The Deli #56 - Altopalo, NAMM 2019, Queens takes over Brooklyn

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<strong>Brooklyn</strong>-based four-piece Taking Meds boldly advocates<br />

their distinct musical style, ascribing to the ’math-punk’<br />

label. After producing their debut album My Life as a Bro<br />

in 2016, the group returned to the studio earlier this year<br />

to begin recording EP My Moon Is Always Full. Many of<br />

their songs like “Blue Shirt Boogie” and “Comfort in Poor<br />

Planning” fuse aspects of classic, dissonant post-hardcore<br />

with the relatable edge of indie rock, creating a combination<br />

of hard-biting lyrics and rhythmic complexity that<br />

penetrates the spirit of punk rock. With vocals that err on<br />

the side of Four Year Strong or Neck Deep, blended into<br />

layers of Balance and Composure-esq post-hardcore instrumentals,<br />

you are left with a cutting mixture of intense<br />

yet complex loudness. (REBECCA CARROLL)<br />

What inspired for your 2018 EP?<br />

Skylar: Lyrically “My Moon Is Always Full” was highly personal.<br />

I had just gotten sober and was reflecting on that. A lot of our<br />

previous release, My Life as a Bro, addresses some extremely<br />

inebriated experiences. Sobriety was new ground.<br />

Jon: Musically we’ve spent a lot of the last year really digging<br />

into the Polvo and Shudder To Think discographies. To me,<br />

[Top] Jon’s pedalboard: BOSS ODB-3 / BOSS DD-7 / Adventure<br />

Audio Glacial Zenith / BOSS PH-3 / BOSS TU-3<br />

[Bottom] Skylar’s pedalboard: Adventure Audio Dream<br />

Reaper / Adventure Audio Whateverb / ProCo RAT /<br />

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Nano / MXR Carbon<br />

Copy / Fulltone OCD / BOSS TU-3<br />

Math Rock Alt Rock<br />

“Discount Furniture” has a bit of a faster and more cross-eyed<br />

Chavez vibe while “My Moon Is Always Full” has a more melodic<br />

Drive Like Jehu quality to it.<br />

What’s about odd tempos that excites you?<br />

Jon: We seldom if ever think in terms of making intentionally complex<br />

music. We naturally lean that way as listeners and instrumentalists.<br />

Skylar: When I was first entering high school, I liked playing in<br />

bands a lot but was pretty self-conscious and easily defeated<br />

when it came to my abilities. My friend was like “I bet you can’t<br />

play this, it’s in 7/4” and he was all stoked when I could and I<br />

guess I felt like latching on to odd tempo parts has always come<br />

more quickly and naturally to me.<br />

Was there a specific pedal that kind of changed your life?<br />

Jon: As a guitarist and a studio engineer I love my ’80s Memory<br />

Man. I got it about 10 years ago and It was the first time I disc<strong>over</strong>ed<br />

a pedal that really extended far beyond that of simply an “effect”.<br />

Another pedal I really love is the BOSS GE-7 EQ. Pushing or pulling<br />

midrange before/after dirt boxes can bring extra focus to the guitar.<br />

Skylar: I really love my Fulltone OCD. It fixes so many things I<br />

used to struggle with in my tone, and I’m learning how to gain<br />

stage that against my AC30.<br />

28 the deli Winter <strong>2019</strong>

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