The Deli #56 - Altopalo, NAMM 2019, Queens takes over Brooklyn

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ands + Gear<br />

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<strong>Deli</strong>cious-Audio.com<br />

Photo: Joanna Sullivan<br />

Yamaha Reface DX / Behringer<br />

Model D / Electro-Harmonix Deluxe<br />

Memory Man<br />

BARRIE<br />

In the the beginning of 2018, dream-pop five-piece<br />

Barrie put out shimmering singles, “Canyons,” and “Tal<br />

Uno,” before releasing a 12” in October aptly titled Singles.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Brooklyn</strong>-based band hail from all <strong>over</strong> the<br />

country (and world), but have recently converged in<br />

New York to collaborate and write songs together. <strong>The</strong>ir<br />

dreamy sound puts an ambient spin on retro synthpop,<br />

delivering ultra gorgeous tracks that swirl in a neon glow.<br />

In <strong>2019</strong>, they’ll be hitting the road in support of Miya<br />

Frolick. (SARA NUTA)<br />

What feelings, events, people and/or records worked as a<br />

source of inspiration for your 2018 tracks?<br />

Barrie: Those songs were written in 2015 or 2016, it took a long<br />

time to get them out. When I wrote them, I was living in Boston<br />

and my band at the time practiced in my apartment, so I had<br />

a full drum kit, percussion, bass and guitar amps, keyboards,<br />

etc. right in my room. I played everyone’s instruments all the<br />

time and that inspired a lot of music. Especially playing electric<br />

guitar, which was new for me.<br />

Do you guys use guitar pedals?<br />

Barrie: Live, the texture mostly comes from Noah’s guitar. I like<br />

a really simple clean setup, just a Memory Man.<br />

Synthpop Chill Wave<br />

Spurge: I run my piano sounds, per the recommendation of<br />

Dom, through a compressor pedal to even out the sound, and<br />

my Roland JV1010 through the compressor out into a mixer<br />

where I can control the levels of my piano sounds along with my<br />

Reface DX which is handling the synth sounds.<br />

Noah: My guitar pedal set-up is super simple: chorus, phaser,<br />

and space echo. I have the chorus on pretty much all the time<br />

and use the phaser and echo for moments here and there. <strong>The</strong><br />

centerpiece of my set-up is the Elektron Octatrack, which is a<br />

sampler, mixer, and MIDI sequencer. I use it to trigger one-shot<br />

samples, and to send MIDI sequences to/process audio from<br />

my KORG Minilogue. We don’t use a backing track so we needed<br />

something that would c<strong>over</strong> a lot of ground and be ultra-flexible/powerful,<br />

which the Octatrack is perfect for.<br />

What other synths were particularly inspiring?<br />

Noah: <strong>The</strong> Juno 106 sound played a large role on our first couple<br />

singles. On the upcoming album, Dominic and I did some<br />

modular synth stuff, Spurge did some sounds with the MS20,<br />

and I recorded a lot of Prophet 08 and Moog Mother 32.<br />

Spurge: I use the Reface DX for live and my personal writing. I<br />

really love the user-friendliness of that versus the DX100 or DX7.<br />

I also recently got the Behringer Model D which I would highly<br />

recommend if you like the classic Moog sound.<br />

22 the deli Winter <strong>2019</strong>

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