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Immigration New Zealand prepares for high-end technology

Venkat Raman

Immigration New Zealand

(INZ) is hoping to improve its

border control responsibility

and facilitate the travel of ‘genuine

passengers’ with ‘Electronic

Travel Authority’ (ETA) expected

to go online this year.

National Manager (Border

Operations) Stephanie Greathead

said that the new technology will

allow INZ to assess and update

more information about ‘Visa

Waiver’ travellers coming to New

Zealand by air and sea.

“The new ETA technology and

processes will mean more efficient

and accurate identification of

passengers of interest. The ETA

security and facilitation measures

will better assist INZ to manage

risk and facilitate the legitimate

passenger,” he said in the ‘Year

at the Border (2017-2018) Report’

released over the weekend.

Formidable Challenges

Mr Greathead said that the

ongoing challenge is to strike a

more effective balance in managing

the increasing demand on

New Zealand’s border protection

services, while ensuring that bona

fide travellers enjoy their stay in

New Zealand.

The Report said that crossing a

modern border envisaged more

than just asimple act of presenting

a passport and stepping across

a line on the ground.

Crossing New Zealand’s border

is a process that begins before a

traveller arrives at the airport at

their point of origin. New Zealand’s

border is more than its vast

coastline of 14,000 kms or a fabled

line at each of its international

airports, it said.

Last year, more

than 4500





“The New Zealand Government

has implemented processes,

networks and technology that mean

the border extends globally to every

passenger’s point of origin before

they travel.”

Growing numbers

Mr Greathead said that during

the 2017-2018 financial year, INZ

managed the entry of more than 6.8

million travellers into New Zealand.

“INZ has seen a steady increase in

the number of people travelling to

and from New Zealand, both by air

and by sea. The increasing volume

means that we have had to enhance

our ability to understand and prevent

the risks this may present, while

ensuring that genuine travellers still

have as close to a seamless border

experience as possible,” he said.

Passengers of Interest

According to him, between

July 2017 and June 2018, INZ made

4579 decisions to either prevent

a passenger from boarding their

flight to New Zealand or to refuse

an arriving traveller entry to New


Future advances in screening

technology will mean that New

Zealand will be able to more

easily identify and interact with

passengers of interest working with

its M5 partners (Australia, United

Kingdom, United States of America,

Canada and New Zealand constitute

the ‘Migration Five or M5 Forum’)


Anti-Money Laundering Law extends to Real Estate Agents

Venkat Raman

Real Estate Agents in New

Zealand must comply

with the provisions of

Anti-Money Laundering

(AML) and Counter-Financing of

Terrorism (CFT) Act and follow a

more stringent regime of code of

conduct and discipline.

The AML/CFT (Definitions)

Amendment Regulations 2018

came into force on January 1,

2019, which, among other things,

provide definition of acustomer

(client) and the timing of customer

due diligence.

The Act coverage

The Statute however applied only

to Real Estate Agents who come

under the definition of “designated

non-financial business or

profession,” in so far as they carry

out “covered activities,” including

real estate agency work and/or

managing client funds, accounts,

securities or other assets.

Supervised by the Department of

Internal Affairs, Real Estate Agents

are now expected to know their

relevant risks, how to apply the Act

to their business and comply with

the legal requirements.

Justice Ministry clarifies

A Justice Ministry notification said

that Real Estate Agents are at risk

of being exploited by criminals to

launder money.

“They are among several

professions whose members may

be affected by changes to the AML/

CFT Act. Real Estate Agents must

comply with the Act if they (a)

represent a client who is selling or

buying real estate and (b) accept a

deposit in cash of $10,000 or more

from someone who is buying real

estate. Criminals often use real

estate to convert the money they

make from illegal activities into

legitimate assets,” it said.

The notification said that

introducing AML/CFT measures

will deter criminals from using the

services of Real Estate Agents and

help detect them if they do.

“Importantly, it will also strengthen

the overall AML/CFT system.

For example, a real estate agent

may detect ‘red flags’ that might

not be picked up by banks or other

financial service providers who

interact with the same customers.

That is because Real Estate Agents

may have more information about

the people or funds involved in a

particular transaction.”

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NewZealand permanently

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JANUARY 15, 2019


Our friends make it to the Queen’s Honours List

Staff Reporter

Three friends of

Indian Newslink

have been featured

on the Queen’s New

Year Honours List. They

are fellow journalist Fran

O’Sullivan (Business Editor

of the New Zealand Herald)

who becomes an Officer

of the New Zealand Order

of Merit (ONZM), Virinder

Aggarwal, Founding Member

of the Asian Network

Inc and Bhikhu Bhana of

the New Zealand Indian

Central Association (NZICA),


- First Home/Investment Property Loans

- Refinance/Top-up/Business/Commercial Loans

- Life/Trauma/Medical Insurance

- TPD/Mortgage/Income Protection

- Business/Commercial Insurance

- Rental Property Management

- Small to Medium Business Tax Returns

- Rental Property Returns/LTC Setup

- Equipment Finance/Car & Truck Loans


35 Morningside Drive, St. Lukes

Mt. Albert, Auckland

Ph: 09 846 9934, Fax: 09-846 9936

who will receive each a

Queen’s Service Medal

(QSM) respectively for their

services to the Asian and

Indian communities.

Ruxmani Kasanji of Wellington

is being admitted as

Member of the New Zealand

Order of Merit (MNZM) for

her services to the Indian


Fran O’Sullivan

Ms Fran O’Sullivan is

a leading journalist and

commentator who has been

instrumental in creating

significant platforms to

advance New Zealand’s

Mortgage Brokers Insurance Brokers Accountants Property Managers

Professional Financial Solutions provides the best advice on all financial matters

Rohit Takyar

M: 021 172 8962

Ram Vashist

M: 021 401 535


Level 1/203 Great South Road


Auckland | Email:

key international trade and

business relationships.

Ms O’Sullivan championed

a business-led strategy

to leverage New Zealand’s

hosting of APEC in 1999 and

was a founding Director of

Kaushal Patel

M: 021 075 4900

Alpana Gupta

M: 021 159 3453

A disclosure statement as required under Securities Act 1988 is freely available on request




Professional Financial Solutions Ltd.

Aim Associates Ltd.

the New Zealand APEC CEO

Summit board. She has participated

in all New Zealand

partnership forums with

the United States, China and

Australia. She was a founding

director and Vice-President

in the formation of the

United States New Zealand

Council and is Chair of the

Advisory Board.

Ruxmani Kasanji

Ruxmani Kasanji became

the first Headmistress of the

Wellington Indian Association

(WIA) Gujarati Language

School for Children

in 1969, managing a staff of

nine voluntary teachers.

She taught Gujarati on a

weekly basis between 1958

and 1973 with an annual

roll of around 175 to 200

students aged five to 13

years. She played a key role

in the establishment of the

Indian Women’s Committee,

known as Mahila Samaj, at

the WIA. This Committee

focused on women’s welfare

and fundraising and she was

Secretary from 1971 until

1988. She was made a Life

Member of WIA in 1994, one

of only two women in the

WIA’s history to receive this

recognition. She has been a

member of the Indian Senior

Citizens Group since 2015.

She helped establish Yoga in

Daily Life Society in Wellington

in 1993 and served on

the Board from 1996 to 2010.

She was President in the

mid-1990s and Vice President

from 2012 to 2015.

Bhikhu Bhana

Bhikhu Bhana has been

involved with the New

Zealand Indian Central

Association for more than 40

years and has been President

since 2016, having held other

offices previously within the


Mr Bhana has been a

member of the Pukekohe

Indian Association for 25

years and has held the roles

of Secretary and President.

As President he played a key

role in revitalising the organisation

and helped instigate

events with other Indian

groups in the region. He has

organised a Diwali Festival

event at the Pukekohe Arts

and Cultural Centre.

Mr Bhana was instrumental

in the NZICA sponsorship

of the Sports Segment of

the Fifth Annual Indian

Newslink Indian Sports &

Community Awards 2018

held at Alexandra Park on

October 8, 2018.

Virinder Aggarwal

Virinder Aggarwal was

a founding member of The

Asian Network Inc in 2002,

served on the Executive

Committee, and has been

Chairperson for six years.

The Asian Network

provides a platform to

assist Asian communities

in Auckland by identifying

and responding to the

needs to these communities

through information sharing,

training opportunities, and

submissions to central and

local government. Under

Mr Aggarwal’s leadership

the Network co-hosted two

International Asian Health

Conferences in collaboration

with the University of

Auckland’s Centre for Asian

Health Research and Evaluation

and established an

annual Asian Forum focusing

on health and wellbeing.

He has edited the Network’s

monthly newsletter and been

on the Editorial Advisory

Board for the Migrant News

bimonthly newspaper.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

National List MPbasedd in

Manukau East






1/131Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland

09 278 9302

09 278 2143


Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP, 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.

JANUARY 15, 2019


Law firm secures gets post-study work visa for woman

Ruth Hill (RNZ)

Awoman who was

denied a post-study

work visa has won

a reprieve from

Immigration New Zealand

(INZ) after a leading law

firm took up her case.

Shyamal Patel, who

has a Master’s degree in

International Studies from

the Institute of Pacific United

(IPU) in Palmerston North,

was baffled when INZ

rejected her bid to stay in

the country.

She received “the best

Christmas present” ever

with the news that she and

her husband Jignesh can

stay in New Zealand.

Unmatched job offer

Earlier this year, she

was offered the role of

Office Manager at Alamir

Bakery in Wellington - a food

company that supplies more

than 300 supermarkets and

restaurants nationwide.

It also has international

trade links, importing raw

ingredients and equipment

from places such as Lebanon,

Jordan and the United


However, things were

looking bleak in November

when her application for a

post-study visa was rejected.

At the time of the original

decision, INZ said that they

Shyamal and Jignesh Patel: Reprieve as law

firm helps following RNZ story.

had reviewed Mrs Patel’s

application four times and

that the job offer and the

qualification did not match

closely enough.

Mrs Patel had already

booked her ticket back to

India for November 23, 2018.

Chapman Tripp contacts

After her story ran on RNZ

however, she was contacted

by a lawyer from the firm

Chapman Tripp, who offered

to take up her case for free.

“I was pretty worried

about my financial position,

but they did it pro bono,

which was amazing. They

found some “missing

pieces” in her file. And they

explained it to Immigration,

and here I am today,” she


“We got the news on

December 24, 2018, a great

Christmas present. The

amount of people who have

given me support, it’s just


Bakery offer open

Mrs Patel said that her job

offer with Alamir Bakery

was still open and her

husband was now looking

for work in Wellington, so

that they could be together.

Lawyer Daniel Kalderimis,

who oversaw the case, said

that when he first heard

Mrs Patel’s story on RNZ, he

suspected “something had

gone wrong.”

He phoned her at work

and offered his assistance.

A “cursory glance” at the

paperwork revealed a couple

of holes, which would

make a basis for a judicial

review, Mr Kalderimis said.

Hasty decision

He said closer analysis

suggested to him that INZ

had been hasty in deciding

her degree did not match

the job she was doing.

Mr Kalderimis said it also

appeared that officials had

“not fully appreciated” the

complexities of her job,

with 22 staff to manage and

the business doing several

million dollars turnover.

Mrs Patel’s lawyers quickly

sought permission for her

and her husband to stay in

New Zealand pending the

proceeding, which came

through shortly before their

flight was due to leave.

Then they applied for

leave to bring a judicial


Under the Immigration

Act, this must be done

within 28 days and it had

been more than seven

months since the decision.

“It’s obviously difficult

for people without significant

means to launch high

court proceedings,” Mr

Kalderimis said.

Two-Year Visa granted

In the end, they did not

need to convince a Judge

because the Crown was

persuaded of their arguments

and agreed to grant

two-year work visas if they

discontinued the judicial

review proceedings.

“It was the right

outcome for Shyamal and

Jignesh and my team did a

fine job of showing that,”

Mr Kalderimis said.

He said that there was

“an element of good

fortune” when it came to

visa applications, with lots

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of people applying and

“only limited resources to


Immigration NZ have

been contacted for


Ruth Hill is a Reporter

at Radio New Zealand.

Indian Newslink has

published the above

story and picture under

a Special Arrangement


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JANUARY 15, 2019


GOPIO to induct National MP Bakshi into Honour Roll

Staff Reporter

The Global Organisation

of People of Indian

Origin (GOPIO), an

international body

representing the Indian

Diaspora, has announced

that it will induct National

Party Member of Parliament

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi into its

‘Honour Roll’ later this month.

A GOPIO notification said

that he will be among two

other dignitaries to receive

this honour, including Maharashtra

Minister Raj KPurohit

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(Picture of Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi from file)

and South Africa Member

of Parliament Aumsensing

(Omie) Singh.

They will be honoured at

the Valedictory Session of

GOPIO General Meet in at the

Varanasi Taj Hotel in Varanasi,

Uttar Pradesh, India on January

20, 2019, the evening before the

commencement of the official

biennial ‘Pravasi Bharatiya

Divas, on January 21, 2019 in

the City.

