18th January 2019


18th January 2019


Inside this Issue:

Meet the cast of We Will Rock You

Amazing Volcanoes

Christmas Tree Competition Winners

LC3 in Character

Super Learning Afternoon

Revision Techniques (Elaboration)

Homework Support

Interview with the King’s Team

Bike Safety





We Will Rock You Page 02

Meet some of the cast of our

next school production, We

Will Rock You.

Amazing Volcanoes Page 03

Departmental Christmas Tree Competition Page 04

LC3 in Character Page 05

Supporters of King’s Page 06

King’s Tweets Page 07

Super Learning Afternoon Page 08

Revision Techniques Page 9-10


Year 7 volcano projects

currently on display in King’s


Seneca Learning Page 11 –12

Homework Support Page 13

King’s Drop-in Support Page 14

An Interview with the King’s Team Page 15

Bike Safety Page 16

Notice Board Page 17

King’s Calendar Page 18



Year 7-10 pupils take part in

various workshops and

activities as part of Super

Learning Afternoon.



Year 7 volcano project and activities

from Super Learning Afternoon.

Week 3 of our revision

techniques from the learning

scientists looks at studying

using Elaboration.


12TH & 14TH FEBRUARY 2019 7PM




Freya (Britney Spears)


Meet the Cast

Britney is one of the leaders of the Bohemians. He is in love

with Meatloaf and they are set to find the dreamer. He is a

mix of confident, funny and boisterous. I love this character

because it has helped me develop some of his characteristics

and helped me be more of a carefree person. I think this show

is going to be the best we have done because it’s linking to a

band that everyone has heard of (Queen) and it’s a really

motivational story.

I have been in 2/3 productions. I love the productions because

it lets me show my creative side and helped me choose what I

want to be when I am older (Musical Theatre Actress) .


Over the past two weeks, Year 7 students

at King’s have been presenting their

amazing volcano projects in their

Geography lessons.

Each student studied a particular volcano

and created a brilliant and creative

case-study around it.

Well done to all our Year 7’s for showing

fantastic endeavour over the holidays and

creating these fantastic projects.

The projects are currently on display in

King’s atrium.



Leading up to Christmas, every department in the

school had the opportunity to enter the

departmental Christmas tree competition.

The winner was voted for by staff and students and

it was decided that the winning entry was ‘The

Language Trees’!

Well done to our languages department!

Well done also to the Drama department (2nd

place), and the Kitchen staff for their Pantree (3rd


A huge thank you to all who took part in the annual

departmental Christmas Tree Competition. The competition

always gets us in the festive spirit here at King’s.

Below is a reminder of all the entries:


At King’s we place our ASPIRE values at the heart of everything we do. This

Learning Cycle we focus on our value of SELF AWARENESS.

We will discuss self awareness every day and we endeavour to make this

relevant to our students by relating the values to issues that are affecting our

young people.

Every year group has a lesson a week in Character – here we look at Personal,

Social, Moral and Economic areas. For example, the topics covered this

Learning Cycle include;

Year 7 - Professional in school and beyond (flight paths, skills for learning

and careers).

Year 8 – Being professional with money and financially independent (the

economy, jobs and social mobility, risks with money).

Year 9 – Being professional in modern society (the law and community,

gangs and offensive weapons, conflict resolution).

How can people support our

Character focus?

Discuss the topics around the dinner table. What do you all

know? Don't hesitate to ask in school if you want to know


Encourage each other to show the values – for students that

could mean completing your Character Passport (Y7/8) or

Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

If any parents have a field of expertise, through your job or

studies, and you would like to support Character at King’s,

please contact n.burrows@kingswarrington.com

Year 10 – Being professional at work and the ‘World of Work’ (rights and

responsibilities for employers and employees, jobs and apprenticeships, debt


Year 11 – Revision and GCSE catch-up.

Topics we will also discuss in assemblies include;

1.) British Values and individual liberty; Parliament feedback.

2.) Professional with my health; National Obesity Week and staying active.

3.) Holocaust Memorial Day.

4.) National LGBT+ month; Professional with differences.

5.) Professional about my future; King’s Sixth Form.

“We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of

true education”.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Fundraising for the Music


A huge thank you to Supporters of King’s

parents who helped out at the Christmas

concert last term. Over £80 was raised

for the Music Department and future

concert resources!

If you would like to get involved with the

school’s fundraising group, Supporters of

King’s (SOK), please contact



Do you order online? Please consider using

the popular fundraising

website easyfundraising.co.uk

All you have to do is register and choose

Supporters of King's Leadership Academy as

your chosen charity. Then when shopping

online click onto this page and search for any

retailer or web seller, if that seller is

partnered they will make a donation to our

cause without it costing the buyer anything.

