guide<br />

a company to use its capabilities<br />

fully in producing new, different,<br />

and timely fab¬rics.<br />

The textile industry is an immense global market<br />

that affects every country in the world either directly<br />

or indirectly. The textile industry is varied, which<br />

means that many countries choose their own path<br />

and direction to follow, whether that is medical textiles or<br />

high fashion. However, there are a few trends that seem to<br />

be the new direction for most of the textile market.<br />

In the manufacture of fabrics, as in any other discipline<br />

of design, maintaining and even surpassing high aesthetic<br />

stan¬dards are a designer’s primary goals. Proportion, balance,<br />

and texture are attained through expert draftsmanship.<br />

Tasteful and innovative use of color is an innate ability<br />

developed through study and practice.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

126 HTE<br />


However, in any commercial enterprise, formulating a general<br />

assignment for design of product lines must also involve<br />

accounting for both the suit¬ability of the design for<br />

the end product and maximizing use of available materials<br />

and manufacturing capabilities. For fabric designers, the<br />

technical facets of this problem should be studied in textile<br />

science courses and through several excel¬lent texts.<br />

Without an understanding of how visual ideas can be used<br />

in manufacturing processes and an ability to articulate<br />

these ideas to technical personnel, a designer’s innovative<br />

ideas may be wasted.<br />

In industry, textile companies look to designers or stylists to<br />

see, understand, and capture current and future trends in<br />

color and pattern. A designer must guide a company to use<br />

its capabilities fully in producing new, different, and timely<br />

fab¬rics.<br />

The Valdese Weavers case<br />

<strong>Textile</strong> trends, often derived from the fashion industry, dictate<br />

the direction of upcoming styles in upholstery and other<br />

furniture categories. Let’s see what looks are on tap this<br />

season from Valdese Weavers.<br />

Shades of White<br />

In many cultures, white is the color associated with<br />

perfection, truthfulness, cleanliness and purity. In the<br />

home, white also lends itself to comfort and versatility<br />

whether it is a cool, silvery, shimmery bright white or a<br />

warm winter creamy ivory.<br />

Muscadine<br />

Muscadine, a purplish plumy red, is a shade that can be<br />

softened to a pale rose color or be a saturated and succulent<br />

as grapes ripened on the vine. There is a warmth to<br />

these variations that pairs well with linen and taupe.<br />

Greenish Gray Blues<br />

Soft greenish gray blues are muted and tranquil. They can<br />

evoke memories of a misty morning mountain lake, of the<br />

sea foam crashing on the sand or of a smoky, stormy sky<br />

just before the rain. They are classic and sophisticated<br />

shades whether paired with modern golds or more traditional<br />

cooler neutrals<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

128 HTE<br />


Celik <strong>Textile</strong><br />

assesses<br />

investment<br />

opportunities<br />

with global<br />

vision<br />

General manager of the<br />

company Omer Celik says<br />

they expand their export<br />

markets with new collections<br />

of models, color and sizes that<br />

are developed to respond the<br />

demands from target markets.<br />

Celik <strong>Textile</strong> has been active since 1939 and producing<br />

more than 15 million meters of home textiles<br />

and fabrics for beds, towels, pillow and alezes annually<br />

and has been selling them more than 30 countries.<br />

Commercial relations of the company with its partners in<br />

its present markets go back to longer years. The firm aims<br />

to offer flawless customer satisfaction to improve its brand<br />

awareness and position in the markets it has operations in<br />

by participating in sector specific fairs. While evaluating his<br />

company’s position in export markets, Omer Celik, general<br />

manager of the firm, said, “Export figures that we obtained<br />

in recent years are all satisfactory. However, it is not so easy<br />

to make it happen. But, we aim even higher levels and this<br />

is not a dream but it is our major target.”<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

129<br />

Omer Celik General Manager<br />

National and international fairs are under radar of<br />

Celik <strong>Textile</strong><br />

Offering highest quality products and flawless services to<br />

its customers, Celik <strong>Textile</strong> thinks that having been in the<br />

sectoral fairs is as important as the emphasis they have<br />

shown on the production processes. Celik <strong>Textile</strong> and its<br />

managers can be met in several fairs held in the country<br />

and in the world, including, <strong>Home</strong>tex and Evteks in Turkey,<br />

Heimtextil, Germany, Asd Market, Las Vegas, Furtex, Nigeria,<br />

Turkish Product Fair, Algeria, <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> Fair in Kiev,<br />

Textillegprom, Moscow, 46th Mos International Trade Fair,<br />

Slovenia, NT&TT held in Sao Paulo, and Brazil <strong>Textile</strong> Fair.<br />

The firm is now developing new policies for production planning<br />

in order to utilize the resources of the firm intelligently<br />

to reduce the costs and wastes in production and to improve<br />

the quality level. They believe that the production planning<br />

will lower raw material and end product inventories, and will<br />

increase turnover of stock and shorten the delivery terms.<br />

The company has several contracts for outsourcing some<br />

services including dyeing, R&D and for distribution of their<br />

products in abroad under the investment opportunities they<br />

founded in the markets. Customers are able to reach Celik<br />

<strong>Textile</strong> at every opportunity for establishing commercial ties<br />

that satisfy both parties. Omer Celik also emphasized that<br />

his company is about to complete their project aiming to<br />

sell their products on line.

130 HTE<br />

Design<br />

Milou<br />

Trends by<br />

Ket<br />

TRENDS<br />

“Milou Ket gives insight into<br />

her new Interiors book, edition<br />

<strong>2019</strong>/2020”<br />

Milou Ket is a world famous<br />

Dutch designer and trend forecaster.<br />

She helped many world<br />

famous events and brands to<br />

set their trends and to develop their new<br />

collections. We got her updated fashion<br />

and trend book at the eve of Heimtextil,<br />

Domotex, IMM and Maison & Objet fairs<br />

while we were wrapping up t 2018 and<br />

looking ahead <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

Introduction<br />

Milou Ket gives insight in her new Interiors<br />

book, edition <strong>2019</strong>/2010. In the book the<br />

most influential international themes are<br />

shows. The book contains both summer and winter themes. For<br />

weavers, printers and spinners there is have a special box developed<br />

with colours, meant for the interior, contract and hospitality<br />

market, where cotton yarns are dyed after specification. This<br />

is a separate product, but there are also offered extra skeins<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>


