How to Connect Alexa to Wifi


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How to Connect Alexa

to Wifi

How to Connect Alexa to Wifi

In this guide, we will walk you through the basic steps and procedures on How to

Connect Alexa to WiFI. The process is simple and should not take you more than a few



Step 1

Plug Amazon Alexa

The first step to a successful Alexa setup i

s to plug your device into a power outlet an

d begin charging it. The device should not r

un out of charge when you are attempting t

o set it up, since you will have to charge it f

or a while to try the setup again.

Step 2

Download Alexa App

The second step to your Amazon Alexa

setup is to download the Alexa app off the

playstore or app store, depending on whether

you are using an Android or Apple mobile

device to run the Alexa application. You can

also get the browser based application which

is available for Firefox, Safari, Chrome,

Microsoft Edge and even some versions of

Internet Explorer (10 or higher) from a Wi-Fi

compatible computer. You can find your way

to any of these through

Step 3

Ready to Use

Once the Alexa App is installed on your

mobile device, go back to the Alexa device

and see what colour light is on the device. If

there is an orange light, the device is ready to

use. Keep the Alexa an arms length away

from any walls or windows and start it up. You

can get it to start by using the wake word

which is configured to 'Alexa' by default.

Step 4

Once the device starts, go to the app on your

mobile device and click the settings tab. You

should see a few options, which include add

a new device. Click the option and select your

Alexa device from the auto-generated list.

Once your phone app is paired with the

device, you can connect it to your wifi network

using the app.

Connect Echo to Wifi

The process is the same if you decide to change your WiFi name, or want to

connect to a different network in someone else's home. Alexa is a portable d

evice and once you have paired your device to the Alexa App, it is extremely

easy to set it up anywhere you go. You can also connect it to your phone inte

rnet through hotspot if you are travelling using a similar process.

If this does not work, you may want to try switching off the Alexa and switchin

g it on again. If it still does not work, reset your phone, WiFi and as a last res

ort, reinstall the Alexa App on your phone. If none of this helps, contact cust

omer support so that they can troubleshoot the issue for you.

Changing the wake word

An important part of your Alexa Setup is deciding on a new wake word that y

ou are more comfortable with. For this, go to the Alexa App, click on the devi

ces icon and click on the wake word option. Once it responds, you can config

ure the new wake word for your device.

The above process should tell how to Connect Alexa to WiFi for a majority

of the Alexa device range

Thank you

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