McNairy Magazine 2019


McNairy Magazine is the annual destination guide for McNairy County published by the McNairy County Chamber of Commerce, Tourism, and Economic Development.

Dewey Phillips

Daddy-O Dewey Phillips of Adamsville was the voice of a pivotal postwar

American generation. As announcer for the Red, Hot, and Blue program, he

helped WHBQ bridge the gap between their white audience and advertisers

and their black audience to bring a new kind of sound to the air —R&B. Dewey

had an ear for the best tracks and brought some of the Midsouth’s most popular

sounds to WHBQ.



From his home recording studio in

Eastview, Stanton Littlejohn did so

much to preserve early Rockabilly

music. Not only did Littlejohn

record the earliest versions of

the legendary Carl Perkins music,

three years before Sun Records.

Littlejohn’s recordings are archived

by the Library of Congress and

his Perkins recordings have

received international interest and


Hockaday Handmade


Hockaday family brooms began in the early 1900s by Will

Hockaday as simply a means to make a living through the winter.

Now, over 100 years later, the Hockaday brooms is now an art

form and tradition carried on by Will Hockaday’s great-grandson,

Jack Martin, on the original equipment designed and built some

100 years ago. Hockaday Handmade Brooms is located at 2076

Hwy 142 in Selmer. For more information or for shop hours, call

Jack at 645-4823 or visit



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