Sandia Prep 2017-2018 Annual Report


2017 - 2018


Sandia Preparatory School

2017 - 2018


Sandia Preparatory School


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Highlights from the Year 21

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Dear parents, alumni, grandparents,

and friends of Sandia Prep,

Let me start by telling you

how much I appreciate your

support of Sandia Preparatory

School. The 2017-2018 school

year was the first year of our

second half-century of serving

students in Albuquerque.

We could not do this work if

not for the gracious generosity of all of you who

have given you time, talents, and – especially –


The task of educating young people has become

more complex over the years, and the demands

on schools and teachers have increased. As

such, the resources necessary to provide a safe,

engaging, and challenging education for our

children must also increase. If we are to continue

to provide our students with meaningful, relevant

educational experiences, we must always be

looking forward and anticipating the trends and

changes that will shape the future.

Our first priority is the safety of our campus

community. As such, during the 2017-2018 school

year, we focused on campus security and student

safety. We engaged in training for our faculty

and staff, our students, and our security team; we

installed security equipment, including gates and

cameras; and we initiated a program called Sandy

Hook Promise Anonymous Reporting System,

where students who are concerned for the physical

and/or emotional health of a peer can make an

anonymous report to ensure that support and help

are provided.

In our classrooms, we introduced several new

programs, including Engineering, Computer

Programming II, Mechatronics, and Heritage

Spanish. Our Odyssey Scholars Program

challenges students to pursue in-depth topics

about which they are passionate. On our stage,

we continue to produce some of the finest middle

and upper school productions in the country. On

our courts and fields, our student-athletes are

competing with joyful tenacity, and we are taking

home the trophies. In our community, our students

participate in worthy service projects. Sandia Prep

is the first school in New Mexico to adopt the

Harvard Graduate School of Education’s program,

Making Kindness Common. As well, our service

groups Helping Hands, GreenDevils, National

Honor Society, and Refugee Alliance have done

works of good for our local community.

All of these wonderful developments are made

possible by your support of Sandia Prep. When

you gift the School with your time, talents, and

treasures, not only are you providing irreplaceable

opportunities for our students, but you are

modeling behavior for our young people that

shows them that service and generosity are

qualities that make the world a better place.

I thank you for making us stronger.


Bill Sinfield, Head of School





The joy of learning and living is at the center of all we do.

Sandia Preparatory School provides remarkable opportunities

for intellectual and personal growth within a challenging

and balanced program. As an extension of our families,

Sandia Prep’s diverse community inspires students to

find their academic focus, talents, and creativity.



2017 - 2018


3 4

Our Trustees support Prep in a variety

of ways throughout the year.

1. Todd Sandoval ’91 enjoys a day out on the course with his team at

the 9th annual Sandia Prep Golf Tournament.


Patrick Allen

April Camilli-Marker ’93

Douglas Clark

Aric Coffman

Shari Cordova

Susan (Przekurat) Epstein ’91

Pete Henderson

Linda Kier

Elizabeth Kirschner, Chair

Jerry Lovato

Raymond Nelson, Parents Association Chair

Al Park ’88

Todd Sandoval ’91, Vice Chair

Brandon Saylor ’03, Alumni Association President

Dominic Serna ’01

Vahid Staples ’91, Treasurer

Edward Street

Patrick Westerfield, Secretary

2. Dominic Serna ’01 greets grandparents during the School’s

annual Grandparents’ Day event.

3. Board Chair Liz Kirschner and her husband Joel

attend Noche de Celebración.

4. Shari Cordova participates

in the Annual Fund


Honorary Trustees

Ann Simms Clark

Drs. Paul & Marilyn Duncan

Don & Mary Hurst

Yvette Stout Lyle

Ogden Reid

Ellen Ann Lembke Ryan

Barbara Young Simms

Robert M. St. John

Leonard & Elizabeth Trainor

Ray Zimmer




Kevin Wade ’09 leads the ABQ office of GriffinWink

Advertising and is in charge of client relations, campaign

planning, and overall strategic growth of the market.

“Albuquerque is a passionately creative place with a

thriving business community. We are on the cusp of

something special in this city, culturally and economically,

and I am excited to be part of it!”

Kevin has a BA in Electronic Media and Communication,

as well as a MA in Media and Communication from Texas

Tech University. “One of the most valuable lessons I

learned at Sandia Prep was the importance of embracing

the things that make you unique, the ideas that set you

apart, and the passions that inspire you. These are the

things that Prep fosters in students in order to prepare

them for college and the world ahead, and it’s this

attention to the development of the individual that sees

its alumni working and thriving in so many exciting areas.”



Students enrolled in Sandia Prep’s Digital Media & Communications Program (DMC)

now have access to some of the most current media and communications technology

used in the television and movie industries.

Sandia Prep received a $100,000 gift from Stan E. and Jennifer Hubbard to fund

several new technologies in the program. Their contribution made it possible to

purchase 42 iMac computers, two iMac Pro computers, and a multi-camera production

system for the school’s broadcasting program.

From traditional reporting, writing and photography, to computer design and

animation, DMC faculty create and teach courses that allow students to explore the

capabilities of professional tools and platforms. For the 2018-2019 school year,

38% of all high school students are enrolled in one or more DMC courses.

“In today’s world, kids are more digitally fluent than ever before.

To stand out in a digital future, however, Sandia Prep’s critically

thinking students must have the opportunity for structured,

hands-on learning with state-of-the-art facilities.” - Stan Hubbard


“This new technology is a tremendous tool for teaching students hands-on skills in

television production, many of which are typically taught at the college level,” notes

Tony Schoepke, chair of the Digital & Media Communications Department.



For the past seven years, Mandie

Harms ’04 has worked with various

Cirque du Soleil shows including: Viva

ELVIS; KA; Criss Angel’s BeLIEve and

Mindfreak LIVE; and Luzia.

As the Stage Manager for the touring

production of Corteo, Mandie

facilitates the daily functions of the

show to create an awe-inspiring

experience for thousands of people

every night. This includes, but is not

limited to leading the daily trainings

and rehearsals; working with technical

departments to ensure all equipment

is working correctly and safely; and

running deck tracks.



School Announces The Frank and Dolores Hines Stage

The renovation, made possible with a $105,000 gift from Dee Hines and the

Frank and Dolores Hines Family Fund through the Albuquerque Community

Foundation, was announced in January 2018. The project, which was

completed this fall, included a total redesign of the sound and lighting space,

replacement of all theater seats, and new paint and carpet. In October 2018,

The Frank and Dolores Hines Stage was dedicated at a reception for Dee.

“As an integral arm of our performing arts program, the theater is an

important venue that provides our students and the community with

opportunities to experience many aspects of the performing arts,” concluded

Bill Sinfield, Head of School. “We are incredibly appreciative of this gift,

which promises to greatly improve the experience our guests will have at the

theater while proudly honoring the generosity of Dee Hines and the memory

of her late husband Frank.”

Mandie shared that her Senior

Experience at Prep is what led to

her first paying gig. She said it also

gave her the confidence to follow

her dreams. “Because Prep supports

student-led exploration, I learned

how to recognize my own interests,

how to develop and pursue them, and

how to find the mentors and support

I need to achieve my goals.” She

added, “I was taught the fundamentals

of independent learning and selfstructured

success while my own drive

and ambitions were bolstered by the

Prep culture.”

Dee (third from right) with members

of her family

Replacement of 330 seats

Dee has been a

major benefactor of

Sandia Prep’s Dance

and Performing Arts

programs for more

than 10 years. Dee, a

former school teacher

turned businesswoman,

has long been a patron

of the arts here in

Albuquerque. When

she heard that the

school had plans to

renovate the theater,

it wasn’t long before

she notified the school

that she wanted to be

part of this project in a

significant way.

“I have had a lifelong love of education, and this project is a perfect way for

me to combine that passion with my lifelong love of the theater,” explained

Dee. “I also wanted to make a gift during my lifetime so I can watch students

enjoy the benefits from the remodeled theater.”


In 1997 Dee and her late husband Frank set up a donor advised fund

through the Albuquerque Community Foundation, which has allowed Dee

to contribute to various charitable organizations to improve the quality

of life for many here in New Mexico. Dee was recognized by the New

Mexico Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals as the 2016

Outstanding Leader in Philanthropy.





Grant Benefits Student Financial Aid




Following his graduation from Yale University,

Andrew Cordova ’11 moved to San Francisco to

conduct research at the Institute for Innovation

Law, focusing on intellectual property and

regulation theory. After publishing several law

review articles, Andrew accepted a job as a

Financial Crimes Analyst with Stripe, an online

payment processing company. Stripe provides

the technical, fraud prevention, and banking

infrastructure millions of companies use to start,

run, and scale their businesses. Some of their larger

clients include Amazon, Facebook, Lyft, and Target.

“I’ve always appreciated that Prep taught me how

to think: What does the information tell us? What

questions can I ask? How does it all fit together?”