132 HTE<br />

TRENDS<br />

on request to go with this book.<br />

Besides that, there is a list of the<br />

compatible Pantone® cotton colours.<br />

Every theme is shown with it’s<br />

corresponding colour card, plus<br />

more than 150 inspiring materials<br />

that match the themes in<br />

colour and character. At the end<br />

of the book is a list of sources,<br />

designers and manufacturers<br />

that are featured in this Interiors<br />

book.<br />

The interest to explore innovation<br />

and sustainability will<br />

continue. The research for alternative<br />

resources has become<br />

so urgent, that it is high on the<br />

agenda. The design of products<br />

is more in the background.<br />

Colour has been more accepted.<br />

Textures have become even<br />

more important, aged and worn<br />

aspects provide warmth, and familiarity<br />

to the interior. We see<br />

traces of wear and use. Nature<br />

remains a strong source of inspiration.<br />

In general the interior<br />

has become more colourful.<br />

White is important, but we see<br />

also some cool pastel colours.<br />

They can be combined with the<br />

range of fresh pastel colours,<br />

and even with an accent of the<br />

bright colours. Dark moody colours<br />

are accepted, as paint colour<br />

but also for furniture, especially<br />

for velvets.<br />

The first theme, with light and<br />

cool neutrals and some refined<br />

pastel colours, is called “Urban<br />

Tranquillity”, to create a quiet<br />

environment to relax and unwind.<br />

The second theme, “Soft<br />

Focus”, is influenced by fresh<br />

pastel colours, for geometric<br />

or more organic design with a<br />

friendly and rounded character.<br />

The third theme, called “Beyond<br />

Borders” is based on the mix<br />

of influences from all over the<br />

world. Deep, warm colours prevail,<br />

but also materials are rich,<br />

such as velvet. In the fourth<br />

theme “Colour Matters” bright<br />

and primary colours are combined<br />

with black and white for<br />

ideas inspired by Pop- and Op-<br />

Art and the Memphis movement.<br />

In the theme “Vintage Green”<br />

green shades from nature are<br />

combined with the colours of<br />

oxidized steel and affected<br />

wood from the industrial age. In<br />

the theme “Eclectic Heritage” we<br />

see how opulent and even baroque<br />

elements are combined<br />

with historic ideas from the<br />

Dutch Golden Age, Art Deco and<br />

ideas from the Curiosity Cabinet<br />

for an eclectic retro mix, with a<br />

dark background in combination<br />

with more brilliant colours.<br />

Urban Tranquillity<br />

The first theme is called “Urban<br />

Tranquillity”. In the future the<br />

majority of people will live in<br />

an urban environment. It is a<br />

continuation of our previous<br />

themes to seek tranquillity,<br />

calm and serenity, to protect us<br />

from the noise from the outer<br />

world. A place to relax, to wind<br />

down and to unplug... We are<br />

looking for a protective, cosy<br />

and quiet atmosphere, inspired<br />

by Scandinavian style. Often it<br />

is inspired by nature, and natural<br />

phenomena like the weather,<br />

the tide, clouds, oxidation,<br />

landscapes etc. The colours are<br />

light and cool, but do not make<br />

a cold impression because textured<br />

materials play such a big<br />

role, especially textiles, but also<br />

wood, felt, leather, suede, stone,<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>


134 HTE<br />

TRENDS<br />

carpets, hides and fibres. We appreciate one-of-a- kind products<br />

and cherish imperfect shapes and effects because of<br />

handmade products and effects. Comfort is important, lots<br />

of products have acoustic properties, show padding, and are<br />

airy and lightweight. The shapes are often rounded and soft,<br />

with small graphical outlines. Furniture should be versatile.<br />

Often unexpected or accidental oxidation, the effect of time<br />

and weather determines the appearance of products, marbling,<br />

stone and natural effects.<br />

Colours<br />

We will see slightly more colour in the interior, especially<br />

because of the importance of powdery pinks to evoke a<br />

friendly and warm effect. Actually, it is more a range of coloured<br />

neutrals. Because there are so many surface effects,<br />

we will see subtle colour changes. As colours we see: Pearl<br />

Grey, White, Off-White, Light Powder Pink, Dusty Pink, Lilac<br />

Light Blue, Light Jade, and Light Beige. Black and white will<br />

continue, but will be applied in a subtle way with finer lines.<br />

Soft Focus<br />

The second direction is called “Soft Focus”. It is a simple,<br />

feminine and friendly style with soft, rounded shapes. It is<br />

about fresh pastel colours, sometimes with a touch of flour<br />

to highlight and often combined with white or light neutral<br />

colours as a base. Gradients and water colour effects remain<br />

important features of decoration. Also here we see spots<br />

and stains and marbling effects, kind of accidental material<br />

effects. Also the shifting in colour on certain materials plays<br />

a role. Artificial, synthetic materials are more important than<br />

natural materials, like dichroic glass, rubber, silicone, plastic,<br />

resin, porcelain, foam etc. It is more about tone-in-tone<br />

colour combinations than heavy contrasts. Flower motives<br />

play an important role, especially for bed textiles, curtains,<br />

pillows etc. There are interesting possibilities for customization<br />

because of digital printing of carpets, wallcoverings, and<br />

other products. Opposing hard and soft shapes and materials,<br />

and round and square shapes give an interesting effect.<br />

Metal wire furniture is suitable for indoor-and outdoor use.<br />

Colours<br />

In this direction we see fresh pastel colours. They are cheerful,<br />

reminiscent of flowers, fruits and candy. Also here the<br />

pink shades are the most important. Now the pastel colours<br />

have been accepted in the interior. They are often combined<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

