Why White Hat SEO


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Why White Hat SEO?

Without traffic a website will struggle to fulfill its purpose whether it is to inform

entertain or sell products and services. Search engine optimization or SEO is important

because when your site is optimized it is more likely to be found by Google, MSN and

Yahoo. Also your site will be in turn visible by other search engines that get results from

the biggest three.

Now it is in the selection of which SEO or search engine optimization techniques that

you use that makes the difference between white hat and black techniques. If you

remember the western movies the one wearing the white hat was seen as a good guy

and the one wearing the black hat was seen as a bad guy. In the world of SEO these

terms have different meaning. Seo services chandigarh

Although some people do take the moral viewpoint that the guy using the white hat SEO

techniques is still the good guy. On the other hand those that follow the back hat

techniques would say that being black hat is about competing with search engines while

what hat is competing with your fellow webmasters.

In any case, white hat SEO are methods or techniques that fully comply with search

engines guidelines. For example, writing an original article for your site would be

considered a white hat SEO while using a software to generate thousands of content

pages automatically would be considered as a black hat. Of course, nothing is that

simple in reality because there are several areas that would be considered as "grey".

Now admittedly, automatically generated black hat sites can sometimes generate short

term profits, however, the search engines are getting smarter with their algorithms.

When they discover using the black hat techniques they generally de-index the pages of

the site completely drying up the traffic for the website. Also this happens if the

software used for automatically generated content leaves signs (known as footprints).

White hat SEO techniques focus on developing content that's original and is useful to

both the search engine spiders and to people. And the main draw back with white hat

strategies are that they take longer to reach your desired goal but the result can be

really significant when you do reach that goal! Much less chance that you get deindexed

by search engines.

The point is if you want to build a long term business, do yourself a favor: keep

everything white hat, above the board and don't worry about getting kicked out of the

search engines. How about keeping profits month after month? Do it right from the


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