Andrew said, adding that, “The skills I learned at

Prep were the foundation for my success in college,

and they continue to benefit me professionally,

both in research and in tech.”

Andrew stays in close contact with several of

his Prep friends, talking to some of them on a

nearly daily basis. And, he reaches out to some

of his former teachers when he is back visiting

Albuquerque. He continues to enjoy camping --- a

love he first picked up as a Camping Associate with

the Outdoor Leadership Program.

The ’11 grad regularly gives to Sandia Prep’s

Annual Fund. “I can definitively say that Prep was

one of best things that has ever happened to me,”

said Andrew, “so it’s an obvious choice for me

to continue to stay connected to the school and

support its programs in whatever way that I can.”

Jack Curran, a legendary Varsity

baseball and basketball coach at

Archbishop Molloy High School in

New York City, may have passed

away in 2013, but his coaching and

life philosophy lives on through a

scholarship fund established in his


It’s impossible to know how many

high school players were mentored,

coached or steered to college by

Curran. He was the concierge who

never asked for a tip.

He was about helping others, serving

the games he loved, making sure that

every player’s role was appreciated,

every person valued.

“One thing he did better than any

coach I’ve ever been around is he

helped more kids that didn’t play

for him than did play for him,’’

said former St. John’s coach Norm

Roberts, who got his start in the

profession when Curran hired him to

coach freshmen at Molloy.

“I’m talking about athletic

scholarships, academic scholarships.

You’d walk into his office and he

would be on the phone with a

college coach somewhere talking

about a kid he had seen or a kid he

had met.’’

“He wanted his players to speak

properly, he wanted them to behave

properly, he wanted them to be

successful,’’ said Molloy grad and

University of Miami coach Jim

Larrañaga. “And he knew how to do


Under his tutelage, Curran produced

numerous NBA stars including the

aforementioned Kevin Joyce ’69 and

Brian Winters ’70, Kenny Smith ’83,

Kenny Anderson ’89, Robert Werdan

’88 and Sundiata Gaines ’04. He also

developed MLB players including the

St. Louis Cardinals’ Ed Kurpiel ’71

and current New York Mets outfielder

Mike Baxter ’02, and acted as a true

mentor to many standout college

athletes such as Harvard’s Ralph

James ’87 and Louisville’s Russ Smith


Grants from The Coach Jack Curran

Scholarship Fund support Sandia

Prep’s financial aid program for

students who demonstrate strong

character and the values that Coach

Curran taught his players.

The Coach Jack Curran Scholarship

Fund gives to Sandia Prep and a

number of other schools, educational

organizations, child focused

organizations, medical research and

cancer charities or organizations in

developed and devolving worlds.

Excerpts from various publications were

reprinted for this article.


Ruquaya Quraishi ’12 is a fourth-year pharmacy student at

the University of New Mexico’s College of Pharmacy. “I love

what I do and I want to care for people by being the most

approachable type of healthcare professional.” Ruquaya leads

the group, Operation Self-Care, a community outreach program

within the American Pharmacist Association Academy of Student

Pharmacists. This program aims to educate the public on the

importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The PharmD candidate said she values her Prep experience and

spent a day on campus last fall teaching Prep’s middle school

students and teachers about the long-term health impacts of

poor diets and lack of exercise through interactive presentations.

Ruquaya said, “I enjoyed coming back to campus. Prep has

greatly helped me get to where I am today because of the

excellent teachers and curriculum.”



At the urging of his wife and Sandia Prep alumna Marie Milne

’06, Neal Holtschulte joined the faculty at Sandia Prep in 2013

to teach math and computer programming.

“What I appreciate most about teaching at Prep is that the

faculty are friendly and supportive, and genuinely invested in

improving themselves as teachers all the time.”

The Marysville, Ohio native received his undergraduate degree

in Math from Williams College, and following a brief teaching

internship at the Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana, and a

five year stint as a data analyst at Klein Steel in Rochester, New

York, he felt the tug to get back to the classroom. Holtschulte

chose to pursue a master’s degree in computer science at the

University of New Mexico, and soon entered the Computer

Science Ph.D. program to support his eventual goal of

teaching at the college level. As he puts it, “various events

conspired” which led Holtschulte to complete his master’s

degree and consider a teaching position at Sandia Prep.

Computer programming was first offered as a class about five

years prior to Holtschulte’s arrival. Today, the curriculum has

evolved and is quite similar to what is taught in a college level

introductory programming course. Holtschulte also teaches

three sections of Calculus.

When asked about the importance of computer programming

in today’s world, Holtschulte’s answer is surprising. “It is a

useful exercise because it teaches important life skills, primarily:

patience and organization.” He says, “Obviously there are

good jobs available to experienced programmers, but the most

important thing in my mind is learning to follow through with a

complicated plan from start to finish.”

Mr. Holtschulte isn’t all math and computer science. He has a

creative side that few others know about. An avid writer, he has

created a blog at, and recently had

a story accepted for publication in the next issue of Amazing

Stories, a national science fiction magazine.


Mr. Holtschulte also enjoys running in the north valley daily with

his beloved pitbull Ayasha.



With 21+ years of teaching experience, faculty

favorite Joan Goessl appreciates Sandia Prep’s

“commitment to building a solid academic

foundation while also working with students

on an individual basis.” She appreciates the

school’s “sense of community and its attention

to the importance of integrity and openmindedness.”

Ms. Goessl’s journalism/writing career began

as a writer for her high school newspaper, the

Neshotah News, in a small town in northeastern

Wisconsin. While at the University of Wisconsin-

Milwaukee, she received dual degrees in

political science and journalism. Following

graduation, Ms. Goessl worked as a journalist

for The Associated Press for 10 years. In 1996,

she took a teaching position at Eldorado High

School before transferring to Sandia Prep four

years later. “There’s something absolutely

gratifying about helping young people grow

and develop in their march toward becoming

deep readers, articulate writers, sophisticated

thinkers, and, importantly, global citizens with

expansive world views. I enjoy watching the

wheels turn.”



Mandy Stern ’90 is a boardcertified,

licensed educational

psychologist based in Beverly

Hills, California. She specializes

in diagnosing and assessing

children for special education

eligibility needs in the public

school setting. Mandy’s private

practice works with the Los

Angeles Unified School District,

the second largest school district

in the country, to help families

with autism, dyslexia, and ADHD.

Mandy has two master’s degrees

from Harvard University. The first

is in human development and the

second is in school psychology.

She is currently working on a

doctorate degree in educational

leadership and is also a published

author of Promoting Positive

School Attitude in Adolescents.


Our ’90 grad has two children,

Morgan, 12 and Jake, 10. In her

spare time, she enjoys biking,

skiing, and traveling with her

family. Mandy has fond memories

of her Prep experience and has

kept in touch with several of her

classmates. “It’s been a while,

but I’ll never forget seeing all the

beach sand in the snack bar that

was brought for a school dance or

the gigantic tug of war in the field

on Lion & Unicorn Day.”

While working with The Associated Press and

raising her three children, Prep grads Ali ’05;

Mary Kate ’07; and Luke ’09; with her late

husband, Mark Holm, Ms. Goessl received a

Bachelor of Arts in secondary education from

the College of Santa Fe and a Masters of

Education from the University of New Mexico.

Ms. Goessl teaches tenth and twelfth-grade

English classes and has served as the adviser

to the Sandia Prep Times since arriving at

Prep in 2000. In her spare time, Ms. Goessl

enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with

her friends and family, working out at the gym,

going to movies, traveling, and taking Eddie,

her feisty labradoodle, on mountain hikes.



Foundation Awards Grant for ADA Features

This fall, the Sandia Prep campus

underwent several important changes

to make navigating the school’s 30-

acre campus easier for people with


The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation

awarded a grant of $100,000 to add

accessible features for faculty, visitors,

and especially students who use the campus on a daily basis.

“Our newer buildings and common areas currently meet the minimum ADA

requirements, however, with day to day use, we have identified a need to add

accessible features for people with disabilities,” explains Bill Sinfield, Head of

School. “Sundevil Plaza, the area outside the Russell Student Center, has a wide set

of stairs that requires disabled or injured students and others to take a longer route

to the interior of campus so they can access an existing ramp,” Sinfield noted. “The

exceptional generosity of the Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation made it possible to

remove a section of stairs and replace it with an additional ramp.”


Other ADA updates addressed through this grant include the installation of ADA

door opener technology, and accessible entrances to the school’s baseball and

softball fields.


Silvian Foundation Funds Technology for Program

Engineering students wait for their

computer generated design to be

delivered to a high-end laser cutter.

Students immerse themselves in

the engineering design process

using computers purchased with

grant funds.

In August 2017, Sandia Prep formally introduced

a four-year engineering program to students

in grades 8-12. The curriculum is designed to

provide an introduction to the design, fabrication

and testing processes followed by all engineers,

and incorporates computer science and math to

assigned projects. The genesis for the program was

the creation of Sandia Prep’s Autonomous Creative

Environment (SPACE), a makerspace environment

for middle school students.

