Clockwise Cat Issue 40


We lovingly dedicate Issue 40 to our dearly departed (Perpetual) Poet-in-Residence, Felino Soriano. We hereby offer a mini-tribute to him among many other amazing writings and artworks. Stay tuned to an entire tribute issue to Felino, coming up in early Spring, 2019.

Desire Is Not Dead

By David Matthews

Afternoon light plays the leaves like Vivaldi

Until evening segues softly into a melancholy Chet Baker tune

The sun crawls sidewise across the indescribable sky

And meets the moon in the middle of a turquoise sea of delirium

A beauty waiting to be born burns in the eye of the green violin

And desire is not dead in this heart

The lovers linger on a bridge somewhere between here and there

She whispers vowels of wind and rain

His lips sound the words that make up the book of the abyss

Neon smears the surface of the river silent and dark beneath them

Poised between yesterday’s waste and tomorrow’s treachery

Proud in beauty—and despair

And no, desire is not dead in this heart

Author bio: David Matthews is a native of the South Carolina Midlands, resident of

Portland, Oregon, poet, runner, and unaffiliated intellectual. His poems have appeared

in Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Quill &

Parchment, the anthologies Fault Lines, Ghost Town Poetry Vol. Two, Raising Our

Voices: an anthology of Oregon poets against the war, and elsewhere. Essays on film,

books, current affairs, running, and other topics can be found on the blog at his

website Portable Bohemia (

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