Among the past recipients

of this Honour were former

Prime Minister the later Inder

Gujral, Dr LMSinghvi and

Lord Bhikhu Parekh,

About Kanwaljit

Singh Bakshi

The GOPIO notification

described Mr Bakshi as

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‘Indian Origin Member of New

Zealand’s Parliament, serving

his fourth term as a List

Parliamentarian for the New

Zealand National Party.’

“Currently serving as a

Shared ownership option to new homebuyers

Supplied Content

The continuous hunt

for new ways to help

New Zealanders get

into their first home

has prompted BNZ to support

an exciting new shared

ownership option for first time

home buyers.

“It’s a commercial take on

the Bank of Mum and Dad for

new home owners.”

Shared ownership will

give eligible customers who

are saving for a deposit the

opportunity to get into their

first home faster.

“Some New Zealanders are

lucky enough to have mums

and dads topping up their

savings, so they can get the

deposit to buy a house,” Chief

Customer Officer (Consumer

and Wealth) Paul Carter said.

“Not everyone has family to

call on in this way and that’s

where shared ownership could

help,” he said.

Commercial Model

BNZ has been supporting a

commercial shared ownership

spokesperson for Internal

Affairs and Justice portfolios

for the New Zealand National

Party, he also served as Chairperson

of Parliamentary Law

and Order Select Committee.

His prior assignments included

Paul Carter (Picture Supplied)

model that teams potential

home owners up with a trusted

industry partner. Together

they build the funds required

to purchase the house with the

help of BNZ and the third party

takes an equity share in the


Shared ownership includes

fees and other terms and conditions

and is explained more

in the video on BNZ website so

that customers can get a better

sense of whether it’s an option

that might suit them.

Twyford ticks

Housing Minister Phil

Twyford agreed that shared

ownership schemes can

play a role in getting more,

hardworking New Zealanders

numerous Parliamentary

Committees. In 2015, he was

conferred ‘Pravasi Bharatiya

Samman Award’ by the Indian

Government. Mr Bakshi has

been supporting GOPIO

chapters in New Zealand.”

into their own homes.

“We are looking at a similar

scheme for low income earners

so it’s great to see BNZ looking

at a progressive home ownership

model like this.”

Mr Carter said that BNZ is

passionate about getting more

New Zealanders into homes.

“This means a commitment

to providing a broad range of

options to give New Zealanders

more opportunities to explore

as they take the first step onto

the property ladder. Shared

ownership is another way that

BNZ can help customers get

into their first home,” he said.

Modest launch

Shared ownership will

launch with a pilot targeted at

potential customers looking

to buy qualifying new build

houses in Auckland.

“While we are launching

small, we and our partner will

be looking to make shared

ownership available to more

first home buyers wherever

they are in New Zealand after

the launch next year,” Mr

Carter said.

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JANUARY 15, 2019

Junior Hospital doctors to strike today

Katie Scotcher

RNZ Wellington



Junior hospital doctors

will strike in two weeks

in a bid to get better

employment protection.

They will walk off the job

for 48 hours from today

(January 15, 2019).

The Resident Doctors’

Association said that they

wanted a renewed collective

employment agreement as

theirs expired nearly a year


Outstanding issues

Association President Dr

Courtney Brown said that

after a year of bargaining

with District Health Boards

(DHBs), significant claw backs

to their terms and conditions

remained on the table.

Junior Doctors say that they

want a fair deal (Image

from RDA Video)

Doctors move between

DHBs and hence, without a

collective agreement, they

were at the mercy of different

arrangements, Dr Brown


National secretary Deborah

Powell said that there are a

number of issues in the proposed

agreement that would

impact where and how junior

doctors work.

“The employers want

the right to send us to any

hospital or any DHB in the

country. Currently we move

Dr Ralston D’Souza (from RDA Video)

around a lot, but it is by

agreement - they want to take

that agreement provision out

of the collective.

Families affected

“The impact on that to

residents as far as their

personal lives are concerned,

their families is huge,” Dr

Powell said.

It is unlikely that the

strike will be called off and a

settlement will be reached in

time, Dr Powell said.

“The employers have been

incredibly bullish at the

table... no one else in health is

facing claw backs, everyone

else is getting improvement

in terms and conditions at

the moment, so they have

really singled out the resident

doctors in this dispute,” Dr

Powell said.

All DHBs, excluding West

Coast District Health Board,

will be affected by the strike.

DHBs disappointed

DHB spokesperson Peter

Bramley said the boards are

disappointed some trainee

doctors had chosen to strike

instead of helping to address

issues of staffing numbers,

work hours and fatigue.

“The action is regrettable as

DHBs have made a good offer

that builds on past negotiations

to deal with stress and

fatigue,” Dr Bramley said.

He said that a new system

for organising work was

agreed in the last RMO

(Resident Medical Officers)

pay talks - it has been implemented

in more than half of

all applicable rosters.

It has addressed some RMO

concerns about work hours,

but other issues have been

identified, he said.

“We are not interested

in clawing back conditions

as suggested but rather are

looking for options that allow

greater local flexibility in

work patterns that support

better training and improved

clinical care,” Dr Bramley said.

Contingency planning to

ensure emergency and essential

services are available to

those who need them is well

underway, Dr Bramley added.

Katie Scotcher is a Reporter

at Radio New Zealand. Indian

Newslink has published

the above story under a

Special Agreement with




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JANUARY 15, 2019

Education and Training Special

New entity to promote Hindi in New Zealand

Bhartiya Bhasha Evam Shodh Sansthan launched

Supplied Content

January 10 was an important date on the Indian

languages calendar.

It was on this day that the First World Hindi

Conference was held in Nagpur, Maharashtra in 1975.

The Conference was attended by 122 delegates from

30 countries.

Since then, January 10 is being observed every year as

the ‘Vishwa Hindi Divas,’ (World Hindi Day) as a means

to promote and spread Hindi around the world, using a

diverse range of activities. Hindi is amongst the 10

most powerful languages and

Enrol now for courses in February 2019

Learn English with us

in class / for work / at home



To contact your centre

*Many courses are free

Dr Pushpa Wood Sunita Narayan (Pictures Supplied) Infographics from

third most spoken language

in the world today.

Language Leaders

To mark the occasion

this year in New Zealand,

two educators, Dr Pushpa

Bhardwaj-Wood and Sunita

Narayan (long term advocates

and supporters of Hindi language)

from Wellington took

a lead to set up the ‘Bharatiya

Bhasha Evam Shodh Sansthan’

(Indian Languages &

Research Foundation).

Both women were honoured

with the ‘Vishwa Hindi

Samman Award’ last year.

Foundation Terms

The purpose of the Foundation

is to advise, develop and

evaluate a strategic approach

for building capability and

capacity of Indian languages

providers in New Zealand.

The Foundation invites

nominations/expressions of

interest from Indian language

educators and researchers

who are keen to be part of

an advisory team for the


All existing Indian language

and culture schools in New

Zealand will have an opportunity

to become associates of

the Foundation.

Strengthening Indian


Dr Wood said that the main

ethos of the Foundation will

be to encourage, support

and promote collaboration

in strengthening Indian languages

and culture through

quality resources, training

and ongoing professional


“We wanted to have

a snapshot of capability

and capacity within New

Zealand when it comes to

Hindi teaching. We have been

discussing the Survey and

its findings with the Indian

High Commissioner Sanjiv

Kohli and we are grateful

for his ongoing support and

guidance. He has been very

helpful in promoting this

piece of work,” she said.

Online Survey

During the second half

of 2018, Dr Wood and Ms

Narayan carried out an

Online Survey to understand

the capability and capacity

of Hindi teaching in New

Zealand. Based on the

findings of this Survey, the

priority initiative of this

Foundation will be to create

capability and capacity of

Hindi teachers first followed

by other Indian languages.

It is envisaged that as the

interest grows about other

Indian languages, further

initiatives will be introduced

in the coming years.

Coordinated Approach

Hindi is now the 4th highly

spoken language in Aotearoa

New Zealand and therefore a

more strategic, coordinated

approach is required.

“We have known for a

while that we need to improve

the quality of teaching

and learning resources and

this is our attempt to bring all

the thinking together. It is our

vision to develop an inclusive

model that works for all

languages, in all contexts and

locations. We have garnered

enough support from Indian

educators and institutions to

support our capacity building

efforts in Aotearoa” Ms

Narayan said.

Further information

can be obtained from Dr

Pushpa Bhardwaj-Wood on

021- 755813. Email: Pushpa.; Sunita

Narayan on 022-6427652.

Email: sunita.d.narayan@

-With Reporting by Dr

Pushpa Wood

JANUARY 15, 2019

Consensus imperative for civic education

Education and Training Special


John Hall


International New

Zealand (TINZ) recently


on the National Certificate of

Educational Achievement (NCEA)

Review conducted as part of the

national Education Conversation

| Korero Matauranga.

TINZ advocated an important

attribute of any transparent and

accountable society is that its citizens

have the literacy to actively

participate in routine social and

democratic activities.

Divergent understandings

However, amajor obstacle is

the lack of sufficient common

platforms for public discourse.

This could lead to different civic

and political conversations

developing within different


There is a risk that this might

eventually be reflected in legislation

leading to a divergence in

different communities’ understanding

of the law.

The lack of asufficient consensus

on the definition and standards

of civic literacy may have

led to the confusion concerning

what constitutes basic civic


Uncertainty over values

On the one hand, uncertainty

about what values lie behind

our institutions could lead teachers

to focus on only the most mechanical

of civic processes (such

as voting). This leads to risks,

leaving students without an understanding

of the rationale for

these processes.

On the other hand, leaving the

scope of civics too broad may

allow teachers to focus solely

on issues of interest to them,

at the expense of explaining the


Without a common approach

across socio-economic demographics

to the teaching of civics,

there is a risk that students’ literacy

with social systems may correlate

with decile backgrounds.

The International Civic and

Education System failing Maori says academic

RNZ, Hamilton

Citizenship Study (ICCS) study of

2008 identified adisparity in civics

knowledge between students

from European or Asian ethnic

groups and those from Maori or

Pasifika backgrounds.

There are serious repercussions

for society if demographic

or geographic communities

are developing diverging understandings

of society itself.

The case for robust civil


A robust civics education

needs to be of benefit to the individual,

the community and society

in general.

An important outcome is that

an informed and engaged polity

is one where robust integrity systems

can develop that are strong

antidotes for corruption.

TINZ, therefore, supports the

broadening of the literacy requirements

to include compulsory

civics literacy standards.

We hope that the Education

Ministry recognises civic literacy

as the process whereby citizens

can name, analyse, and take effective

action on a social or political


John Hall is Director of

the Wellington-based

Transparency International

New Zealand (TINZ) Director

(Civic & Human Rights), Open

Government Partnership

and Auckland Events. The

above article appeared in

the December 2018 issue of

Transparency Times.

Police job tops Careers List in 2018

Sourced Content

New Zealand’s education

system is failing Māori

students by continuing

to marginalise their

culture, Waikato University

Professor Mere Berryman, a

2017 New Zealander of the Year

finalist, has said.

“The Treaty of Waitangi

promised both Māori and non-

Māori equal shares of all the

benefits that the colonial government

was going to provide,

yet what we’ve found that education

has provided is a very

western perspective that is

about one history rather than

both our histories,” she said.

‘(The teachers) ask the

Chinese girl about her culture

and they try and tell me about

mine,’ Professor Berryman was

told by one Māori student.

One-sided disadvantage

This one-sided storytelling not

only disadvantages Māori New

Zealanders, she says.

“Māori have missed out because

their histories are not being

told authentically, but so too

have non-Māori because they

have not learnt about Māori histories

[alongside European colonial

history]. They have learnt

a particular version of those


Shocking revelation

Professor Berryman said that

she was shocked when a 2001

government report revealed

that the experience of many

Professor Mere Berryman (Photo Supplied to RNZ)

Māori students still had not improved

since she and her sib-

better on a daily basis, others

ers are changing lives for the

lings were in primary school, but need more support and education,

she says.

wasn’t surprised when a 2017 report

confirmed the depth and continuation

of the problem. that they were taught … and if

“Many teachers teach the way

“Racism is something that we they are not shown differently

they continue to perpetuate

are not good at talking about in

New Zealand, but we all need to a really top-down dominating

acknowledge its existence … Until way of seeing the world.”

we all work to understand [racism],

I don’t believe, as a society, Tauranga-based manager of

Mere Berryman is the

we will be able to move forward.” Waikato University’s Poutama

A majority better off

Pounamu Education Research

Professor Berryman said that and Development Centre. She

currently, about 70% of students previously worked as a teacher

and a leader within the

are served ‘exceptionally well’ by

the education system.

Ministry of Education, including

Te Kotahitanga, a research

“But 20% are doing a lot less

well with and many of them are and professional development


programme which helps teachers

and schools better support

The other 10%, which she believes

is a growing group, are impoverished

immigrant and Pakeha Indian Newslink has published

Māori student achievement.

students “often living in really the above Report, Picture

risky situations.”

and Video under a Special

While some New Zealand teach-

Agreement with

The most popular career

last year was Police

Officer, according to the

most searched for jobs on in 2018.

Tertiary Education Commission

Chief Executive Tim Fowler said

that searches for information

on jobs such as Police Officers,

Teachers, Nurses and GPs show

that people aspire to careers

where they can make a difference.