To prepare for supplemental engineering courses,

the school renovated a classroom into a space

that mimics the workflow of a real manufacturing

operation that includes several different areas for

individual and collaborative work.

The Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation provided

a $25,000 grant to equip the new lab space with

essential hardware needed to carry out projects,

including a laser cutter that uses a high powered

laser through programmed cutting instructions to

build prototypes and 3D models.

Arren Buck ’04, who teaches all engineering

courses, has been pleased with how quickly

students have taken to various assignments.

“From designing autonomous robotic cars able to

navigate a maze, to 3D printing a chassis with the

printers purchased with grant funds, my students

have dramatically improved their knowledge of

programming, design software, and the integration

of programming and electronic outputs.” The

grant also made it possible to purchase a 3-D

carving machine for students to learn how to create

trebuchets (catapult systems).

“Mr. and Mrs. Silvian - who were extremely

generous and charitable during their lifetimes -

each had a tremendous love of learning and of

children,” says Daniel S. Komansky, president of

the foundation. “We think their foundation’s gift to

Sandia Prep’s engineering program is an excellent

way to further the foundation’s goal of helping

young people learn. It is also a wonderful tribute

to the memory of Slomo and Cindy Silvian.”



After 39 years working as an orthopedic

hand surgeon, Dr. Teresa Balcomb ’70

retired in January 2018. Our ’70 grad

has continued to stay active by teaching

and working with medical missions.

Dr. Balcomb was one of Sandia School’s

first graduates. Following her days at

532 Osuna Road, she attended Purdue

University, majoring in Sociology before

moving back to Albuquerque to attend

the University of New Mexico’s School

of Medicine. In 1979, Dr. Balcomb was

the first woman to be accepted into

an orthopedic residency in Fort Worth,

Texas. She followed the program with a

Hand Surgery Fellowship at the Joseph

Boyes Foundation in Los Angeles.

Dr. Balcomb and her husband, Dr. James

Tryon have two children, Elyce and

Connor, two Prep graduates. Dr. Elyce

Tryon Sheehan ’01 is a Pulmonary and

Critical Care Fellow at the University of

New Mexico Hospital, and Dr. Connor

Tryon ’03 is the Academic Hospitalist/

Associate Program Director of Internal

Medicine Residency at Mountain View

Regional Medical Center in Las Cruces.

Dr. Balcomb treasured her Prep

experience and shared, “Some people

like the quote, ‘Everything I needed to

know I learned in kindergarten’ but I

really think it should read,

‘Everything I needed to know

I learned at Sandia Prep.’

I learned how to study, to write, and

to think in my years there. Prep was

rigorous academically and supportive

emotionally during my formative years.

I doubt I would have had my wonderful

career in medicine had it not been

for the not always gentle ‘nudging’

of Paul Saunders, Jim O’Leary, Paula

Degenhardt, Orel Phillips, Ina Miller,

and Peggy Smith.”


Dr. Balcomb scrubbing for surgery

at an outdoor scrub sink on a

medical mission to Haiti after the

earthquake in 2010.




Giving the gift of opportunity


CORNERSTONE • $25,000 and above

Dick and Nancy Heath

Dee Hines (The Frank & Dolores Hines Family Fund)

Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation

Stan E. and Jennifer Hubbard

Marc and Lynne Mauney

Nick and Jessica Sanchez

William and Brenda Sinfield

The Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation

THE CABINET • $10,000 to $24,999

Robert and Elizabeth Aranda

Levi Browde ’90

Coach Jack Curran Scholarship Fund

Matthew and Julia Coyte

Goodrich Roofing

J. Korber Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Sandia Prep School Parent Association

Robin and Nicole Strauser

Len and Liz Trainor

Stuart and Jane Wilson

LEADERS IN GIVING • $5,000 to $9,999

Zachary Aron and Christi Fields

BBVA Compass

Michael ’97 and Natalia Beinenson

Oliver Brooks and Pamela Sanchez Brooks

Cambro Construction

Mark and Shari Cordova

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Bronson Durán and Margaret Garcia de Durán

Amos Elliston ’92

Nick Freygang and Jean Rosenthal

Ali Hashemian ’01

Tim and Beth Landon

Jeff and Beth Miller

POMS & Associates Insurance Brokers Inc.

Sandia Office Supply

Todd ’91 and Cristie Sappington Sandoval ’90

FOUNDER’S CIRCLE • $2,500 to $4,999

Charles and LaVonne Abruzzi

Anonymous Family

Ball Corporation

Jeff Campbell and RuthAnn Abruzzi

Ethan ’91 and Susan Przekurat Epstein ’91

Grosjean Insurance Agency, Inc.

