The Deli #56 - Altopalo, NAMM 2019, Queens takes over Brooklyn

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<strong>The</strong> Pedals of the<br />

Namm <strong>2019</strong> Stompbox Booth<br />

Cooper FX<br />

Moment Machine<br />

Cusack Music<br />

Screamer Fuzz<br />

Deep Space Devices<br />

Trigonaut<br />

DryBell<br />

Unit 67<br />

One of the most tweakable (and<br />

yet easy to use) pitch shifters<br />

available in hardware form. Featuring<br />

two independent polyphonic<br />

pitch shifting engines, a<br />

powerful sixteen step sequencer,<br />

and <strong>over</strong> two hundred user<br />

adjustable parameters.<br />

A limited edition (50 unitts) Tube<br />

Screamer-style <strong>over</strong>drive with an<br />

extra fuzz on top that can gets<br />

you a wide variety of sounds.<br />

This pedal expands on past versions<br />

by including the additions<br />

of a tone/gate control knob, and<br />

a Germanium setting as one of<br />

the three clipping options (Silicon<br />

and LED are the other two).<br />

<strong>The</strong> Trigonaut is an <strong>over</strong>drive<br />

pedal with octave glitch/<br />

stutter capabilities where the<br />

octaves perform the glitch/<br />

stutter effect.<br />

A versatile multi-functional EQ/<br />

dynamics tone-shaping tool<br />

including a “Rangemaster-like”<br />

mid control, a boost and 1176<br />

style one-knob compressor—all<br />

in one extremely practical compact<br />

guitar pedal. <strong>The</strong> Range<br />

control will help you cut through<br />

the mix adding sparkle and bite.<br />

<strong>The</strong> compressor is transparent<br />

and through the blend mode can<br />

add the right amount of sustain<br />

while retaining pick dynamics.<br />

Dusky Amp<br />

Hypatia<br />

Glou Glou<br />

Pralines<br />


RM-1N<br />

Massive FX<br />

G.O.A.F. Fuzz<br />

A versatile fuzz/<strong>over</strong>drive/distortion<br />

pedal with a wide gain range,<br />

an adjustable low end, a specially<br />

designed input buffer, and a<br />

MOSFET-based output buffer.<br />

It spans from ragged crunch to<br />

bludgeoning fuzz—all while remaining<br />

musical. <strong>The</strong> low end<br />

can be tailored for any instrument<br />

across a range of musical styles.<br />

A pedal featuring four parallel<br />

resonant band-pass filters and<br />

a versatile modulation circuit<br />

applied to them. <strong>The</strong> filters’ frequency<br />

can be adjusted separately<br />

with a shared volume and<br />

resonance control, and each has<br />

its own “modulation send” control<br />

as well. <strong>The</strong> toggle switch<br />

on the top engages a gated fuzz.<br />

<strong>The</strong> RM-1N is a unique and extremely<br />

versatile reverb - some<br />

have called it an amp in a box<br />

but that’s putting it lightly.<br />

A hand-wired recreation of<br />

the octave fuzz Burns Buzzaround,<br />

popularized by Fripp<br />

in the 1970s with separate<br />

fuzz, mid-range and treble<br />

controls. <strong>The</strong> right footswitch<br />

triggers the Fuzz, the Left one<br />

the Vintage Octave.<br />

6 the deli Winter <strong>2019</strong>

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