135<br />

with white and other light neutral colours. Sometimes fluor<br />

touches are added for extra effect. As colours we see Candy<br />

Pink, Lilac, Blush, Pastel Rose, Pale Lime, Pastel Yellow,<br />

Fresh Pastel Blue, Fresh Pastel Green. These pastels are also<br />

combined with darker shades, but mostly tone-in-tone.<br />

Beyond Borders<br />

In this styling direction we see a combination of ethnic influences,<br />

as before, but combined with traditional or Mid-<br />

Century furniture in warm deep colours reminiscent of<br />

velvet, in autumn colours. Souvenirs from our travels are<br />

part of the interior. It is more just a single object than a<br />

complete ethnic interior to obtain this bohemian effect.<br />

We see oriental influences, especially hand-made products<br />

such as porcelain, textiles, shibori and certain colours such<br />

as indigo and other, oriental inspired colour combinations,<br />

etc. But we see also Moroccan inspired influences in neutral<br />

colours such as grey, black and brown on a light ground. We<br />

see a revival of the art and crafts movement with interest in<br />

unique handcrafted products. Local products will be appreciated<br />

again, like Scottish checks, tweeds and traditional<br />

textiles, but also Toile de Jouy, but they should be applied<br />

with a twist, for instance partly eroded, or recoloured in a<br />

totally unexpected way. Cheerful African inspired products<br />

like plastic wire furniture and colourful batiks also play a<br />

role.<br />

Colours<br />

In this direction the colours are warm and rich. They are<br />

also typical velvet colours for a rich Bohemian effect. The<br />

colours are: Purple, Blue Green, Indigo Blue, Burned Sienna,<br />

Brick, Lacquer Red, Deep Red and Warm Brown. Brown is<br />

the most important ground colour, but we see quite a lot of<br />

warm shades such as Burned Sienna, Brick, and two shades<br />

of red. Because the materials are very lively and show a pile,<br />

it looks like they consist of different shades. Off-white is<br />

used as ground colour for Bohemian products in a Moroccan<br />

style, in combination with grey, black or brown.<br />

Colour Matters<br />

In this style direction we see bright Pop Colours, inspired by<br />

Modern Art, the Memphis Movement and Dutch style direction<br />

“De Stijl”, often in primary colours with black and white<br />

accents. Manmade and synthetic materials are important, especially<br />

glass, rubber, metal, silicone and plastic. Graphical

136 HTE<br />

TRENDS<br />

effects, enlarged pixels, facets and geometric ideas in bold<br />

colour combinations prevail and also ideas from Pop Art<br />

and Optical Art show up. Coloured glass products are popular,<br />

often in overlapping colours. Mirrors are treated with<br />

paint or oxidized to evoke an interesting effect. Grading<br />

of colour is still an important feature. Adaptable colour effects<br />

with LED’s give a contemporary feel. We see iridescence<br />

and products that are executed in different colours.<br />

Shapes are rounded and friendly. Knitted materials offer a<br />

lot of new possibilities and are applied in stools and also in<br />

chairs. Furniture should be versatile, and should be easy to<br />

adapt to different situations and changes in lifestyles. We<br />

see speckled and marbled surfaces and accidental designs.<br />

Colours<br />

The colours in this theme consist mainly of bright cheerful<br />

colours, often to be combined with black and white as an<br />

accent, reminiscent of the Pop Art and Op-art period and the<br />

Memphis Movement. As colours we see: Fresh Orange Red,<br />

Bright Pink, Orange, Sunny Yellow, Bright Lime, Cobalt Blue,<br />

Grass Green and Bright Purple. They may also be applied for<br />

outdoor, summery products or as an accent in combination<br />

with the other colour cards. Colour is often applied tone-intone.<br />

Gradients of colour remain important.<br />

Vintage Green<br />

There are two main ingredients that determine this style direction:<br />

Vintage ideas, products that are old and affected,<br />

aged and worn, with an industrial history, are combined<br />

with products that are inspired by Nature. Mainly in different<br />

shades of green, but also the colours of oxidized steel and<br />

affected wood. Botanical ideas from natural history books<br />

with flora and fauna remain important, but they take on a<br />

more historical character. Ideas from colonial times with<br />

palm trees, old engravings, or landscapes are shown as<br />

complete murals, made possible because of digital printing.<br />

Already for quite some time, we see how jungle prints<br />

with large foliage and exotic birds like parrots and parakeets<br />

remain popular. Now they become even more exotic, with<br />

pictures of monkey’s, tigers, lions and other exotic animals,<br />

and show up in different products, not only on textiles, but<br />

also on plates for instance. Also insects, ferns and more<br />

abstract ideas like the weather or oxidation are popular subjects.<br />

There is also interest in Chinoiserie.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

137<br />

Colours<br />

This colour range consists of different shades of green, inspired<br />

by Nature. But also the colour of oxidized metal and<br />

affected wood are important. As colours we see Moss Green,<br />

Lime, Light Green, Yellow Green, Warm Brown, Dark Olive<br />

Green, Bronze Green, and Spruce Green. In the exotic interpretations<br />

these colours will be also combined with brighter<br />

colours as an accent, such as bright red and pink, but also<br />

yellow, blue and turquoise. We also see a revival of the arts<br />

and crafts movement, especially the artist William Morris,<br />

who fits well into this theme. Last year we have shown also<br />

shades of blue in this theme. They are still valid.<br />

Eclectic Heritage<br />

In this direction it is all about moody, quite dark colours for<br />

a historic and more traditional inspiration. It can be quite<br />

opulent as well, almost with a baroque effect. We see influences<br />

from the Dutch “Golden Age” with ideas from the<br />

old masters that are translated into contemporary wallcoverings,<br />

murals and textiles with flower bouquets on a dark<br />

ground. Still we see influences from the Curiosity Cabinet<br />

with all kinds of collections of natural history objects.<br />

Animals are depicted on different products, like showing<br />

human traits. Also other classical products are transformed<br />

to fit a modern lifestyle, often applied with a twist. With<br />

the popularity of metallics, we see an interest in Art Deco<br />

design, emphasized by thin metallic lines. There is also interest<br />

in black and white in old engravings, city scapes or<br />

fragments of classical buildings and sculptures. Galaxies,<br />

shifting of colour in materials, aurora borealis and other<br />

dark grounds with bright accents also play a role.<br />

Colours<br />

Here dark and moody colours prevail: they shine like stars<br />

in the night, against a dark background. As colours we see:<br />

Dark Oxblood, Deep Purple, Night Blue, Emerald Green,<br />

Peacock, Chocolate Brown, Taupe Grey and Black. Ochre,<br />

gold and messing are important combination colours.<br />

Metallics still play an important role, the give a luxurious<br />

touch and evoke sometimes an Art Deco Mood. In the interior<br />

dark colours as paint colours are now quite accepted,<br />

they convey an atmospheric mood. Velvets and also carpets<br />

with a pile, give lively colour effects.

