Emotional Detox programme




The emotional body is comprised of the psyche. The psyche may also be referred to

as soul, spirit or mind. Clearing the emotional body is the process of releasing tensions

that have accumulated within us that block us from reaching our highest potential in

life. It is similar to clearing the body of toxins that affect its functioning and attainment

of optimal health. The difference is that the emotional detoxing focuses on emotions.

The journey of knowing thyself, i.e. self-realization, begins with understanding

the self. This requires self-study that will unlock self-knowledge and

eventually an understanding of the meaning and purpose of your existence.

To understand the self we need to look deeper into our body and mind and

how our experiences and our environment have influenced our perception

of life. Sadly, human beings are conditioned to focus on the external, paying

attention on the lives of others instead of focusing on the self and how it is

unfolding. Our focus should be on why we behave in a certain way and how

our actions affect those around us so that we can improve our livelihoods. It is

important to understand oneself in order to understand the nature of existence.

By becoming self-aware, we are able to identify reactions that result from conditioning

and belief systems, the preconceptions that negatively affect our visualisation, distort

our reality and cause us suffering. Furthermore, we are able to realise how the tension

that has accumulated over time keeps us uptight about things that do not matter

which add to the suffering. We then learn how to eliminate these tensions so that they

do not have power over us so that our minds can become pure, peaceful, and happy.

Emotions are stored in the mind they are the main cause of the internal tensions

that we mentioned in the previous passages. For the purpose of this program the

definition that an emotion is “a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances,

mood, or relationships with others” is adopted. The mind is comprised of the

higher and the lower mind. All of the experiences and events that we were

exposed to from infancy are stored in the lower mind. The reason being that at

this age there are no pre-existing beliefs to counteract what we are receiving

and the mind absorbs everything. Emotional detoxing involves clearing the

lower mind of trauma, beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage. Hence, the process

includes dealing with inner child matters, healing the wounded inner child.