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Super exhibition of ten great artists from the UK and Europe

TAG exhibition. 23 December 2018 to 23rd March 2019




Artists Gallery

Marta Kisiliczyk

Brian Cote

Alison Tydlesley

Preben Saxild

Karen Wise

Philip Westcott

Arista Alanis

Paul Browne

Pauline Rignall

Steve Capper

guest artist

Nina Tokhtaman



information for the visitor

welcome to the Tubes Artists Gallery

The first exhibition of original and by talented painters.

The exhibition has been curated by TUBES Editor, as an

artist (painter) for over 30 years, Denis was also the

exhibition director of W.O.R.K (a creative group of

European artists). He has conceived, mounted and

exhibited in major public and private exhibitions since 1989.

Tubes Artists Gallery is an independent and complimentary

publication to the main painters Tubes magazine, which

enjoys an audience of over 80,000 people.

Please do take a good look around the exhibition and if

a paintings appeals to you, please click the button for “more

information” to connect with the TUBES Gallery Manager,

which takes you to a form for you to complete.

An information file will then be posted back to you giving full

details of the artist, their work and the exact price of each

painting with an accurate idea of the shipping cost

to your specific country.

We hope you enjoy our first ‘show.

Denis Taylor

Editor and Artist

Tubes Artists Gallery


The artists are the main beneficiary from the sale of any work from Tubes Artists Gallery.

All work shown are exclusive to TUBES Artists Gallery and are the collection of the Artist.

Tubes deducts only a small fee for the administration handling and

the promotion costs of the artists in the gallery.

TAG #2 exhibition is now being prepared for

March 23rd 2019. If you are an artist and would like an info-pack

email: (please type ‘info-pack TAG’ in the subject line )


Studios in London UK and Poland

Marta is a painter that develops a deep connection with her subject. The paintings on

shown are based in nature, but she manages to transfer her emotions onto the canvas

with a special abstract beauty. Her colour sense is sensitive, yet exciting and original.

Marta uses deep contrast of blue/blacks to heighten the tonal quality of the rich textured

oil paint. Her work is substantial both in size and depth and obvious talent.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artists offer price range £2500 to £4100

all paintings are 100cm x 1200cm oil on canvas



Studios in Arizona USA

The power of Brian’s work is only matched by the natural environment he is surrounded by.

His intent is to put his visual intelligence by creating work that stays with the viewer. Brian

is a passionate painter and he desires that his work has a timeless quality. The work is not

abstract, as such, or formal nor impressionistic, it is figurative. Only in the sense that you

know what you are seeing, it is only after time that you begin to ‘‘feel’ what you seeing.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artists offer price range $4500 to $6500


size range: 24”x28”, 24”x32” 20”x24”

all paintings are oil on canvas


Studios in Sheffield England UK

Alison has been featured by TUBES magazine and is known as a fine artist with a strong

following and avid collectors. Her work embraces imagination, memory. Sometimes she uses

sketch work from her many walks in nature. More importantly her aim is to create an

atmosphere in her work, one which is linked to emotion and sensibilities of place all condensed

into a semi-abstract two dimensional plane.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artiists offer price range £380 to £700

sizes range 50cm x50cm, 76cm x 76cm and 40cm x 40cm

paintings are all acrylic on canvas



Studios in Copenhagen Denmark

Preben is a very well known and respected Artist in Europe. The three paintings shown

here today represent seminal work from Preben’s incredible masterful series of his abstract

expression period from 1998. This is the first time they have been offered to art collectors.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artists offer price range €4000 to €9000

art work sizes range 110cmx 100cm. 100cm x 90cm 100cm 100cm .

paintings are mixed media on canvas and linen




Karen has a readily identifiable colour palette that is married perfectly with her paintings

of a specific era when romance, music and human emotions were played out on a stage

and dramatised in film. Her graphic stylisation of her subject matter seems to be almost

poster like, which is created with great care and attention and natural talent.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artists offer price range £485 to £650

art work sizes range 69cm x 50cm, 56cm x 46cm, 56cm x 45cm.

paintings are mixed media (acrylic, gouache and ink)



Studios in Salford North West England

Philip has been painting for over thirty years. He is an accomplished artist of natural ability and

has great skill. His subject range is wide, but the work shown here is exceptional in the handling

of the paint, the composition and the texture he achieves is a wonderful reflection of nature.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artists offer price range - £200 - upwards


art work sizes range 30 inches x 20 inches

paintings are all oil on canvas


studios in Vermont USA

Arista is a energetic and spirited painter. She works with power and the joy of life.

