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<strong>The</strong> Ultimate Guide to<br />

Reverb Pedals<br />

delicious-audio.com<br />

<strong>The</strong> object pictured here that<br />

looks like a 10 inch-long<br />

metal bath tub is how reverb<br />

effects for guitar looked like<br />

when they first appeared in the<br />

early ’60s — although you didn’t<br />

really see that, since it was hidden<br />

inside guitar amps like the Ampeg<br />

Reverberocket and the Fender Vibr<strong>over</strong>b.<br />

Those amps represented<br />

the beginning of a long lasting and<br />

prolific love story: the one between<br />

electric guitar and reverberation.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first reverb in stompbox format<br />

only appeared in the mid ’80s (DOD<br />

and BOSS units), but since then the<br />

acceleration in popularity has been<br />

A spring reverb tank. (Credit: Grebe, Common License)<br />

so swift that, thirty years later, looking<br />

for a reverb pedal has become a<br />

little bit like looking for a car: there’s<br />

a wide range of options and prices,<br />

with each model excelling at different<br />

things and offering different features.<br />

This is why when confronted<br />

with the idea of creating a guide to<br />

reverb pedals we decided to organize<br />

it in the four categories below<br />

— you can find the full articles by following<br />

the red links next to the titles.<br />

Best Ambient/Shoegazer Reverb Pedals<br />

bit.ly/GazeVerbs<br />

Once upon a shoe-gazing time, guitarists had few choices when it<br />

came to pedals that could create washes of ambiance. Many players<br />

used multiple delay and reverb pedals at the end of their signal chains<br />

to generate deep, blooming and lingering soundscapes. <strong>The</strong>se days,<br />

thanks to advances in digital signal processing (DSP) chips, pedal<br />

makers can create stompboxes dedicated to this particular brand of<br />

reverb. As it happens, pedals that excel at creating ambience are all<br />

the rage right now. We’ve spent some time with the current crop of offerings<br />

and have collected 18 that we consider the best. All of the pedals<br />

listed in this article will allow you to create cavernous reverbs with<br />

lingering tails, shimmer effects, delay, modulation and much more.<br />

In this article you’ll find these lists:<br />

1. Ambient/Shoegaze Reverb Pedals<br />

2. Ambient/Shoegaze Reverb + Delay Pedals<br />

30 the deli Winter <strong>2019</strong>

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