138<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

All things new come through<br />

CIFF Guangzhou, the most<br />

influential platform for trade<br />

and product launch<br />

without a doubt, excitement and<br />

innovation are the key words of the next<br />

edition of CIFF Guangzhou which, completely<br />

reinvented, will host over 4,100<br />

exhibitors gathered in an exhibition<br />

space extending over 760,000 square<br />

meters.<br />

“Platform of first choice for launch of<br />

new products and trade”; this is indeed<br />

the theme of the 43rd edition, a theme<br />

emphasizing CIFF’s constant commitment<br />

to offering a global platform that<br />

best launches exhibitors’ innovations,<br />

taking great care to welcome sector professionals,<br />

including the growing number<br />

of foreigners among them. In fact,<br />

over the years, CIFF has consistently<br />

come in first place with the highest<br />

number of overseas buyers compared<br />

to all other Chinese trade fairs, recording<br />

30,000 foreign operators amid its<br />

total 200,000 visitors, testifying to<br />

CIFF’s worldwide value and interest.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

139<br />

43rd edition of CIFF (China<br />

International Furniture Fair) will<br />

take place at in Guangzhou over<br />

two phases, divided according to<br />

product sector: the first, from 18<br />

to 21 March <strong>2019</strong>, is dedicated<br />

to home furnishings, outdoor<br />

and leisure furniture, home décor<br />

and home textiles; the second,<br />

from 28 to 31 March, will be for<br />

office furniture, hotel furnishings,<br />

accessories, metal furniture, and<br />

furnishings for public spaces<br />

and reception areas, as well as<br />

materials and machinery for the<br />

furniture industry.<br />

CIFF is thus proving to be the proud leader and reflection<br />

of a rapidly growing China, not only from<br />

an economic point of view but also, and above<br />

all, from the standpoint of a culture of good living.<br />

It follows that all the latest Chinese trends<br />

and proposed products, increasingly sought-after<br />

in terms of design and quality, will be represented<br />

here.<br />

A Fair Reinvented<br />

CIFF is a fair capable of continually reinventing<br />

itself, responding to the needs of exhibitors and<br />

visitors, providing the best organizational solutions,<br />

hosting the most important brands, and<br />

offering a complete exhibition experience thanks<br />

to the organization of numerous events and seminars,<br />

as well as the creation of a commercial<br />

atmosphere and comfortable environment, furnished<br />

with functional and refurbished reception

140<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

and meeting areas and VIP lounges. The fair has also reinvented<br />

its image. In fact, this year CIFF will be promoted<br />

with a single image that integrates the content of the<br />

entire furniture industry supply chain represented at CIFF,<br />

portraying all five of the main categories with corresponding<br />

main colors and iconic furniture pieces.<br />

The New Layout<br />

One of the aspects that makes CIFF unique is undoubtedly<br />

its representation of the entire supply chain of the furniture<br />

industry: from home furnishings, home décor and<br />

home textiles to outdoor and office furniture, to CIFM/<br />

interzum guangzhou, a fair dedicated to components and<br />

machinery.<br />

The exhibition layout has been further optimized; the first<br />

phase was upgraded across the five main categories and<br />

the seven areas dedicated to individual trends: the highend<br />

import space, design fashion space, whole house<br />

custom space, soft decoration living space, leisure living<br />

space, efficient office space, and smart home space.<br />

Reinforcing the cosmopolitan spirit, as many as three<br />

halls, for a total area of 90,000 sqm, will be fully devoted<br />

to high-end import furnishings, fine furniture perfectly<br />

suited to the needs of the Chinese market, always in<br />

search of a better quality of life.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

Hall 1.1 will be designated the Design & Exclusive Custom 141<br />

Furniture, featuring designer, high-end, modular, and customizable<br />

furniture. Pavilion 2.1 will be the Design Hall,<br />

showcasing large, high-level companies with captivating<br />

designs full of personality. Companies offering custom<br />

furniture and smart home solutions will be spread out<br />

over Hall 6.1, 7.1, and 8.1.<br />

In the sphere of furnishing accessories and textiles,<br />

Pavilion 15.2 will be dedicated to an international audience,<br />

while lighting brands are featured in Pavilion 16.2.<br />

The outdoor and leisure furniture sector will be presented<br />

through a variety of events and activities such as balcony<br />

design contest, garden show, in Area D of the fair complex.<br />

The exhibition layout for the second phase, devoted to the<br />

Office Show, will be further expanded and optimized. The<br />

Nanfung International Convention & Exhibition Centre, located<br />

near the Canton Fair Complex, will be used as Area<br />

E of CIFF dedicated to smart offices and support products<br />

suitable for providing intelligent solutions. CIFM/interzum<br />

guangzhou will host activities to provide a professional<br />

platform of the highest level for materials and technologies<br />

used in furniture production.<br />

Upgraded Events<br />

To offer a preview of the trends in the furniture world,<br />

during its next edition, CIFF will devote a large space to a<br />

rich program of design activities and exhibitions, including<br />

the <strong>Home</strong> Furnishing Design Show, China Interiors<br />

& Decorations Conference, Global Garden Lifestyles<br />

Festival, and Office Life Theme Pavilion. Not to forget this<br />

year’s latest innovation: the Global New <strong>Home</strong> Products<br />

Theme Show, a thematic exhibition created in collaboration<br />

with Sina.com to select innovations in the following<br />

areas: personalization, living room, dining room, bedroom,<br />

and outdoor furniture.

142<br />

HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

The Ten ° Parallel Space Exhibition brings together<br />

CIFF, home.163.com, ten important designers,<br />

and ten well-known home furnishing<br />

companies to represent various interactions<br />

within design. Visitors can follow the exhibition<br />

on a map highlighting its ten most exciting moments<br />

in order to better understand all the varieties<br />

of lifestyle.<br />

The Design Dream Show will present traditional<br />

brands in an innovative way, featuring both<br />

designer brands and emerging Internet brands<br />

and focusing on public welfare, green design,<br />

and green marketing, using technology to create<br />

domestic spaces with holographic projections.<br />

Smart <strong>Home</strong> of Young People, realized in collaboration<br />

with Liang Jinghua, internationally<br />

renowned designer and honorary consultant of<br />

the Hong Kong Indoor Designer Association and<br />

Tubatu, the largest web decoration platform<br />

in China, provides the most innovative design<br />

solutions for the homes of enterprising young<br />

people.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

144 HTE<br />


Karacan<br />

<strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong><br />

always presents<br />

high quality<br />

and modern<br />

products<br />

Karacan <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> adorns<br />

your life with fabrics made<br />

of first class Turkish cotton.<br />

It follows the world fashion<br />

and the latest techniques to<br />

compose unique patterns and<br />

brilliant colors.<br />

Karacan <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> is a towel and bathrobe manufacturer<br />

and exporter company established in<br />

Denizli, Turkey, in 1983. Karacan® is the registered<br />

trademark of Arabacilar <strong>Textile</strong> Company.<br />

The firm produces cotton, bamboo, velvet towels and bathrobes<br />

for home bathrooms, hotels and spa’s. It has been<br />

operating in a 2650 m2 factory closed area with 4 embroidery<br />

machines and 6 weaving looms. It has 70 tons monthly<br />

production capacity with its 70 employees.<br />

The company introduces Denizli textile sector to the world<br />

and continues to improve itself by following up the latest<br />

developments continuously.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

145<br />

Hasan Aydoğan of Karacan <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> says, “From 1983<br />

to now, we have become an integrated company by our<br />

accumulated experience, vision and developed production<br />

technology over the years. We are passionate about providing<br />

the right products for our customers and promoting our<br />

brands dedicated to the highest standards. We strive to provide<br />

the highest level of integrity and expertise to assist our<br />

customers and vendor partners to achieve their goals. In<br />

turn, we greatly value the loyalty and business relationships<br />

we have established and built over many years.”<br />

Moreover the company exports its products to over 50<br />

countries in Europe, United States, Asia and Africa such as<br />

United Kingdom, Turkic Republics, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt,<br />

Dubai (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Germany, Russia, Azerbaijan,<br />

Sweden, etc.