Buoyant Market

“Job trends from 2018 also

show unemployment is at its lowest

level in over ten years, falling

to 3.9% according to November

2018 figures released by Statistics

New Zealand. We are noticing a

buoyant job market with some

school leavers opting to enter the

workforce where they may have

traditionally gone straight into

Tertiary Education,” he said.

However there is still an important

role for Tertiary Education

and Training to help people build

their skills and give them more

career choices after their study,

Mr Fowler said.

The top 10 jobs searched for on

the site as at 10

December 2018 are Police Officer,

Registered Nurse, Psychologist,

Secondary School Teacher,

Accountant, Pilot, Primary School

Teacher, Surgeon, General Practitioner

and Veterinarian.

Following are the top 10 jobs

searched for in 2018 (as on De-

Tim Fowler (File Picture)

Constable Elyse Lewis and Mist on the heels

of a runner (Photo from Facebook)

cember 20, 2018) in three major

cities of New Zealand:

Auckland: Police Officer,

Registered Nurse, Psychologist,

Accountant, Secondary School

Teacher, General Practitioner,

Pilot, Surgeon, Primary School

Teacher, Veterinarian

Wellington: Psychologist,

Police Officer, Registered Nurse,

Accountant, Primary School

Teacher, Secondary School

Teacher, General Practitioner,

Surgeon, Pilot Veterinarian

Christchurch: Police Officer,

Nurse, Secondary School Teacher,

Psychologist, Pilot

Primary School Teacher, Veterinarian,

Accountant, Surgeon,

General Practitioner

Source: Tertiary Education





Our country is a target for fraudsters looking to clean their money.

It’s estimated that over $1 billion a year comes from drug dealing and fraud,

and can be laundered through New Zealand businesses. Risking our reputation

and economy. So, we’re making law changes to protect New Zealand and

everything we love about it. To find out more, visit


JANUARY 15, 2019


ADB to invest US$280 million in major projects in Fiji

Venkat Raman

The Asian Development

Bank (ADB) will invest

about US$280 million

on major infrastructure

projects in Fiji during 2019-2010,

President Takehiko Nakao has said.

He was in Suva yesterday to

discuss matters relating to the 52nd

Annual General Meeting of ADB,

scheduled to be held in the Fijian

Capital from May 1 to May 5, 2019.

Fiji is the Current Governor

of the ADB Board with Attorney

General and Minister of Economy

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum representing

the country and Reserve Bank

of Fiji Governor Ariff Ali as the

Alternate Governor.

Project details

Following meetings with

Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe

Bainimarama, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum

and Mr Ali, ADB would assist Fiji’s

development plans with a loan to

expand sewerage infrastructure

in Suva and policy-based loans to

improve the business environment

and public sector management, Mr

Nakao said.

A Fijian Government notification

said that ADB has already started

preparation of a Nadi River Flood

Protection Project, which is

expected to be co-financed with the

Japan International Cooperation

Agency (JICA).

“The Project will protect Nadi

and surrounding areas, a vital hub

for logistics and tourism in the

Fijian Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama with Asian Development

Bank President Takehiko Nakao in Suva on Friday, January 12, 2019

region, from frequent flooding. ADB

will also continue to mobilise co-financing

from development partners,

such as the European Investment

Bank and the World Bank,” the

notification said.

Increasing commitment

ADB has committed US$593

million of assistance to Fiji since it

joined the Manila (Philippines) Bank

in 1970.

Since 2014, ADB has helped the

Fijian government mobilise large

financing packages for investments,

including concessional funds from

development partners such as the

Green Climate Fund.

Ongoing ADB projects include

the US$100 million Transport Infrastructure

Investment Sector Project,

US$42 million Fiji Urban Water

Supply and Wastewater Management

Investment Programme, US$15

million Sustained Private Sector-Led

Growth Reform Programme and

US$50 million Emergency Assistance

for Recovery from Tropical Cyclone


Asian Development Bank President Takehiko Nakao with Reserve Bank of Fiji

Governor Ariff Ali at a Press Conference in Suva on Friday, January 12, 2019

(Pictures from Facebook)

The Annual Meeting

Fiji will be the first Pacific developing

member country to host the

Annual Meeting of ADB. The Meeting

is the largest gathering of the Bank

and a unique opportunity for ADB

Governors, government officials,

the private sector, and development

partners and experts to discuss

critical issues and challenges facing

Asia and the Pacific.

The theme of the 2019 Annual

Meeting is ‘Prosperity Through


Mr Nakao described the Annual

Meeting as ‘an excellent opportunity

to highlight the strength of the Fijian

economy and progress across the

wider Pacific region.’

“We will discuss, among others, the

development of sustainable tourism

and management of ocean health

which are important issues not only

for Fiji and other Pacific countries

but also for many Asian countries,”

he said.

Commendable Growth

Commending the impressive

growth of the Fijian economy along

with its sound fiscal management,

Mr Nakao said that the country

has achieved steady growth since

2010, longer than any period since it

gained independence in 1970.

The average annual growth during

2010-2018 is estimated at 3.1%, he


“The Government has exercised

prudent macroeconomic management

in recent years. This has

attracted new investments and

created an environment in which

businesses can grow and generate

more jobs,” Mr Nakao said.

“ADB will continue working closely

with Fiji to support the country’s efforts

to achieve sustained, inclusive,

private sector-led growth that brings

benefits to the entire population,” he


Partnership Priorities

Mr Bainimarama said that there

was ample scope for strengthening

Fiji’s partnership with ADB in the

ensuing years.

“Our priorities for that partnership

are clear; we will attract more

investment, boost our climate resilience,

continue to build confidence

in our economy by increasing

engagement with the private sector,

continue developing a world-class

civil service, and develop even greater

networks of infrastructure for

the benefit of Fijians everywhere.

We will achieve these through

accountability, transparency and

good governance,” he said.

Mr Bainimarama said that Fiji’s

choice of being the host of the 52nd

Annual Meeting of ADB is a proud

recognition “among many, of our

capacity to host major international

events and we look forward to

showcasing Fiji’s development

achievements at the meeting in

Denarau this May.”

ADB in the Pacific

ADB is building its presence

in 11 Pacific Island countries to

increase the impact of its growing

programme of assistance.

The expansion will involve the

conversion of four extended missions,

in Samoa, Solomon Islands,

Tonga and Vanuatu, into country

offices and the establishment of

seven new country offices in the

Cook Islands, the Federated States

of Micronesia, Kiribati, the Marshall

Islands, Nauru, Palau, and Tuvalu.

ADB currently has resident

missions in Papua New Guinea and

Timor-Leste, a Pacific Liaison And

Coordination Office in Sydney and a

Pacific Sub-Regional Office in Fiji.

Winner of the Indian Newslink

Community Award 2018

for Distinguished

Legal Services to communities

We take the stress out of the New Zealand

immigration and settlement process

Bringing NewZealand HeartSpecialists to Fiji

● Specialist Consultations ● Exercise Treadmill Test

● Echocardiography (Echo) ● Angiography

● Electrocardiogram (ECG) ● Angioplasty (Stenting)

● Acting on behalf of clients overseas and in New Zealand

● All types of New Zealand visa applications

● New Zealand Employers recruiting migrants

● Sorting visa problems (PPI letters and Visa Revocation)

● Declined visas, complaints and complex cases

● Section 61 requests for people unlawfully in New Zealand

● Deportation orders and Detention issues

● All types of Appeals (legally aided for some)

● Refugee/Asylum and Family reunification cases

● New Zealand Citizenship

● Sale, purchase and Property Refinancing Transactions

● Enduring Powers of Attorney and Wills


Level 1, 207 Broadway, Newmarket 1023, Auckland

Phone: +64 9 283 0157 Fax: +64 4 461 6019




Unit 4, 18 Moorefield Road, PO Box 13208, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037

Phone: +64 4 461 6018 Fax: +64 4 461 6019



Level 1, 252 Cumberland Street, Dunedin Central 9016, Dunedin,

Phone: +64 3 926 9755 Fax: +64 4 461 6019


12 Commercial Street, Namaka, Nadi

JANUARY 15, 2019

Stolen cars from New Zealand,

Australia seized in Fiji

Jyoti Pratibha



Stolen vehicles from

Australia and New

Zealand have been

seized at Lautoka

Wharf in a big car racket.

The Fiji Revenue and

Customs Service intercepted

the vehicles imported by

agents here to be resold.

FRCS Chief Executive

Officer Vishvanath Das

confirmed in astatement

that, “Over the past week,

two motor vehicles that

were reported stolen in New

Zealand were smuggled into

the country under the guise

of spare parts and furniture,

but were intercepted at

Lautoka Wharf by Custom


A big racket

Interceptions of the same

nature were also made by

Customs officers in 2018 for

stolen vehicles imported

from Australia.

Mr Das said that the cars

were part of a big racket.

“Evidence is being

gathered in what is

beginning to look like a

highly connected network of

individuals working within

organisations with intent to

make money from proceeds

of criminal activity,” he said.

In one case, the criminals

Fiji Revenue and Customs Service CEO Vishvanath Das (Centre) with his colleagues

waited more than a year returned to Fiji to clear his

before shipping the vehicles consignment.

to Fiji.

“Border Security is serious

In the latest incident, business and a collaborative

investigations into the approach is being taken with

Vehicle Identification both local border agencies

Number (VIN) revealed that and international Customs

a Toyota Hilux which was Administrations globally to

registered as a rental car in crack down on illegal activities.

Under our Customs

New Zealand was reported

stolen on December 8, 2017, to Customs Cooperation

while the Nissan Navara arrangements intelligence

which was registered as sharing has intensified

a private vehicle in New and we no longer work in

Zealand was reported stolen isolation,” Mr Das said.

on December 4, 2018.

“While the Service is

Accused importer

committed to facilitate

“The accused importer is trade, rest assured that with

reported to be a frequent the processes, systems and

traveller and is known to partnerships in place at the

have travelled to New Zealand

between December 7 intercept illegal activities

Border we will detect and

and December 12, 2018 just and when we do offenders

a few days after the vehicles will face the full brunt of the

was reported stolen.

law,” he added.

“The shipment left Auckland

on December 20, 2018 Special Arrangement with

Reproduced under a

a week after the suspect the Fiji Sun.

Maungakiekie Office

Level 1, Crighton House, 100 Neilson Street, Onehunga

(entrance from Galway Street)

Open weekdays 9am-5pm

(09) 622-2660

Please call to make an appointment before coming into the office



Authorised by Priyanca Radhakrishnan, 100 Neilson Street, Onehunga


This award-winning development islooking for ahigh quality grocery operator

in Sugartree Lane, apedestrian lane linking Union and Nelson Streets inAuckland’s CBD.

By 2019 over 10,000 people will live or work close toSugartree Lane

and currently there isnolocal supermarket.

Sugartree Lane has a400m 2 space perfectly suited for agrocery store

selling fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and delicatessen.

Don’t miss out, call today to view.

Julie Warbrick

022 639 3028 |



JANUARY 15, 2019


Ikea NZ launch details: there will be meatballs

Nikki Mandow (Newsroom

After an inordinate

amount of hype and

years of heart-stopping

“Is it coming? Is it not?,”

the world’s largest furniture and

home furnishings retailer, Ikea,

has held a press conference,

ostensibly to announce details

about the company’s arrival in

New Zealand.

Around 100 breathless

journalists, Ikea supporters and

Scandinavian dignitaries arrived

at the Cloud in Auckland to be

told: there will be meatballs.

But not much more.

Dream, no Plan

“Without being specific, it’s a

dream, but we don’t have a plan

yet,” said Jesper Brodin, President

and CEO of the Ingka Group,

which holds the franchise for Ikea

in New Zealand and other parts

of the world.

“We are at the start of the

process. It is too premature to be

specific,” said Market Potential

Development Manager Will


So, here’s what we know:

When: The first Ikea store in

New Zealand will be open “within

a few years” - more than two, less

than 10.

Where: The first “iconic” full-service

blue and yellow store will be

somewhere in Auckland. Precise

location still to be decided. Next

up: the South Island, though what

format that presence will take

Ikea’s Will Edwards and Jesper Brodin the press conference. (Photo: Nikki Mandow)

isn’t known. After that: heading

north again.

What: The full Monty - 7,000 Ikea

Home Furnishing and click-together

Kitchen products.

How big: Internationally, Ikea has

big stores - like, 25,000 square-metres

- and boutique ones (less than

1,000 sqm). Auckland will get the

full concept store, Edwards says,

though future ones in other cities

will probably be smaller.

How much will Ikea spend: There

has been speculation an Ikea

franchise licence costs around $35

million and the company would be

looking at around $90 million to

build a full-service store here.

Edwards says Ikea is close to

putting a price tag on the build, but

he is not giving anything away.

How many people does Ikea expect

to come through the doors?


Will there be an online offering?

Yes. Digital Ikea in New Zealand is

planned to start on or around the

same date as Physical Ikea NZ.

Will stuff be as cheap as in

Australian stores? Maybe, maybe

not, but New Zealanders will get

“the very best prices.”

