NZPhotographer Issue 4, February 2018


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of each other... That’s a lot of water coming

towards you, don’t run!

Although I captured some great shots, for me,

camping out in nature was the best part of this


We had an incredible drive down Bullock

Creek Road, huge cliffs of limestone with flat

tops on either side of us. We took our time and

admired the view before setting up camp

near where the Cave Stream walk starts.

But the best was still to come... During the

night listening to Moreporks talking to each

other, Kiwi screeching out in the valleys it

was so peaceful, way better then staying

somewhere where all you can hear is the

ocean crashing.

5am comes around, no alarm clock was

needed as the forest was alive. It was just so

stunning to hear Bellbirds, Tuis, Robins, and

Fantails, it really blew me away.

To just listen to the wildlife was the best. The

photos and sunset I got at Jordale rock was

awesome but this was one of those moments

where you really take a step back and say

“yes nature is just so beautiful”. It was like

silence, no words needed to be spoken. If

humans can just stop and listen, this sound can

only tell you that nature is what we should all

love, for it is so kind and looks after itself.

To sum up Paparoa National Park, I have

to say if you want to get away, go there!

There’s plenty of accommodation nearby,

lots of walking tracks, and lots of ocean rock

outcrops to visit and photograph. You’ll be

pleasantly surprised at how much there is

to see if you think past what everyone else

photographs... Look a little deeper and you

will find secret spots.

I’m always looking for places less

photographed, but everyone else keeps going

to the same spot so let’s put this challenge

out there - Go and find something unique,

something new... Nothing is impossible to

achieve if you are willing to try.

18 NZPhotographer

F/16, 4s, ISO64, 24mm

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