146 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

13 th International <strong>Home</strong>deco<br />

to host home textile industry<br />

<strong>Home</strong>deco <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong>,<br />

Glassware and Interior<br />

Decoration Fair will be<br />

held with the permission<br />

and support of the<br />

Ministry of Economy at<br />

the Atakent Exhibition<br />

Center in Almaty,<br />

Kazakhstan on March<br />

26-29 for the 13th time<br />

this year.<br />

In addition to Turkish companies, companies<br />

from Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Poland, Italy,<br />

China, Belarus and Uzbekistan are participating<br />

in the fair. It will bring together new trend products<br />

and innovations of manufacturers, dealers<br />

and designers participating in the fair with visitors<br />

from Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.<br />

Commenting on the fair, Türkel Fairs Board<br />

Chairman Korhan Yazgan said: “As Türkel Fuarcılık<br />

we have been in the exhibition sector for 26 years.<br />

Turkel is Turkey’s oldest trade fair organising<br />

company certified and authorized by Ministry of<br />

Economy. We have been operating in Kazakhstan<br />

for 12-13 years. <strong>Home</strong>deco Kazakhstan <strong>Home</strong><br />

<strong>Textile</strong>, Glassware and Interior Decoration Fair is<br />

a very successful fair every year. You know, the<br />

Turkish and Kazakh people are brothers. You can<br />

see that the proximity between the two countries is<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

147<br />

also reflected in Trade relations. There are serious<br />

Turkish investments in Kazakh Region.<br />

Especially our constructions are extremely<br />

successful. There is a great interest and love<br />

for Turkish products. We foresee that this will<br />

continue to increase.’’<br />

Türkel Fairs General Manager Serkan Atıcı<br />

made an evaluation about <strong>Home</strong>deco <strong>2019</strong><br />

fair and gave us the following information:<br />

’’The <strong>Home</strong>deco Fair which will open its doors<br />

for the 13th time, will include carpet; rugs and<br />

flooring in the concept of the fair and extend<br />

in the 9th Hall. We are in preparation for the<br />

<strong>Textile</strong>, Decoration and Glassware Fair. In order<br />

to have a contribution to the fair, we held<br />

gift draws between wholesalers in the first 3<br />

days of the fair for last 2 years. In <strong>2019</strong>, our<br />

draws will continue among the wholesalers.<br />

In this way, we ensure great voice to visitors<br />

to our fair. In <strong>2019</strong>, decoration products such<br />

as carpet sector, glassware, home appliances<br />

and lighting will be exhibited as exhibitors.<br />

The Kazakhstani market is one of the countries<br />

that Türkel Fair considers most important<br />

in terms of decoration and home textiles.<br />

As in every year, we are waiting for the companies<br />

and visitors related to the sector to<br />

our fair be held in Almaty in <strong>2019</strong>.’’

148 HTE<br />


A brand’s story<br />

comes with sound<br />

steps: Resaschemie<br />

Resaschemie was founded 4 years ago by Laura Gök. The company has a<br />

total production capacity of 800 tons per month. At the same time, in the<br />

first half of 2018, with an export volume of TL40 million Resas has become<br />

one of the leading companies in the sector in a short time.<br />

Founded in 2014 and succeeded in becoming one of<br />

the most sought-after players in the sector in 4 years,<br />

Resaschemie is increasing its contribution to the<br />

economy by exporting 100% of its production. Not<br />

leaving the title of being an export champion to Bangladesh<br />

since its establishment, Resas now attracts interest by<br />

paying attention to the importance of trust and health on<br />

an international scale. Working for Turkey’s 2023 targets<br />

Resaschemi’s Founder and Chairman Laura Gök expressed<br />

the importance of exports using the following phrases:<br />

“While we are manufacturing in one of the sectors where<br />

exports are perhaps the most difficult and intertwined with<br />

the health we aim to have a wide perspective by evaluating<br />

our opportunities up to the end. For our country’s 2023 targets,<br />

it is important to know what firms are doing and who<br />

increases their exports.”<br />

Following their participation in MUSIAD fair, we met with<br />

Laura Gök, Founder and Chairwoman of Resaschemie, to<br />

get to know about the sector and its companies and get<br />

information about their <strong>2019</strong> targets.<br />

First of all, what do you produce for the textile<br />

sector as Resaschemie?<br />

We set out to produce textile chemicals. Resas Chemie produces<br />

mainly printing paste which are used in textile printing<br />

processes for various images as a background material.<br />

Today, with our brand that was established in 2014, we are<br />

producing in a factory of 7 thousand square meters.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

149<br />

Could you tell us about your production capacity<br />

and production volume?<br />

We produce 25 tons of textile printing paste per day. Our<br />

weekly production reaches 175 tons. Depending on the<br />

amount of orders, these figures go up.<br />

“Printing paste is a must for textile”<br />

What is this printing paste?<br />

Printing paste is a layer applied on fabrics before printing<br />

colors and visuals on the material. Printing paste is used in<br />

both rotation and octopus printing machines. It is usually<br />

applied while printing texts and figures on T-shirts. Printing<br />

paste is filled directly into the machine and as it rotates, the<br />

pattern you want is printed on the products in the color you<br />

want. Print paste is indispensable for printing and patterning<br />

in all kinds of textiles you can think of such as linens,<br />

t-shirts and pants.<br />

Do you have a special R&D work on this subject as<br />

Resaschemie?<br />

We have a new product, a dark floor pastry, and we are<br />

quite sure about its success. This product allows you to<br />

Laura Gök Founder and Chairman<br />

print any color on a black fabric. Usually when you print on<br />

black, you can’t get a vivid color. So, we have done a lot of<br />

researches to develop this. Thanks to this product, we have<br />

obtained a product that does not have any fading and provides<br />

the permanency of different colors on black even after<br />

25 washing cycles. There are great demands from countries<br />

like Pakistan and Bangladesh, which we can count as the<br />

heart of textile. Compared to other world brands, our test<br />

results are very affirmative.<br />

“We rank first in exports to Bangladesh in<br />

our own sector”<br />

What products do you manufacture other than<br />

printing paste?<br />

We started to produce chemicals used in denim products.<br />

They are the main chemicals that give the pattern to the<br />

denim products. We export our products to various countries<br />

and companies. Most of them are mainly located in<br />

Bangladesh. We’re entering to Mexican market. Our target<br />

for <strong>2019</strong> is to export to Indonesia. We are at the first rank<br />