What will happen to existing

parallel importers? “We will have

a dialogue” Edwards says; which

appears to mean that they will be

nudged out once Ikea arrives.

Will there be a creche? No, but

there will likely be a play area. And

children can jump on the sofas.

Will there be meatballs? Definitely.

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad

famously said, “It is hard to do

business on an empty stomach.”

There will be food.

Any other definites? Ikea was

founded in Sweden 76 years ago

and has 400 stores in 50 countries.

It has been in Australia for more

than 40 years.

Nikki Mandow is Business Editor

at Newsroom, New Zealand.

Indian Newslink has published

the above report and picture

under a Special Arrangement

Scammers ready to con

over automatic tax refunds

Sourced Content

Automatic tax refunds

are coming and scammers

are already at

work says a press

note from Inland Revenue

Department (IRD).

The Department recently sent

emails about automatic tax assessments

and other initiatives

in the biggest change to the tax

system in a generation.

IRD Customer Segment Leader

Bernadette Newman warned

against the scam, which involves

an email.

Ensure authenticity

“The email asks you to complete

the steps below to release

money owed to you. There is a

link to fill in a form with advice

to ‘just fill it in and get your returns

in order now. When you

receive an e-mail like this, purporting

to come from IRD, don’t

click on it, but use your mouse

to hover the web address and

make sure that it is a real Inland

Revenue website,” she said.

Ms Newman said that during

the past few months, IRD

has dispatched more than two

million emails as part of its

‘Changing for you’ Campaign

and more will be sent soon.

If the proposed changes go

ahead, automatic tax refunds

can be issued to eligible customers

if IRD holds your up-to-date

bank account information. This

can be updated through myIR,

the secure online portal, which

is password protected.

“You will know that you are in

safe hands if you have been directed

to myIR where a valid

log-in is required. Unfortunately,

scammers and phishers will try

to take advantage of the volume

of email that we are sending and

try to access bank accounts and

steal people’s money,” she said.

It’s important to know what a

fraudulent e-mail looks like.

Inland Revenue will never (a)

email you with the amount of

your refund (only within myIR)

or send you an email, knock on

your door or phone you, promising

a tax refund (b) ask you to

pay money to release a tax refund

(c) send you an email with

a hyperlink to a webpage that

asks you to submit your personal

information (d) demand payments

through NZ Post or a gift


If you receive a text scam

message or a fraudulent call,

please email phishing@ird.

html for more tips, how to confirm

or report a scam.

scam-tips/ also has useful tips

on how to recognise a scam.

Logistics is the line between Order and Disorder

Link2 Group is an Auckland-based Logistics Contract ServiceProvider,comprising

Link2 Services (established in 2000) and Link2 Solutions (formerly knownas

Apparel Solutions).

We arethe only Logistics Contract ServiceProvider offering clients the flexibility

to choose aUnit PriceoranHourly Rate forservices; and the location –either at

their premises or at our Wearhouse in East Tamaki.

OurServices include all Warehousing needs,including Pick-Packing,Labelling,

Container Devanning,Creating Promotion Packages,Rework, Stocktaking and


Awards over the Years

Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards

1. Supreme Business of the Year 2016 (Winner)

2. Best EmployerofChoice2016 (Winner)

3. Business ExcellenceinCustomer Service2015 and 2016 (Winner)

4. Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Rahul Sirigiri, CEO)2013 and 2016 (Winner)

Westpac Auckland Business Awards (South)

1. ExcellenceinStrategy &Planning 2017 (Winner)

2. Employerofthe Year 2016 and 2017 (Finalist)

3. ExcellenceinCustomer ServiceDelivery(Finalist)

The Link2 Group was the Winner of the ‘Supreme Business of the Year’Award at the Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards

2016. Chairman Indra Sirigiri (third from right) with Mansa Sirigiri, the then Prime Minister Sir John Key, BNZ Chairman Dough McKay, the

then Managing Director &Chief Executive Anthony Healy and Rahul and Jaya Sirigiri.


TheLink2 Group has multiple Casual,Full Time and Part-Time jobs

available for:

● General Warehousing (Pick-Packing,Labelling,Sorting,Rework)

● Forklift, Reach and Hoist Drivers

● Container Devanning

● Truck Drivers: Class 2and 4

Office Address: 47 Allens Road,EastTamaki, Auckland2013

Postal Address: POBox 217206,BotanyJunction, Auckland

Phone: (09) 2724700;Fax: (09)2724699; Mobile: 027-5460480


JANUARY 15, 2019

Helen Winkelmann next Chief Justice of New Zealand

Supplied Content

Judge of the Court of

Appeal, Justice Helen

Winkelmann has been

appointed Chief Justice of

New Zealand and a Judge of

the Supreme Court of New

Zealand, Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern announced

on December 17, 2018.

Ms Ardern said that

Justice Winkelmann will

take charge on March 13,

2019, on retirement of the

current Chief Justice Dame

Sian Elias.

‘Enormous Esteem’

“The consultation process

highlighted the enormous

esteem Justice Winkelmann

is held in by the legal

community. There was a

high degree of consensus

from all quarters for her

appointment. Her Honour

is recognised by her peers

and the profession for

her superior intellect,

her judicial instinct and

experience, coupled with

strong leadership, qualities

that I am sure will make an

outstanding Chief Justice,”

Ms Ardern said.

About Justice Helen


Justice Winkelmann

graduated with an LLB and a

BA in History from Auckland

University in 1987 and began

work as a law clerk with

Auckland firm Nicholson

Gribbin (later Phillips Fox,

now DLA Piper).

Justice Winkelmann

(Picture Supplied

In 1988, at age 25, Justice

Winkelmann became the first

female partner and one of the

youngest partners ever in the

firm’s then 117- year history.

In 2001, Justice Winkelmann

left Phillips Fox to

join the independent Bar,

specialising in commercial

litigation, insolvency and


She was appointed a High

Court Judge in 2004, Chief

High Court Judge in 2009 and

a Judge of the Court of Appeal

in 2015.

No Statutory Process

While judicial appointments

are made by the

Governor-General on the

recommendation of the

Attorney-General, the Senior

Courts Act provides that the

Prime Minister makes the

recommendation for appointment

of the Chief Justice.

There is no statutory

process for the appointment.

Consultation Rounds

The Solicitor-General

Una Jagose QC conducted a

consultation process to inform

the Prime Minister’s decision,

consulting the Chief Justice

Dame Sian Elias, retired senior

Court judges, the New Zealand

Law Society, the New Zealand

Bar Association and Te Hunga

Rōia Māori oAoteroa (the Māori

Law Society). That consultation

was to determine who was

thought to meet the criteria for

Chief Justice.

The Solicitor-General then

formed a panel comprising

Dame Silvia Cartwright, retired

High Court Judge and Former

Governor-General and Sir

Terence Arnold, retired Supreme

Court judge. That Panel

considered the consultation


The Solicitor-General then

provided advice to the Prime

Minister to enable her to take a

decision to make a recommendation

to the Governor-General.

Tribute to Dame Sian Elias

In announcing this

appointment, Ms Ardern paid

tributes to the excellent service

rendered by Dame Sian as Chief


“Dame Sian has played a significant

role in the development

of our laws and constitution

and has represented New

Zealand superbly on the international

stage,” she said.

“For many years, Justice

Winkelmann was a trustee of

the Starship Foundation and

Lynfield College Development

Trust,” she said.


New technology boost biosecurity at Auckland Airport

Supplied Content

The most sophisticated

X-ray technology available

to scrutinise the

bags of international

travellers for any unwanted

pests was unveiled on

December 18, 2018 at Auckland

Airport by Biosecurity

Minister Damien O’Connor.

He issued the following


Our dynamic biosecurity

environment means we must

constantly adjust our scrutiny

and strengthen our border

security as threats emerge.

Three-dimension images

The million-dollar scanner

features three-dimensional

imaging (real-time tomography)

that will make it easier

for quarantine officers to

pinpoint risky items that have

been difficult to detect in the

past such as dried meat, goods

hidden behind laptops and

stink bugs.

Biosecurity New Zealand

is also developing software

with Australian counterparts

that will allow the scanner to

automatically recognise risky

items such as fruit that could

harbour fruit fly.

Sophisticated gamechanger

This is a game changer

for biosecurity. It is the most

sophisticated piece of X-ray

technology we could have in

place to support our officers

at Auckland Airport and provides

another useful tool in

our multi-layered biosecurity

system, sitting alongside 50

detector dog teams, arrival

Call to regulate bank surcharge

Aretailers’ group wants

the government to

regulate the amount

that banks can charge for

credit-card transactions.

Retailers in this country

are charged a surcharge

of between 2% and 3% of

the purchase value, when

a customer uses a credit or

Paywave card.

Retail New Zealand’s General

Manager Public Affairs Greg

Harford said this is threetimes

higher than what’s

charged in similar overseas


Surcharge added

He said that the surcharge is

added to the price of all goods,

so, those paying cash subsidise

credit-card fees.

“So that means that the customer

who’s paying cash for their groceries

is effectively subsidising the


cards, risk assessment and

public awareness campaigns.

The scanner will check bags

before passengers pick them

up and images will be sent

to quarantine ahead of any

searches, similar to how security

X-ray screening operates

at many major international


Ultimately, we want this

technology in place across

the passenger, mail and

cargo pathways as traveller

numbers and trade increases.

It is important that we all

do our bit for biosecurity as

we all benefit from acountry

relatively free of unwanted

pests and diseases and we all

suffer the consequences of an


rewards programmes that

are operated, air points

credit cards for example,”

he said.

Mr Harford said that

Retail New Zealand will

talk to the government

about possible regulatory

solutions once it has

conducted some more

research on the issue.

Indian Newslink has

published the above Report

and Picture under a

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This award-winning development is looking for restaurant owner operators

to open in Sugartree Lane, a convenient pedestrian lane linking

Union and Nelson Streets in Auckland’s CBD.

The Sugartree Lane dining precinct has a range of spaces

perfectly suited to your cafe or restaurant with beautiful outdoor areas

and garden, courtyard or city views.

Don’t miss out, call today to view.

Julie Warbrick

022 639 3028 |



JANUARY 15, 2019


New cars sales head for another record year

But used imports are on the way down

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

ISSUE 407 | JANUARY15, 2019

Let us begin the New

Year on a positive note

The dawn of a New Year

always brings with it

fresh beginnings, punctuated

by new hope,

ideas, wishes and renewed

optimism. Although various

faiths have varied ‘New Year

Days’ over a 365-day period,

the world has come to accept

that January 1 is the start of a

new calendar, new phase in

life – everything in fact that

marks a new start.

Day of Celebration

January 1 is also a public

holiday in many parts of

the world making it a Day

of Celebration and as we in

Indian Newslink wish you,

your family, colleagues and

everyone around you the best

of everything in the New Year,

we hope for world peace and

greater economic and social


True, there are many things

that ail this world; poverty is

the worst demon that blocks a

significant number of people

everywhere from becoming

partners in human progress.

Millions subsist below the

poverty line, creating amajor

challenge to governments

across the hemispheres. But

we hope that there would be

collective global progress for, in

the 21st Century, what affects

one country has a rippling

effect everywhere else.

Wellbeing Approach in New


There are signs that the New

Zealand economy will continue

to perform well, despite the

rhetoric of ‘loss of business

confidence’ orchestrated

mainly by the political adversaries

of the current coalition

government. Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern has done well,

winning international attention

with her ‘genuine politics.’ She

has brought along a new brand

of governance that is open and

honest – a brand that seems to

be working.

Year 2019 will see the furtherance

of the Government’s

‘Wellbeing Approach,’ with

Budget priorities spelling new

ways of working and of thinking

about how we measure our

success as a country and as a


Raising Living Standards

The priorities for Budget

2019 have been chosen using

the Treasury’s Living Standards

Framework (LSF), evidence

from sector-based experts

and the Government’s Science

Advisors, and collaboration

among public sector agencies

and Ministers. They are

focused on the outcomes New

Zealanders want to achieve

and all Ministers and agencies

will be collectively responsible

for delivering the priorities.

To begin to tackle the

challenges identified in

the Wellbeing Outlook, the

Government has identified

five Budget Priorities for

Budget 2019, which include

(1) Creating opportunities for

productive businesses, regions,

iwi and others to transition to a

sustainable and low-emissions

economy (2) Supporting a

thriving nation in the digital

age through innovation, social

and economic opportunities

(3) Lifting Māori and Pacific

incomes, skills and opportunities

(4) Reducing child poverty

and improving child wellbeing,

including addressing family

violence and (5) Supporting the

mental wellbeing for all New

Zealanders, with a special focus

on under 24-year-olds.

US-China Trade War

The global scene provides

a mixed bag of goodwill and

conflicts of interest.

The commerce sector is holding

its breath as the US-China

Trade war, the worst in

decades, continues unabated.

The Trump Administration

has imposed tariffs on Chinese

products valued at US$ 250

billion. Beijing has retaliated.

The US has also slapped

tariffs on steel imports from

Europe, Canada, Mexico and

many other countries.

As the Economist

mentioned, Donald Trump

intervened on national-security

grounds to scupper a US$ 117

billion bid from Broadcom, a

chipmaker with ties to South-

East Asia, for Qualcomm.

