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Over 100 Artists & Craftsmen

The Loop is on the Yellow Trolley Route

Including Eateries, Bed & Breakfasts and More

The Arts and Crafts Community is the largest independent

organization of artisans in the United States. As such it doesn’t

disappoint in the diversity of crafts you can see when you visit.

You’ll find a wide assortment of items from dulcimers to stuffed

bears to ceramics. The artists often will talk with visitors and

discuss the history of their craft. Each shop offers plenty of free


Finding the perfect souvenir to remember your Gatlinburg

vacation is easy when you visit the Arts & Crafts Community.

With over 100 artists and craftsmen, Gatlinburg’s Arts & Crafts

Community is a living, breathing tribute to the history of

Tennessee. The carvers, weavers, watercolor artists, casters, soap

makers, potters, silversmiths and dozens of other artisans

skillfully demonstrate their abilities before thousands of visitors.

The community is located on an 8 mile loop road that’s designated

a Tennessee Heritage Arts & Crafts Trail. The Arts & Crafts

Community can be reached using the Yellow Trolley from

downtown Gatlinburg.

Never Paint Your Nails Again!

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Free Samples!

Cheryl Massey

Eastbend Automotive

Oil Changes, Tires, Brakes, Tune-Ups and Friendly Service!

(Next to 1885 East Parkway, at the corner of Highway 321 and Mills Park Road)

103 Mills Park Road, Gatlinburg • (865) 325-8266

Please Don’t Feed The Bears

Duke Energy Final Phase of Mt. Sterling Solar Project

Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials

announced that Duke Energy removed utility

poles and overhead powerline along a 3.5-mile

utility corridor that extends from the park

boundary at Mt. Sterling Road (Hwy NC284) to

the Mt. Sterling Fire Lookout Tower began

November 19 through November 30.

For more information about the Mt. Sterling

Sustainable Energy Project, please visit the

National Park Service’s Planning, Environment,

and Public Comment (PEPC) website and

following the link titled “Mt. Sterling Sustainable

Energy Project” at

Two thousand, three hundred years ago, Alexander The Great

was surveying his battlefield and drinking water from silver

urns. He knew nothing about bacteria, but he knew that silver

containers have a seemingly miraculous way of keeping water


Silver has been used for thousands of years in different forms

for its health benefits. Throughout the middle ages, the

wealthy gave their children silver spoons to suck upon to stave

off illnesses. People have known about the benefits of silver

for so long that it is incorporated into legends.

The new history of silver is a falsified history. Silver was once

used extensively by all health care practitioners as an

antibiotic and anti-viral. Nothing worked better then, and

nothing does now.

The F.D.A. began its crusade against silver products in the

1930’s, because silver (as a natural substance) cannot be

patented; but the organization’s antibiotic and vaccine

industry partners were able to patent their wares.

Under the Food and Drug Administration’s original name, The

Bureau of Chemistry, its real mission was to legally protect the

chemical industry by declaring toxic chemicals to be

“generally recognized as safe”, and to eliminate the chemical

industry’s competition through regulations.

Silver medicine has been erased from the textbooks, and it is

seldom given mention in medical literature. The official

Pharmacopeia (physician’s desk reference book) listed dozens

of medicinal silver compounds prior to the mid-1930’s; but

thereafter, all mention of silver disappeared.

Newer books report that it never really happened. Before the

history was rewritten, silver was like the nuclear weapon of

medicine. No human pathogen of any kind survived it. This

was the gospel of medicine.

Pure colloidal silver is still the most comprehensive and potent

antibiotic and anti-viral known that is actually safe for human

consumption, and it is absolutely safe for everyone in every

condition. It is natural, has no side effects, and it was killing

the worst viral diseases in the 1930’s, long before it became

impossible to kill viruses with medicine.

Study finds taking colloidal silver with antibiotics ‘killed 1000

times more bacteria’ than antibiotics alone. Over the past two

centuries, silver has been used by both allopathic and

alternative medicine. In addition to being used for routine

ailments, silver has been used effectively against some of the

most notoriously hard to kill illnesses, including tuberculosis

and syphilis.

It has been used as an anti-bacterial agent that was added to

bandages and disinfectant sprays. It has been embedded into

clothing to prevent bacteria from producing foul odors from

sweat, and it has been merged into cloth that is used in burn


Around Town

A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear

The overhead powerline is no longer needed due

to the installation of a microgrid solar and battery

facility that Duke Energy installed in 2017 to

provide electrical power to park radio equipment

located at the Mt. Sterling Fire Lookout Tower.

This radio equipment is a vital component of the

park’s emergency communication system, which

serves both frontcountry and backcountry areas of

the park. The overhead line has been

decommissioned and the existing maintained

corridor will return to a natural state.

Colloidal silver was erased from textbooks

more on Colloidal Silver next month

Attempts are still being made to lace hospital counter tops with

silver, to prevent the growth of bacteria. Silver-lined

containers are actively being used to disinfect water in third

world countries.

Silver is remarkable because it is an extremely powerful

natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent, yet it does not

impair overall health like antibiotics do. It kills viruses,

bacteria and parasites in cases wherein the parasites live in a

symbiotic relationship with a bacterial agent.

This is surprisingly common, especially in the case of bloodborne

parasites, such as those of U.S. bio-weapons like Lyme

disease. Because of the way that silver kills with an electrical

charge, no pathogen can be found or engineered to be immune

to it. No life can develop an immunity to electricity.

Since the late nineteenth century, colloidal silver has been the

safest and most effective way to medicate with silver.

Colloidal silver is manufactured by electrically combining

silver with pure water. The colloidal manufacturing process

uses no chemicals.

While silver is now labeled as an alternative medicine, it was

once used widely in hospitals as the premiere antiseptic and

antibiotic. It is still used in hospital burn centers for its

incredible ability to heal burns more rapidly than steroids. We

were astounded when witnessing it eliminate a sunburn in the

span of just an hour, and a burnt tongue within minutes.

Removing silver from the market was one of the first actions of

the Food and Drug Administration, when it changed its name

in the 1930’s. It gradually changed its name from the Bureau

of Chemistry to the more publicly palatable, Food and Drug


In 1999, after a re-emergence of silver, the F.D.A. completely

banned it in any form from being sold in over-the-counter

health products, despite the fact that silver has safely been

used as a medicine for millennia.

The devastation of the polio epidemic was largely caused by

how the Food and Drug Administration suppressed silver to

promote its new antibiotic and vaccine industries. By

removing silver from the lists of approved medicines, it

effectively removed the only treatment that reliably kills

polio, which in turn unleashed the full epidemic of polio. The

F.D.A. later claimed a victory over polio in boasting that the

new generation of vaccines had saved us.

The agency cunningly waited until the epidemic was in its

natural decline to release the vaccine, in order to ensure that

people saw a connection between the vaccine’s release date

and the disappearance of the disease. The public, and quite a

few doctors were distracted away from the fact that silver

medications were a safe treatment, which effectively kills

polio quickly, as well as every other virus known.

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Smoking Bar


Beer To Go

Pet Friendly Outside Deck and Pool Table

Directions: Take Glades Road to its end.

Turn left and go one mile. On the right.

4133 Birds Creek Road • (865) 325-8384

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