Scott and Kristen Hallenbeck

Dean Holtrop and Faith Begay-Holtrop

John and Beverly Hubbs

Richard Dow Hughes ’79 and Shannon Delap

Patrick ’85 and Shannon Hurley

Insight Lighting

Bobak Khodaie ’05 and Mariana Spilca ’05

Kirtland Federal Credit Union

Legacy Hospitality

Dale and Paige Maxwell

Deborah McFarlane and Jay Carrizales

New Mexico Gas Company

Gundar and Myja Peterson

Sundevils Athletic Association

Kenneth and Anne Sapon

Dominic Serna ’01 and Georgia Manjoros Serna

Vahid ’91 and Amy Otten Staples ’91

The Stevens Group/Merrill Lynch

Alex and Graciela Tackman

Toshiba America Foundation

Sarah and Chris Wilson


$1,000 to $2,499


Patrick and Kimberly Allen

Michael and Kathy Armijo

Martin and Shannon Biddle

Sara Buergi

Jonathan Eric ’96 and Jordan Brock

Michael Browde

Daniel Byrd ’10

Ryan and Laura Calkins

Jeffrey Campbell

Dacia Card

Douglas and Michelle Clark

Bill Slakey and Heather Clark

Drs. Peter and Jane Coleman

Carolyn Ramos

Cordova Contracting & Development, LLC

Philip and Krys Custer

Darby Fegan

Tom and Barbara Feller

Anthony and Jane Fernandez

Dan Foley

Walter Henry Freygang Foundation

Ernie and Carol Jean Gaddis

Douglas Gibbons

Linda Griego

Alisa Hart

Scott Harenberg and Jill Stone Harenberg

Irwin and Debbie Harms

Herlyn Harrington and Lovie Bey

Scooter Haynes ’01

Michael and Sandy Hecht

Pete and Tracy Henderson

Lawrence and Melissa Horan

Casey ’99 and Michaela Manzer Houghton

IBM International Foundation

Intel Foundation and Volunteer Match Program

Craig Jensen and Heidi Jochem

Jones Family

Kerin Jones ’81

Gerard and Julie Kerbleski

Gregory and Denise Kestner

Debby Jensen

Bart Kinney

Joel and Liz Kirschner

Kristofor Kite ’93 and Karen Griego-Kite

Ed Kjeldgaard

Michelle and Jeff Lawrence

Stanley and Jeanne Lewis

Jerry and Patrice Lovato

Manzano Day School

Marcos and Lynnette Martinez

Pete and Mary McKenzie

Joseph and Margaret Michael

Brenda Molloy and Jane Heffner

Michael Montoya and Jessica Korber Montoya ’88

Malcolm Montoya

Osuna Nursery

David and Jill Patterson

Carolyn Przekurat

Ogden and Roxana Reid

Perry and Donna Robertson

Ellen Ann Ryan ’41

Scott and Joanne Schiabor

Scholarship of America AXA Foundation

Stuart and Molly Silloway

Mary Field Simms ’73

Peter Snow and Doris Buckman

Andrew and Katie Stone

Edward and Jennifer Street

Ken ’97 and Annie Tekin

Gehron and Michelle Treme

Rob Vander Meer ’87


Avery ’96 and Anna Volkman

Thomas Walker

Susan Walton ’72

Bruce and Lorna Wiggins

BENEFACTOR • $500 to $999

Louis and Ifeoma Achusim

Irene Agostini

David Andrick and Claudia Alfaro-Andrick

Allen Arsenault and Elizabeth Henderson

Judith Bartlett

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Kellie Brito

Marcos and Tonna Burgos

Dan and Melissa Busse

Jerry and Shirley Camilli

Jim and Shizuka Chow

James and Julie Cook

Jennice Cote

Courtney Custer

Jonathan and Joyce Custer

Mark and Jane Depper

Peter and Kathi Dineen

Michael Eaton ’11

Kevin Ewsuk and Jill Glass

Firestone Family Foundation

John and Annette Fontaine

Daniel and Garianne Fuentes

Dennis and Geri Georg ’74

David and Ginger Grosjean

Christopher and DeAnna Hanosh

Dennis Holtrop

James Hughes and Cheryl Feller-Hughes

Neil and Julie Langheim Jackson ’99

Jan Jay

Jaynes Corporation

Scott and Lynn Jeffries

Phillip Johnson and Janelle Miller Johnson

Bruce Kelley

Linda Kier

CJ Kinney ’11

Joseph Kinney ’06

Richard Klingler and Marsha Baum

Rajiv and Julie Baskin Kwatra ’87

Jay and Janice Livingston

Matthew Loehman ’03

Mary Ann Lucero

Lumpkin Foundaton

The Luther Sizemore Foundation

Carrie Martinek

Andrew and Melissa Mason

Lance and Katherine Simms Maurer ’01

Scot and Becky McDermott

David McKinney

Miller Stratvert Law

Janet Mullins and Janet Kramer

Ray and Corey Nelson

New York Life Foundation

Harold and Barbara Newman

Robert and Kathleen Norris

Willie and Debra Owens

Richard and Amy McCoy Pettigrew ’79

Jenny Pitchford ’01

Justin and Lydia Jones Pizzonia ’99


Phillip Pratt and India Northrop Pratt

Avery ’96 and Anna Volkman

Thomas Walker

Susan Walton ’72

Bruce and Lorna Wiggins

BENEFACTOR • $500 to $999

Louis and Ifeoma Achusim

Irene Agostini

David Andrick and Claudia Alfaro-Andrick

Allen Arsenault and Elizabeth Henderson

Judith Bartlett

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Kellie Brito

Marcos and Tonna Burgos

Dan and Melissa Busse

Jerry and Shirley Camilli

Jim and Shizuka Chow

James and Julie Cook

Jennice Cote

Courtney Custer

Jonathan and Joyce Custer

Mark and Jane Depper

Peter and Kathi Dineen

Michael Eaton ’11

Kevin Ewsuk and Jill Glass

Firestone Family Foundation

John and Annette Fontaine

Daniel and Garianne Fuentes

Dennis and Geri Georg ’74

David and Ginger Grosjean

Christopher and DeAnna Hanosh

Dennis Holtrop

James Hughes and Cheryl Feller-Hughes

Neil and Julie Langheim Jackson ’99

Jan Jay

Jaynes Corporation

Scott and Lynn Jeffries

Phillip Johnson and Janelle Miller Johnson

Bruce Kelley

Linda Kier

CJ Kinney ’11

Joseph Kinney ’06

Richard Klingler and Marsha Baum

Rajiv and Julie Baskin Kwatra ’87

Jay and Janice Livingston

Matthew Loehman ’03

Mary Ann Lucero

Lumpkin Foundaton

The Luther Sizemore Foundation

Carrie Martinek

Andrew and Melissa Mason

Lance and Katherine Simms Maurer ’01

Scot and Becky McDermott

David McKinney

Miller Stratvert Law

Janet Mullins and Janet Kramer

Ray and Corey Nelson

New York Life Foundation

Harold and Barbara Newman

Robert and Kathleen Norris

Willie and Debra Owens

Richard and Amy McCoy Pettigrew ’79

Jenny Pitchford ’01

Justin and Lydia Jones Pizzonia ’99

Phillip Pratt and India Northrop Pratt

Pregenzer, Baysinger, Wideman & Sale PC

Geary Pyles and Stacey Scherer

David and Mary Radnich

Thomas and Melissa Roberts

Hector and Vicky Rojo

Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia Prep Boys Basketball Team