“It would have been the

biggest-ever tech merger.”

“In another dysfunctional

year at the White House,

Rex Tillerson was sacked as

Secretary of State, as was Jeff

Sessions as Attorney-General,

both after the President had

publicly undermined them.

The investigation by Robert

Mueller, the Special Counsel,

into Russian influence in

American elections rumbled

on, laying charges against some

of Mr Trump’s former aides.”

In Britain, Prime Minister

Theresa May is battling with

Brexit issues.

Despite these problems, we

hope that 2019 will usher in a

new era of prosperity.

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

of Indian Newslink and reproduction in full or part in any medium is prohibited. Indian

Newslink and its management and staff do not accept any responsibility for the claims

made in advertisements.

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Editor &General Manager: Venkat Raman; Production Manager: Mahes Perera;

Financial Controller: Uma Venkatram CA;

Phone: (09) 5336377 Email:


Mark Jennings

New car sales are heading for

another record year while

used imports are declining.

Buying a car can be a

tricky thing. Unlike houses, they

rarely go up in value.

As soon as you drive them off the

showroom floor or out of adealer

yard, they start costing you money.

Real money.

Personal experience

Not too long ago I was in the

market for a car and faced the

common dilemma – do I buy a new

car and have peace of mind knowing

that no one has thrashed it or do I

go for a second hand car that costs

less because the previous owner has

already copped a big chunk of the


Part of me wanted to show support

for one of Newsroom’s foundation

partners and buy a new Holden, but

the car (unlike many New Zealanders

I didn’t want a SUV or a Ute) most

suited to my requirements, an Astra,

didn’t quite seem right.

The Astra is a fine car and, as

Holden kept hammering away in its

marketing, it won European car of

the year in 2016.

But cars need to please on a variety

of levels, (many of them subjective)

and the Astra’s styling and driving

position didn’t quite do it for me.

I ended up buying a three-year-old

Volkswagen Golf Highline with

relatively low mileage. So far, things

have gone well. It drives nicely and

has all the technology I need.

Case for a new car

However, a full service recently set

me back nearly $500 and it made me

think again about the case for buying

a new car.

A new Holden comes with threeyear-free

servicing and so do other

brands like Mazda, Kia etc.

Andrew Collett, the boss of the big

Holden dealership, Davies Motors

in Manukau, says free servicing is a

major incentive for new car buyers.

“It is a really big deal. If you are

doing moderate mileage like most

people you are fully covered and it

can save you a heck of a lot of money,

up to $3,000 in some cases.”

Collet also points out that most new

cars these days come with at least

a three-year guarantee and usually

roadside assistance for a similar


But don’t you pay a hefty price for

that peace of mind?

Prices remain steady

Well, not as you once did, according

to Collett.

“The price of new cars haven’t

moved much in recent years and

they are comparatively a lot more

affordable than they used to be years


“I remember in the 90’s a fourwheel

drive Ute cost about $40,000.

These days, you can get a new UTE

for about $45,000 and of course you

get a lot more for your money.”

Statistics show that sales of new

cars have been steadily rising since

2009 and registrations hit a record

monthly high in October 2018 with

16,670 new vehicles. Total new car

sales are likely to end the year close

to 110,000.

Part of the rise has been due to

New Zealand’s on-going tourism

boom, which is driving demand for

rental cars.

Used cars purchase falls

On the other hand, sales of used

imports have declined month-tomonth

for most of the year.

According to Collett, “safety” has

become amajor factor in the minds

of buyers weighing up whether to

buy a new or second-hand car.

“It is really big in people’s minds

and we get asked a lot about them

(safety features) in the showroom.

It is not just about ABS brakes like it

once was, now buyers are interested

in features like lane keep assist (it

steers the car back into the lane if it

detects that you are drifting).

“The safety technology goes in

leaps and bounds year by year and

the thing now is that much of it is in

entry level cars not just the premium

models. You can now buy new cars

in the mid $20,000 range to the mid

$30,000s that are very well-equipped

and you didn’t used to be able to do


The better fuel efficiency of new

cars now that petrol prices are rising

again is also influencing buyers.

“It is the second most important

thing after safety,” says Collett.

But what about the depreciation?

Selling is losing

Collett gives a speedy but self-evident

response: “You only lose when

you sell.”

He quickly adds that the new car

market is very competitive and dealers

will always “meet the market.”

In other words, buyers can

limit the amount they lose by driving

down the price when they buy.

“I don’t believe in this no haggle

buying policy of companies like Toyota.

We are always happy to engage

with the customer. Negotiating a

better price has been part of the car

business forever and ever. That is

why they call us dealers.”

If you don’t want to haggle or don’t

back your skillset then Collett says

you should decide exactly what car

you want and then wait until there is

an ‘offering’ in the market.

“Holden, for example, will nearly

always have an offering in the market

and so do other brands.”

Complex finance deals

He agrees that finance deals make

things more complicated.

“There are a lot of low interest

rate offerings in the market and

rates through a new car dealer are

now very competitive compared to

other lenders, but buyers have to

realise there is no such thing as a free


Asked to put the case for buying a

second-hand car Collett is hesitant,

saying the gap between the price of

new and used cars “is not really that

great these days”.

He also finds it hard to recommend

cars that are more than three years

old, especially Japanese imports.

When pushed, he conceded that

ex-rentals can be good buys.

“When the rental fleets are being

turned over and there are quite large

numbers of them on the market the

buyer can get good value but you

have to keep a look out from week to


Mark Jennings is the Co-Founder

and Co-Editor of Newsroom, New

Zealand’s high-quality, independent

media organisation. Indian Newslink

has published the above Report and

Picture under a Special Agreement

with Newsroom. Holden is a foundation

supporter of Newsroom.

Visa Variation for stranded Chinese workers

RNZ, Wellington

The government will try to help

a group of up to 30 Chinese

construction workers who have

been left without work and a

place to live.

In December, RNZ reported the

group’s concerns about Peter Li, who

they said they paid tens of thousands of

dollars for work visas.

The Issues

The men were given contracts with

a labour hire company, National

Personnel Limited (NPL).

They were promised steady work,

but the men said that had not

happened and on Monday the group

was trespassed from their temporary


Police were called when they tried to

retrieve their belongings the next day.

Restrictive Visas

The workers are restricted from working

for any company other than NPL

because of the type of visa they hold.

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway

said that Immigration New

Zealand (INZ) was working with the

men and the Unite union to see what

help it could offer.

“The sorts of things that they will be

looking into is, can there be a variation

to their visas that allows them to pick

up work (with other employers). I

believe that a number of employers

have come forward and offered the

opportunity to work, and that’s what

these workers are looking for. They

just want to be able to work, earn some

money, and take care of themselves

whilst they are in New Zealand,” he


Mr Lees-Galloway said the workers’

welfare was a priority.

Police said that no one had been

arrested over the trespass, but they

were still investigating whether any

offences were committed.

Community help

Meanwhile, Chen Genxiang, a worker,

said that a Chinese community group

had provided accommodation for

about 18 of the men.

“Two women from the community

group came yesterday,” she said

through a translator.

“They’re also Chinese. They gave us

some food. We felt reassured. They

told us that they will help us to make

contact with the Chinese consulate

here and get back the money we paid

in China.”

INZ said that the options available to

the workers would depend on their

personal circumstances.

An Immigration New Zealand investigation

into Mr Li is ongoing.

Indian Newslink has published the

above Report and Picture under a

Special Agreement with www.rnz.

JANUARY 15, 2019





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*Fares shown are priced per person (inclusive of all taxes - correct as at 18 December 2018), for return travel from Auckland and are subject to availability and flight restrictions at the time of booking, for sale until 31 January 2019. A credit card service fee of 1.7% of the

total amount, capped at NZD70, applies per ticket when using a Singapore Airlines accepted credit card. Singapore Airlines reserves the right to alter or extend this offer without notice. Advertised Economy Class fares to India are for travel commencing on or between

18/02/2019 to 09/04/2019, 22/04/2019 to 20/06/2019, 16/07/2019 to 20/09/2019 and 07/10/2019 to 30/11/2019. Blackout periods, inbound restrictions and maximum stay restrictions apply. For full terms and conditions, ticket change, refund policy and to book, please

refer to US$1 standard seat selection applies per flight and is available on all flights booked on by 20 January 2019. Standard charges for changes to seat selection, or standard seat selection will apply after 20 January 2019.


JANUARY 15, 2019


Sudima performs a hat-trick in environmental excellence

Rotorua Hotel becomes the third to get carboNZero Certificate

New Zealand hotel

chain Sudima Hotels

has received carboNZero


for its Rotorua property.

The Certificate, made

effective from October 19,

2018, makes it the third hotel

in New Zealand, after Sudima

Auckland Airport and Sudima

Christchurch. To date, Sudima

is the only brand to receive

the Certificate among hotels in

New Zealand.

Sudima Hotels Founder

and Chief Executive Sudesh

Jhunjhnuwala said that the

aim is to make all new hotels of

the chain to be built to qualify

for the Certification.

The Group is currently developing

three new properties,

one each in Auckland CBD,

Christchurch and Kaikoura.

Responsible Management

“Our strategic approach to

our place in the environment

encompasses responsible management

practices, sustainable

and innovative buildings, and

agreements with sustainably

focused suppliers. It encourages

us to buy local and hold

all our procurement under

the same thought process.

We believe that achieving

carboNZero Certification is

central to this strategy, not only

because of its demonstrable


value but also because

of its benefit to guests,”

he said.

According to Mr Jhunjhnuwala,

people are

increasingly choosing

products and services

that demonstrate a

responsible approach to

the environment.

It is critical,

from sustainability

and competitive

standpoint, that

hospitality providers

show leadership

in registering and

reducing emissions,

he said.

A challenge to


“Many of our

guests come from

overseas to see New

Zealand’s famously

beautiful natural

environment, and

they expect to see hotels

doing their part

to protect it. As the

first, and currently

only hotel group with


properties, we want

to challenge others in

our sector to follow

our lead,” he said.

Dr Ann Smith,

Chief Executive of Enviro-Mark


which issues the Certificate,

said that the

process of achieving

carboNZero certification

is rigorous.

“Applicants first

measure all the activities

in their business

that create carbon

emissions in line

with international

measurement standards,

which are then

audited by an independent

third party.

Organisations must

then set reduction

targets and develop

projects to reduce

emission levels from

the most significant

emission sources in

their business and

offset their carbon

DIY does not always work in house sales

Kevin Lampen Smith

Selling a property is easy,

right? All you need to do is

stick a ‘For Sale’ sign out in

the front, put a few photos

online and hold a couple of open

homes. Job done!

Why wouldn’t you do it yourself?

Drop in private sales

The fact that private sales made

up just 10% of all residential

property sales in New Zealand in

the year to July (down from 13%

in 2017 and 17% in 2014) might

be a clue that it is not as simple

and straightforward as you might


Research by the industry membership

organisation Real Estate

Institute of New Zealand (REINZ)

found that the median price for

properties sold by real estate

agents was 10.9% higher than

private sales.

Property transactions are big

financial deals and they can get

complicated very quickly.

Selling a home, which is likely to

be your biggest asset as well as

being a physical and emotional

roof over your head, is not like

selling aused car or flogging your

unwanted Christmas presents on


Some advantages

If you decide to sell your property

privately, you will absolutely save

on the commission that you would

otherwise pay a real estate.

Your target is to get at least close

to what an agent would get for

your house. You pay commission

to an agent for them to get the

best price and that extra value is

what they will tell you pays your

commission for you, along with

less hassle on DIY basis.

You know your property better

than anyone, so you are in a good

position to ‘sell’ its features. You

will have complete control over

the process because you will be

dealing directly with potential

buyers. You get to decide every step

of the process, including choosing

the method of sale and setting the


Legal obligations

However, with complete power

comes complete responsibility.

When you are selling a property,

you have a legal obligation to share

all the relevant information about

it, such as any issues with the

boundary or title, any unconsented

building work or alterations,

any known weathertightness

issues and whether there are any

proposed developments that could

have an impact on a buyer’s access,

views or enjoyment.

If you fail to do this, you could be

in breach of your agreement with

the buyer. This could put the sale

in jeopardy, or the buyer could

seek compensation and take you to


Private sellers will need sharp

marketing and negotiation skills, as

well as the ability to be objective.

What you think of the property

and what it is worth will not

necessarily be shared by potential


Challenge of increasing supply

It is easy to sell a property when

there are a few houses for sale

and many buyers, but the market

is not as buoyant now in parts of

the country as it was a year ago.

Your expectations of price and ease

of sale are aligned with market

conditions. These are things that

real estate agents think about day

in and day out.

Expert advice

If you are still keen to DIY it, make

sure you’ve got some good advice

from the experts.

It can be very useful to get an

independent assessment of what

your property is worth, so you can

work out the price you’ll be willing

to accept.

You can research online (for free)

or pay for a registered valuation.

We strongly recommend that you

use a lawyer or conveyancer to

handle all the legal documentation,

including the sale and purchase


You may also want to consider

help when it comes to preparing

the property for viewings, whether

that means engaging a home

staging company who will make it

look pretty, or a trusted friend to

run any open homes.