in exports to Bangladesh in our own sector. There are many<br />

countries in the world where we can send our products.<br />

Among our targets are Russia, Mexico and Indonesia. It is

150 HTE<br />


difficult to export in our sector but with the importance that<br />

we attached to health and nature, we undertake the task of<br />

our production by exporting at international standards.<br />

What are the basic factors you pay attention in<br />

production?<br />

Our product range includes eco-labeled products. Our production<br />

is 100% natural and our products are subjected to<br />

all tests required for export. We are one of the two Turkish<br />

companies in Turkey certified by Bluesign, a verification<br />

company headquartered in Switzerland. We have such certificates<br />

that are difficult to get including Bluesign, GOTS,<br />

Greenscreen and Tox certifications.<br />

You say that your products are natural but you<br />

produce chemicals. How did you put these two<br />

opposite words together? Isn’t it an oxymoron?<br />

As you say, there is a negative perception that chemical<br />

products pollute the environment. Part of this perception<br />

is true. We are doing our part to remove this perception.<br />

Our products are water-based and do not contain hazardous<br />

substances. As a result of our R&D research, we test our<br />

products both in our own laboratories and in different laboratories.<br />

We don’t harm the nature. We do not put waste to<br />

the nature during production. When we wash the machine,<br />

we use recycled water in the next production.<br />

“We bring the world to you through B2B<br />

meetings”<br />

At which fairs will you be able to promote<br />

Resaschemie?<br />

The ITMA held in Barcelona is the most prestigious and<br />

most visionary fair in the sector for us. That’s why we take<br />

part in ITMA and MUSIAD Expo. As MUSIAD International<br />

Commission Director of MOU, we made serious works for<br />

the 17th MUSIAD Expo this year. We went to every country<br />

you could think. We brought a committee of more than<br />

90 people from The Netherlands. The delegations from<br />

many countries such as The Netherlands, Russia and Turkic<br />

Republics came to the fair. Buying delegations and committees<br />

from abroad, heads of commissions and chambers<br />

of commerce came to our country thanks to the work of<br />

our presidents. In a way our business people don’t need to<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

151<br />

travel around the world. We’re bringing the world to their<br />

places. Our business people participate in various fairs,<br />

take part in B2B negotiations, keep in touch with people.<br />

Business people should not step back of e-mailing, calling<br />

and, if necessary, visiting them up to the doors of the factory<br />

to find and persuade new buyers and customers.<br />

The year <strong>2019</strong> is seen on the horizone. What<br />

do you want to say about Resaschemie’s short,<br />

medium and long goals, objectives and targets?<br />

We are a company that sets goals for itself every day and<br />

gets stronger as we achieve them. We aim to start production<br />

of a different chemicals by mid-<strong>2019</strong> in a production<br />

facility in Denizli Industrial Zone. In the new period, we will<br />

emphasize on foreign trade and logistics. Because people<br />

are afraid of exporting. In this way, the export potential of<br />

our country is lost. Based on our experience with this step,<br />

we will say to our people, “Let us export your goods.” We<br />

are trying to do whatever we can to contribute to the vision<br />

of Turkey. Why shouldn’t we introduce the markets we<br />

know to other companies?<br />

As an example, the export data of Turkey to Bangladesh was<br />

dropped recently. People who know this should take the<br />

lead as pioneers in developing projects for bilateral trade,<br />

so that our growth rate will go up. It is utmost important for<br />

our country’s 2023 targets to know who is doing what to increase<br />

export earnings. I would like to thank all companies<br />

and people who have worked and engaged themselves on<br />

this vision.

152 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

CNR IMOB, one of the two<br />

largest furniture exhibitions in<br />

the world, opens its doors<br />

The countdown has begun for the 15th edition of CNR IMOB, one<br />

of the world’s two largest international furniture trade fairs, to be<br />

held at CNR Expo Yesilköy on <strong>January</strong> 22-27, <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

CNR Holding company Istanbul Trade Fairs is organizing<br />

the 15th International Istanbul Furniture Exhibition (IMOB)<br />

between 22-27 <strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong> at CNR Expo Yeşilköy. More<br />

than 600 companies will take part with over 1.000 brands<br />

in CNR İMOB where 182 companies are lined up on the waiting<br />

list. Malaysia and Romania will have country pavilions in<br />

the exhibition where 35 furniture companies from the USA,<br />

Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Egypt, Belgium, Germany, Italy,<br />

and Spain will showcase their products.<br />

IMOB boost to the exports and tourism<br />

CNR IMOB, the International Furniture Exhibition, which contributes<br />

significantly to the export rates of the Turkish furniture<br />

industry, will boost export and tourism figures in <strong>2019</strong><br />

with the number of foreign buyers it will host. The hotels<br />

around the exhibition ground are already fully booked to<br />

welcome the 70 thousand foreign buyers expected. The residents<br />

in the vicinity started to rent their rooms and houses<br />

due to the overwhelming demand by international visitors.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