Christopher and Sarah Sandoval

Dick Satter

Mark Savage and Lisa Crawford

Brandon ’03 and Nicosha Saylor

Todd and Kristin Schwarz

Charles and Lisa Shoaff

John and Melissa Stroud

Tesuque Stucco Company, LLC

Three Dog Bakery

US Bank

W.I.L. Charitable Fund

Wells Fargo Community Support

Patrick and Sharon Westerfield

Rick Wettin

Trae ’84 and Yvonne Wood

Jerome Yatskowitz and Anne Haines

SUNDEVIL CLUB • $100 to $499

Martha Alderete

Lauren Weber Amagai ’08

Amazon Smile

Nicholas Andrews and Addie Olsen-Andrews

James and Jami Anzalone

Justin Armstrong

Walt Arnold

Philip Askenazy and Wendy Hansen

Steve Ausherman

Robert and Megan Babcock

John and Starlit Babineaux

Thomas Ball

Charley Lowe Baruth ’97

David and Jeana King-Beach

Apryl Begay

Steve and Shannon Bell

Gary ’81 and Trish Bennett

Robert and Kristen Bierer

Julia Hecht

Florian Birkmayer

Susan Boye-Lynn

Peter and Lois Brakenhoff

Darren Braude and Stacia Spragg-Braude

Arren Buck ’04 and Cai Ewing ’04

John and Yvonne Butcher

Brian Butcher and Jillian Gonzales ’91

Roxanna and Ian Caird

Derek Marker and April Camilli Marker ’93

Carlos and Kristen Carpio

Frank and Bettye Chaves

Enrique Chavez and Ashley Dzogola

Bernard and Rosella Clifford

William Colwell and Ericka Norris

Kevin and Kelli Cooper

Corey Cooper ’07

William Cooper ’04

Dixie Cooper ’13

Brett Cooper

Chad Cooper

Kim Crismore

Shanna Croney

Robert and Cindy Cronin

Donna Curran

Scott and Jennifer Davidson

Daniel de Leon and Alejandro Contreras

Lisa DeMar ’09

Joe and Lorine Derusha

Ashley Stogner and Veronica DeVargas Stogner

Michael and Melissa Besante Dineen ’97

William Doggett

Paul Donner and Lauren Erdman

Bruce and Laura Mann Eidelson ’84

Shannon and Ryan Elliott

Seoma Emrys

Dick and Susan Evans

Richard and Magi Ezzard

John and Debbie Feuerherd

Don and Lorraine Fjelseth

Libby Foster

Jeff and Vicki Gale

Robert and Na Ju Gallegos

Sendalio Garcia

Thomas and Sara Gardiner

Heath and Meredith Gee

Thomas and Katie Gentry-Funk

Alexander Gerber ’99

Fred and Lisa Giombolini

Kevin Glasgow and Ceela McElveny

Joan Goessl

Gabriel Gomez and Laurie Magee

Marcos Gonzales and Suzie Lubar

Kevin and Peggy Graham

Frederick Grambort and Cecily Yee

Larry Hanley

Jeremy and Faith Hanlon

Elinor Hanosh

Gerry and Barbara Hanrahan

Hank and Becky Harenberg

Steven and Christina Hashagen

Timothy Hebenstreit ’09

Andrew Hebenstreit

Lisa Hebenstreit

Lucas Helper ’11

Jerry and Marie Hochrein

James and Susi Hochrein

Imogene Hughes

Paul and Noel Huitt

Ian and Amy Hurley

Del Jack and Joan Peacock

Don and Patricia Jochem

Esther Jacob Kearney ’92

Rodney and Ann Keith

Kelly Jo Designs

Debi and Peter Kierst

Thomas and Joy Kim

Todd Kelgard and Michelle Kjeldgaard

Andy Knowlton and Stacy Kinsley

Lawrence Koren and Maria Garcia-Koren

Matt Kyriakos and Paula McAfee

Jamie Lang Cloyes ’03 and Jason Cloyes ’02

Kenneth Leach and Hazel Tull-Leach

Irene Lee

Larry and Rebecca Leeman

Derrick Lente

Stephen Lewis

Ralph and Margaret Lewis

Duncan and Andrea Lill

Cynthia Loehr

Brennan and Kathleen Lucero

Martin Lucero

Cyanne and Isaac Lujan

Karen Lyall

Julia Maccini ’02

Peter and Donna MacFarlane

Elizabeth MacRae

Brian ’94 and Sara Mannal

Ed Manzanares

Elias and Berna Martinez

Jerry McGill

Judd McRoberts ’96

Aubrey and Trisha McWilliams

Gary and Paige Meckler

Mario and Julie Medina

Nikolay and Rachael Miletkov

Rob Minear

Robert and Lisa Mitchell

Jessica Molzen ’99

Miranda Montoya ’97

Eric and Stacy Moses

Juaquin Moya ’98

George and Ellen Mozurkewich

Alexander Muñoz ’09

Jon Murray ’09

Dane Myers and Melinda King

Gary Nelson and Gretchen Seelinger

NM Senior Sports Foundation

David Odegard ’05 and Elisabeth Obenauf-Odegard ’05

Rick and Dianna Ortiz

Robin Otten

Lynnette Park

Amanda Parker

Peak Motion Physical Therapy

Claudio and Veronica Perez

Chad Petty ’92

Neal Piltch and Rhonda Loos

Ronald and Rosemary Pistone

John and Pam Pitchford

Brady Pofahl and Whitney Warner

Ernest and Marianne Polansky

Radu Presura and Ioana Paraschiv

Mark Riley

Lannie and Percy Rogerson

Morgan Royce and Nicole Custer ’93

Paul and Marilyn Ryder

David Sanchez

Rubette Baldonado

Hardy and Lezlie Schreiber

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, INC

Rahul Sharma and Laura Fitzpatrick

Katherine Sharp ’03

Beth Sherwood

Monet Silva-Caldwell

Jacqueline Snow ’03

Patricia Snow

Carl and Jean Soderberg

Von and Erica Stell

Bobbie Stevens

John and Mary Stiff

John Stiff ’09

Sam Stribling ’98

John and Carol Stroud

Timothy and Heather Summers

Mike ’80 and Dacia Taday

Rodolfo and Carmen Tapia

Isaac and Tiare Tawil

Don Tennent and Nancy Kirkwood

Michael Thompson

Amy and William Thompson

Hien Ton-That and Bao-Quynh Nguyen

Tim and Lorraine Tourville

Taylor Traub

Sharon Trauth

Jim and Sharon Tregembo

Ray Twohig and Lisa Godin

US Eagle FCU

Arne and Jan Vanderburg

Matthew Fike and Kimberly Villescas-Fike ’02


Mark and Kathy Wade

James Walker

Liz Perlino

Mary Sue Walsh

Mary Westerlund

Richard and Anna Wilkerson

Neil Williams

Ben Wolz and Shelly Stepenaskie

Abigail Younger ’11

Elsa Zollars

FRIEND • Up to $99

Bruce Jefferson and Rita Abeyta

Bryant and Renee Addison

Morris Albert and Helen Haskell

Radford Alderete

Robert and Gabriella Anderson

Doug Anderson

Jeremy and Elizabeth Herrick Anderson ’97

Loraine Andrews

Ray and Karen Arsenault

Liam Arsenault ’14

Gregory and Kathleen Atkin

Trini and Patricia Avila

Jerome Baca and Debbie Gonzales

Myrn Ellen Barrett

Gary and Rebecca Bauerschmidt

Ray and Kate Bemish

Ronald and Mary Jane Besante

Leonard and Maureen Bird

Natalie and Brian Bone

Cameron Bourg and Loli Wiesner Bourg

Box Tops for Education

Bryan and Jodi Butler

Joshua ’93 and Jenny Caldes

Louie Camilli

Gina Campbell

Sean Cardinalli

Jay Caughren ’07

Frank Chavez

Kent Christensen

Aric and Jami Coffman

Lexi Conklin

Claire Cooley ’13

Linne Cornwell

Kevin Cottage and Charlene McDermott

Wendy Crismore

Darren-Christopher Crouch and Patricia Rivera-Crouch

Jason DeBonis and Leslie Jackson

Kristi DeMar ’12

John and Dana Dennis

Dan Devany and Emebet Abate-Devany

Cathy Dexter

Chokri and Carin Dhaouadi

Zachary Lively and Camilla Dominguez

Kate Douglas ’10

Mufaro and Vicky Dube

Don and Kiyoko DuLac

Tatianna Durán ’07

Denise Duran

Laura Christopher Erway ’96 and Jeffrey Erway

Andrew and Kate Fishman

Charles and Elizabeth Fleddermann

Joe Footdale

Alison Forrester

Laura Freed

Leonard and Deborah Garcia

David Garza

Audra Gentry ’06

Don and Diane Goldfarb

Rene Gonzales and Carla Serna Gonzales

Debra Gonzales

Chuck Buxbaum and Becky Gordon

Perla Webb

John and Dana Grubesic

Wahid and Gemma Hermina

Todd Hierlmaier

Neal Holtschulte and Marie Milne ’06

James and Sarah Huron

Edwin Ilarraza

Joseph and London Ingoglia

Matthew and Irene Gavrielides Jack ’98

Michael and Merry Jacobs

Amy James and John Diggelman

Teri Jillson

Patrick Johnson ’03

Anne Joiner ’05

Kate Joiner ’10

Madelyn Jones

Amber and Matt Jones

Jesse Kalapa

Derek and Diana Kennedy ’88

Ruth Kivitz

Tim Zannes and Lucy Kozikowski ’91


Kathy and John Kwait

Alexander Kwak ’01

Ted Lambert and Cecelia Dardanes - Lambert

Adrien Lawyer and Shari Weinstein

Jason and Candice Lemons

Paul ’80 and Sharon Hutchison Leslie ’81

William Loew ’95

Richard and Christine Loew

Matt and Holly Lovato

Jim and Kathleen Lujan

Lee and Cristin Mann

Jon Marinaro and Liz Rosenbaum

Jim Martinek

Herman Martinez and Theresa Toribio

Laura Matzen ’99

Lynn McColl

Daniel and Sandra McGinnis

Mandy McGuire

Marianna McJimsey

George and Brenna McJimsey

Cheryl McMillan

Ian McRoberts ’92

Mark and Gail Meiering

Claire and Seth Melgaard ’98

Mary Michael ’12

John Michael ’15

Desiree Modisette

Patrick and Michelle Monaghan

Melissa Morse

Curtiss and Jane Moses

Mary Nakigan

NM Travel Health

Zhenya Novgorodskaya

Lori Onsae

Bambi Otero

Nicky Ovitt

Ted and Tandi Paez

Andy and Mariella Paiz

Laura Parkinson ’04

Sara Cap Parks ’09

Satjeet and Kendall Pierson

Adam Pitchford ’05

Amy Quinn

Michael Ragsdale

Molly Rennie

Paul and Erin Roth

Troy and Ann Samora

Hugo Sanchez

Ted and Theo Judith Sanchez

Kelvin Schenk and Cay Garcia

Keith Schneider

Tony and Karen Schoepke


In-Kind Gift

Over Winter Break 2017,

United Stoneworks donated

a nearly $30K makeover for

Prep’s Front Office.

In-Kind Gift

Sandia Office Supply donated a new conference

table for the Richard L. Heath Board Room.

Joelle Jones Shaw ’03 and Mike Shaw

Sarah Shaw ’96

Pat Shipman

Michael and Shari Siegal

Stuart Silloway

Dennis and Graziella Singleton

Steve Smith ’95

Nicholas Sommariva ’11

Justin Spain and Leigh Caswell

Nicoleta Spilca

Carolyn Staples

Michael and Magdalene Stevens

Regan and John Stuecker

Kevin and Heather Succi

Aria Sutton

Adam Tabet and Connie Hardy Tabet

Pauline Tenorio

Jon and Stephany Toman

Waseem Touma and Sarah Hamilton

United Healthcare

Piedad Varela

Kurt VerEecke ’98

Matthew VerEecke ’01

William Verrillo ’11

Ross and Tina Volzer

Kevin Wade ’09

Cathy Walters

John Watson ’98

Brian ’97 and Rebekah Weems

Gene and Sharon Wheet

William and Kirsten White

Karah Williams and Casey Williams Cooper

R.Lynn and Bonnie Wilson

Leslie Wilson ’10

Clay Wygant and Louise Ford

Dave Yost

David Young

Al and Vicky Zaleski

Cynthia Zedalis

Ethan ’91 and Susan Epstein ’91

Goodrich Roofing

Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza

Jeffrey and Beth Miller

Jesse Kalapa

Jill Jurkins ’84

John and Pam Pitchford

John and Yvonne Butcher

John Marcilla

Laura ’96 and Jeffrey Erway

Luis and Andrea ’02 Montanez

Mark and Shari Cordova

Melanie Templet

Michael Hudock

Mike Leach

Osuna Nursery & Greenhouses

Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Sage Volkman ’99

Sandia Office Supply

Graphic Connection

Scott Harenberg and Jill Stone Harenberg

Todd and Sheila Hunter ’78

Tom Stahl and Mimi Burns

United Stoneworks

Vahid ’91 and Amy Staples ’91

Wiggins, Williams & Wiggins, PC

William and Kirsten White

William Baldwin


Alex Ascanazi

Thomas and Sara Gardiner

Benjamin Kivitz ‘05

Ruth Kivitz

Shirley Baum

Marsha and Richard Baum

Joyce F. Medina

Sendalio Garcia

Hannah Binder

Julia Hecht

Parker M. Willis

Charley Baruth ’97

The Cast and Crew of “The Nutcracker”

Laura Fitzpatrick and Rahul Sharma

Ron Briley

Sara Parks ’09

Todd and Caroline Kjeldgaard

Lynnette Park

All alums who have served in the military

Sarah and Christopher Wilson

Connor and Ian Mauney

Percy and Lannie Rogerson

Luke Baca

Debbie and Jerome Gonzales

Willie Owens, Pete MacFarlane,

Rick Wettin, and Colleen Robinson

Rob Vander Meer ’87

Susan Walton

Rob Vander Meer ’87

Cooper Meckler

Jerry McGill

Daniel Moses ’17

Stacy and Eric Moses

Marin and Dylan Holtrop

Dennis Holtrop

Hunter and Lincoln DuLac

Kiyoko and Don Dulac

Austin and Kaden Epstein

Carolyn Przekurat

Claudio Perez

Deborah and Juan McFarlane


ACME Iron & Metal

Alfred and Kathleen Benavidez

Alicia Riccobene

Angela Gaeto Photography ’96

Avery and Anna Volkman

Bob and Margie Reed

Cambro Construction, Inc.