Your decision finally

Ultimately, there is no reason why

you cannot sell your own property

if you think you have got the time,

skills and energy.

You must be ready to juggle a

lot of things at once, including

marketing and negotiation, on top

of your usual responsibilities.

Whatever you do, make sure you

go into the process with your eyes


For independent guidance and

information on buying or selling,

check out

Kevin Lampen-Smith is Chief Executive

of the Wellington-based

Real Estate Authority.

emissions through purchasing

carbon credits,” she said.

Optimising efficiencies

Dr Smith said that as a carboNZero-Certified


Sudima Hotels has selected

credits from a variety of credible

local and overseas projects that

contribute to projects such as

native forest regeneration and

wind farming.

“For Sudima Lake Rotorua, 323

Luoyang LFG Project in China

credits have chosen to offset its

remaining carbon emissions. The

carboNZero Programme helps

companies to identify opportunities

to maximise efficiencies in

their businesses, to review their

supply chain and initiate more

environmentally responsible

practices. Most carboNZero-certified

organisations are also

able to identify opportunities to

reduce their costs, partly through

becoming more energy-efficient,”

she said.

Annual Audit

Dr Smith said that as the only

hotel chain in New Zealand to

achieve this Certification, Sudima

Hotels is a leader with an ongoing

commitment to reduce its impact

on the environment. Sudima

Hotels is now in a process of

continual improvement, and

an annual audit is required to

maintain certification.

Apay gap of 21% for Pacific

women working in the public

service is alarming and needs

to be addressed urgently, says Equal

Employment Opportunities Commissioner

Saunoamaali’i Dr Karanina


Dr Sumeo was commenting on the

findings in the State Services Commission’s

Our People: Public Service

Workforce Data 2018 Report.

She issued the following Statement:

The pay gap for Pacific women is

alarming at 21%. Pacific women

continue to receive the lowest

increases in pay. It is also disturbing

that the report makes no mention

of a strategy in the Public Service to

address this with urgency,” she said.

Unacceptable situation

It is simply unacceptable that the

Public Service has done little to

address this issue since 2008. This

is ultimately about improving the

quality of life and opportunities for

Pacific women, many of whom are

living in hardship or poverty.

The trend in the Public Service

ethnic pay gaps indicate that not only

are Māori, Pacific and Asian ethnicities

the lowest paid but are still

under-represented in the top three

tiers of Public Service management.

Effective Policies needed

We need the State Services Commission

to work on effective policies.

As the EEO Commissioner, I would

personally welcome the opportunity

to discuss targeted actions to see

these appalling gaps close.

The Human Rights Commission

supports the section on Rainbow

communities in the report for the

first time. However, there is aneed

for the Public Service to be truly

inclusive in the collection of data

and information across the entire

spectrum of Aotearoa’s sex, gender,

and sexuality diverse communities.

The Public Service must provide an

environment where people feel safe

to bring their whole selves to the


Other Honours

Among the other honours

and citations that Sudima

Hotels has received include the

‘Environment Tourism Award’ at

the New Zealand Tourism Awards

2017, the ‘Silver Stevie Award’ in

August 2018 (second place in the

‘Corporate Social Responsibility

Programme of the Year in Asia,

Australia and New Zealand,’ and

‘Bronze and Gold Rating’ by Be.


“I would love to see a carbon

emissions register in New Zealand.

We have the ability to establish

benchmarks in New Zealand

and can keep our industry and

businesses in general accountable

for their emissions reduction, Mr

Jhunjhnuwala said.

Community Initiatives

Sudima Christchurch Airport

was the first hotel in the City to install

electric car charging stations,

followed by similar facilities at

Sudima Auckland Airport Hotel.

Since 2013, the Group has been

offering a tertiary scholarship for

young Maori of Ngati Whakaue

descent. Every weekday, Sudima

Hotels serve breakfast to hungry

school children at the Kawaha

Point Primary School in Rotorua

and provides breakfast for

Rotorua’s homeless population

through Love Soup Rotorua.

Pacific women paid lowest in NZ Public Service

Supplied Content

Supporting the disabled

We would also like to see more

meaningful data about disabled

people in the public sector workforce.

We cannot know how well the public

sector reflects the communities it

serves if some people are not counted.

The Public Service must provide accessible

and inclusive environments

so that all employees, in particular the

Rainbow community and disabled

people, feel safe to be included in data

and information gathering.

Narrowing gap

The Human Rights Commission is

encouraged by the overall decrease

in the gender pay gap although by a

slight margin, but this is only one of

the gaps we need to address.

We cannot be satisfied with aslight

improvement in pay between men

and women when the ethnic pay gap,

which impacts New Zealand’s diverse

community, is still on the rise. How

can you solve one problem without

having policies to resolve the overall


The Human Rights Commission is

encouraged by the State Services Commission’s

transparency in releasing

this annual report to track inequalities

within the Public Service.

Pleasing progress

We are pleased to see great progress

in the number of women in senior

leadership roles, also reflected in a

recent announcement that 50% of

Public Service CEO’s are women.

For the top three tiers of decision

makers in the Public Service, we

would strongly welcome data on

diversity and respective pay gaps, to

fully enable transparency in tracking

workplace inequalities.

Source: Human Rights Commission

JANUARY 15, 2019



Rrahul Dosshi

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JANUARY 15, 2019


A Renewed Sense of Exuberance for the New Year

Sadhguru (Isha Foundation)

The most beautiful thing

about time is that whether

you do something or

nothing, whether you are joyful

or miserable, it passes by.

No matter who you are or how

you are, it passes at the same

speed for everyone.

It is just that our experience of

time varies depending upon how

intensely we live or how slack we


If you are very slack with life, it

looks like time is passing by very


If you are very intense, time

just flies by.

But in reality, time is happening

to all of us at the same pace.

Life is Space

If you look at life in its full

depth and dimension, life is a

certain amount of space.

If you look at life in a linear

fashion, life is a certain amount

of time.

If you look at life from your

psychological perspective, life is a

certain number of problems.

Every day I meet all sorts of

people – thousands of them.

The variety of problems they

have is unbelievable. Birth is a

problem, death is a problem, and

in between there are a series of


Now, a New Year has arrived.

This is a choice that you must

make: are you going to invest

your thought, emotion and

energy towards making up

problems or creating solutions?

This does not mean you have to

take a resolution to stop creating


Keeping Accounts

There is no need to make any

resolutions. You make a resolution

because you want to do

something that you are not naturally

inclined towards. But the

simple thing is, are you naturally

inclined to be joyful or miserable?

Think about when you were a

child – you were joyful. Someone

had to make you unhappy. The

natural inclination of life is for

pleasantness and exuberance.

So, how joyful shall you be in

the coming year?

Just keep accounts.

Many people who are in

business think that they should

keep accounts only for the sake

of the Income Tax. No, you keep

accounts because otherwise

you do not know whether you

are making a profit or a loss. To

know whether you are moving

forward or backwards, you need

an account book.

So, why don’t you keep an

account book? Just check at the

end of the day, “Am I a little more

joyful today than yesterday?”

If you had done this since you

were five years of age, you would

have been ecstatic by now.

Every day, every month, just

keep accounts, “Am I becoming

more joyful or less joyful?”

All about Joy

There are only two things to

keep track of – how joyful you are

and how much joy you give to

people around you. You can keep

accounts of this.

People are keeping accounts of

their money, as if they are going

to carry it with them forever.

But the real wealth of life is how

joyful you are, how wonderful

and profound your experience of

life is.

Joy is not a goal by itself, but it

is a necessary ambiance for life. If

you do not set this one ambiance,

then whatever you have will go


More than a goal

You may have health, but that

will go waste because there are

more people on this planet who

are healthy and miserable than

unhealthy and miserable.

This is our time on this planet.

What are we going to do? Are we

going to make this into an exuberant,

joyful, wonderful planet, or

are we going to make this into a

miserable, horrible one? We are

free to do this either way – the

choice is yours.

Ranked among the Fifty Most

Influential People in India,

Sadhguru is a Yogi, Mystic,

Visionary and Best-Selling Author.

He was conferred, ‘Padma

Vibhushan,’ the second highest

civilian honour by the Indian

Government in 2017.

Isha Foundation New

Zealand conducts Isha Inner

Engineering and Hatha yoga

Programmes. It also offers free

Isha Kriya and Isha Upa yoga

practices for the General public

regularly. For more information,

please call 022-4637811 or


Global Finance donates toys to underprivileged children

Venkat Raman

Leading Mortgage and

Insurance Broker Global

Finance donated toys to

underprivileged children,

enabling them to enjoy Christmas

along with the rest of the communities.

The Company’s Managing

Director Ajay Kumar presented

the toys at Humm FM 106.2

Radio Station during its ‘Xmas

for Kids 55-Hour Radiothon 2018’

Programme last week.

The Auckland based Radio

Station conducts the Programme

every year to help thousands

of poor children celebrate


“This is a part of our social and

community responsibility. We

work with and for communities

and we believe that it is our duty

to help poorer sections of the society.

Christmas is a joyous occasion

Global Finance Managing Director Ajay Kumar with

Humm FM RJ Sandy

(Picture Supplied)

and Global Finance is happy to

participate in the drive to enable

underprivileged children to enjoy

the festive season. Christmas is

an occasion for all and no one,

especially children should be left

out,” he told Indian Newslink.

The Salvation Army Connection

Three Radio Presenters

(Vijay, Dev and Sandy) hosted the

Programme for 55 hours, taking

turns from 6 am on Thursday,

December 6 to 1 pm on Friday,

with the patronage of the Indian

community and the Salvation


They collected toys during the

Programme, which are being

distributed to struggling families

at the Social Service Centre of

the Salvation Army in Royal Oak,


It was the fourth consecutive

year of the service for Humm

106.2 FM.

Growing donations

Station Director Roshila Prasad

described the Radiothon as ‘The

Humm FM way to help listeners

join the Christmas Spirit of


“Listeners have been quick

to support, with the number of

donations growing every year.

More than 4000 brand new toys

were given last year. I think

giving is part of being human.

No one wants to see others miss

out at Christmas and we are very

proud of the community, they are

so generous,” she said.

Ms Prasad that the Programme

also brought together businesses,

families and people in the community

to bring Christmas gifts to

Humm 106.2 FM Station, located

at 16 Taylors Road, Morningside,

Auckland City.

“We also welcome them to join

us on Air,” Ms Prasad said.

“We have people donating all

the time. We have a lot of parents

who come and do this with their

children, because they want to

teach them to be generous, to be

thankful for what you have, and

share with those less fortunate.”

Sharing Christmas Joy

Salvation Army Royal Oak

Director Rod Ellis said that the

Centre gives away about 2000 toy

hampers to families and other

social agencies at Christmas.

“Sharing gifts is an emotional

time, as families receive the

joy of a Christmas they thought

might not come and the hope that

others are supporting them at a

difficult time. Sometimes people

break down in tears. Most of

them give you a hug. We do what

we can each year, but there are a

lot of families we will not be able

to help without the generosity of

Humm FM,” he said.

Sindhis celebrate Cultural Day, honour ancient Civilisation

Supplied Content

Members of the

Sindhi community

in Auckland marked

their Culture Day on

Saturday, December 15, 2018.

The event was organised by

the ‘All Sindhi Association of New

Zealand’ (ASAN) at Aotea Square

on Queen Street.

Manoj Rathi of the Association

said that the ‘Sindh Cultural Day’

is being observed since 2009, “to

protect the oldest ‘Sindhi Ajrak’

and ‘Sindhi TOPI’ industry.”

“The event is celebrated in

December in all countries where

Sindhi live,” he said.

About the Sindhi Tradition

According to historic records,

the Sindh and Indus Valley

Civilisation flourished about 4500

Excavated ruins of Mohenjo-daro, Sindh province, Pakistan (Picture from Wikipedia)

years ago in the vast river plains

of what are now Pakistan and

North Western India. Stated to be

one of the world’s oldest urban

civilisations (3300–1300 BCE), it

spread across the Indus River

basin East, West, North and South

over 500,000 square miles, making

it the largest known ancient

civilisation, encompassing five

million people.

The Colonies

The colonies are in the Punjab,

Sindh and Baluchistan areas

Dholavira in Gujarat (India), one of the largest cities of Indus Valley Civilisation

of current Pakistan, Rajasthan,

Haryana and Gujarat belt of India

and North Eastern Afghanistan,

corresponding to the ‘Harappan


The geography of the Indus

Valley put the civilisations that

arose there in a highly similar

situation to those in Egypt and

Peru, with rich agricultural lands

surrounded by highlands, desert

and ocean.

JANUARY 15, 2019


Auckland women glorify sartorial elegance of the Saree

A unique meeting of ‘Saree Speak’ becomes a Traffic Stopper in Remuera


Saree Speak Sakhis Meet organisers Bindu Handa

and Bavani CT Suresh

Sasi Indiran, host of the ‘Saree Speak Sakhis’ at here Sahana Restaurant on Remuera

Road, Auckland

The Traffic Stoppers on Remuera Road, Auckland

Saree anecdotes were amusing

Saree Draping Contest Group 1: Kanchana Mala Reddy,

Urvashi Shinde in Bengal Athpourey drape, Manasi Chivate,

Madhuri Yamine

Supplied, Edited Content

Of all the dress materials

worn by women in the

world, the Indian Saree is

unique in that it is the only

garment that could be worn by any

person, anytime, anywhere.

