Combi Flex – a farrowing pen for loose sows

The Combi Flex farrowing pen is developed for the sow to walk around freely in the pen, while everything

is done to protect the newborn piglets. If wanted the sow can be hold fixed in the farrowing crate 3-4 days

after farrowing. The farrowing crate is designed for today’s larger sows, with focus on optimizing access

to the teats. When the sow and the piglets feel the freedom, it has been proven, that the piglets have

a significant higher weaning weight. By the creep nest, a divider, which can be lifted is installed. This is

making it easy to keep the piglets inside, just after farrowing and in return makes it easier to keep them out

of the creep nest, when taking them out of the pen. The creep nest, which is placed against the walkway,

makes it easy to inspect and treat the piglets, without the sow is disturbing the work. This is a pen which

considers the sow, the piglets and the staff.



fully slated floor with cast iron under the sow

Protection bars

Partly slated with a closed cage

Creep nest with blocking plate


• Pen size 240 x 240 cm.

• Height of divider by the sow 100 cm.

• Height of the divider by the piglets 50 cm.

• Stainless steel sow trough

• Large piglet corner

• Integrated divider by the piglet corner

• Stainess steel water system

Vissing Agro as

Energivej 5

DK-8740 Brædstrup

T: +45 7575 2300


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