Captiva Group

Chuck Buxbaum and Becky Gordon

Cordova Contracting & Development, LLC

Dean Holtrop and Faith Begay-Holtrop

Dennis and Alice Lorenz

Douglas and Michelle Clark

Narges Hermina

Drs. Peter and Jane Coleman


Van and William Butcher

John and Yvonne Butcher

Dylan Summers

Timothy and Heather Summers

Madison Summers

Timothy and Heather Summers

Owen Andrews

Nicholas and Addie Andrews

Alyssa Paez

Tandi and Ted Paez

While we make every effort to be

complete and accurate, occasionally a

name may be misspelled or omitted.

Please contact the Development Office

at 505.338.3058. We sincerely regret

any errors.






9th Annual Golf Tournament

September 29, 2017

Sandia Golf Club

Awards Dinner Sponsor

Legacy Hospitality/Aleem Kassam ’93 & Faizel Kassam ‘95


Gold Sponsors

• Cambro Construction/Thirty-one Gifts/April Camilli Marker ’93,

Brandon Camilli ’04, Justin Camilli ’07, Dylan Mitchell ‘17

Sandia Office Supply/Todd ‘91 & Cristie Sappington ’90 Sandoval

Lunch Sponsor

Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza

Beer Sponsor

Canteen Brewhouse

Contest Sponsors

Cordova Contracting & Development/Mark & Shari Cordova

Douglas Gibbons, DDS

Lexus of Albuquerque

Pitre Buick

Beverage Cart Sponsor

Grosjean Insurance Agency, Inc.

Sundevil Sponsors

BBVA Compass

BSN Sports

Captiva Group

Graphic Connection

Event Sponsor

Stan E. and Jennifer Hubbard


Team Sponsors

Scott & Kristen Hallenbeck

Tracy & Pete Henderson

Melissa & Lawrence Horan

The Luther A. Sizemore Foundation

Manzano Day School

Mega Corp.

Michael & Jessica Montoya ’88

New Mexico Gas Company

Sandia National Laboratory Federal Credit Union

Christopher & Sarah Sandoval

Brandon ‘03 & Nicosha Saylor

The Stevens Group/Merrill Lynch

US Bank



Hole Sponsors

Dick & Nancy Heath

Michelle and Jeff Lawrence

Bill & Brenda Sinfield

Vahid ’91 & Amy ’91 Staples

Three Dog Bakery/Michael & Jessica Korber ’88 Montoya

Alumni Weekend 2018

July 13 + 14, 2018

Sandia Prep

Alumni Family Picnic & Alumni Happy Hour Sponsors

La Cumbre Brewing Company/Laura Erway ’96 Family

Papa Murphy’s/Parker Willis ’21 Family

Avery Volkman ’96 & Sage Volkman ’99


Sundevil Athletic Hall of Fame Sponsor

Jonathan Brock (Jed) ’96 Insurance Agency

Noche de Celebración

April 28, 2018

Hotel Albuquerque

Presenting Sponsor

Goodrich Roofing

Innovator Sponsors

BBVA Compass

POMS & Associates

Cambro Construction, Inc.

Sandia Office Supply

Printing Sponsor

Captiva Group

Wine Sponsor

Billy’s Long Bar

Live Auction Sponsor

All World Travel

Silent Auction Sponsor

Grosjean Insurance Agency, Inc.,

Imagineer Sponsor

Insight Lighting

Wine + Spirits Pull Sponsor

The Stevens Group/Merrill Lynch

Shots + Headshots Sponsors

Bobak Khodaie ’05 and Michael Eaton ‘11

Uber Sponsor

Bill & Brenda Sinfield

Innovation Studio Sponsor

NM Gas Company

Noche de Celebración Co-Chairs

April Camilli Marker ‘93

Brenda Sinfield

Noche Planning Committee

Julie Cook

Melissa Besante Dineen ‘97

April Camilli Marker ‘93

Tim Hebenstreit ‘09

Sara Mannal

Karl Nelson ‘09

Brenda Sinfield

Noche Auction Acquisition Committee

Faith Begay-Holtrop

Melissa Besante Dineen ‘97

April Camilli Marker ‘93

Julie Cook

Susan (Przekurat) Epstein ’91

DeAnna Hanosh

Jennifer Hubbard

Sara Mannal

Lynne Mauney

Nicky Ovitt

Vicky Rojo

Cristie Sandoval ‘90

Brenda Sinfield

Young Alumni Committee

Lauren Amagai ‘08

Maddie Barker ‘09

Melissa Besante Dineen ’97

Kyle Cowan ‘07

Michael Eaton ‘11

Tim Hebenstreit ‘09

Ansel Lane ‘11

Matt Loehman ‘03

Mary Michael ‘12

Karl Nelson ‘09

Jenny Pitchford ‘01

Brandon Saylor ‘03

Jackie Snow ‘03

Special Thanks

Allen Arsenault

Ashley Dzogola

Alexis Magaña-Jaggli

Melissa Stroud

Spirits Sponsor

Canteen Brewhouse + Il Vicino

Alumni Baseball Game Sponsors

Bart Kinney

Sun Vista Enterprises, Inc./Debbie & Irwin Harms

Gold Sponsors

• Susan ’91 & Ethan ’91 Epstein Family

• Mountain States Constructors, Inc./Julie Langheim

Jackson ’99 Family

• Pizzonia Law/Justin & Lydia Pizzonia ‘99

Silver Sponsors

The Michael Family

Three Dog Bakery/Jessica Korber Montoya ’88 Family

Melissa Besante Dineen ’97 Family

Pete MacFarlane 5K

July 14, 2018

Sandia Prep

Starting Line Sponsor

Pregenzer, Baysinger, Wideman & Sale, PC

Finish Line Sponsor

Goodrich Roofing

Hydration Station Sponsors

Holtrop/Harenberg Families

The Mauney Family

Mile Marker Sponsors

Sandia Prep Track & Field Coaching Staff

In Memory of Roger Kite (Kris Kite ’93 & Roger Kite ’95)

Refreshment Sponsor

The Calkins Family

Kids K Sponsor

Eight 14 Solutions/Sam Stribling ’98

Water Bottle Sponsor

One Stop Realty VANTAGE/Chad Petty ’92





2017 - 2018 Financials


Financial summary

August 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018

Support and Revenue

Tuition & Fees ...........................................................................11,014,279

Summer Program .......................................................................... 469,100

Unrestricted Contributions ........................................................... 751,662

Restricted Contributions ............................................................... 303,771

Endowment Contributions ........................................................... 103,798

Investment Income ....................................................................... 470,684

Cafeteria Revenue ........................................................................ 324,904

Student Activities ........................................................................... 50,206

Other Income ................................................................................. 48,220

Total Income ..................................................................... 13,536,624


Salaries & Benefits ..................................................................... 6,694,882

Financial Aid .............................................................................. 2,632,761

Instructional Expenses .................................................................. 856,602

Student Activities ......................................................................... 246,539

SummerPrep ................................................................................. 422,814

General & Administrative ............................................................. 499,852

Technology ..................................................................................... 75,453

Campus Operations & Maintenance ............................................ 400,892

Interest Expense ........................................................................... 333,593

Cafeteria........................................................................................ 309,437

Depreciation & Amortization Expense ......................................... 949,350

Total Expenses ................................................................... 13,422,175

annual giving


95% 8%




Current Parents

17% 3% 67%

Grandparents Parents of Alumni Faculty



Hundreds of solar glasses and half a dozen

telescopes were available for students, teachers,

and staff to witness the astronomical event.



Chemistry Labs

The remodeled space has

one area for lectures and

another for lab work.


Sandia Prep is named a Top

Private School in New Mexico

and receives an A+ rating.


Grandparents’ Day

At Prep, we recognize that

our families, including our

grandparents and grandfriends,

are an essential part

of our students’ lives and

academic careers. We were

thrilled and thankful to have

300+ grandparents and

grandfriends join us for our

annual celebration.


Volleyball &

Girls Soccer

State Champs

Pete MacFarlane

Court Dedication


Moon-Walker Visits Campus

Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, a retired

NASA astronaut and one of only 12

people to have walked on the moon,

spoke at Prep about his experience as

a member of the Apollo 17 mission.


Introduce a Girl to

Engineering Day

HIGHLIGHTS from the year

Spirit Week


Student-Driven Service

Prep students collect $8,135 in

donations for Hurricane Harvey

recovery efforts.

The Lions won our

annual competition!

9th Annual Golf


Raised more than $20K for

Prep’s financial aid program

Austin and San Antonio

Alumni Meet & Greet


During our 24-hour #GivingTuesday

campaign, the Sandia Prep community

banded together and raised more than

$10K for the School’s Annual Fund.