This attitude is perfectly reflected in the work on show here, are only a small example of

her never ending imagination. Her use of abstract forms and stunning colour palette

is perfectly tuned with the flowing passion of musical inspired compositions.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artists offer price range - $500 upwards

art work sizes range 6 inches x 6 inches (all framed)

paintings are all oil on canvas


Paul Browne

Studio in Oldham North West England

Paul is an artist of great originality. The honest approach of his work and his

application show positive relationships to very well known masters painters of the so called

English Northern School, but Paul is no imitator of that popular genre of painting. Paul is

totally and authentically original.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artists offer price range - £280 - upwards

art work sizes range 14 inches x 10 inches and 20”inches x 10 inches

paintings are mixed media on panels (boards)


Pauline Rignall

Studios in Hope Valley, Deryshire UK

Pauline is a painter who has great depth in both the classic painting process and creating

contemporary work that is instinctive in application. Her work has both intellectual thinking

behind the seemingly ease of creation. Her subject matter holds visual intelligence in colour

palette choice for each different series she works on. And the works final composition, which

is arrived at over a period of time are always a delight to the eye and the mind.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artists offer price range - £195 to £350 and upwards


art work sizes range 76cm x 76cm, 61cm x61cm 51cmx 41cm

paintings are all oil on canvas

Steve Capper

Studios in Saddleworth, England

Steve is very well known and highly collectable artist. Centred on his environment around

the a small village in Northern England, his work is both abstract and figurative with

influences from master artists of the twentieth century. Not unlike Bonnard, Steve is a

meticulous painter who takes care to ensure the finished work holds reality for the seeing

eye in the forefront, and yet alters the state of reality simultaneously in the minds eye.

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

artists offer price range - £1000 to £660

art work sizes range 20 inches x 16 inches, and 16 inches x 12 inches

paintings are mixed media on canvas and/or linen


Nina Tokhtaman Valetova

current studios are located in the USA

Nina, paints with a surrealistic base and graphic composition. Her works vary

in subject matter from portraiture to commentary on humanity in all it’s complex

psychological states.

Highly regarded in Russia, her work can be seen in Art Museums and private

collections. Please visit her web site for full critic of her Art:

visitors please note: all painting shown in the gallery rooms are not to scale.

Guest Artist Gallery

acquisition available, details on application

Public collections: Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Chuvash State Art Museum, Novocheboksark Art Museum

and Omsk Center of Contemporary Art



Good news for painters who are looking to exhibit their work for a small outlay

of money. Art Number 23 is organising an open exhibition at their studio base

located at the Old Biscuit Factory Bermondsey London. The aim of Art Number 23

is to create opportunities for artists from all over the world.

Art Number 23 was founded in 2016 by Constantine Anjulatos, who is an artist.

The studio based showcase is supported by several like minded artists who are

working towards to connecting artists, curators, galleries, and art enthusiasts in

a global Network of creatives.

Art Number 23 have organised similar venues and art exhibitions in New York,

Philadelphia, Moscow, Berlin, Athens, and Amsterdam

An artists showcase exhibition in London UK runs from

from January 24th to 30th January 2019.

go to for more information.

“the art game...”

Spike does some straight talking

“..showing paintings on line, is now the main stream for

the dissemination of an artists work, of that there can

be no doubt. Even though real life exhibitions are still

relevant for many artists, an on line presence is essential

(if only for street cred).

That old bone we chewed on “painting dead” debate

has faded away as fast as padded shoulders did in

the middle 1980’s. There has been a major change in

attitude to painting in the last few years. In part, this may

be entirely due to the need for the high street galleries

to survive the financial crisis, the one that started in

earnest in 2007 and is still having an effect now. Not to

mention adding to the problem with Donald Trump and

the European Union on the brink of collapse helped along

by Yellow shirt craziness and No Deal Brexit.

Today, more than ever, high street galleries need to sell

‘more-stuff’ and earn extra profit to pay those stupidly

high ‘business rates’ in the major Cities – And lets be

honest, paintings sell much quicker than sculpture those

‘cool’ avant-garde installations of nonsense that rely

on high brow art academics to authenticate the cultural

importance of something that most people wouldn’t

actually install in their homes, even if they don’t say so

publicly. And usually there is a heavy price tag for that

sort of contemporary art. Consequently the

contemporary ‘arty farty’ marketplace is tiny

compared to the ‘popular paintings’ art

market. Even though there are only so

many landscapes that anyone can put in

their homes. That market will also run dry

eventually. Maybe a very few of the high

street galleries will expand their perimeters

and start to take a risk, in half a decade or

so? By which time it could be too late.

Today the sheer size of the (art) market

(because of the www) has outgrown all

that ‘arty farty stuff’ by leaps and bounds –

certainly as far as turnover is concerned.

So the www has become the place to set up your stall.