BIA will help break records in foreign buyer<br />

numbers<br />

153<br />

CNR İMOB receives great interest especially from abroad.<br />

This year, foreign buyers are expected to increase by 20<br />

percent thanks to the Global Market Intelligence System<br />

(BIA Business Intelligence Agency) implemented with<br />

the support of CNR International Business Development<br />

Department and a total investment of US$ 11 million. This<br />

year, CNR IMOB aims to host more than 190 thousand visitors,<br />

70 thousand of them foreign, and sıgnificantly increase<br />

the trade volume during the exhibition with the procurement<br />

committee program carried out in targeted markets in<br />

more than 40 countries.<br />

US$1 Billion exports expected<br />

Furniture trade fairs have continuously been organized for<br />

the past 15 years to support the export and business volume<br />

of the furniture industry. IMOB <strong>2019</strong> will be a major<br />

contributor to the achievement of this goal by the Turkish<br />

furniture industry aspiring to become one of the world’s<br />

top five furniture exporters. Participants are expected to exceed<br />

US$ 1 billion in exports during the exhibition.<br />

CNR İMOB will host one of the most comprehensive procurement<br />

committee organization within the context of<br />

International Competitiveness Development İncentive (UR-<br />

GE) supported by the Ministry of Trade hand in hand with the<br />

hosted buyer program organized by CNR Holding. Exhibitors<br />

will conduct bilateral business meetings with delegations<br />

from all over the world within the scope of “Procurement<br />

Committees B2B Match Making Program”.<br />

The exhibition housing the finest designs of the Turkish furniture<br />

industry will welcome more than 150,000 visitors,<br />

including chain store representatives, wholesalers, distributors,<br />

importers, exporters, architects, interior designers,<br />

decorators, industrial designers, and furniture store managers.

154 HTE<br />


Guzide Ev Modasi gives<br />

warmth and esthetics<br />

to homes<br />

When bedclothes and table sets are<br />

mentioned in Turkey, Guzide Ev Modasi<br />

comes to mind with its products.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

Founded in 1985, Guzide Ev Modasi has been a leading<br />

maker of high-quality bed linens, table sheets,<br />

blankets, bath accessories, bridal sets and players<br />

sets in Turkey. The firm qualifies in its business and<br />

target markets. In fact, the company’s product portfolio is<br />

as diverse as the different market segments it covers.<br />

155<br />

The company meets the requirements of the industry with<br />

its quality services. Eyüp Savaş, the official of Guzide Ev<br />

Modasi, explains success story of their firm: “Our firm provides<br />

service with its experience over three decades. We<br />

are one of the leading brands of the sector in Turkey. We<br />

design our products according to requests and expectations<br />

of the developing and changing world. Our manufacturing<br />

strategy is to provide added value to the national economy<br />

and to have a good success trend in the industry. We have<br />

a national manufacturing strategy and we are working on<br />

establishing an effective position in the international market<br />

in order to intensify the exporting arm of our company,<br />

which adds value to the national economy. At the same<br />

time, we make a difference with our quality while we are<br />

continuously growing.”

156 HTE<br />


QPS<br />

<strong>Home</strong><br />

always<br />

works for<br />

strong<br />

targets<br />

Founded on basis and initials<br />

of Quality, Price and Service<br />

terms as a producer and<br />

exporter of curtain, sheer<br />

and decorative hanging<br />

fabrics and ready-made<br />

curtains, QPS <strong>Home</strong> follows<br />

latest home textile trends<br />

and developments of the<br />

sector.<br />

Taking the road with its “Fine textile for a stunning<br />

home!” motto, Engin Kuru, Chairman of the<br />

Board of QPS <strong>Home</strong>, briefs about their firms by<br />

answering our questions:<br />

Could you furnish us with the management<br />

structure and service points of your company?<br />

Our firm is a family-owned company operating for 3<br />

years and produces and sells drapery fabrics and packed<br />

ready curtains. We are a marketing, sales and distribution<br />

company that invests in export marketing and sales.<br />

Which sectors do you serve?<br />

We render services on design, production, sales and<br />

export of drapery fabric and ready curtain in the home<br />

textile industry.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

Could you brief us about your annual production<br />

capacity and sales, your production plants, number<br />

of employees, etc.?<br />

157<br />

We have an annual production capacity of 120,000 readymade<br />

curtains and 250,000 square meters of production<br />

and sales capacity. Our company provides employments<br />

for almost 40 people when we include subcontractors<br />

working for us.<br />

Which ones of your products attract more interest<br />

and demand?<br />

The curtain fabrics, which are made of 100% synthetic<br />

fibers but which have a trendy natural fiber appearance in<br />

recent years, draws a rising graph among all our buyers.<br />

What kinds of R&D studies are you realizing? What<br />

would you say about the work and budget you<br />

dedicate for R&D studies?<br />

R&D is our main business. It would be wise if we attribute<br />

our sales force to our R&D department. The main factor<br />

behind our sales success is that we can develop an average<br />

of 100 new designs every four months.<br />

What are your aims to expend your market share?<br />

Attending the most important fairs of our industry is a<br />

must as well as making face-to-face visits to our customers<br />

when we introduce new designs. We also place special<br />

attention and importance on using our social accounts<br />

with supportive pictures thereby increasing our approach<br />

to our customers.<br />

Which fairs do you attend at home and abroad?<br />

We attend Evteks Fair, <strong>Home</strong> Deco in Ukraine and<br />

Kazakhstan <strong>Home</strong> <strong>Textile</strong> Fairs. We applied to attend to<br />

Heimtextil, Germany.<br />

Turkey’s economy is highly in need of export and foreign<br />

sales and thus exporter companies in recent days than<br />

ever. Our expectations as a part of home textile sector<br />

exporters will be increasing supports for participation in<br />

foreign textile exhibitions, forming a textile R&D support<br />

and forming a plan on support for machinery-equipment<br />

for small and medium sized companies.<br />

Do you have any investment recently or is there<br />

something you would like us to highlight in the<br />

interview?<br />

We have recently made a professional photograph taking<br />

zone in our showroom to highlight our products in the<br />

digital sites. With this arrangement we will transfer our<br />

new designs to the social media as they are hung in our<br />

showroom. We will increase our interaction especially on<br />

the Instagram and reach new buyers thereby making our<br />

brand familiarization more spread.<br />

How can you summarize the advantages you’re<br />

offering better when compared with your<br />

competitors?<br />

We have an energetic, young and excited team. We render<br />

this service in the field of R&D, production and marketing.<br />

But we believe that our future will be shaped by a<br />

vertical growth, that is, marketing-based growth together<br />

with social sites used intensively and professionally. Our<br />

advantage is that we apply new generation marketing and<br />

sales system rather than classic old systems. That’s why<br />

we are investing in social sites.

