The Deli #56 - Altopalo, NAMM 2019, Queens takes over Brooklyn


Each one of these builders (and a few more who joined at the last minute) will be present at our

shared booths #3231 and #3424 with a pedalboard full of their own devices, plugged into studio

headphones with amp emulation. Demo guitars will be provided by PRS.

Mastro Valvola

LFO Tremolo




Ghost Ridge

Old Blood Noise Endeavors


A tap tempo optical tremolo

that evokes the classic vintage

sounds of the past, while offering

a range of exciting new features.

The warm modulation of

the amps from the ’60s is reproduced

through an opto-isolator

analogue audio signal circuit. A

“Digital Brain” allows you to access

16 waveforms, the innovative

“Symmetry” control and

three tempo divisions.

A multi-voice synthesizer that

tracks your guitar for monosynth

leads, complex chord

polyphony, or multi-note arpeggiation

without the need for a

special pickup. Or, use built-in

pitch shifting, modulation and

filter effects on your dry signal.

It works with any instrument,

allowing you to synthesize the

input signal with a complete

synth tool palette.

A multi-reverb pedal designed

with simplicity in mind, the

Ghost Ridge offers four unique

reverb algorithms: hall, plate,

room, and spring. In addition, it

includes up to four programmable

presets. Each reverb algorithm

features controls for mix,

depth, and modulation.

From familiar phase and vibe

sounds to resonant random

step filtering, warm delays,

and previously unheard in-betweens,

the Dweller is capable

of countless sonic textures with

five controls and six modes. It

features two phaser voices (4/8

stage) and three wave shapes

and an innovative Stretch control

that changes delay time inside

each phase’s stage.

Paradox FX

Oniric Delay

Rabbit Hole FX


Spiral Electric FX

Black Spiral Fuzz


Electroman MKII

A delay pedal with pseudo random

modulations to provide a

dynamic trail of repetitions with

a lo-fi touch, ranging from choral

delays, vibratos and a warp

mode for synthetic sounds

brought from beyond.

Driven by mini-vacuum tubes

found in old military radios and

hearing-aids, this is an overdrive

pedal that also works as an amp

emulator with two headphone

outputs. The Level knob controls

the level of signal coming from

the tubes for warmth, while Clean

lets you blend the original signal

back in for parallel distortion.

Versatile and aggressive Maestro

Fuzz-inspired pedal with a unique

blend of vintage tone and futuristic

technology. Bias Control,

three voicing options, and gobs

of output. Separate Gain and

Bias control yield a wide array

of fuzz tones from overdrive to

splatty, horn-like sounds. Incredible

clean-up with guitar volume.

A warm sounding echo with a

1000ms maximum delay, modulation

with variable speed and effects

loop. The second switch is

for the Warp feature, which sends

the repeats ramping up to self-oscillation

for ambient textures and

spatial soundscapes delivering

anything from gentle nudging into

infinity to instant freakouts.

the deli Winter 2019 7

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