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3 Tips for Choosing the Professional Wedding Photographers

in Calgary

After the champagne toast has been made, vows are said, the

dancing is done, all that’s left are the beautiful memories and the

images captured throughout the wedding day. For this reason,

many brides put wedding photography on the must-splurge list.

Finding the right Calgary wedding photographer for you and

your once-in-a-lifetime wedding takes time. Here are a few tips to

get the best wedding photos possible:

1. Seek for exceptional skills

A professional Calgary photographer uses unique skills and

techniques to bring out the beauty and creativity of every

photograph. Whether it’s how they edit, what camera they’re

shooting with or what their overall style is, it’s necessary to feel

that you’ve found a photographer that has different creative


Browse the photographer’s websites to get a unique feel for

different angles, times of day, subjects, and more. A Calgary

wedding photographer should be able to capture the joy and candid

moments during the day as well as the light.

It’s better to have a Calgary photographer that uses it to create

dreamy images no matter whatever the time of the day or weather

is significant. You will be able to tell if the wedding photographer

uses different techniques with their camera, shooting, and editing

tools. If you’re not sure from the website, you should simply ask.

2. Ask the right questions

You won’t be able to rely on your photographer to capture your

wedding day unless you’ve discussed with them thoroughly and

asked questions so that you know their process of taking and

editing the images.

As the wedding day gets closer, there will be a few things you will

need to talk to Calgary wedding photographer about to make sure

you both are on the same page. The first will be to work on a

photography timeline for the wedding day. They will make sure that

there is enough time for all the events of the wedding day.

The last thing you will make sure is to tell your wedding

photographer any small important details that are significant and

unique. It’s more important to trust your photographer and

understand that they will capture the beautiful moments of the day.

Once you know the process of wedding photography and get on the

same page with types of images, lighting, location, and editing

style, you will feel more comfortable with giving them the creativity

and control they require.

3. Step back and enjoy the day

Though it’s your wedding day, you want to rest assured that you

choose the right wedding photographer in Calgary. Essentially, you

want to get out of the way and eventually allow your photographer

to do their job using their expertise as well as experience.

This will give your wedding photographer the opportunity to take

ownership of the wedding photographs and use their unique ways

of capturing photos. It seems difficult to relinquish control but for

some, it’s what they prefer.

Final consideration –

No matter how involved you plan to be in your wedding

photography, find the level of comfort and someone you trust

much. This way, you can get to enjoy your wedding day the way it

unfolds, completely immersed in the moment. To schedule an

appointment with a professional Calgary wedding photographer,

contact Alan Maudie Photography today!

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