It also remains the only garment

that would conform to any cultural,

age or income group in India and

the rest of the world; and worn to

preserve the traditional values of

a religion or society or reflect the

modern trend of exhibitionism and


The saree is tailored as costume

by performers of Indian classical

dances, including Bharata Natyam

and Kuchipudi. Such costumes can

be worn generally by the person

for whom they are specifically


Special Day for Special Women

January 5, 2019 was a Special

Day for 24 women in Auckland,


The day dawned a little more

beautiful, a little sunnier, a little

breezier, as if the heavens were

smiling in anticipation of an

unfolding meeting. The quiet, leafy

suburb of Remuera too appeared

unaware of Sasi Indiran bustling

about at ‘Sahana,’ her Restaurant,

to cater to this exotic meet.

Saree Draping Contest Group 2: Kirithika Kiki, Neelam

Sajwan Rawat in a Gujarati drape, Kishori Telang, Charul

Shah, Varu Iyer, Melanie Jeyakumar

The women assembled at 2

pm, draped in exotic sarees from

the diverse regions of the Indian

subcontinent, beautiful in their

timeless elegance and simplicity.

And what a coming together it

was! Some of them did not know

each other, but were united in their

love for the simple, yet stunning

stretch of material, the Saree.

Among them were Anusha

Suresh, Bavani Suresh, Bhargavi

Kotte, Bindu Handa, Charul

Shah, Jyoti Raj, Kanchana Mala

Reddy, Kanika Diesh, Kirithika Kiki,

Kishori Telang, Madhuri Yamineni,

Manasi Chivate, Meena Kalyanpur

Basrur, Melanie Jeyakumar,

Mumtaj Agarbattiwala, Neelam

Sajwan Rawat, Ravika Java, Santhriga

Kannan, Sasi Indiran, Sneha

Indiran, Urvashi Shinde, Varu Iyer,

Vasu Moses and Vindhya Suresh.

Facebook Friends

The women are members of a

Facebook Group ‘Saree Speak,’

launched by Vini Tandon Keni of

Goa in Western India with a simple

but empowering vision.

Ms Keni said that she started the

Group mainly to inspire herself

to wear sarees regularly, thereby

setting an example for others,

transcending barriers of religion,

politics, race, caste, creed.

The ‘Saree Speak’ members are

fondly referred to as ‘Saree Sakhis.’

The afternoon get together,

called, ‘Auckland New Zealand

Saree Speak Meet,’ was initiated by

Bavani Suresh, who, after scrolling

down the ‘Saree Speak Page’ (on

Facebook) and noting the many

meets occurring worldwide, decided

to post a question to women in

Auckland for a ‘Saree Speak Meet’

during the Christmas/New Year


It triggered a wave of response,

leading to the special gathering.

Bavani liaised with Bindu Handa,

another member, and together

they met with ‘Saree Speak Sakhi’

venue owner Sasi Indiran. The rest

was easy.

Anecdotes galore

The Meeting began with Registration

and a Photo Shoot in front of

the ‘Saree Speak’ logo. The women

were then ushered to their tables,

identified by different sarees.

Bavani initiated the event with a

welcome speech, then went on to

some hilarious icebreakers – two

truths and one lie : some ladies

professed to have two husbands

and had co-piloted airplanes


JANUARY 15, 2019


Indian, Sri Lankan talent on show at Sydney Festival

Venkat Raman

Indian and Sri Lankan

artistes and an Indo-New

Zealand production are

among the highlights of the

Sydney Festival scheduled to

be held at various locations in

Paramatta from January 7 to

January 27, 2018.

Venues, tickets and times

vary between events and hence

readers are advised to visit the

official Sydney Festival website

Mallakhamb India

The Indian segment will feature

‘Mallakhamb,’ a traditional

Indian sport that combines

Gymnastics and Yoga.

Five artistes bring back

the ancient sport that tests

the calibre and endurance of


‘Mallar Khambam’ in Tamil,

‘Malla Khamba’ in Kannada

and ‘Malla Khamb’ in Marathi

depicts a wrestler (‘Mallar’

of ‘Malla’) on a ‘Khambam,’

‘Khamba’ or ‘Khamb’ (Pole) performing

various feats including

Yogic postures, gymnastics and

various poses.

This sport was performed in

streets until the 1960s drawing

children, pedestrians and others

as a form of free amusement.

‘Malla Khamb’ was originally

developed from a training

practice into a form of art.

This performance is a rare

opportunity to see the form’s

top artistes bring their unique

practice from Mumbai, in a

masterful show by Australian

director Benjamin Knapton with

a live soundtrack performed by

Mumbai-based musician Donn


‘Malla Khamb’ is both physically

brutal and tender, spiritual

‘Bridge of Dreams’- Sandy Evans and Bobby Singh (Photo

by Karen Steains)

Bringing back 'Mallakhamb' (Photo by Benjamin Knapton)

and irreverent, astounding and

human; it is about the artistes

that present it, their bodies and

how they connect with the world

around them.

Bridge of Dreams

India’s rich musical palette will

meet top Australian Jazz talent in

‘Bridge of Dreams,’ a collaboration

that would bring to the Sydney

Festival Hindustani Singer Shubha

Mudgal, Jazz Saxophonist Sandy

Evans, Tabla Maestro Aneesh

‘Counting and Cracking’ (Photo by Daniel Boud and Malith Hegoda)

Pradhan and his disciple Bobby

Singh; and Classical Harmonium

Player Sudhir Nayak.

They will be accompanied by

17-piece Jazz Super-Collective

Sirens Big Band, with Sydney’s

leading female and trans musicians.

A World Premier, ‘Bridges of

Dreams’ boasts of music composed

by Shubha Mudgal, Aneesh

Pradhan and Sandy Evans,

recorded in Mumbai and Sydney.

This is a Project of ideas

between world-class collaborators

working in complex, ever-evolving

genres. ‘Bridge of Dreams’

spans everything from improvisational

Jazz to Hindustani,

Classical, Bollywood and Indipop.

Counting and Cracking

‘Counting and Cracking’ is an

Australian Play that will be staged

at the Sydney Town Hall, with Sri

Lankan meal served.

Written by S Shakthidharan,

a popular Australian storyteller

with Sri Lankan Heritage and

Ancestry, ‘Counting and Cracking’

narrates the story of Radha and

her son Siddhartha who prepare

to settle down in Sydney’s western


They receive a phone call from

Colombo which bring back their

past life.

Shanghai Mimi (Photo Credit: Yang Xiaohuo)

Sixteen actors play four generations

of a family, in a story about

Australia as a land of refuge;

Sri Lanka’s efforts to remain

united; and reconciliation within

families, across countries, across


It is a timely illustration of

the ways in which Australia

transforms those who come here

and is itself transformed, that

ultimately reveals not how much

separates us, but what we all have

in common.

About the Sydney Festival 2019

The annual cultural celebration

Sydney Festival returns to

transform the City from January 9

to January 27, 2019, delivering the

highest quality art and big ideas.

It would feature 18 World Premieres,

five Australian Premieres

and eight Australian exclusives

along with a variety of new

Australian co-commissions.

Theatre Shows

Roslyn Packer Theatre will be

the home of two international

hit theatre shows, namely,

‘Beware of Pity,’ a Complicité

and Schaubühne Berlin Theatre

collaboration, directed by

internationally renowned Simon

McBurney coming exclusively to

Sydney Festival, and ‘HOME,’ a

magical meditation on safety and

Ram-A-Thon planned in aid of Friends of Fiji Health

10 kilometres of Walk on February 3, 2019

Thakur Ranjit Singh

shelter by award-winning theatre

performer, director and absurdist

Geoff Sobelle.

Life-affirming Celebration

Audience interaction will build

throughout ‘HOME,’ to culminate

in a giant wine-swilling life-affirming


The ‘Festival Garden’ and

world-famous Magic Mirrors

‘Spiegeltent’ return to Hyde Park

in January to feature Pigalle, a

new festival commission.

It is set in a Parisian nightclub,

Pigalle is a carousel of music,

muscles and abandon from

the makers of Velvet, starring

Marcia Hines, Iota and Bangarra’s

Waangenga Blanco.

Throughout the Festival, the

tent also showcases a diverse musical

line-up including Orquesta

Akokán, a 13-piece mambo band

direct from Cuba; South African

neo-soul singer and queer icon

with charisma to burn Nakhane;

American art-pop composer

Julia Holter; the Godfather of

Ethio-Jazz Mulatu Astatke, backed

by the eight-piece Black Jesus

Experience; acoustic desert-blues

trio Les Filles de Illighadad; and

sparkling stars of the cabaret

world Paul Capsis, Camille O’Sullivan

and Le Gateau Chocolat.

What started four

years ago as a

prop to raise funds

for completing

Shri Ram Mandir in the West

Auckland suburb of Henderson

has grown to become an annual

fundraiser for needy organisations.

First, we helped Starship Children’s

Hospital with a collection

of more than $10,000. Second,

we raised about $16,000 for St

John’s Ambulance.

The next Walkathon, which

has been named, ‘Ram-A –Thon’

to reflect its initiative from

Shri Ram Mandir, will be held

on Sunday, February 3, 2019,

with a target to far surpass past

collections. This will be to help

people needing urgent medical

attention in Fiji. Funds collected

will go to ‘Friends of Fiji Health,’

which organises volunteer

doctors to help people in Fiji.

Walk with a difference

Unlike past walks which was

day-long, walking through built

up area and roads, we have

reduced this walk to just 10 kms.

And we have shifted closer to

home in West Auckland.

It commences at Shri Ram

Mandir at 830 am (assembly at 8

File Photo of ‘Ram-a-Thon’ held on December 11, 2016, showing National List MP Kanwaljit

Singh Bakshi addressing the walkers at Winter Garden, Auckland Domain.

am) at 11 Brick Street, proceed to

Sturges Road Train Station, wind

down to Vintage Drive (off Sturges)

and join the picturesque cemented

walkway of Henderson through

beautiful forests, vines, and Oratia

Stream, between Central Park

Drive and Henderson Valley Road.

The major break will be at 359

Henderson Valley Road Ashram.

Family Fun Day

The main difference this year

is the addition of a Family Fun

Day. The Walk will terminate at

Henderson Park, where a day full

of activities has been planned from

11 am. These will include Women’s

Volleyball and Penalty Kicks, Men’s

7-A-Side Soccer & Tug o’ War, Senior

Citizens’ Lawn Bowling & Ball

and Bucket, Children’s Marble &

Spoon, Sack Race, Relay and other

non-competitive programmes for

all age groups.

For Soccer fans from Fiji, the

attraction will be Division and

Competition according to ten districts

as follows: Rakiraki, Tavua,

Ba, Lautoka, Nadi, Nadroga, Suva,

Nasinu, Rewa and Labasa.

Message of Spirituality

The most important message is

to religious organisations to follow

in the helping spirit of Shri Ram


Managing Trustee Pravin Kumar

said that this type of walkathon

has multi-pronged objectives.

“We have advised from the outset

that the priority of this Charity

Walk is not fundraising. While that

is one of the aims, it is one on low

Phil Twyford (now Housing, Urban Development and Transport) with (from left) Thakur Ranjit

Singh, Waitakere Indian Association President Mahendra Sharma, Henderson-Massey Local

Board Chairman Shane Henderson and Pravin Kumar at McCormick Park in Te Atatu South on

December 11, 2016. (Pictures supplied by Thakur Ranjit Singh)

priority,” he said.

Multiple Objectives

Mr Pravin said that the Walk has

multiple objectives. They are (a) To

engage with the wider community,

including children, youth, elders,

women and people from all walks

to life – enhancing diversity, teamwork,

networking and promoting

multiculturalism (b) To create

awareness of well-being, healthy

living, walking, exercising and

keeping fit (c) Raise funds for

worthy charitable causes and help

inculcate the concept of helping

others who are less fortunate

than us (d) Work collaboratively

with other likeminded charitable,

community and religious organisations

and (e) Get corporate and

commercial businesses on board

as sponsors

The Walkathon encourages

other religious organisations to

widen their focus from religious

to spiritual wellbeing of the


Further information can be

obtained from Event Director Mahendra

Sharma on 027-6613242.

Email: family_sharma@hotmail.


For further details can also be

obtained from Shri Ram Mandir

Facebook Page or from Pundit

Markand Bhatt on (09) 8364647 at

the Mandir.

Thakur Ranjit Singh is a Member

of the ‘Ram-A-Thon’ Organising

Committee. He is a Media

Commentator and runs his blog,

‘Fiji Pundit.’