San Diego Alumni

Meet & Greet

Ernest Polansky

Named Top Educator

by Albuquerque

The Magazine

MARCH 2018

New Writing Center

Prep’s English department launches a

writing center, patterned after

college writing labs. The space is

open to 9-12 grade students.

APRIL 2018

Noche de Celebración

Broke Records

400+ guests gathered at Hotel

Albuquerque to raise $160,120, to

help fund a new engineering program,

entrepreneurship curriculum, and our

emerging Odyssey Scholars Program.

Shots & Headshots

Alumni Reception

The mixer was designed to help alumni

further their professional networks, while

reconnecting with faculty favorites.

MAY 2018


Class of 2018!

Helen Haskell Represents

New Mexico at National

Geographic Geo-Inquiry

Summer Institute

Thank you!

JUNE 2018

Ten-Year Accreditation

The Independent Schools of

the Southwest (ISAS) conducts a

thorough review of Sandia Prep

once every ten years. We are happy

to report we successfully completed

the review and are accredited by

ISAS for the next ten years.

JULY 2018

Alumni Weekend

Our August 2017 - July 2018 annual

giving campaign had a recordbreaking

year. Together we raised

$1 million + for our students and the

school! Thank you to everyone who

made a contribution. Your financial

support is making a difference.

Hundreds of Sandia Prep

community members

participated in two solid days

of Alumni Weekend activities.


Jonathan Levi Browde ’90 • Michael Gerdts ’92 • Erin Gimar ’98 • Kelly Heath ’96 • Sally (Heath)

Kilbride ‘94 • Casey Houghton ’99 • Estie Jacob Kearney ’92 • Jennifer (Kight) Paolucci ’98 • Michael

Kelshaw ’92 • Rob Vander Meer ’87 • Kurt VerEecke ’98 • Andrew Weiner ’86 • Carla Weiner ’86 •

Rick Wettin (Coach 1982-2015) • 1998 Girls State Track Champions: Christina Acoya ’01, Vanessa (Baker)

Bernstein ’01, Lindsey (Black) McQueen ’01, Andrea Caughren ’01, Christina Davis, Jennifer Kight ’98; Alisha

Lester, Melissa Madden ’99, Erica Mandell ’99, Tami (Miller) Lott ’00, Michelle Milne ’00, Francisca Miranda

’98, Sharon Mulkey ’99, Elizabeth Orchard ’00, Jenny Pitchford ’01, Eva Robinson ’01, Kimberly Robinson ’99,

Meredith (Roholt) Shaffer ’01, Heidi Rottach ’01, Rachel Shadoff ’00, Hanna Sudhues, Angela (Clegg-Turner)

Kubie ’00, Kimberly Villescas-Fike ’02, and Mia Whiting ’01 • 1998 Girls State Track Coaches:

Mark Champoux, Jason Gable, Mark Goodman, Lucy Kozikowski ’91, and Zoe Rae

As with Homer's Odysseus,

our Odyssey Scholars set

out on an epic journey of

learning and discovery

developed around an area of

study about which

they are passionate.

Odyssey Scholars challenge

themselves academically,

intellectually, and creatively

by designing a two-year

course of study that will

culminate in a major

public presentation.

This program combines the

elements of independent

study, Senior Experience,

and research (capstone)


The first cohort of

Odyssey Scholars will

graduate in May 2019.


[ EMMA ]

[ ABBY ]

[ JAKE ]

Jake Blanchfield

Online Entrepreneurship Nets Sales

As part of his Odyssey project,

Jake founded the online store

SupremePride with just $320. About

a year later he sold that business to

venture capitalist Ronald Durchfort.

Jake is now tackling his next venture,

JayClear, an online retailer for acne


Abby Crouch

Life Through the Eyes of Immigrants

Abby is using journalism to

raise awareness of marginalized

populations in our society. Whether

they are overcoming prejudices

or economic disadvantages she is

helping to share their stories. Abby

spent the summer at the School

of the New York Times honing her

craft and learning from experienced


Emma Mannal

The Business of Fashion Blogging

For her Odyssey project Emma

launched a fashion and lifestyle blog,

EM. Through the blog Emma has

become a better writer, learned more

about photography and web editing,

and has become well-versed in trend

forecasting. Emma is now writing a

business plan for an ethical fashion


Colin Miller

How the Arts Affect and Serve Those

with Autism

Colin is writing, directing, and will

perform a two-man stage play that will

focus on autism and how the arts affect

autism for his Odyssey project. Colin

has studied opera in Italy, performed

at Carnegie Hall in New York, and has

interviewed professionals in the field,

including producer Eric Vitale.





Our goals for fiscal year 2019 and beyond



Studies Program

Designed as a capstone course for 12th-grade students,

the Entrepreneurial Studies course helps develop an

entrepreneurial mindset and provides students an

opportunity to work with Albuquerque entrepreneurs,

who present real-world business problems outlined in

a scope of work, complete with hard deliverables and

deadlines. The Entrepreneurial Studies Program was

launched in August 2018 to promote design thinking

and innovation at Sandia Prep.

DareDevil Design

At the middle school level, DareDevil Design is a

workshop environment for 6th and 7th grade where

student teams engage in creative, critical, and

constructive processes to develop products, ideas,

and projects to help communities.

Tennis Courts

Expansion & Remodel

Our goal is to secure funding for the expansion

and remodel of the Sandia Prep tennis facility.

School Safety &

Security Initiative

Sandia Prep will complete campus-wide safety and

security upgrades during the 2018-2019 school year.





Named in honor of the founder of our school, Barbara Young

Simms, as well as the founder of the original Sandía School

for girls, Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms, the Simms Society

recognizes everyone who makes a deferred gift to Sandia Prep.

Any donor who provides written confirmation of a deferred gift will

become a member of the Simms Society. Deferred gifts include

bequests, charitable trusts, life insurance policies, retirement plan

assets, and charitable gift annuities.


Former Chair of the Sandia Prep Board of Trustees Pat Allen and his

wife Kim became the newest members of the Simms Society in

2017-2018, naming Sandia Prep as a beneficiary of their estate.

Their daughter Audrey ’14 is a recent graduate of Sandia Diego State

University where she majored in Communications, with a minor in

English. Audrey is now working in San Diego for Outfront Media,

the leading outdoor media company in North America, with a major

presence in the top 25 U.S. markets, plus prime holdings in Canada.

“Kim and I believe that growing the endowment is the best way

to assure the long-term financial health of Prep -- so that for

generations to come, Prep continues to provide its students with

an invaluable educational and personal experience. Prep has

meant so much to our family, and we can think of no better or

more gratifying way to give back.”

Kim and Pat Allen

(Audrey ’14)

Simms Society Members

• Charter Member t Deceased

Patrick & Kimberly Allen

Roxanna Caird

Elizabeth Ball Camden ‘78 •t

Marcus & Maria Cassimus •

Ann Simms Clark •t

Jim Conway

Cassandra Cowley •t

Mary Ann Cowley

Paul Duncan •

Hope Pearsall Durrie •t

Betty A. Hagaman & Ralph C. Friedenberg •

Donald & Diane Goldfarb •

Dr. Peter D. Harrison •t

Dick & Nancy Heath •

Susan S. Horn •

Sheila Ryan Hunter ’78

Don and Mary Hurst •

Suzanne Barker Kalangis •

Geoffrey Kalmus •t

Julia Kalmus

Sally Heath Kilbride ‘94

Jim & Ellen King •

Richard & Christine Loew •

Yvette Stout Lyle •

Pamela & Don Michaelis •

Ina Miller •

Howard & Judy Mock •

Gary & Dibby Olson

Jerry & Patty Ortiz

Alfred A. Park ’88 •

Toby Pugh & Elizabeth Baker •

Gil & Karen Raff •

Anne Reynolds ‘73 •

Joseph & Jackie t Riggs •

Nancy Anderson Roberts •t

Chuck t & Lissa Russell •

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Russell •t

Ellen Ann Ryan •

Leigh P. Ryan ‘71

Randolph V. Seligman, M.D. •t

Rita G. Siegel •

Albert G. & Barbara t Simms •

Mary Field Simms ‘73

John & Mary Lee t Sparks •

Howard Stump •t

Dan & Nancy Tandberg

James K. Walton •t

Susan Walton '72 •

Steve & Linda Wedeen •

Eryn E. Weninger ’98 •

Janet Williams

Bob & Mina Woltil

Walter D. Wood •

Chuck & Norma Young •

Barbara & Ray Zimmer

Bequest Language

Sample wording for restricted or

unrestricted gifts and bequests

benefiting Sandia Preparatory


“I give, devise and bequeath to

Sandia Preparatory School, 532

Osuna Road NE, Albuquerque,

New Mexico, 87113 [the sum of $

___________] or [_______% of the

rest, residue and remainder of my

estate, both real and personal] for

the charitable purposes of Sandia

Preparatory School to use [state

specific purpose or for the area of

greatest need].”