If you download the easyfundraising toolbar

onto a computer or laptop a pop up reminder

will appear when you click on a partnered

retailer for example Next. Or you can

download the app onto a mobile device.

So far parents/families have raised £1267!

Many thanks to those who have supported

this initiative so far!




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At the end of LC2, pupils took part in a Super Learning

Afternoon at King’s.

Each year group took part in a variety of different

activities, which pupils found both enjoyable and


The Warrington Youth Service visited King’s to do a

session on relationships, peer pressure and making the

right choices with Year 7. Students took part in two

workshops over the afternoon that helped them focus on

their relationships, confidence and personal leadership

along with how society and the media can influence our

ideas about relationships and expectations within them.

They also had the opportunity to discuss peer pressure

within friendship groups and making healthy choices

when faced with peer pressure situations such as trying

cigarettes for the first time.

Year 8 students have been exploring the death penalty

throughout LC2 in PPE. For Super Learning Afternoon,

students took part in a big debate with Mr Bowden. The

debate looked at whether the United Kingdom should

reinstate the death penalty. Many students had some very

interesting opinions and arguments and used the

learning from their PPE lessons to back up their arguments.

Students showed a great level of professionalism

and respect to debate in a professional way.

Students in Year 9 enjoyed a “zen” day including

mindfulness, meditation with Buddhist Kelsang Pagpa,

resilience with LJMU Dr Sue Palmer-Conn, understanding

emotions and developing emotional intelligence, and Vick

Sweeny with Maggie the therapy dog.

Pupils in Year 10 took part in sessions on sexual education

and drugs and alcohol awareness. Pupils showed a great

level of professionalism throughout the afternoon.


Revision Guest Article by Mr Barker

Week 3

Over the next six weeks, we will be featuring an infographic from the Learning Scientists. So who are they?

The Learning Scientists are cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education. Their main

research focus is on the science of learning and how we can help pass this message onto pupils as well as

parents. Their vision is to make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other

educators. Following a highly successful year 11 & 13 consultation evening, we wanted to share their great work

and hopefully, you can move away from poor revision strategies (reading, highlighting and copying out) and closer

towards those that have been scientifically proven to help you learn.

Here is their blog for parents:


Here is their blog for pupils:


Here is there blog for teachers:




All students and teachers now have free access to Senecaa

revision and homework platform making studying more fun.

Seneca is an interactive way to learn official course content.

Their web app covers 150+ exam board specific courses

condensing what students need to know for their exams.

The software is able to identify gaps in learning. For instance,

when you get a question wrong, the platform will repeat the

topic in different formats and their smart algorithm has proven

to make students remember topics 2x faster. Seneca is totally

free for students, teacher and parents. You can sign up

via senecalearning.com

King’s Warrington is one of Seneca’s pioneer school’s, and part

of the Science courses for Seneca were written by our very own

Mr Barker!



Need some help/advice with your science homework?

Then why not come along to Science Surgery

with Mr Morris? Science Surgery is available to

all students in all year groups, and will be

running after school on the following dates:

Monday 28th January

Monday 25th February

Monday 11th March


Struggling with your

maths homework? Need

some help?

Why not come along to

maths homework club

with Miss Denton?

Day: Tuesday

Time: 4pm

Where: Cranwell

All welcome!


King’s Drop In Support

If you want to chat about how you’re feeling, friendship issues, low mood or anything else, please come by and

drop in for support. You don’t need to make an appointment, just drop by.

Year 12 Aspire Coach


Niamh & Katie our year 12 Aspire Coaches!

Name: Miss Aldridge

Days: Monday/ Friday

Time: Lunchtime

Location: Brunel (MFL corridor)

Year Leader Drop in

They are here to help and support you

individually or as a group.

Friendship issues - support and guidance to

solve those problems with your friends.

Academic support - help with homework.

Organisation - how can you improve your

organisation, using your planner.

Revision support - advice on revision and


Where: The library

When: Wednesday Lunch times

17 15

This week we spoke to Miss Denton, Practitioner of Maths at King’s…

Did you have a flight path?

In all honesty no, although I wish I had. Different careers drew my

attention over the years such as speech therapist, artist and product

designer but I remained undecided on which career path to follow.

I knew at an early stage I had a passion for the creative side, which

led me to complete my undergraduate degree in BSc Product Design

Engineering at LJMU. On completion of this degree I entered the

world of work unsure of where I wanted my career to lead. Through

working in sales and banking I realised that I valued my customer

facing role where I could interact and help people. This led me to

apply for a role as a teaching assistant at Wade Deacon High School

in Widnes. It was here that I found my love for teaching and

working with young people. I witnessed the ambition and charisma

of the teachers and how this engaged the pupils in topics I had loved

when I was a student. Going on to complete my PGCE at the same

school, I knew I had chosen the perfect career path.