JANUARY 15, 2019

Model of the Fortnight



Mahesh Bindra, Rais Alvi and Dr Yousuf Hayat

Rais Alvi, Mahesh Bindra, Dr Yousuf Hayat and Farrukh Gul Kaisrani

Mahesh Bindra, Rais Alvi, Dr Yousuf Hayat and Tauqir Khan

Adnan Mirza, Farah H Alvi and Rais Alvi (Pictures Supplied)

Visiting bard inspires lovers of Mushaira and Ghazals

Farah Rais Alvi

An evening with Professor

Rais Alvi was held on

December 21, 2018, at

the residence of Adnan

Mirza (and this Reporter) in

North Shore, Auckland with the

cooperation of Bazm e Adab and

Indian Newslink.

Called, ‘Ek Sham Rais Alvi Ke

Naam’ (‘An Evening in the name

of Rais Alvi’), it was an event to


Celebrated Poet and author

Professor Rais Alvi is an

Games, cultural programmes and

networking make up a busy programme

at a newly formed organisation

in Auckland.

The Programme, called, ‘Tamilar

Thiruvizha’ (Tamilians Festival) will be

held on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at Mt

Roskill War Memorial Hall, located at 13,

May Road, Mt Roskill.

The new body, called, ‘Tamil Association

of New Zealand Inc’ (TANZI) will be officially

launched at the event.

Sports and Culture

Association President Sowndra

(Sowndar) Rajan Palanisamy said that the

Progamme will commence with outdoor

activities at 2 pm.

“These will include Kabaddi, Kolam

(Rangoli) and fun games for all ages, up to

4 pm. Our cultural progamme will commence

inside the auditorium at 5 pm. This

will comprise Fancy Dress Parade by children,

music and dance by Nivetha and her

team, Rhythmic Thunder School, Bharati

and the Moksha Team, Chennai City

Gangzta (Academy of Dance) and Yalini.

The Programme will include traditional

Tamil food and games” he said.

Tickets and Contacts

Tickets priced at $10 per adult and $5

per child are available. Further information

can be obtained from Aaron Samuel

Joseph on 021-02588847; Pradeep Ravi on

021-442147; Tamil Maran on 021-1609800;

Guhan Gunasekaran on 021-740818.


Sowndar described ‘TANZI’ as a group

of people who have come together to help

Tamil people from all over the world and

in particular from Tamil Nadu to settle

eminent poet, writer, and author

of a number of books on Japanese

literature and Poetry.

The evening, with invited

guests, witnessed an amazing

Mushaira and a wonderful musical

performance by the artistes,

in the presence of literary and

political maestros.

They included former Member

of Parliament and Chief Guest

Mahesh Bindra, Tauqir Khan

(known to Indian Newslink

readers as ‘Payami’), Roopa

Suchdev and other leaders of the

New Association plans celebration

for Tamilians in Auckland

Half-day event starts at 2 pm on January 26, 2019

Venkat Raman


Mr Mirza (and this Reporter)

welcomed the gathering with

floral tributes to Guests of

Honour, followed a Guftugu

(Conversation) Session with

Professor Alvi.

This session was hosted by Dr

Yousuf Hayat.

The Q&A Session on the life and

works of Professor Mohammad

Rais Alvi was interesting and


Soulful Music

The evening proceeded with

down smoothly in New Zealand.

“TANZI has been informally serving

Tamil-speaking people for the past two

years through ‘Jallikattu,’ a WhatsApp

group with has more than 450 members.

We have helped a good number of new

immigrants in finding jobs, meet and assist

on arrival, accommodation, buying

and selling vehicles, advice on education,

career and legal matters and other issues,”

he said.

He said that TANZI’s informal service

has been very well received and appreciated,

encouraging its establishment as a

registered, not-for-profit organisation.

“We look forward to the active support

and collaboration of all New Zealanders

to be enable us render service and expand

the scope further to reach the community

at large,” he said.

Sowndar said that the Association

hopes to make an impact with its ‘Tamilar

Thiruvizha’ on January 26, 2019.

Sowndra Rajan Palanisamy can be

reached on 021-1804908.

Part Time workers wanted

For Niche Media in Auckland, New Zealand

We are looking for part time staff to help with

handing out brochures at the following regions;

Tauranga: January 26 to January 28, 2019 from

3 pm to 5 pm: 4ea Staff (for each day)

Hamilton: January 31, 2019 from 3 pm to 5 pm:

10ea Staff

Wellington: January 3 and February 6, 2019:

10ea Staff (for each day)

Auckland: February 8, 2019: 7 pm to 9 pm:

16 Staff

If you would like to earn a few dollars and enjoy

a day out at Cricket, please contact; Admin@ for more information.

Happy Cricket Season!

the musical performance of

Auckland’s famous Nisar Mirza’s

ghazals and songs. Distinct

flavours were added by Arif and

Joseph with their unique style of

late Mohammed Rafi and Kishore


Past and Contemporary Poetry

The Mushaira began with

Ghazals by Master of Ceremonies

Dr Yousuf Hayat.

Among the participants were

Payami, Rehana Yousuf, Waqar

Qureshi from Whakatane, Hanan

Khan, Irfan and Atta ur Rehman

Qureshi from Melbourne.

The final touches were given

by Professor Alvi who presented

his Haiku and Ghazals which

were highly appreciated by the


Mr Bindra lauded the efforts

of Mr Mirza this Reporter for

organising a great literary and

musical evening.

Among the highlights of ‘Ek

Sham Rais Alvi Ke Naam’ was the

high tea served the Mirza family

including Adnan, this Reporter,

Hassan, Nisaa and Nusha.


JANUARY 15, 2019


Kohli in great form, Australians continue their dirty tricks

Debutant steers Blackcaps to victory over Sri Lanka

Clay Wilson

Vijay Nyayapati

Love or hate him, Virat

Kohli is a player who is

unbelievably passionate

about his Sport, an

epitome of hard work, and adores

playing for his country.

He has not only triggered the

wave of a new multi-generational

fan-following, but is smashing his

way through all sorts of records.

Smashing Records

The Tendulkar Fan Club would

be watching in awe at what Kohli

has been able to achieve. A simple

but unbelievable statistic is that

he is averaging 87 Runs in One-

Day Internationals (ODI) since the

last World Cup four years back.

Although the series victory was

in Tests, and the ODI is a different

format, it is the momentum that

Kohli and India have captured.

The Test Series

By winning the Border-Gavaskar

Test series in

Australia after 71 years of trying,

India has shown to world where

the sport’s true domination

lies. And, more importantly,

the manner in which they have

done it under Kohli’s direction

has earned them respect from

across the globe, including many

Australian supporters.

The series has brought focus

on ethics and professionalism,

exemplified by its flamboyant

leader Kohli.

Langer’s outburst

Following hurls of abuses by

Australian coach Justin Langer,

the Australian media went on a

Virat Kohli, aWorld-Class Cricketer (Picture Courtesy: The Pioneer)

character assassination of Kohli.

Langer found Kohli’s fist pumps

and celebratory roars at the fall

of a wicket rather too aggressive

and somewhat sickening. He

was quoted as saying “Australians

would be the worst blokes in

the world if they celebrated like


Someone ought to remind

Langer of the facts and how his

own team have gone about their


Annoying Australians

Perhaps the most annoying

aspect of any Australian cricket

team to-date has been their

excessive sledging and physical

aggressiveness on field.

Past Incidents have seen Glenn

McGrath spitting on players,

Shane Warne shoving players

and taking diuretics for extra

strength, Mark Waugh implicated

in bookie scandals and

Brett Lee hurling beamers in his

so-called ‘brain fade’ moments.

A recent video that has gone

viral shows the very same

Langer discretely disturbing the

bails in a Test match, and his

team then appealing for a “hit

wicket” dismissal. Surely, these

would be even “worse blokes”

who could not stomach the

opponent doing well.

Bordering on ethics

To the outside world, Australia

have consistently bordered on

ethics when it came to their

cricket team. More often than

not, they have gotten away, until

the very recent ball tampering

issue involving then Captain

Steve Smith.

Cheating India

Smith and the team management

were also caught cheating

on their last India tour. Smith

looked up to Lehman, sitting

in the veranda with television

replays at his disposal, on

Bancroft caught on Camera. Picture source: Twitter through CricTraker

whether they should use the

Decision Review System (DRS) or

not. At first Smith and Lehman

denied, then Smith said he had

a ‘brain fade’ moment. The issue

was supressed.

Ball-tampering issue

Months later, the ball tampering

issue came up. After initial denial,

they only confessed after video

evidence against them was way

too overwhelming.

To think that the claim of then

coach Darren Lehman of knowing

nothing of the plot involving

Smith, David Warner and Cameron

Bancroft makes one ponder

on how naïve he thinks the public


Cricket Australia

Lehman was not exactly a

model cricketer in his time, and

hugely infamous for his consistent

racist rants. Much like now, the

Australian media backed him

outright. It is only after overseas

media scrutiny that he admitted to

having ‘brain fade’ moments and

statements to the effect, “that is

not who I really am.”

The reality is that Cricket Australia

(CA) had backed their team

in all instances of wrong doings.

The culture got to such a point,

team members had been in denial

of any wrong-doings.

Targeting Opposition

As if that were not enough, they

would target opposition teams of

being cheats and not playing in

the “spirit of the game.”

By their own admission, CA

and the associated management

structures, had nurtured a culture

of “win by all means.” CA has

now initiated a change in this


The trouble is, some in their

camp are still in denial for all that

has happened. What they need

is a radically different approach

to their attitude and play the

sport clean and win back public


The big question remains - could

Kohli’s team have achieved this

feat with cheats Warner and Smith

still in the side? No one knows,

and frankly, no one should really

care. The fact is Australia fielded

their best eleven – and they were

beaten, comprehensively.

Agreat innings from

Doug Bracewell

and debutant Scott

Kuggeleijn helped

New Zealand recover

from a poor start to win their

one-off T20 match against Sri


The Black Caps were 35-run

victors at Eden Park, Auckland

on Friday, January 11, 2019,

breaking a six-game losing streak

in the shortest format.

Winless tour for Lankans

The result ensured a winless

tour for Sri Lanka, with the hosts

winning the two-test series and

securing a 3-0 clean-sweep in the

one-day internationals.

Earlier in the night, it had

looked as though the visitors

may finish their trip with aconsolation

win after all.

Sri Lanka, who won the toss

and chose to bowl first, reduced

New Zealand to 55-5 at the halfway

point of their innings before

Bracewell and Kuggeleijn turned

things around.

Only called into the side after

an injury to fellow all-rounder

Jimmy Neesham, Bracewell

clubbed 44 off 26.

Kuggeleijn, making his T20 international

debut after a pair of

ODIs in Ireland last year, hit 35

off 15.

Hopes fade with Perera

Sri Lanka’s chase started well,

Doug Bracewell in action for the Black Caps. Photo: Photosport

but the removal of the dangerous

Thisara Perera as he approached

50 was the beginning

of the end for his team’s hopes.

From 118-4 and ahead of the

required run rate, the visitors

were all out for 144 in the 17th


Sri Lanka’s decision to bowl

first was almost certainly based

on Eden Park’s reputation as a

favourable place to chase, rather

than form with the ball.

But having conceded 1054

runs to lose the one-dayers 3-0,

the most ever in a three-match

ODI series, the visiting bowlers

had reason to smile in the early

stages of the contest.

Hosts struggle at start

Martin Guptill (one run), Tim

Seifert (two) and Henry Nicholls

(four) were all dismissed cheaply

as the Black Caps struggled to

adjust to what appeared asomewhat

sticky surface.

Colin Munro threatened a

counter-attack but, when he followed

for 16 off seven, the hosts

were in strife at 27-4.

After a 28-run partnership

between Ross Taylor, whose

33 played a valuable role settling

the situation, and the returning

Mitchell Santner, it was

Bracewell who initiated New

Zealand’s fightback.

Sodhi strikes

The Central Districts player

signalled his intentions with a

big straight six to finish the 12th

over and hit five more maximums

before his departure.

That show of power was infectious

for Kuggeleijn, who

launched four sixes of his own,

New Zealand leg spin bowler Ish Sodhi appeals successfully for a LBW decision to dismiss Dasun

Shanaka (Pictures by Photosport as published by RNZ)

the last of which came from the

last ball of the innings.

Thanks largely to Bracewell

and Kuggeleijn, who combined

for 41 runs in just 16 balls, the

Black Caps thumped 124 runs in

their final 10 overs.

While they had lost three wickets,

brisk innings from Kusal

Perera (23 off 12) and Niroshan

Dickwella (18 off 10) helped Sri

Lanka race to 61 for three after

the six-over powerplay.

Thisara Perera, who had terrorised

the New Zealand bowlers

with brutal innings of 140 and 80

in the final two ODIs, continued

that momentum.

And as he took his side past

100, the big left-hander looked

like he might finally be rewarded

with a victory.

But a double strike from fast

bowler Lockie Ferguson in the

13th over, including removing

Perera for 43 off 24 balls, swung

the match back in the Black

Caps’ favour.

From there spin duo Ish Sodhi

and Mitchell Santner swept up

the tail, to ensure New Zealand

would greet India on a winning


Ferguson finished the pick of

the Black Caps’ bowlers with

3-21 from his three overs, while

Sodhi recovered from some early

punishment to take 3-30 off


Clay Wilson is Sports Reporter

at Radio New Zealand. Indian

Newslink has published the

above Report and Pictures under

a Special Agreement with

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