For more information on making

a deferred gift to Sandia Prep,

please contact Julie Cook,

Director of Development, at

505.338.3022 or




Investing in the Prep Experience




Building Sandia Prep’s endowment is the most

important investment we can make to support

students and their families, our faculty and staff,

and all aspects of the Sandia Prep experience.

An investment in endowment provides funding for:

• Student financial aid which supports strong enrollment

• Recruitment and retention of dynamic and experienced faculty

• Unrestricted support to address pressing needs

• A well-maintained and safe campus

• Innovation in our curriculum and use of classroom technology

The minimum gift to establish an endowment at Sandia Prep is

$25,000. Contributions may also be given to an existing endowment.

Endowment Distribution

by Restriction








Programs: academic programs, faculty professional

development, Center for Learning Excellence, library services,

curriculum enhancement

Unrestricted: campus maintenance and security,

instructional materials, faculty support




Arts Endowment Fund

Established by Ray and Barbara Graham, earnings from the Arts

Endowment Fund may be spent on materials and supplies for

Sandia Prep’s art and photography programs.

Aaron Kwak Memorial Award

Established by the family of Aaron Kwak, a former student of Sandia

Prep, a middle school student who shows courage and humor in his or

her interpersonal relationships will be chosen for this cash award on an

annual basis.

Clinton P. Anderson

Endowment for Civic

Involvement and Social


Earnings from the endowment may be

used to fund the Sandia Prep Student

Government Association, Speech and

Debate, Model United Nations,

Mock Trial, and activities, fees, and

other costs associated with these


Bridges Faculty Award

Established by Douglas and Helen Fay Bridges, the Bridges Faculty

Award is awarded annually to one outstanding faculty member

to acknowledge his or her outstanding commitment, service, and


Ron Briley Faculty Outreach Endowment

Established by Sandia Prep alumni and alumni parents, earnings

from the Fund are intended to provide professional development

opportunities for Sandia Prep faculty whose academic interests require

travel and fees for summer study, conferences, guest lectures, and

special projects.

Edward E. Ford Foundation Endowment Fund for

Professional Development

Established with an irrevocable gift from the Edward E. Ford Foundation,

this fund is intended to provide for summer study programs and

to increase the school’s year-round options for faculty courses. It is

available to upper school teachers only. During the school year the

funds may be used to cover the cost of substitute teachers and also for

travel and registration expenses. The fund may also be used to allow

Sandia Prep faculty to expand their current involvement in local training

opportunities by setting up summer workshops at the school that would

be open to Sandia Prep faculty and other teachers.

Edward E. Ford Foundation Endowment Fund for Technology

Established with an irrevocable gift from the Edward E. Ford Foundation,

this fund is intended to advance technology in upper school classrooms,

thus addressing faculty needs through infrastructure, software, hardware,

training, video projection, and fiber optics.

Ernest Polansky

Science Department


Established by Sandia Prep parents and friends,

earnings from this fund are intended to ensure

quality faculty appointments in the Science

Department, advancements in science curricula,

and funding for classroom materials and lab


Edward E. Ford Foundation Endowment Fund for

Upper School Scholarships

Established with an irrevocable gift from the Edward E. Ford Foundation,

this fund is intended to provide tuition assistance for Sandia Prep

students in grades 9-12. Earnings from the fund will be applied each

year toward scholarships (financial aid) for students in grades 9-12. Such

scholarships will be based on need rather than merit, and recipients will

be chosen by the financial aid committee of the school.

Faculty Professional Development Fund

Established by Ed and Dennie Paschich, earnings from the Faculty

Professional Development Fund may be used for summer coursework,

curriculum development, professional travel expenses, purchase of

materials, or in any other way which will enrich the teacher’s interaction

with students.

Peter and Alexandra Harrison Family Fund

Established by Peter and Alexandra Harrison, earnings from the fund

are intended to provide a fellowship to honor and motivate faculty

members wishing to incorporate the arts into their curriculum as a

means of making their classes more exciting. Winners are designated

“Harrison Fellows.”

Fondren Fund

Established by the Fondren Foundation, this fund is intended to

provide tuition assistance for Sandia Prep students. Earnings from the

fund will be applied each year toward scholarships (financial aid), which

will be based on need rather than merit, and recipients will be chosen

by the financial aid committee of the school.

Frank Malley Endowment for Middle School Teachers

Established with irrevocable gifts from donors wishing to honor former

faculty member Frank Malley, the purpose of this fund is to provide

professional development opportunities for selected teachers in the

middle school. Funds may be used for summer coursework, curriculum

development, professional travel expenses, purchase of materials, or in

any other way which will enrich the middle school teacher’s interaction

with students.

The Grace Sinfield Scholarship Fund

Established by community members, earnings from the fund will

be awarded to students in grades 6-12 who demonstrate financial

hardship and are unable to pay full tuition or meaningfully participate

in the life of the School. Such awards will be awarded to students who

are a tremendous asset to the Sandia Prep community.

Jerald and Maxine Krohn Friedman Scholarship Fund

Established by Jerald and Maxine Krohn Friedman, earnings from this

endowment will be applied toward a scholarship (financial aid) for a

student entering the 9th grade and will be available to such student

each succeeding year of enrollment at Sandia Prep by maintaining

a high academic standing. Such scholarships will be based on need

as well as merit, and recipients will be chosen by the financial aid

committee of the school.

Library Endowment

Established by John and Mary Lee Sparks and the Lumpkin Foundation,

earnings from the fund may be spent on materials, supplies, and

program support for the library.

Diana Marie Miller Scholarship Fund

Established by Ina S. Miller and Anita Bine, earnings from the fund will

be applied each year toward scholarships (financial aid) for students in

grades 9-12, with a preference for minority groups. Such scholarships

will be based on need rather than merit, and recipients will be chosen

by the financial aid committee of the school.

Odyssey Scholars Program Endowment

Established by Stuart and Jane Wilson, the purpose of the Odyssey

Scholars Fund is to enable students to pursue a passion for a particular

field or interest by connecting them to experts around the globe.

Qualified students will be chosen by committee through an application

process. Scholarships will be given to students who cannot fully

afford to travel. Earnings from the Fund may be used to pay for travel

expenses, program activities, and other fees associated with the

student experience.

Outdoor Leadership Program Yurt Endowment

Established with a lead gift from Drs. Paul and Marilyn Duncan, and

additional contributions from grateful alumni and parents, earnings

from this fund may be used to pay for the rental of yurts for annual

student yurt trips.

music program

endowment fund

Established by Donald and Pamela Michaelis, the Music

Program Endowment Fund provides enhancements to

the music program such as purchase of instruments,

financial assistance for music-related student travel,

purchase of tickets for students to attend performances,

bringing music specialists to campus, purchase of

materials such as videos, software, scores, uniforms, or

commissioning works for students to perform.


Jim and Mary Peterson Fund

Established by Jim and Mary Peterson, the purpose of this fund

is to address learning differences. Earnings from the Jim and

Mary Peterson Fund may be used to purchase teaching materials,

to provide training opportunities for faculty, to engage specialists

in learning differences, or in any other way which will further the

purpose for which the fund has been established.

Outdoor Leadership

Program Endowment

Friends of Established Theater Endowment

by Don and Mary Hurst, earnings

Established by gifts from from the Sandia Outdoor Prep Leadership Program

parents, the Endowment Theater Endowment may be spent may for equipment and

be used program to purchase operating theater expenses, equipment including student

or to pay for aid, operating the discretion expenses of of the director(s) of the

the program. The in consultation fund may be with used the Head of School.

for expenditures The Outdoor over Leadership and above those Program Endowment

program may expenses, be used which for expenditures are routinely over and above

included in those the annual program budget. expenses which are routinely

included in the School’s annual budget.

Tennis Endowment Fund

Established by Bob and Mina Woltil, the purpose of this fund is

for the earnings to help maintain the school’s tennis courts.

Tutoring Endowment

Established by David and Rohini Arter, earnings from the Tutoring

Endowment may be used for technology, textbooks, educational

materials, tutor salaries and professional development, or in

any other way which will enrich the tutoring experience for the


Saunders Family Financial Aid Fund

Established by the Estate of Keith Saunders, earnings from the

fund may provide tuition assistance for Sandia Prep students in

grades 6-12. Such aid will be based on need rather than merit,

and recipients will be chosen by the financial aid committee of

the School.


of theater


Established by gifts from

Sandia Prep parents, the Theater

Endowment may be used to

purchase theater equipment or to

pay for operating expenses of the

program. The fund may be used

for expenditures over and above

those program expenses, which are

routinely included in the School’s

annual budget.


Sandia Preparatory School

532 Osuna Road NE

Albuquerque, NM 87113





Albuquerque, NM

Permit No. 215

Sandia Preparatory School

532 Osuna Road NE Albuquerque, NM 87113 • • 505.338.3000

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