Calico Cottage Bespoke Confectionery Brochure 2019

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<strong>Bespoke</strong><br />

<strong>Confectionery</strong><br />

Featuring<br />

information on<br />

our range of<br />

certified home<br />

compostable<br />

sweets bags...

Go Plastic Free!<br />

We all know the damage that plastic<br />

bags do to the environment. Sweet<br />

wrappers in particular contribute to<br />

harming wildlife in the sea and on<br />

land.<br />

<strong>Calico</strong> has a range of bagged confectionery which can be personalised with your logo and<br />

branding to fit with your retail offer.<br />

The process is simple and fast with no upfront design costs:<br />

1. Provide <strong>Calico</strong> with a high resolution logo or image; preferably PDF, ai or eps. Please<br />

send this together with brand guidelines and initial concepts if you have them.<br />

2. You will then receive some draft proposals from us.<br />

3. Once you’re happy with a proposal, approve a final design to run with.<br />

4. Agree a range of products.<br />

5. <strong>Calico</strong> will then “logo up” your display and product lines and dispatch your first order.<br />

Display Options:<br />

A range of standard displays can be provided at no charge to customers taking over 3000<br />

bags per year. However smaller sites can also have a display for a small contribution and<br />

bespoke displays can be designed, built and merchandised for larger accounts.<br />

These bags make up the core of your<br />

confectionery collection.<br />

Over 100 lines available and all packed<br />

complete with your very own branding<br />

Even better than that... we now offer a<br />

PLASTIC FREE range.<br />

We have invested heavily in a certified<br />

Home Compostable bag which<br />

replaces plastic and will decompose<br />

without the need for industrial<br />

recycling or composting. It’s been a<br />

challenge but step by step we are<br />

taking single use plastics out of our<br />

supply chain wherever we can.<br />

The bags incorporate your own brand<br />

and also give you the chance to say a<br />

few words about what your company<br />

is doing to reduce the use of single<br />

use plastics.<br />

Please think carefully before ordering<br />

your pick-up confectionery in plastic<br />

bags. The cost implications of this<br />

change are minimal now and the<br />

product has a higher perceived value<br />

than our previous ranges.<br />


The plastic free bags we use are certified<br />

home compostable and can be recognised<br />

by the above ok compost logo and our<br />

licensee code: S0913.<br />


RSPO - 9-1718-16-000-00<br />

2<br />

Standard Cellophane Pick Up Bags<br />

with <strong>Bespoke</strong> Printed Label<br />

Please ask if you would like to see samples or hear<br />

some more about our plastic free packaging!<br />

Our confectionery products only use<br />

sustainable palm oil. We also offer a<br />

large range of palm free lines.<br />



An ever growing selection of<br />

products each complete with<br />

eye-catching header cards.<br />

Header cards are a great<br />

way to give your display<br />

some diversity and allow<br />

certain ranges to stand out<br />

against your core<br />

confectionery range.<br />

We provide generic<br />

packaging ranges for fudge,<br />

sugar free and cocktail<br />

flavours or you have the<br />

option of using our<br />

Cambridge <strong>Confectionery</strong><br />

branding.<br />


Where volume allows, we are<br />

able to provide bespoke<br />

header cards with your<br />

branding/designs/seasonal<br />

graphics on.<br />

Plastic Free Packaging Also<br />

Available.<br />

Please enquire for further<br />

details.<br />

Ranges:<br />

Enrobed Fruits, Nuts & More<br />

Traditional Fudge Favourites<br />

The Cocktail Collection<br />

The Sugar Free Selection<br />

+ Seasonal Options<br />

4 5

Small & Large<br />

Tied Bags<br />

These bags offer a higher price point and<br />

bring a bit of variety to your display.<br />

There are plenty of lines to choose from and<br />

as always we offer bespoke branding.<br />

We can cater to particular themes and<br />

events where required and offer different<br />

coloured ribbon where volume allows.<br />

Also available in PLASTIC FREE packaging.<br />

What makes our bespoke service<br />

more than just your own branding on<br />

a product is our ability to work with<br />

you to develop specific ranges that<br />

suit your needs. Be that for a theme,<br />

event, festival or something seasonal.<br />

We are also able to help you to develop<br />

a completely new and exclusive<br />

confectionery brand.<br />

Not only can we provide labelling of<br />

any shape and size but are open to<br />

developing new products and sourcing<br />

appropriate packaging where volume<br />

allows.<br />

With larger accounts and projects we<br />

can even develop unique displays to<br />

meet the requirements of your retail<br />

outlet.<br />

Examples of customers who find this<br />

service particularly useful include the<br />

likes of zoos and museums who have<br />

particular themes and events running<br />

throughout the year.<br />

It is also a valuable service for chains<br />

who wish to develop their own unique<br />

confectionery range to be used<br />

throughout multiple stores.<br />


Lines include Honeycomb, Chocolate<br />

Covered Honeycomb, Marshmallows<br />

and a mixed bag of kids favourites.<br />

Tied with a ribbon and complete<br />

with your own branding.<br />

If you think this is a service which would<br />

be useful to you, please get in touch for<br />

more information.<br />

6<br />


<strong>Calico</strong> <strong>Cottage</strong><br />

Unit 2<br />

Haddenham Business Park<br />

Sutton Road<br />

Haddenham<br />

Cambs<br />

CB6 3PT<br />

01353 741661<br />

info@calicocottage.co.uk<br />

www.calicocottage.co.uk<br />

Seasonal<br />

From big sticks of sweets to traditional<br />

jars, tins and novelty items our seasonal<br />

offering grows year on year and contains<br />

something for everyone across a<br />

multitude of price points whether it’s<br />

Valentines, Easter, Christmas or<br />

otherwise.<br />

Don’t forget to look at our handmade<br />

chocolate range too which is particularly<br />

popular at Christmas time!

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