What inspires you?

I am insatiable when it comes to learning, both for my pupils and

for myself. I truly believe that there is always room for

improvement and I value constructive criticism within my work.

I like to believe that I am a teacher who is known for her warmth,

whose classroom is colourful and inviting. With informative

displays, pupils can memorise important mathematical terms and

formulae. I am inspired by my love of art and my creative

background, so I am often found creating my newest displays after


Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities?

Outside of work I am trying to become more active, this includes

attending my local gym 3 times a week. I am hoping to be able to

complete the Colour run in June 2019. I enjoy going for a walk

around Delamere Forest and can be often found having a cup of tea

at the café.

In school I run an after-school Homework club for pupils who are

struggling on their maths homework. This allows pupils to get 1:1

support or to work in small groups with their peers, whilst allowing

pupils to get their work done in a calm environment before going

home to relax.

What drew you to King’s?

I first came across Kings Leadership Academy whilst searching for

local schools online. Having never heard of this school I was

intrigued and after a short visit to the website became enticed by

the school’s active interest in the pupil’s life outside of school and

the emphasis they put on the ASPIRE values. Upon visiting, I found

that the school exceeded my expectations in all areas. One of the

first things that struck me was the pupils work ethic and general

behaviour. Upon meeting the friendly staff, I felt welcomed and

became determined to work in this environment.

What is your greatest achievement?

Certainly, completing my PGCE in Maths is up there as one of the

greatest achievements so far in my life. The training was rigorous

but the fact I can now proudly say I work for a school such as King’s

makes all the hard work worth it. Before working in King’s, I had

the pleasure of working alongside some of the most dynamic and

interesting people during my work for the Football Association. This

role allowed me to travel to parts of the world I had never seen

before and it gave me a new appreciation for the sport as well as the

training and sacrifices that the players undertake in their early


In my personal life I have achieved one of my life goals during 2018,

of buying and renovating my own house.

What is your favourite part of the King’s day?

Family dining is a concept that I have never encountered in any

other school. It is an amazing opportunity for me to interact with

the pupils outside of lessons and allows me to really understand

what inspires and motivates them. Notwithstanding the fact that

mentoring in form time allows me to have a better conversation on a

1:1 basis with each pupil. Often this is when we can better discuss

issues or positive comments as well as their ambitions and goals.

Have you learnt anything new since starting at King’s?

King’s has shown me that my former understanding of how a school

works had many areas for improvement. Working in this

encouraging and positive environment has helped me to develop my

confidence in class, as well as allowing me to experiment with my

ways of teaching which in turn has developed on my understanding

of how pupils learn and how different techniques can support pupils

in different ways. I believe my teaching has improved for the better

because of the opportunities and support that has been offered to

me at Kings and I look forward to developing new ideas to support

every pupil.


An important reminder about bicycle safety

Please can we encourage all pupils to purchase a light for

their bikes to ensure safety when riding. It was great to see

so many of you collecting free bike lights from Mrs Burrows

recently. We are now all out of bike lights and would like to

thank Warrington Borough Council for kindly supplying

these. As it is now often dark by 4pm, it is important to

ensure that motorists can see you. Please also remember to

be safe and self-aware as you ride, and wear a helmet and

high visibility clothing. Your school uniform is very dark, so

it is worth thinking about how to improve your visibility.

For more information on bicycle safety, please visit the

following website:



Admission Arrangements

Schools in Warrington are proposing to make changes

to their admission arrangements for pupils joining

from September 2020. Please visit the Council’s

website for more information.

Proposed arrangements for admission to our school

are available to view or download from our website.

For a paper copy, please speak to the school office.

The consultation period runs from 6 December 2018

until 31 January 2019.

Mock Examinations

Year 11 Mock examinations will begin Monday 25th

March 2019– Thursday 4th April 2019.

Consultation Day

Our Year 8, 10 and 12 subject review

evening will be held on Monday 21st

January 2019.

The Academy will be open as usual

from 8.20-1.15pm for all year groups.

Lunch will be provided until 1.45pm.

Students who do not wish to stay for

lunch will be allowed to go home at

1.15pm. For students who wish to stay

in school until the normal time of 4pm,

the canteen will be made available

should students wish to do homework

or silent reading.

Timetable to follow in the next edition of the King’s

ASPIRE newsletter.

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Beautiful Work


Well done to Alicia Hollowell

for this beautiful piece of

quotation revision for

English to boost memory

retention (pictured left).

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