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ERT Archives

Current Activities

Konstantina Tasiopoulou

Documentalist / ERT Archives

Department of Restoration, Digitization and Documentation

Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (E.R.T. S.A.)


Archives Management Department

Department of Restoration, Digitization and Documentation



ERT Archives holds more than 1 million items that

document the most important historical, social

and cultural events in Greece from the beginning

of the 20th century until the present day.

• Television programs of the past 60 years

(documentaries, theater, fiction series, informative

programs, music and children's programs as well as

sports broadcasts) and radio recordings since the

early 1950s.

• Newsreels and audio-visual news material (1940-1990

newsreel films, news reports since the 1960s, the

earliest archival footage dates back to 1910)

• Recorded material of the sessions of the Greek

Parliament since 1975

About us

The Archives of the Greek public

broadcasting corporation were established

as a separate department in 1990.


r e s e a r c h



• Photographic archives which contain about 550.000

photographs (negatives, prints, glass photographic

plates) covering the entire 20th century.

• Documents on the history of the Hellenic

Broadcasting Corporation (1939 to present) & the

collection of the “Radio Program” (1939-1967) and

“Radio Television” (1967-2013) magazines. The

Archive also includes a collection of Scores of musical

works since the late 19th century.

• A collection of equipment & objects exhibiting the

development of radio & television technology.

About us

ERT Archives has the richest collection of

broadcast audio-visual content in Greece.


r e s e a r c h


Current Activities

As the ERT Archives form an integral part of the Greek cultural heritage, we aim to safeguard and ensure the long

term preservation of our collections through restoration and digitization.


• The material exists in a variety of physical carriers and

is restored from all types of analogue formats such as:

film 16mm &35mm ,2-inch, 1-inch, U-matic, Betacam

SP, etc. We have the only restoration laboratory in

Southeast Europe for the 2-inch tapes material.


• The digitization process, started in 2004, co-funded by

European Union and by national funds, and continues

until today with ERT’S own resources. About 30.000

digital items are, up to now, accessible on the

archive.ert.gr while the digital archive is enriched

daily. The priorities of digitization are defined mostly

by the current requests. ERT Archives provides

material for re-use in the daily broadcasting

programme and also responds to demands of

different types of users –researchers, journalists,

educators, students, media professionals and general

public. We provide audiovisual material without

charge for cultural and educational purposes,

according to our internal policy.


r e s e a r c h


Documentation process

ERT Archives manage the digital content through a specific

media asset management system based on a customized

version of the DALET Galaxy Media Enterprise system,

which was locally redesigned further by the ERT Archive

administrators. The design and workflow process allows its

organization, annotation and management of all content.

The Archive department has standardized and

implemented the practice of documentation and

annotation according to the international standards in line

with EBU CORE (v. 1.3) while maintaining the specific

characteristics of the ERT Archives form. The digital

material has been classified into the information system

according to the different collections (Television

programmes, Newsreels, Radio programmes,

Photographs, Music Scores).

All the descriptive metadata are inserted manually. We

follow the thematic description of full programmes.

For each different type of document (video, audio,

image) there is a separate form of description with

the appropriate metadata fields, some of them

include lists of controlled vocabularies (i.e. genre,

thematic categories/topic) and other free text (sort

description, summary). The digital archival material is

organized into folders in a tree-like hierarchical

structure for all the categories of material.


r e s e a r c h


Public Engagement

Engaging with audience

On-line access to the digitized collections with the associated descriptive metadata, where the

user can refine his search by the genre of the resource or by keywords through the Archives


Access through publishing content on the ERT’s site (four of five days a week). Since 2011 we

put online material –full programmes- relating to recent events such as the death of well-known

personalities or to important annual dates: anniversaries of national historical events, annual

international days (i.e. world poetry day, international museum day) or important dates relating

to radio or television history in Greece. For instance, the 21st of May 1938 was the official

starting date of the Greek Radio Broadcasting Corporation and on the occasion of this

anniversary of 80 years we presented, on ERT’S website a tribute with diverse archival material:

a radio broadcast, a tv broadcast and also digital collections of paper documents, photographs

and images of machines from the collection of museum items related to the early years of the

radio operation, 80 years Greek Radio .

Moreover, another opportunity to showcase archival content, was two years ago on the

occasion of the 50 years anniversary of the beginning of TV official service, that was in

February 1966. ERT Archives designed an online timeline and the user could explore clips from

documentaries or newsreels and photographic material related to the first steps of Television in


A recent theme-based digital exhibition was created on the occasion of the World Day of

Audiovisual Heritage 2018. We uploaded to ERT’S site video clips and audio recordings with

interviews about the period of the German Occupation and the Greek Resistance during the

World War II, and also newsreel material about Athens Liberation in 1944 and a photo gallery of

related images. This daily or per two days activity demands a lot of research to the digital

collections or even to the physical material to decide which is appropriate to be digitized and be

used for these tributes. If this is a programme that is digitized for the first time we add also the


Daily tributes


r e s e a r c h


Public Engagement

Engaging with audience

ERT Archives has also started its own Facebook page, two

years ago, and has built its own online community which

consists of 10.000 followers till today. The main activity is to

feed the facebook page with the same thematic uploads but

here we also create a clip of the selected full programme. We

post the clip and put the link that drives to the Archives’ site

or to the company’s site.

• From 2013 to 2016 ERT Archives also participated in the

European project Euscreen as a content provider, through

which audiovisual material is being connected to the

Europeana platform, and audiovisual content has been made

also available via this portal.


Public Engagement

Educational Community

ERT Archives provides its

audiovisual archival material to the

teaching community in the form of

DVDs to support the educational

process in Primary and Secondary


Being in close cooperation with the

educational community, has designed in

2012 an additional site with the title


Archives, in collaboration with teachers

of primary and secondary education, has

matched specific digital audiovisual

documents (330 programmes) with

teaching material of school books,

giving students and teachers the

opportunity to have at their disposal an

additional learning tool. Τhe digital

material is organized around the

educational level, class, and lesson and

the search is based on these criteria

from the menu on the front page. It’s a

pilot program that will grow further in

collaboration with the Ministry of

Education so as to further adapt more

to the needs of the educational


Another educational project that runs is an International

Students Competition of Audiovisual Creation, titled

“Schools on ERT”, which ERT Archives organize in

cooperation with the Educational Television, an institution

of the Greek Ministry of Education. Οn a platform

developed by the Educational Television, young people

have the chance to exploit and use selected items of ERT

Archives in order to create short films. This initiative

promotes the audiovisual content of ERT to an interactive

teaching material.


Thank you!

ERT SA - Archives

432 Messogeion Ave.,

15342, Ag. Paraskevi

website: archive.ert.gr

e-mail: archives@ert.gr

facebook page: ERT@Archive


r e s e a r c h


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