Major funded on-line art galleries and some not so well

funded independent artists all have a go at selling direct

to art collectors and art lovers. Even Tubes magazine

are having a go (although they already know there is no

money to be made so why bother trying? - I’m told by

the Editor that the space for artists is in keeping with the

magazine policy - that is “Art before profit..” ...many folks

may find him, like I do, quite nuts.

The one man art galleries start-ups fail quickly- some

have a sort of ‘in the third year we will make money fiscal

plan’ and obtain a bank loans. Most, in reality,

loose much more money than they bargained for and

are wrapped up prematurely by their investors (or

more commonly the Bank)

Tomorrow will not a case of high streets chasing huge

profits for many galleries, on the contrary, it’s going to be

survival we are talking about here.

“..there is no money in Art..”

A very wise man once said to me (back in 1982).

He may have been right, but for the wrong reason, as far as I am concerned. Should Art

cannot and should not really be treated as a commodity? And be sold as such? - Stack ‘em

high, sell ‘em cheap is not an effective strategy, I think not for original art, so when times get

tough, (in Art) the tough get going or they bottle it.

The galleries are having some degree of success especially the well positioned bricks and

mortar establishments. They do use the web effectively. Many sell-out their latest exhibition

on-line, even before they hold the opening

night, which simply turns into a social event.

A night which also serves a vital purpose

for the prospective client to actually see the

Artwork for real – then the deal is invariably

clinched on the spot by the religious handing

over of the Credit Card or the signing of the

agreement of the 12 month interest free

payment scheme’

“ they say quality original art always

wins out in the end...

...(well nearly always).”

I guess the major on-line gallery self

appointed art selectors will continue to

advance those artists that fit their preferred

‘trendy style’’ of the month and advise their

visitors who are the ‘ones to watch out for,

because next month they will be discounts

galore on offer, perhaps?

Thus employing the ‘bugger the Artist’- stack em high and give big discounts - if you buy

today- type of non-ethical bribery ‘games they play’ – And all with additional discounts for

second time buyers, of course. Will high street galleries continue to be flooded by the hopeful

newbie painters who really don’t stand a chance, or will these hoards of artists who

think they can ‘stick a jpeg on line’ with a ‘really famous named’ overpopulated web site and

expect a sale? Better be prepared for disappointment and a very long wait, my dear deluded

artists friends. For you will be one of millions who reside in a virtual space that is almost

impossible to be seen, unless your art is featured on the front page.

Will the on-line - ‘paid private educators’ - who tell us - How to Sell Your Art On-Line, or ‘How

to paint like DeKooning’ (yes you really can view a You Tube on how to do that) ‘activity’ really

begin to make a difference for the artist financially, or is all that art business on line simply a

game that lines the pockets of the author who wrote this sort of bull shit ?

It seems to me, that the only way forward for painters today - is do what the Impressionists did

way back in the day before the internet existed - That is find a ’cheap’ building to rent space -

Hire it - Put your stuff on the Wall (with a few artists friends) - And throw caution to the wind,

then go mental posting on social media pushing the show and have’ a brilliant time at the

opening - I mean what’s the worst that can happen? You will loose some hard earned cash

and many hours of your time, possibly in a drunken stupor? But perhaps you will gain a

hell of a lot of self pride (and the mutual respect of your fellow painters, maybe) and get to

understand how a real artist (and a really great gallery owner) actually work bloody hard and

mostly for the love of Art and not for the love of money. There is nothing wrong in selling your

Art but surely it’s what and how that matters ...After all it’s just a (selling) game...isn’t it?

written by ‘SPIKE’ for painters TUBES

spike©5/12/2018 edited January 2019


artists videos

Artists videos are an important communication tool to enable

artists inform and make contact with their audience in the digital

world we live in today.

The Tubes artists video segment in Tubes Artists Gallery will be

linked directly to our main magazine platform to expand the

available viewers of the selected art videos.

The video segment is open to artists, there are no fees or other

issues connected to participation. The videos will be uploaded

directly to the You Tube Channel of painters Tubes magazine.

Artists (or producers of videos on behalf of the artist), retain all

copyright and reproduction rights. Commercial Galleries and

organisations are also invited to submit their videos of any specific

artist or an exhibition video.

Tubes will also show exhibition openings, artists interviews,

debates, art discussion. Our back room staff will select historical

art documentaries of interest to the general public,

as well as educational videos and lectures by art critics or experts

in any particular genre of painting. And important art projects.

If you are an artist or a video producer working within the creative

sphere, please send TUBES your projects.

MP4 files can be sent via the free service

with as the recipient.

TUBES have editing facilities that will be help with introduction

titles and post production of the .MP4 or .MOV files before public


Looking forward to viewing your video compositions for publication

in our March 2019 issues.

painters Tubes magazine

painters Tubes artists gallery

& TUBES artists videos

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