NZPhotographer Issue 4, February 2018


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Wandering Around Wellington.

by Emily Goodwin

New Zealand is renowned for its

landscapes and nature, providing

photographers with numerous

opportunities to capture stunning scenes

of the natural world. But cityscapes and urban

photography should not be overlooked. Whether

you’ve lived in Wellington most of your life, or

are just visiting for a few days, take some time

to shoot the city and notice its finer details whilst

also challenging yourself.

Shooting in the city, assuming it’s not your usual

genre, is perfect for expanding your photography

skills as you push out of your comfort zone to see

things in a new light. Do the opposite of what

you’re comfortable with... and don’t worry too

much about the results, just experiment and have



For landscape and nature lovers it can be a

real challenge to want to shoot street scenes

since a shopping street is hardly likely to

take your breath away. Even more reason to

do it! Go out and find some urban beauty in a

corner you would never have usually noticed!

If you’re nervous about people seeing

you taking candid photos of them and the

surroundings, shoot from the hip.

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