158 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

IMM Cologne opens to<br />

decorate the world!<br />

IMM cologne will showcase the newest products,<br />

projects, real-time scenarios and trends of the<br />

furniture industry<br />

The world show of furniture including all segments for home, contract and outdoor<br />

areas will open in Cologne again to preshow the trends and generate the biggest<br />

trade in the industry.<br />

The imm cologne is the most important furnishing show in the world’s most important<br />

furnishing market. Right at the start of every year, it presents the new international<br />

furniture and interior trends and surprises visitors with numerous market-ready<br />

innovations. The huge depth and breadth of what’s on show is combined<br />

with high standards of product presentation. The imm cologne also provides an<br />

effective platform for up-and-coming designers. Trade visitors appreciate its distinct<br />

business atmosphere and high standards of service and organization. The days on<br />

which the fair is open to the general public give exhibitors ample opportunity to<br />

conduct product and market tests and allow consumers to gather information and<br />

ideas for future purchases. For one week in <strong>January</strong> and in close association with<br />

an extensive program of events in the city of Cologne, it is the epicenter of the<br />

international furnishing and design world.<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

159<br />

Sleep systems<br />

Since wellbeing depends in no small measure on<br />

the combined effect of the individual elements of<br />

a sleep system – their climate-regulating properties<br />

as well as their look and feel – textile bedding ranges<br />

is also an integral part of Sleep. Together with<br />

the accessories, they succeed in turning a product<br />

category that is largely defined by ergonomic and<br />

technical aspects into a genuine lifestyle segment<br />

driven by wellness aspirations. The show will respond<br />

all contemporary solutions to these thereby<br />

contributing to the wellbeing of people.<br />

The mattresses and sleep systems, box-spring beds<br />

and waterbeds in the interior world of Sleep provide<br />

innovative sleeping comfort and are complemented<br />

by decorative bedding and accessories.<br />

Highly functional sleep systems and scientific insights<br />

can make a vital contribution to good sleep<br />

and physical relaxation – and the modern products<br />

showcased in Sleep translate the interaction between<br />

support and pressure relief into a wealth of<br />

innovations. At first glance, all mattresses are rectangular,<br />

white and rather unspectacular. But closer<br />

inspection of what’s on show at imm fair reveals<br />

that the mattresses and sleep systems, box-spring<br />

beds and waterbeds presented here are full of inner<br />

qualities that few furniture categories can match.

160 HTE<br />

EVENTS<br />

No other segment relies so strongly on<br />

evolution through technical innovation.<br />

As a result, Sleep is not so much a shop<br />

window as a laboratory – a platform for<br />

a product range that probably requires<br />

more explanation than any other segment<br />

at imm cologne and whose greatest<br />

strength is the continuity of its communication<br />

partners and the innovation<br />

culture of its manufacturers.<br />

Smart homes<br />

“<br />

Koelnmesse is emphasizing the importance<br />

of this emerging field that has<br />

been heralded as a growth market by<br />

presenting the third Smart <strong>Home</strong> installation at imm cologne<br />

<strong>2019</strong>. “It will increasingly be a matter of course for<br />

different devices to be connected to, and communicate<br />

with, each other. The technological infrastructure is becoming<br />

more and more personally tailored to residents’ needs,”<br />

says Gerald Böse, President and Chief Executive Officer of<br />

Koelnmesse.<br />

Almost anything seems possible today, but genuinely outstanding<br />

examples of the technology in action are still a<br />

rare thing – even among professionals. To change this, the<br />

industry needs concepts that demonstrate how different<br />

providers can communicate and collaborate with each other.<br />

“We’ve seen that the smart home can only work if all<br />

those involved in it work closely together. Communication<br />

isn’t just crucial between the smart products themselves<br />

– the whole industry needs to network and agree on common<br />

standards and customer needs. We provide the perfect<br />

forum for this at imm cologne <strong>2019</strong>.” In addition to the<br />

numerous example applications that visitors can touch and<br />

try out in the Smart <strong>Home</strong> installation, many consultants<br />

from the companies represented in the showcase will be on<br />

hand to answer questions from professionals and private<br />

Turkey will be<br />

represented by 44<br />

exhibitors displaying<br />

a wide range of<br />

products.<br />

individuals. The program for the dedicated<br />

talks forum compiled by imm cologne<br />

is designed to stimulate a forward-looking<br />

and solutions-oriented debate, but also a<br />

critical discussion about the smart home’s<br />

opportunities and its stumbling blocks.<br />

On the threshold of the mass<br />

market<br />

Market researchers see the smart home<br />

as being on the threshold of penetrating<br />

the mass market. The market volume<br />

forecasts vary widely depending on the<br />

fields of application analyzed. But there is<br />

agreement that dynamic and, in some cases<br />

surging, growth of between 10 and 50 per cent is to be<br />

expected, depending on the product area. The smart home<br />

generally refers to the intelligent networking of electrical appliances<br />

in the home including building services – heating,<br />

ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and sanitary installations<br />

– as well as communications and security technology.<br />

Consumers are currently most interested in security and<br />

energy-saving concepts. The smart home can be controlled<br />

in the residence itself via built-in interfaces or on the go via<br />

a smartphone or tablet for convenience. Self-learning devices<br />

– devices that adapt to their owners’ usage habits – will<br />

increasingly dominate the market.<br />

With the Smart <strong>Home</strong> installation, imm cologne is underlining<br />

its claim to represent the whole spectrum of interior<br />

design. Koelnmesse sees products for living in the digital<br />

world as an integral part of this. This not only includes applications<br />

such as automated security and climate control<br />

and enhanced comfort in the home: “Just as people are<br />

embedded in the social and political world through digital<br />

communication, home living itself is increasingly connected<br />

to the outside world,” predicts Dick Spierenburg. “The extent<br />

to which this happens will be a personal decision.” The<br />

<strong>January</strong> <strong>2019</strong>

161<br />

Creative Director of imm cologne moves full circle as<br />

he outlines the trade fair’s future direction: “And for<br />

that reason, imm cologne will always show both sides<br />

of the coin: the analogue and the digital worlds of<br />

home living.”<br />

Discover interior ideas through imm cologne<br />

Cologne is the perfect place to start the new season:<br />

imm cologne provides crucial momentum for a successful<br />

<strong>2019</strong> with its unique combination of the latest<br />

trends, highly sought-after design and international<br />

business opportunities.<br />

Cologne is the only city where you can experience<br />

the global interior design market live in one place:<br />

Innovative furniture, visionary interior design concepts<br />

and the finest solutions for bathrooms, floorings<br />

and lighting await you.<br />

More than 1,200 exhibitors from around 50 countries<br />

will be in Cologne to present their new collections,<br />

market-ready products and concepts. The big names<br />

will be represented at the event as well as exciting<br />

newcomers and premium designers.<br />

Trendsetting designers and experts appearing in the<br />

event program will offer insights into the design of<br />

future living spaces and the latest developments in<br />

forms, materials and colors.

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